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Property Transfers Published April 2, 2022

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


925 W Clay St; 925 Clay Estate Llc to Dstar Properties Llc, $375,000.

9420 Creek Summit Cir; Walker Natialy Anne to Arora Narinder S And Kawal J, $435,000.

1401 Decatur St; Venus At Manchester Llc to Venus Manchester Holdings Llc, $7,150,000.

3408 Delaware Ave; Jones Homes Inc to Wiggin Paul Andrew, $307,325.

4016 Dorset Road; Archila Alexander to Chenault Karen A, $185,000.

3409 Ellwood Ave; Moses Elysa Breslow to Wynne Melanie Lisabeth, $430,777.

5619 Erich Ct; Williams Janet L And to Kendall Rebecca Ann, $231,500.

2809 Floyd Ave; Back Sound Properties Llc to Zhao He, $681,800.

4616 W Franklin St; Bowen Alexandra D to James Pamela Mae, $430,000.

1605 German School Road; NVR Inc to West Joseph Earl Jr And Sophie, $372,720.

412 Goshen St; Ngoc Ha Estate Llc to Dstar Properties Llc, $260,000.

1622 W Grace St; Bibbs Lauren M and Ryan and Evan and to Grace Wu Llc, $425,000.

106 W Graham Road; Trimmer Brittney N to Flythe William Tucker And, $341,500.

7622 Granite Hall Ave; Woodle Jane Pruitt And to Splitlog Lisa N And, $356,900.

3201 Griffin Ave; Makhoul Joseph B and Raymond G and to King James W Iii, $332,000.

3706 Grove Ave; Carroll Living Trust Trustees to Seiverd Mark Wesley, $195,000.

907 Halsey Lane; Noram Llc to Nacu Catalin Dan, $166,000.

4704 Hanover Ave; Mintz Samuel T And Heather W to Sheridan John B And Erin H, $852,900.

3419 Hawthorne Ave; Ulmschneider John E And to Oliver Jonathan H And Leslee P, $677,500.

3558 Hermitage Road; Le John to Stafford Eric D, $335,000.

1407 Hull St; Manchester Land Trust to 1407 Hull Street Owner Llc, $375,000.

7606 Idlewyld Road; Owolewa Adebayo A And to Pendleton Bryan A And Julia, $553,500.

4325 Kenmare Lane; Tate Erik And Breaha to Krueger Kyle, $376,500.

3122 Kensington Ave U5; Baker Emily to Ohlschlager Scott Edward, $225,000.

3132 Lake Village Dr; Frondorf Irene Trust Trs to Mcdaniel David Alton And, $202,000.

9300 Larus Ct; Tuckahoe Creek Rei Llc to John Chandler and Company Llc, $242,500.

1720 W Leigh St; Cole Ricki Lee to Scaparo Lori, $318,000.

380 Lexington Road; Price Jonathan R Jr And Deborah to Liszkiewicz Robert M And, $481,500.

2421 W Main St; Cromer William And to Mueller Travis, $430,000.

5411 Marian St; Dean Philip J And Kati K to Beeman Christina And, $310,000.

2901 Matisse Lane; Harris Joyce A to Hoover Nathan Alexander, $245,000.

1709 Mechanicsville Tpke; 1709 Mechanicsville Turnpike to Boltonrd 1709 Llc, $155,000.

901 Montague Road; Pannabecker Tate F to Mena Mauricio Rivera, $210,000.

517 Mosby St; Voestate Llc to Ngai Hoi H And, $280,000.

2919 North Ave; Chunn Kuhn Y and Yoon J to Pms North Llc, $180,000.

207 Nottingham Road; Godin Michael S Revocable Trust to Daigh Kevin Alexander Jr And, $2,000,000.

5136 Old Warwick Road; Rcs Group Llc to Mcgilvery Tara B, $245,000.

2019 Orlando Road; Richmond Cash Offer Llc to Duguid Brittany M And, $235,000.

3226 Park Ave; Chase Joseph Brian to Ludwig Ashley, $595,000.

5102 Park Ave; Okeefe Rhett M And Molly G to Hendley Michael Smith And, $470,000.

4106 Patterson Ave; Capital City Properties Llc to Ridge Homes Llc, $225,000.

1913 Peter Paul Blvd; Reyes Homes Llc to Joseph Magali J, $260,000.

7636 Piney Branch Road; Hall David Tanner And to Kanipe Christopher B And, $451,000.

1301 Porter St U101; Porter Street Llc to Snavely Carter A, $225,000.

319 Randolph St; Brightagg Llc to Dstar Properties Llc, $350,000.


4927 Claywood Rd, Glen Allen; Nguyen Thuy Bich to Rahmani Hasibullah, $320,000.

8308 Colebrook Rd, Henrico; Jackson James E Jr and Kimberly S to Coleman Juanita V, $345,000.

3223 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Kassab Curtis M and Stephanie S to Oldfield Denise A Trustee, $700,000.

8404 Copley Dr, Henrico; Strickler Kenneth S and Christen K to Dixon Daniela F Trustee, $375,000.

9531 Cottesmore Ln, Glen Allen; Battle Crystal to Baptiste Rhode, $235,000.

103 Covey Rd, Sandston; Blowe Katie Elizabeth to Thaver Nolan, $170,000.

10604 Cussons Rd, Glen Allen; Horne Michael W to Cave Christopher A and Anna M, $291,000.

9638 Della Dr, Henrico; Gaines Tynisa to Shumate Kelly Louise, $355,000.

6000 Dominion Fairways Pl, Glen Allen; Katz Albert and Doris and Lee D to Stein Karla T, $472,000.

8406 Donovan Ct, U12, Henrico; Kerwin Jason to Hartman Kristy, $152,000.

8407 Eden St, Henrico; Atkinson Krystal and Richard Henry Jr to Tate Tanya M and Stevie J, $438,000.

1200 Elmhurst Dr, Henrico; Dickinson Edward L and Molly R Tinius to Mallory Adam W and Grace E Jefferson, $350,000.

7412 Fairway Ave, Henrico; Mackinaw Timothy L and Michael S Et Al to Evans Benjamin R, $300,000.

3485 Fitchetts Ln, Glen Allen; Parish Michelle K to Woody Arthur F and Virginia H Trustees, $437,500.

2511 Fleet Ave, Henrico; Welch Leslie to Huckabone Marc L and Kimberly J, $350,000.

1716 Foxcreek Cir, Henrico; Perez Martin and Elvia to English Michael and Laurel Via, $230,000.

8408 Franconia Rd, Henrico; Barlish Denna C to Sisson Mary Ann, $230,000.

4607 Gaardahl Dr, Sandston; Aces High Investments Llc to Bachan Bradford, $237,000.

2107 Ginter St, Henrico; Equity Trust Company Custodian to Burton Samantha L, $270,000.

12469 Grace Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Combs Vincent W Jr and Penelope A to Chakrovorty Sudip and Sangeeta, $467,000.

