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Property Transfers Published Dec 25, 2021

Property Transfers Published Dec 25, 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, Cumberland and King & Queen will be in future editions.

Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


704 N 24th St; Lester Robert J III and Kelly to Cullen Brian A, $520,000.

510 W 26th St; Woodland Heights Llc to Cymes Jean and Valerie P Trust, $600,000.

1320 N 27th St; Iness Audra Nicole to Moeller Erick Frederick III, $345,000.

1117 N 31st St; Espinosa Kimberley McMinn to Pyrak Andrew Gregory, $389,900.

206 W 32nd St; Lay Jamie D to Whibley Matthew and Abbey, $240,000.

1901 3rd Ave; Garcia J'lea D to Countrywide Property, $162,000.

440 W 6th St; Eagle West 7 Llc to Polak Jonathan and Rebecca, $841,349.

4217 Arrowhead Road; Tice Caleb J and Courtney R to Wylie Mary Lou, $430,000.

503 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, U21; Hauck John to Frantz Jeremy Andrew, $220,000.

6107 Bay St; Reed Philip W and Sara D to Nation Charles Owen III, $752,000.

2129 Boro Ridge St; NVR Inc to Kirk Jamia Erica, $351,345.

3111 E Broad St; Lawson Kenneth W to Neswin Crv Llc, $210,000.

305 W Brookland Park Blvd; Brookland Partners Llc to 305 W Brookland Llc, $755,000.

5621 Cary Street Road, U102; Roberts Barbara P Trust Trustee to Mumford Lee W and Sarah, $210,000.

5621 Cary Street Road, U303; Rasmussen Maria P Trust to Ward Raymond C, $365,000.

8704 Chippenham Road; Hawner Pierre H and Pauline D Tr to Finley Catherine M, $330,500.

1316 W Clay St; Tocci Anthony and Terese to Dstar Pproperties Llc, $287,900.

9517 Creek Summit Cir; Hoffmeister Julie D to Schneider Karin, $365,000.

5424 Dorchester Road; Whyte Christopher E and Susan D to Zielinski Joseph R Jr, $420,000.

10431 Epsilon Road; Swanson Daniel Raymond II to Stevens Vernon Edward Jr, $310,000.

3104 Ferncliff Road; 3104 Ferncliffe Road Land Trust to Gibson Adam Daniel, $278,000.

1324 Floyd Ave; Dojo's Llc to Peterson Tyson, $630,000.

715 E Gladstone Ave; Johnson Jeremiah E to Lynn Ashley V, $230,000.

3407 Gloucester Road; Bishop Reeves W III to Coulson George Tyler, $550,000.

3312 Grayland Ave; Kesling Allison E to Gould David Wilfred III, $315,000.

3023 Grove Ave; Shaffner Stephen E to Turko Frederick, $150,000.

2815 Hanes Ave; Freil Matthew A to McLean Jessica, $340,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U108; Rauth Gertrude E to Bruce Janet T, $245,000.

2703 Hillcrest Road; Barotti John William to Barotti Daniel, $485,000.

1207 Idlewood Ave; Bland Larry J to Siegel Matthew and Smith Jamie, $171,500.

1205 Laburnum Park Blvd; Hoffman Rosemary H and Ross E to Penick Marsha, $500,000.

2801 Lansdale Road; Evensen Shanley Sean and Eric to Palmer Brian Thomas, $600,000.

1416 Lenmore St; Sgavicchio Cameron J to Jones Melvin III, $170,000.

512 Libbie Ave, U1; Witt Samuel B III and Sally C to Schmitz Family Revocable Trust, $1,035,000.

2509 Mandy Lane; Cheatham Hazel W to Barrett Naomi, $167,500.

3400 McRand St; Kassam Investment Group Llc to Harris Preston Jaquan, $182,500.

2817 Montrose Ave; Drake Stephen C and Kelsi S to Ellis Stephen and Julianne, $300,000.

3410 Monument Ave, U103; Erhardt Kathryn R to Lavery Laurie L, $300,000.

1814 Netherwood Road; Ramos John Jr III and Kansis Lynn to Poplawski Danielle, $300,000.

1300 Oakhurst Lane; Gardner Andrea Y to Thomas Robert M, $280,000.

2606 Park Ave, U12; Goodwin Amy W to Hunt Brandon M, $232,000.

300 S Pine St; O'Driscoll Catherine Mary to Popovich Daniel I, $370,000.

815 Porter St, U110; Brittan Connor A to Mather Adam P and Michael Edward, $173,000.

3104 Q St; Q Street 3104 Land Trust to Francis Lydia J, $305,000.

3406 S St; Integral Properties Llc to Stanley Megan Nicole, $219,300.

6315 Shadybrook Lane; Wagaman John to Beaman Katherine M, $287,000.

5744 Snead Road; Orcutt David M and Dany Cheryl A to Cute Kelsey Elizabeth, $190,000.

3327 Stony Point Road; Larus Robert L T Jr to McMillan John Michael, $225,000.

413 Stuart Cir, U3-E; Ricdl1 Llc to Noel Richard G and Patricia J, $369,000.

6111 Three Chopt Road; Tattersall Thomas K and Kelly F to 6111 Three Chopt Road Llc, $3,000,000.

4118 Welford Ave; McEachin Jacqueline to Yenik Jenna, $190,000.

102 Westmoreland St; Pharr David Harmon Jr to Kearns Christopher R, $663,255.

3108 Woodcliff Ave; College Fund Llc to Crockett Robert Lee III, $158,000.


3215 Ainsworth Ln, Henrico; Liberty Homes Of Va Inc to Roman Morasti Esther Pena, $243,500.

11708 Alder Ridge Ter, Glen Allen; Xie Yunjuan and X Zeng to Gupta Mudit, $565,500.

3903 Arden Rd, Henrico; Campos Otto Juares to Phillips Haileigh E, $188,000.

500 Azalea Ave, Henrico; Hall Kari Matthiesen to Holland Samuel and Elizabeth Holte, $216,000.

11808 Barrington Hill Ct, Henrico; Ali Shahnaz to Richmond Realty Partners Llc, $160,000.

200 N Beech Ave, Henrico; Askew Jason T and Addison D to Tittle Raymond H, $170,000.

1408 Beverly Dr, Henrico; Gatewood Wesley S to Wisniewski Henry and Kim H, $330,000.

7710 Bogey Pl, Glen Allen; Alves Jefferson N Da Silva and Adma to Miller Patrick L and Molly F, $250,000.

6148 Bootsie Blvd, Henrico; Burns Jazzmen Ezekial to Lane Taylor G, $335,000.

3615 Bremerton Dr, Henrico; Parks Kelley E and Lisa D Moore Trustees to Duncan Bryan T and Marthan D, $580,000.

2211 Brightmoor Ct, Henrico; Du Ning and Li Na Zhang to Accord Realty Llc, $182,000.

2844 Broadford Ln, Henrico; Pope William II and Alexis Baker to Morgan Eric and Elizabeth Ann Breighner, $370,000.

2320 Buckingham Ave, Henrico; Hudert Nicholaus D to Tichacek Trevor, $337,000.

1302 Camrose Rd, Henrico; Cabrera Reynolds D and Melba B to Khaleghi Ghais, $200,000.

18 Capital Trail Row, Henrico; Ramos Lauren Michelle to Glasgow Steven Wayne and Theresa Ann, $550,000.

2201 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; Benyamin Magdy and Araxi Bandayan to Mohammadi Marufa and Tabraiz and A A, $420,000.

