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Letter: Programs like New College Institute ‘doomed to fail’

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The Richmond Kickers Soccer Club makes for tremendous community entertainment but the club also uses their spare time, and games, to give back and support the community. Segment from 8@4 presented by VCU Massey Cancer Center from the Virginia Wayside Furniture studio.

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Programs like New College Institute ‘doomed to fail’

Tax-funded programs like the ones at New College Institute [“Tax-funded program fails poor Va. Region,” Nov. 13] are doomed to fail. It’s simple human nature that’s mostly to blame. Throwing money at these initiatives rarely, if ever, brings positive returns.

I mean, how could they possibly compete with the free money doled out in unemployment, SNAP cards, Section 8 housing and tax-subsidized health care, just to name a few. Why apply oneself when you can get along just fine doing nothing. And the same people will continue to vote for the establishment that continues to buy their support.

Jeff Easter.



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