416 Green Hollow Ln, Sandston; Jones Amie E and Dennis H Swann Jr to Nwoye Chioma Annastasia, $285,000.

2901 Grove Point Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Octave Gloria J, $235,725.

3510 Gwynn’s Pl, Glen Allen; Richmond Lela W to Sullivan Linda K, $446,000.

7029 Hapsburg Ct, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Dodge Dana, $416,550.

1111 Haverhill Rd, Henrico; Andreessen Michael to Northcutt Tyler W and Sonni-Elizabeth R M, $292,000.

7013 Hepworth Dr, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Ellis Robert A and Telisha M, $348,434.

5909 Herrick Pl, Glen Allen; Steele David M to Ethiraja Balaji, $459,000.

11402 Hilbingdon Rd, Henrico; Morse Ellis B Iii and B W to Marchetti Jacob F and Kristen L, $490,000.

9389 Horse Castle Ct, U0704, Glen Allen; Cassidy Family Revocable Living Trust to Copeland Carol Challenor, $184,000.

9013 Hungary Rd, Glen Allen; Kotze Mari and Marco to Papas Robert and Kathleen, $270,000.

3000 Impala Pl, Henrico; Brown Hound Investments Llc to Tf Holdings Llc, $577,000.

2900 Irisdale Ave, Henrico; Joswick Kristen D to Tripp Noah Emerson and Margaret Elizabeth, $245,000.

10010 Joppa Ct, Henrico; Tucker Angela L to Edwards Christian Brook and Allen Brent, $180,000.

4818 Kellywood Dr, Glen Allen; Lindsey Bryan to Waldrop Corinne J and Kevin W, $322,500.

2714 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Walker Joseph Douglas Iii to Warner Ian, $297,000.

421 Kingscote Ln, Glen Allen; Goodridge Jonathan S and Nu Reyna to Shah Bindesh R and Sonal B, $355,000.

405 S Laburnum Ave, Henrico; Friend Evelyn C Estate to Holmes Lisa L, $160,000.

3306 Lanceor Dr, Glen Allen; Geoghegan Jane T and Robert J Tate to Fornari May and Kevin, $310,000.

2644 Lassen Walk, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Shue Allen, $286,846.

2646 Lassen Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Taylor Roosevelt William, $366,020.

9659 Laurel Heights Ct, Glen Allen; Youngblood Properties Llc to Huddle James Richard and Jane Fuller, $558,970.

4759 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Lingam Tejo and Roopa, $708,095.

5851 Lewis Rd, Sandston; American Business Continuity Domes Inc to Lewis Road Land Company Llc, $1,150,000.

5361 Linsey Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; Dill Thomas A and Adriana D to Castles Ann Prescott, $355,000.

12116 Loxton Ct, Glen Allen; Perez Richard R and Jeanne Face to Russell Ivonne D and Charles A Jr, $570,000.

9204 Lyndonway Dr, Henrico; Ceperich Lee Bagby and Sarah P Bagby to Klotz Julia K and Christopher L, $500,000.

13412 Rupert Ct, Henrico; Basch Russell M to Solodar Andrew Samuel, $853,000.

6535 Scandia Lake Pl, Sandston; Maxey Jerry A Jr to Mcclenaghan Daniel R Jr and Mary B, $259,500.

8355 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Choi Hana, $275,990.

Shady Grove Rd, Glen Allen; Windsor Family Llc to Woodson Estates Llc, $150,000.

2604 Shire Walk Ln, Henrico; Urry Kathleen to Kalidindi Ashok Varma and Anusha Rudraraju, $393,500.

4600 Snowmass Rd, Glen Allen; Fraser Douglas to Raley David and Kasey Michelle, $395,000.

4126 Sprenkle Ln, Henrico; Wiener Janna to Nguyen Tricia Tram, $265,000.

5504 Springwater Ln, Henrico; Parikh Vishal D and Vandana Navalgund to Uzzaman Mahmud, $220,251.

8808 Staples Mill Rd, Henrico; Robertson Betty Smith and M H R and W A R to Sxcw Properties Ii Llc, $950,000.

5720 Stonehurst Estates Ter, Glen Allen; Wilson Antywone to Mann Inderpreet Singh and Navneet Kaur, $1,190,000.

3201 Sweet Creek Ct, Henrico; Wells Robert S Jr and Donna K Trustees to Avent Laura J, $535,000.

4905 Thicket Pl, Sandston; Call Bobby W and Patsy C C and Edward M C to Wilson Dale and Diane, $316,000.


1001 Boulder Springs Dr, North Chesterfield; Principal Dev Investors Llc to Boulders Ii Property Owner Llc, $1,500,000.

4420 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Dozier D’andrea Vannette, $299,800.

9902 Brenspark Rd, Chesterfield; Beale Raymond L Jr to Callahan Justin, $168,394.

11705 N Briar Patch Dr, Midlothian; Teachey Branch P to Real Estate Options Llc, $175,000.

10018 Brooks Point Ter, Chester; Kennedy Shannon M to Adams Jonah Iii and Andrea M, $325,000.

8002 Buford Cmns, North Chesterfield; Alexander Charles B Iii to Livengood William and Jessica E, $229,000.

11207 Camshire Pl, North Chesterfield; Griffin Tracy M to Robbins Sharon R and James D, $360,000.

2217 Cantina Ln, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Yigzaw Yalemwork, $413,135.

13510 Carters Way Rd, Chesterfield; Gerboc David G and Tracey M to Crandell Ian C and Ford Sarah N, $441,000.

3826 Castlebury Dr, Chester; Brandt Jeffrey P Et Als to Tolson John D and Elizabeth M, $255,000.

10660 Chalkley Rd, North Chesterfield; Heigel Adam to Einck Jason and Amanda, $380,000.

5602 Chatmoss Rd, Midlothian; Ficke William Craig to Joseph April D and Ficke David A, $265,000.

16500 Chinook Dr, South Chesterfield; Bruton Jay A to Gibb Michael Reilly and Patracha Khaemasaevee, $750,000.

2750 Clintwood Rd, Midlothian; Andrews Erika L to Skraban Amanda Trustee, $395,000.

13425 Corapeake Ter, Chesterfield; Mcnamara John M and Elizabeth A to Pamdeth Jessica L and Robin M, $590,000.

11437 Courthouse Acres Dr, Midlothian; Roberts Thomas W to Moreland Kevin Andrew, $325,000.

1532 Crawford Wood Dr, Midlothian; Wood-Bradley Colin D to Spoon Jason and Kate, $380,000.

10329 Crumpets Ln, North Chesterfield; Anderson William Iii and Janel L to Camacho Delcy Elena, $300,000.

8512 Den Bark Dr, North Chesterfield; Falkner Norman C Et Al Trs to Montague Jody Loray, $200,000.

14820 Dogwood Villas Dr, Chesterfield; Muehlbauer Thomas J and Gina E to Rush Regina D, $350,000.

7600 Drexelbrook Rd, Chesterfield; Roddy Ladona S to Slattery Terence Joseph, $234,000.

11818 Dunnottar Ter, Chesterfield; Kim Sang Il and Kim Yoo Kyung to Reeves David W Trustee, $687,000.

14419 Eagle Rock Ave, Chester; Taylor Mathew D and Katie Elise to Smallwood Phyllis, $276,000.

11712 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Rouze Alan James Jr and Susan June, $341,231.

