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Letter: Looking for a new police chief? Hire from within

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Looking for a new police chief? Hire from within

I have noticed that the cities of Richmond and Charlottesville have similar processes for hiring a new police chief. Charlottesville has gone through at six chiefs in the last six years, and one of them is suing the city for millions. The same for the city of Richmond, which has also gone through numerous chiefs in the last few years.

Charlottesville uses a recruiting company to find applicants at a fee of at least $35,000. Richmond is also conducting a national search for a new police chief. These cities need to try something else.

One idea is to hire from within the police department’s own ranks. Police employees should know that if they work hard and do a good job, they can make it to the top. If employees see that the top jobs go to outside applicants, then they will have less motivation to strive for these positions.

If cities like Richmond and Charlottesville keep spending to get the positions filled and they end up firing those persons as well as causing low morale within its ranks, they need to do something else. Stop throwing money at the problem!

Jim Millner.



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