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Letter: Loan forgiveness program encourages ‘entitlement mentality’

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Loan forgiveness program encourages ‘entitlement mentality’

If anyone doubted that America has become a welfare state, they only need to read the Associated Press article, “Biden pressured on student loan payment pause,” published in the Nov. 16 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The immature, entitlement-oriented arguments presented to justify the loan forgiveness program are stunning.

Melissa Byrne: “We bear no blame in the broken system.” I guess those with college debt were tied to chairs and forced to sign loan papers. Adowa Asante: her $163,000 in student debt is “destabilizing,” although she is an attorney, presumably at the higher end of the income scale. She got it right on one aspect though: She says she voted Democratic but expressed frustration at Biden reaping the political benefits of the forgiveness program, thereby confirming it had the ulterior motive of “buying” votes. Finally, Cedric Richmond places the burden of not having the loan forgiveness program passed not on the borrowers who willingly signed up for the loans, but on the current in vogue liberal bogeyman: “the rogue Supreme Court.”

Some may say it is overreaching to say that America is barreling down the path to destruction, but the reaction to this proposal clearly shows that the “no responsibility, entitlement mentality” is in full force in this country.

Joe Vitanza.

Chase City.


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