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Letter to the Editor, Jan. 15, 2021: Congress must address issues, deal with Trump

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 15, 2021: Congress must address issues, deal with Trump

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Congress must address

issues, deal with Trump

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I continue to be astonished and disturbed by the majority of the Republican members of the U.S. Congress and others who refuse to hold President Donald Trump accountable for the attacks inflicted on our elected officials who were mandated to ratify a free and fair election. The upheaval in our country was a direct result of his admonition to his followers to march to the Capitol. How can anyone possibly call it anything other than a total lack of moral courage on their part? Is the party affiliation so important that they refuse to condemn the actions of a man who has inflicted harm to this country, which will last for years to come? Anyone watching the news (with the possible exception of news outlets which are pro-Trump, e.g., One America News) cannot deny the damage that has been done by Trump and his followers. Other concerns include our country's relationship with our allies and its position of power within the free world. Make no mistake, this is not about the institution of the Republican Party; it is about individuals in the party and the country who continue to support and enable a madman who has done more to damage our democracy than anyone inĀ  our country's. I plead with every senator, regardless of party, to do the right thing and hold Trump accountable in his impeachment trial. Impeach him for the sake of our democracy and country so that anyone else who ever entertains the idea of attacking our constitutional laws and our democracy will know that we, the people of the United States, will not tolerate this kind of behavior. The penalty for such behavior will be severe.

Beverly Edwards.


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