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Property Transfers Published Jan 1, 2022

Property Transfers Published Jan 1, 2022

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


113 W 13th St; Manchester Green Llc to Truong Melanie, $560,000.

1503 N 24th St; Tran Cindy A to Pryor Laron, $167,000.

1121 N 27th St; Ccrii Holdings Llc to Klein Travis and Katherine, $303,630.

64 W 29th St; Low Cost Construction Corp to Lyda Sarah C, $220,000.

211 W 30th St; Ferrell Watts Revocable Trust to Cirillo Joanna and Freeman Keith, $350,000.

621 N 32nd St; 621 A and B N 32nd Llc to Rva Holding Group Llc, $450,000.

1305-1/2 N 32nd St; Property Helpers 2 Llc to Hasten Todd M, $164,000.

2605 4th Ave; Lewis Ashley to Tassitano Jason Henry, $310,000.

3215 4th Ave; McCray Antionette B to Gardner Meri Liisa, $171,750.

3132 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Jones Lindsey Frances, $320,166.

1210 Amherst Ave; Baldasare Meredith P to Bearden Vanessa M, $355,000.

4709 Augusta Ave; Giblin Marie J to Zuckoff Mark A and Laura S, $330,700.

713 Bancroft Ave; Wilson James E to 713 Bancroft Llc, $200,000.

1008 Baywood Ct; Christakos Julia Hart to Ballato Llc, $380,000.

5732 Boynton Pl; Donohue Properties Llc to Reddy Sean J and Lacy Caroline, $300,000.

2907 E Broad St; Beckner James G and Valerie C to Rvf Investments Va Llc, $290,500.

4408 W Broad St; Suter Owen E III and Deborah D to 4408 West Broad Llc, $5,131,770.

309 Carson St; Boucher Mary Clare Tracy to Baker Gregory Earl, $375,000.

2631 Central Ave; Thomas Sandra B and David to Paul Conner and Riley Kaitlyn, $300,000.

3429 Chapel Dr; Bullwinkle Development Co Llc to King Tia Kinyada, $250,000.

5803 Christopher Lane; Clark John W III and Shannon W to Wood William Price III, $490,000.

9532 Creek Summit Cir; Hunnicut David K to Glaser Brenda W, $385,000.

525 W Crieff Road; Daniely Maxine E to Urquidi Paolo A De, $215,000.

3125 Enslow Ave; Cramton Holly to C T D Properties Llc, $205,000.

9420 Evansway Lane; Marasco Matthew E and Sarah E to Hoffman James Theodore, $388,000.

1102 Floyd Ave; Floyd Properties Llc to Nuvvala Spinivasa R, $510,000.

3210 Forest Hill Ave; Hood Dustin R to Gardiner Ryan, $370,000.

5108 W Franklin St; Guggenheim Andrew D to Strader Paul R, $535,000.

2920 Garland Ave; Greater Level Properties Llc to Prendergast Heather June, $475,000.

4814 W Grace St; Gibbs Ronald C and Roberta to Dunne Thomas and Elizabeth, $632,000.

1711 Grove Ave; Campbell Travis and Mei-Ling to Sanders Evan Conant, $980,000.

3415 Grove Ave; Westgate Apartments to 3415 Grove Llc, $1,450,000.

3416 Grove Ave, U21; Moses Joshua to Reagan Patrick, $239,950.

2956 Hathaway Road, U811; McAlexander Nancy Sherrill to Grover Joseph A and Shima, $390,000.

4017 Hermitage Road; Moeller Philip T to Brickley George R III, $725,000.

31 W Jackson St; Kilbride Kenneth and Kelly to Mankabady Mona, $330,000.

4011 Kensington Ave; Beath David and Wilcox Katrin to Orshoski Curtis A and Alison S, $836,154.

3210 Lamb Ave; Machinery Parts and Supply Inc to Fitzgerald Kelly Marie, $440,000.

3600 Lawson St; Quadrant Properties Llc to Bustillo Gian C, $155,000.

56 E Lock Lane, U4; Van Selow Tyler L and Alexis P to Karison Sandra L, $285,000.

7540 Marilea Road; Birdsong Adam C to Lee Chang Min and Loren Walden, $437,000.

1315 Mechanicsville Tpke; Mechanicsville Turnpike 1315 to Clark Jonathan Elliott, $269,000.

2112 Miller Ave; Peloquin Ryan to Geist Jayne and Crujen, $370,000.

1709 Moore St; Cox Mary C to Chen Xiao Yu, $325,000.

3219 Noble Ave; Hearn Douglas R and Mary M Trs to Lambert Brice E, $625,000.

1505 Oakwood Ave; Hhgrubb Llc to Wisner Nicholas A, $411,000.

4404 Patterson Ave; Barksdale Doris B and Barbara A to Innes Philip and Sarah Gray, $375,000.

418-1/2 S Pine St; Vick Molly Taylor to Ganz Jordan C, $280,000.

2924 R St; Evolve Development Inc to Leulu Lauren Marie, $369,000.

4607 Radford Ave; Sears Brian to Alexandre Suzanne G, $375,000.

601 Roseneath Road, U11; McBride Caitlin Love to Wallace John Mark and Nancy C, $178,000.

209 N Rowland St, Ub; Taylor Lynn R Jr and Lezlie Kim to Sells Living Trust Trustees, $320,000.

830 Shelby Dr; 830 Property Trust to Managed Property Enterprises, $150,000.

4501 Stonewall Ave; Think Cloud Solutions Llc to Whitener William Reed, $451,000.

2423 Stuart Ave; Osmun Jeffrey T and Maybeth to Hamilton Robert Stephen, $791,000.

5261 Tilford Road; Mason Michael A to Burch Jamie and Falk John Jr, $250,000.

5509 Toddsbury Road; Croft Marshall S and Alyson G to Menees James S and Shaila C, $1,185,500.

6108 Westower Dr; Bailey Steven to Italo Garcia Pineda Llc, $175,000.

1350 Westwood Ave, U106; Gp106 Llc to Hearn Mary M and Doug R, $465,000.

2901 Woodcliff Ave; Vollmer Phillip S and Courtney E to Butler Jena Lee, $301,000.


4307 7th St, Henrico; Hicks Properties Llc to Naughton Nathan F and Dillon T Caldwell, $261,000.

