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Property Transfers Published Nov 27, 2021

Property Transfers Published Nov 27, 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


107 S 1st St; Camber Llc to Randolph Homes Llc, $527,000.

1216 N 24th St; Anna John Properties Llc to Stratton Fenton Mark, $395,000.

306 N 26th St, U101; Murphy Kyle T to Luhrsen Jeffrey Andrew, $335,000.

1124 N 28th St; Geisler Peter L and Caitlan A to Haynes Joseph T and Anna S, $385,000.

601 N 31st St; Parks Ryan John to Whorley Massey S J, $620,000.

1326 N 32nd St; Jordan Rozier to McNeely Graham W and Shannon E, $308,000.

1214 N 38th St; Lb Property Holdings Llc to Walzl Kerry N and Gretchen H, $285,000.

3118 4th Ave; Ccrii Holdings Llc to Tigani Tiziano and Toya, $240,790.

603 N Allen Ave, U1c; Hellenga Brian J and Sheilla to Reinke Kim Andrea, $201,500.

8702 Arran Road; Hardy John B and Stephanie P to Boyle William Jr and Patricia, $370,000.

4021 Augusta Ave; McGhee Edna T Revocable Trust to Augusta Ave Land Trust, $292,000.

3104 Barton Ave; Kd Enterprises Of Va Llc to Nix James Kendall and Mallory, $465,000.

2121 Boro Ridge St; NVR Inc to Davis Derek Allen, $353,430.

4005 Britannia Road; Able John A to George Simone A, $220,000.

526 Brook Road; Chan Kam Chiu to Tan Andy A and Stephen A, $280,000.

3425 Carolina Ave; Enhanced Properties Llc to Climb Via Renovations Llc, $410,000.

1708 W Cary St, U2; Carpenter Susrut A to Michaels Timothy, $255,000.

4908 Chamberlayne Ave; Vetter Teresa L to Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc, $265,000.

1616 Chestnut Park Lane; Southside Community Development to Bull Raemonika Y, $162,500.

2114 E Clay St; Ragsdale Kate S to Kramer Brian F and Amanda L, $550,000.

111 S Colonial Ave; Gordon Brian M and Tracy J to Valeiras John Danby, $563,000.

930 Derrymore Road; Hill Latisha C to Rmt Investments Llc, $160,000.

2016 Edwards Ave; Jjj3 Properties Llc to Littrell Bridget K, $283,000.

303 Essex Pl; Cava Delaware 1 Llc to Allen Hannah, $262,000.

4901 Fitzhugh Ave; Eastern Sleep Products Company to Phoenix Richmond Industrial, $550,000.

1726 Floyd Ave; Sponaugle Brian and Robin to Nelson Jessica Hendry, $431,000.

3100 Garland Ave; Xtreme Homes Llc to Wilson James Henr II, $429,950.

1836 W Grace St; Salhab Samer W and Amanda L to Jefferson Randolph W, $735,000.

1516 Greycourt Ave; Kleinman Jill L to Pola Jeffrey Daniel, $611,000.

2100 Grove Ave, U29; Richardson Robert to Riley Taytem, $224,000.

3024 Hanes Ave; K M Realty Llc to Jones Hunter, $375,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U801; Holt Mildred P Holt Trust Fbo to Richmond Wholesle Deals Llc, $190,000.

2708 Hillcrest Road; Fisk David J and Anne O'Byrne to Mills Eugene O and Gayla M, $480,000.

2303 Joplin Ave; 2303 Joplin Avenue Land Trust to Arnold Jesse William, $196,250.

1020 Kinney St; Trek Properties Llc to Hartshorn Realty Llc, $170,500.

116 Lasalle Dr; Solodar Properties Llc to Bostaph Sarah, $177,000.

1730 W Leigh St; Braxton Odessia B to Braxton Warren E Jr, $235,000.

12 Lexington Road; 12 Lexington Road Llc to McDowell Malcolm Douglas, $750,000.

1211 Lorraine Ave; Cosentino Lella Revocable Trust to Fisher Robert, $400,000.

3300 Maryland Ave; Kennedy Sammy L to Homan Matthew Harvey, $329,990.

3207 Midlothian Tpke; Miller Vermia T and Smith Edna S to Ercolano Christopher Ryan, $170,000.

2234 Monument Ave; Powell Kenneth E and Cicely M to Chase Joseph Brian, $1,330,000.

2901 Moss Side Ave; Smg Church Hill Llc to Darnall Matthew and Anna, $520,000.

2705 North Ave; Monroe Juanita to Cardan Gold Equity Group Llc, $150,000.

9900 Oldfield Dr; Hinds Dwayne M to Marcenelle Madeline, $305,000.

3006 Parkwood Ave; Griffin Elizabeth A to Hoppe Ross Gordon, $507,500.

4010 Piney Road; Curry Michael A to Mcinerney Daniel, $296,500.

1851 Powell Road; A and A Leasing Inc to Bravo Miguel Amado, $250,000.

3101 Ragsdale Road; Shaw Sara C to Holliday Matthew W, $345,000.

4411 Saratoga Road; Robinson J Lawrence and Susan O to Mckinley Mark and Jordan, $402,800.

3371 Sherbrook Road; Bonine Joshua to Kaplan Scott S, $475,000.

5849 Spruance Road; Layne Christian D to Tarasovic Bailey L, $225,000.

3141 Stony Point Road, Ub; Broaddus William G and Grace W to Harris Kenneth W, $345,000.

3908 Teakwood Ave; Barber M Beth to Bastide David, $280,000.

1411 Vista St; Delventhal Brent to Trail Side Llc, $285,000.

6709 Wessex Lane; Lawrence Kaitlan B to Fauver Zachary, $262,000.

5423 Westwick Dr; Kane James Scott to Epp Nicole Henriette, $285,300.

6506 Worthington Road; Sager Gary S to Advani Jacquelyn B, $166,000.


11351 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Turner Louie B and Tu Lai Tat to Brown Birgitt, $310,000.

