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Property Transfers Published April 30, 2022

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


3219 1st Ave; Sabbakhan Rama T to Holmes Ira Scot, $285,000.

510 N 23rd St; Layman Benjamin Andrew to Wachsstock Aaron M And Rand S, $344,000.

508-1/2 N 26th St; Beganie Robert to Chatfield Taylor Alexandra And, $309,000.

511 N 28th St; Martin Kevin T And to Matthews Colin Thomas And, $440,000.

3212 2nd Ave; Traynham Travis And Latasha to Iron and Brick Investments Llc, $182,000.

1217 N 32nd St; Woodley Leigh A And to Tyree Abigail M And Jarrett C, $349,950.

1200-1/2 N 37th St; East Coast Realty Investments to Chandler Austin A, $403,800.

1104 Althea Pkwy; Philp Byron S to Gamboa Ernest Micoh And, $215,000.

3148 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Hair Stephanie Leigh And, $317,212.

4306 Augusta Ave; Muldowney Elizabeth M to C C R 3 Holdings Llc, $435,000.

2605 Bainbridge St; Husejnovic Mirsad And Sedika to Stewart Aidan and Whedbee Irma, $215,000.

2835 Bicknell Road; Wynn’s Properties Llc to Ham Isaac Arthur, $412,100.

4316 Britannia Road; 804flipsters Llc to Fuentes Reina And, $205,000.

3812 Brook Road; Cohick Brandon T to Kukoff Andrea, $327,000.

3743 Carrie Ridge Ct; Jacobs Kimberle Mae And to Loiseau Elischama M, $265,000.

1134 Catherine St; Easter Valorie Lynn to Dermesropian Pascal And Tracy, $353,000.

4028 Chevy Chase St; Epes Charles C Iii and Deborah Y to Cargas Cynthia S And, $521,000.

1322 W Clay St; Jsc Properties Llc to Carver Homes Llc, $349,950.

3336 Cutshaw Ave; Virginia Paint Realty Co Inc to Cutshaw One Llc, $1,535,000.

5100 Devonshire Road; Alligood Ronald R Ii And to Hill Hwan And Bryza Christina, $412,000.

2902 Edgewood Ave; Dye Jessica L to Monnett Gregory And Margaret, $260,000.

10300 Epsilon Road; Wilson Margaret P to Batres Mario R And, $375,000.

1827 Floyd Ave; York Jonathan E And Gayle L to Bowden Charlotte B And, $730,000.

3118 Garland Ave; Austin Maude C to Aquilina Ashten, $230,000.

1724 German School Road; NVR Inc to Jung E Kyung And Kim Hyun Min, $365,830.

3415 W Grace St; Karpay Barry Ira and Kevin Daniel to Sampson Robert And Priscilla, $525,000.

1152 Grand Brook Dr; Chan Farn Huei and Yew See Ng to Al Gefry Abdullah F, $230,000.

4116 Grove Ave; Iguchi Christopher And Naomi to Sadler Abbie E And, $689,900.

8417 Halesworth Road; Funderburke Douglas B And to Sheely John Richard, $412,475.

6728 Hanover Ave; Ellis Jeffrey M to Winfree Robert Tripp, $505,000.

3109 Hawthorne Ave; Dahlstedt Eileen M to Gordon Daynel Omari And, $700,000.

4218 Hickory Road; Brooks Katherine M to Hamilton Scott Liebeck, $502,000.

6117 Hull Street Road; Baruwa Lateef L to Deras Nohemy, $155,000.

3017 Johns Way; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Herring Alterick, $299,235.

5904 Kensington Ave; Paulette William H Ii to Butler Gay G, $527,000.

6532 Kinns Road; NVR Inc to Ours Stephen Andrew And, $389,870.

1509 Lakeview Ave; Optimus Properties Llc to Dstar Properties Llc, $260,000.

3502 Lawson St; Logan Aharon And Ford Erin to Coley Lemende, $209,600.

118 N Lombardy St; Keeton Eleanor Kathleen to Mcgoff Casey And, $428,000.

1918 Maple Shade Lane; Lee William to Dodenhoff Kara, $315,000.

110 W Marshall St U24; Doye Anthony Paul to Griffin Isabella, $250,000.

2910 Midlothian Tpke; Macleod Katherine M to Alvarez Damalis R, $230,000.

2006 Monument Ave; Cobbs Cynthia And Ludwig James to Martin William V And Blair H, $1,300,000.

3021 Moss Side Ave; Corbin Carolyn G to Chandler Holdings Llc, $205,000.

1117 Newell Road; Bryce Sylvester C to Seaver Nicholas And, $219,950.

3217 North Ave; Walker Matthew And to Galemore Christopher Lee And, $325,000.

5132 Old Warwick Road; Massey Tammy W to Fisseha Messaye, $209,000.

2620 Parkwood Ave; Owen David L And to Muller Matthew B And, $280,000.

610 Pensacola Ave; Adh Holdings Llc to Fitz Henley John A Ii, $220,000.

1103 Porter St; Scher Jackson to Stanton William Wentworth Vii, $490,000.

11 Rio Vista Lane; Garnett Muscoe And Helen M to Aberdeen Company Llc, $1,010,000.

3028 Rugby Road; Castle Kanawha 1508 Llc to Fernandez James E And, $1,124,000.

4016 Sharon Ct; Teos Remberto and to Sherrod Elgie Gaynell, $385,000.

2711 Sterncroft Dr; Droke Stanley G And Susan R to Boeve Roger L And Katherine A, $586,200.

1701 Summit Ave U2; Iocco Leah to Bae Christine L, $340,000.

6315 Three Chopt Road; Harris H Hiter Iii and Jil W to Mcdaniel Gary William And, $1,280,000.

301 Virginia St U1606; Hull Properties Llc to Nott Bradley D, $365,000.

2407 Wendell Lane; Sherman Loretha to Restrepo Properties Llc, $175,000.

1604 Wilmington Ave; Booker Brian Emerson And to Kelly Ryan And Janet, $795,000.


2212 Accomac St, Henrico; Wright Susan J to Sapp Alexander David, $227,000.

5213 Aldenbrook Way, Glen Allen; Desai Ripal and Neha Shah to Pelletier Coty Drew and Caitlin Farrell, $640,000.

7802 Antionette Dr, Henrico; Solodar Properties Llc to Kiflieysuse Tuumezghi B, $350,500.

11824 Autumnwood Ct, Glen Allen; Zhang Xuejie and Xiaoqiong to Pope William B Ii and Alexis, $545,000.