Chamberlayne Rd, Henrico; Robins Julia F Estate Et Al to Trc Chamberlayne Llc, $437,500.

7927 Chowning Rd, Henrico; West Kenneth M and Mary Keating to Campero Marcos J, $327,500.

5248 Cobblers Stone Ct, Glen Allen; Kang Jong Suk and Youn Ceun Cho to Tran Minh Quoc and Hien Thi Ngoc Nguyen, $565,000.

5513 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Thai Joshua and Alena Kim, $327,384.

8201 Cornith Dr, Henrico; Myers Michael T to Mark Allen Properties, $175,000.

7370 Creekridge Rd, Henrico; Gardner Marvin Hugh to Timberlake Alexander L, $220,000.

4909 Daffodil Cir, Glen Allen; Gittings Carl L and Sandra to Taylor Cameron Joseph and Tanya Elizabeth, $322,000.

10100 Deepwood Cir, Henrico; Rueff Katherine M and Vicki J Schatz to Davis Robert Jaron and Ashley Simpkins, $443,000.

510 Delbert Dr, Henrico; 510 Delbert Drive Llc to Dowden Sarah E and Vijay S O'Brien, $225,000.

1217 Dinwiddie Ave, Henrico; Bowman Russell Gordon to Davies Eric and Edith Quade, $250,000.

12472 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Grasser Amy Roever Trustee, $683,000.

9725 Drexel Ln, Henrico; Markham Frank A and Amanda Elizabeth to Ramsay Caroline, $285,000.

2316 Eagles View Ter, Henrico; Dang Thuyen Mau and Tam T T Nguyen to Daly Mark C and Susan C, $308,000.

1137 Elmshadow Dr, Henrico; Talley Jessica L to Scott Matthew Douglas and Bethany Poore, $272,400.

205 S Erlwood Ct, Henrico; Long Zachary D and Ashley M to Bugg Wadsworth IV and Ashley P, $940,000.

9002 Fawn Ln, Henrico; Tabor Carla Jean Hill and Steven Carl to Glenn Patricia and Akira Scott, $275,000.

2028 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Horsley Elizabeth L to 38 Weyburn Llc, $285,000.

1305 Foster Rd, Henrico; Elks Hugh D to 1305 Foster Road Llc, $440,000.

301 N Foxhill Rd, Henrico; Richardson Jacqueline G to Capra Joseph and Meridith Dillon, $198,000.

9812 Gardenia Dr, Henrico; Ferrell Wm H Jr and Lana to Moore Erik Frazier and Clarence L Jr, $245,000.

2510 Gay Ave, Henrico; Avent Bradley T to Durham Benjamin E and Sarah E Briland, $220,000.

5202 W Grace St, Henrico; Hammonds Brett W and Sarah M Fenton to Wang Jenny Rong and Lawrance Lee, $430,000.

6603 W Grace St, Henrico; Pippert Thomas W and Taricia L to Boyd David H, $272,000.

105 E Gray St, Sandston; Jeter Clara H Estate to Alderman Aaron Garland, $185,000.

9731 Greenmeadow Cir, Glen Allen; Bebawi Mahfouz to Gall William A Jr, $225,000.

7001 Hapsburg Ct, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Francis Sharne Jonice and Ronald Erwin Jr, $393,065.

6929 Hapsburg Ln, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Tinch Brian Christopher and Chanelle M, $410,555.

2013 Holly St, Henrico; Anderson Real Estate Investments Llc to Spradley Ashley, $200,000.

2201 Holly St, Henrico; Boykins William and Swedessa Et Al to Riverwood Realy Group Llc, $150,000.

1208 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Davis Steven C to Temple Peter A and Shannon T Gingras, $470,000.

10126 Idlebrook Dr, Henrico; Martin Benjamin G to McGurn Margaret L and Ryan A Melnikas, $375,500.

4504 Kawneer Dr, Henrico; Beale Christian to Bynum Palestine, $210,000.

4828 Kellywood Dr, Glen Allen; Brooks Andrew D and Emily V to Wilson Jessica Marie and Zachary A Daniels, $340,000.

9640 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Huynh Cathy to Holly Michael and Ariana, $360,000.

4811 Kinloch Ln, Henrico; Opland Matthew K to Willis Anthony Javon, $169,950.

2621 Lammrich Rd, Henrico; Bailey Bertice E and Calvin M and S B Nguyen to Dockery Larry and Laura, $260,000.

10303 Leander Ct, Glen Allen; Apel Michael and Stephanie M to Burke Ian R and Emily A Wilson, $345,000.

8600 Lilly Meadow Ct, Henrico; McGeorge David R to J R Walker Homes Llc, $240,000.

2311 Lockwood Rd, Henrico; Vega Harold Ricardo to Vega Valentina, $295,000.

10001 Longdale Ave, Glen Allen; Hannay John A to Delgado Jose and Martha Delgado Zamarripa, $154,000.

1804 Magnolia Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Abrams Martin T and Amanda R and W B R to Khosla Nidhi and Vinay Kumaran, $535,000.

2503 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Oertle Sarah E to Greer Tara Ann and Donovan Webster Jr, $223,000.

