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Property Transfers Published Nov 20, 2021

Property Transfers Published Nov 20, 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


204 N 1st St; Ddg Atrium II Llc to Tesauro Amy, $403,000.

105 W 13th St; Manchester Green Llc to Wine Jeffrey Paul, $547,000.

711 N 26th St; Clarke Colin R and Debra E to Silvestro Brian T, $575,000.

605 N 28th St; Baker James Willie to Williams Kaila, $340,823.

512 N 31st St; King Michael and Holmes Galen to Cardwell Caitlin, $490,000.

1408 N 33rd St; Essa Antoinette Christine to Subia Octavia A, $199,500.

101 E 35th St; Waggoner Edward S to McMahon Kelsey M, $230,000.

1103 N 35th St; Timmons Hannah to Rozycki Henry J and Mary A, $622,500.

8409 Abbey Road; Gore James L to Elgin Matthew, $355,000.

3112 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Jackson Troy C, $311,976.

3124 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Chudgar Sunny Ashok, $306,551.

5001 Bathurst Road; Branch Jacob E Sr to Phillips Jesse and Johanna, $290,000.

1407 Bellevue Ave; Elliott Living Trust Trustees to Lerman Kathryn, $340,000.

402 N Belmont Ave, U2; Benedict Claire Y to Stark Haleigh K, $225,750.

4611 Bromley Lane; Benaicha Rached Robert R to Bafford Edward L, $673,500.

3102 Bute Lane; Lipps William P to Bick Nathan G and Ingrid P, $940,000.

3320 W Cary St; Stephens James F to Blevins Benjamin, $430,000.

1506 Catalina Dr; Williams Patrick S and Heather D to Finney Joshua Lamar, $169,000.

2412 Cersley St; Six Bears Inc to Hernandez Victoria C, $160,000.

7800 Cherokee Road; Hagler Beau D and Evans Blair E to Slusher Sean C, $600,000.

3008 Cliff Ave; Craney Daniel F to Cliff Duplex Llc, $205,000.

4608 Cutshaw Ave; Ruby David R and Marguerite R to Richmond Hill Design Build Llc, $275,000.

2721 Edgewood Ave; Urban Grounds Consulting Llc to Chadwell Emily Pierce, $368,000.

1816 Edwards Ave; Apex Estate Group Llc to Kool Kid Property Management, $158,000.

3152 Ellwood Ave; McMoon Valerie V to Mead Adrian and Kirtley Ellyn, $430,000.

9720 Fernleigh Dr; Rva Real Property Llc to Lumpkin Aaron Lee, $400,000.

3010 E Franklin St; Beaulieu Elliott to Hendy Christopher P, $515,000.

612 W Franklin St, U5a2; Padilla Laura to Schreiber David L and Marilyn, $390,000.

3211 W Grace St; Bradbrook Eileen and Ian to Bennett Matthew, $424,500.

3005 Grayland Ave; Miller Alison to Knack Richard P, $417,000.

1013 Greystone Ave; Maya Va Llc to Robertson Emily A, $229,000.

3100 Hanover Ave; 3100 Hanover Avenue Llc to Vanichkachorn Jed and Ann, $665,000.

4713 Hanover Ave; Levin Edith G to Schutte Andrew and Louise, $380,500.

2956 Hathaway Road, U410; Crenshaw Edward L and Kaye O to Gray John A Jr and Marilyn P, $255,000.

504 Honaker Ave; Morgan Elizabeth S to Allen David H and Oberg Rachel C, $643,250.

1809 Junaluska Ct; Norton Frederic W to Divers Marcus and Grace N, $330,000.

1510 Kansas Ave; Richmond Metropolitan Habitat to Oprel Bryan G, $210,000.

5004 King William Road; Garnett Thomas A and Erin Leigh to Sydnor Curtis Walker, $520,000.

1701 W Laburnum Ave; Maccabe Colleen M to Bird Michael Joseph, $410,065.

2939 W Leigh St; Legree Eleana M to Adams Griffin and Scott, $367,200.

33 W Locke Lane, U4; Heindl Kimberly Ann and Thomas L to Beck Susan M, $245,150.

3605 Lynhaven Ave; Catoggio Anthony to Swenn Alexa M, $215,000.

218 E Main St; 3rd Street Llc to Zheng Ya Hua and Tang Jianwei, $550,000.

5408 Marian St; Williams Paige E to Rva Residential Renovations Llc, $175,000.

3909 Midlothian Tpke; Honemann Erin Michelle to Murr Peter C, $310,000.

2308 Mimosa Creek Cir; Osborne Miyoko to Jones Eboni, $205,000.

537 Mosby St; Adn Real Estate Llc to Martin Jessica Marie, $352,500.

3516 Murchies Hill Road; Logic Equities Llc to Bishop Brian and Kathleen, $239,500.

116 Overbrook Road; Simpson Leona G to Rva Properties Llc, $190,000.

1708 Park Ave; Jpmp Llc to Evens Steven and Makdad Bonita, $776,500.

3502 Patrick Ave; Thorvest Llc to Franssen John and Dagmar, $150,000.

315 S Pine St; Coleman Aaron and Thomas W to L'herrou Valerie Aline, $349,000.

500 Pollock St; Anderson Jacqueline D Life Est to Eagle Properties, $186,000.

4707 Radford Ave; Richmond Friends Meeting to Ruckart Bradley L, $250,000.

5825 Riverside Trl; Little Rachel to Heinz Allen J and Louise L, $358,000.

617 Roseneath Road, U17; Engelund Walter and Laura to Engelund Julia, $235,000.

5008 W Seminary Ave; Burke Michael J and Audrey J to Kerner Murphy, $320,000.

2510 Semmes Ave; Wiseman Jacob L to Holloway Philippa Elizabeth, $370,000.

830 Shelby Dr; Managed Property Enterprises to Property Key Solutions Llc, $159,000.

3203 Stony Point Road, Uc; Gates Family Revocable Trust to Parker J Russell III, $325,000.

4105 Tyrone St; Rivera Israel and Ana to Dionicio Leonidas Adqui, $159,000.

301 Virginia St, U1113; Schubert Scott A and Sarah M to Morgan Scott Nelson, $500,000.

209 Wellford St; Cheshire Development Trs to Bulfon Giancarlo A, $220,000.

1500 Westover Hills Blvd; Johnson Edwin C to Eco Marble and Granite Inc, $295,000.

5512 Westower Dr; Snow Heather Q and C to Farmartino Joseph Sever, $326,000.

4901 Wythe Ave; Simoff Nicholas A to Dart Lauren, $433,500.


4305 8th St, Henrico; Rockwood Park Jehovahs Witnesses to St George and St Philo Coptic Orth Church, $585,000.

