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Property Transfers Published Jan 8, 2022

Property Transfers Published Jan 8, 2022

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


115 W 13th St; Manchester Green Llc to Beres Kevin J, $572,123.

710 N 24th St; 710 North 24th Street Llc to Sbeulah Llc, $575,000.

211 N 26th St; Bleckley Andrew T and Hillary D to Avent Daniel Vernon Jr, $536,000.

1908 N 29th St; Distressed to Diamonds Llc to Boateng Cynthia A, $170,500.

612 W 30th St; Elliott Richard Hughes to Kiesler Benjamin Hall, $542,500.

415 N 35th St; Church Hill Land Llc to Canvas Development Llc, $215,000.

2801 3rd Ave; Maya Va Llc to Ansello Edward Jerome, $375,000.

2401 5th Ave; 2401 5th Avenue Llc to Pai Anitha, $235,000.

354 Albemarle Ave; Montgomery Kenneth C to Bruch William Mark III, $877,000.

3136 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Melton Nelson Timothy, $334,719.

1903 Bainbridge St; McLaughlin Leroy C to Wilson Juan Jr, $175,000.

903 Boroughbridge Road; Cirillo Joanna Faith to Hope Christopher W, $260,000.

4306 Britannia Road; Urbanus II Llc to Michelsen Yvette Michelle, $192,500.

4412 Bromley Lane; Freedman Melissa to Reuter Sarah and Kevin, $684,000.

1619 W Cary St; Cary and Lombardy Properties to Concerto Llc, $195,000.

407 S Cherry St, U204; Victory Apartments Llc to Tooker Brittany Miselle, $309,950.

6555 Clisby Road; Powell Family Lc to Collado Jonny L, $242,000.

3425 Custis Road; Albanese Diane A to Lewis Karen L and Richard J, $421,500.

8624 Devara Ct; Phan Ngan N to Hamill Archibald G and Maria T, $447,000.

3503 Edgewood Ave; Artus Richard J Jr to Kong Andrew and Katherine, $499,950.

3411 Fendall Ave; Davis Mary L R to Virginia Home Buyers Llc, $216,000.

1704 Floyd Ave; Colfer Orion J and Mary L to Hamilton Jason, $525,000.

5816 Forest Hill Ave; Bone Benjamin I to Carney Marie T and Engel Sean C, $315,000.

3305 Garland Ave; Filios Eleni to Schmidt Ray and Patricia, $375,000.

2006 W Grace St; Montalto Gregory S and Nicole A to J Res Rva 4 Llc, $900,000.

6761 N Grand Brook Cir; Whitfield Richard to Payne Joshua L, $189,900.

1834 Greenvale Ct; Musbai Solomon M to Roper Preston, $310,000.

3527 Grove Ave; Sternaman Elizabeth Ann to Westview Investments Llc, $478,000.

1818 Hanover Ave; Rodenhaver Patricia S Trustee to Rubin Samuel and Rachel, $780,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U1212; Brath Carolyn to Clark George Edward III, $350,000.