1606 Mary St, Sandston; Time to Change Properties Llc to Morgan Jeannette A and Edward, $170,000.

3352 Meadowmont Ln, Henrico; Harrelson Heather to Mitchell Roshonda Lenee, $301,500.

200 Melwood Ln, Henrico; Bennett John F and Mary C to Melton Daniel and Natasha, $499,000.

3500 Middlewich Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Brown Star, $266,345.

3616 Milbury Run St, Henrico; Ray Townley A Goldsmith and Kyla C to Cole Joshua Paul and Heather Dawn, $565,000.

5011 Monument Ave, Henrico; Lynch Gary A and Sally M to Jubran Ali Mahmoud, $430,000.

12308 Morning Creek Rd, Glen Allen; Strother Eric G to De Kanter Seth and Courtney and Ann Bright, $585,000.

4113 Mountain Spring Ter, Glen Allen; Johnson Antoinette L and William M to Perini Joseph A and Kristin P, $515,000.

2324 National St, Henrico; Webb Kimmie Klobas to Hasenstaub Marion, $230,000.

1320 New York Ave, Glen Allen; Barry Mary M to Hoffmann Christian Samuell, $235,000.

3205 Nutley Ct, Henrico; Denton Michael C and Katherine A to Shumate Ryan and Allison D, $535,000.

1809 Oak Hill Ln, Henrico; Sims Ariel V to Kyom Onna-Lisa, $188,400.

2312 Old Coach Ln, Henrico; Solomon Jerold E and Alison P to Chan Amy and Anthony Meloro, $342,000.

8301 Pamela Dr, Henrico; Lockhart Clayton M and Tracy A to Devey Caitlin Lo, $239,000.

5008 Park Commons Loop, Glen Allen; Dowdy Edison L Jr and Alice to Roberts Mary, $450,000.

1903 Parlow Dr, Henrico; 4 Johns Investments Llc to Robert Whit Morris II Llc, $166,000.

11209 Pinewood Ct, Henrico; Wheeler Jennifer S to Rowe Daniel Albert and Alyssa Joy, $338,500.

12401 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Gross Charlie L and M L to Afroze Tasneem and Mohammed L Rahman, $910,000.

10188 Purcell Rd, Henrico; Stokes Kevin A and Ju Donn P Rogers to Mendoza-Cadman Griselda Trustee, $162,000.

5201 Raleigh Rd, Henrico; Lewis Mary F to Geoghegan Charles E V and Tina A, $180,000.

3615 Reynolds Rd, Henrico; King Diana to Martin John, $180,000.

10721 Rocket Dr, Glen Allen; Fairservice Joseph Gordon and Mary Kathryn to Chaffin Joseph W and Allison E, $452,500.

2203 Rockwater Ter, Henrico; Evans Linda N Trust to Borths Julie and Robert and Joshua Et Al, $235,000.

11500 Saddleridge Rd, Glen Allen; Lopez Emiliano M and Elisa Ann to Wang Yang and Ying Xiong, $485,000.

120 Sanderling Ave, Sandston; Moore Phillip E Jr to Carter Sam Jr, $250,000.

3904 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Brown Tangee S, $367,770.

13300 Shady Knoll Ct, Henrico; Von Bank Nicholas C and Jessica F to Bliley Barbara and Paul S III, $433,000.

6817 Sir Galahad Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Logan Langston D and Alyssa N Jones, $361,787.

3812 Spring Lake Pl, Glen Allen; Barksdale Debra J to Fallen Eric L and Kenisha G, $380,000.

5028 Stable Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Miller Glen D and Wendy M to Chaudhuri Poulomi Ray and Soumyajit Ray, $825,500.

1301 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Jones Carl A and Elizabeth to Chandler Holdings Llc, $180,000.

2933 Thistlebrook Ln, Henrico; Masak Helmy Y and Amira A to Kumar Suresh Marinaicker, $250,000.

1512 Timbercrest Ct, Henrico; Meyer Marcia C to Burckart Glenn A III and Kimberly E, $310,000.

11702 Triple Notch Ter, Henrico; Pan Changxuan and Shan Di to Beligotti Bethany, $440,000.

4704 Twin Hickory Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Kentile Lucy M Trustee to Prem Properties Llc, $255,000.

10403 Walbrook Dr, Henrico; Foster Lynn E to Hammonds Brett W and Sarah Fenton, $425,000.

9812 Wares Wharf Cir, Glen Allen; O'Bryant Cora Ann to Waldner Eva, $445,000.

6006 Westbourne Dr, Henrico; Hanback Hunter Jr and C and S Carter to Mauricio Jose Rivas, $285,000.

407 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Everhart Brandy D to Shera Caleb and Wendy, $595,000.

2420 Williams St, Henrico; Banks Michael J and Jill S to Pentalow Gabrielle Elizabeth, $280,000.

9452 Willow Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Custis Edward M and Brenda G to McAuliffe Neal J, $327,000.

5406 Windingbrook Rd, Henrico; Hamelman Lucas and Jacey Taylor Allen to Patrick Michael C and Wenonah J, $264,000.

500 Witchduck Ln, Henrico; Wilmington Trust Na to Delaney Natasha, $176,500.


14130 Alcorn Way, Midlothian; Schlosberg Waldemar F and Linda to Kendall Steven Walter and Susan Gardes, $356,600.

15206 Amethyst Dr, Midlothian; South River Custom Homes Llc to Maddirala James and Nittala R, $624,653.

2628 Anwell Dr, North Chesterfield; Robertson Thomas A and Anne S to Newell Phillip and Fitzpatrick Kelly, $375,000.

4737 Appletree Dr, Moseley; Martin James H and Marianne E to Brygider David A and Kathy E, $437,000.

2200 Arcadia Ct, Chester; Lewis Maria T to Branch Traci Dowdy, $211,000.

1330 Astley Ter, Midlothian; Ragland Joshua G and Kristina L to Monaghan Kevin and Theresa, $587,500.

13221 Bailey Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Wedgeworth Harriet E to Serrano Jorge Humberto, $350,000.

6300 Bay Creek Rd, Moseley; NVR Inc to Rice Benjamin Thomas and Kelly Ann, $673,080.

10002 Bayham Dr, North Chesterfield; Eller Elizabeth S to 10002 Bayham Llc, $195,500.

5406 Beaver Spring Rd, Midlothian; Maloon John E and Patricia R to Burks Ruth N and Christopher R, $355,000.

3606 Bellstone Dr, Midlothian; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Reeves Sheila S and James N, $543,950.

13405 Bermuda Place Dr, Chester; Knowles L K II Et Al Trustees to Carrera Juan Leonel, $150,000.

14303 Birds Eye Pl, Chester; Jones Anna N to Parker Diane J, $265,000.

8001 Bole Hat Rd, Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Rivera Aubriel L and Vo Hien T, $572,912.

3420 Boswell Rd, Midlothian; Rogers Christy L Et Als to Crichton Catherine P, $420,000.

4448 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Carr Ramona Diane, $263,955.