2555 Barnesway Ln, Henrico; Price Delbert J to Williams Chaunda Alston, $250,000.

231 Bay Coat Dr, Henrico; Harris Katrina to Allen Ahkia Marian, $200,000.

2716 Berkeley Pointe Dr, Henrico; Scharr Ruth Oconnor and Howard W Trustees to Costa Megan R , $271,729.

11409 Blendon Ln, Henrico; Leroy John B and Elizabeth H to Grander Scale Properties Llc, $309,500.

2206 Bonnie Dale Rd, Henrico; Madison Development Co to Bennardo Christopher , $290,000.

2401 Bridgeview Ln, Henrico; Shaw Christopher A to Cloven Eric W and Carrie E Brown, $330,000.

7408 W Broad St, Henrico; Rio Broad Llc to Mdc Coast 12 Llc, $4,025,000.

2543 Brookstone Ln, Henrico; Miller W Edwin Iii and Emma L to Beardsley Allison Elizabeth and Schaefer J, $435,000.

1367 Burning Tree Rd, Henrico; Pancakes Llc to Baker Charlie Fozeman Iv, $200,000.

211 Carlstone Dr, Henrico; Archie Dwana J to Herrera Duarte Francisco and Ana Herrera, $255,000.

9504 Catesby Ln, Henrico; Whitley H Clay to Snyder Brock and Audrey L, $300,000.

2679 Chancer Dr, Henrico; Nazari Zamanuddin to Larocque James C and Kathleen M W L Et Al, $250,000.

4818 Chillie Ln, Sandston; H F Robbins Jr Construction Company to Meade Shelva and Sue M Martin, $444,108.

5016 Coachmans Carriage Ter, Glen Allen; Dull Andrew M and Maximina U to Patel Ankit and Hiral, $555,000.

4710 Colwyck Ct, Henrico; Pettie Paul G to Espigh Mark and Eleina Milian Hayes, $202,000.

5631 Country Hills Ln, Glen Allen; Riley Randy L and Kristine L to Villar Bernardo D and Emmy E Joseph, $1,200,000.

2433 Crystal Ridge Rd, Henrico; Samford Jeffrey W and Carla to Oconnor Shannon Celest and Rashad S Burns, $305,000.

8001 Dalmain Dr, Henrico; Walker Courtney Jewell to Flood Kyle Eric and Lindsay Ford, $325,000.

802 Derby Dr, Henrico; Meyer Daniel J to Dpmp Llc, $215,000.

5003 Dollard Dr, Henrico; Harris Zachary P to Patton Daniel B and Faith K, $258,000.

8301 Dove Hollow Pl, Glen Allen; Vang Kou to Davies Justin James and Cinthia Allison , $408,250.

1515 Edenburry Dr, Henrico; Jenkins Benjamin G and Sarah A to Godwin William Keith and Jennifer Leigh, $430,000.

605 Elmfield Dr, Henrico; Stewart John M and Danita T to Grove Anna Sexton, $180,000.

2841 Fairway Homes Way, Glen Allen; Cummings Kraig W and Frances N to Walton Henry J, $401,000.

221 S Fern Ave, Henrico; Trimmer Aaron to Banks George P , $190,000.

7814 Fitzgerald Ct, Henrico; Hudson Aloma to Williams Laura Elizabeth, $195,000.

4500 Fort Mchenry Pkwy, Glen Allen; Tizard Michael R and Laura D to Abdelmalak Hesham and Rania Swares, $370,000.

10912 Foxmoore Ave, Henrico; Bowman Graham N and Carol L to Jewell Shelby B and Christopher, $382,000.

3117 Glenoa Rd, Henrico; Lawrence Jennifer D to Tucker Shaquana L , $210,000.

5201 W Grace St, Henrico; Turner Mary Beth Pair to Dunton James and Natalie, $350,000.

1913 Greenstone Ct, Glen Allen; Coles William T Jr to Vasquez Luis, $299,000.

4908 Grey Oaks Villas Dr, Glen Allen; Paulson Lina Beckler to Kent Denton U and Sally D, $640,000.

3510 Harvie Rd, Henrico; Pearson Daniel S to Dankos John G Iii , $220,200.

1612 Hearthglow Ln, Henrico; Helms Matthew and Kandyce to Smethurst Matthew Douglas and Maghan, $430,000.

1620 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Petzold Megan E to Alvey Peter, $240,000.

5537 Holman Dr, Glen Allen; Braine-Tillem Kimberly M and Michael T to Kalbfleisch Owen Iowerth and Lisa Ann, $586,695.

7903 Hungary Spring Ct, Henrico; Niu Kejian and Bei Xia to Krajisnik Savo , $255,000.

3703 Iroquois West Cir, Sandston; Homestead Virginia Llc to Debres Noah, $260,000.

202 N Juniper Ave, Henrico; Greene Chetara Alanna to Carlton Perry L Iii , $190,000.

2902 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; White Jerry Jr to Jones Shirlene and William D, $277,000.

4609 Kingsrow Ct, Glen Allen; Mcmahon Patrick N and Stacey D to Carr Damien D and Corinna I, $305,000.

503 E Laburnum Ave, Henrico; Settle John and Audrey Llc to White Omar, $312,500.

2812 Lammrich Rd, Henrico; Braxton William Jr to Young Kenneth and Julia, $325,000.

4712 Laurie Ln, Henrico; Ellis Eddie Lee Jr and Bernadette to Sykes Kelsey and Carl, $215,000.

2412 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Gupta Anuj and Jyoti to Kord Michael Anthony, $542,500.

5512 Luxford Ct, Glen Allen; Ross Kevin P and Jennifer M Nieder to Al-Samarraie Mohannad M and Eman Trstees , $664,000.

6002 Mann Ave, Henrico; Murman Sarah Merkle Trustee to Lucid Investments Llc, $270,000.

5113 Mantle Ct, Glen Allen; Avallone Mark C and Jody M to Pir Dad Amir Uddin and Makhfia Gul Nazar, $360,000.

10620 Marions Pl, Glen Allen; Cardwell Jessica B to Chawla Gaurav and Aekta , $331,500.

11303 Mayo Ct, Glen Allen; Joshi Vyoma J and Jatin A to Patil Amol Jaysing and Ashwini Amol, $362,050.

5308 Michael Ave, Henrico; Robinson Jordan Cole to Dunlap Elizabeth Marie, $170,500.

5233 Monument Ave, Henrico; Reilly John F and Pamela S to Gabbert Douglas C and Mary H, $405,000.

8402 Muldoon Ct U03, Henrico; Thomas Dominique E to Anderson Antonio, $151,100.

3322 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Frame William A and Maria G to Lindsay Kevin A and Camille J Burnett, $265,000.