15106 Enmore Dr, Midlothian; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Moran Lisa Claire, $578,366.

3649 Ethens Point Ln, Chester; Gray Jordan and Leah to Petet Gerard James and Virginia, $380,000.

15106 Fairen Ln, South Chesterfield; Francoeur Jonathan A and Aimee M to Williams Michael Matthew and Shelly J, $380,000.

4223 Farmhill Ln, Chesterfield; Fand Marilyn R to Cannon Samuel and Gosnell Candace, $240,000.

2300 Fillmore Cir, North Chesterfield; Magnus Gregory J and Lee Ann S to Gordon Andrea, $385,000.

8024 Flag Tail Dr, Midlothian; Moone Cortland E and Stacey L to Pendergrass Kathleen A, $300,000.

2808 Fox Chase Ln, Midlothian; Lacey Dennis B and Cassandra O to Rejoyc Llc, $625,000.

9501 Gadwell Ter, Chesterfield; Cobaugh Donn S and Kathleen O to Thompson Brenda Anne, $549,900.

12107 Gardengate Rd, Midlothian; Rodriguez Dino and Tina Lynn to Wellman Lazara and Dennis, $260,000.

8107 Gates Bluff Ter, Chesterfield; Goode Rob T and Celia C to Cimino Antonio S Jr and Julie A, $490,000.

8519 Glen Royal Dr, Chesterfield; Freeman Thomas A and Shona P to Black Corey and Kristen, $625,000.

17013 Glensford Dr, Moseley; Owens David M and Alexandra to Aronson Joseph D and Bianca, $455,000.

16700 Gossamer Dr, Moseley; Mccauley Craig C and Kristen L to Lockhart Lakisha R and Rusch Edward R Iii, $625,000.

6700 Grand Haven Ln, Moseley; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Hintos Ludovit and Kimberly Phillips, $753,114.

3112 Gregwood Rd, Midlothian; Moir Deborah L to Cadman-Mendoza Paula and Cadman John P, $215,000.

13103 Groveton Cir, Midlothian; Mccartney Kenneth E and Sheena K to Ridens Brett Paulson and Lee Saecker, $380,000.

15919 Hallowell Rdg, Moseley; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Liu Thomas D and Tammy, $366,960.

8006 Hampton Glen Dr, Chesterfield; Carey Luisa M to Silver Melissa D, $405,000.

5907 Harbour Hill Pl, Midlothian; Corbin W B and Corbin J H Trs to Violante Matthew and Noble Shannon, $445,000.

8751 Hartford Ct, North Chesterfield; Perkins Anne W to Beatty Brian Michael, $240,000.

13504 Heathbrook Dr, Midlothian; Sutter Sandra H to Gerritsen Peter and Rebecca, $301,000.

15618 Henningford Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Keller Kimberly Camilla, $387,022.

14104 Hill Spring Dr, Chester; Hayden Christopher R to Feliciano Freddie Jr and Cruz-Feliciano Mildred, $289,000.

11809 Holly Hill Rd, Chester; Boyd Ruth R to Long Vaughan M and Judith L, $306,000.

12436 Hulsey Dr, Chesterfield; Rudd Michael W and Katie A to O’brien Thomas J and Roberta P, $402,000.

12125 Iverson Ct, Midlothian; Brivett Sydia Sydonie to Ivey Bre’anna D, $250,000.

5612 Jessup Meadows Dr, North Chesterfield; Tyree Preston N and Melody L to Villaman Maribel, $300,000.

13100 Kanbaugh Ct, Midlothian; Hesch Thomas C and Susan W to Beken Jason Randall and Elizabeth Renee, $365,000.

4100 Kings Gate Rd, Chester; Skye Is The Ltd Res Serv Llc to Sanchez Jose Rafael Aponte and Cruz Jainess Miranda, $285,000.

10606 Krenmore Ln, Chester; Main Street Homes to Jones Bryant D and Crystal W, $520,397.

5160 Lake Summer Loop, Moseley; Worrilow Justin M and Kendall B to Kalinsky Eric M and Kathleen, $559,900.

13501 Langford Dr, Midlothian; Vossler Donald C and Sandra J to Burnett Loren R and Hilde H, $630,000.

14612 Lavenham Ln, Midlothian; Fornari Rita Marie to Rose Joshua Benjamin and Rachel, $425,000.

8808 Leisure Ln, North Chesterfield; Mclaughlin Kathleen K to Hebbe Austin and Rebekah E, $230,000.

4413 Litchfield Dr, Chesterfield; Clements Paul K and Lynette P to Pascarella Kaylyn M and Smart William R Jr, $305,000.

12354 Logan Trace Rd, Midlothian; Lewis Lesley C and Raymond N A to Stevens Martin Thomas, $270,000.

8430 Macandrew Ter, Chesterfield; Krumrine Douglas M and Julie L to Weir Victor and Priscilla, $530,000.

9112 Mahogany Dr, Chesterfield; Cadjo Ljubisa to Cox Michael Jr and Taneshia, $535,000.

13501 Mason Orchard Pl, Chester; NVR Inc to Graham Cecil and Jody Anna, $369,855.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Stevens Aaron and Guill Meredith, $244,990.

5529 W Melbeck Rd, North Chesterfield; Lowe Mitzi L and Sowder Sonja L to Turner Stephen H, $235,000.

12119 Merit Grove Ct, Midlothian; Tanner John K to King Alberta Bradley and King-Green Jasmine L, $275,000.

14705 Mill Spring Dr, Midlothian; Kievit John A and Jean to Philpott Jacob T and Maria C, $275,000.

2707 Mistwood Forest Dr, Chester; Harwell David R and Sylvia G to Jones Carrie, $230,000.

11737 Moven Dr, Midlothian; Knight William K and Laura A to Edwards Leighton and Antoinette, $420,000.

3820 Newbys Bridge Rd, Chesterfield; Ipina Sosa Walter M to Alva Jorge A Merida and Medina Yaneth Hernandez, $250,000.

10601 Northcliff Pl, North Chesterfield; Barton Howard E Jr and Jo Ann to Wade Darrell John and Bradford Sarah, $315,000.

3306 Oakmeadow Ln, Midlothian; Drumwright Deborah B Et Als to Rose Catherine, $275,000.

3904 Old Cheshire Dr, Chester; Franklin Mary Lee to Cruse Richard, $282,000.

11901 Olde Coach Dr, Midlothian; Faison Gregory M to Blueville, $260,000.

6025 Otterdale Rd, Moseley; Harvey Michael W and Barner B K to Pilkerton Annie L and Stephen W, $286,000.

11606 Parrish Branch Cir, Midlothian; Burmaster Bryan L Et Als to Waters Gordon Brent and Cathleen Maureen, $260,000.

6706 Philbrook Rd, North Chesterfield; Ross Latisha D to Erawha Llc, $165,000.

612 Pleasanthill Dr, North Chesterfield; Lange Michael J to Mclaughlin Henry L and Corr-Mclaughlin Frances C, $256,200.

1707 Porters Mill Ln, Midlothian; White Michael S Et Als to King Ryan, $273,000.

14055 Princess Mary Rd, Chesterfield; Benucci Andrew Jr and Linda M to Cheatham Kevin Douglas Jr and Jennifer Nicole, $380,000.

