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Correspondent of the Day, June 8, 2021: Present 'dinosaur' finds much to enjoy in paper

Correspondent of the Day, June 8, 2021: Present 'dinosaur' finds much to enjoy in paper

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COD letter, June 7, 2021, Tuesday

Present ‘dinosaur’ finds much to enjoy in paper

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

For people who say there is nothing worth reading in the newspaper this past Sunday, I’d like to give a brief overview of my experience with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

I was truly engaged and it took me a full two hours to read the paper from cover to cover.

The front page talked about dinosaurs in technology. I am a dinosaur at age 76 and could relate. Oh, for the good old days before computers.

Ransomware caught my attention since the lines at the gas pump. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s quote was hilarious: “We don’t deal with chicken or beef. It’s plain ridiculous.”

Commentary was full of beef. Charles F. Bryan Jr.’s op-ed about his children made me cry. George Will’s piece on boredom was classic. “Shrinkflation” was a new word and enlightening. The article about Bernie Madoffs’ fraud and the current crawl-back of profits from “winners” was shocking.

Sports usually does not interest me, but the story of the scout who loved baseball and turned his hobby into a life’s work was interesting.

The comics are always my favorite. “Pickles’” Earl was listening to the stars twinkle. Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” strip might have had a time when his characters grew up. Lucy as an adult was exactly what I would have expected.

My wife and I just listened to a book on CD and loved it. I was pleased to see that “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens was No. 1 on the paperback best sellers list. It surely deserves to be there and stay there for a while. It was music to my dinosaur heart.

Speaking of music, Parade magazine’s article about music in 1971 brought back such fine memories. It talked about John Denver and his hit, “Take Me Home Country Roads,” and James Taylor.

You don’t hear good music today like that in this dinosaur’s ears.

I could continue because I’ve only hit the high spots. I left out the stuff that made me unhappy, but that is usually stuff I need to be informed about.

I sit here ready to read my newspaper in the morning like I have done since I delivered the RTD 65 years ago. I hope you stay around as long as this old dinosaur still can read and enjoy reading the written word.

Baxter Perkinson.



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