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Letter: Monument Avenue remains an interesting destination for guests

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Monument Avenue remains an interesting destination for guests

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

A recent letter bemoaned the regretful decision to remove the Confederate statues from Monument Avenue because of the resulting loss of economic benefit to the citizens, indicating hindsight is the best sight. Interestingly, the single benefit of enslaving people is the economic benefit.

But Monument Avenue remains an interesting destination for guests with its historic, architecturally significant homes and attractive medians. And, one might explain to them that the name of the street comes from the now absent statues erected by a prior generation, compelled to justify the righteousness of the purpose of the failed war and bolstered by an overly exuberant esprit de corps, made the mistake of honoring men who unsuccessfully tried to overthrow their own government. And interim generations did not adequately consider and evaluate this misplaced honor. But, with the right of individual evaluations intact, this generation concluded the inappropriateness of memorializing and honoring, on a public street with grand statues, those who led armies against their own country. Their dedication to purpose, as extraordinary as it was, does not overcome that it was primarily for the purposes of overthrowing the government of their own country to perpetuate the enslavement of people.

Yes, hindsight is the best sight. This generation looked back and saw the inappropriateness of statutes on a public street that honored men who acted dishonorably.

Joe Chandler.



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