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Letters to the Editor for July 30, 2022: Unjust, unacceptable harm

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Unjust, unacceptable harm

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

July marks two years since the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a fracked-gas project that threatened Virginia’s communities ecosystems and climate.

Unfortunately, the commonwealth continues to face another dangerous and unnecessary fossil-fuel project: the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The 303-mile structure is environmentally unjust, mired in litigation, billions of dollars over budget and missing multiple federal authorizations.

Years of erosion control failures during construction have harmed the communities and water resources of our neighbors along the route in Southwest Virginia and West Virginia. MVP has had more than 350 water quality violations and received more than $2.15 million in fines — clearly a water disaster in the present and, alarmingly, a climate disaster in the making.

If operational, MVP's greenhouse gas emissions would be the equivalent of 23 coal-fired power plants. The cumulative harm the project already has brought to people along the route, and to the mountains, streams, endangered species and public lands of Virginia and West Virginia, is unjust and unacceptable.

And yet, MVP has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a new, four-year pass to continue harming Appalachia. MVP initially received a three-year certificate and then a two-year extension, but the project only faces growing volatility.

As costs soar, project developers like NextEra Energy, Inc. acknowledge a "very low probability" of completion. MVP is unnecessary and destructive, so why should more time be granted?

Add your voice to tell FERC to deny MVP’s request. Submit an e-comment at: (Docket No. 16-10-000)

Or, get helpful resources to submit a comment at:

The Mountain Valley Pipeline, like the vanquished Atlantic Coast Pipeline, must be canceled.

Jessica Sims.




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