2301 Hildreth St; Wright Irene L to Davis Sharon Ann, $160,000.

701 Holly St; Irwin Joshua S and Chau Po M to Skerrett Kathleen Roberts, $417,000.

1302 Idlewood Ave; Miessler Paul W III and Wendy M to Miessler James Thomas, $350,000.

1507 Kansas Ave; Elderhomes Corporation T/A to Reynolds Lisha G, $195,000.

5301 Kingsbury Road; Craig Barry D to Potomac River Ventures Llc, $414,000.

3126 Lamb Ave; Mitchell Sarah E to Lotzgesell Janelle Louise, $260,000.

4717 Leonard Pkwy; Nichols Jeffrey Scott to Pond L Kent, $340,000.

1007 Malvern Ave; McDonough Remi P to Kearney Michael and Susan, $580,000.

7835 Marilea Road; Moore Joyce Ellen to Brown Jennifer, $475,000.

3009 E Martin’s Grant Cir; Marshall Donald W to Cash Rodney J and Emily J, $572,000.

201 N Meadow St; McDaniel Kent and Lisa to Peters Henry Jackson, $378,000.

2829 Monteith Road; Hewitt Ricky L Jr and McKensie to Bennett John, $290,000.

104 N Mulberry St; Holcomb Kyle E to Bennett James D, $505,500.

2015 North Ave; New Life Homes Rei Llc to Scruggs Desirae Marie, $407,000.

1425 Overlook St; Simons Donnell to French Mary Jane, $192,000.

4622 Park Ave; Harris Paul Michael to Franconia Real Estate Services, $595,000.

4708 Patterson Ave; Milne Jane Moss and John Howard to Flessate Caitlin E, $410,000.

313 E Pilkington St; Pilkington Street Trust to Gwynn Alexandra, $155,000.

1404 Pump House Dr; Wonson Erica to Miessler Paul W III and Wendy M, $680,200.

2107 Rose Ave; Lesch Caleb B to Carlstrom Eric Nathan, $380,000.

1112 Roseneath Road, U5; Phat Khun to Stewart Mollie Marshall, $174,950.

4410 Saratoga Road; Sylvia Suzanne Vermeern to Jadidi Nima and Rahchael, $475,000.

5523 Snead Road; Mead Martha J Living Trust to Varner Joseph David, $175,000.

9249 St Charles Cir; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Birdsong Doris S, $280,701.

3000 Stratford Townes Dr; Snyder Amanda Rae to Pinkard Deborah Caitlin, $305,000.

7419 Tanglewood Road; Fairman Scott to Sweeney Michael Edward, $359,500.

505 Vaden Dr; Bronlon Group Llc to Ferguson Craig A and Medina Raima, $255,000.

6709 Wessex Lane; Fauver Zachary to Burke John F, $317,000.

1411 Westwood Ave; Armwood Levy N and Aretha A to Bleckley Andrew T and Hillary D, $630,000.

3016 Wighton Dr; Martin Kathleen to Delsack Tyler R and Erin, $275,000.

1736 Wilmington Ave; Mitchell Tod to Mitchell Kristina N, $310,000.


2812 Abbey Ln, Henrico; O'Connell Thomas F and S L to Lukenbill Timothy C and Claire, $430,000.

561 N Airport Dr, Henrico; Med Fac Of Americ Il 49 L to 561 North Airport Drive Llc, $4,824,000.

1448 Almond Tree Dr, Henrico; Hanover Home Buyers Llc to McFarlane Shameka Tiffany, $207,000.

3413 Andover Hills Pl, Henrico; Lane Darick D to Samy Francis P K M and Kathrene R Samson, $429,000.

10641 Argonne Dr, Glen Allen; Ricks David E and Kathleen A Trustee to Mackey Randall A and Elyssa B, $465,000.

3302 Austin Ave, Henrico; Allen Jackie to Murphy Devlin, $295,000.

609 Baldwin Rd, Henrico; Atwill E Bennett and Ann T to Throckmorton Thomas B and Ann D, $635,000.

29 E Berry St, Sandston; Emsg Properties Llc to Greenhead Llc, $175,000.

2003 Boardman Ln, Henrico; Mustian David A to Layne Christian and Molly Hobcroft, $319,000.

5900 Bottomley Pl, Glen Allen; Nexus Land Management Llc to Ridge Homes Llc, $215,000.

505 Bressingham Dr, Henrico; Brooks Damont A and Ciera D Wilkerson to Davis Ashley Nicole and Steven Allen, $345,000.

3319 Britton Rd, Henrico; Martin Jonathan and Katelyn to Robertson Bryan Dale, $175,000.

9507 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Williamson Erwin R and Laura V to Capurso Christopher J, $387,675.

7103 Brook Rd, Henrico; Trinh Phoenix H to Tran Hung Van and Thanh Thien, $527,500.

4914 Bunclody Ct, Henrico; Howard Jonathan S to Enright Christopher and Riley, $220,000.

10014 Bush Ln, Glen Allen; Bradbury Jeremy M and Julie E to Meister Jon Patrick and Eleni M, $365,000.

620 Carldan Rd, Henrico; Taylor Sandra A to Fitchett Albert Jr and Nona, $467,000.

8131 Carriage Bend Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Wright Jessica D, $326,255.

305 Cheswick Ln, Henrico; Meyer N Dean and Cynthia L to Seegar Elizabeth A and William Harvey S, $865,000.

2703 Cleary Rd, Henrico; Solodar Zachary to Talley Colton Jr, $192,500.

8410 Colebrook Rd, Henrico; Orme Gayle F and Charles E Farmer to Neiger Alexander Michael, $250,000.

12632 Copperas Ln, Henrico; Mooney Christopher to Isaacs Stephanie B and Samuel L, $290,000.

4713 Craddock Ave, Henrico; Brown Junius F Jr to Jones Nazia T, $220,000.

5901 Dalecross Ct, Glen Allen; Ferris Lisa Ann to Marupeddi Vankatesh and Sheetal Gampa, $783,000.

6114 Darjoy Dr, Henrico; Booming Investment Group Llc to McLaughlin Shanequa, $305,000.

2620 Dellrose Ave, Henrico; Swisher Jason R to Webb John Wesley and Mary, $266,000.

7671 Dowdy Dr, Henrico; McKenzie Ray Jr and F B H to Johnson-Harling Demeka F, $340,000.

3805 Duckling Walk, Glen Allen; Smith Ralph O and Adrienne T to Connolly John and Marlysa Lohr-Connolly, $665,000.

6800 Edmonstone Ave, Henrico; Salomonsky Stephen D and David R to Manetas Michael S and Anne E, $405,000.

9404 Epson Downs Dr, Henrico; Dean Holly S to Kelly David L and Maria Sverdlova, $525,000.

3025 Falcon Creek Dr, Henrico; Crain Theodore J and Karen C to Blount Cammoletta, $305,000.

7750 Flannagan Ct, U501, Henrico; Gupta Sandeep to Grantham Tarek, $151,300.

1407 Forest Ave, Henrico; Cummins Ryan C to Baker Caroline, $320,000.

6302 W Franklin St, Henrico; Brenlin Llc to Luberto Scott Anthony Jr and Amanda Vance, $320,000.

1705 Geffert Dr, Henrico; Riggle Dewey Nelson to Leblanc Julie Ann, $165,000.

8900 Glenmore Rd, Henrico; Loving George W and Faye L to Angus Jason and Kathryn, $930,000.

4602 Greatwood Dr, Henrico; Mattlin Properties Inc to Laramore Hope Alyssa-Brook, $215,000.

1809 Greenstone Ter, Glen Allen; Nguyen Lam Tan Le to Burgess Brian, $292,500.

2903 Grove Point Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Montgomery Kiara and Jasmine M Colbert, $229,625.

4450 Gunst Ln, Glen Allen; Robinson Development Group Inc to Innsbrook Apartments I Llc, $8,442,000.

6954 Hapsburg Ln, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Kenneybrew Michelen J and Willie F Moss Jr, $352,410.

1700 Havenwood Dr, Henrico; Lombard Lesley to Donovan Miranda L and Christopher Brittig, $350,000.

2903 Hilliard Rd, Henrico; Papuca Savo to Uzelac Vladimir and Mladenka, $185,000.

2329 Horsley Dr, Henrico; Koehler Gregory S and Katina L to Jecklin Residential Llc, $370,000.

3024 Hunton Cottage Ln, Glen Allen; Singh Prableen and Sunny Sibia to Saravanan Mahesh, $475,000.

2818 Irisdale Ave, Henrico; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Bray Eric Joseph, $275,000.

4115 Jacque St, Henrico; Lsr Group Llc to Marshall Land Company Llc, $1,300,000.

14 Kanawha Rd, Henrico; Valentine Edward W and Laura U Trust to First Republic Trust Co Of Delaware Tste, $4,350,000.

10105 Kexby Rd, Henrico; Bonuccelli Brenda A Trustee to Robinson Gregory Sr and Bonnie D, $276,000.

9913 Klaus Cir, Glen Allen; Cullop James R and Joann to Edwards Zane and Ayeisha, $390,000.

10609 Lambeth Rd, Glen Allen; Reynolds Ashley to Fukumitsu Keith K and Pamela M, $335,000.

2640 Lassen Walk, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Wein David and Sonya, $408,233.

4748 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; North Gayton Village Llc to NVR Inc, $184,000.

1117 Lee’s Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; Calhoun Jeremy G and Ashley N to Burt Brendan Christopher, $292,000.

1807 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Crocker Richard M and Donna J to Aruru Narasimha C and Madhavi Latha, $500,000.

11608 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Vergona Thomas J and Marie A to Rodgers Michael S and Adriane M, $655,000.

3216 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Gregory Karlaa and Latoya Foster Et Al to Roberson Angela and Daron L Johnson, $340,000.