11353 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Mohan Kapil and Payal K to Athale Sameer and Pallavi, $257,000.

4946 Amberwell Pl, Glen Allen; Kersey William M and Elizabeth N to Wright James and Rebecca, $730,000.

8706 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Hunt Jonathan P and Megan A to Dymon Erin, $340,000.

622 Azalea Ave, Henrico; Hewitt Mark E and Laruen A to Witowski Christopher J Jr, $215,000.

224 Bay Coat Dr, Henrico; Smith Chevonne to Smith Valarie R, $211,000.

316 Becklow Ave, Henrico; Massey William E Jr to Tarwarer Larry E Trustee, $632,500.

948 Belva Ln, Glen Allen; Oliver Anthony and Joan to Newins Robert L and Nancy L, $566,500.

6449 Blossom View Ln, Henrico; Reed Kristie L M to Adamson Nikia Nasunda, $242,000.

4823 Breeching Dee Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Samuel Emad Y and Maryana, $302,160.

11805 Britain Way, Henrico; Gaunt Stephen C and Laura C to Milepost 64 Llc, $286,000.

1121 Broad Hill Trce, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Lindo Emrol Jr, $483,504.

2805 Broadford Ln, Henrico; Kruyne Steven P and Renee C Durieux to Bhayankara Sai Vijay Kiran P Et Al, $336,000.

4922 Bunclody Ct, Henrico; Moeller Jordan R to Wang Guo Dong, $217,000.

10020 Bush Ln, Glen Allen; Johnson Chantel to Carpenter Christopher and R Zydanowicz, $267,000.

6004 Carrington Green Pl, Glen Allen; Sandhu Chhinda and Palwinder Kaur to Yaqub Adnan and Irum, $645,000.

206 N Cedar Ave, Henrico; Yeehah Llc to Banks-Welch Amber, $206,000.

3161 Chartwood Dr, Sandston; Hopkins Antoine to Herrera Isela, $234,000.

3910 E Chatham Dr, Henrico; Robinson David Allen Estate to Leeper L J, $150,000.

11205 Churchwood Ct, Henrico; Van Den Berg James M and Patsy F to McDermott Sean Alan and Sara Elizabeth, $480,000.

12608 Collinstone Ct, Glen Allen; Martin Randolph to Campbell Darrell Wayne and Dawnee, $360,000.

5517 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Donley Suzanne Shaia and Eric Raymond, $340,092.

12119 Country Hills Ct, Glen Allen; Barker John C and Julie C to Ho Martin and Meghan, $1,250,000.

2 Countryside Ln, Henrico; Bowles Mary E and Peter Lynch and Matthew to Ennis Julia Ruth and Linnie A Velasquez, $699,950.

7806 Dalmain Dr, Henrico; Campbell Kathleen Sempki Et Al to Garavalia Anthony and Elizabeth Distasio, $225,000.

6612 Dellwood St, Henrico; Evans Mark W and J M A and M E Mayo to James Nay Llc, $200,000.

10305 Delray Rd, Glen Allen; Haught Holly Lynn to McCleaf Morgan and Ryan G Law, $335,000.

12535 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Shan Jufang and Hongsheng Zhou, $615,100.

4914 Donegal Trace Ct, Henrico; Belt Amanda Lynn to Dobbins Olga, $195,000.

2836 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Light Matthew and Karen R to Lee Jae W, $430,000.

3412 Edwardsville Dr, Glen Allen; Keesee C Gordonn Jr and Gloria W Trustees to Rake Joanne G and Groffrey W Jr, $456,000.

8913 Eli Pl, Glen Allen; Golia Lokesh and Shilpi to Mishra Vineet Kr, $460,000.

1904 Evanrude Ct, Sandston; Rigsby Steven P Jr and P D-R to Rakestraw Timothy Dean Mark, $235,000.

2607 Fernhill Ave, Henrico; Britton Larry E and Elsie J Etal to Lisovskiy Roman, $201,500.

6001 Fitzhugh Ave, Henrico; Coleman Janet L and Bonnie C Cross to Hassig Owen and Heather, $477,500.

9301 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Chaffin Joseph W and Allison E to Jenkins Christian Douglas and Dianne Ruiz, $310,000.

10915 Foxmoore Ave, Henrico; Oryon Nicholas A and Kate to Pickler Tyler J and Meghan K Houston, $390,000.

8310 Franconia Rd, Henrico; Chhetri Indra M and Durga B to Moses Philmore S, $275,000.

2118 Ginter St, Henrico; Plunkett Frank A Jr and Robin to Plunkett Benjamin Hunter, $260,000.

2331 Golden Rd, Henrico; Douglass Lewis Moffett to Lemmon John Dane and Abigail A Finkelston, $285,000.

10660 Gracie Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Murphy Kathleen Ann, $411,325.

7501 Greengate Dr, Henrico; Wornom Beryl B to Shajahan Mohammed and Ummea Khyer, $245,000.

12001 Grey Oaks Park Rd, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Winkels Ryan Michael and Sarah Elizabeth, $819,742.

8715 Greycliff Rd, Henrico; Walsh Christopher K and Clinton T to Breisch Brittney, $290,000.

2807 Hartman St, Henrico; Cox Michael W and Lakesa S Crossin to Saunders Janequa, $165,000.

7511 Hawthorne Ave, Henrico; Burton Stephanie S to Comstock Nathan A, $190,000.

12336 Haybrook Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Brar Vikrant Singh and Rabia Gill, $389,950.

5524 Holman Dr, Glen Allen; Earle Gilbert C IV and Jennifer G to Venkidusamy Kimberly W and Suresh, $535,000.

6505 Horsepen Rd, Henrico; Nguyen Dem Q Hun V to First Class Investors Llc, $175,000.

11110 Ingallston Rd, Henrico; Varacalli Thomas A and Yasko to Baires Karla Massiel Villalta, $296,000.

4704 Kelly Cv, Glen Allen; Wyman Cynthia and Derrick Lee Franklin to Escobar Jocelyn I, $348,500.

2421 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Gross Valerie and Charles P Barbour Jr to Roper Erik C and Beth C, $325,000.