2005 Airy Cir, Henrico; Catlett Tracy L to Duan Haimei, $185,000.

11613 Aprilbud Dr, Henrico; Vo Patrick H and Hoa T to Singh Mayank and Deepali Bhadoriya, $517,517.

5005 Ashburg Dr, Glen Allen; Rodriguez Domingo and Iris to Garrido Evelyn Johana Reyes and Isaias B H, $360,000.

6504 Bald Eagle Ct, Henrico; Brice Helen M to Brice Tanya, $355,000.

2925 Battery Ave, Henrico; Par Real Estate Investments Llc to Shearin Abbey, $220,000.

8964 Bellefonte Rd, Henrico; Watkins Douglas B to Borges Christopher Philip and Licia Dixon, $675,000.

711 Beverstone Rd, Henrico; McKinney Christopher James to Coyne David A and Heather L Payne, $151,000.

2800 Bolling Ct, Henrico; Traynham Joseph A to Victoria Deidre Nichole and Ramos Donta, $265,000.

12004 Bourne Rd, Glen Allen; Hoffman Cheryl G to Cloud Karen Lynette and Barbara Anne Heise, $305,950.

4825 Breeching Dee Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Tieu Linh My and Huy Trieu Nguyen, $315,888.

12400 Brightwater Ln, Henrico; Krug James R and Jennifer Ann to Tran Allison, $372,000.

2816 Broadford Ln, Henrico; Brooks Michael D to Sollog Jamie L C and Frederick N III, $315,000.

2213 Buckingham Ave, Henrico; Wynne Lauren L to Jenkins Julia C and Matthew J, $352,000.

12537 Caitlin Cir, Henrico; Harrington Pamela G to Kord Crystal, $376,007.

6423 Canesville Ln, Henrico; Madison Stuart R and Beverley J to Hathaway Elizabeth, $171,000.

9100 Carrington Hills Ct, Glen Allen; Holloman Brian W and Lynne B to Ye Jinghua and Ching-Lun Lee, $450,000.

10106 Cedar Knoll Ln, Henrico; Melvin Andrew C and Sharen to Trost Julie T and David D, $420,000.

3100 Chesham St, Henrico; Balacke Thomas Milton to Dick Terence, $157,350.

4732 Coachmans Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Stockdale Donald K III and John M Et Al to Yeom Yongwon, $540,000.

4205 Columbus Dr, Henrico; Richmond Rentals Llc to Muth Cody Thomas, $275,000.

5529 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Roberts Jinny K, $458,124.

11708 Country Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Ramsey Jay C and Kimberly H to Pathak Mayur and Shvetal, $710,000.

203 Cyril Ln, Henrico; Banta James F and Kathleen B to Broughton Turner Anderson and Andrea Lynn, $1,250,000.

3804 Danewood Dr, Henrico; Kappukattil Biju O and Rajy Francis to Srivastava Sandeep Kumar and Ragini, $450,150.

106 Defense Ave, Sandston; Crowder Jason W to Ibn-Pinnick Nariff A, $190,000.

9133 Derbyshire Rd, Uf, Henrico; Reyns Sandra K to Mistr Morgan Lawrence, $175,000.

4932 Dominion Blvd, Ue-2, Glen Allen; Highwoods Services Inc to Virginia Trade Association Llc, $311,550.

1906 Doron Ln, Henrico; Tyler Rhonda to Thornton Brittany Cleo, $215,500.

106 Dry Bridge Rd, Sandston; Thompson William J to Warren Karen F, $245,000.

6305 Ellington Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Crockett Shane Allen and Kelly Bonifant, $1,065,028.

1210 Emily Ln, Henrico; Simmons Carol D to Hopkins William R, $335,100.

5207 Fairlake Ln, Glen Allen; Hasty Jamie to Davern Lisa Natricia, $325,000.

2619 Felspar Dr, Henrico; Seelmann Donald L and Sandra W to Fatseas Elizabeth and Jacob Burnheimer, $230,000.

10783 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Kulkarni Amlesh and Dipali, $628,822.

4661 Four Seasons Ter, Ug, Glen Allen; Bennett Dale S and Christine T to Starr David and Olga, $250,000.

12321 Frisco Dr, Henrico; Warren Mark Allen to Grant Sharon Mary, $226,000.

5906 Gate House Dr, Glen Allen; Nelson Robyn A to Shawn Geraldine Jane, $395,000.

4279 Glasgow Rd, Glen Allen; Napier Carl L Jr and Lisa L to Asset Integrity and Realiability Svc Mngmt, $355,000.

6523 W Grace St, Henrico; Morehead Robert P to Galanides Lauren, $311,500.

10680 Gracie Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Sanderson Jeanne Rose, $402,510.

4911 Green Run Dr, Henrico; Morris Stanley William and Rosa J Rios to Adams Robert, $278,000.

4042 Grove Point Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Golden Ashley Y, $234,970.

8600 Hanford Dr, Henrico; Friedenberg Jeanie O Estate to Complete Home Design Llc, $285,000.

7326 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Hill Roxanne to Eleftheriou Zoe, $214,000.

8705 Holly Hill Rd, Henrico; Baker Katryna L and Aaron B Stein to Verlander Katelyn E and Alyson M, $260,150.

3012 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Habboush Milad and Mireille R to Castulo Avila Marco A, $335,000.

3020 Hunton Cottage Ln, Glen Allen; Holbrook Richard Bryan and Stacy C Oyler to Sammarco Alan L and Ann and Barbara Vecchio, $465,000.

105 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Retalcs 1 Llc to May Paul L and Laura K, $207,000.

12100 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Fry Robert W Sr and Joyce M to Kain Road Investors Llc, $750,000.

2813 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Twin Blessings V Llc to Cone Megan C, $183,850.