9520 North Run Rd, Glen Allen; Wilburn Michael D to Hpa Us1 Llc, $340,000.

5323 Old Main St, Henrico; Rinder Dawson J F to Rybinski Michael and Diane, $346,000.

9201 Olde Mill Pond Dr, Glen Allen; Harris Jonathan D and Janette C to Dhakal Soma Nath and Shanta Kumari , $545,000.

924 Pale Moon Dr, Glen Allen; Lee Tiffany to Zeigler Karen Ruth, $301,500.

5901 Park Forest Ln, Glen Allen; Renovatio Iii Llc to Sudha Gundugola , $510,000.

10804 Pepperbush Ct, Glen Allen; Zheng Tong Sheng to Balne Chandra Prakash and Supriya , $435,000.

7734 Pomeroy Ct, Henrico; Miller Warren to Hill Michael Carl , $190,000.

3811 Pumpkin Seed Ln, Glen Allen; Ritichailerk Rudee to Soerjanto Rudy and Lillian Wong, $400,000.

3020 Putney Rd, Henrico; West Douglas H to Eleftheriou Zoe P , $180,550.

557 Raleigh Manor Rd, Henrico; Bruno Jamie Watkins and Thomas William to Prakash Karanvir and Gita , $1,000,000.

7500 Red Hill Club Ct, Henrico; Williams John and Viola D to Redmond Timothy R and Kathy, $285,000.

8218 Ridge Rd, Henrico; Bradford Homes Inc to Holt John Alexander and Sybil , $785,950.

209 Robbinwood Ln, Sandston; Hill Dorothy A to Graham Jeffrey L and Carla H, $280,000.

8705 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Gibbs William S and Robert A Et Al to Lava Holdings Llc, $300,000.

2605 Rothland Dr, Henrico; Hampton Stephen B and Lavada to Nowell Jarred A, $219,500.

4504 Sadler Grove Ct, Glen Allen; Renkar Steven E and Leigh Blanchard to Muhic Mevludin and Begija Avdic, $650,000.

8347 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Newell Alice F and Peter R , $333,885.

1409 Severn Rd, Henrico; Melhus Andrew J and Lindsay A Prestemon to Hazelton Margaret Ann, $354,000.

2909 Silvertail Ct, Henrico; Johnson Randall G Jr and Zelda W to Freeman Reginald M Jr, $275,000.

8511 Spalding Dr, Henrico; Killeen Matthew J and Sylvia R Thomas to Roberts Christopher Paul and Molly Culver, $350,000.

4900 Stable Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Shanmugam Vasudevan and Sandhya Vasudevan to Daddala Satish and R Perem Kollan Kandi, $810,000.

1319 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Brisson Keith Ardell and Lynn C to Hicks Matthew Dehardit, $380,000.

2413 Swartwout Ave, Henrico; Brooks Sylvia J Estate to Cmhbc Property Llc, $180,000.

4521 Thorncroft Dr, Glen Allen; J R Walker Homes Llc to Bosserman Thomas and Pamela , $708,500.

10615 Timber Pass, Glen Allen; Leonard Lisa M and Ian M to Yu Kathleen and Jung Choi, $350,000.

8325 Turner Forest Rd, Henrico; Johnson James V and Shaniqua S to Wilson Calvin A Jr and Amanda S , $464,000.

7612 Twin Oak Dr, Henrico; Petschauer Jason W to Kuykendall Chainey and Christopher Wesley, $290,000.

3705 Vawter Ave, Henrico; Time to Change Properties Llc to Barnes Quinton L and Carrie L , $245,000.

9928 Washington Rd, Glen Allen; Paramount Investments Llc to Morales Carlos M and Jennifer A , $220,000.

4204 Wellston Pl, Glen Allen; Weeks Harold D Jr and Rachelle L to Boone Vernita Eulaine, $277,000.

7004 Wildwood St, Henrico; Shiflett Stephen R and Kristen M to Leppert Kirk and Emily Anne Csukardi, $215,000.

5008 Willows Green Rd, Glen Allen; Chode Sri Harsha and Sarvani S Chigurupati to Eqbal Salima and Mahram , $555,000.

5221 Windsor Rd, Sandston; Oleary Sean and Jessica to Jordan Valerie , $385,000.

4619 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Tran Mimi Thi, $316,368.

4629 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Cooley Raymond Andre, $277,821.

10218 Wolfe Manor Ct U305, Henrico; Zimmitt Carmen M to Tekavec Pamela A, $175,250.

204 Woodview Dr, Sandston; Rigsby Christopher and Kristen Souleret to Gardner Amber M, $280,000.


9937 Agincourt Ln, North Chesterfield; Powell A G and Powell Patricia A to Tejada Guadalupe, $160,000.

12018 Amber Meadows Ln, Midlothian; Mawyer Marty P and Kathy T to Pierce Mason H, $340,000.

6231 Anise Cir, Moseley; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Correa Jason Gabriel and Alexis Brooke, $452,935.

7505 Ashby Ln, Chesterfield; Rowe Barry L and Edith F to Macdonald Matthew Thomas and Jennifer Lynn, $395,000.

5925 Austin Woods Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Terry Michelle, $322,470.

21140 Baileys Ln, South Chesterfield; Delarosa Desirae Marie to Nolen Breanna Leeshay, $250,000.

13807 Barnes Spring Rd, Midlothian; Dubon Raul to Spowart Katherine Olivia and Dameron Michael Corneilus Jr, $420,000.

9601 Beach Rd, Chesterfield; Mitchell Anthony to Inman Jeffrey Scott Jr, $264,000.

1912 Bedwyn Ln, Midlothian; Imbriaco Darin W and Annette L to Valencic Heather R and Richard T Jr, $686,000.

8801 Belmont Rd, Chesterfield; Diehl Janice Ellen Et Als to Collado Elvys, $275,000.

930 Biggin Pond Rd, Midlothian; Neff Stephen D and Celia W to Woodyard Russey G and Owen Courtney J, $455,000.

1430 Bloomfield Rd, North Chesterfield; Garbini Michael J and Susan A to Moses Delores M Trustee, $430,000.

6177 Bowline Ln, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes to Sherrod Tanisha and Fleming Ivan, $275,200.

4437 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Stephens Natasha Mckenzie, $312,130.