3115 Quail Hill Dr, Midlothian; Mccord Ryan and Lisa to Paxton Ross and Emily Teresa, $295,000.

10326 Ramona Ave, North Chesterfield; Anderson Carl and Shannon D to Barahona Bryan, $150,000.

12421 Richmond St, Chester; Mclaughlin Barney to Brashears Jordan and Carrera Cindy, $264,500.

11903 Rimswell Ter, Midlothian; Rogers Derek J and Katie L to Jacoby Jeffrey and Gayliard Gillian, $407,000.

16210 River Rd, Chesterfield; Trek Properties Llc to Payne Angelina M, $306,000.

3737 Rivermist Ter, Midlothian; Solari Charles F to Teichman Nicole and Teichman Joseph R and Lapierre Bruce N and Lapierre Lynne T, $425,000.

1704 Rose Mill Cir, Midlothian; Duty Kathleen and Hopkins Kristin Co-Trustees to Reynolds Robert J and Sandra M, $300,000.

12024 Rotunda Ln, Chester; NVR Inc to Bailey Dakita, $459,285.

18137 Sagamore Dr, Moseley; NVR Inc to Coleman James Bennett Jr and Elsie W, $590,989.

1517 Sainsbury Dr, Midlothian; Craven R Anthony Jr and Angela A to Sanchez Damien Rafael Robles, $272,000.

10301 Sauna Dr, North Chesterfield; Wilburn Donald L and Elizabeth W to Ramirez Katherine and Matthew, $290,000.

8143 Seaview Dr, Chesterfield; Hubbard Sylvester Iii to Coley Hosea Jr, $548,000.

4541 Shanto Ct, North Chesterfield; O’dell Robert Dennis Trustee to Dejesus Edrickson and Rodriguez Jhennyfer Del Carmen, $316,000.

8319 Shepherds Watch Dr, Chesterfield; Edwards Lindberg and Sylvia L to Fisher Allison D and Brinson Addie K, $336,000.

7830 Silver Mist Ave, North Chesterfield; Louis Samuel and Arlene to Hurtado Franciso Argueta, $350,000.

2312 Sleepyhill Rd, North Chesterfield; Carmine Jillian Rene to Thacker Angela L, $386,000.

2801 Southwell Pl, Midlothian; Williamson Robert S and Candice to Tredway Jeffrey R and Gina, $629,995.

12301 Springhouse Way, Chesterfield; Mcquade Joseph J and Jennifer B to Mackay Robert S and Carrie, $330,000.

9731 Stagpenn Rd, Chesterfield; Smith Horace Jr and Joyce S to Hernandez Olga M, $308,000.

8307 Sterling Cove Pl, Chesterfield; Burdick Michael S and Ann D to Salmon Wesley Lewis and Summer Sol, $470,000.

14507 Sulphur Springs Ter, Chester; Williams Pamela A to Hudson John T and Katherine B, $347,001.

10412 Sun Glen Ct, North Chesterfield; Winstead Anthony W and Monica H to Meglathery Blair Nelson, $360,000.

10731 Surry Rd, Chester; Traylor Charles A Revocable Tr to Neville Tanya, $299,900.

13005 Tall Hickory Ct, Midlothian; Archie Michael F Jr and Sarah P to Young Sherry and Keith Lockwood, $289,000.

6900 Theoden Lndg, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Pham Emily Christine, $379,490.

10300 Thornloe Ct, North Chesterfield; Moreno Carol M to Moore Martha G, $269,950.

5207 Timbercreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Horner Benjamin to Farmer Darrell, $250,000.

4229 Tire Swing Way, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Shawky Ahmed, $381,790.

14504 Tranor Ave, Chester; Harris Matthew T and Hays J to Valenti Christopher M and Kailee P, $281,101.

20802 Truth Dr, South Chesterfield; Roberts William F to Roberts Kenneth H, $150,000.

7161 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Regan Daniel M to Caraballo Regulo, $187,000.

4419 Village Park Ave, Chester; George Michael D to Hpa Us1 Llc, $400,000.

14412 Walthall Dr, South Chesterfield; Rbh Properties Llc to Summers Sean L and Elizabeth M, $315,000.

1918 Warrior Trl, North Chesterfield; Myers Tara M to Delcamp Dudley Winfield, $275,900.

13625 Waterswatch Ct, Midlothian; Heinberg Dean E to Service Laura E and Waller John A, $550,000.

1221 Westwood Village Ln, Midlothian; Olinger Jeffrey Dirk to Nelson Sharon Kay, $255,000.

8648 Whirlaway Dr, Midlothian; Leavey Michael R and Judy Money to Di Bianco Marie A and Eik Paul R, $350,000.

7746 Whittington Dr, North Chesterfield; Alcoke William H and Peggy R to Brown David and Miles Megan, $355,000.

4943 Winding Branch Rd, Moseley; Kirby Jerry and Katherine to Owens David Michael and Alexandra Kelly, $615,000.

2816 Woodbridge Crossing Ct, Midlothian; Hahn Donna to Knight Phillip Jr, $180,000.

1003 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Waldhauser Gregg Andrew and Waldhauser Wendy Jean Trustees, $393,042.

764 Worsham Rd, North Chesterfield; Estep Gloria J to Hillman Jeffrey Alan, $322,000.

CHESTERFIELD (additional)

6173 Bowline Ln, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes to Suri Renuka and Suri Arun and Suri Ramesh, $262,910.

4424 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Ceruti Sandra A, $305,750.

7731 Brentford Dr, North Chesterfield; Woods Theresa S to Bodley Dana R, $335,000.

14306 Brightstone Ct, Midlothian; Drake Anthony E and Diana L to Zaki Younan and Mervat, $425,000.

7302 Buck Rub Ct, Midlothian; Blackburn Eric R Jr and Lauren K to Renninger Stephanie Smith, $281,000.

8116 Buford Oaks Dr, North Chesterfield; Ellerbe Eric L and Yesim to Milton-Benoit John M and Holly M, $475,000.

3519 Cannington Dr, North Chesterfield; Singh Jahni Imani to Patel Akshay and Patel Kirtiben, $375,000.

2221 Cantina Ln, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Indelicato Joseph Bernard and Sabrina Jean, $458,565.

