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Brat: A challenger for the 7th District

Brat: A challenger for the 7th District

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I am Dave Brat, and I am challenging Eric Cantor in the 7th Congressional District primary race this Tuesday, June 10. I am running against Cantor because he does not represent the citizens of the 7th District, but rather large corporations seeking insider deals, crony bailouts and a constant supply of low-wage workers. I am the only true conservative choice in this open primary. No Democratic candidate has emerged so this primary is very important.

The overarching question that all voters need to ask themselves is, “Why is Eric Cantor choosing to run his entire campaign based on verifiable lies?” He is filling your mailboxes and is saturating the airwaves with claims that I am a “liberal college professor” and was a “key adviser” to Tim Kaine.

Both of these claims have been independently checked by and are proven to be 100 percent false. On the Kaine accusation, I served on a nonpartisan board with other Republican leaders, whose sole purpose was to provide economic forecasts of the economy. I have received the endorsements of conservative icons and radio hosts Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham based on my conservative “Reaganite” principles. Cantor is choosing to run a negative campaign — with endless false fliers — because he is afraid to run on his record.

The truth is, Cantor has voted to raise the debt ceiling 10 times, voted to fully fund Obamacare last October and is the leading force in the House pushing for amnesty for illegal immigrants. He also voted for TARP and No Child Left Behind. The evidence is in. The debt is over $17 trillion and the unfunded liabilities are over $127 trillion, all under Cantor’s leadership. Last quarter the economy shrank by 1 percent. We are off course. We need positive free-market leadership.

In my view, the greatest moral failure — which disqualifies Cantor for high public office — was his abuse of the public trust concerning the Stock Act, a bipartisan bill that was going through after the financial crisis. It was intended to ban insider trading on congressional knowledge for congressmen and their families. CNN discovered that Cantor altered the language of the House version in order to allow family members and spouses to continue insider trading on congressional knowledge. In my view, this action was beneath the dignity of the office. Virginians deserve better and I pledge to treat everyone equally under the law.

But the central policy issue in this race has become Cantor’s absolute determination to pass an amnesty bill. Cantor is the No. 1 cheerleader in Congress for amnesty. This is not the Republican way to fix our economy and labor markets.

Last year, Cantor delivered one of the most radical pro-amnesty statements ever delivered by a sitting representative. In what was billed as a new agenda for the Republican Party, Cantor declared that citizenship for illegals was required by “the great founding principles of our country.” With this remark, Cantor declared his support not only for amnesty now, but amnesty forever.

Virginia workers are suffering and what does Eric Cantor do? He makes the centerpiece agenda item of the Republican Party a massive amnesty plan that would pull down your wages and help erase our borders.

But it gets worse.

Cantor has also pledged his support for the Enlist Act principles. This bill would grant legalization and eventual citizenship to young illegal immigrants who join the military. Note that Cantor is calling for illegal non-citizens to serve in our military. And he is doing this while the Army Times reports that 30,000 of our own American troops are being let go over the next 17 months. Will Cantor support these principles or will he side with the voices of the American Legion, retired generals and admirals who oppose the Enlist Act?

Again: Eric Cantor doesn’t represent you, he represents large corporations seeking a never-ending supply of cheap foreign labor. He doesn’t care about how this will affect your livelihood, your schools, your tax bills or your kids’ chances of finding a job.

Cantor saying he is opposed to amnesty is like President Obama saying he’s opposed to Obamacare.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction. The national debt is $17 trillion and counting. Our stagnant wages cannot keep up with inflation. Small businesses are struggling to make ends meet because of high taxes and the burdensome regulations of FinReg (Obama’s financial reform bill) and Obamacare. The rule of law is ignored but Republicans refuse to stand up as our Constitution is under continued assault.

No amount of money will change the fact that I’m the one true conservative in this race. I am for a balanced budget amendment and term limits. I am for a flat or fair tax and I have promised to visit and listen to all people, regardless of party, in every county in the district once a month. That is my pledge.

I will fight to bring power back to the states from the federal government. I will fight to defund and repeal Obamacare. I will fight to stop the reckless spending in Washington. I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful. I will fight for you in Washington. I humbly ask for your vote on June 10 — and let’s take the country back together.

Dave Brat, a professor of economics at Randolph-Macon College, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Contact him through the website

Virginians deserve better and I pledge to treat everyone equally

under the law.

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