2033 Airy Cir, Henrico; Cromwell Scott Leon to Oliveri Dawn Marie, $180,000.

1517 Americana Dr, Henrico; Anderson Ernest M Jr to Smith Lorna and John Swierczewski, $170,000.

2201 Ashcreek Dr, Henrico; Yeager Mark A to Smith Nathania J and Matthew H Allison, $238,000.

2827 Aspinwald Dr, Henrico; Bingman Eric S and Paula F to Van Dao Matthew F and Brittany E, $415,000.

1712 N Battery Dr, Henrico; Bowyer Charles P to Spence Nunnamaker Llc, $176,000.

329 Beechwood Park Ln, Henrico; Scott Agnes E to Dennis Tanicea, $235,000.

11201 Birchcrest Rd, Henrico; Turner Josh T and Catherine S to Lynch Claire Sean and Wesley Bosman, $300,000.

11701 Bosworth Dr, Glen Allen; Bhojani Salman J and Z S to Ma Liangsuo and Li Chen, $680,000.

8200 Bowers Ln, Henrico; Bronner Jessica C to Jones Harrison McKenzie and C L Flippin, $271,000.

5003 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Green Patyence to Muhammad Faisal Dad, $253,000.

1107 Broad Hill Trce, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Dassharma Parag Premkirti, $519,303.

1111 Broad Hill Trce, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Herrera-Marquez Christian E and C Dallow, $548,227.

9121 Brookwood Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Gattuso Sandra to Harris Robin M, $212,000.

2302 Burnley Ave, Henrico; Ironhorse Investment Properties Llc to Vigen Joanne Albing and James Bruce, $258,000.

2708 Carlisle Ave, Henrico; Gmc Renovations Llc to Wells Rosalie A, $190,000.

2317 Carr Ln, Henrico; Americas Dream Llc to Rice Kendall M and Tracy A Critelli, $304,000.

7050 Charles City Rd, Henrico; Coorens Henri G and Kathy W to Raybuck Misty Marie and Justin Huish, $750,000.

9524 Chatterleigh Dr, Henrico; McEachron-Hirsch Gail A to Dodson Patricia Wagner, $425,000.

13413 College Valley Ln, Henrico; Cohen Steven A to Guggenheim Andrew D and Elizabeth M, $761,000.

7 S Confederate Ave, Sandston; M and H Investment Holdings Llc to Coleman Melissa A, $172,500.

12812 Copperas Ln, Henrico; Garman Patricia Louise to Roldan Joan and Stephen John, $310,000.

8113 Costin Dr, Henrico; Gus John Cametas Trust to Lawrence Alexander and Christina, $401,000.

514 Dakar Dr, Sandston; Smith Andrew and Amanda L to Cook Stacey D, $200,000.

6910 Dan St, Henrico; Christian Mabell E to Jones Denise, $240,000.

9135 Derbyshire Rd, Ud, Henrico; Rowe Pamela Jean L to Fox Rebecca W and James C, $250,000.

5502 Dendron Dr, Henrico; Kelly Tricia Ann to Robinson Sierra M, $230,000.

1250 Dotson Rd, Henrico; Crabtree William S Jr and Renee to Zamesnik Jacob, $230,000.

8805 Eli Pl, Glen Allen; Lapane Michael Gregory and Cynthia Evelyn to Kodvawala Yasir and Sadia Polani, $470,000.

6309 Ellington Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Cunningham Brian S and Sarah M, $1,099,000.

10203 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Burnette Steven H and Sherry H to Jackiewicz Anthony III and Amanda McAneny, $500,000.

7807 Fitzgerald Ct, Henrico; Reddick Ann H to Richmond Realty Partners Llc, $210,000.

9000 Forest Ridge Ct, Henrico; Stanton William H and Ellen to Kies Howard J and Lunda W, $560,000.

3119 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Whitener Reed and Ellen H to Nabizada Jamal and Mihrangiz, $275,000.

510 Gardiner Rd, Henrico; Petty William G and Mary Ellen H to Davis Blakely C and Martha E P, $628,000.

4404 Gladewater Rd, Henrico; Harris Linda K to Reese Daniel A Jr, $270,000.

10668 Gracie Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Taylor Sandra Allen, $511,725.

2500 Grand Glen Rd, Henrico; Hodnett Ernest A III and K T to Dobson-Brown Chandra A and Brandon M Brown, $262,000.

11536 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Berman Brian Daniel and Maryann Boucher, $1,087,755.

2905 Grove Point Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to McIntyre Brittney Ojanai, $233,320.

4064 Grove Point Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Henderson Lareesa, $242,980.

6949 Hapsburg Ln, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Corbin Ciata Konah, $328,373.

4916 Hickory Downs Dr, Glen Allen; Stewart Betty A Trustee to Oneal Louis Grant and Laura Strickland, $441,000.

5420 Hickory Place Way, Glen Allen; Obando Nelson Jr and Dana Ann Jaffe to Tetala Vidya Rajasekhara Reddy and Manasa, $488,100.

5129 Hunter’s Meadow Pl, Henrico; Bryant Gregory D and Donna E to Hickey Eliyas M, $376,000.

10804 Hurley Ct, Glen Allen; Mull Wilma B and John G to McKinney Adrienne L, $400,000.

2500 Jewett Dr, Henrico; Kong John to Kong Richhat, $355,000.

224 N Kalmia Ave, Henrico; Tw Partners Llc to Taylor Domonique Akeem, $238,000.

5212 Kimberwick Dr, Glen Allen; Xi Lei and Thuy N Ho to Liu Xiaojin and Di Zhao, $330,000.

6405 Labonte Ct, Henrico; Greene Shanna to Dillard Casey, $293,000.

2923 Lakewood Rd, Glen Allen; Huizinga Paul G and Maureen E to Chowdhury Rezaul, $210,000.

2642 Lassen Walk, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Adewuyi Bolanle O, $280,790.

12044 Layton Dr, Glen Allen; Manus Frances J to Martin Mark and Susan, $559,000.

5313 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Mendoza Kristina A to Yousuf Faraaz Ahmad and Shazia Ali, $445,000.

2418 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Kaminsky Brian L to Wiener Arlene, $589,950.

11322 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Huffman Paul David Jr and Angela K Trstees to Lang Kevin R and Stephanie M O, $590,000.