2507 Cascade Meadows Dr, Midlothian; Miller Samuel to Zhang Qiyun and Zheng Xiong X, $410,168.

13318 Castlewellan Dr, Chester; Momiyama Augustine T and Mali C to Jones Tramaine V, $345,000.

10702 Chalkley Rd, North Chesterfield; Wynn Roy W Jr and Rebecca T to Retarides Christopher J and Christine J, $475,000.

5613 Chatmoss Rd, Midlothian; Fand Brian M and Holt Brandie H to Schipinski Carol, $305,000.

2816 Cicero Pkwy, Chester; Kulla Fejzi to Rojas Mario Jr, $203,000.

8124 Clovertree Ct, North Chesterfield; Munrayos Yuri O and Elizabeth to Davenport Quincy Bernard George, $176,000.

7307 Cornus Ave, Chesterfield; Brackbill Eugene A Et Al Trs to Woods Dan Allen and Cynthia Jo, $345,000.

7320 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield; Shelton Jimmy Dean and Edna F to Moreno Carlos A, $175,000.

432 Crofton Village Ter, Midlothian; Fisher John Justin to Roxas Kristoffer K, $357,000.

11300 Danforth Rd, Chesterfield; Nicolella Joseph and Susan M to Smith Rufus M and Boston Marilyn D, $275,000.

8502 Den Bark Pl, North Chesterfield; Prince Prescott Lee to Tate Erika Isabel, $250,000.

12751 Donegal Dr, Chesterfield; Tiller John L Iii Trustee to Powers Kenneth W, $310,000.

16012 Drumone Rd, Midlothian; Pyke Brandon and Ebony to Cadenillas Alejandro Santillan and Santillan Elizabeth, $850,000.

6864 Dunton Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Gibson Thaddeus W Sr and Angela Mae, $393,193.

6384 Eagles Crest Ln, Chesterfield; Taylor Ann and Porcher Jr to Mcfarland Lisa R, $275,000.

11718 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Halloran Chris M, $369,924.

3700 Enmore Pl, Midlothian; Gregoire Development Corp to Allen Wesley J and Crystal S, $605,325.

3816 Evershot Ct, Midlothian; Riley Joshua T and Abigail A to Evans Jonathan T and Ashley R, $545,000.

6730 Fairpines Rd, Chesterfield; Hicks Gerald T Ii to Palacios Danny Josue Estrada, $215,000.

15467 Featherchase Dr, Chesterfield; Adams Tasha E and Dra’von Valdon to Carolina Calvin J and Eugena A, $285,000.

8417 Firethorne Ln, North Chesterfield; Mills Kelli A to Brown Dyeshawn, $200,000.

16307 Fleetwood Rd, Midlothian; Williams Ray A Construction Co to Pyke Brandon S and Ebony L, $1,390,968.

15112 Fox Grove Ln, Midlothian; Albee Benjamin T and Margaret M to Scott Shawn D and Amy E, $450,000.

2737 Gainford Cir, North Chesterfield; Selden Steven G Sr and Stacey G to Noyola Sarai Martinez, $195,000.

12119 Gardengate Rd, Midlothian; Miles David K to Fowlkes James Alan, $165,000.

5906 Gates Mill Pl, Midlothian; Bruce Marlon S and Paula P A to Bickford Rachel Elise Meyer and Brennen John Engman, $399,500.

4606 Glen Tara Dr, Midlothian; Heath Mitchell E and Patricia D to Davis Jessica O, $205,000.

4101 Gloucestershire St, North Chesterfield; Daniel Steven to Gray Kiera and Williams Keasha S, $290,000.

17213 Gossamer Dr, Moseley; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Williams Gloria R, $321,624.

3601 Graythorne Dr, Midlothian; Gregoire Development Corp to Dsouza Russell Jerome and Kapeshri L, $724,900.

13601 Greyfield Dr, Chester; Eure Pamela Sue to Brown Joseph N Iii, $349,500.

6605 Hagerty Ln, Chesterfield; Stanko Krysta M and Robinson T W to Marland Crista E and Alexander Douglas C, $331,000.

6107 Halrose Ln, North Chesterfield; Martinez Noyola Sarai N Et Al to Hernandez Alberto Hernandez, $265,000.

7937 Hampton Glen Ter, Chesterfield; Tol Kompheak and Thach J and Tol S to Mcgaw Kyle and Linnea, $491,000.

7119 Harbourside Ct, Midlothian; Richmond Ramblers Llc to Green Jeffrey and Diana G, $325,000.

312 Harwick Dr, North Chesterfield; Fitchett George C and Denise S to Kaiwan Fayad and Samirha, $475,000.

11800 Heather Landing Pl, Chester; Giddings Norman Iii and Vonita L to Williamson Michelle, $395,000.

13001 Hensley Rd, Midlothian; Ritchey Joshua C and Mindy M to Harkness Karl and Brittany P, $430,000.

8001 Hillcreek Dr, Midlothian; Hovermale Jeffrey S and Angela L to Wilson Darryl Gene and Griffin Valerie H, $425,000.

3205 Hollyglen Ct, Midlothian; Ison Dona M and Zimmerman Anne M to Rost Eric and Kelly M, $170,000.

6240 Hunterstand Ln, North Chesterfield; Yocum Gregory A Trustee to Castellon Flor A Alvarenga, $200,000.

4372 Jalee Dr, North Chesterfield; Jones Jesse J Iii to U S Bank National Association Trustee, $245,620.

4911 Jessup Rd, North Chesterfield; Leu John Lee Hiep and Leu Lisa N to Kwitchoff Erik, $315,000.

10501 Keithwood Pkwy, North Chesterfield; Real Estate Options Llc to Madar Sydney, $260,000.

9602 Kingussle Ln, North Chesterfield; Nemanich Todd R to Mercado Radamee A, $370,000.

913 Krim Point Ln, Midlothian; Reilly Carmen C to Hawkins Richard K and Janet G, $325,000.

13500 Laketree Dr, Chester; Pest Rachel L to Greene Crystal D, $315,000.

2307 Latham Pl, Midlothian; Blue Ridge Custom Homes Llc to Locker Roy D and Yvonne C, $166,000.

14701 Lavenham Ln, Midlothian; Cruz Vincent D and Melanie R to Tyree Preston and Melody, $445,000.

8809 Leisure Ln, North Chesterfield; Bleuze Irma L to Vonahnen Christopher J, $256,000.

12519 Lively St, Chester; Liguori Nicholas and Muriel R to Mohan Piyush and Cynthia Rose, $295,000.

14209 Long Gate Rd, Midlothian; Olszewski Lawrence D and Marilyn to Hicks Joshua Michael and Davis Rebecca Lane, $379,900.

2030 Maginoak Ct, North Chesterfield; Avent Laura J Trustee to Ayemefack Giscar and Laura, $350,000.

11408 Mansfield Crossing Ln, North Chesterfield; Heathcock Jennifer O to Wallace Taylor B and Samko Brittany S, $271,000.

4710 Mason Rest Ct, North Chesterfield; Easlick Christopher E to Laurie Kristin Marie, $230,000.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Tidewater Properties Llc, $289,990.

5537 W Melbeck Rd, North Chesterfield; Mccormick Debbie A Trustee to Fontanarosa Alessandro and Toscano Manuela Giusi, $285,000.