3200 Klaus Ct, Glen Allen; Farmer Daniel J and Jean W to McCracken Christopher Scott and Emily Ball, $460,000.

6120 Knight Ter, Henrico; Dodge Danielle and Ian F Stewart to Stiller Christian, $290,000.

11202 W Langham Ct, Henrico; Kascsak Lara to Rotondo Robert, $365,000.

637 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; Buck Mercedes E to White Valerie L and Bruce White Sr, $215,000.

2530 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Mcginnis Lucinda K to Kaparthi Mohan and Prasanthy Tallam Yella, $436,500.

11045 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Doshi Riya P and Paragkumar K, $445,812.

11053 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ozoka Noble, $462,875.

10817 Macs Way, Glen Allen; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Pace Jason Andrew and Carrie Suzanne Rose, $535,407.

1206 Maple Ave, Henrico; Martin Linda C to Riley Sean Patrick II, $360,000.

2832 Mary Alice Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Biggs Alicia Knekell, $260,110.

3593 Mayland Ct, Henrico; Street Properties Llc to Supernal Llc and Us Stainless Sales Llc, $940,000.

12616 Meghan’s Bay Ct, Henrico; Landess Richard M and Alice to Chen Mei W, $305,000.

3704 Milshire Pl, Henrico; Lucks Bernd G and Lada S to Lance Christopher M and Melissa E, $565,000.

11945 Montfort Cir, Glen Allen; McGhee Ronnie and Shelley to McGrady Suzanne H, $699,950.

5100 Monument Ave, U814, Henrico; Leftwich Stephen William to Morriss John Dabney and Betty Booker, $195,000.

5901 Morgan’s Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Katz Phyllis C to Reed Bradley V and Judith A Johnson, $425,000.

208 Naman Rd, Henrico; Buckner D Sandra to Boyd Tyler J and Elizabeth C, $420,000.

2004 Navion St, Henrico; Rhodes Deborah L and Connie M Howard to Cadjo Ljubisa, $185,000.

2224 Nortonia Rd, Henrico; 2224 Llc to Gorman Micah Steven, $225,000.

7413 Oakmont Dr, Henrico; Smith Felicia D and Roberto Bisbal Moreno to Fink Logan Dietrich, $272,501.

5116 Old Main St, Henrico; Jones Robert D II and Catina Hawkins to Abubaker Abubaker Omar, $725,000.

9716 Olde Milbrooke Way, Glen Allen; Frasc Properties Llc to Ogunjimi Abayomi Tolulope, $383,575.

4512 Padgett Pl, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Lac Josephina, $470,970.

2102 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Housing and Urban Development to Maya Va Llc, $250,000.

2128 Pine Glen Ct, Sandston; McDonough Frank A and Melissa M to Hopkins Aaron Justin, $275,000.

10916 Pointer Holly Path, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Tummidi Jayavardhan, $477,730.

2515 Prestwick Cir, Henrico; Wade George N and Sarah M to Nguyen Ha Thi and Chau Trat, $250,000.

12334 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Pritchard William E III and C Mottley, $769,215.

1702 Ranch Dr, Henrico; Noviskey Carmen to Koch Laura K and Lori J Delay, $350,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U305, Henrico; Bradshaw Joseph L to Vainer Lori Ann and Dylan Jonas, $278,500.

251 Rocketts Way, U318, Henrico; Case Kent E and Kimberly A to Lattuada Joseph Daniel, $370,000.

2224 Rockwater Ter, Henrico; Collier Pamela A to McIvor Meredith Lee, $265,000.

3812 Saddleseat Ct, Henrico; Richardson Bryan and Rebecca to Bond Susan Sainz and Frank Douglass Jr, $937,000.

7517 Schaaf Dr, Henrico; Wiedenhoft Nathanial A and Leah D to Pangraze David A and Morghan, $255,000.

1600 Selma Pl, Henrico; Washington Joyce to Peterson Jason, $340,000.

6940 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Harris Dana Radcliffe and Nathan Jerome Jr, $416,315.

60 Skipwith Green Cir, Henrico; Rahimi Khalil and Naeema to Meek Tiana Evette and Alana Nicole, $232,500.

511 St Albans Way, Henrico; Hahn Julie Millan Trustee to Anderson Erika C, $511,000.

3005 Stonebriar Ct, Henrico; Lee Marcus E and Michelle H to Abdelmalak Eshak A and Fayrouz Youssef, $331,500.

1507 Thistle Rd, Ut-3, Henrico; Pace William H Jr to Brenner Gladys R and Alejandro A, $158,500.

4024 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Wallace Lori G to Adhikari Nawaraj and Shanti Bogati, $405,625.

302 Treva Rd, Sandston; Brown Joyce D to Barnhill-Joris Mary G and Clifford B Joris, $223,000.

3301 Trillium Ct, Glen Allen; Francis Harry E Jr to Abdelrahman Abubaker and S Hassan Et Al, $455,000.

12297 Village Springs Dr, Glen Allen; North Gayton Village Llc to NVR Inc, $184,000.

9808 Wares Wharf Cir, Glen Allen; Ferris Susanne M Trustee to Szablak Michael J and Debra S, $450,000.

3506 Waverly Blvd, Henrico; Grider Amber N to Harris April, $163,000.

938 Wellston Ct, Glen Allen; White Richard W and Kennetha to Waddell Mary F, $265,000.

413 Weston Way, Henrico; Lesley Stephen M and Teresa to McDonald Gregory W, $588,000.

2009 Westover Ave, Henrico; Jc Design Homes Llc to Joyce Nathan, $270,000.

5600 Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Williams Rodney E to Ibanez-Macias Tony Jesus, $850,000.

704 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Porter Vivien R to Baldwin Jennifer J, $310,000.

7983 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; Shifflett Mark to Abdullah Ehsan and Fatima, $328,600.

8571 Woodlake Dr, Henrico; Ely Derek E to Iurillo August Angelo and Kristen Katrina, $280,000.

2481 Yarnell Rd, Henrico; Lammey Kathleen L and Robert to Deans Kelsey and Benjamin Allan Shepherd, $200,000.


647 Abbey Village Cir, Midlothian; Thomson Michael I and Alexia M to Trieu Tien M, $336,000.

19601 Ahern Rd, Moseley; Wright Timothy J and Tammi L to Sulc Bruce A Jr and Monica, $567,000.

1025 Amber Meadows Pl, Midlothian; Jennison C E and Behrman N P to Sandoval Adonai A, $285,000.

8518 Amington Ln, Chesterfield; Morton Gerrad and Amanda to Cox Diane Renee, $437,000.

3621 Applewood Rd, North Chesterfield; Jafri Syed Faraz Jamil to Vega Juan Dejesus and Quina Esmeralda Castillo, $265,000.