5731 Brailen Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Altamira Paul Manuel and Shirley, $444,990.

11635 E Briar Patch Dr, Midlothian; Teachey Herbert E III to Williams Cynthia, $195,000.

15024 Broadbill Dr, South Chesterfield; Byers Kenneth M and Kristine L to Nuckles Keiona L, $278,000.

1343 Buford Rd, North Chesterfield; Fisher Dorothy D to Dahn Brittany L and Caitlin Alicia Grabowski, $325,000.

6485 Burnt Mills Ln, Moseley; Reinecke Richard T and Heather J to Rein Mark Allen and Anya G, $700,000.

3513 Camdale Dr, Midlothian; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Harris Glenn T and Breeana M, $557,245.

2133 Cantina Ln, Midlothian; NVR Inc to McBride Ryan Von and Jessica, $437,845.

1257 Carmia Way, North Chesterfield; Tru 2005 Re I Llc to Wcj Holdings Llc, $2,000,000.

3230 Castlebury Dr, Chester; Holloway Durand C to Lorelli Drew, $273,500.

14616 Central Ave, Chester; Shaw Valerie P to Belt Amanda Lynn and Moore Ken Brantly III, $290,000.

11309 Chalkley Rd, Chester; Johnson William G III Et Als to Gordon Willie J Jr and Treva E, $525,000.

14011 Chepstow Rd, Midlothian; Morris Theresa G to Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc, $337,500.

2400 Cheverton Ln, Midlothian; Todd Michael and Erika to Murphy Andrew S and Sara, $1,300,000.

748 Colony Oak Ln, Midlothian; Kang Jong Suk and Cho You Seun to Park Seung Jae, $560,000.

8414 Copperpenny Ter, Chesterfield; Ridout C F and Ridout T C Trs to Roberson James C IV and Melissa, $328,000.

18118 Cove Creek Dr, Moseley; Lifestyle Home Builders to Gray Kevin W and Deborah L, $615,689.

15607 Crowden Rd, Chesterfield; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Jayaraman Ambikapathi and Ambikapathi Revathi, $417,405.

10700 Darby Cir, Midlothian; U S Bank Nat'l Assoc Trustee to Turner Clifford and Megan S, $575,500.

6914 Deer Run Ln, Midlothian; Payne William J and Hannah C to Cromwell Scott, $275,500.

3513 Derby Ridge Way, Midlothian; Laliberte D Jr Jr Et Al Trs to Cannon Brian R and Kelly M, $650,000.

2012 Domfont Ct, Midlothian; Walsh Thomas J Jr and Beverly B to Smith Erin M, $670,000.

7931 Dunnottar Ct, Chesterfield; Spann Steve Jr and Miesha B to Thrift John D and Catherine S, $580,000.

18920 Duval Rd, Moseley; Harris Stephen P to Mitchell David W and Samantha, $370,000.

200 Eastman Rd, North Chesterfield; Davis Michael W and Corey K to Palma Ortiz Jorge M and Ramirez Karina Yamileth, $235,000.

4630 Ellerby Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Rosen David, $457,561.

5613 English Setter Ct, North Chesterfield; Emsg Properties Llc to Carter Donald and Kate, $230,000.

12613 Erika Hill Pl, Midlothian; Heckenberg Christopher A and T N to Sizemore Bryce Jerred and Peterson McKenzie Shae, $392,950.

13201 Farm Brook Ct, Midlothian; Li Yi and Luo Qiyu to Evans Brian S Jr and Jaime L, $223,000.

14713 Felbridge Way, Midlothian; Stepnicka Daniel and Holly to Dillinger Chris Ferguson and Michele Ferguson, $665,000.

3132 Fielding Rd, South Chesterfield; Tinnell R D Jr and Walston K H to Becker Kenneth A and Diane O, $162,665.

6928 E Fox Green , Chesterfield; Sadler Bruce K and Jerry Grace R to Hughes Cynthia Lane, $205,000.

4025 Frederick Farms Dr, Midlothian; Alvis Crystal P to Hicks Kaitlin Leigh and Harrell Austin, $257,000.

9806 Garden Grove Ct, Chesterfield; Bookman Chad A and Mansfield T A to Spencer Christopher J, $279,500.

16000 Garston Ln, Midlothian; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to 1508 Otterdale Llc, $619,774.

1800 Glamorgan Ln, Midlothian; Hamilton R Stephen to Palat Ted Cuthbert and Pauline Marguerite, $545,000.

6636 Glen Ridge Ct, Midlothian; Annet Roderick R and Kristen M to Fletcher Douglas M II and Hilary D, $385,000.

16924 Glensford Dr, Moseley; Burlock Keith and Jaime to Terrien Jeb T and Melanie A, $590,000.

5700 Gossamer Ct, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Khalmukhamedova Nargiza Yuldashevna, $462,665.

2907 Haddington Ct, North Chesterfield; Hill Sada D to Lee Clarissa Maranda, $160,000.

20907 Hampton Ave, South Chesterfield; Hernandez Jose A Et Al to Ely Jonathan R, $299,000.

16212 Hampton Glen Ln, Chesterfield; Pascual Xuaco and Karen to McCoull Tana Kathryn and Charles Logan Vi, $482,500.

5710 Harbour Ridge Rd, Midlothian; 5710 Harbour Ridge Road Llc to Fletcher Brian and Julie, $435,000.

14219 Haveridge Dr, Midlothian; Nicely Leah and Nathan to Daul James Michael, $369,000.

6510 Hickory Grove Dr, Midlothian; Wood James T and Jennifer A to Habib Joseph A and Hana Nagwa K, $282,000.

1801 Hollingsworth Dr, North Chesterfield; Cartier J T M and Cartier S Trs to Salisbury Andrew L and Sydney L, $316,500.

1142 W Hundred Rd, Chester; Nymt Loan Trust 1 to Spratley Edison B Jr, $170,000.

12429 Ivyridge Ter, Chester; McGuire Christopher M and Marie to Curtin Kenneth J and Robin L, $375,000.

4825 Jennway Loop, Moseley; Whitton James P and Sandra E to Rosato Frank and Rachel, $732,000.

9630 Kendrick Rd, North Chesterfield; Hicks W J Jr and Riddle J S to Hpa Us1 Llc, $265,000.

9612 Kinnerton Dr, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Goodin Mark Wayne and Susan Hall, $459,677.

12531 Lakestone Dr, Midlothian; Parham Stephen H to Bradley Bryan and Amanda, $420,000.

8640 Larkspur Rd, North Chesterfield; Forsyth Roger C and Beverley L to Forsyth Patrick L, $150,000.

16800 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Jimenez Leonel Gomez and Munoz Daniellys, $315,415.

11624 Leiden Ln, Midlothian; Thompson Russell E and Ute to Johnson Dustin A and Nichole G, $256,000.

5101 Little Creek Ln, North Chesterfield; Salley Margaret D to Vick Molly T, $387,000.

20000 Little Rd, South Chesterfield; Elko Zachary A and Elko Neil M to Koontz William Warren and Kristin Faith, $242,000.