6217 Manor Park Ct, Glen Allen; Duda Gary E and Shannon M to Knapp Hailey Lauren and Michael James Irr, $615,000.

24 N Mapleleaf Ave, Henrico; Johansen Shane James Jr to Vance Evan, $185,000.

10307 Meadbrook Pl, Henrico; Gutzmer Christopher D and Kristen D to Schwartz Eamon Michael and Abigail Myree, $451,000.

25 Medlock Rd, Sandston; Richardson Edward L Jr to Jones Vickie Renee, $160,000.

2532 Merle St, Henrico; Hathaway Enterprises Llc to Robinson Jamie L, $189,000.

10201 Mobjack Ave, Glen Allen; Harlow Lewis A Jr and Joe Ann to Cothron Julia H, $499,000.

208 N Mooreland Rd, Henrico; Jairath Sanjeev and Arti Pandya to Reynolds Marietta C, $575,000.

6421 Morningside Dr, Henrico; Simmons Kyle to Preas Caroline, $341,000.

2111 Nelson St, Henrico; Mefford James Ren to Loving John B and Jennifer L Giattino, $282,500.

1497 New Market Rd, Henrico; Hargroves Samuel Est and Mayola P to Johnson Jeremiah E and Anne-Holly, $240,000.

8416 O’Connor Ct, U05, Henrico; Martin Bridget A and Patricia Jean to Schwarz Christina, $155,501.

2823 Oakland Ave, Henrico; Boynton Brittany E to Maunder Nancy E, $264,950.

4820 Old Main St, U606, Henrico; Hurley Edward T to Brown Dale P Trustee, $792,000.

9504 Oldhouse Dr, Henrico; Ellis Anthony John to McKenzie Mark Thomas and Jordan, $355,000.

5813 Park Creste Dr, Glen Allen; Borsh Regina A Trustee to Strother Eric, $376,000.

11704 Park Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Price Elizabeth Cruz to Onat Sinan and Isil Sahin, $350,005.

7642 Phillips Woods Dr, Henrico; Elliott David C and Svitlana Ivanivna to Macon Lynett R and Ellis, $345,000.

1030 Pleasant St, Henrico; Branch Arthello I III to Dreiling Monica, $215,000.

3016 Putney Rd, Henrico; McCarthy William J and Sheila J Carpenter to Phat Khun, $267,000.

2914 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Munda Roberto and Brandon to Morrison Audrey Ann, $267,000.

13508 Reynard Ln, Henrico; Solodar Andrew Samuel and Shelby Dennis to Rowe Brandon and Lauren Bates-Rowe, $682,000.

8222 Ridge Rd, Henrico; Bradford Homes Inc to Peifer Janelle S and John T, $907,367.

1212 Rosecroft Rd, Henrico; Siler David W and Karen B to Snead Judith and Ashley Elizabeth, $281,500.

5010 Sandpiper Dr, Henrico; Street Georgina M to Skreslet Nathan and Ly Cao, $270,000.

11824 Sandy Bluff Dr, Henrico; Newcomb Jason T and M P to Rahimi Khalil and Naeema, $440,000.

5105 Shimmering Pl, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Dang Dieu and Uyen V Le, $539,430.

16 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Adorno Lauren Jean and Blaise A Ruffing, $482,520.

45 Skipwith Green Cir, Henrico; Luettgen Jonathan M to Clausing Stephen T, $210,000.

9514 Spring Moss Ter, Glen Allen; Ly Savann and Sina Siek to McKee Jacqueline, $294,000.

2209 Springdale Rd, Henrico; Makela Kenneth W Jr and Kacey C to Sergent Andrew, $151,000.

12732 Storrow Rd, Henrico; Fritts Justin K and Christina K to Pawlewicz Robert and Diana, $592,000.

1627 Swansbury Dr, Henrico; Forst Nicholas R to Tyler Elizabeth Foster and Benjamin Camm, $515,000.

11225 Thorncroft Dr, Glen Allen; Waller Michael J and Christine M Daylor to Mohan Manish and Megha Nagpal, $595,000.

11694 Timberly Ct, Henrico; 86trinity Llc to Aiello John Alec, $240,000.

4656 Twin Hickory Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Lachance Brenda Marie to Ahmadi Sultan Mahmood and Nooria Afzal, $303,000.

12001 Valleybrook Dr, Henrico; Hansen Jan B and Barbara J to Clary Beverly B III and Christyann H, $622,000.

3106 Wallaby Trce, U0604, Henrico; Pendleton Raymond A and Nancy Jean Trust to Abbasi Azar and Sunmbal, $160,000.

3101 Warren Ct, Glen Allen; Vaughan William B III and Kaye R Trustees to Dixon Connor Hart and Amy Kathleen Ligon, $241,000.

1727 Westhill Rd, Henrico; Roshdy Emad K and Mona Nabil Louis to Lee Sang Dek, $305,000.

12708 Westin Estates Dr, Glen Allen; Brewer Michael D and Mary F to Gulkarov Vladimir and Elena, $1,360,000.

7586 Willson Rd, Henrico; Real Estate Acquisitions and Invest Llc to Tyler Alina, $272,500.

10103 Windsong Ter, Henrico; Hansen Paul E and Jennifer M to Abdelgadir Mohamed and Myra H, $440,000.

8116 Wistar Creek Walk, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Davis Mitchell J and Anita M, $280,458.

8120 Wistar Creek Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Pitchford Frank A and Alesha N Henderson, $309,871.

8706 Wytheland Rd, Henrico; Twin Blessings V Llc to Cone Investments Llc, $230,000.

466 Young Dr, Sandston; Housing and Urban Development to Lofton Leasing Llc, $210,000.


5912 Acorn Ridge Ct, Midlothian; Trost David Dennis and Julie L to Krueger Donald Alan and Vidal Shakeyra Kerene, $318,000.

1755 Almer Ct, Chester; NVR Inc to Ford Ronald and Catherine, $446,270.

2201 Apperly Ter, Midlothian; Homesmith Construction Inc to Daily Alisia P, $523,046.

3612 Argent Ln, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Garcia Gutierrez J E Et Al, $297,275.

1112 Ashton Village Ln, Midlothian; Hoffman Jason to Robbins Roger Uley and Monique Nichole, $372,500.

21168 Baileys Ln, South Chesterfield; Parker Geneda L to Bevins Alexis, $228,000.

6402 E Banes Ct, Chesterfield; Westbrook Douglas M Sr to Goodman Carol L, $225,000.

2512 Beaver Falls Rd, Midlothian; East Coast Marketing Inc to Granal Micah, $212,000.

1930 Bedwyn Ln, Midlothian; Johnson David A and Jennie M to Weldon John C and Sharon K, $740,000.

13903 Belmont Stakes Ct, Midlothian; Thruston Stephen S and Jan C to Lampasone Donald T and Kara, $310,000.

15637 Blooming Rd, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Koeppel Kathryn P and A E III, $425,831.

4200 Blue Bicycle St, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Lawson Angela Tucker and Terry Lamont, $397,500.

4304 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Johnson Julian T and Sarah, $263,285.

4409 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Lewis Tea, $272,005.