1509 Austin Rd, Chester; Kave Peggy G to Hilton Bernard Patrick and Brittany Sharpe, $194,500.

13901 Autumn Woods Rd, Midlothian; Lack John A to Goldzwig Christina Rose, $340,000.

4200 N Bailey Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Lotenero David A Et Al to Blue Star Investments Llc, $258,000.

8141 Baugh Ln, South Chesterfield; Spearman Brian D and Caprice N to Winter Mark Frederick and Laurie Anne, $345,000.

9273 Beech Hill Ct, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Fisher Danny Lee Jr and Stacy K, $532,895.

5717 Beechnut Ave, South Chesterfield; J C Painter Inc to Archer Shakilah, $218,000.

6533 S Beulah Rd, North Chesterfield; Sbeulah Llc to Marwaha Satwant Llc, $1,450,000.

5909 Blackjack Oak Ct, North Chesterfield; McClure Joshua L and Kristen to Mitchell Damon D and Thiss Shelly M, $260,000.

4114 Bollinger Dr, South Chesterfield; Marko Lawrence Trustee to Mosher Alicia A, $152,000.

4212 Boonesboro Dr, North Chesterfield; Woods Thomas Trustee to Guzman Baez Vicente A, $260,000.

4456 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Jamer Matthew John Jr, $278,465.

5730 Brailen Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Butler-Cason Tina M and Cason J, $406,990.

614 Bristol Village Dr, Midlothian; Capocelli Jody F to Adams Bv II Llc, $162,500.

16913 Broadmoor Rd, Moseley; Lomonaco Joseph J and Amy to Colon Javier and Shanelle, $500,000.

3540 Buckhead Rd, Midlothian; Harvie John C to Callahan Craig A and Kathryn, $608,000.

1200 Buford Rd, North Chesterfield; Youngblood Properties Llc to Hill Cara B, $648,145.

6147 Buntline Ln, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Kafuku Kevin Ruguge, $276,000.

3336 Cannington Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Cosby Nicko Janear, $317,285.

14020 S Carriage Ln, Midlothian; Jeffrey William Carwin to Godsey Kristen Lynn, $230,000.

5331 Carteret Rd, Chesterfield; Hutter Nikolas to Schuppert Taylor and Weston Ryan, $318,500.

15604 Cedarville Dr, Midlothian; Lgi Homes-Virginia Llc to Gurrentz Benjamin T, $462,900.

4418 Centralia Station Cv, Chester; Raposa Anthony and Cayla to Hatcher Carlton Lee, $348,645.

10467 Centralia Station Rd, Chester; Ek Real Estate Fund I Llc to Williams C C and Jones R P II, $410,000.

12013 Chesmount Dr, Chesterfield; Ruffner David B and Janice L to Hodges Terri, $290,000.

5207 Clipper Cove Rd, Midlothian; Allen Mark W and Shelley H to Laury Alexander and Connie G, $685,000.

1000 Cohen Trl, Midlothian; Wright Suzanne Marie to Keeney Andrew and Kristine, $486,000.

10412 Colony Trace Dr, North Chesterfield; Paramount Investments Llc to Angelone Dolores, $345,000.

3110 Cottage Oaks Ct, Midlothian; Hammitt Jonathan C and Amanda C to Gold Norman and Sandra, $277,200.

2908 Cove Ridge Trce, Midlothian; Suboleski S C Et Al Trustees to Flynn Thomas Gerald III and Anne Marie, $400,000.

3416 Curtis Cir, Chester; Joseph Gloria C Estate to Technical Executors Llc, $155,000.

14843 Diamond Creek Ter, Midlothian; Lowery April Anne to Nannapaneni H and Chinni Uma D, $360,000.

12318 Declaration Ave, Chester; Barrow Donald and Kimberly to Young Kenneth J, $485,000.

12208 Devette Pl, Chesterfield; Hines Geoffrey D and Alison W to Cochran Gordon and Kristina, $360,000.

10906 Drayton Rd, Chester; Tomlin Desere Elizabeth to Ortman Kendall and Donato Lucy, $260,000.

15208 Dunton Ave, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to McMurray Kali L, $333,555.

5431 Ecoff Ave, Chester; Holder Ben D and Barbara O to Montgomery Justin and Olga Loraine, $285,000.

4606 Ellerby Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Mikowski Michael P and Marianne, $460,224.

7279 Emerald Point Vis, Moseley; Koller Jack K and Kelly S to Mendoza Renato A and Sandra T, $389,000.

342 Enon Oaks Ln, Chester; Winn Timothy J and Samantha L to Ham Kristl and Vuthy, $400,000.

3541 Falstone Rd, North Chesterfield; Patel Akshay G and Patel K G to Galeano Alejandro, $280,000.

6466 Faulkner Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Rai Brizen B and Lama Samden, $342,735.

8712 Firethorne Ln, North Chesterfield; Monahan John Edward to Harding William D, $154,000.

6500 Fore Cir, Chesterfield; Fore Courthouse Seniors L P to Pc Courthouse Llc Et Als, $9,000,000.

6908 E Fox Green , Chesterfield; Daniel Nicole Lynette to Lipscomb Wesley Thomas, $179,900.

15418 Foxvale Way, Midlothian; Heydeck Andrew W and Theresa A to Schlenker Daniel and Mary, $436,112.

3240 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Garraghty Kathryn P, $304,356.

15901 Garston Ln, Midlothian; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Hite Christopher D and Dallas, $700,967.

6451 Glebe Point Rd, Chesterfield; Grissom Timothy E and Karen J to Ewing Bryson Del and Shelly Renee, $375,500.

10332 Glen Oaks Dr, Chester; Brooks Robert D and Cameron C C to O'Neal Robert G Jr and Kelly M, $265,900.

904 Gorham Ct, Midlothian; Conant Matthew C to Safewright Tyrice and Tiffany, $345,000.

5733 Gossamer Pl, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Pinkard Marcus and Zamor B, $463,990.

12621 Green Garden Ter, Chester; Khandat Amaresh B and Saswati to Martin Michael, $365,000.

7525 Ground Fern Pl, Chesterfield; Lous Fady F A and Bakheet M B G to Lous Moufid Fawzy Attal, $275,000.

8513 Hampton Crossing Pl, Chesterfield; Booth Sean to Cooley Eric L and Stephanie A, $490,675.

7915 Hampton Green Dr, Chesterfield; Arzomand Mustafa R to Braithwaite Daniel P and Kristin, $392,000.

4018 Harrow Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Bailey Ta'chard L and Mason A S, $304,190.

3813 Harvette Dr, North Chesterfield; Montague Joanne D to Nguyen Baotri, $156,000.

15749 Henningford Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Thruston Jan Catherine and Stephen Scott, $444,598.