8118 Braidstone Ter, Chesterfield; Jones Gregory Edwin to Anderson Michael and Alicia L, $600,000.

4913 Brickhaven Dr, Chesterfield; Valenzuela Nestor Gonzalez to Morales Tony and Castaneda-Gallardo Idida, $245,000.

724 Bristol Village Dr, Midlothian; Tegeler Jennifer A to Ratcliffe Sarah Ellen, $191,000.

115 Browns Way Rd, Midlothian; Silver Spruce Llc to 115 Browns Way Llc, $2,250,000.

4612 Cabretta Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Mcmanama Christopher A and Amanda J, $434,204.

7303 Cannonade Ct, Midlothian; Bgrs Relocation Inc to Hosey Rachel N and Totty John Thomas, $323,000.

9318 S Carswell St, North Chesterfield; Primas Ajahnea R and Minick A B to Lucas Mikaela Nicole and Cooper Jamison, $305,000.

13709 Cedar Cliff Ter, Chester; Weekley Scott L and Vivian to Marrero Raul O, $278,000.

5501 Chanson Rd, North Chesterfield; Johnson Christopher E to Hildesheim Thomas, $225,000.

7400 Cheltenham Dr, North Chesterfield; Fresh Start Rehab Funding Llc to Duarte Carlos Ely and Ana Maria, $245,000.

3026 Chislet Dr, Midlothian; Portz C H and Hoffmeister L B to Jones Mason and Braden Rachel, $412,500.

11433 Claimont Mill Dr, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Anderson Lauren and Gracey Damian, $280,345.

622 Claypool Ct, North Chesterfield; O’herron Joseph P and Rebecca M to Albert Christopher Dana and Samantha, $365,000.

2108 Condrey Ridge Dr, North Chesterfield; Turner David T to Edmonds Glenda A, $205,000.

15630 Corte Castle Ct, Chesterfield; Millefolie James to Millefolie Benjamin J and Nielsen Desiree C and Millefolie Paul M and Millefolie P J, $191,000.

26 N Courthouse Rd, North Chesterfield; Atherton Richard R and Daphne P to Mamo Nebiyu S and Shawul Rahel B, $162,200.

10100 Cravensford Ter, Midlothian; Cevik Murat to Peck Lynda, $390,000.

3304 Crossings Way, Midlothian; Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo John M Fauver Ira to Romero Moises Noe Quinonez and Roman Diana, $458,000.

12312 Declaration Ave, Chester; Francis Lydell K and Chianne N to Joy Deepa and Poulose Manoj Menacherry, $366,000.

6524 W Denny Ct, Chesterfield; Scott Irvin and Janika P to Morton Tarsha, $245,000.

2300 Dolfield Dr, North Chesterfield; Matthews Mary B to Brecht Constance Weber, $350,000.

7436 Drexelbrook Rd, Chesterfield; Gomez Michael L to Shively Caleb and De Lara Isabela Ikaztegi, $260,000.

416 Dunlin Ct, Midlothian; Gauvin Paul N to Rice Julia E, $385,000.

19407 Eanes Rd, South Chesterfield; Pilout Joseph A V to Jones Kristy, $200,000.

5421 Ecoff Ave, Chester; Abel Crystal B Et Als to Delgado Luis Brian, $250,000.

11819 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bishop Gina H, $314,045.

15006 Enmore Dr, Midlothian; South River Custom Homes Llc to Rogers Ashleigh, $669,827.

4016 Evelake Rd, North Chesterfield; Branch Kenneth to White Laforest and White Nikisha, $321,000.

4200 Farmhill Ln, Chesterfield; Dart Andre D and Melinda to Isra-Ui Ma’asehyahu and Hicks-Israul Barbara, $354,000.

8224 Ferdinand Ln, Midlothian; Miller Justin Michael to Walton Brandon and Danielle, $342,000.

7807 Flag Tail Dr, Midlothian; Cyphert Gary and Virginia to King Lauren and King William, $300,000.

8848 Forge Gate Ln, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Cundiff John and Madison Elaine, $598,931.

4511 Foxwood Rd, Chester; Buccella Francis M and Michele J to Mitchell Mervyn K, $341,000.

2748 Gainford Cir, North Chesterfield; Sanchez Francisco to Noyola De Martinez Zulma L, $200,000.

3229 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Goodwin David C and Ashley M, $338,740.

4719 Glen Tara Dr, Midlothian; Rowley Jane M to Donlon Marian, $251,000.

1400 Goswick Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Gonzalez Eduardo J and Mejia D to Kochar Barindra K, $452,500.

15225 Greenhart Dr, Chesterfield; Sievert Angel Ii and Bonnin L to Ross Kayleigh, $450,000.

12212 Hadden Hall Dr, Chesterfield; Lamm S M and Lamm N C Trustees to Dickerson Danielle, $593,000.

15915 Hallowell Rdg, Moseley; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Miller Charlotte, $384,981.

7825 Hampton Forest Ln, Chesterfield; Feldman Todd D and Mary D to Hesse Josef Richard Ii, $432,150.

14107 Haveridge Dr, Midlothian; Newman Adam C and Lindsay to Babburi Haritha, $350,000.

14321 Helmsley Rd, Midlothian; Sampson Robert D and Priscilla T to Jensen Casey Jon, $620,000.

14910 Highberry Woods Ter, Midlothian; Miller J M and Hennessey S A to D’oronzo Anthony Angelo and Lopez Stella Judith, $335,000.

13210 Hollis Rd, Chester; Jackson Raymond L Iii to Pearman Joshua and Gabrielle, $263,500.

5818 Huntingcreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Sommers Joseph E Jr Et Als to Jones Byron S and Molly M, $200,000.

7207 Ingot Pl, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Cox Bobbie Lee Jr, $328,905.

10912 Isadora Dr, Chesterfield; Lu Yongjin to Ventres Peter M and Honorata, $485,000.

16937 Jennway Ter, Moseley; Duncan Robert R Jr and Joy D to Mason Tracy Jr and Jenae Lynette, $550,000.

17506 Kathleen Ct, South Chesterfield; Milliman Candice R to Feld John R and Heather M, $218,000.

12842 Killycrom Dr, Chesterfield; Lakewood Investments Llc to Coon Andrew J and Marsha A, $210,000.

1513 Knollwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Knowles Marian A to Chan Li Chuan and Ng Siew L, $240,000.