10627 Marions Pl, Glen Allen; Garrant Meghan and Joseph to Joiner Grant A and Lynsay L Williams, $330,000.

3454 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Craft Kelly M to Hernandez Luis A, $225,000.

9007 Michaux Ln, Henrico; Robertson Kathryn J to Latchford Danielle and Dustin, $380,000.

9904 Mistyview Ct, Glen Allen; Knight Margaret M and Samantha A Mahler to Bowman Darrell, $345,000.

5233 Monument Ave, U3a, Henrico; Rosenbaum Sylvia M Estate to Reilly John F and Pamela S, $587,500.

2004 Murdoch Rd, Henrico; Elvey Patricia to Fetzer Jonathan and Madeleine Z, $355,000.

2405 New Berne Rd, Henrico; Allen Michael V and Danielle N to Joseph Nina Rachel, $387,500.

9501 Newhall Rd, Henrico; Moore Adam L and Kelly H to Brock Leah Beth, $454,000.

6724 Northbury Ct, Henrico; Jones Talmon Lee to Page Sharon, $212,000.

1127 Oakland Rd, Henrico; Richardson Thomas Lee to Robinson Timothy M, $252,000.

12305 Old Greenway Ct, Glen Allen; Browning Keith D to Mears James D and Patricia C, $655,000.

4940 Old Main St, U502, Henrico; Atkinson Robert B and Patricia L to Barth Sandra L S and Mark A, $340,000.

4508 Padgett Pl, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bui Phuong and Martin, $410,945.

7514 Parkline Dr, Henrico; Johnson Wilson G to Wehunt Mark Philip and A C and R D G Jr, $295,000.

3321 Pemberton Creek Ct, Henrico; Tran My Ngoc Le and Son Tuan to Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan and Vinh Quoc Tran, $300,000.

12406 Pleasant Run Ter, Henrico; James Emma C to Smith Shaun C and Emily L, $352,500.

4629 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen; Farmer Rose L to Ca Twin Hickory Llc, $375,000.

9645 Rainbrook Dr, Henrico; Walker John Michael to Abbott Lauren E, $335,000.

4725 Red Coach Ln, Sandston; Bruce W Taylor Masonry Inc to Sunkins Rose Sharon, $244,950.

2222 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Joshua Moses to Raza Shabbar and Andrea Piper, $228,000.

10672 Runnymeade Dr, Glen Allen; Hammack Jerry A and Kay Trustees to Arunachalam Ramya Shantha, $397,000.

3908 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Mack Celeste and Jerry, $354,690.

23 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Gordon Richard H and Paige A, $525,980.

6937 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Gilpin Sherina and Corey Warren, $417,985.

204 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Henrico; Kennedy Alyne R to Hale Andrew E and Alison G, $615,000.

101 South St, Henrico; Stewart Demario M to Jones Shemieka, $235,000.

8746 Springwater Dr, Henrico; Wong Kwok-Hin to Lamrhari Abdellatif, $277,000.

9211 Stone Meadow Dr, Henrico; Won Veronica Yew to Joshi Anshuman and Sadaf B Zaidi, $240,000.

8280 Sunday Dr, Henrico; Gray Marlo P and Matthew L to Reynolds Robert III and Kelly, $205,000.

8204 Tarkington Dr, Henrico; Bellows William L III and Susan M to Patrick Derek, $305,000.

2901 Thistlebrook Ln, Henrico; Mendez Gilberto E and Vilma to Blackmon Teresa, $278,000.

1600 Tree Ridge Ct, Henrico; Nelson Richard A to Dortch Noel Tarick and Lafael Lemar, $342,000.

4690 Twin Hickory Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Harish Indu P to Prem Properties Llc, $258,000.

2421 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Abifalah Imad A and Raghida to Rojas Moises E and Angela G Jaimes, $286,000.

2414 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Kallmyer Bert Trustee to Hasek Thomas C and Carol A, $310,000.

2203 Wedgewood Ave, Henrico; Taylor C Steven and S S to Craver Randoplh, $300,000.

5926 Whitehurst Ln, Ub, Henrico; Les John Jr to Liu Enhua, $296,000.

2014 Willowick Ln, Henrico; Padden Tyler C and Lyndsey L to Gay Andrew and Christine, $520,000.

8112 Wistar Creek Walk, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Stigall Logan Alexander, $274,234.

5702 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Noble David S Jr to Saar Yosef, $361,000.


14808 Acorn Ridge Pl, Midlothian; Manage This Llc to Vinett Dennis Andrew and Casey Holmes, $360,000.

1415 Allied Rd, Chester; Elder George S to Central States Tower Holdings Llc, $400,000.

7049 Autumn Point Dr, North Chesterfield; Toon Derek Patrick to Hall Taishianna, $305,000.

1468 Avondale Woods Dr, North Chesterfield; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Fanney Patricia J and Elmo L Jr, $284,709.

11530 Bailey Woods Dr, Midlothian; Santana Eva D to Dryden Cary Ann, $272,000.

12713 Ballater Pl, Chesterfield; Jenkins Donna M to Padilla Jorge Carlos and Carla Isabel, $450,000.

13524 Bastian Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Holsey Tabious Lajuan and Olisa Livanga, $410,780.

14237 Beachmere Dr, Chester; Brown Daniel P and Casey S to Reyes Walter, $375,000.

7718 Belmont Stakes Dr, Midlothian; Caggiano Joshua and Jessica to Smith Alexander Matthew and Megan Dean, $350,000.

14 Big Meadows Ct, North Chesterfield; Gibson Donna Lisa to Burt Jonathan Sutton, $239,950.

15624 Blooming Rd, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Downey Michael Joseph and Mary Katherine, $389,165.

4224 Blue Bicycle St, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Cortez Sydney, $325,710.

13916 Bonjour Ln, Chester; Mattson John H to Olsen George Edward, $162,000.

4401 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Kabani Rashid R, $296,225.

