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Correspondent of the Day, May 4, 2021: Area health department workers are unsung heroes

Correspondent of the Day, May 4, 2021: Area health department workers are unsung heroes

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Area health department workers are unsung heroes

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Let’s talk about unsung heroes of the pandemic. I have had the privilege of spending many days volunteering with Virginia’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), working with the Henrico and Richmond health departments, first on COVID-19 testing and now at local COVID-19 vaccine clinics. The MRC has received a good deal of positive press, which certainly is well deserved. However, the unbelievable service of the employees of area health departments has seemed to mostly go unrecognized. These health and administrative professionals have created systems for the pandemic testing and vaccinations from absolutely nothing, developing strategies to effectively manage something no one ever has dealt with before. These dedicated public servants have worked very long hours, under difficult and intense circumstances, so the rest of us can start to return to some sort of normal life. I doubt any of these folks ever had imagined the immense responsibility they would have to take on battling the virus, but they have faced it all with remarkable, steady competence.

There is much more work ahead, and the task of getting everyone vaccinated is an ever-evolving problem to be solved. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with these heroes. Their unselfish commitment to serving the community and their unwavering kindness is an example to all of us for how immense problems can be tackled if we all work together. Let’s send a big thank-you to all of the health department folks out there. And also, go get your shot.

Mary Wood-Maloney.


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