9919 Kingsbridge Rd, Henrico; Sauer Anne Leigh to Thompson Steven E, $645,000.

2307 Lafayette Ave, Henrico; Riche Michelle L to Otto Daniela E and Laurent Beausergent, $391,000.

9700 Laurel Lakes Ct, Glen Allen; Adam Pillsbury Llc to Kenge Frank, $300,000.

9415 Lester Ln, Henrico; Johnson Sherell E to Douma Jarrett, $190,000.

5404 Lincolnshire Pl, Glen Allen; Fields Timothy G and Stephanie C to Haynes Jennifer M and Jason C Barton, $675,000.

1702 Logwood Cir, Henrico; Alter Lizabeth G Estate to Nelson Jill, $310,000.

123 Longstreet Ave, Henrico; Sharp Harold D and Vicki M to Roberson Michael C and Eural W Simons, $255,000.

1904 Magnolia Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Dowling Tomeka C to Cao Vu T and Chen T Huynh, $390,000.

3018 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Lehman Andrew M and Peter M to Williamson Marcella, $276,820.

1404 Maryland Ave, Glen Allen; Wooldridge James W III and Connie S to Dydak Karl M and Sara M, $240,000.

9202 Meadowgreen Rd, Henrico; Mulligan Phillip F and Kelly A to Brinkley Scott William and Katherine Toman, $350,500.

9015 Merlin Ct, Glen Allen; Thurston John W IV and Blair A Alvis to Shaheer Jamshid and Geety Shams, $300,251.

2011 Milbank Rd, Henrico; Raper Robert E and M B Trst to One Call Property Consulting Llc, $150,000.

6777 Monahan Rd, Henrico; Edwards Ernest T Jr and Carolyn M to Edwards Dianna C, $206,000.

7010 Monument Ave, Henrico; Riehl Jeffrey S to Ramsey Mary Brooke, $455,000.

3933 Morton Dr, Henrico; Paramount Investments Llc to Parks John and Renesha, $380,000.

2400 Mountainbrook Dr, Henrico; Hale Ronald to Haynie Alexa Nicole, $375,000.

2212 Nelson St, Henrico; Bowles Talley E Trustee to Henderson Bryan C, $150,000.

9313 Newhall Rd, Henrico; Jones Winifred P to Knott Betty and Donna M, $370,000.

326 O’Brien Rd, Henrico; Brinkley Joshua and Danaja to Aiken Brett, $298,000.

1813 Oak Hill Ln, Henrico; Commonwealth Property Ventures Llc to Nelson Donetta M, $230,500.

4939 Old Main St, Henrico; Sinnamon Sue E and John M Kerr to Huber-Cohen Melannie L and Steven A Cohen, $499,950.

3902 Pale Moon Pl, Glen Allen; Mizgina Zhanna and Jill A Wedge to Orenduff Linwood A and Susan Dunkin, $350,000.

5128 Park Commons Loop, Glen Allen; Feely Martin J Trustee to Holland James E Jr and Sandra B Trustees, $459,950.

10942 Parkshire Ln, Henrico; Cabell Wenona Lynn to Goji Properties Inc, $386,000.

8720 Pine Top Dr, Henrico; Carter Mary E to Hayat Properties Llc, $240,500.

7742 Pomeroy Ct, Henrico; Hm Logistics Llc to Stanciu Victor and Tamara, $216,650.

10112 Purcell Rd, Henrico; Pugh Jonathan D and Lauren S to Allison Robert F and Leah M Eaheart, $191,000.

4918 Rail Dr, Sandston; Green Jason S to Hamilton Richard L and Michelle L, $324,500.

12209 Renwick Ct, Glen Allen; Defrank Matthew M and Lisa A to Lytkin Oleg and Varvara Lytkina, $725,000.

7 River Court Ln, Henrico; Torbert Jesse T and Leslie A to Chase Eric L and Jamie C, $1,425,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U404, Henrico; Davis Derek Allen to Vann Beatrice S, $214,000.

2911 Ruthland Rd, Henrico; Forrest Deborah A and M L Jerman and R C Jr to Americas Dream Llc, $150,000.

5205 Saltwood Pl, Sandston; Kline Charles E and Donna B Trustees to Sanborn Alan and Christie Trustees, $379,950.

4211 Saunders Tavern Trl, Ub, Henrico; Patel Vimal and Reena to Patil Aniruddha and Smita R, $373,000.

4921 Shady Grove Rd, Glen Allen; Salser Eric and Elizabeth to Bunker Meredith D and Steven E, $628,000.

20 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Gauldin Jenna, $506,820.

6952 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Williams Tyrell R and Taylor, $311,089.

9600 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; Binder Adam and Danielle to Stevens Timothy, $190,000.

7211 Stoneman Rd, Henrico; Turner Jonathan R to Neri Michael, $342,000.

9608 Telegraph Rd, Glen Allen; Hill Rhoan G and Joy C to Phillip Kerwyn and Johnetta, $350,000.

7809 Thornrose Ave, Henrico; Twin Blessings V Llc to Cone Megan C, $208,350.

2701 Tonoka Rd, Henrico; Batts Doris A to Eberhardt Jerry, $180,000.

1702 Tunbridge Dr, Henrico; Berens Matthew and Jacqueline to Webb Adam and Melissa, $725,000.

7212 Vernon Rd, Henrico; Twin Blessings V Llc to Cone Investments Llc, $183,000.

201 Walsing Dr, Henrico; Michie Robert M and Robin M to Maynard Emily, $1,475,000.

10505 Warren Rd, Glen Allen; Hamm Ronald P and Cheryl W to Hamm Jeffrey K and Amanda M, $291,500.

11913 Westcott Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Jesselson Paul T and Allison E to Price Daniel G and Sandra V, $869,000.

436 Westover Pines Dr, Henrico; Jefferson Christine Y to Miller Monica, $227,000.

2806 Williamsburg Rd, Henrico; Tiller John L III Trustee to Behsudi Shila Said, $207,500.

10219 Wilson Ave, Glen Allen; Mallon James L Jr to Kulay Yulia, $270,000.

7842 Wistar Woods Pl, Henrico; Milburn Juliane and Brian Couturier to Amador Dennis M Morales and Sunny Morales, $345,000.

