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Correspondent of the Day, April 6, 2021: Who's right or wrong? Does it really matter?

Correspondent of the Day, April 6, 2021: Who's right or wrong? Does it really matter?

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COD letter, April 6, 2021   (Tuesday)

Who’s right or wrong? Does it really matter?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I’ve been thinking about this for a while: I hate politics. As far as anyone can see, no one in this great country of ours is neither right nor wrong on either side. Simply put, we are divided; no one can agree on anything. We are living in a constant war with differences of opinions on who is right and who is wrong. If in fact by some big miracle, people can put their differences aside and look at the big picture, more than likely we all want most of the same things. We want less war, less poverty, a clean planet and so on. However, we are at the point where friends and family will cut you out of their lives because of your different beliefs. This is extremely pathetic. I can see things from both points of view and I can make my own decisions. I will not judge you for your political views. I’m not going to cut you off because we can’t see eye to eye or because I don’t like your political opinions. This is how things are supposed to be. Not to mention people these days are so sensitive about their beliefs. At any point it’s just best not to talk about politics. At some point, everyone will realize that you are not hurting others, you are hurting yourself. Nothing is being accomplished with all of this hate and arguing over who’s good or bad as well as who’s right or wrong. It really doesn’t matter in the end. We need to come together to solve the problems that we as people created in the first place.

Majorie Jacobs.


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