5724 Brailen Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Conant Matthew S and Marrero Diane C, $467,410.

14006 Branched Antler Dr, Midlothian; Singleton Anthony L to Giles Erica E, $264,000.

2412 Brookforest Rd, Midlothian; Sager Patrick Lee and Ashley to Calderon Gloria, $260,000.

2607 Brookforest Rd, Midlothian; Kostadinova Todor and Ivelina to Mommsen Hannah R, $260,000.

6158 Buntline Ln, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hellams Jessica, $280,840.

12819 Caddington Ct, Midlothian; Boone Homes Inc to Degenhardt William R and Theresa J, $743,630.

3207 Canford Loop, Midlothian; Quinby Bret and Christina L G to Capuno Roberto and Maribeth, $612,000.

3225 Castlebury Dr, Chester; Bowling Hunter A and Wright L N to Patet Pradnya A, $268,500.

13100 Cedar Crossing Dr, Midlothian; Gilson Meghan Erica to Prettyman Owen George and Caroline Hall, $440,000.

10903 Chalkley Rd, Chester; Anderson Raymond C to Adams Ralph L Jr and Andrea B, $305,000.

15600 Chesdin Point Dr, Chesterfield; P&l 21 Llc to Verdoorn Blaine Rand and Hebeisen Sandra Ann, $525,000.

4224 Chester Village Cir, Chester; O'Brien Joseph and Wendy to Hpa Usa1 Llc, $375,000.

11717 Cliff Lawn Dr, Chester; Dallmeyer Mathew Alan to America's Dream Llc, $225,000.

2125 Colwyn Bay Dr, Midlothian; Sober Nina and Ryan to Sandhu Haramol Singh, $970,000.

8742 Corcoran Pl, Chesterfield; Tomlinson Brian E and Lisa E to Flowers Christopher S and Diana T, $315,000.

18012 Cove Creek Dr, Moseley; Lifestyle Home Builders to Herrelko Edward III, $689,950.

441 Creekwillow Dr, Midlothian; Eaglin Brian E to Shankar Bhavani and Parmar Mansi, $360,000.

9506 Deering Ct, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Wilson Glendell and Robin Evette, $528,864.

10203 Donegal Pl, Chesterfield; Sorensen Harley C Jr and C S to Landry Rachel R, $279,000.

4121 Dunraven Rd, North Chesterfield; Smith Peter I Jr to Clement Charles A, $330,000.

6904 Dunton Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Major Ronald Eugene and Tiani Nia, $382,451.

10702 Eaglenest Dr, Chesterfield; Turner Ritchie and Janet to Hance Victoria and Anderson Jason, $287,000.

7148 Elkhardt Rd, North Chesterfield; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Hickson Tiana, $241,650.

2621 Ellesmere Dr, Midlothian; Rodgers Eugene and Carol H to Ryan David H and Sara, $481,500.

15048 Endstone Trl, Midlothian; Vaughan Heather N to Slack Matthew John and Kathleen Elizabeth, $595,000.

3536 Evergreen Oak Ct, North Chesterfield; Palmer Erma L to Harrington Jenae Deniel, $251,000.

2801 Fairgate Rd, Midlothian; Broomfield Andrew C to Carpenter Mark A and Holly A, $390,000.

6478 Faulkner Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Melcherts Shanikka Ann and Kaston Dennis, $392,446.

14500 Felbridge Way, Midlothian; Sethi Narinder to Bauer John David and Kirsten Leigh, $925,000.

8916 Firethorne Ln, North Chesterfield; Hornsby Kimberly Paige Wells to Barrientos Julio E and Concepcion Espana De, $205,000.

3206 Fox Chase Dr, Midlothian; Flynn Thomas G III and Anne M to Totteri Richard and Lisa, $330,000.

12807 French Creek Trl, Midlothian; Kelly Candace J to Burke Patrick F and Elizabeth S, $450,000.

3237 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Oxendine Dellwynn B and Oxendine Lucille R, $364,512.

5651 Gilling Rd, North Chesterfield; Beng Pisid to Lin Qi, $336,000.

14419 Glenmorgan Dr, Chester; Jones Lori C to Watkins Janine and David, $355,000.

6706 Grand Haven Ln, Moseley; Maggio Anthony and Penny to Musolin Lisa Michele, $670,000.

9825 Groundhog Dr, North Chesterfield; Watson William N Jr to Egbert Kim Elizabeth, $214,500.

15905 Hallowell Rdg, Moseley; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to McGonigle Thomas John and Donna G, $377,568.

21417 Hampton Ave, South Chesterfield; Dellwynn Oxendine to Muldrow Daijah, $200,000.

16306 Hampton Glen Ln, Chesterfield; Park Myung Seok and Young Sook to Hanson Seth and Kristen, $477,213.

8401 Hann Rd, North Chesterfield; Simmons Terry Jr to Forte Dillon A, $250,000.

9624 Haveridge Ct, Midlothian; Flores Christopher J and Amber C to Baskerville Donnie M and Tedra, $326,000.

2603 Helmsley Ct, Midlothian; Grose Adam D and Shawn J to Saferight Michael Ryan and Kimberly Corrada, $710,000.

14336 Hiddenwell Ct, Chester; McLeod Rebecca F to Malcolm Edston A, $390,000.

3407 Hollow Wood Ct, Chesterfield; Reed Elijah S and Linda A to Cahueque Higinio Vasquez, $220,000.

14004 Howlett Line Dr, South Chesterfield; Christenbury David B to Elam Andrew G and Naomi, $333,000.

9807 Husting Ter, Chesterfield; Malone E J III and Malone J E to Gullo Doreen Shakira, $235,000.

3507 Ivyridge Dr, Chester; Ingargiola J A and Ingargiola A to Marrow Anton Jamil, $340,000.

6430 Jessup Rd, North Chesterfield; Hairston Brandon J to Grim Dylan N and Grim Leah Michelle, $250,000.

3201 Kellynn Dr, Midlothian; Moore Doris Jane Harlow to Olson Adam L, $270,000.

13824 Kentwood Forest Dr, Chester; Rodriguez Yolanda M and Madeana to Kelley Brandon S and Marciano Priscilla V, $279,959.

9412 Knightwood Ln, Chesterfield; Lane Jerry D and Jean D to Brown Arie E Jr and Anne M, $322,000.

3718 Lacroix Way, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Webb Cari Dalisa, $304,293.

14106 Laketree Dr, Chester; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Washington Ronald Emanuel Jr, $261,400.

4136 Laurel Oak Rd, North Chesterfield; Jackson Joseph A to Kogi George, $232,000.

20344 Laurel Rd, South Chesterfield; Moots James R IV and April E to Jordan Randeisha, $240,000.

15518 Little Hill Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Chambliss John Mason III and Melissa Beane, $472,640.