14412 Branched Antler Dr, Midlothian; Graham Darryl P and Ashley B to Mullins Samuel A and Mason Elizabeth A Kelley, $245,000.

11616 E Briar Patch Dr, Midlothian; McNeil Denise Delvitto to Lehre Edward J and Lehre Janet P Revocable Trust, $175,000.

16719 Broadmoor Rd, Moseley; Ivins Rebecca to Brown Eryn Jann, $480,000.

6154 Buntline Ln, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Jang Mi Sun, $292,555.

2907 Calcutt Dr, Midlothian; Pena Salvador J and Nancy R to Legarde Stewart J Jr, $735,000.

2201 Cantina Ln, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Richardson Tarron, $407,595.

1901 Carbon Hill Dr, Midlothian; Calpin James A Jr and Joann C to Hood Dustin R and Wilson Trevi, $415,000.

4743 Cedar Cliff Rd, Chester; Jarrett Alan Q and Robin D to Christian Roland McKinley III, $265,000.

420 Charlemagne Rd, Midlothian; Schipinski Carol to Carro Tara S and Joseph A, $300,000.

2521 Chartstone Dr, Midlothian; Robert Robin W to Pascarella Mathew Francis and Bryan Brooke O'Neal, $607,000.

3741 Cliffwood Rd, North Chesterfield; Cabrera Jessica M to Ajualip Teletor Mario R, $265,000.

3321 Clintwood Rd, Midlothian; Carro Joseph Anthony and Tara to Karincic Emila and Adnan, $273,000.

11700 Corte Castle Rd, Chesterfield; King Eric M to Aldrich Nicholas Robert and Kristina Holland, $325,000.

5903 Country Walk Rd, Midlothian; Fraser Matthew C and Patricia M to Drummond Anita Kaye, $600,000.

6200 Currins Rd, Chester; Cnb Properties Inc to Biegler Family Investments Llc, $1,400,000.

13601 Danwoods Rd, Midlothian; Becker Sarah C to Cole-Booze Cindy Stone, $295,000.

4300 Deertrail Dr, North Chesterfield; Johnson Joshua D to Guzman Isidro Emilio Moscoso and Mayorga Mildred Yesenia Coloma, $290,000.

15054 Dordon Ln, Midlothian; Legault Homes Llc to Anderson Robert Richard III and Jennifer Metallo, $651,832.

7513 Dunollie Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Byers Kenneth Martin and Kristine Ludwig, $473,695.

6341 Eagles Crest Ln, Chesterfield; Pruett David A and Julie to Rogers Yvette T, $261,000.

8500 Eastwood Ct, North Chesterfield; Mallon Lauren B and Billups E B to Wild Jacob M and Leybin Julia M, $303,000.

1720 Elmart Ln, North Chesterfield; Agriesti Bruce E and Pamela W to Reungoat Julien and Nicole, $385,000.

15107 Enmore Dr, Midlothian; Legault Homes Llc to Holland Thomas and Joanna, $544,990.

3825 Evershot Dr, Midlothian; Radcliff Peter E Jr and Lisa M to Chilcote Bret L and Shelia L, $500,000.

6472 Faulkner Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Ware John Arran and Elizabeth, $396,990.

7707 Fern Hollow Dr, Chesterfield; Sabatino Vera to Dubon Sade, $280,000.

8736 Forge Gate Ln, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Dhakal Dinesh and Rimal Prakriti, $500,109.

717 Forkland Dr, North Chesterfield; Snead Norton P Jr and Betty L to Milkavich Michael D and Zoellner Marta, $287,000.

2219 Founders Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Fox Glen L and Fox Maria N C Trs to Montes Juan and Maria E, $750,000.

8100 Galatea Pl, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Rodgers Tessie E, $416,105.

16301 Genito Rd, Moseley; Francis Mark E and Francis D W to Jamerson Bernie Monroe and Jane Hall, $275,000.

3651 Ghent Dr, Chesterfield; Tejada Manuel Antonio to Hawkins Floyd C and Linda, $335,000.

2839 Glendower Ct, Midlothian; O'Neill James and Debra A to Vickery Raymond M and Florence Tappan Heinsohn, $525,000.

5167 Goldburn Dr, North Chesterfield; Johnson Joseph M Jr and Brittany to Ford Krys L and Konnie, $364,950.

17525 Graffis Ter, Moseley; Cooper A Raven to Elrafa Abelrahman and Bazyluk Natalia, $469,000.

6507 Grand Haven Ln, Moseley; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Johnson David and Lynnsey, $1,050,000.

6306 Halrose Ln, North Chesterfield; Almonte Juan Et Als to Lugo De Rodriguez Zoila Maria and Rodriguez Lugo Dismerlin, $215,000.

7906 Hampton Arbor Cir, Chesterfield; Smulders Joris and Juliana to Bolt Robert Walker and Nicole Lynne, $415,000.

13940 Happy Hill Rd, Chester; Prosise Gerald N and Janice M to Rodriguez Juan A and Arevalo Virginia E, $293,550.

912 Hartford Ln, North Chesterfield; Huff Ashleigh M to Pega Brooke Y and Matthew S, $247,000.

4500 Heidi Mews, Midlothian; Brinkley David R Jr and Kimberly to Anderson Ernest M Jr and Shantelle K, $317,843.

9420 Hickory Rd, South Chesterfield; Morrisette J H and Howerton E S to Morrisette Jonathan Gary and Jamie Howerton, $175,000.

10801 Hollytree Ct, Chesterfield; Sims Carlisle B and Jacqueline J to Edwards Clayton P and Tammy M, $200,000.

10300 Hull Street Rd, Midlothian; D and D Hotel Llc to Shantiwan Inc, $2,900,000.

4608 Jacobs Glenn Dr, North Chesterfield; Evans R T and Evans K L V Trs to Rich Nicholas B and Brittney D, $345,000.

8901 Jefferson Davis Hwy, North Chesterfield; Goff C Wayne to Enamorado Jose Luis, $380,200.

14530 Kenmont Dr, Midlothian; Lavery K Michael and Lisa C to Holtslag Jennifer and Lode, $995,000.

4700 Kimmeridge Dr, Moseley; Kurrus Ryan B and Annette M to Rogers Michael and Cooley Nathalie, $505,000.

14100 Laketree Dr, Chester; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Frazier Dona', $249,250.

4140 Lamplighter Dr, North Chesterfield; Varley Jacqueline Anne Et Als to Moreira Miguel A and Laura, $175,000.

8812 Leafycreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Rich Nicholas B and Brittney D to Brooks Amelia Serena and William Henry, $210,000.

