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Letters to the Editor for July 26, 2022: Keeping Virginia in RGGI

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Keeping Virginia in RGGI

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

With sky-high gas prices, we all have been feeling pain at the pump and we’re about to see our power bills go up again, too. Dominion Energy has announced it might need to raise customers’ costs by as much as $24 per month.

That extra $24 will be uncomfortable for me to shoulder. It seems unnecessary since there are technologies like solar and wind energy that we instead should be using and don’t carry such fuel costs.

I am especially concerned about how lower-income households and seniors on fixed incomes in Virginia will manage these costs. In a lot of cases, adding insult to injury, folks in these circumstances don’t have the means to make repairs and take measures that would make their homes more energy-efficient and help keep their power bills from breaking the bank.

Virginia has a tool to help, and it has been effectively weatherizing homes and making a difference since the commonwealth joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in 2020. Companies that emit harmful pollution into our commonwealth’s air are required to pay for their emissions. Those dollars go to worthy projects like weatherizing senior and affordable housing developments, helping reduce the burden on those Virginians.

RGGI doesn’t just help people who are getting weatherization funds. Less energy used anywhere helps lower costs for Virginians everywhere.

The less power we use as a state, the less power we need, which also reduces power companies’ need to build expensive plants that use expensive fuel. Keeping Virginia in RGGI helps keep the lights on for those who need it most.

Julie Bauer.



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