5405 Highberry Woods Rd, Midlothian; Bailiff Christopher M and J B to Tiffin Barbara, $356,700.

12501 Hogans Aly, Chester; Ryan Thomas William to Wilkins Joseph, $494,900.

370 E Hundred Rd, Chester; Emerson-Roper Companies Llc to Autozone Development Llc, $600,000.

6800 Iron Ore Way, North Chesterfield; Rivera-Dickey Rosenda to Mejia Franklin Aristides and Luz Elba, $325,000.

8021 Kempwood Dr, Chesterfield; Sweat Charles J II to Beach Donald L and Beverly S, $204,777.

13801 Kentwood Forest Dr, Chester; Danrich Construction Co Inc to Scott Tanika, $300,000.

3513 Kings Farm Dr, Midlothian; Lingon Nicholas R and Molly J to Jabs Gregory P and Alexandra Barrie, $650,000.

19551 Lacy Farm Rd, Moseley; Thorson David A and Susan J to Dunbrack Berkley and Amanda, $589,950.

4336 Lafon St, Chester; Anderson Alexis P to Valdes Penny and Ruiz Victor G, $173,000.

4032 Laurelwood Rd, North Chesterfield; Wright D W and Wright F M Trs to Whitaker David L and Cassandra I, $258,000.

1920 Lindell Rd, North Chesterfield; Haven Property Investments Llc to Carothers Jo Ann, $325,000.

6306 Little Creek Way, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Felder Lavonda and Derrick, $317,275.

6424 Little Creek Way, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Blakely Bobbie J, $333,410.

5218 Lockberry Ridge Dr, North Chesterfield; Elkins Sonja H to Berger Jonathan S and Muge, $271,010.

12357 Logan Trace Rd, Midlothian; Hammack Ann W to Fernandez Joshua and Haldeman Rachel, $290,000.

14907 Majestic Creek Dr, South Chesterfield; Mullin James D to Sperow Ann Marie and Poplawski Seth Michael, $325,000.

1245 Mall Dr, North Chesterfield; Creasman Clinton D and Kay M to 1245 Mall Dr Llc, $170,000.

16219 Maple Hall Dr, Midlothian; Homeplaces Ltd to Kurek Stanley John Jr and Tereasa L, $1,300,000.

831 Marbleridge Rd, North Chesterfield; James Nay Llc to Krejci Tyler Allan and Tansill Sara Hamilton, $255,000.

13906 Marsham Rd, Chester; NVR Inc to Dyer Marquese and Melissa, $379,975.

418 Michaux View Ter, Midlothian; Kern Todd E and Kimberly B to Spicer James Lollies IV, $365,000.

10636 Michmar Dr, Chester; Utsey Shawn O to Grant Stephanie Y, $450,000.

14702 Mill Spring Dr, Midlothian; Conway Leonard L Jr and Jill M to Wein David H and Breanne W, $250,000.

8404 Morelock Ct, North Chesterfield; Seymour Bradford T to Barshinger Preston R and Patterson Rachel J, $268,500.

12101 Murray Hill Dr, Midlothian; Brandau Kevin C and Kimberly B to Kiesler Sarah Hall and Douthat Kerri Elizabeth, $430,000.

812 Nantucket Ct, North Chesterfield; Bridgetown Properties Llc to Dinh Anh Thuy, $205,000.

5702 Oak Knoll Ln, Midlothian; Dirico Kaleb A and Mollie M to Booher Heather and Alexsis R M, $368,000.

16031 Old Castle Rd, Midlothian; Stanton Matthew E and Wendy K to Weddle Dina E and Mayne Jamie A, $726,850.

7845 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Allen Garrett M and Mccord J M, $272,520.

4506 Old Well Ter, Midlothian; Anderson Kimberly K to Troch Michael C and Katherine A, $275,000.

2528 Paradise Cove Rd, North Chesterfield; T and S Builders to Klm Properties Holdings Llc, $875,000.

4607 Parrish Branch Rd, Midlothian; Douglass Angela to Anderson William and McBroom E, $255,000.

6525 Pebblespring Dr, North Chesterfield; Washington Lois D to Oxlaj Juan Perez, $240,000.

8700 Playground Ct, North Chesterfield; Tolbert Joseph F and Pamela H to Gross Deborah Kay, $253,000.

13500 Poplardell Ct, Chesterfield; Branch Ronald O and Reed Dedra M to Tyler Gary, $429,950.

12732 Prestonfield Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Talati Sapan Kanuray and Bhakti Sapan, $282,990.

9007 Proctors Run Ct, North Chesterfield; Bland Ricky L Jr and Shawnyell C to Ingram Myesha S, $352,000.

3114 Quail Hill Dr, Midlothian; Armstrong Ernestine R to Taylor Malesia and Quincy, $351,000.

430 Queensway Rd, North Chesterfield; Cong-Hyuen Bach-Tuyet Et Al to Kazerouni Maryam, $198,000.

1413 Ransco Rd, North Chesterfield; Thompson Clarence E Jr Et Als to Puckett Jessica Carr, $165,000.

1725 Rayanne Dr, North Chesterfield; Perry Bryan Sutton and Shannon to Hodges Stephen Craig and Beckwith Azana, $310,000.

4312 River Rd, South Chesterfield; Johnson Sharon L and Johnson J A to Lindsey Aaron L and Washington C, $270,000.

11318 River Rd, Chesterfield; Hancock Mark D and Bozena M to Dejarnette Tracy, $479,900.

21517 Robertson Ave, South Chesterfield; Lundie Michael H and Bonnie W to Jefferson Jacquel T and Crystal Star, $188,000.

