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Correspondent of the Day, May 21, 2021: Historical changes hurt two-party system

Correspondent of the Day, May 21, 2021: Historical changes hurt two-party system

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COD Letter, May 21, 2021  ---   Friday

Historical changes hurt two-party system

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

History is destroying today’s Republican Party, which is bad for Virginia and our country given our two-party system. Cultural politics promoting fear and appealing to the negative forces in our society is a failed strategy, given the challenges of our times and the evolving demographics both of the state and of our nation. The political party of note that does not offer solutions for us is a failure. I would invite you to read the latest public survey by the Wason Center ( It reflects findings from national surveys about public support for solutions for the problems confronting us. It would be constructive for the General Assembly GOP caucuses to have a Virginia historian review with them the evolution of the state since former Gov. Albertis Harrison began a trend by state governors to build a foundation that subsequent governors built upon to create the Virginia we know today. President Joe Biden is following the same strategy for the nation as he seeks to solve our problems and build a foundation for the country to thrive. I doubt former Gov. Mills Godwin would get support from today’s Virginia GOP to levy a sales tax to fund the creation of a community college system as he did during his first term with a conservative Democratic legislature.

Rodger Provo.

Fredericksburg.(Editor’s note: The writer worked for Gov. Linwood Holton during his campaign and as a special assistant during his administration.)


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