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Letters to the Editor for May 7, 2022: Sidestepping the issue

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Sidestepping the issue

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Yet again, the media has sidestepped the main issue of a report and has gone wild over the supposed results.

Three of four articles on a recent Times-Dispatch front page dealt with the supposed Supreme Court decision on abortion. The real issue should have been the leak — an egregious event.

The "decision" is one judge's opinion on what the ruling should be. This is not a final verdict, but a draft to be reviewed by all of the judges before a final decision is reached.

And even if final, the decision only would say the Constitution cannot make the decision, returning it to state legislatures. Personally, I believe neither federal nor state government should make the decision, but that it should solely be made by the woman involved, with advice from and consultation with her doctor.

Carol Smith.



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