1820 Rockcrest Rd, North Chesterfield; Akers Kenneth T Jr and Lucy L to Schibner Michael C, $235,000.

3401 Rossington Blvd, Chester; Robinson Ricardo and Adrienne to Lowe Fatima Joyce, $325,000.

12118 Rotunda Ln, Chester; Gasden Wanda to Ragland Christopher and White L, $350,000.

18113 Ruby Hill Ct, Moseley; Perrincrest Custom Homes Llc to Dodds Anthony J and Wrzos Agata, $850,000.

3000 Sagewood Rd, Midlothian; Connelly Mark A to Elhalabi Kamal R and Kiwan Maysoon I, $320,000.

14307 Santell Dr, Chester; Hamilton Timothy and Caitlin to Lanier Pamela E, $229,000.

16512 Saville Chase Rd, Midlothian; Biringer Builders Inc to Clawson Darcy Kay and Rodney Wayne, $696,976.

8331 Scottingham Dr, North Chesterfield; Hooper Jennifer R to Yerkes Randal C and Melissa Faye, $245,000.

6501 Seven Falls Way, Moseley; Gravel James D and Jaime R to Hanna Rowes and Renee, $485,000.

3019 Sherbourne Rd, North Chesterfield; Trek Properties Llc to Rasmussen Brennan and Brittany, $205,500.

5507 Sherman Ter, North Chesterfield; Girone Kyle William to Launderville Matt and Bernard Katherine, $230,000.

11625 Sinker Creek Dr, Chester; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Clark Joshua and Yanoschak Rachel, $429,330.

9613 Simonsville Rd, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Ford Robert Raymond Jr and Angela L, $534,116.

13418 Sir Britton Ct, Chesterfield; Mauck Robert K and Heidi M to Hall Mark and Katherine, $465,000.

4701 Split Creek Ct, Chester; Laughery Kenneth W and Lissa A to Landmark Associates Llc Of Va, $230,000.

7018 Stafford Park Dr, Moseley; Connor Thomas and Nicole L to McGahan Shaun P and Mallory Ann, $480,000.

5502 Standing Oak Pl, Midlothian; Hoagland Roy A and Loral R to Hayat Md Tanveer and Rahman S, $310,000.

1702 Stonemill Lake Ter, Midlothian; Yarborough Aaron D and Katreen M to Landin Loderick Rita J, $292,000.

12736 Summerhouse Ln, Midlothian; Granderson Jacqueline Embe to Trimiew Myron L Jr and Sabrina, $275,000.

11051 Sydelle Dr, North Chesterfield; Smith J Brian and Smith W D to Thomas Team Inc, $235,000.

3242 Tadley Dr, Midlothian; Coggins John M and Gerri A to Perkins Aaron and Alleen J, $385,000.

2230 Thorncrag Ln, Midlothian; Swartz Courtney H to Trefethen Kevin J Jr and Jamie L, $430,000.

13720 Thorngate Rd, Midlothian; Sweeney Charles R Jr and J K to Screeney Daniel E and Hunter B, $505,000.

18030 Timber Banks Ln, Moseley; Jones Homes Inc to Whitson Kennith D and Whitson Saundra J Trustees, $961,144.

11016 Timonium Dr, Chester; Photakos Stephen W and Lindsay P to Rinaldi Regina Mari, $189,950.

19600 Trumpeter Rd, South Chesterfield; Hooker Amber D to Fields Nicole, $260,000.

2019 Valerie Dr, Midlothian; Kahler Shelly L to Webb Kimmie, $275,000.

7501 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Johnson Linda E Trustee to Hassell Mary Ellen Trustee, $250,000.

7885 Vermeil St, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Strawbridge Clinton and Diane, $293,155.

511 Wadsworth Dr, North Chesterfield; Wiser Kimberly to Altemose John W and Yates Sara E, $280,000.

600 Wadsworth Dr, North Chesterfield; McDowell John V and Nicole J to Dessaint Aimee, $295,000.

16800 Warren Crest Ct, Moseley; Main Street Homes to Zielinski Brandon and Julie, $525,262.

6612 Way Point Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Smullen Derrick L, $312,465.

900 Westwood Village Way, Midlothian; Stoops Tammy Lynn to Blackman Brian K, $255,000.

900 Westwood Village Way, Midlothian; Sweitzer William J to Cassel Andrea, $269,950.

15013 Willow Hill Ln, Chesterfield; Gholson Scott and Michelle to Wise Jessica E and William J, $460,000.

13621 Winterberry Rdg, Midlothian; Malek James P and Magali to Mullin James D and Crystal A, $425,000.

9203 Winters Hill Ct, North Chesterfield; Barker Guy D and Phyllis L to Dougherty Kayla M, $200,000.

15512 Wolfboro Rd, Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hemesath Thomas J, $451,750.

9700 Woodpecker Rd, Chesterfield; Tsc Contractors Llc to Fish Randall L, $175,000.

5520 Zion Ridge Ter, North Chesterfield; Friedhoff Debbie to Arthur Courtney M, $297,000.


0.413 acres; Twin Blessings VII LLC to Cone Investments LLC, $165,000.

0.513 acres; VG & B Inc. to Moho LLC, $317,000.

0.918 acres; Margie Alice Thayer to Phantom Auto Group LLC, $200,000.

1.05 acres; Twin Blessings LLC to Cone Investments LLC, $183,000.

1.92 acres; Brenda A. Eddleton to Richard Call, $475,000.

10.25 acres; Charles Louis Shepperson to Bernard C. Sisson, $395,000.

16.5 acres; Glen M. Hobart to Shield Watercraft Corp., $480,000.

104.67 acres; Adam Ellett Tomar, trustee to FAI Construction LLC, $450,000.

2 acres; Amber Danielle Hawkins, executor to Zachary Ean Davis, $166,250.

2.0082 acres; Tena S. Smith to Commonwealth Redevelopment LLC, $178,000.

2.8975 acres; 8103 EPH LLC to Dawes Land Investments LLC, $150,000.

46.445 acres; Roy Mitchell Billingsley Jr. to Joshua B. Holder, $280,000.

49.3 acres; Camelot LC to Grant County Mulch Inc., $1,500,000.

5.088 acres; 16284 Mountain Road LLC to Farrington LLC, $300,000.

58.144 acres; Gene A. Bourne to Matthew K. Davis, $276,184.

6.637 acres; Linda E. Deale, executor to Edward L. Talley, $289,000.

7.3 acres; Hale Selepak & Jones LLC to Carrie Taylor Galeski, $150,000.

Lot 1, Section 1, Independence Farms; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $180,000.