5013 Locksley Pl, North Chesterfield; Holder Homes Llc to Schroeder Brenton, $335,000.

11507 Longtown Dr, Midlothian; D R Horton Inc to Johnson Aneysa Lea and Benjamin Charles, $410,000.

9018 Lyric Ct, North Chesterfield; Smith Ronald D to Scott Jeremy Kendall and Scott Barbara Bowman, $225,000.

3708 Malbon Way, Chesterfield; Alley John Stephen to Tisone Summer and Ramsey Clayton, $241,000.

3551 Markey Rd, Midlothian; Swider C J and Delisle J M to Early Matthew and Patrick Julie A, $300,000.

19230 Maurer Ln, South Chesterfield; Johnson Warren T to Stables Kenneth W and Debbie D, $240,000.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Biase Corp, $242,000.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Reddy Deborah S and Thomas F, $264,990.

17012 Meadow Sage Dr, Moseley; Jimenez Katherine to Haynie Ryan D and Kinsey N, $650,000.

14137 Medinah Ct, Chester; Leadum Bettina to Akrong John and Joyce Naana, $400,000.

3100 Middlewood Ct, Midlothian; Beheshti Cyrus M and Michele P to Havers Robin Paul and Alana Heather, $526,000.

1011 Mill Forest Dr, Midlothian; Glantz David A to Mateo-Molina Sergio, $328,500.

13407 Mitford Dr, Midlothian; Spackman Chrishawn I to Horton Christopher and Holly, $550,000.

12115 Mountain Laurel Dr, North Chesterfield; Mahaffey Joseph and Lauren to Patania Michael and Micah R, $330,000.

10111 Natural Bridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Thompson Jennifer E to Rice Patrick J, $225,000.

12806 Nightingale Dr, Chester; Traylor R R and Marinski Gilbert to Hammons Ryan T and Joanie L, $465,000.

3307 Nuttree Woods Pl, Midlothian; Burke Patrick P and Elizabeth S to Wells Victoria Lyne Graham, $285,000.

7513 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Joy Jinson and Brehonna, $347,193.

7821 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Tunstall Jasmine, $285,595.

6500 Old Moon Ter, Moseley; Binswanger Ellen V to Gooden Paul Michael and Anna Maria, $459,000.

17337 Otter Dr, Moseley; Biringer Builders Inc to Imel Richard W and Katie R, $670,431.

7013 Patina Way, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Mashore Autumn Sharelle, $376,065.

11709 Perdue Ter, Chester; McGlynn Robert and Cornell B to McFarlane Lisa Deion, $320,000.

431 Pleasanthill Dr, North Chesterfield; Dendler Fred F and Patricia A to Cole Travis and Jamie, $330,000.

10100 Post Horn Dr, North Chesterfield; Rosales Maria E and Vasquez K Z to Dominguez Stephany and Portillo Luis, $255,000.

10206 Princess Margaret Pl, North Chesterfield; Bylsma Jeffrey L to Bryce Courtney and Rossi Joshua, $250,000.

2715 Puckett Ct, Midlothian; Rains William to Hill Anthony Wayne and Ruby Thompson, $200,000.

13331 Queensgate Rd, Midlothian; Parsons Rodney T and Cynthia L to Miller Donald W and Maureen L, $401,000.

9200 Ramsgate Ln, North Chesterfield; Sansbury Joshua to Rana Mubashar Ahmad and Mubashar Aysha, $381,000.

10423 Redbridge Rd, North Chesterfield; Austin Jonathan and Kady Marissa to Fayorsey Cyril Nene Ahundi, $264,405.

6225 Regal Crest Dr, Chesterfield; Aganbi Oluchukwu E to Hyman Lionel Reginald Jr and Diandra, $360,000.

14120 Ridge Creek Rd, Midlothian; Edwards James Woodrow III to Wilson Jeffery L, $285,000.

19500 River Rd, Chesterfield; Krevonick Mary C to Poynter Luke T and Julia, $220,000.

21500 Robertson Ave, South Chesterfield; Nunnally Callie N to Wallenfelt Stacey Lynne, $185,000.

6700 Ruby Hill Rd, Moseley; 6801 Woolridge Rd-Moseley Lp to Homesmith Construction Inc, $156,825.

18230 Sagamore Dr, Moseley; NVR Inc to Davis Jamar K and Shelley R, $583,470.

3301 Sandbill Run, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Olson Thomas L and Kristine C, $373,695.

16706 Saville Chase Rd, Midlothian; Biringer Builders Inc to Akins Ryan Gregory and Annamarie Magdalene, $965,378.

8124 Seaview Dr, Chesterfield; Jackson Kelvin and Shelia to Prestegaard Paul A and Darriel F, $452,000.

20802 Shaker Dr, South Chesterfield; Srw Investments Lc to Francis Alexandra, $210,000.

5306 Sherman Ct, North Chesterfield; Carneal Stephanie to Spence Eric W and Ebright Casey L, $287,000.

6802 Sika Ct, Midlothian; Poff Samuel M and Veronica R to Cooke Kristin A, $275,000.

5337 Sir Sagamore Dr, North Chesterfield; Whittaker Margaret Ann to Rose Robert and Robin, $270,000.

6621 Southwalk Hts, Moseley; Rref II-Tfc Greenwich Llc to Greenwich Walk Villas Condominium At Foxcreek Llc, $342,682.

12611 Spring Run Rd, Chesterfield; Lonnes William L to McKinney Joseph A, $250,000.

13915 Sterlings Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Ziegler-Clark W A and Clark W L to Jones James Alex, $265,000.

13106 Stockleigh Dr, Chester; Rouze Alan J Jr and Sue J to Reid Theresa M and Charles M, $316,000.

7112 Stonington Ct, Chesterfield; Kipers Traci L to Musgrove Morgan, $190,000.

12730 Summerhouse Ln, Midlothian; Demitri J M and Humphries W E Jr to Grodensky Jared S and Demitri Alyssa C, $322,000.

308 Sunset Blvd, Chester; Nobles Beatrice V to Reid Lasondra, $250,000.

3001 Tammaway Dr, Midlothian; Pifer Ian W and Rachael S to Nunez Cristian Roldan and Roldan Hayleigh D, $320,000.

16841 Thornapple Run, Moseley; Salley Colleen A and Ferreira P to Lemon Jill, $385,000.

5204 Timbercreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Jenkins Daryl R and Julia P to Dudding Richard A Jr, $150,000.