1318 Michaux Park Ln, Midlothian; Hewitt Beth B to Weldon Leslie B, $387,000.

12830 Millstep Ter, Midlothian; Jimbob Properties Llc to Pritchett Stefan and Melissa, $325,000.

118 Mistywood Rd, North Chesterfield; Sundaram Usha to Elliott Jeffrey S and Carole H, $205,000.

3224 Nahant Rd, Midlothian; Jarest Robert F and Kimberly A to Powers Charles R Jr and Jaime S, $355,000.

6104 Newington Dr, North Chesterfield; Blakely Bobbie J to Spruill Crystal S, $218,500.

101 Northfield Ln, North Chesterfield; Saavedra Emilio to Mattys Patrick Jeremy and Eap Paulina Chandara, $320,000.

3312 Oakmeadow Ln, Midlothian; Adams Bonnie K to Yrure Irene Onrubia, $280,000.

7519 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Morales Kymberlee, $357,790.

1560 Olde Coalmine Rd, Midlothian; Campolongo Scott H to Barr Brian and Rice Lauren, $295,000.

130 Otterdale Woods Rd, Midlothian; Cauble Thomas G Et Al to Cauble Thomas G Et Al, $250,000.

8849 Pebble Beach Ct, Chesterfield; Evans D A and Evans B M Co-Trs to Luck Christopher, $574,900.


7383 Dress Blue Circle, Mechanicsville; Alice W. Belhumeur to Mary Lloyd, $294,000.

4487 Flaherty Drive, Mechanicsville; John B. Leroy Jr. to Benjamin Franz Kitenko, $347,500.

9079 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Danielle J. Noble, $584,100.

11039 Greenline Court, Mechanicsville; James C. Lafoe to Erik Colley, $335,000.

12066 Haley Farm Road, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to George Robert Kovar, $666,478.

10258 Henderson Hall Road, Mechanicsville; Michael H. Rydel to Raymond John Walker, $424,950.

9815 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Mae Ashby Wallace Ayers, $403,235.

9936 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Trinnie Dang, $441,405.

7285 Jackson Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Mandy M. Snyder to Emma Carr, $233,950.

9069 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville; Steven C. Butler, trustee to Brian Reid, $412,000.

211 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Robin Y. Destackelberg, trustee, $336,781.

Lot 1, Haley Pond; Michael Colley to Christopher Douglas Shearon, $165,000.

Lot 2, Tuscan Hills; David P. Balducci to Nicholas Medlin, $170,000.

Lot 6, Block B, Confederate Square Commercial; Michael J. Craven to Jade Two Property LLC, $410,000.

Lot 9, Block A, Section 1, Rutland; Travise S. Billups to Fox and Hound Properties LLC, $375,000.

Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, Block Z, Section 3, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $393,000.

8341 Mary Mundie Lane, Mechanicsville; Thomas Edward Hauck III to Stephanie W. Fritts, $237,500.

7770 Millikin Lane, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Russell Carrick, $509,566.

16733 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Roy Bent to Jessica Elaine Minks, $235,000.

9946 Orchard Meadow Road, Mechanicsville; Scott Elliott to Michael J. Darcy, $435,000.

Parcel; CWH Hanover LLC to South Anna River Bluffs LLC, $1,094,000.

Parcel; Robert J. Neuman to James S. Harper, $245,000.

13504 Pine Oak Lane, Montpelier; Heather D. Eades to Thomas S. Tanner, $499,000.

8221 Prism Court, Mechanicsville; Jonathan L. Gray, trustee to Mark James Jr., $246,500.

7475 Quiet Caper Court, Mechanicsville; Hanover Holdings LLC to Robert Cunningham, $353,800.

10510 Rockingham Road, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Blanche Meaux, $386,019.

Section 4, Chickahominy Falls; CFalls II LLC to Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia, $255,000.

7409 Shire Parkway, Mechanicsville; Sandra M. Pence to Orlando R. Montoya Alvarez, $250,000.

13353 Slayden Circle, Ashland; Darin R. Cox to Michele Hughes, $492,500.

9061 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Donald Wayne Weeks, $310,000.

6165 Stockade Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael J. Peraino to David A. Stowers Jr., $214,000.

5173 Summer Plains Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert C. Fogleman to Christopher R. Greene, $410,000.

9308 Sweet Meadows Place, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Robert Michael Abel, $513,648.

9252 Tadcaster Circle, Mechanicsville; Susan S. Wawrzyniak, executor to Jacob Morrison, $314,450.

7206 Trench Trail, Mechanicsville; Randy C. Anderson to Jennifer W. Gray, $417,000.

8417 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Cliff William Poarch, $355,464.

11329 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashand; NVR Inc. to Jason J. Ludwig, $266,390.

7239 Yellow Wood Tree Place, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Curtis M. Rustin Jr., $359,305.

HANOVER (additional)

10182 Durhams Farm Place, Mechanicsville; Joseph A. Schwerer Jr. to Jessica Moore, $395,000.

13356 Folly Trail Place, Ashland; Thomas E. Green III, trustee to Hyo J. Lee, $357,000.

6359 Gemstone Place, Mechanicsville; Bruce M. Crytzer to Jonathan Ray Ciferno, $365,000.

13221 Greenwood Church Road, Ashland; Eric J. Pair to Brett Connor Kody, $750,000.

7052 Hanna Drive, Mechanicsville; ERAWHA LLC to Erin W. Matthews, $268,500.

8119 Hennepin Trail, Mechanicsville; Kristi N. Walker to Travis Gumbs, $575,000.

9819 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Elizabeth Rose Vivelo, $346,265.

13976 Hungry Jack Court, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Scott D. Olivo, $393,084.

9236 Janeway Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Rebecca Lynn McNicol, $486,155.

17218 Kirkpatrick Place, Rockville; John Todd Willett to Linda Colley, $289,000.

232 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Karen S. Cross, $370,823.

Lot 100, Section 2, Mountain Run; Roy E. Lee to John L. Atkinson, $990,000.

Lot 22, Section 5, Giles Farm; NVR Inc. to Ramesh Garrepally, $314,825.

Lot 6, Block F, Forest Lake Hills; Raymond J. Goodloe to TPP LLC, $250,000.

Lot 9, Tarwood Estates; Stephen D. D’Adamo Jr. to David Paul Demascole, $739,950.

13161 Luck Brothers Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Harry Buck Frasier Jr., $559,838.

8208 N Mayfield Lane, Mechanicsville; Donald W. Bray to Herbert Allen Bennett Jr., $280,000.

7794 Millikin Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Richard Wesley Bryant, $550,851.

9118 New Castle Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph L. Cafarella to Steven Anthony Crider, $345,000.

10333 Parahunt Parkway, Ashland; Chimuel Alvy Ray Agcanas to Jason M. Silverman, $330,000.

Parcel; Kay S. Fearnow to Pleasant Grove III LLC, $660,100.

Parcel; June M. Nolen to Balducci Builders Inc., $225,000.