Lot 1, Section 7, Hanover Industrial Air Park; South Atlantic Properties Inc. to TP Leadbetter LLC, $2,000,000.

Lot 12, Section 1, Harbor Ridge; Hanky LLC to Jay Hanky Construction Services Inc., $170,000.

Lot 13, Villages of Beaverdam Park; Traci M. Loving to Sophia Agostino, $155,000.

Lot 15, Section 5, Rutland Center; Skyler G. Allen to Michael D. Baughan, $312,500.

Lot 15B, Hilly Farm; Tracy L. Thomas to David W. Markley, $167,200.

Lot 16, Block A, Section 1, Village at Beaverdam Park; Glory 2 Glory Investments LLC to Kimberly D. Thurston, $200,000.

Lot 16, Section 2, Villages at Taylor Farm; HHHunt Homes LC to Marlese Yelardy, $493,845.

Lot 17, Hanover Industrial Air Park; M.L. Bell Properties II LLC to Tazewell Air Park Properties LLC, $2,200,000.

Lot 17, Section 8, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Leadbetter Property and Development Inc. to Cebelle Holdings Corp., $888,000.

Lot 2, Block A, Seciton 2, Cool Spring Industrial Center; Mongo Properties LLC to Cool Spring Warehouses LLC, $155,000.

Lot 2, Mill Lake Farms; Samira Surani to Rudolph W. De Block, $699,900.

Lot 2, Section B, Summit Hill; Herbert Morgan to J.M. Buchanan Inc., $346,752.

Lot 21, Section 7, Hickory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $280,000.

Lot 23, Lauradell; ME Lauradell LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $462,500.

Lot 25, Southerly at Caldwell Park; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Paul Ray Carter, $469,980.

Lot 26, Section F, Glebe Hill; Glebe Hill Associates Inc. to Shurm Construction Inc., $160,000.

Lot 3, Block 1, Section 1, Rutland Commons Commercial Park; Grant Lease LLC to Atlee 9197 LLC, $2,600,000.

Lot 35, Section 2, Rutland Center Townes; Patrick J. McCarty to Mojowells Properties LLC, $278,000.

Lot 4, Lakeview at Luck Farm; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $155,000.

Lot 4, Section 2, Lankford’s Crossing; Lankford Crossing LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $260,000.

Lot 48, Lauradell; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Paul Koza, trustee, $449,852.

Lot 4C, Section 2, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Gloria M. Sydnor to Yellowfin Estates LLC, $750,000.

Lot 5, Block C, Atlee Crescent; Doswell Ventures LLC to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, $1,100,000.

Lot 56, Lauradell; ME Lauradell LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $370,500.

Lot 66, Block A, Section 1, Crown Colony; Steven M. Huff to Kim L. Tu Wean, $400,000.

Lot B2, Section B, Bauserman Estates; Dawn Rebecca Ann Bauserman to John Carpentier, $750,000.

Parcel; CSX Transportation Inc. to Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, $6,648,892.

Parcel; Equity Trustees LLC to A. Solodar Properties LLC, $313,000.

Parcel; Mohan S. Jutela to Shree Sai Sagun LLC, $802,499.

Parcel; Harry L. Rice to Mariah R. Campbell, $175,000.

Parcel; Carrol T. Robertson Jr. to Ricky W. Link, $160,000.

Parcel; Trust Bank to A. Taylor Holdings LLC, $750,000.

Parcel; Twin Blessings III LLC to Cone Investments LLC, $164,000.

Part of Lot 5, Kruger Estates; Sandy Valley LLC to James Nelsen, $165,000.

Section 1, Ashley Farms; Riverland Farm LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $266,666.

Section 2A, Giles Farm; Giles Farm Development Co. LLC to NVR Inc., $250,400.

Section 3, Villages at Taylor Farm; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $447,000.


2757 Briarpatch Lane, Powhatan; Aaron Reynolds to Thomas Zeno, $298,000.

3950 Mill Station Drive, Powhatan; Edward Brackett to James Sanitate, $795,000.

1707 Rocky Ford Road, Powhatan; David Dowdy to Jacob L. Layman, $485,500.

1039 Timber Trace Road, Powhatan; William J. Bright to Emily M. Anderson, $339,000.


12253 Bremner Ridge Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Diane Crevonis Halvorsen, $604,661.

2650 Davis Mill Road, Goochland; Delta Deck Co. LLC to Courtney Elizabeth Deal, $316,062.

3400 Lake Drive, Goochland; David Lowmaster to Brian E. Thomas, $263,002.

4685 Newline Road, Gum Spring; Kyle Douglas Itzel Hawkins to , $244,995.

12375 S Readers Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Gary Franklin Wilkins, $580,806.

345 Swinburne Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to William K. Pember Revocable Trust, $729,136.


3500 Halifax Road; CSX Transportation Inc. to Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railway Co., 2,610,660.

1874 Pender Ave.; Eric Christianson to WWKS Properties LLC, $185,000.


3.89 acres; Gerald Addison Crowder to Marcella Small, $900,000.

59.5 acres; Sunnyside Farm McKenney LLC to Annsville Timber Co. LLC, $285,000.


1218 Hermitage Road; Donald A. McClellan Jr. to Natalie Celis Cortes, $236,000.

805 Lakewood Drive; Brandon J. Hanford to Brandon C. Wood, $245,000.


Lots 7, 8 and 9 and part of Lot 10, Block 6, Section A, Appomattox Heights; Matthew S. Flaherty to Eddie Nazario, $195,000.

Parcel; James River Partnership LLC to Sohail Sheikh, $350,000.


9141 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Bryan T. Thurston, $396,954.

3447 S Hairpin Drive, Quinton; William Kendall Johnson to Jeffrey Lodge, $356,000.

8283 E Lord Botetourt Loop, New Kent; James Alan Pritchard to Donald R. Flanagan, $389,900.

7040 Oakrise Place, New Kent; Hunter J. Evans to Danielle Kimberely Marks, $331,000.

6607 Pine Straw Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Demetrius M. Alexander, $448,753.

5990 Quinton Estates Drive, Quinton; Kyle M. Wilbourne to Josh A. Snowdon, $254,000.

Unit 35, Phase 7, Cumberland at Patriots Landing; Brett R. Williams to Sabine Scott, $215,500.

