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Letter to the Editor, June 18, 2021: School board issues concern grandparent

Letter to the Editor, June 18, 2021: School board issues concern grandparent

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School board issues

concern grandparent

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In response to Greg Surpless' June 10 Letter to the Editor, I'd like to address two items.

First of all, there has been a lot of misrepresentation regarding  critical race theory. It is only a theory. There has been much talk of what it is or isn’t. It does not teach that one should hate or even belittle one group or another.  Rather it looks at how race has affected a country's history and culture.

Our country has been called either a melting pot or a stone soup. All people  have contributed to the rights and freedoms of the U.S. Historians warn of the tendency to look at history through either rose-colored glasses or dark shades. History can’t be learned that way. Our young people need to not only learn the facts but to be able to interpret them, and to reflect on what is happening in the world. Only an understanding of history allows one to hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Also, as to the wearing of masks: It is based on science. Virginia schools should require all staff and teachers as well as children to be vaccinated. In the past year, the nation has learned that wearing a mask and being vaccinated are two ways to prevent this horrible virus that has affected the whole world. In fact, school systems can regulate the requirement that all children be vaccinated. My grandchildren have been vaccinated, and I hope most teachers and staff also are vaccinated. Statistics now show that young people are becoming ill from this horrible virus.

Louise Hermine Werner.



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