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Letter to the Editor, Sept. 15, 2020: Trump savvy businessman who puts America first

Letter to the Editor, Sept. 15, 2020: Trump savvy businessman who puts America first

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Trump savvy businessman

who puts America first

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

We’re just weeks away from the presidential election and I haven’t heard or read a plausible explanation of why Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and why he might be re-elected. I’d like to try.

First, his election wasn’t caused by the Russians. That false claim was discredited. Trump was elected by a substantial margin in the Electoral College because he’s not a politician. He’s a successful developer-builder who used his father’s money to build a major empire of properties and businesses. Trump doesn’t need the government’s money. He has donated his presidential salary to a variety of federal agencies, including the National Park Service in 2017 and, more recently, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Has he taken advantage of our convoluted tax code to grow his businesses? Yes, but that’s not illegal — it’s business smart.

He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and berates those he perceives as enemies. He’s aggressive and direct. He stands up for and defends the United States with boundless energy. He’s focused on doing what he thinks is best for this country. He puts America first.

Three things are basic to the strength and security of our nation: national defense, including strong borders; judges who follow the Constitution and don’t legislate from the bench; and a strong economy providing job opportunities for all citizens regardless of race, creed or color. They are the foundation of Thomas Jefferson’s proclamation of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Trump has accomplished a lot in these three critical areas and he’s only just begun. You can criticize his foibles, histrionics, exaggerations and language. You can hate his style and personality. You can despise him for who you think he is, but he’s doing exactly what he was elected to do. Godspeed, President Trump.

John Shelhorse.


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