3700 Lacroix Way, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Williams Kevon Tramaine, $341,153.

7825 Lakeforest Dr, North Chesterfield; Formsma D A and Carpenter N A to Martin Peter J and Lydia A, $560,000.

3607 Laroux Ave, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Hyson Nneka Cecily, $335,375.

16836 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Saez Cartagena Jared F and Saez Mariana, $400,106.

6861 Leire Ln, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Corker Tonya Sue, $357,119.

6207 Lilting Moon Dr, Moseley; Hall Billie J and Charlene W to Bates Daniel and Sarah, $361,000.

3521 Lockshire Dr, North Chesterfield; Peddy John T Jr and Sheila E to Faison Charles R and Erin Grace, $291,000.

11931 Longtown Dr, Midlothian; Finer Homes Inc to Binkley Robin R, $423,595.

13642 Lucky Debonair Ln, Midlothian; Murphy Christopher D to Little John A and Michele R, $275,000.

7431 Maclachlan Dr, Chesterfield; Franklin Steven L and Dana W to Ortiz Gabriel James, $680,000.

6189 Magnolia Cove Ct, Chester; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Sanders William B and Patricia C, $385,725.

1912 Mainsail Ln, Chester; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Clay Connie Renee, $424,900.

13942 Marsham Rd, Chester; NVR Inc to Newsom Quinieck Tarsheta and Chaney James Tyrell, $420,390.

13520 Mason Orchard Ln, Chester; NVR Inc to Mcfadden Marie, $372,695.

8331 Mckibben Dr, Chesterfield; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Berube John W, $605,000.

14300 Michaux Springs Dr, Midlothian; Whitehurst Sally Hall to Harcrow Christy and Harcrow Donald Lance, $550,000.

10000 Midlothian Tpke, North Chesterfield; Suburban Village Inc to Suburban Village Mhc Llc, 15700000.

5242 Misty Spring Dr, Midlothian; Glover Justin A Et Als to Goodman Amanda L and Robert L, $325,000.

14125 Mortemer Rd, Midlothian; Miles Daniel W Iii and Melissa A to Buford John Stanfield and Anne Peters, $725,000.

7412 Native Dancer Dr, Midlothian; Souza Alexander P and Redmond L to Keeter Logan and Barr Evan, $275,000.

7400 Nicklaus Cir, Moseley; Smith Ronald Jr and Reeshida to Chepkorir Caroline S, $375,000.

9820 Nott Ln, Chesterfield; Epperson Wallace W Iii and A J to Escamilla Andres M and Brunner Melissa P, $240,000.

7601 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Vargas Robert and Hernandez Cindy P, $323,520.

12807 Oldbury Ct, Midlothian; Moorehead Darren to Ayers Alex E, $281,500.

17330 Otter Dr, Moseley; Biringer Builders Inc to Worrilow Justin Mark and Kendall Brooke, $766,074.

9817 Patromdale Dr, North Chesterfield; Evans Warren A Et Al to Lynch Chelsea, $275,000.

2301 Penrose Dr, North Chesterfield; Sells John W Jr to Atkinson Joseph, $420,000.

14207 Pleasant Creek Pl, South Chesterfield; Bailey Sheryl D to Nelson Nathanael L and Evelyn J, $406,000.

1612 Porters Mill Ter, Midlothian; Harwood Michael R to Branch Melissa B, $280,000.

11201 Providence Creek Pl, North Chesterfield; Johnson Marcus D and Bryna L to Johnson Brandon and Elisha Monique, $290,000.

12507 Queensgate Rd, Midlothian; Porterfield Thomas B to Donohue Christa A, $420,000.

12914 Red Chestnut Dr, Midlothian; Duvall Jeffrey W and Allison G to Farr Richmond E and Lori A, $335,000.

10201 Ridgerun Rd, Chesterfield; Ascencio Elvin O to Mohr Lynda K and Duane L, $285,500.

20710 River Rd, Chesterfield; Boudreaux Kevin J to Fee Dustin and Ashley, $570,000.

7648 Robinwood Dr, Chesterfield; Mathews Jamie to Mendez Marco Adrian Merino and Martinez Claudia, $214,000.

10508 Rollingway Ct, Chesterfield; Liggins Valerie L to Zayas Taniamarie and Patterson Mark, $207,500.

3001 Rushton Rd, North Chesterfield; Bishop Thomas Ray Ii to Maggie Walker Community Land Trust (The), $160,000.

6024 Sailors Creek Dr, Chesterfield; Evans Jajuan P to Morris Robert A V and Spencer Gabrielle M, $345,000.

9201 Salix Grove Ter, Chesterfield; Wolosuk Alan Michael to Guilbe Jordan, $325,000.

14904 Sandstone Ridge Ct, Midlothian; Baxter Curtis R Jr and K B to Gamulo Alfred Marc Javier and Amy Elizabeth, $398,000.

15813 Scarlet Coat Dr, Moseley; Main Street Homes to Jackson Chad Robert and Leigh, $547,549.

13810 Shadow Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Williams Jason E and Kristin J to Carandang Anthony and Kelley, $425,000.