1449 Lockett Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Roberson James IV and Melissa to Anderson Matthew Garrett, $250,000.

12100 Longtown Dr, Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Richardson Marcus R and Teneil N, $403,940.

4600 Lynchester Dr, North Chesterfield; Diaz Robert and Bichdan N D to Harris Vernita L and Sterling L, $385,500.

12119 Manders Knoll Ter, Midlothian; Martin Davie Lee and Angela H to Kimball Stephen and Rebecca, $265,000.

15404 Maranatha Ave, Chester; Lugo Peter and Goard Marissa M to Cirino Ryan M and Orzechowski Jessica A, $220,000.

6236 Meadwood Cir, North Chesterfield; Handal Carlos R to Johnson Dwayne A Sr and Latoya, $267,000.

15301 Merton Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Tice Caleb John and Courtney R, $416,995.

10043 Midlothian Tpke, North Chesterfield; Hhs Real Estate #2 Llc to Hazeyray Shores Llc, $755,674.

12604 Mill Lock Ter, Midlothian; Delancy L M and Schlegel Ronald to Ashton Michael W and Catherine L, $316,400.

14440 Molena Dr, Chesterfield; Burgess Steven M and Ida M to Borden Mary Beth and John, $430,000.

14042 Mountshire Ln, Chester; Brown Carl L and Leona M to Clarke Jonathan and Cathryn, $379,500.

3126 Newington Ct, North Chesterfield; Bt Properties Llc to Cobbs Sameatria, $199,000.

7323 Norwood Pond Pl, Midlothian; Martin Demas B and Mary Jo to Wilkins Mary Ann, $264,600.

9813 Old Cannon Rd, North Chesterfield; Smith Jacob L and Lauren B to Tipton Jeffrey A and Carmilita B, $302,500.

7625 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Burton Glenn N Jr, $298,523.

1508 Otterdale Rd, Midlothian; 1508 Otterdale Llc to Lajoie Jonathan P and M Et Als, $550,000.

4225 Panola Rd, North Chesterfield; Cockburn Bobby to Huggins Glen M and Huggins Darlene M, $222,000.

11931 Penny Bridge Dr, Midlothian; Herlinger Darrell E and Tammy L to Triana Robert and Osorio Monica, $403,000.

5712 Piney Ridge Ct, Chester; Stevenson Edward to Scott Lisa, $255,000.

3312 Pond Chase Ct, Midlothian; Jez Paul P and Cindy A to Ryan Michael and Margaret Prior, $648,000.

1530 Porters Mill Rd, Midlothian; Reichardt Erik E and Martha M to Virginia Home Buyers Llc, $184,000.

1924 Providence Creek Trl, North Chesterfield; Gilliam Deborah A to Hpa Us1 Llc, $288,000.

5614 Qualla Farms Ct, Chesterfield; Granadillo Y J L and Barazarte M to Hughes Joshua J and Katherine N, $315,000.

6208 Qualla Rd, Chesterfield; Pinkleton Brent M to Genest Brian J, $181,500.

16312 Ravenchase Way, Moseley; Kim Jackye and Hurst Jason M to Kennedy Benjamin R and Elizabeth, $580,000.

16222 N Rhodes Ln, Chesterfield; Davis James W Jr to Viar Kenneth Wayne Sr, $330,000.

15710 River Rd, Chesterfield; Henderson M L and Austin C L to Mathews Patrick H, $185,000.

3700 Riverdowns North Dr, Midlothian; White John T Jr and Jennifer K to Larsen Eric Edward and Margaret Deddens, $550,000.

14021 Rockbasket Pl, Chester; Beatty Brian Michael and Ashley to Holloway Durand Christopher and Natasha, $350,000.

1729 Rose Mill Cir, Midlothian; Studdard Gary C and Carol J to Gubenko Betya and Gubenko Alexander, $300,000.

18106 Ruby Hill Ct, Moseley; Harring Construction Co to Kulzy Walter W III and Kelli M, $899,900.

3015 Rycliff Ave, North Chesterfield; Shelberg David C to Taylor Montgomery D, $200,000.

7425 Sanchez Rd, Chesterfield; Larose Raymond J and Madeline R to Bell Jaiquan, $325,000.

2800 Savage View Dr, Midlothian; Hayes Stephen N to Tuthill David J and Wendi R, $510,500.

12700 Seaford Crossing Ct, Midlothian; Bogerson Trigg L and Linda M to Johnson William Melton and Antoinette L, $695,000.

13902 Shadow Ridge Ln, Midlothian; Cifers William E to Tompkins Lisa Ann and Christopher Derek, $435,000.

9100 Sharpe Ct, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Brooks Sherry J, $381,519.

9406 Shiloh Dr, North Chesterfield; Corzatt Adam D and Fowler A L to Edwards Skyler, $180,102.

17225 Silver Maple Ter, Moseley; Rachko Robert A Jr and Maureen to Ross Matthew A and Sarah P, $435,000.

10107 Simplicity St, Chesterfield; Tdz Properties Llc to Lok Doeun and Sokly, $225,000.

4005 Somerlane Cir, Chester; Fitzgerald David and Christina to Essman Macky A and Haley E, $270,000.

14107 Spreading Oak Ct, Midlothian; Brice James H Jr to Mathews Monique and John, $208,000.

11801 St Audries Dr, Chesterfield; Critzer Jason to Ford Jaquaan and Jakela, $335,000.

3612 Sterling Woods Ln, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Ward Belinda R, $278,430.

4006 Stone Creek Ter, Chesterfield; Jackson Ernest K Jr and Lori A to Coleman Shaquita Q and Devin M, $330,000.

2700 Sugarberry Ln, Midlothian; Thekkekandam Bobby and Janine L to Licitra Thomas R and Bauer Carrie A, $835,000.

1336 Sweet Willow Dr, Midlothian; Joines Jay Tyler and Laura Beth to Gay Brendalyse L and Brian G, $335,000.

12016 Taplow Rd, Midlothian; Lee Michelle Y to Andrew Octavia D, $330,000.

12420 Thoreau Dr, Chesterfield; Boswell David W and Holly D to James Kristin L and William L, $311,500.

3114 Three Bridges Rd, Midlothian; Matthews Jack S Jr and Donna B to Holes Michael, $258,000.

12206 Timber Trail Dr, Midlothian; Bishop Jeffrey and Angela to Chirico Britni, $220,000.

14907 Tosh Ct, Chester; Platinum Premier Prop Corp to Robinson Elissa R, $385,000.

5011 Treely Rd, Chester; Nichols Lois E to Kennedy Nathaniel Deshaun, $620,000.

2200 Turtle Hill Cir, Midlothian; Bucciarelli Matthew C and E M to Heath Robert B and Miranda E, $300,000.

6912 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Catalini Michael and Croce Mimma to May Colin M and Meyers Olivia, $290,000.

