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Letter to the Editor, Nov. 5, 2020: Support needed for Coastal Resilience plan

Letter to the Editor, Nov. 5, 2020: Support needed for Coastal Resilience plan

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Support needed for

coastal resilience plan

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I applaud Gov. Ralph  Northam’s Coastal Resilience Master Planning Framework, which was the subject of Chris Gentilviso’s excellent editorial, "Coastal resilience plan: Tangible solutions."

Virginia’s economy depends upon the U.S. Navy presence and shipbuilding industry in Hampton Roads. The majority of our population is impacted by the Chesapeake Bay and one or more of our many rivers. The changes we are seeing to our waterfronts are a result of global warming. Simply put, climate change is water change. Whether it is flooding from increased rainfall or from displaced glacial melt, or another kind of water problem, such as drought or contamination, the issue is water — either too much or not enough — in the specific places where we depend on it for living and working.

As Northam’s plan is implemented in the coming years, it needs to be supported and strengthened. Realistic adaptation acknowledges the need for the mitigation that will come from cutting carbon emissions. Building sea walls helps secure our resilience but, in itself, it is not sufficient for the long term and that is why the coordinated plan that Northam proposes is so important. I urge all the partners and entities to commit to it, because we all are stakeholders in its success.

Monica Lewis.



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