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Correspondent of the Day, May 6, 2021: At end, sacrifices today bring freedom for all

Correspondent of the Day, May 6, 2021: At end, sacrifices today bring freedom for all

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COD Letter, May 6, 2021

At end, sacrifices today bring freedom for all

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

For a country with a history of banding together to overcome hardships such as the Great Depression and World War II, we aren’t doing well combating COVID-19. The only other time we did this badly was during the Civil War, which is a key to our poor response now.

The past two presidential elections’ rhetoric continued to divide and infect us with conspiracy theories and building mistrust of neighbors. Even those who are swearing to unite us as a nation send out donation requests listing the other side’s bad acts as motivation.

On the good side, from hesitant missteps in the previous administration through efforts of this one, 100 million people now are vaccinated against the coronavirus, an astonishing government accomplishment. We, on the other hand, are far too concerned that wearing a mask is a political statement or a repression of our inalienable rights. With vaccine conspiracy theories causing fewer and fewer people to get vaccinated, achieving herd immunity seems uncertain.

I wear a mask because there is a chance it will safeguard someone else.

When asked for your ID to cash a check, you’re told, “It is for your protection.” This makes it clear they check your ID to protect others and check others’ ID to protect you.

For more than a year, the scientific conclusion has been consistent: Either vaccinate enough people so that a sick person or two does not risk the whole community, or isolate people and use other protective methods to prevent a rapid spread.

Today’s small sacrifices bring tomorrow’s freedoms.

Stephen Mandas.



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