8702 Wytheland Rd, Henrico; White Travis Wayne to Lahpai Zau Myo San and Nu San, $260,000.


5505 Aberdare Dr, North Chesterfield; Carroll H Kenneth and Joyce F to Claughton Joseph and N'dya, $228,950.

1725 Almer Ct, Chester; NVR Inc to Hanson Janickal, $539,460.

2821 Amherst Ridge Loop, South Chesterfield; Craig Tony Matthew Jr to White Cameron, $240,000.

7200 Appelman Rd, Chesterfield; Shurm Construction Inc to Stovall Charles Robert and Stovall Janice, $350,177.

11031 Arbor Croft Way, Chester; Jones Melvin M and Vivian C to Holmes Christopher Robert and Abigail Leah, $299,000.

4819 Arundel Ave, North Chesterfield; Snyder James M to Washington Keyvante, $215,000.

13907 Autumn Woods Rd, Midlothian; Rodriguez Diana M to Sanchez Jeanne and Anthony Robert, $327,000.

11713 Bailey Woods Dr, Midlothian; Farmer Christopher B to Kudo Kenji and Amy Chang, $240,000.

6301 Bay Creek Rd, Moseley; NVR Inc to Bernett Carmen Celeste and Richard Aaron, $599,290.

17301 Beach Rd, Chesterfield; Sowers Douglas R and Susan S to Collington Properties Inc, $950,000.

9218 Belcherwood Rd, Chesterfield; Schlosser Robert E and C G to Gatewood Kathy and Huffman Christopher W, $685,000.

2100 Benhill Dr, Chester; Storamski Thomas J and Nellie L to Swope Adrianne, $215,000.

115 Big Meadows Ter, North Chesterfield; Johnson Matthew T to Somogyi Evan and Shannon, $222,000.

4212 Blue Bicycle St, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hopkins Jeffrey Allen, $322,950.

4606 Bootsy Ct, Moseley; Biringer Builders Inc to Imel Thomas Edward and Amber Chappell, $609,787.

4325 Braden Woods Dr, Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Sandridge S and Meredith G, $264,355.

5701 Brailen Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Seales Samaad, $450,690.

19219 Brevard Dr, South Chesterfield; Forest View Development Inc to Conway Tanika N, $270,000.

614 Bristol Village Dr, Midlothian; Justis B W and Polignone A M to Rogo One Llc, $172,500.

10478 Brynmore Dr, North Chesterfield; Schreiber Dennis F and Kim R to Dawson Cody Shane and Brittany Chapel, $350,000.

9511 Burnett Dr, Chesterfield; Miller Calvin Lewis to Fletcher Travis, $170,000.

16043 Cambria Cove Blvd, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Kotha Prashanth and Narsing Archana, $422,875.

11317 Canterbury Rd, Chester; Dunlap Tricia Annette to Salvador John Segundino and Murray-Salvador Sharon Ann, $310,000.

4612 Cara Hill Ln, Chester; Holzbach Paul A and Tammy to Hobbs Duane and Artebia, $295,000.

2300 Castlebridge Rd, Midlothian; Dunn Brian and May Lee to Devooght Mark E and Andrea M, $875,000.

15608 Cedarville Dr, Midlothian; Lgi Homes-Virginia Llc to Macdonald Lu T, $395,900.

16824 Chalet Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Crichlow Craig M and Rondalyn P, $467,520.

7207 Chateaugay Ln, Midlothian; Kiger Luther W Sr to Kiger Nora P and Haley Brad W, $277,000.

12518 Chester Grove Dr, Chester; Liberty Rentals Group Llc to Hopkins Brittany and Tiffany, $314,000.

4324 Cochise Trl, North Chesterfield; Velotas Peris George to Almonte Alexis Almonte and Jesus Sr, $275,000.

4830 Cool Spring Dr, Chester; Zuk Phillip Anthony and Robin H to Jones Murel M III and Jaime M, $318,710.

15660 Corte Castle Ter, Chesterfield; Tres Amigos Ltd to Brown Talonda Michelle, $353,000.

15601 Crowden Rd, Chesterfield; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Le Dat T and Le Thanhxuan and Le Khoi Quoc and Trinh Phung My, $455,960.

14400 Dampier Dr, Chester; Able Willie B and Benita Y to Alex Binthu Joseph George, $545,000.

2005 Deer Meadow Ln, Midlothian; Evers Katherine to White Christopher T and Jessica, $240,000.

21210 Deodora Dr, South Chesterfield; Taylor Cierra to Johnson Shayla, $212,000.

15018 Dordon Ln, Midlothian; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Wilkes Gavin and Melissa, $560,090.

6106 Duck Cove Rd, Midlothian; Igarashi Kazunori and Aiko to Hanigan Shannon Laferty and Timothy Jay, $310,000.

8608 Dwayne Ln, North Chesterfield; Maniatis Nicholas J and Toni N to Broccoli Nicholas Louis and Lisa Nicole, $430,000.

430 Eastman Rd, North Chesterfield; Volosevich S T Et Al Trustees to Price Rachel B, $278,100.

13412 Ellerton Ct, Midlothian; Johns William C III and Heather to McNelley Eric W and Jessica M, $1,050,000.

15312 Endstone Trl, Midlothian; Cowan Brian A and Lori A to Harrison Andrew H and Saddic Alana, $699,900.

13318 Evelyn Dr, Chester; Warden Jennifer D to Weeks Justin, $215,000.

7873 Falling Hill Ter, Chesterfield; Lopez Marcos A R and Ramirez L E to Joung Dae Ha and Lee Eun Joo, $275,000.

6001 Fell Pony Ct, Moseley; Raible John W and Lillian W to Bourque Vicki Sarah and Ray N, $515,000.

3205 Fielding Rd, South Chesterfield; Jones Corey L to Rivera Rafael Angel Diaz and Ortiz Judith Bernice Gonzalez, $210,000.