6912 Sika Ln, Midlothian; Miller Richard Lee to Weingarten Jordan Michael and Elizabeth Anne, $306,000.

15520 Silvertree Ln, South Chesterfield; Harper Steven L and Chong C to Hernandez Cristal, $250,000.

23411 Skinquarter Rd, Moseley; Gregg Matthew S and Ami S to Murphy Christopher and Kristen, $410,000.

12704 Southwick Pl, Midlothian; Lankenau Steven J and Peggy S to Perron Eugene L and Lori A, $249,900.

9401 Springhouse Dr, Chesterfield; Traylor Sarah D to Alexander Nicholas Ryan and Lori A, $392,000.

2804 St Regis Dr, North Chesterfield; Smith Dennis Ryan and Ruthann V to Avila Joel Fitz, $470,000.

4707 Stanley Dr, North Chesterfield; Vinnywood Inc to Guillen Kerry Janet and Moreno Eliezer I Guillen, $201,000.

11142 Sterling Cove Dr, Chesterfield; Rouch Michael D and Carol A to Carr Cameron R and Sharon M, $525,000.

15101 Stone Church Dr, Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Kenney George R Jr, $389,450.

11807 Sugar Hill Dr, Midlothian; Berger Construction Co to Miseirvitch Richard T and Silvia, $405,050.

3807 Summers Trace Dr, Chesterfield; Chernauskas Kenneth S and V A to Lawson Dene Gregory, $295,000.

1318 Sweet Willow Dr, Midlothian; Schiavone Guy W to Myer Andrew and Brook, $324,000.

20601 Tangier Cir, South Chesterfield; Taylor Wesley to Waite Nicolas J and Gallagher Elizabeth L, $262,000.

12015 Taplow Rd, Midlothian; Stuart Claudette S to Moorehead Darren, $400,000.

17007 Thornapple Ct, Moseley; Hhhunt Homes L C to Bingham Glenn S Jr and Alisa R, $384,918.

5106 Timbercreek Ct, North Chesterfield; Hillbrook Homes Llc to Salgado Jose Mateo Sandova, $285,000.

5125 Toronette Way, Midlothian; Hardisky David M to Sandberg Logan, $300,000.

1618 Treewood Ln, North Chesterfield; Warren Jessica D to Brown Sarah B and Mastrangelo John D, $244,001.

16119 Turquoise Dr, Chesterfield; Bealla Donna M and Andy to Dzwonchyk James David and Helen Marie, $572,500.

7136 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Mendoza Laura Sofia and Adrian E to Ward Sherrie, $250,000.

4104 Walderbrook Ct, North Chesterfield; Collado Elvys to White Barbara, $221,500.

1224 Walthall Creek Dr, South Chesterfield; Gregory Michael C and Stacy W to Law Tearrieny and Theodore Iii, $425,000.

21400 Warren Ave, South Chesterfield; Beale Randell D to Buchholz Zachary James, $187,500.

9000 Waterfowl Flyway , Chesterfield; Puleo Robert J and Maura C to Meadows William David and Jennifer Anne, $481,501.

1518 Westbury Knoll Ln, Midlothian; Prunkl C M and Prunkl P G Trs to Jarrell Patricia C and Vaughn Connie S, $425,000.

1641 Westhall Gardens Dr, North Chesterfield; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Ferguson Karin Petra, $363,090.

14111 Whirlaway Way, Midlothian; Twin Moons Llc to Hill Felicia and Quinton, $310,000.

7012 Wild Senna Trl, Moseley; Walser Brad and Patricia to Freeman Gary Jr, $605,000.

1731 Winbury Dr, Midlothian; Danzeisen W H Iii and Laura M to Dall Kathleen, $339,000.

10001 Winston Park Ct, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Camlet Niccole Lynn, $464,285.

2870 Woodbridge Crossing Ct, Midlothian; Coe Thelma K and Henderson B C to Harris Crystal L, $169,000.

1011 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Gibbons Wayne M and Patricia T, $362,397.

17647 Wynstone Park Ln, Moseley; Blydenburgh Lloyd S and Teresa C to Kuntz Robert and Monique, $380,000.


1.405 acres; LSNRP Investments to Alan Connor Mechanicsville LLC, $500,000.

5.32 acres; G&G Motorcyles Inc. to Old Washington Highway LLC, $2,900,000.

6070 Anvil Lane, Mechanicsville; John E. Reed to Lloyd E. Desper, $310,000.

7464 Barnette Ave., Mechanicsville; Amber L. Malizia to Jerry L. Nixon III, $325,000.

15052 Bourne Road, Montpelier; Dean Matheny to Sean M. Oday, $187,000.

6085 Campaign Trail, Mechanicsville; William Z. Parker to Tyson W. Conger, $275,750.

6444 Chenault Way, Mechanicsville; Hayland Properties LLC to Wendy D. Elmore, $385,000.

7467 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; George Nickel Holle Jr. to Michael Bailey, $251,000.

8007 Delkin Court, Mechanicsville; James T. Stafford Jr. to Katherine Elizabeth Williams, $226,000.

10180 Durhams Ferry Place, Mechanicsville; Michael H. Edwards to Kirk Conway, $467,500.

113 Evington Lane, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Bonnie Sampson, $469,816.

10314 Farm Glen Way, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Rose Marcheso Hansen, $420,916.

10338 Farm Glen Way, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Kenneth Eldred Moore, $339,465.

7093 Foxbernie Drive, Mechanicsville; Jesse L. Gagnon to Michele J. Hoy, $259,950.

10296 Grand Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville; Stanley P. Waskiewicz to Alexander R. Pezeshcan, $351,000.

8248 Hanover Grove Blvd., Mechanicsville; David C. Butler Jr. to Richard A. Finch, $337,500.

17401 Hewlett Road, Beaverdam; Robert O. Bodsford to Joseph Campbell, $365,000.

9205 Ida Springs Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Brandon Moyer, $542,250.

9371 Kenna Way, Mechanicsville; Paul Andrew Wilborn to Joseph T. Lalonde, $364,000.

6394 Lakeway Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph Toler to Elizabeth Nicole Stelling, $320,000.

Lot; C. Scot Tostenson, trustee to John E. Ulmschneider, $446,859.

Lot 13, Block A, Section 1, Cold Harbor Farms; Clarence Murray Seay Jr. to Wood Property Investments LLC, $280,000.

Lot 2, Kruger Estates; Sandy Valley LLC to Dean Carlton Allen Jr., $180,000.

Lot 27, Section 2, Lankfords Crossing; Lankford Crossing LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $260,000.

Lot 5, Section 1, Prospect Trace; Shannon Pritchard to Thomas Tignor, $165,000.

Lot 8, Block K, Craney Island Farms; Olaleke A. Banjo to William D. Thornton, $325,000.

13162 Luck Brothers Drive, Ashland; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Michael Brian Dillon Jr., $656,780.

11292 Mandy Lane, Hanover; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Kevin M. Currie, $250,000.

12319 Melton Road, Ashland; Kenneth A. Taylor to Matthew D. Liggon, $335,000.

14480 Mountain Road, Glen Allen; Bonnie B. Tate to Elaine L. Wiley, $242,000.

11314 Old Scotland Road, Glen Allen; Daniel J. Cook to Austin Peterson, $375,000.

Parcel; Leber Estates LLC to Leber Farm LLC, $1,200,000.