7881 Vermeil St, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Owens Barbara B, $283,590.

13724 Village View Dr, Midlothian; Ratcliffe Sarah Ellen to Tuck Joseph McEarl and Hoorfard Brittany Aryanis, $271,000.

6405 Walnut Bend Dr, Midlothian; Kraines Richard A and F J to Neuffer Matthew Michael and Laura Wleklinski, $476,000.

14512 Walthall Dr, South Chesterfield; Fountain Veronica S to Crane Danielle, $320,000.

4501 Watchrun Dr, North Chesterfield; Rivera Gonzalez Carlos O to Alvarez Alvarenga F A Et Al, $230,000.

3150 Waterton Dr, Midlothian; Perriello Michael C and Amy to Dickinson Edward L and Molly R, $587,000.

6600 Way Point Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Ta Don Jr and Pham-Ta Ngam Kim, $300,815.

4807 Wellington Farms Dr, Chester; Neal Robert J Jr and Joanne G to Moore Robert Wallis and Lori Anne, $440,038.

14310 West Shore Ln, Midlothian; Elnahal Salwa Mohamed Roushdy to Rainock Norman Gibbs Jr and Keri Ann, $420,000.

13118 Wheatley Ct, Midlothian; Main Street Homes to Laine Guy C and Burnett Katie H, $616,489.

14113 Whirlaway Mews, Midlothian; Stratis Kyle M and Ashlee B to Leipold Shane and Breanna, $325,000.

14006 Wiley Cir, Midlothian; Biller David B and Kimberly M to Crist Jordan T and Colleen M, $590,000.

15406 Willowmore Dr, Midlothian; Uka Chetan J and Sapna A to Gray Adam M, $682,500.

4907 Winding Branch Rd, Moseley; Thigpen Travis to Moore Stephen and Chelsea, $411,500.

3901 Winfree Cir, Chester; Hawkins Andrea M Et Als to Perry Maria Q, $315,000.

11700 Womack Rd, Chester; White Steven C and Donna Young to J and J Land Development Llc, $456,000.

3918 Woodfield Rd, North Chesterfield; Almonte Manuel A and Carmen C to Boone Jason, $230,000.

7741 Yarmouth Dr, North Chesterfield; Felder Zachary Hayne Trustee to 7741 Yarmouth Drive Llc, $245,000.


7163 Ayersby Drive, Mechanicsville; Donald B. Ayers to Brigitte V.B. Combs, $677,000.

10295 Aynhoe Court, Mechanicsville; Christopher W. Regan to Michael R. Pennino, $331,000.

8056 Blythe Road, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Timothy A. Stapler, $569,985.

8180 Bridge Creek Terrace, Mechanicsville; Janice G. French, trustee to Charles H. Wilson III, $443,500.

6329 Broad Sky Circle, Mechanicsville; Catherine Mahodil to Jessica E. Puttkammer, $440,000.

9111 Cardinal Creek Drive, Mechanicsville; Douglas F. Baldwin to Samantha S. Stone, $380,000.

12477 Cedar Lane, Ashland; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Heather A. Pritschet, $255,000.

7754 Clarey Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Matthew Gordon Bradley, $503,310.

9270 Colesbury Drive, Mechanicsville; Ira R. Seybold Sr. to Gregory Lester, $409,000.

14350 Country Club Drive, Ashland; James L. Lawson to David Balthazor, $490,000.

8797 Crestland Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Allen T. White, $559,000.

6364 Dairy Drive, Mechanicsville; Lauren Dunnevant to Lakeisha Arnold, $245,000.

8340 Ellerson Farm Drive, Mechanicsville; Steven E. Bonniville, executor to Kristen M. Salai, $310,000.

9200 Fairfield Farm Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Elijah Torres, $429,335.

9520 Farm Park Lane, Mechanicsville; Brett David Kimball to Timothy R. Hudson, $355,000.

11133 Fox Hound Court, Mechanicsville; Cristen Campbell Zedd to Zachary Naccarato, $345,000.

9060 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Prakash Rao Kollaram, $511,385.

8174 Greenview Drive, Mechanicsville; Shirley V. Strickler to Edwin Julius Dee Hughes, $300,000.

6179 Hakala Drive, Mechanicsville; Thomas O. Peace Jr. to Diana B. Cordle, $283,000.

7104 Harbor Run Court, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Megan E. Watson, $409,221.

9219 Haska Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Shin K. Kwak, $524,880.

316 Hillsway Drive, Ashland; BGRS Relocation Inc. to James Brandt League, $495,000.

10100 Izer Court, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to George Edward Cox Jr., $531,010.

9148 Jump Circle, Mechanicsville; Robert Groves to Leah B. Throckmorton, $362,500.

10301 Kestrel Drive, Ashland; Robert Diehl to Valerie Ralph, $235,000.

17510 Level Drive, Doswell; Jennifer P. Riding to Fabian Beita, $385,000.

7419 Lexington Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert W. Tanner to David M. Souleret, $286,000.

7811 Longtail Lane, Mechanicsville; Caleb E. Keiter, trustee to Kyle A. Mason, $459,900.

11255 Mandy Lane, Hanover; Alan S. Stults to Lisa L. Stoner, $395,000.

6167 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville; Ann C. Leber to Rachel L. Zimba, $188,000.