5340 Lingle Ln, North Chesterfield; Crane Jacob A to Raqui Bryan, $265,000.

6400 Little Creek Way, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Blalock Anthony J Jr, $304,980.

14307 Long Hill Rd, Midlothian; Cox William R and Terry L to Richmond Cole and Conry Nicolle, $340,000.

20409 Loyal Ave, South Chesterfield; Prince Flooring Llc to Jones Jennifer, $238,000.

14918 Majestic Creek Dr, South Chesterfield; Bornschein James F and Christine to Hamilton Caitlin N and Timothy B, $335,000.

924 Marblethorpe Rd, North Chesterfield; Houghton K F and Catchick M C to Lindsey Brandon Ross, $215,000.

3119 Marobrith Dr, South Chesterfield; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Adkins Ardell, $225,000.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Nowak Cynthia J, $264,990.

4906 Michaelwood Rd, Chesterfield; Shurm Construction Inc to Smith Travis A and Sheila D, $319,950.

14209 Michaux View Way, Midlothian; Kontos Angela J to Myers Averette Perry III and Liles Rachel Sarah, $356,800.

15813 W Millington Dr, Midlothian; Crane Andrew Philip and April L to Kelly Paul and Keri, $615,000.

4301 Morehouse Ter, Chesterfield; Purvis James Thurston II to Bryant Aaron and Michelle, $380,000.

2516 Myron Ave, North Chesterfield; Quezada Edgar Jose to Hunt Sophia A D and Lawes A E, $249,950.

7618 Nicklaus Cir, Moseley; Swoboda Scott F to McColl Sean M and Morrow Sarah Lynn, $380,000.

9418 W Oak River Dr, South Chesterfield; Shipley Michael D and Deborah B to Pleasants Brian E and Sarah, $330,000.

7809 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Robinson Lenise S C, $291,665.

11220 Old Lewiston Rd, North Chesterfield; Kerner Thomas E III and Carla D to Myhre Pamela and Graham Paul, $488,260.

16619 Otterdale Pointe Dr, Moseley; Aronson Joseph D and Bianca D to Mondragon Ana Alzamora and Glauser Michael Scott, $445,000.

11537 Park Branch Ln, Chesterfield; Alexander Clarence F and P R to Taylor Corey and Tameka, $565,000.

15012 Pine Vista Ln, Chester; Puleo Robert J and Maura C to Williams Alexis, $283,000.

8713 Pleasant Ridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Schmidt Cameron M to Stone Darrell, $170,000.

12740 Prestonfield Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Adams James Clair and Sharon L, $273,730.

1845 Providence Villas Ct, North Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Adkins Diana J, $358,262.

7941 Provincetown Dr, North Chesterfield; Martinez Sandra R Ramirez to Rubi Alfredo Ardon and De Ardon Maria Serrano Nunez, $166,000.

3203 Quail Hill Dr, Midlothian; Robinson James M and Meredith M to Gray Rodney Lee and Kristen L, $320,000.

4056 Randolph Rd, North Chesterfield; Hungerford Erin to Street Matthew S, $307,000.

14906 Rankin Dr, Midlothian; Kmec Marc H Jr and Jami P to Schoner Matthew David and Hayley Marie, $600,000.

14106 Ridge Creek Rd, Midlothian; Baker Heather A to McClellan Richard E, $295,000.

13400 River Rd, Chesterfield; Phillips D B and Phillips B M to Hannon Kyle Joseph and Samantha Patricia, $150,000.

431 Riverview Ct, Chester; Petree John C and Judy A to Lamm Steven M and Noni C, $575,000.

4231 Round Hill Dr, Chesterfield; Marshall Nelson T Jr and Carol M to Medrano Felix and Amanda Penrose, $285,000.

16203 Rowlett Rd, Chesterfield; Carroll Amanda L to Horn James Matthew, $250,000.

14640 W Salisbury Rd, Midlothian; Horvath James M and Pamela A to Donohoe Jessica L and Stephen L, $661,000.

15920 Sandwave Rd, Chester; Wolford Tim R to Spencer-Mitchell Sharonette, $180,000.

10810 Savoy Rd, North Chesterfield; Thornton Christopher Clay to Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc, $190,000.

8307 Shady Banks Dr, Chesterfield; Holes Michael C to Epperson Alicia Jean and Wallace Wilkins III, $415,000.

14107 Shallowford Landing Ct, Midlothian; Downing Hal and Marilyn J to Early Robert Wesley and Simone Brooke Nicole, $395,000.

3142 Shorewood Pl, Midlothian; Degenhardt William R and Theresa to Buenvenida Kevin P and Vogt L M, $443,350.

4507 Singing Bird Dr, Moseley; Emerson Patricia A E and Shank L to Bailey Bryant and Kimberly, $779,950.

502 Smoketree Pl, North Chesterfield; Acker Todd C and Kathryn S to Grover Nichole Inkel, $284,000.

10224 Spring Run Rd, Chesterfield; Manage This Llc to Mylott William Ray III and Kayla, $185,500.

15060 St Ives Dr, Midlothian; Tedeschi Robert B to Thompson Cameron and Starring Whitney, $574,950.

3712 Sterling Woods Ln, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Bivins Sylvia D, $415,000.

4043 Stone Creek Ter, Chesterfield; Kargus Brian and Angela M to Nelson Jimeka T and Orr Kemar D, $352,000.

13804 Summerlook Ln, Chesterfield; Braden D R and Braden C J Trs to Stuckey Tracy M and Kenneth E, $595,000.

2405 Sunset Hills Ct, North Chesterfield; Gomez Carlos A and Susana to Koekkoek Joel and Ashley Nicole, $302,000.

19403 Temple Ave, South Chesterfield; Mason Charlotte H to Jones Tykeria Nikol, $185,000.

6907 Theoden Lndg, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Strange Barbara Laverne, $339,890.

18018 Timber Banks Ln, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Memmer Karl G and Lauren M, $907,878.

14605 Tranor Ave, Chester; Lowder Robert J to Payne William and Sheila, $253,750.

4012 Treely Rd, Chester; Beasley Arthur D Jr to Vazquez Bianca J, $200,000.

2007 S Twilight Ln, North Chesterfield; Elm Homes Virginia Llc to Harris Heath Christopher and K A, $239,100.

7019 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Stinnett Diane J to Walker Cedric, $250,000.