10864 White Dogwood Drive, Quinton; Monica E. Torrance to Stephanie M. Johnson, $240,000.


11801 Chadwick Lane, Petersburg; Angel E. White to Joseph M. Boros IV, $230,000.

9870 Hollywood Drive, Disputanta; Jack Keith Cox Jr. to Kevin K. Eggleston, $345,000.

Charles city

21220 Old Neck Road, Charles City; Winfred C. Smith to Matthew T. Hall, $920,000.

5711 Old Union Road, Charles City; Henrico Property Rentals LLC to Haley J. Smith, $196,500.

12680 Sterling Heights Lane, Providence Forge; DWR LLC to Kyle Joseph Koontz, $255,000.



19 Mountain View Drive, Farmville; Peter Nikias Kamilakis to Christopher Patrick McMillion, $525,000.

9 Perkins Road, Cartersville; Anderson Home Construction Inc. to Rebekah Stella Jean Oldmixon, $319,950.

62 Sugar Fork Road, Cumberland; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Caridad Norton, $220,000.


130 Bell Road, Shacklefords; Jill S. Farrar to Sarah A. Strobel, $420,000.

472 Long Dirt Road, Shacklefords; Ladonna Christine Bristow Pierson to Shane A. West, $155,000.

189 Rivers Edge Road, Newtown; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Elissa P. Beverage, $239,950.


8772 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; Patricia A. Schwenk to Jessica Michelle Webb, $195,000.

4512 Herring Creek Road, Aylett; Amy C. Hester to Melinda Caricofe, $305,000.

1365 Nelsons Bridge Road, Hanover; RCI Builders LLC to Troy Szalay, $351,947.

2212 Sara Ann Court, Aylett; Christopher Ryan Payne to Brian Bowen, $276,000.

321 Wendenburg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to John Wright, $307,360.


Phase 2, Bland Ridge Condominium; Katherine C. Wray to Michael C. Wicks, $270,000.

Parcel; Loretta W. Faulknier to Full Draw Properties LLC, $450,000.

208.1 acres; Doozy Farms LLC to Ashton Lewis Lumber Co. Inc., $460,129.


Lots 33-36 and 137-138, Village Green North Townhomes; Quarterpath Williamsburg LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $374,400.

Parcel; Prometheus Investments Inc. to Midas Inc., $570,000.


1978 Algonquin Trail, Williamsburg; Carters Grove Development LLC to Dominique Asia Welcome, $195,000.

116 Arena St., Williamsburg; Perry Barnett Wright, devisee to Ryan Lee Scarberry, $290,000.

9150 Barnes Road, Toano; Craig M. Spears, trustee to Christopher B. Bendall, $630,000.

138 Berkeley Lane, Williamsburg; Andrew Mack Sims Jr. to D. Anna L. Bowman, $336,250.

3016 Chelmsford Way, Williamsburg; Kimberly Jean Reubush to Robert M. Stratton, $350,000.

9908 W Cork Road, Toano; Arthur Benjamin Henson, trustee to Robert E. Lee, $510,000.

612 Dock Landing, Williamsburg; Busch Properties Inc. to John P. Drago, $375,000.

4307 Eleanors Way, Williamsburg; Kyle A.Langerhans to Steven D. Hersh, $225,300.

3433 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Glenwood Leslie Darden Jr., $269,945.

2040 Genevieve Trail, Williamsburg; Chestnut Grove Development LLC to Kenneth Charles Doty, $193,000.

109 Godspeed Lane, Williamsburg; Daniel B. Nice, trustee to Francis M. Flynn II, $191,000.

144 Hartwell Perry Way, Williamsburg; Lon W. Weber to Michael E. Mamer, $400,000.

1 Hiawatha Court, Williamsburg; Melvin Douglas Smith to James Rizzo, $299,900.

1111 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Alan Carpenter Angleman, $519,457.

116 Jubilee, Williamsburg; Stephen B. Moran, trustee to Samuel Gregory Davis, $600,000.

104 Kingspoint Drive, Williamsburg; James T. Duguay Jr. Inc. to George R. Mapp, $382,000.

2948 Leatherleaf Drive, Toano; Lawrence B. Palmer to Phillip W. Balzer, $650,000.

209 Loch Haven Drive, Williamsburg; Timothy A. Wrobel to Sergey Petrov, $350,000.

233 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Francis M. Ferguson, $284,485.

4615 Minutemen Way, Williamsburg; Brian P. Dye to James T. Lowe, $268,000.

3720 Mulberry Lane, Williamsburg; Barbara J. Digiorgio to Mark D. Naglee, $380,000.

230 Par Drive, Williamsburg; Gregory Scott Kirkpatrick to Barbara K. Hicks, $315,000.

9920 Perch Tree Lane, Toano; James J. Costello III to Joseph P. Kendall, $549,000.

600 Pettuss Ordinary, Williamsburg; Charles W. Sachs to Sean Reilly, $310,000.

3501 Quail Hollow, Williamsburg; Clarck E. Abelard to Alan T. Visocky, $525,000.

3701 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Elizabeth Adamson, $263,515.

124 Raintree Way, Williamsburg; Graham John Alexander Voight to William David Cutts, $240,000.

501 Richmonds Ordinary, Williamsburg; Guardian Health Advisors LLC to MCM Associates LLC, $390,000.

9612 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Linda M. Gomez, $389,425.

120 Sabre Drive, Williamsburg; Benjamin C. Lyons to Erin Michelle Bowe, $325,000.

4260 Sienna Lane, Williamsburg; Julia F. Lake to Loretta Jost, $330,000.

3710 S Square, Williamsburg; Michael G. Barrett to Lorraine L. Batchelor, $416,000.

729 E Tazewells Way, Williamsburg; John M. Kilkenny to Peter C. Brownell, $635,000.

7546 Tealight Way, Williamsburg; Michael Miller to Logan Alexander Coates, $265,000.

Unit 201, Padgett’s Ordinary Condominium; Melinda Koenig to 201 Padgett's Ordinary LLC, $200,000.

Unit 1203, Building 56, Phase 56, Promenade at John Tyler; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Maryanne Bragg, $230,700.

175 Waterton, Williamsburg; Harold E. Sprague II to Carlos G. Arauz, $789,000.

2262 West Island Road, Williamsburg; Thomas J. Morr, trustee to Mary Katherine Dillon, $627,000.

4100 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; US Home Corp. to Jo Hutchins, $413,090.

8256 Wrenfield Drive, Williamsburg; Mark D. Roadley to Ryan Hunt, $635,000.

Published Nov 6, 2021


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