7094 Mill Valley Court, Mechanicsville; Ryan P. Foley to Samuel J. Shafovaloff, $290,777.

14805 Mountain Road, Glen Allen; Diane L. Lewis to Donald Steven Lewis, $293,333.

10268 New Britton Road, Mechanicsville; Stephen T. Chick to Thuan Tran, $630,000.

13200 Old Cedar Lane, Ashland; Henry S. Rollins Jr. to Robert Benning Farmer, $515,000.

10315 Old Keeton Road, Ashland; Barbara Harper Rose to James William Mueller Jr., $222,000.

10276 Penningcroft Lane, Mechanicsville; Frank Lord to Sean Edward Devlin, $385,000.

10624 Providence Green Drive, Ashland; David F. Riley to Sajad Ali Mezher, $401,000.

6033 River Road, Hanover; E.C.C. Wood Jr. to Kendall L. Peters, $225,000.

6134 Rolling Forest Circle, Mechanicsville; Dorothy S. Whitlock to Larry T. Davis, $229,000.

7447 Rose Stable Court, Mechanicsville; Claude Winston Gibson Jr. to Freeman Floyd Walton Jr., $415,000.

9125 Sandy Creek Lane, Mechanicsville; Andrew D. Ellen to Douglas R. Dowe, $475,000.

8221 Silkwood Drive, Mechanicsville; Charles D. Muncy to John R. Hersey, $378,000.

8516 Steeplebush Place, Mechanicsville; Joshua James Laboskie to Jason Walters, $392,000.

10521 Stony Bluff Drive, Unit 210, Ashland; Stony Run Partners LLC to Janet P. Johnston, $311,000.

9210 Swannanoa Trail, Mechanicsville; Joseph A. Santuck to Victoria Morgan Smith, $290,000.

6546 Tammy Lane, Mechanicsville; Kara Wilson to Mason Stewart Slaughter, $235,000.

6867 Turnage Lane, Mechanicsville; Elyse J. Kirkland to Summer Russell, $355,000.

10315 Wanchese Way, Mechanicsville; Stephen Harrison to Anthony Naccarato, $335,000.

10201 Wenden Way, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Rajandeep Khangura, $303,580.

9276 W Wenlock Drive, Mechanicsville; Bay Front Development LLC to Jesus Cruz, $360,000.

8290 Wetherden Drive, Mechanicsville; Kimberlie Ann Snyder to Chad Rainey, $295,000.


1.42 acres; Ashley Fisher to Cristina Maria Nardone, $290,000.

2.303 acres; Standing Ridge Properties LLC to Tech Service Central LLC, $1,200,000.

23.736 acres; Brats Powhatan LLC to Christina Kantzler, $165,000.

5 acres; Carl Joseph Myers Jr. to Rebekah Irene Myers, $210,000.

5.175 acres; Richard W. Corbitt to Richard Andrew Corbitt, $180,000.

Lot 1, Block A, Section 2, Slate Springs; Elizabeth Diggs Shepperson, heir to James E. Buchanan, $220,000.

Lot 10, Block A, Section A, Kimberly Farms; Janet G. White to Richard W. Dressler Jr., $195,000.

Lot 13, Block F, Section 1, Mill Quarter; Brian C. Hare to Robert R. Roy, $340,000.

Lot 15, Section 3, Greywalls; The Reeds Landing Corp. to Daniel Joseph Smith, $186,000.

4 parcels; James A. Tilman IV, heir to New Ventures Real Estate LLC, $175,000.


2 parcels; Edward Holman Parrish III to Andrew W. Pryor Jr., $297,500.

2.014 acres; Jeffrey D. Bobbio to Broad Street Goochland LLC, $516,000.

20.001 acres; Charles J. Ferrell to Coonwill LLC, $174,600.

3 lots, Section 2A, Mosaic at West Creek; HHHunt Mosaic LLC to Schell Brothers Richmond LLC, $390,000.

6 acres; R. Kennon Guerry to Mary G. Tucker, $270,000.

610 acres; Kimberly Paulin, executor to Donald Wayne Hall, $324,900.

99.4 acres; Chinkyu Bailey to New Ventures Real Estate LLC, $350,000.

Lot 16, Block C, Section 2, Breeze Hill; Krickovic and Ziegler LLC to David John Czerwonka, $155,000.

Lot 2 and Lot 3, Tuckahoe Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to Bradford Homes Inc., $529,900.

Lot 21, Old Dominion Industrial Complex; John D. Joyce Jr. to Matthew Richardson, $750,000.

Lot 4, Block B, Section 1, Breeze Hill; Hunton Station LLC to Michael Douglas Scott, attorney, $710,000.

Lot 8, Tuckahoe Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to Laura M. Wadsworth, trustee, $269,950.

Lots 17 and 18, Section 2, Hadensville Farms; Paul K. Schuelke to Lee A. Newton, $160,500.

Parcel; Vera Ogden LLC to Joshua A. Sanborn, $200,000.


2259 Colston St.; Janet Lee Baker Weaver, executor to Irving Bishop, $180,000.

200 Lakemont Drive; Whitehill Estates-I LP to Petersburg East Housing Partners LP, $4,315,476.

98 S Plains Drive; Frances D. Dingledine to Nathaniel J. Taylor, $169,900.

1931-45 Wakefield St.; JDS Properties LLC to Julian Heavenly Homes Inc., $546,000.


2.86 acres; THB Co. to 23025 Airpark Drive LLC, $624,000.

4.84 acres; Landpark 2 Properties LLC to Robert D. Foster, $235,000.

5.847 acres; Jerry Jaime to Wild Goose Chase LLC, $215,000.

71.2 acres; Annsville Timber Co. LLC to Antonio Carollo, $151,380.

8.72 acres; Victoria Lynn Bigelow to Logan Alexander Lester, $184,000.

141 acres; John Matthews Baugh to Sean C. Stanley, $220,000.

Lot 38, Edge Hill Park; Teresa M. Wooten to CWS Real Estate Investment LLC, $152,500.


125 Brickhouse Lane; Larry D. Spivey to George Camarena Jr., $379,000.

4802 Conduit Road; Blanche S. Christopher to Samantha Dalton, $215,000.

3613 Hawick Drive; Linda S. Emory to George Manuel Gonzalez, $227,000.

224 Virginia Ave.; Christopher B. Rowsey to Jesse L. Wood, $215,000.


242 Bull Run Drive; Shalonda Walker to Natasha N. Simmons, $210,000.

4055 Eagle Drive; Mindy E. Robinson to Bertha Angela Renee Hubbard, $171,000.

3300 Portsmouth St.; Julie Smith Sizemore to Charles Eric Fowler, $190,000.

602 Sydney St.; Miriam Robles to Harold L. Carson, $227,000.


0.807 acres; Ronald A. Minick to William E. Langenhennig, $210,000.

1.03 acres; Nancy M. Wiley to Cameron Blake King, $190,000.

10.7 acres; Patricia B. Johns, executor to Thomas P. Sims, $280,000.

20.87 acres; Sue Anne Martin, trustee to Christopher C. Via, $160,000.

20.92 acres; Sue Anne Martin, trustee to Stephanie V. Adams, $157,000.

3 lots; Cameron M. Small to Daniel Wayne Nutt, $262,000.

375.0426 acres; GANK LLC to Jacob Ronald Bowers, $280,000.

4 lots; Christie Marie Richardson Miller to Overbite Properties NKC LLC, $175,000.

Lot 3B, Windmill Realtors Commercial Subdivision; Windmill Realtors LLC to S&S 311 LLC, $325,000.

Lot 15, Windsor Park; Tyler R. Craig to John Gabriel Whitner, $165,000.

Lots; September Property Associates LLC to Peter T. Lerner, $360,000.

