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Letter to the Editor, Feb. 23, 2021: Enough about Trump, too much revealed

Letter to the Editor, Feb. 23, 2021: Enough about Trump, too much revealed

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Enough about Trump,

too much revealed

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I keep thinking the letters praising former President Donald Trump will stop, but they don’t. In a recent Letter to the Editor, Paul Schoenbaum lists Trump’s achievements, and Operation Warp Speed is first. Pfizer, one of the drug companies, didn’t take any money from this. Does the money from Operation Warp Speed outweigh the lying about the seriousness of the problem? Trump couldn’t even tell people to wear a mask. He didn't mention COVID-19 in the last two months of his presidency. He was too busy trying to overturn an honest election.

Schoenbaum also states that 450 miles of wall were built along the Mexican border. Only 15 miles of new wall have been added. Mexico didn’t pay for it. Approximately $2.5 billion was taken from the U.S. Department of Defense. As all know, tax reforms only benefit the rich. I used to get about a $200 refund before the tax changes. Now, I’m having the same amount deducted and I owe about $200 to the IRS.

One day, it will come out why he was a puppet for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and which foreign countries Trump owes money. History will judge him to be the worst president ever. Period.

John Ashauer.



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