7889 Vermeil St, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Flanagan Ricardo D, $280,000.

1407 Walthall Creek Dr, South Chesterfield; Butler Bonnie to Goode Ronnie, $315,000.

6308 Walnut Bend Ter, Midlothian; Levine Michael S to Freestone Properties Llc Trustee, $290,000.

4607 Watchrun Dr, North Chesterfield; Acaso Alan A and Buena Fe P to McGee Dominic and Dovi Kayla, $235,000.

13715 Watkins Glen Rd, Midlothian; Cramer Cristen L to Riper Diana Van, $225,000.

4007 Welby Dr, Midlothian; Johnson David B and Althea R to Kesler Matthew and Leigh, $945,000.

17024 Westington Rd, Moseley; Benson Amy K and Michael E to Talbert William W Jr and Barbara G, $475,700.

1703 N White Mountain Dr, Chester; Dias Matthew W Sr to Lizano Juan Pablo Garza and Carranza Norma Catalina Vincent, $420,000.

2410 Willis Rd, North Chesterfield; Mendez Arturo J to Patel Bhavesh and Kirpa B, $225,000.

12001 Winbolt Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Rivera-Dickey Rosenda, $460,940.

6600 Winters Prey Trl, Moseley; Staples Juliette and Paul to Gatling Erin K and Mark Jr, $619,950.

1002 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Bricker Charles A III and Bricker Janice B Trustees, $399,572.

2550 Woodmont Dr, North Chesterfield; Yvette Gerner Llc to Aiken John W and Weir Allison G, $278,007.

5701 Yellowleaf Ct, North Chesterfield; McGee Christian B and Bernadette to Martinez Lenin Portillo, $251,000.


0.462 acres; Twin Blessings LLC to Megan C. Cone, $231,850.

0.5 acres; Twin Blessings LLC to Cone Investments LLC, $207,000.

0.77 acres; Twin Blessings III LLC to Cone Investments LLC, $165,000.

0.806 acres; K&B LLC to David A. Donovan, $319,000.

1 acre; Lynn S. Bryant to Kaitlin A. Askew, $150,000.

1.35 acres; Fellowship Community Church of Mechanicsville to Joseph Banks, $302,500.

1.666 acres; Wilmer H. Rice to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $196,839.

1.926 acres; Twin Blessings LLC to Megan C. Cone, $207,350.

1.99 acres; Raymond E. Edwards to Beau LLC, $255,000.

10.64 acres; Twin Blessings VII LLC to Megan C. Cone, $255,350.

Block A, Section 1, Highland Industrial Park; Uptown Investments LLC to CSL VA Real Estate LLC, $1,200,000.

Lot 1, Kruger Estates; Sandy Valley LLC to Debra Lynne Mask, $160,000.

Lot 1, Section 9, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Leadbetter Realty Inc. to TJC Realty Leadbetter Storage LLC, $3,150,000.

Lot 1, Section G, Glebe Hill; SSNL LLC to Shurm Construction Inc., $170,000.

Lot 11, Block A, Section 1, Rutland; Norman J. Barker to James L. Agnew, $392,000.

Lot 11, Block M, Section 1, High Point Farms; Clark Bartley Russell to Demian Futterman, $239,000.

Lot 18, Section 2, Oak Grove; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $250,000.

Lot 2, Block D, Section A, Beaverdam Park; Real Estate Acquisitions and Investments LLC to Virginia Moorefield, $235,000.

Lot 2, Section 5, Hickory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc., $340,000.

Lot 2, Section A, Old Oaks Acres; Newman Wilson Cosby to Richard Allen Mitchell, $150,000.

Lot 20, Section 2, Oak Grove; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Perrincrest Custom Homes LLC, $200,000.

Lot 23, Section 2, Oak Grove; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $250,000.

Lot 23, Section 3, Providence; Sid Sifunja Wako Anderson to Titanium Jubilee LLC, $430,000.

Lot 24, Section 2, Oak Grove; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $200,000.

Lot 35, Block G, Pole Green Station; Bindesh R. Shah to Khanh Ky Chau, $285,000.

Lot 37, Block A, Section 1, Brookshire; Samuel I. White PC, trustee to Brian Ancarrow, $209,000.

Lot 4, Section 2, Independence Farms; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $180,000.

Lot 5, Block C, Mechanicsville Grove; RPM Enterprises LLC to Thurman Ray Hooper Jr., $200,000.

Lot 53, Block A, Section 2, Summer Walk; David G. Dehetre to Donella Fields, $369,950.

Lot 7, Block B, Section 2, Slash Cottage; Twin Blessings II LLC to Megan C. Cone, $207,350.

Lot B, Pamunkey Estates; Cameron Scott Meads to Jonie Bautista, $390,000.

Lots 31, 34 and 37, Southerly at Caldwell Park; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $405,000.

Lots 38 and 40, Gardenbrook; Garden Brook Way LLC to Balducci Builders Inc., $190,000.

Lots, Southerly at Caldwell Park; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $226,650.

Lots, Southerly at Caldwell Park; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $1,246,575.

Parcel; John David Chappell to Maycor Real Estate Services LLC, $195,000.

Parcel; John Fernandez to Cone Investments LLC, $165,000.

Parcel; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $270,000.

Parcel; Jose Santos Iraheta to Elvin Omar Santos Delcid, $190,000.

Parcel; Oakleigh Properties LLC to O. Woodland Hogg Jr., trustee, $190,000.

Parcel; Riverland Farms LLC to Rogers Chenault Inc., $630,000.

Parcel; Twin Blessings LLC to Megan C. Cone, $231,000.

Parcel; Patrick Henry Heights; Cynthia D. Courtney to Ricky S. Corker Builder Inc., $190,000.

Section 1, Stags Leap; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $340,000.

Section 8, Giles Farm; Giles Farm Development Co. LLC to NVR Inc., $266,600.


10 acres; Steven W. Spurlock Jr. to Clyde T. Coats II, $271,000.

11.5 acres; David S. Pierpont to Seth Marx, $514,000.

2 acres; Christy C. Cifers to Steven C. Barber, $175,000.

35.1 acres; Michael J. Crosse to Meagan Marie Singleton, $462,500.

4.418 acres; Powhatan Plaza LLC to Exact Holdings LLC, $203,228.

80.45 acres; Robert L. Worsham Revocable Trust to Coonwill LLC, $725,000.

9.757 acres; Edmund C. Burruss to Fighting Creek Properties LLC, $500,000.

Lot 13, Block C, Section 1, Phase 2, Kimberly Farms; William P. Kantzler III to Ryan G. Seawell, $185,000.

Lot 2, Block D, Lake Shawnee Estates; Terry Lee Adams to Raymond F. and Beverly Robichaud Revocable Trust, $227,500.