2730 Peace Lane, Glen Allen; Lynn D. Fuller Yancey to Diana Locklear, $200,000.

11501 Primrose Lane, Rockville; Michael L. Sale to Mark E. McGrath, $542,000.

8988 Ringview Drive, Mechanicsville; Matthew Reese to Manoj Kumar Anand, $300,000.

7386 Roosevelt Ave., Mechanicsville; Eric T. Jewell to Christopher Nester, $192,500.

8182 Saint Emilion Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Jeffrey B. Gooch, $395,740.

9194 Shady Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Shirley M. Robinson, trustee to Jason S. Totty, $315,000.

Southerly at Caldwell Park; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., $405,000.

10521 Stoney Bluff Drive, Unit 306, Ashland; Stony Run Partners LLC to Michael H. Edwards, $274,950.

7559 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; George Jacob Tulli to Jesse L. Gagnon, $375,000.

9584 Thornecrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Sara Verret Farmer, trustee to Hamidulah Noori, $535,000.

6932 Turnage Lane, Mechanicsville; Ryan J. Slominski to Antoine J. Dennie, $285,000.

6480 White Oak Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Darryl L. Bareford to Heather F. Baldridge, $523,000.

11338 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Autumn Bryan, $320,530.

7991 Wynbrook Lane, Mechanicsville; James O. Perry to James J. Robison, $263,500.


176 acres; James W. Lawson to Morven Logging Inc., $190,500.

48.79 acres; Jason A. Clay to E. Lee Weeks Jr., $165,886.

14911 Elm Cottage Road, Amelia Court House; Matthew A. Duty to Hunter Bailey, $259,000.


10811 Harrison Lake Drive, Charles city; Alisha M. Tabb to Richard GAines, $224,000.


219 Biltmore Dr; Tucker, Lindsey Sue to Rodriguez, Jessica, $225,000.

717 Colonial Av; Moody, Russell J. to Lightfoot, Sharve M., $171,000.

1216 Elmwood Dr; Clipp - Trustee, Cornelia G. to Strickland, Catherine, $230,000.

324 Ivey Av; Blankenship, Thomas A to Johnson, Matthew Gage, $180,000.

316 N Temple Av; Underwood, Christopher L to Cobb, Denise, $300,000.

610 Walnut Av; A Solodar Properties Llc, to Smith, Lauren E., $200,000.

919 Yorkshire Rd; Morea Jr, Saverio to Terry, Antwan M., 164500.


2 lots; Ann M. Olson to Michael D. Thompson, $210,000.

81 French’s Store Road, Cumberland; Adam R. Woolfrey to Erica Getch, $220,000.


7.16 acres; Elizabeth Austin to Moses Clarence Israel, $460,000.

25209 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; John B. Elder III to Joanne Frances Larson, $222,000.

4210 Kenneth Drive, North Dinwiddie; Bartley P. Connors Jr. to Deborah Kaye Bowles, $24,995.

Lot 3, Bonneville; Amanda Kincaid to House Buyers of America Inc., $190,000.

28120 Oak Grove Road, North Dinwiddie; John D. Goins to Nathan Joseph Foster, $280,000.

6008 Tranquility Lane, Sutherland; Baylaur Construction LLC to Fitzgerald Lamarr Ward, $600,000.


2.28 acres; Lucas T. Robinson to Keven Lester, $250,000.

5.323 acres; Evelyn P. Laduca Maynard to Joseph T. Wynn, $185,000.

296 First Flite Lane, Manakin Sabot; Michael B. Team to Devin Blanton, $750,000.

Lot 34, Tuckahoe Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to Richard Godfrey, $231,750.

2922 Lowry Road, Columbia; New Venturers Real Estate LLC to Eliza Lee Robertson, $319,950.

306 Piping Rock Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Christopher E. Pollard Sr., $709,244.

12157 Readers Pointe Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to William F. Binns, $610,568.

4853 Shannon Hill Road, Columbia; Debra L. Hare to James Stanley Cole, $211,000.

12032 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to John R. Puccia, $439,905.

Unit 6B, Building 6, Creekmore Place Condominium; Keith L. Avant to Primis Bank, $440,000.


102 N 3rd Ave.; Robert E. West to Egbert Price Jr., $185,000.

2401 Grant St.; Jamies Pro Clean LLC to Ernesto C. Murphy, $158,000.

Lot 4, Block D, Section 5, Kippax Estates; Marva Janel Mallory to Core Four LLC, $155,000.

104 S Radford Drive; Sherrod A. Relat to Lori Felder, $226,500.

3112 Western St.; William E. Pate to Khanittha Misak, $164,900.


1976 Algonquin Trail, Williamsburg; Emma L. McCleave to Shawn L. Cook, $165,000.

9474 Astilbe Lane, Toano; Michael William DAlessandro to Francesco Giacchi, $309,900.

4045 Bradshaw Drive, Williamsburg; Hussain Surani to Tyrone Wilson, $310,000.

6170 Centerville Road, Williamsburg; Jerred Brodowski to Christopher D. Hudgins, $285,000.

154 Country Club Drive, Williamsburg; Current Homes LLC to Daniel Lee Bruce, $352,000.

3242 Derby Lane, Williamsburg; Amber R. Cox to Charles Howard, $535,000.

128 Ensign John Utie, Williamsburg; Brett C. Dunnill to Roger Jollis, $340,000.

8856 Fenwick Hills Parkway, Toano; Matthew R. Hummel to Taylor Marson Cobb, $334,000.

3418 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Omar Douglas Thorpe, $290,670.

3217 Francis Court, Toano; Karye D. Gochenour to Paul Rilee, $196,500.

2808 Greate Way, Williamsburg; Michael D. Kelley to J.W. Dickerson, $380,000.

3404 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Matthew M. Palmer to Paula M. Canterbury, $310,000.

2007 Holmes Court, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Jeanne Horrigan Connolly, $366,250.

69 James Square, Williamsburg; Linh H. Nguyen to Thomas O’Brien, $206,000.

4536 Kingston Court, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Donald George Niederkofler, $551,240.

3415 Lindsy Lane, Toano; Michael D. Brobston to Thomas Hoff, $400,000.

Lot 12, Pocahontas Square; Constance A. Kessinger to Robert L. Cresic, $167,900.

Lot 3, Shellbank Woods; Adelindo M. Fedele to KMP Investment Group LLC, $265,000.

Lot 65, Vineyards at Jockeys Neck; Robert W. Emmett III to Mary Fox, trustee, $1,057,175.