8836 Forge Gate Ln, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Wovkulich Margaret M, $440,120.

15407 Fox Crest Ln, Midlothian; Lawman Dayton W and Melanee to Walter Gregory A and Roxie Ann, $530,000.

3007 Gaffney Rd, North Chesterfield; Davis Michael W to Mather John Z and Tamera, $190,000.

3244 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Smigo Kimberley T, $314,255.

9802 Gates Bluff Dr, Chesterfield; Spencer Cynthia H to Silver Donna L, $425,000.

3606 Gleaming Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Lopez Alyce L, $286,038.

4518 Glen Tara Dr, Midlothian; Rice Breanna F to Schipinski Carol, $172,000.

2702 Goby Ct, Midlothian; Peters Royal J to Atkinson Renee and Liberty J, $180,000.

9511 Graves Rd, South Chesterfield; Pleasants Brian E and Sarah R to Castro Kenny A, $269,950.

6561 Greyhaven Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Perez Cuellar Cesar Augusto and Paredes Barbara-Yajaira C, $358,285.

5249 Hallmark Dr, North Chesterfield; Anthony Alan J Trustee to Commonwealth Redevelopment Llc, $187,265.

8213 Hampton Crest Cir, Chesterfield; Birk James C and Elizabeth A to Stanley Jeremy L and Katelin C, $451,000.

8406 Hann Rd, North Chesterfield; Edwards Ethel Charlene to Mcneil Brittany Ann, $185,000.

4113 Harrow Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Richardson Daren Demetrius, $373,990.

15606 Henningford Rd, Chesterfield; Main Street Homes to Jones Hollie D and Rockefeller Christopher M, $422,029.

16018 Hidden Sedge Ct, Moseley; Winfield David A and Danielle L to Wood Lewis O III and Marie Lee Courtney, $510,000.

16913 Honeybush Ln, Moseley; Sperber Joseph and Relano G to Martin Nathan, $405,000.

10325 Huntersdell Ln, North Chesterfield; Bruce Harvey Wayne and Rosemary to Ford Benjamin and Sheffield M A, $249,950.

4352 Jalee Dr, North Chesterfield; Adamez Carl to Mathews Jason L, $215,000.

4219 Kalanchoe Dr, North Chesterfield; Ledford Donna H and Holmes M E to Baber Gilbert S and Amy S, $243,000.

3148 Kim Dr, North Chesterfield; Battle Natalie to Gary Pamela A, $187,000.

3719 Knighton Cir, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Carter Marques Bradley and Katisha Lynnette, $558,670.

14225 Laketree Dr, Chester; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Callender Allen and Rachel, $256,350.

16736 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Sobine Richard and Sherry, $344,691.

21607 Lee St, South Chesterfield; Murray Rodney and Mariana to Hpa Us1 Llc, $270,000.

10941 Lesser Scaup Lndg, Chesterfield; Hatala Mary Kimberly to Flannery William and Lisa, $378,000.

15525 Little Hill Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Newcomb Ryan Stanley and Sarah Melissa, $422,970.

2520 Lochness Rd, North Chesterfield; Brooks Michael G and Jillian to Brooks Andrew D and Emily V, $315,000.

15101 Longtown Ct, Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Douglas Jasmine E, $412,053.

3506 Ludgate Rd, Chester; Pynakker Debra D and Davis R R to Jones Byron Jermaine and Kelli Erin, $266,000.

6318 Manassas Dr, Chesterfield; Ramos Hugo A and Orfa to Tientcheu Romeo J and Audrey T M, $316,500.

7000 Maple Summit Ln, Moseley; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Prats Ramon E Jr and Jinan M, $685,161.

13943 Marsham Rd, Chester; NVR Inc to Rojas Nivardo Valentin Sr, $381,775.

17624 Memorial Tournament Dr, Moseley; Cola Otello R Jr and Melody J to Nagireddy Srikanth Et Als, $292,000.

14312 Michaux Wood Way, Midlothian; Lewis Jean A to Sikes Kitty L and Dudash Aline T, $318,000.

12704 Mill Lock Ter, Midlothian; Russell Benjamin R and Alyssa F to Dos Santos Uxiley X and Banegas Leti Maritza Molina, $325,000.

