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Letter to the Editor, March 3, 2021: Must fight cancel culture before it consumes us

Letter to the Editor, March 3, 2021: Must fight cancel culture before it consumes us

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Must fight cancel culture

before it consumes us

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

For more than two decades, Dr. Seuss’ birthday has been celebrated in schools across the nation as part of Read Across America Day — dedicated to the importance of reading and literacy. The day falls on Dr. Seuss’ birthday (March 2) in honor of the impactful author, whose insightful books have been instrumental in the development of the minds of countless generations of children around the globe.

However, as recently reported in multiple news outlets, Loudoun County Public Schools has dropped the annual Dr. Seuss celebration. Learning for Justice, a liberal education advocacy group, reportedly was behind the pressure campaign, citing a study by St. Catherine University that claimed Dr. Seuss’ books are covered with "orientalism, anti-Blackness and white supremacy" in a magazine article it released. The group also claimed that the characters who were not white in the books were "subservient" to white characters.

It is no secret that participation in organized religion and church attendance has undergone a dramatic decline. The institutions that once provided norms for societal behavior and civility now have, in large part, been replaced by a corrosive progressive cancel culture that has no respect for history or empathy for others.

Unfortunately, cancel culture now for many serves as a replacement for organized religion by its practicing zealots and true believers. Cancel culture has its sins and commandments and it has burnings at the stake. In an effort to tear down rather than build up a nation, cancel culture unfortunately lacks the basic qualities of forgiveness, respect, grace and redemption — all required for a civilized society to prosper and flourish.

No, we cannot turn back the clock to a more peaceful and caring time in America, but we can and should fight cancel culture head-on before it consumes us.

James Poplar.



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