108 Market St. Court, Williamsburg; Jeffrey Moffatt to Cynthia D. Lyon, $428,000.

2628 Meadow Lake Drive, Toano; Jeremy Gerondal to Brandon L. Lindbeck, $510,000.

3320 New Castle Drive, Williamsburg; Joseph V. Webers to , $400,000.

109 Oslo Court, Williamsburg; Robert J. Carswell to Taylor H. Yost, $285,000.

Parcel 4, James River Commerce Center; HR Development LLC to CTPS LLC, $3,474,000.

1702 Promenade, Williamsburg; Gregory J. Grubbs to James City County, $36,800.

4776 Regents Park, Williamsburg; Ralf E. Jackson to Zachary Cooper, $410,000.

226 Rivers Edge, Williamsburg; Robert S. Beal, trustee to Michael M. Reuter, $865,000.

5108 Rolling Reach, Williamsburg; Charles C. Bloom to Adam White, $495,000.

4919 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; Aaron M. Kia to Glen Lee Mitchell, $430,000.

165 Southport, Williamsburg; Robert Hopkins to Pamela L. Skinner, $1,326,000.

3001 Stoney Creek Drive, Williamsburg; Jay Stone, trustee to Joshua T. Bean, $288,000.

9123 Three Bushel Drive, Toano; Carolyn A. Spencer, co-trustee to Karyn W. Victory, $365,000.

3826 War Hill Green, Williamsburg; Albert Azznara III to Brigid Walsh, $248,000.

6544 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Michael R. Leavey, $440,990.

4124 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp to Nancy Mull Bell, $420,850.

104 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Steven B. Ralph to Jesse F. Sanderson III, $301,500.


2.46 acres; John I. Fleet Jr. to Ahmed Sallam, $190,000.


628 acres, Cohoke Creek; Charles Ellis Olsson to Cohoke Lowgrounds LLC, $1,130,400.

199 Choctaw Ridge, Aylett; Michael S. Brackett to Matthew Sonnefeld, $315,000.

184 Fort St., West Point; Chad Eric Cowart to Elden Rodney Adkins, $189,900.

Lot; Rebecca Lynn Vogel to Marc Gresham, $180,000.

2930 Mitchells Mill Road, Aylett; Martin Pierce Darby to Ernie Robles Quinones, $480,000.

4581 Smokey Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Judith H. Mendoza, $225,000.


5.06 acres; Eugene W. Fuller to Anthony Calbert Weathers Sr., $467,000.

5165 Brandon Pines Way, Providence Forge; L. Heath Coryell to Kenneth McCall, $650,000.

11021 Cosby Mill Road, Quinton; Charlotte Y. Holley to Lee Ann Yingling, $218,000.

6609 Fairview Drive, Quinton; Daniel Lowe to Jonathan Ronald Turman, $235,000.

7730 N Franklins Way, Quinton; Linda Bey to Adma K. Oliveira Alves, $320,000.

11600 Kings Ponds Drive, Providence Forge; Diane B. Grey to Zachary Cochran, $400,500.

Lot 4, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Karli Zilberfarb, $349,990.

9254 Minitree Glen Lane, Providence Forge; Harold G. Dickerson Jr. to Miles Casey, $262,000.

11540 Oakrise Road, New Kent; Daniel R. Irby to Lisa M. Topping, $260,000.

2820 Peace Lilly Court, Quinton; Scott A. Hahn to James Montgomery, $450,000.

7451 Sedge Drive, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Keith Lee Crump, $492,500.

10150 Tunstall Road, New Kent; Kevin L. Harris to Robert Kruse, $424,000.

5664 Virginia Park Trail, Providence Forge; William J. O’Brien Jr., trustee to David T. MacDonald Jr., $365,000.


1719 Berkeley Ave.; RVA Real Property LLC to Andrea R. Goode, $355,000.

344 Greenwood Drive; Maxine J. Sample to Ella L. McCall, $225,000.

2032 Matoax Ave.; Patricia Conte to JR Property Investors LLC, $160,000.

1803 Varina Ave.; Jagsat Properties LLC to Sang Miner, $159,000.


2.23 acres; Alpha Properties and Investments LLC to Aaron Jacobson, $238,000.

3685 Aston Trail, Powhatan; McClure Family Realty LLC to Matthew T. Claus, $563,563.

1731 Calais Trail, Powhatan; Bryce Daniel Hylton to Kenneth Hendricks, $360,000.

2119 Flint Hill Road, Powhatan; Irma L. Arritt to Eric M. Roberson, $435,000.

2654 Huguenot Springs Road, Powhatan; George F. Glover to Donna Bourcier, $237,000.

Lot 6, Section A, Block A, Brook Hill; Rhoda Yvonne Thompson to Foster Thompson III, $221,440.

1925 Norwood Creek Drive, Powhatan; Ronald D. White to Michael T. Hill, $525,000.

3554 Richards Run, Powhatan; Andrea Weber to Mitchell Troy Miracle, $525,000.

4352 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Ty West Builders LLC to Michael Pierson, $388,850.

2350 Westwood Pine Drive, Moseley; Otis W. and Phyllis B. Winn Jr. Revocable Trust to Tyler Dale Stevens, $404,500.


6441 Blair Court, Prince George; Michael P. Story to Brandon K. Wrenn, $350,000.

1912 Clary Road, South Prince George; Karun Sagar to Donte Stone, $272,000.

4607 Fall Harvest Court, Prince George; Takeshia M. Crockett to Moshe D. Castelle, $350,000.

Lot 4, Block A, Wildwood Farms; RRM Holdings LLC to Michael J. Owen, $208,000.

5316 Oak Leaf Lane, Prince George; Shirley H. Harberts to Keisha Janae-Rose Carter, $270,000.

6210 Prince George Drive, Prince George; John Calvin Temple to Monte D. Payton, $251,000.

4650 Tavern Road, Disputanta; James I. Shutt III to Jeffrey Carper, $259,000.


8.5 acres; Connie E. Harrell to Jordan Douglas Mattox, $180,000.

8037 Railroad Bed Road, Carson; R.C. Sullivan Construction Inc. to Tyler James Winstead, $180,000.


204 Burwell Place; Cinque Security LLC to Margaret C. Reedy, $394,500.

Lot 95, College Terrace; Benjamin Clyde McCary Jr., devisee to Kenneth B. Waldrop, $500,000.

409 Suri Drive; Gwendolyn Mary Whitaker to Ben G. Pulvermacher, $398,500.

Published April 30, 2022


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