1336 Miners Trail Rd, Midlothian; Shiver Brandon and Holly E to Francis Rajy and Kappukattil Biju O, $561,000.

1729 Mountain Pine Ter, North Chesterfield; Ash David S and Urchisin Joanna to Greendyk Jeffrey Lawrence, $220,000.

7912 Nashua Dr, Midlothian; Kriebel Larry C Jr and Shannon C to Wilkum Nicole Marie, $317,000.

124 Northfield Ln, North Chesterfield; Bruce Diane Y to Orta Fernando Jr and Stewart J K, $247,500.

19815 Oakland Ave, South Chesterfield; Angeles David Hernandez to Wade Kora and Wade Charles, $279,000.

7829 Old Guild Rd, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Whitfield Tanisha Renee, $278,295.

21203 Orange Hill Ave, South Chesterfield; Trojan Realty Llc to Pack Homes Llc, $155,000.

1403 Paigewood Ct, Midlothian; Mso Properties Llc to Vaughan Heather, $351,000.

10548 Pembrooke Dock Pl, Midlothian; Andrews Robert C and Tania D to Derby C Nana Fynnba, $432,500.

14401 Pinery Way, Midlothian; Johnson Nicholas J and Mona K to Bailey Sheryl, $465,000.

7617 Ponce De Leon Rd, North Chesterfield; Horn Robert L Jr to Sweet Emmy Morgan, $190,000.

12736 Prestonfield Dr, Chester; NVR Inc to Page Ronald L Jr, $259,990.

1434 Providence Knoll Dr, North Chesterfield; Giron-Lopez Luis A and Luqman K to Mize Lloyd Benton III, $280,000.

13400 Pungo Ter, Chesterfield; King Justin R and Amanda Hall to Charboneau Aubri L, $560,000.

6410 Qualla Rd, Chesterfield; Whay Derek T to Bognar Sommer S and Derek J, $280,000.

3212 Ransom Hills Rd, North Chesterfield; Maycor Real Est Services Llc to Hite Lekeisha and Tahiri Sra, $168,000.

10430 Ridgerun Rd, Chesterfield; Wills John C and Rebecca to McDevitt Clay T, $210,000.

15911 River Rd, Chesterfield; Corker George R III and Tonya S to Beverly Andrew and Imsick Elizabeth, $350,000.

601 Rivers Bend Cir, Chester; Wiker Charles M Estate to Shaw Charles and Okoth-Shaw N, $367,000.

14400 Rolling Fields Ln, Chesterfield; Fry Rickie S to Meadows William M and Woodward Matthew S, $293,000.

3301 Rossington Blvd, Chester; Beddoe Ken V and Michelle M to Smith Rashad Maurice, $325,000.

6712 Ruby Hill Rd, Moseley; 6801 Woolridge Rd-Moseley Lp to Harring Construction Co, $170,825.

5715 Saddle Hill Dr, Midlothian; Brockmann Andres A Et Als to Shambaugh Sandra Diaz, $310,000.

14905 Sandstone Ridge Ct, Midlothian; Kathcuk Christopher R and Lauren to Tolliver Brandon L and Emily K, $365,000.

10400 Sarata Ln, Chesterfield; Romig Deborah L to Arboleda Sean, $265,000.

9903 Saybrook Ct, North Chesterfield; Wasiuk Andrew R to Lail Jason and Cox Sarah, $399,000.

5017 Selwood Rd, North Chesterfield; Foshee L Preston to Friel Todd Edward, $285,000.

1601 Shadymist Ter, North Chesterfield; Crutcher Dylan R and Carla C to Flaherty Morgan M and Haehl Catherine E, $263,000.

9124 Sharpe Ct, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Pais Anthony B, $464,839.

2313 Showning Ln, Midlothian; Perkinson Homes Inc to Meadows Kelly and Brittany, $956,475.

5926 Silver Oak Ln, North Chesterfield; Daniel Loretta W to Jesters Lakeisha, $250,000.

9213 Sir Britton Dr, Chesterfield; Ruiz Brian V and Sandra T to Bailey Courtney E and Barrett C, $475,000.

5020 Southmoor Rd, North Chesterfield; Lumpkin Harriet W to Hofer Thomas M and Julie C, $338,000.

11800 Springcreek Dr, Midlothian; Kalbaugh Gary A Jr and Donna H to Le John Chuong Q and Peterson S, $680,000.

6925 Stafford Park Dr, Moseley; Cox Matthew H and Kirsten R to Mcdonald Christopher Louis and Shelley Dennis, $450,000.

11943 Sternwalk Ct, Chester; Boze Steven C and Taylor to Escoe George, $490,000.

10206 Stonecrest Rd, North Chesterfield; Zeheb Sherry S to Kole Virginia M and Justin M, $330,000.

11118 Sunfield Dr, Midlothian; Stanfield Luke C and Sierra to Stover Courtney L, $260,000.

14120 Sylvan Ridge Rd, Chesterfield; Taylor Mark E and Kim B to Graves Nicole K and Jefferson C, $520,000.

3905 Terjo Ln, Chester; Becker Brandon E and Emily G to Foster Leeante Bernique, $227,000.

16905 Thornapple Run, Moseley; Brygider David A and Kathy E to McDowell Jon C, $368,000.

18101 Timber Banks Ln, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Dumont Justin David and Anna Margarita Guerra, $1,108,387.

