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Letter to the Editor, April 7, 2021: Carbon fee, dividend? Spur renewable energy?

Letter to the Editor, April 7, 2021: Carbon fee, dividend? Spur renewable energy?

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Carbon fee, dividend?

Spur renewable energy?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Pamela Stallsmith‘s April 4 editorial, "Toasting Virginia’s Wines," is a great reminder of an important industry and a wonderful attraction in our state. I have been enjoying Virginia wines for years as they continue to improve in quality.

However, Virginia wineries, like wineries all over the world, face increasing risks. Fires, droughts and floods throughout the U.S. have shown how vulnerable we are to a changing climate. Farmers, and grape growers in particular, have been noticing consistent changes in weather patterns. Warmer, wetter summers mean that vintners have to think long term and start planting other varieties of grapes that can withstand the change. It’s expensive. On our present course, this predicament will continue to get worse.

However, we can take immediate measures to stem this problem. Of all the proposals to reduce carbon emissions that drive this damage, my favorite first step is a carbon fee and dividend. Such a proposal just has been introduced in Congress, House Resolution 2307, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. When enacted, this would start moving us to renewable sources of energy, while incentivizing American innovation to supply the world with the technologies of tomorrow. Then, taking all those fees that are collected and returning them to Americans in the form of a monthly dividend, that would more than make up for the tax to most families. I urge Virginia’s wineries and wine consumers to ask our congressional delegation to support this bill.

With my check, I will consider upgrading my home heating and cooling system or a down payment on an electric car. Any money left over will go to a case of good Virginia wine.

Mark Menzer.


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