14416 Traywick Dr, Chester; Heffler Alexandria E to Brown Katrina G, $228,000.

2637 Turner Rd, North Chesterfield; Jefferson Ventures Llc to Professional Homes Llc, $170,000.

13801 Tyberton Dr, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Patel Rahul, $573,291.

7865 Vermeil St, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Adams-Judson Darlene Euphemia, $275,365.

2901 Vistapoint Rd, Midlothian; Wendlek Allen J Trust to Aman Peter Gregory and Hannah Elizabeth, $437,250.

12520 Walton Lake Dr, Midlothian; Letteer Scott A and Kimberly B to Travis Kyle and Kristina, $480,000.

9924 Warson Ct, North Chesterfield; Disante Maria C to Keo Kai Jace, $216,500.

15141 Watermill Lake Trl, Midlothian; Sherrill Lauren E to John Mary Ann, $300,000.

4000 West Ter, Chesterfield; Wilson Brandon Et Al to West John Walter IV, $247,500.

7201 Whirlaway Dr, Midlothian; Rozyskie Andrew and Megan to Carasas Ruben Jr and Tasha, $360,000.

7800 Willow Walk Dr, Chesterfield; Merritt Ryan Shea Hodges to Hahn Virginia D, $280,000.

21324 Winfree Ave, South Chesterfield; Stables W Leon and Mary C to Fleming Chantae, $215,000.

1006 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Yuih Steve N and Stacy and Yuih Kevin T, $384,270.

6500 Wryneck Ct, Chesterfield; Moody Daniel R and Hostetler J M to Young Robert H Jr and Cynthia A, $555,000.


8978 Abatis Court, Mechanicsville; John E. Kenyon Jr. to David N. Tucker, $343,695.

7961 Arnoka Road, Mechanicsville; Stephen L. Eck to Michael D. Hart, $251,000.

13071 Auburn Mill Lane, Glen Allen; Louis Edward Collier Jr. to William R. Gallant, $762,000.

7011 Bartletts Bluff, Mechanicsville; Joshua L. Stewart to Kelcia Aleigha Beale, $462,500.

9440 Berry Patch Lane, Mechanicsville; Kenneth Boschen to Richard L. Burroughs, $460,000.

14070 Blunts Bridge Road, Ashland; C. Felix Cross III, trustee to J.D. Goodman Builder Inc., $195,000.

2012 Brian Court, Mechanicsville; Dean C. Allen Jr. to Marc Edward McAteer, $465,500.

8619 Carywood Court, Mechanicsville; Marc J. Seim to Christopher Baughan, $500,000.

7404 Chestnut Church Road, Mechanicsville; Irma J. Conley to Benjamin J. Beckstoffer, $300,000.

17595 Circuit Rider Drive, Beaverdam; Paul Carrano to Brian R. Bilheimer, $450,000.

9402 Colvincrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Emily M. Crews to Ronald Neil Kroll, $440,000.

8008 Creekside Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Amanda G. Lawrence to Chase Rutherford, $238,100.

7329 Dress Blue Circle, Unit 4, Mechanicsville; John H. Beahr to Kenneth Card, $325,000.

12254 Elmont Road, Ashland; Molly F. Roland to Stacy W. Glenn, $150,000.

10337 Farm Glen Way, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Jackson D. Willett, $442,592.

10093 Gathright Valley Court, Mechanicsville; Bernard S. Davis III to Ryan Hippeard, $425,000.

10197 Guenevere Court, Mechanicsville; Shelly Lynn Jacobs to Melissa Simmons, $307,000.

7100 Harbor Run Court, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Sherri MacKenzie, $387,974.

13653 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; Anthony S. Hahn to Elliot C. Shiben, $430,000.

8724 Hollyhedge Lane, Mechanicsville; Donald F. Sponaugle to Michael J. Birkenfeld, $355,000.

9785 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Brian C. Henderson, $541,285.

9297 Janeway Drive, Mechanicsville; Lewis Harrison to Thoi T. Tyler, $448,425.

8698 Kiblercrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert R. Donohue to Joshua D. Moses, $480,000.

12291 Leakes Mill Court, Glen Allen; Brian Lantz to Sridhar Kamatala, $285,000.

8197 Lyman Court, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Arthur B. Morrill IV, $566,865.

7817 Marshall Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Susan A. McComas, trustee to Shari Lynn Deemer, $300,000.

12113 Mifflin Place, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Patricia L. Rice, $599,197.

11451 New Farrington Court, Glen Allen; Samuel O. Owen to Marc Garber, $476,000.

9151 Odey Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael M. Gentzel to John Mark Becton, $350,000.

8277 Pepper Lane, Mechanicsville; David C. Fogg to Adam Fontenot, $321,600.

9325 Plymouth Place, Mechanicsville; Jason W. Dukes to Jessica Worley, $284,000.

7052 Poteet Lane, Mechanicsville; Samuel Nowlin to Laurabell Brown, $260,000.

7384 Ridgehill Lane, Mechanicsville; Bradford M. Beazley to Aurelia Ashley Dogoli, $250,000.

6328 Rolling Lawn Court, Mechanicsville; Theresa T. Davis to John Castelvecchi, $325,000.

9205 Sandy Creek Lane, Mechanicsville; Tracy D. Hyatt to Jeffrey Scott Bryant, $436,000.

11009 Seward Way, Mechanicsville; Marc A. Wimmer to Russell Underwood, $525,000.

13286 Spring Road, Rockville; Deborah K. Suder to Bryan S. Perry, $630,000.

8021 Strawhorn Drive, Mechanicsville; Harry C. Duesberry Jr. to Kyle Russell, $408,000.

9267 Tadcaster Circle, Mechanicsville; Mark J. Richardson to John Calvin Petrie, $503,500.

10 Trotter Mill Close, Ashland; Tammy Elizabeth Mabe Neal to Melissa Fravel, $195,000.

10209 Wenden Way, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Erin Scalph, $305,878.

11241 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Karen L. Tate, $287,855.

