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Letter to the Editor, April 3, 2021: Moschetti's firing means no toleration for dissent

Letter to the Editor, April 3, 2021: Moschetti's firing means no toleration for dissent

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Moschetti's firing means

no toleration for dissent

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

During the past year, we have seen a startling suppression of free speech and discord in the public sphere. This past fall, Big Tech firms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google made it more difficult to call out those in power. But, it’s not just Big Tech working to keep inconvenient truths away from the public.

On March 22, Jennifer Moschetti, one of the lead investigators examining the misconduct of the Virginia Parole Board, was terminated by state Inspector General Michael C. Westfall.

It is disturbing to see this silencing of dissenting thought occur in our state government. We onlycan  surmise that Moschetti's termination was due in part to the fact that the Democratic Attorney General, Mark Herring, and Gov. Ralph Northam were tired of her reports finding that the parole board continually broke the law by releasing violent criminals into our communities without notifying victims and their families.

The Office of the State Inspector General is meant to police the executive branch and make sure state agencies follow the law. With Moschetti’s firing, the Democratic administration is signaling to any potential whistleblower that dissent will not be tolerated, and swift punitive action will occur. How is it that the only individual penalized in this growing scandal thus far is the person attempting to hold the lawbreakers accountable?

The citizens of Virginia deserve transparent and accountable government. We cannot stand for the silencing of an individual investigating wrongdoing within our state government just because the current Democratic administration finds it embarrassing.

Del. Roxann Robinson, R-Chesterfield.

North Chesterfield.

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