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Letter to the Editor, June 6, 2021: Mask requirements should be eliminated

Letter to the Editor, June 6, 2021: Mask requirements should be eliminated

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Mask requirements

should be eliminated

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked some very controversial conversations — one being the debate on whether or not vaccinations should be required in order to go maskless in public spaces.

Recently, many businesses and public buildings have plastered signs on their doors: “Vaccinated Customers Do Not Need a Mask,” while still requiring unvaccinated customers to wear theirs. This leaves many people still being forced to comply with overreaching government mandates.

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines were shown to be 94% effective in preventing COVID-19. Yet the flu vaccine is only 67% effective. If such a successful solution has been created and rolled out, why then are we so worried about forcing everyone who chooses not to take it to continue masking up? The only people they truly are risking are themselves and those others who chose to forgo the vaccine — who know and choose to take the risk.

An international research team estimates, based on its studies, that masks are only 67% effective in preventing transmission of the virus. Why then are unvaccinated people required to wear masks around their vaccinated peers? Should it not be their choice?

In the true nature of America, it should be an option for those who are unvaccinated to go without a mask. The freedom to choose how to handle one's own health, especially when it is not risking anybody else’s, should be left in the hands of the individual.

Maryn Jones.



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