11300 Woodstock Heights Drive, Glen Allen; George M. Tribble Jr. to Preston M. Tribble, $360,000.


3650 Aston Trail, Powhatan; Duane Flowers to Charles T. Berry Jr., $585,000.

1731 Calais Trail, Powhatan; Larry W. Ramsey to Kenneth Hendricks, $290,000.

2755 Happy Hollow Drive, Midlothian; James B. Peeples to Christopher Alan Moser, $580,000.

3462 Maidens Road, Powhatan; Phyllis H. Palmer to Taylor Kim, $285,000.

2552 Norwood Creek Way, Powhatan; Thomas W. Robinson to Parker Ramsey, $400,000.

4110 Old River Trail, Powhatan; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to David Cifers, $670,000.

2565 Pineacre Terrace, Powhatan; Steven J. Schraw to Joshua R. Purdum, $471,200.

1800 Rocky Ford Road, Powhatan; Aaron M. Long to Ashley Redden Kelley, $345,000.

2783 Spencerwood Drive, Powhatan; Steven Hathaway to Seth Murray, $305,000.

2911 Trenholm Road, Powhatan; Zachary Middleton to Warren Elmer Moorhouse III, $295,000.


1851 Autumn Breeze Place, Oilville; Dean Eastburn to Richard Duke Cuneo Jr., $620,000.

7039 Benhall Circle, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Dean W. Broga, $684,920.

1707 Cahill Terrace, Maidens; Glenn Hecker to Bryan Sims, $309,700.

23 Dahlgren Road, Richmond; Katherine Blackwell Vaughan to Meghan Elizabeth Manley, $886,500.

1743 Fishers Pond Drive, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Louis R. Volchansky, $580,127.

12893 Holly Lane, Manakin Sabot; Carolyn M. Velletri, trustee to Holly L. Pugh, $295,000.

1985 Lanes End Drive, Maidens; Kyle Christopher Nesser to Rachel M. McLellam, $580,000.

1565 Oak Grove Drive, Manakin Sabot; John C. Yesbeck Jr. to John Coury Yesbeck III, $512,500.

19 Quail Run Drive, Manakin Sabot; Richard W. Stewart to Stephen R. Roll, $686,000.

2433 Saddlebrook Drive, Goochland; Vincent G. Laudata to Benjamin J. Knotts, $465,000.

12055 Talavera Terrace, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Patricia Ellen Kish-Guillaume, $430,100.

3677 Three Chopt Road, Goochland; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc. to Austin C. Mills, $326,050.

864 Waterbridge Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Scott A. Barnewolt, $994,625.

327 Wickham Glen Drive, Richmond; Robert J. Couture to Todd Hanna, trustee, $1,925,000.


2222 Bishop St.; Tia S. Gregory to Kalynn Francis-Powell, $180,000.

1856 S Crater Road; Ansuya LLC to Ursula Consuelo Hilton, $150,000.

3281 Holland Drive; NVR Inc. to William Lonell McNeil Sr., $269,156.

2814 E Park Drive; Fabulous Homes LLC to Alexandra Kathryn Carlson-Dakes, $249,000.

210 Seyler Drive; Andrew N. Gold to Michelle Jones, $240,000.


7670 Blue Tartan Road, North Dinwiddie; Baylaur Construction LLC to David C. Stell, $342,681.

6400 Courthouse Road, Church Road; Shirley B. Woodlief to Ethan Robidoux, $260,000.

25408 Front Road, Dinwiddie; Chris Taylor Properties LLC to Martha Talley Demay, $246,000.

16319 Hamilton Arms Road, Dinwiddie; CMH Homes Inc. to Terrell L. Coles, $210,254.

13690 Monks Neck Road, Petersburg; Jeffrey Nelson Street to Alexander Freeman, $272,000.

11509 Patillo Road, Dewitt; Sheila T. Padlo to Christopher Ryan Ballou, $245,000.

5809 Sutherland Drive, Sutherland; Solodar Properties LLC to Justin Leffert, $249,900.

18121 White Oak Road, Sutherland; Pauline Rebecca Hammond to Gerald A. Stewart Jr., $385,000.


142 Archer Ave.; Main Street Anonymous LLC to Jonathan B. Parlier, $155,000.

1213 Burlington Drive; James A. Tanner to Dwayne Johnson, $236,000.

908 Elko Ave.; Michael A. Furr to Nicole Dietrich Foederer, $279,900.

215 Homestead Drive; Christopher M. Spearman to Andrew Fitzwater, $242,500.

324 Kingfisher Way; Jason M. Young to Jennifer V. Autry, $360,000.

517 MacArthur Ave.; Karmeela Dickens to Mark Cameron Mingea, $180,000.

308 Piedmont Ave.; Dunn Right Properties LLC to Kala Amber Emory, $162,500.

1024 Taylor Lane; Gerald B. MacDonald to Ronald Lee Sadler Jr., $275,000.


129 S 12th Ave.; Rena M. Garcia to Stuart Woolridge II, $165,000.

2411 W City Point Road; Hannah K. Taylor to Shawn Siegrist, $234,000.

506 Evergreen Ave.; Louise M. Conover to Ronald L. Tarry, $221,000.

1203 Liberty Ave.; Shanika L. Flowers to Dereky Love Jr., $182,000.

209 Oakwood Ave.; Richard R. Lowder to Steven M. Moye, $240,000.

510 Woodland Road; William Joseph Burner II to John J. Porter, $372,000.


8931 Angels Share Drive, New Kent; Jose Flores Jr. to Jason Joseph, $815,000.

11350 Brickshire Court, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Raymond Kene, $439,294.

3524 Cosby Mill Acres Court, Quinton; Rebecca M. Melvin to Laura S. Almeida, $295,750.

7156 Cress Terrace, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to James Leon Faircloth, $432,990.

8535 Crestwicke Lane, Quinton; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Christopher Robert Stone, $297,752.

2747 East West Lane, Quinton; Mark C. Bertsch to Renee Jones, $460,000.

10315 Gadwell Lane, Providence Forge; Sharon F. Schlert, trustee to David B. Weems, $420,000.

5409 Jefferson Drive, Quinton; David R. Pitts Jr. to Christopher A. Willis, $205,000.

11718 Kings Pond Drive, Providence Forge; James Hoyt to Michael R. Nelson, $565,000.

6807 Mill Track Trace, Quinton; Matthew J. Leckner to Eric Bender, $536,000.

6410 Oak Drive, Quinton; Green Lion Properties LLC to Glenda R. Browning, $203,000.

11691 Oakrise Court, New Kent; David S. Lantz to Stacy Scott, $308,000.

11399 Oxbow Court, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Michael M. Leonard, $284,665.

7443 Pinehurst Drive, Quinton; Edward J. Jingluski, trustee to David Lantz, $375,000.

19612 Plumside Lane, West Point; Dillon C. Marley to Tyler A. Floyd, $273,000.

648 W Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Douglas W. Pera to Charlotte A. Reynolds, $510,000.

