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Letter: Feeling ‘abandoned’ after Spanberger’s seat redistricted

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Feeling ‘abandoned’ after Spanberger’s seat redistricted

I applaud Abigail Spanberger’s reelection. I expected no less. She is a great campaigner with an outstanding list of bipartisan legislative successes for all Virginians. However, as one of her many former supporters in suburban western Henrico, I feel abandoned.

Without any choice we were gerrymandered (by Virginia’s Supreme Court, no less) out of her 7th District into a district totally dominated for 15 years by Rob Wittman, who is frequently described as a nice, noncontroversial person representing the historical Northern Neck. I grew up in the Northern Neck, so I am not demeaning its positives, but many of his new constituents have a more progressive view.

In my effort to research Wittman's thinking on modern issues, I discovered a nonstarter for me. He voted against the certification of the 2020 presidential election, the most monitored election ever. If he fell for the Giuliani/Trump big lie, then what other no-evidence propaganda will he fall for just to be a “loyal” Republican? In addition, while reviewing his legislative record I could only find a couple of bills that he, on his own, initiated that were ever passed. Contrast that with Spanberger’s record of original solutions to modern Virginians’ needs and you’ll understand why many of us feel disenfranchised.

Carole Sandy.