9543 Plateau PLace, Mechanicsville; Edward Goff Childers to John A. Maghamez, $465,000.

9065 Prolonge Lane, Mechanicsville; Derrick P. Mertl to Robert F. Friedel Jr., $375,000.

10256 Radford Mill Terrace, Mechanicsville; Eric Stephen Moore to James M. Konecny, $289,000.

9309 Rudders Point Cove, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Theresa L. Arrighi, $602,075.


2840 Manahoc Trail, Powhatan; Jeffrey Douglas Schmidt to Jean M. Broaddus, $760,000.

3159 Monte Road, Powhatan; Phoenix Property Solutions LLC to Carolyn E. Lecik, $282,000.

4339 Pierce Road, Powhatan; Eric L. Duncan to Nicholas D. McCormick, $230,000.

3148 Shadow Creek Drive, Powhatan; Timothy R. Hobson to Daniel Kingsley, $389,000.

1144 Timber Trace Road, Powhatan; Baskerville P. Bridgforth to Aaron Matthew Bottoms, $331,000.


170 Grayash, Richmond; Sarah Brooks to Garland Gray II, $775,000.

1825 Longbranch Drive, Maidens; Estate of Thomas A. Leblanc to Tony Nguyen, $395,000.

Lot 5, Midpoint Industrial Park; DM Leasing LLC to DD&T Custom Cabinet LLC, $550,000.

15750 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Michael George Murphy, $610,196.

12041 Talavera Terrace, Henrico; HHHunt Homes LC to Rose Tharp, trustee, $498,745.

12047 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Lora E. Spiller, $459,980.

4535 Walton Road, Louisa; Hadensville Properties LLC to Rebecca Michelle Ford, $210,000.


235 Market St. North; Studio Ammons Inc. to Blue Fern LLC, $370,000.

1765 Oakland St.; 1765 Oakland Street-A Series of RVA Vision Outreach to Lavanne Seward Jr., $245,000.

12162 Readers Pointe Drive, Manakin Sabot; Karen Smalley Mitchem to Lawrence I. Frank, $617,500.

2146 Van Dorn St.; Shelia J. Spiegel to Darnell Collins, $170,000.

500 Wythe St. East; Land M. Investments LLC to Osbourne LLC, $290,000.


4904 Courtney Court, North Dinwiddie; Roy K. Bell to Joey M. Burruss, $262,000.

22044 Lake Jordan Road, North Dinwiddie; John L. Beebe Jr. to Bobunaut Robinson, $319,000.

3401 Oxford Drive, Sutherland; John D. Reekes III to Clyde J. Ellis III, $485,000.

24513 River View Drive, North Dinwiddie; Raymond D. Easter Jr. to Elijah Matthews, $250,000.

18843 Waterford Drive, Sutherland; KAG Homes LLC to Dwayne Cody Deschenes, $482,600.

4407 Woodstream Drive, North Dinwiddie; Beverley J. Rogers to Walter R. Thompson, $193,135.


4903 Conduit Road; Power, George P to Rogers, Scott Eugene, $223,500.

973 Edinborough Drive; Fisher Iii, Hugh P. to Henry, Andy, $244,000.

109 Homestead Drive; Drewry, James to Hatton, Kimberly Ann, $300,001.

111 Marvin Ave.; Greeson, Brandon H. to Sheffield, Donna G., $232,000.

206 Ridge Road; Colbert Jr., Wilfred S. to Campos, Roberto Palos, $195,000.

172 Wright Ave.; Meekins, Gilita S. to Lebeauf, Lillian M., $245,000.


7025 Hosta Lane, Moseley; Manchester Rentals LLC to A&D Rentals LLC, $227,000.

Lot 4, Block B, Arlington Court; JC Design Homes LLC to Anya Robinson, $195,000.

301 Memorial Ave.; Lewis Hopkins to Fashawnda Fleming, $175,000.

2105 Lynchburg St.; Jeffrey J. Seevers to Brian D. Moore Jr., $160,000.

3303 Portsmouth St.; Chad Ransom to Dale E. Fields, $228,000.

107 Queen Ann Drive; Joshua J. Garlick to Patrick Craig Todd, $190,000.

911 Yellowstone Drive; Jose Portillo to Chanel Renee Wilkins, $259,500.

3829 Yorkshire Place; William M. Naulty to Rodney Eugene Carter, $300,000.


5116 Hemlock Road, Quinton; Erica Claudette D’Erminio to Thomas Andreas, $210,000.

4111 Henpeck Road, Quinton; Johnnie E. Lewis to Henry M. Dowdy Jr., $203,500.

141 John Smith Trail, Lanexa; Michael J. Corbin to Frank A. Pascucci, $460,000.

2730 Kimball Lane, Quinton; Arnold Tapawan to Christopher P. Knowles, $353,000.

Lot 1, Block N, Section H, Five Lakes Woodland; Christopher Peddicord LLC to Gevis Illya Dickerson, $360,000.

Lot 16, Block B, Section A, Kenwood Farms; Fordson Properties LLC to Delton Hairfield III, $299,000.

Lots 9 and 23, Section 1, The Oaks; The Oaks Development to NVR Inc., $241,000.

Lots, Landbay 5, Section 2, Lifestyle at Four Seasons; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to NVR LLC, $244,000.

4807 Mountcastle Road, Providence Forge; Belda S. Purnell to Christopher A. McCormick Jr., $255,000.

4881 Mount Pleasant Road, Providence Forge; Ethel T. King to Kelly B. Crary, $263,216.

6220 Orchard Road, New Kent; Karen Himes Anderson to Kimberly D. Grizzle, $311,200.

5810 Regal Lane, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Alfred Atkins, $373,937.

16365 Stage Road, Lanexa; John M. Godsil to Steven Aaron McDermott, $740,000.

10430 Virginia Rail Terrace, Providence Forge; Carl F. Filipowicz to Lucas S. Fussy, $399,000.


7950 Gold Acres Farm Road, Prince George; Joshua B. Atchley to Daniel Turner Ferry, $325,000.

8120 Gold Acres Farm Road, Prince George; William C. Wright Jr. to Karmen Harrison, $366,500.

2745 Lansing Road, Petersburg; Danrich Construction Co. Inc. to Zachary Howard Matthews, $270,000.

15900 Lebanon Road, Spring Grove; Jeffery H. Hackett to Alexis Canna Almany, $185,000.

12270 E Quaker Road, Disputanta; Williams Team Construction LLC to Kristin L. Moore, $277,700.

12290 E Quaker Road, Disputanta; William F. Maywalt to Parker R. Gifford, $269,000.

6628 Snow Geese Lane, Prince George; Kevin Han to Floyd L. Clay Jr., $315,000.

3808 Spring Road, Hopewell; Alex Daniels to Crystal R. Rollack, $160,000.

11322 Walton Lake Road, Disputanta; Otha B. Brittenum to Ronchetta Jackson, $160,000.

11275 Webb Road, Disputanta; Danrich Construction Co. Inc. to Curtis William Zufelt, $370,135.


7130 Mistletoe Lane, Charles City; Mary Anna Fulcher to Michael McKinsey, $240,000.


8.39 acres; William T. Finch to Timothy Payne, $380,000.

14340 Bent Creek Road, Amelia Court House; Wanda B. Walker to Michael Kite, $378,000.

Lot 5, Deep Creek Estates; Patsy H. Holmes, devisee to Anthony E. Clampitt, $225,000.