15811 Tinsberry Pl, South Chesterfield; Rutherford Tameika S to Phrampus Kantya C and Dinh A C, $237,000.

14405 Tranor Ave, Chester; Skye Is The Ltd Res Serv Llc to Grandison Soliel and Leneir, $270,000.

2804 Turner Rd, North Chesterfield; Clark Curtis W to Ordonez Helen M Soto, $172,000.

1318 Unison Dr, Midlothian; Houle Matthew O and Karina O to Roberts Katelyn Ann and Cook John Wesley, $258,000.

7324 Velvet Antler Dr, Midlothian; Chinappi Richard R III to Blackwell Chelsen Mccurry and James Haywood IV, $260,000.

7312 Veyan Way, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Ray Nikkia Leche and Anthony, $359,550.

205 Walkers Cove Dr, South Chesterfield; Thomas Kenneth L and Joan A to Casey Vincent R and Angela, $318,000.

11402 Walnut Hollow Ct, Midlothian; Taylor Sabrina S and Taylor E N to Jefferson Jege J and Hampton Ke'erri L, $265,000.

612 Watch Hill Rd, Midlothian; Fletcher Brian T and Julie T to Murphy Richard W and Orbezo Maria Pia, $360,000.

14600 Waters Shore Dr, Midlothian; Martin Scott B and Megan N to Melone Alyssa and Jacob, $375,000.

6608 Way Point Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Smith Ontarius M and April Nicole, $292,420.

12519 Wescott Way, Midlothian; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hoerter Louise A, $345,315.

1030 Westwood Village Way, Midlothian; Elmore Louise R to Davis Preston A and Stephanie D, $255,000.

500 Whitaker Dr, North Chesterfield; Eberle Sharon Lee to George Patrick R and Vanlandingham Taylor, $356,000.

5743 Willowbranch Dr, North Chesterfield; Stephenson Britney A to Leitner Leslie G, $220,000.

15501 Winding Ash Dr, Chesterfield; Lal Tarsem and Sharma Sangeeta to Gilliam Donna B, $255,000.

13531 Winning Colors Ln, Midlothian; Saunders Christine E to Banks Charles, $255,000.

10130 Wood Vale Ct, North Chesterfield; Cone Eric to Ramsey Elijah and Melanie, $280,000.

3101 Woodsong Dr, Midlothian; Ramos Natalie to Deleon Janice M, $250,000.


10158 Ambys Lane, Ashland; Rami Hatoum to Paul Hendrick, $492,000.

14519 Augusta Lane, Ashland; Brian S. Cunningham to Gregory Kroll, $597,000.

8005 Belton Circle, Mechanicsville; Nidjan C. Aquino to Michelle Wood, $309,900.

8032 Blythe Road, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Stephen S. Farmer, $425,120.

7456 Bridle Court, Mechanicsville; Jakia Velazquez to Robert Douglas Craig II, $280,000.

7092 Brooking Way, Mechanicsville; Jason W. Dukes to Sheldon L. Wills, $285,000.

15451 S Cedar Creek Lane, Montpelier; Edward C. Fields to Julie A. Remmers, $349,000.

7261 Chime Court, Mechanicsville; Matthew D. Liggon to Kyle David McKenzie, $305,000.

5281 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; Katie L. Johnson to Brian Keith Gill, $155,700.

14208 Country Sky Way, Beaverdam; Barbara C. Ellis to Cole E. Ellis, $280,000.

6315 Dahlia Road, Mechanicsville; John Calvin Myers to Ny Baylor Ali, $300,000.

7526 Earth Works Drive, Mechanicsville; Tanner Dahlke to Wallace Alphin, $780,000.

Elm Drive, Industrial Park; Sunlock Corp. to Baughan Truck Repair LLC, $450,000.

9101 Fenshaw Court, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Adam Poffenberger, $515,655.

7378 Full View Ave., Mechanicsville; Kristen G. McGirt to James Updyke, $178,600.

10362 Greenlands Circle, Mechanicsville; Jill G. Meador to William Andrew Dickinson III, $512,000.

6472 Hanna Drive, Mechanicsville; Brenda M. Crew to Kodie D. Stewart, $250,000.

10009 Haws Court, Mechanicsville; David E. Holland to Brett S. Goodman, $888,000.

12447 Howards Mill Road, Montpelier; Ronald D. Baker Sr. to Glynda Smith, $345,000.

9315 Janeway Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to John Hundley Adams, $470,180.

9326 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville; Erin M. McGinnis McNiff to Caroline Victoria Coster, $280,000.

101 Linden St., Ashland; Steven A. Ratliff to Michael Springer, $165,000.

13181 Luck Brothers Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Richard E. and Laura T. Thornton, $815,000.

6410 Mary Esther Lane, Mechanicsville; Debra Lynn Allen to Ryan M. Woody, $249,000.

12116 Mifflin Place, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Michael J. Stockhausen, $658,216.

8207 Mount Storm Court, Mechanicsville; Carole S. Shepherd to Mary Eva Thurston, $259,950.

8222 Oak St., Mechanicsville; Paul Alan Poburka, trustee to Patrick T. Burke, $240,000.

14395 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Susan P. Mallory to Joseph Bernard Zachwieja, $485,000.