Lots, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $719,058.

Parcel, White House Farm; Michael P. Henrich to Bruce L. Howard, $450,000.


0.916 acres; Angela C. Quinn, executor to Wilson Properties of Carson VA LLC, $550,000.

1 acre; Darrell Lee Givens to Cesar Augusto Celis Martinez, $206,000.

1.59 acres; Charles Ray Joyner to Amanda Woodfin, $157,100.

12.922 acres; Ali Grissett to Matthew A. Harrison, $190,000.

2 acres; Rhonda F. Canada to Rodney E. Sloan, $289,000.

6.794 acres; Robert P. Allen to Brandon Oliver, $200,000.

Lot 3, Block D, Section 1, Prince George Country Club Estates; Michael Lewis to Timothy F. Riley, $205,000.

Parcel; Debose Properties LLC to Yoderville LLC, $300,000.


1.47 acres; Emma A. Butler to Dennis Mote, $197,500.

2.091 acres; Robert L. Hensley to Joshua E. Lewellen, $158,000.

W 3 acres; Nora E. Wooten to Matthew Johnson, $205,000.

4.302 acres; Kevin O. Cook to Rachel Cook, trustee, $235,000.

6.715 acres; Gwendolyn Powers Bibb to Megan P. Hathaway, $350,000.


0.132 acres; Debra F. Butler to Richard Contreras, trustee, $215,000.

69.37 acres; Mapledale LLC to Brian S. Noel, $219,850.

Lot; Richard Sturtz III to Tara Sturtz, $163,000.

Lot 29, Section A, Rose Garden Estates; Donald W. Coad, trustee to Frank Folger Tuck III, $161,686.

Lot 5, Section 1, Parkwood Estates; Gina L. Allison to Alan Keith Tupponce, $237,000.

Lot 5C, Waterville; Nelson B. Prince to George B. Quick, $999,000.

Lot 7, Section 2, Cloptons; Nest-Vestor LLC to Masters Construction and Home Improvement LLC, $169,995.

Parcel 3A, Spotswood Landing; Edward Alan Saunders to Thomas Crawford Rayner, $235,500.


3 parcels; Donald G. Briggs to Assamoosick Properties LLC, $600,000.

Lot 2, Sappony Pines; Tyche Inc. to Nicholas L. Florakis, trustee, $178,300.

Parcel; Virginia Housing Development Authority to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $181,936.


2 parcels; Bank of America to COAN Burg LLC, $600,000.

Lot 21, Skipwith Farms; Hare Hare & Myers PA PC to Laura A. Stringer, $304,900.

Lot 4, Holly Hills; Anny M. Barth to Scott M. Jaeger, $195,000.

Lots 23-24, West Williamsburg; Anthony D. Malara to Midas Inc., $450,000.


6851 Arthur Hills Drive, Williamsburg; Bernice Moen Todd, trustee to Joseph P. Meconnahey, $520,000.

4304 Audley Green Terrace, Williamsburg; Lawrence J. Akers to Fred J. Scoleri, $267,500.

33 Berkshire Road, Williamsburg; Anthony R. Hare to Jennifer Taylor, $550,500.

5505 Brixton Road, Williamsburg; Laura Elizabeth Doherty to Stephen D. Mancilla, $406,000.

4801 Constitution, Williamsburg; Robert Gray Marcellus, devisee to William H. Prosser, $440,000.

3506 Dahlie Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Joseph Pennisi, $472,055.

2301 Eaglescliffe, Williamsburg; Thomas E. Heilman, trustee to Ann P. Miller, $445,000.

527 Fairway Lookout, Williamsburg; Thomas H. McEvoy to Harold McEvoy, $175,000.

3417 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Russell J. Glissman, trustee, $277,545.

708 Graves Ordinary, Williamsburg; Hemp Properties LLC to Lou Ann Dorrier, $305,000.

414 Hempstead Road, Williamsburg; Alyssa A. Bolton to Craig J. Larimer, $410,000.

11 Hilltop Court, Toano; Stephen J. Bruni to Jayne Isabelle Williams, $830,000.

2040 Hornes Lake Road, Williamsburg; Laurie N. Lorig, trustee to Trevor J. Walter, $815,000.

2924 E Island Road, Williamsburg; Daniel Lepore, trustee to Benjamin Johnson, $815,000.

105 Kempe Drive, Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Anthony John Angelone, $509,300.

104 Lakepoint Court, Williamsburg; Christopher S. Burnett to Aleksandra Wojcik, $250,000.

7508 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; Christopher Delzer to Willie Jones, $242,500.

227 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Jowell Ignacio Sansone, $294,960.

5927 Montpelier Drive, Williamsburg; Ryan M. McLamb to Graham J. Voight, $350,000.

4683 Noland Blvd., Williamsburg; Eric M. Simmons to Malika Bouabid, $265,000.

604 Pettus Ordinary, Williamsburg; William Moser to Gayle Gartley, $239,000.

113 Port Royal, Williamsburg; Colin L. Owens Jr. to Christopher Harvey, $850,000.

5237 Queen Bishop Lane, Williamsburg; Lynne J. Haynes to John W. Paradise, $335,000.

219 Rivers Edge, Williamsburg; Janice S. Woods, trustee to Roger E. Emory, $1,330,000.

8463 Sheldon Branch Place, Toano; Robert C. Hendricks to Scott Edward McGowan, $362,000.

4007 Stetinius Trail, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Edwin L. Hall Jr., $459,000.

2601 Swilkins Bridge, Williamsburg; Kristopher Jon Alden, sucessor trustee to Amy Marie Davis, $188,000.

144 Teal Way, Williamsburg; Jerome Behrmann Jr. to Howard Randy Snyder, $289,900.

3063 Torrington Trail, Williamsburg; Eleanor A. Hunter, trustee to James Andrew Foster, $641,500.

Unit 313, Foundation Square; Umberto Aimasso to Harold Honegger, $290,000.

Unit 735, Conference Center Condominium; Ian M. Penny to Gayle Gartley, $200,000.

125 Waterton, Williamsburg; Sharon E. Williams, trustee to Ronald Cecil Merritt, $780,000.

5523 Westmoreland Drive, Williamsburg; Richard L. Scott to Sara Bay Marostica Meldrum, $486,005.

3013 Whittaker Island Road, Williamsburg; Andrew T. Devine to Matthew A. Jones, $1,125,000.

122 Wilderness Lane, Williamsburg; Michaelene Patrice Fortner to Thomas A. Creasman, $310,000.

6415 Zachariah Drive, Williamsburg; Marion B. Mills to Richard A. Short, trustee, $439,000.

Published Nov 27, 2021


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