Lot 21, Section A, Branchway Springs; Paul W. Cella to Mark R. Dysert, $150,000.

Lot 7, Walnut Grove; Jerry W. Jones to David L. Jefferson Revocable Trust, $309,900.

2 parcels, 12 acres; James Joseph Zahinger to Jacob Short, $280,000.


12310 Beech Hall Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to John D. Nelms, $628,382.

1817 Blackwood Drive, Maidens; Barbara J. Matusiak to Eric Lundberg, $585,000.

1712 Cahill Terrace, Maidens; Andrew Edwards to Stephen West Holden IV, $319,000.

5 Dahlgren Road, Richmond; James F. Bartley to John C. Daimler, $1,215,000.

13003 Fresco Court, Richmond; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Charles E. Fagan, $669,419.

4270 Hadensville Farm Road, Mineral; Rachel Leclair to Heather M. Stagg, $310,000.

1353 Hermitage Road, Manakin Sabot; Elsie M. Katz to Kevin D. Knull, $1,455,000.

895 Manakin Road, Manakin Sabot; James F. Hale to Nathaniel L. Wean, $570,000.

902 Newsome Court, Goochland; Thomas P. Laskan to Kenneth Young, $355,000.

301 Piping Rock Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Philip D. Sutton, $684,778.

3053 Sand Wedge Court, Louisa; RCI Builders LLC to Matthew Fritz, $560,257.

12059 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Anne R. Whitney, $426,680.

3800 Three Chopt Road, Gum Spring; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Wesley Hill, $319,950.

7163 Yare St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Michele D. Allen, $526,221.


211 Catalpa Court; NVR Inc. to Robert James Nelson IV, $264,990.

2016 Dodson Road; William B. Russell Jr. to Gary N. Skinner Sr., $189,000.

614 High St.; Gianna Grier to Calin Joan Riffle, $226,000.

3309 E Princeton Road; Carlton A. Curry III to Donna R. Lundy, $210,000.

1727 Varina Ave.; 414 Roseneath Properties LLC to Angela C. Miller, $229,950.


3800 E Autumn Drive, Dinwiddie; Zachary W. Cousins to Brandan Armstrong, $242,500.

27089 Britt Lane, North Dinwiddie; John Paul Campbell to Brian Keith Atchley, $359,000.

15518 Davis Road, Church Road; Herbert T. Goad to Edward R. Gill III, $197,500.

17304 Hudgins Road, Dewitt; Linda M. Brandon to James C. Freds, $280,000.

4205 Kenneth Drive, North Dinwiddie; Bogese Realty and Construction Inc. to Pamela Williams, $222,000.

8709 Squirrel Level Road, North Dinwiddie; Carlos Hayes to Richard A. Brooks, $330,500.

19618 Turkey Run Court, Dinwiddie; Rock River Inc. to Cottie Lee Bondurant, $315,467.


130 Archer Ave.; Edgar Herrera to Sharlee E. Blizzard, $290,000.

904 Center Ave.; Opeyemi Idowu Ajayi to Kimberly Ann Jones, $225,000.

206 Hanover Ave.; Raymond A. Cannon to Christian Black, $300,000.

500 MacArthur Ave.; Dennis J. Livingston to Robert Wayne Shehane, $228,500.

210 Lyons Ave.; Elizabeth A. Dietz to Raymond Way, $185,000.

169 Wright Ave.; Prakash D. Upadhyaya to Patricia A. Payne, $178,062.


Lot 10 and part of Lot 9, Block 8, Dolin; Masonry & Concrete LC to Dillon Perry Leeper, $167,000.

Lot 22 and part of Lot 21, Block 1, Broadway; D&N Property LLC to Rebecca Trayler, $172,887.

Lots 33-35, Block 37, Belmont; Carlos Estuardo Ascencio to Laurie Borrel, $194,076.

Lots 4-9, Block 3, West City Point; Walter R. Vaughan Jr. to Poythress Holdings LLC, $280,000.

Parcel; Christina M. Browder to Autumn C. Griffin, $175,000.

Part of Lot 16, River Road Park; Hildegard Gruwell, trustee to Nonas Tree LLC, $150,000.

9 parcels; J&L Co. to Langley & Langley LLC, $597,275.


108.45 acres; Eugene R. Williams to Rock River Inc., $350,000.

2 acres; Stone Property LLC to David R. Clites, $318,750.

37.02 acres; Candace W. Young to Faitha M. Schrader, $700,000.

Lot 17, Section 5, The Oaks; NVR Inc. to Angela Lynn Peay, $296,755.

Lot 26, Section M, Phase 2, Brickshire; William H. Heuer to FLI3S LLC, $555,000.


7004 Birchett Drive, Prince George; America's Dream LLC to Arthur J. Johnson Jr., $335,000.

11313 Cedar Run Road, South Prince George; Sandra M. Jones to Vanessa Denis, $195,000.

5604 Cedar Trail East, Prince George; Terry R. Montei to Isabel Rosado-Mendez, $410,000.

7440 Cross Point Lane, Prince George; Darrell L. Shaw to Ralph Kenneth McCulloch Jr., $250,000.

1178 Indian Court, South Prince George; Andrew C. Catherman to Travis O. Jones, $400,000.

6905 Lola Lane, Prince George; Timothy D. Sprouse Jr. to Zachary Cousins, $334,750.

11501 Ridge Road, Prince George; Terry A. Brown to Michael D. Goode, $225,000.

8518 Sandy Ridge Road, North Prince George; Debra Jane Tomko Lescanec to Charles David Story IV, $311,000.

1661 Tinsley Blvd., Prince George; Rudolph J. Jarrell Jr. to Patsy M. Rowland, $215,000.

11075 Webb Road, Disputanta; Danrich Construction Co. Inc. to Lindsey Lester, $257,259.

Charles city

1.9 acres; Tig-Mac LLC to NKC Holdings LLC, $1,000,000.

Lot 4, Salem Bluffs North; Roxbury LLC to Paul A. Hitchcock, $165,000.

Parcel; Ronald K. Binger to Robert Scott Blackwell Jr, trustee, $330,000.


2 parcels; Steve A. Bennett to Kayla Seymore, $232,000.

33.5 acres; Liberty University, noteholder to Nibbs Creek Properties Inc., $390,000.

67.86 acres; Rahim M. Afsharie to Pembelton Forest Products Inc., $217,152.

Parcel; Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Motta Homes Renovations LLC, $154,000.


12.5 acres; Glenn Duncan, trustee to Ricardo M. Altamirano, $369,000.

4.641 acres; Vanessa A. Upson to Clark Properties 2 LLC, $290,000.