4701 Oak Grove, Amelia Court House; Jeffrey K. Davis to Jason D. Estep, $276,000.

8640 Virginia St., Amelia Court House; Skinquarter Properties Ltd. to Matthew Jacob Zimmerman, $238,000.

6301 West Creek Road, Amelia Court House; Willie P. Jones II to Aaron Rodriguez, $405,000.


36 Jenkins Ridge Road, Cartersville; Neil D. Rowland to Lindsey Peck, $235,000.

127 Mahan Road, Farmville; Genesis E. Moss to Roy L. Latta, $195,000.


2082 Bruington Road, Bruington; Pollard Family Properties LLC to Linwood Browder, $299,000.

309 Cardinal Lane, Shacklefords; Thelma F. Dease to Bruce A. Thorne, $297,500.

257 Spring Cottage Road, Saint Stephens Church; Robert Baylor Ellwanger to Jessica L. Frick, $375,000.


1578 Jacks Creek Road, King William; Midatlantic Builders LLC to Dorvin Glen Buchanan, $285,000.

1938 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Liana M. Fino, $235,710.

2940 King William Ave., West Point; Richard Sturtz Jr. to Jennifer N. Fortney, $215,000.

2990 King William Road, West Point; Campbell Virginia Properties LLC to Robert Bruce Johnson, $262,000.

Lot 3, Block A, Section 1, Central Crossing; Nicole D. Walsh to Select Home Solutions LLC, $200,000.

Lots 154, 155 and 156, Town of West Point; J&J Farms II to 319 West Point LLC, $655,000.

146 Moncuin Court, Manquin; Kellum Homes LLC to Kimberly Parrish Goodman, $310,000.

6822 Mount Olive Cohoke Road, King William; Michael L. Norman to Raleigh Tecumseh Custalow, $285,000.

Parcel; Kathy Fogg Berry to Temple Keith Fogg, $340,667.

Parcel; ETO II TRS LLC to Kenneth John Anderson, $632,548.

78 Poplar Road, Aylett; Allen J. Gellen to Ryan P. Gault, $215,000.

11084 River Road, Aylett; M. Porch Construction LLC to Bradley T. Woodle, $348,500.

2210 Silver St., Aylett; Brandon V. Bone to Samantha Byrum, $355,000.

2905 Taylor Ave., West Point; Michael A. Moriarity to Latia Masterson, $175,000.


Lots 28-35, Holly Hills Townhomes; Holly Hills LLC to Sky Blue Homes LLC, $649,000.

Lots 41 and 42, West Williamsburg; Suzanne Kalbas, successor trustee to CWVA Properties LLC, $257,500.

245 Zelkova Road, Unit 18; Matthew T. Cull to Shelby Stewart, $255,000.

413 Zelkova Road, Unit 32; Carmen E. Harney Greska, trustee to Anant Raman, $285,000.


10 Rolfe Highway, Wakefield; James L. Graves to Richard A. Moore, $255,500.

34194 Shingleton Road, Waverly; Michael Price to Elwood Yohe, $230,000.

517 Thomas Bransby, Williamsburg; Gregory A. Swindell to Steven Leo Williams, $587,000.

117 Thomas Cartwright, Williamsburg; Michael R. Roberts to Samar Chopra, $650,000.

Unit 1010, Promenade at John Tyer; Richard F. Landry Jr. to K5 Properties LLC, $240,000.

Unit 129, Pelham’s Ordinary; The Key Corp. to Bruce Anthony MacDonald, $231,000.

6217 Weathersfield Way, Williamsburg; Barbara A. Widmann to Vincent L. Grassia Jr., $385,000.

6516 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Rodney G. Linnekin, trustee, $495,890.

4116 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Philip Edward Mazzeo, trustee, $423,140.

4120 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Margaret E. Merhoff, trustee, $425,240.


934 Foley Drive, Williamsburg; Ryan D. Stetzer to Jonathan Leonard Pranschke, $220,000.

109 Fords Colony, Williamsburg; Thomas M. Munn, trustee to Michael J. Murphy Sr., $885,000.

2910 Francis Chapman West, Williamsburg; Katherine W. Dunn to Michael D. Reyes, $267,000.

3204 Francis Court, Toano; Alan D. Moore to Vincent A. Austin, $200,000.

119 Great Glen, Williamsburg; Matthew L. Cohn to Michael Alan Schrama, $443,500.

2809 Greate Way, Williamsburg; Christina Lorraine Simmons to Marianne Ramahlo, $443,500.

3606 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Andre J. McLaughlin to Laurie F. Terry, $330,000.

1137 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to James R. Miller, $468,290.

2030 Holmes Court East, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to John Bartram Grimm, $364,000.

4807 House of Lords, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Richard L. Booth, $379,990.

5986 John Jackson Drive, Williamsburg; Heidi Calvert to Kevin L. Darne, $415,000.

6020 John Jackson Drive, Williamsburg; Frederick S. Rock to Thomas H. Ebert, $490,000.

140 Kingspoint Drive, Williamsburg; Sandra Jordan Allaun to Catherine Mountjoy, $826,000.

111 Lakewood Drive, Williamsburg; Kenneth M. Johnston to Jamie M. Serafin, $450,000.

803 London Company Way, Williamsburg; JPEJ Properties LLC to Angelina Sarina Martin, $168,200.

2809 Linden Lane, Williamsburg; William I. Pennock to Ray D. Beatty, $330,000.

Lot 135, Ford’s Colony; Robert C. Stivers to Olga Maria Gonzalez, $386,000.

Lot 2, Williamsburg Developments Inc.; DLR 2 LLC to Cherry Avenue Properties LLC, $3,200,000.

Lot 7, Quarterpatch Trace Village; Stephen F. Deer to Raymond M. Verrey, $325,000.

165 Marywood Drive, Williamsburg; Daniel J. Kinzig to Markay Folks, $450,000.

122 Mattaponi Trail, Williamsburg; Kurt R. McLaughlin to Loredana E. King, $305,000.

223 Mildred Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Monica Journee Guillory, $332,805.

225 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Landon Mark Morrow, $360,000.

247 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Richard Lee Cutchins, $253,700.

253 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Sommers Smith, $355,400.

144 Nina Lane, Williamsburg; Beth Ann Joyal to Scott Smalley, $300,000.

4688 Noland Blvd., Williamsburg; Ralph A. Phillips Jr. to Yarlandia Hughes, $300,000.

4508 October Breeze Lane, Williamsburg; Nicholas B. Crowe to John O. Lohmeyer Jr., $362,500.

172 Old Carriage Way, Williamsburg; Geary L. Marks to Matthew W. Austin, $407,500.

Parcel; Michael Lester Smith to Alejandro Yanez Suarez, $181,500.

4101 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Karen M. Forde, $265,965.

3909 W Providence Road, Williamsburg; Wendall Platamone to Keith Arnold, $530,000.

135 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Jason L. Brandow to Paula Sykes Hitchens, $466,000.

4120 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Margaret E. Merhoff, trustee, $425,240.

Published Jan 15, 2022


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