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Letter to the Editor, April 7, 2021: Patients, families face heartbreak at facility

Letter to the Editor, April 7, 2021: Patients, families face heartbreak at facility

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Patients, families face

heartbreak at facility

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The business model being used by the new owners of Imperial Plaza in Richmond appears to have a fatal flaw. It seems unconscionable that short- or long-term assisted living residents should be forced to find another place to live to make way for the owners’ new and improved way of doing things. A gradual transition away from providing assisted living would have been more humane. Most every retirement facility I have come across, including  my father's facility, begins with a place for independent living. When it is time to add another layer of care, the resident then would transition to assisted living on the same campus. Also having health care services available, again at the same facility, makes the transition even easier. This model creates a sense of ease and security among residents, since they know their needs will be met without any hassle.  However, the 100 assisted living residents at Imperial are having to scramble to find another place to live. Years after the death of my mother, I had to move my father to assisted living at his facility only to again  move him to memory care two months later.  No one anticipated this rapid decline in his cognitive facilities, but thank goodness he did not have to go far to get the additional care he needed. I have nothing but sympathy for the assisted living residents, and their families, for what they are going through right now. I cannot think of a worse set of circumstances.

Robert Watkinson.



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