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Letter to the Editor, April 14, 2021: Healthy democracy needs stronger election security

Letter to the Editor, April 14, 2021: Healthy democracy needs stronger election security

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Healthy democracy needs

stronger election security

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Recently, many states have passed laws that implement stricter security requirements for elections. While those who are advocating for such legislation have argued that the laws are an honest attempt to secure the sacredness of every person’s vote, their opponents shamelessly have slandered them in an attempt to restrict access to the ballot box, especially targeting people of color and marginalized communities.

This stratagem of demonizing proponents of stronger election protections is extremely harmful to our society. To resort to such senseless lines of attack reveals the weakness of their stance. If people believe elections should be less secure in favor of greater accessibility, they should argue as such on the merits of that position instead of recklessly smearing those who disagree as racists or people who want to suppress votes. Such rhetoric is as divisive as it is baseless.

There is nothing nefarious or immoral about wanting stronger protections for our elections, such as mandatory voter IDs for in-person and absentee voting, or requiring paper ballots so audits can be performed to allay concerns of citizens or candidates. A healthy democratic society requires free and fair elections, which in turn require election integrity measures to ensure nobody is cheating. Even if one believes this will make the process a little more cumbersome, it is necessary to inspire confidence on all sides of the political spectrum that the system is trustworthy. Those who support such measures are not undermining democracy, but rather strengthening it.

Anthony Horne.


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