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Letter to the Editor, Oct. 15, 2020: Women's bodily rights major issue of election

Letter to the Editor, Oct. 15, 2020: Women's bodily rights major issue of election

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Women's bodily rights

major issue of election

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In less than three weeks, Americans either will rehire the 45th president of the United States for four more years, or they will hire the 46th president to replace him. This election is the most consequential election in more than a generation, and it will play out during an economic downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early vote tracking shows that more than 8 million Americans already have cast their state ballots. On the question of who is best to address the economy, Republicans lead in recent polls, while Democrats lead on climate and health care (Pew, 2020). One thing is for certain: A huge segment of the population will be outraged, regardless of the outcome.

Meanwhile, the fight to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court began this week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has vowed to fill the seat once held by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. McConnell infamously blocked then-President Barack Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland to succeed Associate Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016.

Make no mistake, this election is about the high court and Roe v. Wade and less about the economy or health care. President Donald Trump made a vow to get Roe overturned, and we should believe him. This issue is the firewall for women in 2020.

In short, health care is important, but the Supreme Court battle is no less important. In fact, some might say that it ranks right up there with health care because it could strip women of their bodily rights and this no doubt would be very tragic. Two-thirds of adults polled say that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned, according to NBC News/SurveyMonkey, 2020. Despite this poll, Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress have vowed to abolish Roe, but my money is on women. Vote.

Carl Willis.


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