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Letters to the Editor for May 25, 2022: Compassion for animals

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Compassion for animals

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The Times-Dispatch did a great job reporting on the closing of the Envigo dog breeding facility, and the signing by Gov. Glenn Youngkin of the “beagle bills” to alleviate the suffering of animals in such places.

Not included in the story, however, is the heart of the matter: Animals should not be bred for research, period.

The suffering of cats, dogs, mice, rabbits and other creatures in medical and cosmetic-testing labs is equal to — and often exceeds — what is found in breeding facilities. Newer and much more successful methods, which do not use animals, have been developed.

Labs and teaching hospitals, including Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia, should be on the cutting edge of medical research. If they still are using animals, these are antiquated, nonproductive methods and, in many cases, a waste of taxpayer money.

Virginia should lead the way in research and, at the same time, set an example of compassion for animals.

Roberta Smith Sangster.



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