Parcel; Sandra A. Jackson to Heather R. Arbaugh, $245,000.


967 Courthouse Landing Road, King and Queen Courthouse; Martha H. Woodruff to Thomas R. McNamara Jr., $325,000.

127 Goulders Creek Road, Mattaponi; James I. Meade to Christopher W. Sutton, $230,000.


2105 Chaucer Court, Aylett; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to James Ethan Moss, $226,915.

91 Clarks Lane, Aylett; Donald M. Baggette to Matthew R. Whitt, $303,947.

340 Corran Drive, Aylett; Margaret Allen Creger Woods to Cindy Newcomb, $211,000.

114 Gwynne Drive, Aylett; Joan D. Whipple to Brittany M. Ostrander, $190,000.

1020 Kirby St., West Point; Michele C. Owens to Krista K. Brandl, $261,000.

11609 Mount Olive Cohoke Road, West Point; Marvin N. Singer III to Dustin R. Walker, $360,000.

374 Oxford Lane, King William; Gregory A. Neal to Emily Bookman, $275,000.

210 Pine Ridge, Aylett; Amanda B. Figg to Long Kim Nguyen, $245,000.

227 Pointers Drive, West Point; Paul A. White Jr. to Ngoc Bao Hoang, $285,000.

264 Skyron Court, King William; Stephen O. Taylor to Sherry L. Graham, $288,500.

306 Wendenburg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to James L. Wright, $274,629.


436 Carpenter Drive, Sussex; Richard A. Forbes to Nancy A. Theis, $222,000.

5098 Spring Branch Road, Waverly; Sheryl R. Grammer to Daniel R. Cooke, $370,000.


Lot 12, Brandywine; Herbert M. Reynolds, co-trustee to Juanita Murray, $369,000.

Lot 6, Governor Berkeley Professional Center; Berkeley Building Associates LLC to Hampton Roads Capital LLC, $350,000.

Lot 6, Scotland Street Townhouses; Scott A. Stromberg to Scotland Street 421 LLC, $283,000.

Lots 1-4, Village Green North Townhomes at Quarterpath; Quarterpath Williamsburg LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $384,000.

Lots 15 and 16, West Williamsburg; Long G Inc. to G Square Inc., $352,700.

Lots 8, 9 and 10, West Williamsburg; G. Square Inc. to Lone G Inc., $263,400.


0.72 acres; Matthew D. Penfold to Gabrielle Celeste Skelton, $350,000.

25.02 acres; Spotswood Commons LLC to Williamsburg Spotswood LLC, 46,000,000.

3 acres; Joanne Kellam to Crossroad Properties LLC, $150,000.

3.48 acres; Garofalis LLC to Juan Carrillo, $220,000.

40.4 acres; Ronald McManus to Douglas O. Lucidi, $205,000.

92.5 acres, Bush’s Mill; Toano Fishing and Hunting Club Inc. to Bryvan Yarmouth LLC, $439,548.

Lot 10, Raleigh Townhouses; Sue W. Welch to Shelagh M. Rivers, trustee, $180,000.

Lot 11, Raleigh Townhouses; Justin Nunn to Gerard W. Magee Jr., $180,000.

Lot 110, Village at Candle Station; Irene E. Hazard to Tony White, $229,900.

Lot 111, Berkeleys Green; Kevin M. McWilliams to East Coast Contracting LLC, $240,000.

Lot 118, New Town; JWJ Properties LP to Gucci Realty Newtown LLC, $431,000.

Lot 16, Colstons Crossing; Timothy Yeaw, trustee to Frances Burnett Frazier, trustee, $600,000.

Lot 262, Archers Mead; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to FFC Properties LLC, $337,000.

Lot 314, Archers Meade; In Sun Park to Scott Herrmann, $249,900.

Lot 33, The Meadows; Gregory A. Dolak to Elizabeth A. Weaver, $346,000.

Lot 35, Hampton Key; James A. Winther, trustee to Susan Fleishman, $250,000.

Lot 40, Fords Colony; Constance J. Courrier, trustee to Jeffrey H. Curtis, $443,000.

Lot 47, Ford’s Colony; Alexander Froner, trustee to Michael D. Phillips, trustee, $486,000.

Lot 48, Kristiansand; Mary H. Womack, trustee to Miranda S. Davidson, $182,000.

Lot 5, Chestnut Grove; Said Fadel to Iryna Ruda, $167,500.

Lot 5, Wellington; Marcel T. Schmidt to KMP Investment Group LLC, $400,000.

Lot 50, Founders Hill, Governors Land; Steven J. Lowe to Scott J. Vandesand, $526,000.

Lot 51, Chickahominy Haven; Christian A. Hubbard to Janet R. Walker, trustee, $290,000.

Lot 55, The Retreat; Wayne Harbin Builder Inc. to Donald W. Muncy, trustee, $687,500.

Lot 6, Chancos Grant; Karin A. Tulli to Nancy M. Lydon, $277,500.

Lot 6, Ford’s Colony; Herbert J. Lanese to Matthew J. Triola, $190,000.

Lot 61, Tract 3, Stonehouse; NVR Inc. to Judy Merrill, $283,760.

Lot 63, Powhatan Secondary; Powhatan Enterprises Inc. to Eric John Ganser, trustee, $150,000.

Lot 73, James Terrace; Patrick A. Dillon to Roy Johnson, $300,000.

Lot 86, Chisel Run; Frankie Yang to R&R Coastal Homes LLC, $192,000.

Lots 10-12 and 42-43, Forest Glen; FG Associates LLC to NVR Inc., $475,000.

Lots 2 and 3, Littlefield Farms; John Grier Construction Co. to Swan Cleaners Inc., $550,000.

Lots 54-59, Tract 3, Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $447,864.

Parcel; Charles F. McLean III to Triple G Garage & Auto Sales LLC, $255,000.

Parcel; Newport News Shipbuilding Employees Credit Union to Juan Gabriel Maldonado Hernandez, $200,000.

Parcel; Josiah Mark Vanfleet to Laura C. Martinez, $475,000.

Parcel; Pamela Wilson to Miguel A. Morales, $264,000.

Parcel 4, A3, Hankins Industrial Park; Head Investments LLC to MPH Hankins LLC, $190,000.

Parcel, Indigo Park; William Andrus to Clearview Homes Virginia LLC, trustee, $200,000.

2 parcels; Janet W. Hazelwood to Janice Anhalt, $295,000.

2 parcels; Stacy Smith Whiteside to Michael S. McGinley, $206,000.

Published Nov 27, 2021


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