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Letter to Editor, Feb. 13, 2021: Registrar's removal seems too political

Letter to Editor, Feb. 13, 2021: Registrar's removal seems too political

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Registrar's removal

seems too political

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I am concerned about the removal of General Registrar J. Kirk Showalter by the Richmond Electoral Board. She has served for more than 20 years, under both political parties, and has been reappointed each time. The 2020 election was the most difficult and her team once again made the process possible for us.

I had a question about my absentee ballot and was reluctant to bother her office. And, quite frankly, I was not looking forward to the wait on hold that I have experienced with other offices. To my surprise, my call was answered by a staff member. My question immediately was answered and I was assured that the office was receiving mail. However, she offered me the option of bringing the ballot to her office. I took that option and was pleased to observe that staff members were available to help, that masks were worn and social distancing was enforced.

If this is a political move, I am most disappointed in the Democratic Party. The role of the registrar is to set the process for free and fair voting, and to oversee the accurate counting of the resulting ballots. If Democrats deserve to win our next election, we will vote for them. It is not the registrar’s job to influence the outcome of an election; the responsibility is to count our decisions.

And, having had the responsibility for a human resources department for many years, I am appalled at the manner in which this separation was conducted.

Anita Pugh.



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