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Letter to the Editor, July 21, 2021: Debate continues while trans fight discrimination

Letter to the Editor, July 21, 2021: Debate continues while trans fight discrimination

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Debate continues while

trans fight discrimination

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I am writing in response to the recent RTD article, “Advocates for trans students fight back on lawsuits.” I found the story to be as comprehensive as the space allowed. One article, or many, cannot tell the whole story of the growing conflict between advocates for transgender people and those who are labeled as pushback groups.

It depends on one’s mindset to determine who is pushing back on whom. The trans community certainly can be regarded as pushing back on many centuries of the American norm. In the article, however, the groups that were called pushback were the Christian Action Network, the Family Foundation of Virginia, the Founding Freedoms Law Center and an unnamed Hanover County parent. And, of course, the headline indicates that the trans advocates are pushing back on the pushback.

While it is accurate that the opposing motions were filed by these groups, the reader might wrongly assume that groups like these, which some would call Christian right, are the only people who are questioning the new guidelines. Such is not the case. Many dozens of individuals and groups all over the world are politically left, even radically left, or have no political or religious leanings, and argue that these guidelines and definitions are not in the best interest of women and children. As the trans community suffers discrimination, the gender critical community likewise endures harsh consequences and denial of their free speech.

I am not suggesting that any of these groups hate the other. The larger story, including pushback, unfolds as we speak.

 Bonnie Atwood.




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