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Letter to the Editor, June 9, 2021: Arab leaders spurned offer of a state 3 times

Letter to the Editor, June 9, 2021: Arab leaders spurned offer of a state 3 times

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Arab leaders spurned

offer of a state 3 times

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

It takes two to tango, something Nancy Wein seems to have forgotten in a recent Letter to Editor to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

So why do the Palestinians not yet have a state? Blame their Arab leaders, not Israel.

They could have had their own sizable state in 1948, but instead Arab countries attacked the reborn Jewish state. And did Jordan and Egypt create that state with the land they stole? No. In 2000, Israeli leader Ehud Barak offered a state to Yasser Arafat at Camp David. Rejected. And again in 2008, Ehud Olmert offered a state to Mahmoud Abbas. No reply to that offer was even given.

How many times does Israel have to offer peace to the Palestinian leadership only to have it rejected or ignored?

And the damage in Gaza that Wein laments? If Hamas did not hide behind civilians in hospitals, schools and apartment complexes to launch those 4,500 rockets at civilians in Israel, those buildings still would be standing. And those children would be alive.

In fact, the first nine deaths in Gaza, including three children, happened before any action by the Israeli Air Force. These innocent Palestinian victims were the first of many who died from misfired rockets — 30% of Hamas rockets fired never cleared Gaza. How many more of its own people did Hamas kill?

So it is impossible to compare the actions of a genocidal terrorist organization such as Hamas, which is focused on destroying the one and only homeland for the Jews and has no regard for the life of its own Palestinian citizens, to that of the free and democratic state of Israel.

If only the longing for peace and the acceptance of the ancestral homeland of the Jews was as pressing and sincere with Palestinian leaders as it is with Wein.

E. R. Seidman.



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