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Correspondent of the Day, April 4, 2021: Neighborhood's joy destroyed by shooting

Correspondent of the Day, April 4, 2021: Neighborhood's joy destroyed by shooting

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COD for Sunday, April 4, 2021

Neighborhood’s joy destroyed by shooting

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

It must stop: A week ago today, our neighborhood was filled with happy, carefree children riding bikes, kicking soccer balls, swinging baseball bats and just being youngsters. Parents walked to get their steps in, stopping to socialize. Twenty-four hours later, it was filled with dozens of police cars and scores of officers in tactical gear searching house by house. Today our neighborhood is filled with green ribbons and bows to honor the memory of Lucia Bremer, a teenager killed in what all would agree is another senseless act of gun violence. In the week before Lucia’s death, mass shootings occurred in Colorado and Georgia. The same night that Lucia died, 10 people were shot near the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

There are enough guns in the United States for each of us. I don’t own one, which means that someone else has at least two. In 2019, almost 20,000 people were killed by someone with a gun. Almost 25,000 more took their own lives with a gun. A politician recently noted that we don’t ban cars because drunk drivers kill other people. That is true but it leads to a reasonable path.

1) If you wish to own a gun (or guns), you should be required to pass an in-person training class.

2) To obtain a license, one must pass a background check, provide proof of a completed gun-safety course and proof of owner liability insurance. Every five years, owners must have their license renewed after passing a new background check and proof of insurance.

3) A 5-to-10-day waiting period should be required to receive a gun after the date of purchase, which might stop or slow acts of passion.

4) Just as you don’t leave your keys in your car, guns should be locked up in your home to avoid children and others from having easy access.

Our country must start addressing the gun issue. Politicians need to listen to the majority who want common-sense gun legislation and stop listening to the minority view of the National Rifle Association (and taking their money). Please — enough is enough.

Donald Unger.


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