7557 Sedge Drive, New Kent; Steven Derrick Bartee to Nathaniel Mark Rosado Adames, $365,000.

9883 Snipe Lane, New Kent; Joseph A. Spruell to Richard K. Cordle, $387,000.

5600 St. Leger Drive, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Neeltje Wilson, $585,505.

5355 Villa Green Court, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Charles Frederick Thomas Jr., $348,936.

3500 S Woodland Circle, Quinton; Timothy M. Johnson to Anthony L. Paradise, $330,000.


13851 Arwood Road, Disputanta; Paul Hughes to Jeremy Andrew Fowkes, $210,000.

15500 Chieftain Road, Disputanta; David E. Walton Jr. to Robert S. Waddell III, $232,800.

11310 Fireside Drive, Disputanta; Chappell Construction LLC to Nancy L. Horne, $238,500.

5911 Larchwood Drive, Disputanta; Jacob J. Stump to David William McAllister, $430,000.

9055 Sandy Ridge Road, North Prince George; Harold E. Snowden to Eldred L. Gilliam, $405,000.

7801 Wind Rock Lane, North Prince George; Felicia F. Day to Felicia King, $300,000.

Charles city

10480 Alpine Road, Providence Forge; Lelia N. Martin to Carolyn K. Norment, $580,000.

5700 Johnnie’s Way, Charles City; Steven W. Mendenhall to Paul Petty, $425,000.


21721 Cherry Row Lane, Jetersville; Jeffrey S. Gilman to David E. Poore Jr., $280,000.

11311 Howard Road, Amelia Court House; Paige A. McGhee to Scott W. Roberts, $200,000.

17721 Rolling Meadows Drive, Amelia Court House; Garrett Power to Rupert Witherow, $380,000.


27 Clinton Road, Cumberland; Rita Scales Mayberry to Jeremiah Harris, $226,950.

889 Guinea Road, Farmville; Todd L. Grubbs to Michael David Merrill Sr., $217,000.


1.433 acres; Hilldrup Properties Inc. to Canterland Properties Inc., $585,000.

3 acres; Dennis L. Dabney to Collin G. Kelley, $155,000.

Part of 77.25 acres; Roberta Davis Wrenn to Joshua A. Dale, $195,000.


2101 Chaucer Court, Aylett; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to David W. Main, $240,665.

171 Harris Road, Aylett; Leslie H. Thorpe Jr. to Malcolm V. Staton Jr., $487,000.

1510 Lee St., West Point; Blueflower Properties LLC to Andreina Chavez, $240,000.

376 Oxford Lane, King William; Aaron M. Wheeler to Gilbert Scotland, $280,000.

1336 Union Hope Road, King William; Leann Belton to Britny F. Garceau, $225,000.

319 Wendenburg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Rebecca Sue Hutto, $287,661.


3.06 acres; Martin General Contracting LLC to Turmore LLC, $305,000.

5.26 acres; Bogese Realty Construction Inc. to David Pearce, $220,000.


14 Bayberry Lane; James R. Spangler, co-trustee to William B. Sanford, $650,000.

1109 Jamestown Road; Ronald L. Watkins to Angela Hill, $725,000.

133 Parkway Court; Rachael Burton to Andrew Lind, $330,000.

101 Yorkshire Drive; Kali D.C. Nagle, trustee to Bettie Lee Moore, $780,000.


5311 Aden Court, Williamsburg; Thomas M. Wechsler to Karen L. Eversole, $193,500.

103 Astrid Court, Williamsburg; Pederly L. Oliveros Jr. to Louelyn C. Brito, $220,000.

2163 Benomi Drive, Williamsburg; Kathryn A. Warren to Burcu Mukus Wheeler, $515,000.

8 Bromley Drive, Williamsburg; Nadezhda I. Ilardi to Ronald Claiborne, $207,000.

4215 Candleberry Way, Williamsburg; Robert Conrad Dresch Jr. to Tommy M. Witt, $505,000.

3067 Cider House Road, Toano; Thomas Z. Wilke, trustee to Sarah Lyn Bliese, $355,000.

9821 Coral Bells Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Ananias Blocker III, $410,435.

1801 Cypress Isle, Williamsburg; Glenn T. Brodie to Craig L. Bonnema, $214,000.

153 Ensign John Utie, Williamsburg; Busch Properties Inc. to Janet S. Taake, trustee, $310,000.

3401 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Wendy Sue Hoegerman, $306,470.

3443 Frederick Drive, Toano; Chris J. Obert to Mojgan Mohammadi, $365,000.

100 Grenelefe, Williamsburg; Jeanette G. Cox to Shaun McElhannon, $589,000.

3430 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Terri L. Miller to Teresa Dianne Blakeslee, $305,000.

104 James Bray, Williamsburg; Danny L. Derrow to Roy Wayne Sebring, $610,000.

3222 Kenton Court, Unit 13D, Toano; Tiffany F. Thompson to Robert Lee White, $225,000.

1209 Kings Land Court, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Sierra McDonald, $238,750.

2728 Linden Lane, Williamsburg; Teresa Wescott to Jonathan Nonnemacher, $380,000.

3795 Lusk Way, Williamsburg; Stephen G. Higgins to William Foreback, $495,000.

2216 Mason Park Drive, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jane M. Slaton, $440,095.

237 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Kelsey Travers, $306,525.

104 Neighbors Drive, Williamsburg; Dennis J. Brabham III to Alyson M. Bergamini, $261,528.

Pelhams Ordinary, Unit 128; Billsburg Holdings LLC to Maureen R. Stover, $259,500.

4068 Powhatan Secondary, Williamsburg; Hermann J. Groombridge to Dung Anh Duong, $355,000.

201 Richard Burbydge, Williamsburg; Michael C. Baty to Arturo A. Vigil, $582,000.

124 Riverview Plantation Drive, Williamsburg; Christopher J. Dewitt, co-trustee to John Roy Roberts, $830,000.

5608 Scotts Pond Drive, Williamsburg; George C. Kennedy, trustee to Ryan S. Marion, $375,000.

119 Sir John Randolph Terrace, Williamsburg; John A. Plitsch to Kristopher M. Fulks, $430,000.

146 The Green, Williamsburg; Susan Eyster to David E. Wooden, $472,000.

Unit 1208, Promenade at John Tyler; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Thomas S. Kearney, $259,515.

312 Walker Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Heather Lynn Norton, $326,385.

104 Wentworth, Williamsburg; Robert M. Saunders to Carl Wilson Hurst III, $466,200.

40 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Michael J. Healy, trustee to Nick Gentile, $300,000.

4747 Yeardley Loop, Williamsburg; Brett J. Ainsley to Gilbert E. Petrina Jr., $380,000.

Published Nov 27, 2021


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