4321 Peppertown Road, Mechanicsville; Thomas M. Anderson to Brian C. Berry, $425,000.

11325 Riber Land Hills, Ashland; Janet P. Johnston to Robert H. Stratman, $644,000.

6165 Rolling Forest Circle, Mechanicsville; Rilee C. Burroughs to Katelyn Allen, $222,000.

6581 Rural Point Road, Mechanicsville; Karen Ann Guard to Stephanie Farrell, $311,500.

9117 Sesuit Lane, Mechanicsville; Phillip L. Jones to Sheyl L. Phillips, $270,000.

6415 Sledds Lake Road, Mechanicsville; Michelle Currie to Monika Lyn Haguewood, $238,000.

9462 Studley Plantation Drive, Mechanicsville; Gerald J.B. Gill to Aaron Jones, $470,000.

212 Thorncliff Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Daniel E. Dicandilo, $449,300.

12167 Walnut Hill Drive, Rockville; Noemi Haksch to Sarah Kyle, $266,650.

10229 Wenden Way, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Jesse Bryan Hodges, $322,275.

6403 Wilpat Road, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Judy L. Lilly, trustee, $344,970.


2399 Acoma Drive, Powhatan; Joseph Elton to Kelly Woodlief, $330,000.

2378 Bel Crest Circle, Midlothian; Crileen M. Kixmoeller, trustee to John Fyock Jr., $758,000.

1970 Cook Road, Powhatan; Thomas Horner to Sean G. McGann, $270,000.

1701 Douthit Court, Powhatan; Paschal A. Zambito to Barbara J. Zambito, $705,000.

2065 Garrett Lane, Powhatan; Gerber Property Management LLC to Juliana Paske-Garrett, $305,000.

3595 Huguenot Trail, Powhatan; John T. Nichols Inc. to Anthony J. Francisco Jr., $485,823.

2505 Loch Gate Lane, Powhatan; Gale B. Washburn to Linsey Farley, $332,000.

1886 Nichols Road, Powhatan; Charles T. Clements Jr. to Michael Barefoot, $514,900.

2855 Red Lane Road, Powhatan; Jay D. Hostetter to Chad M. Long, $600,000.

945 River Estates Court, Powhatan; Christine M. Stegner to Matthew B. Fisher, $550,000.

1505 Stavemill Court, Midlothian; Zachary E. Martinez to Yvonne Anita Klich, $325,000.

2070 William Dance Way, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Mark Critchfield, $460,830.


7428 Aldeby St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Brenda M. Lachance, $563,003.

6478 Brandiston St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Susan H. Wright, $530,823.

1909 Camberley Lane, Manakin Sabot; Crystal H. Goodwin to June S. Lee, $598,000.

4195 Drew Ridge Drive, Louisa; Kenneth Anderson to Joshua Cain Leer, $325,000.

7 Gamebird Court, Manakin Sabot; Michael D. Nelson to Matthew Raymond Berens, $950,000.

1938 Hawk Town Road, Maidens; WJL Properties LLC to Ronald Kaminski, $424,900.

12863 Holly Lane, Manakin Sabot; Urban Land Solutions LLC to Caitlin A. Warner, $330,000.

2280 Maidens Road, Maidens; Keith A. Amaral to Charles Goldman Jr., $379,000.

470 Massies Court, Goochland; F. Roland Millican Jr. to Kelly M. McCray, $450,000.

7450 Park Village Blvd., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Elizabeth Escalera, $687,351.

837 Prestburg Lane, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to 837 Prestburg Lane LLC, $796,426.

3640 E Rocketts Ridge Court, Sandy Hook; GVA Home Builders LLC to Jordan D. Stacey, $549,450.

347 Swinburne Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Nicholas Giannotti, $682,850.

7159 Yare St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Craig A. Jones, $444,311.


2323 Anderson St.; John W. Robinson to Michael Scott, $160,000.

3280 S Crater Road; J. Todd Graham to Joseph P. Bernard, $464,000.

3006 Homestead Drive; Linda Murray to Tracy Hopson, $218,560.

1666 Powhatan Ave.; Shannon L. Beasley to Karima Dawson, $200,700.

2004-08 S Sycamore St.; Charitable Landlord Virginia LLC to GS Investment LLC, $240,000.

1100 E Woodland Road; Alan Towery to Patrick Winters, $320,000.


25047 Balsam Lane, North Dinwiddie; James H. McGee Jr. Contractor LLC to Shyeanne E. Branch, $237,000.

6305 Claiborne Road, Sutherland; Irwin W. Fish to Bonnie M. Wyand, $285,000.

3910 Ferndale Circle, North Dinwiddie; Deborah H. Schmidt to Anna Lynn Schmidt, $150,000.

8710 Lake Jordan Lane, North Dinwiddie; Michael M. Pfister to Kevin Barkman, $335,000.

11656 Old State Road, North Dinwiddie; John M. Clancy to Delton Eugene Hairfield Jr., $298,000.

25218 Walkers Landing Court, North Dinwiddie; Keith Wilson to Charles D. Davis Jr., $215,000.


4431 Berkshire Lane; Rebekah Oldmixon to Jacqueline K. Fowler, $285,000.

1207 Burlington Drive; Jeffery D. Wilkerson to Carlos Martinez Neri, $222,000.

1112 Duke of Gloucester St.; Elizabeth B. Johnson to Adria Olmi, $234,900.

803 Lakewood Drive; William T. Bandy to Alice Kropp, $33,000.

3618 Spruce Ave.; Kalan S. Sweeney to Joe Douglas Quicke, $220,000.

914 Yorkshire Road; Phoenix 6 Properties LLC to Shalva Shubitidze, $272,000.


2918 Belmont Ave.; Benjamin Ganglfinger to Hannah Marie Clemmer, $180,000.

3517 Cobblestone Terrace; Stacey Terry Ormsby to Herman Crockett Jr., $325,000.

209 Pleasant Drive; Jean M. Weaver to Bobby Scott Mullen, $200,000.

4211 River Vista Lane; Mario J. Bowers to Jermell Hill, $340,000.

506 Woodland Road; Julius Cochran to William Matthews McComber Jr., $305,000.


7907 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; Thomas E. Orne to Rashad A. McCann, $380,000.

3570 Cosby Mill Acres Court, Quinton; Robert Jerry Bowyer III to Lindsay Wallo, $275,000.

11749 Cumberland Estates Road, New Kent; Ri Hard Wesson to Gilbert Lee Hughes Sr., $385,000.

10919 Flowering Redbud Drive, Providence Forge; Kristina A. Echegaray to Dawn M. Jones, $276,000.

11364 Kings Pond Drive, Providence Forge; Joseph J. Kendro to Thomas Knowles, $445,000.

5643 Lakeview Road, Quinton; Jeremy Scott Bareford to Julia Snipes, $250,000.

7151 Marecage Court, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Adam O'Neal Johnson, $390,875.

6910 Oakfork Loop, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Monica Alade, $310,075.

11522 Oakrise Road, New Kent; Jeffrey Gibson to Jacob Laflam, $235,500.

2389 Prince John Court, Quinton; Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Glen Jordan, $248,630.

3715 Robert Field Lane, Quinton; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Joyce P. Peterson-Johnson, $270,500.

7623 Sedge Drive, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Thomas L. Downdard, $432,280.

10211 Talleysville Road, New Kent; Erik Lee Brown to Joseph Fitzgerald Jr., $265,000.


6750 Bull Hill Road, Prince George; Edgar E. Martin Jr. to Kimberly N. Jones, $195,400.

4910 Courthouse Road, Prince George; Myron Haskins to Latisha Harper, $299,900.

9760 Hollywood Drive, Disputanta; C&L Construction LLC to Colin J. Wright, $246,750.

224 Lighthouse Pointe, Hopewell; Dale A. Patterson to John Wesley Spain, $313,500.

11825 Old Stage Road, Prince George; Taylor Grigg to Jackson Morrissey, $327,500.

4105 Running Creek Lane, Prince George; Rebecca B. Hutto to Reginald P. Palmer, $345,000.

3611 Union Branch Road, South Prince George; August One Partners LLC to Brandi Butterworth, $199,900.

Charles city

58.8 acres; F.O. Powers to Marvin A. Robinson, $200,000.

Lot 15, Forest Acres; Green Lion Properties LLC to Anthony D. Brown, $217,000.

Lot 3, Section A, Sletten’s Farm; Mark E. Ferguson to Ira R. Seybold, $290,500.


17870 Broad Meadow Drive, Amelia Court House; Jessica Shaffer to Okan Tiktas, $481,000.

11201 Locus Dale Lane, Amelia Court House; Shawn Patrick Webb to Ashlyn Zhi-ge Bassler, $230,000.

16700 Royalton Road, Amelia Court House; Sean E. Walle to Thad Harlan Yousey, $349,900.


1.1 acres; Samantha R. Edwards to John G. Stoltzfus, $165,000.

4.23 acres; Patricia A. Pedrick to Tyler Conner, $224,900.

Parcel; Hugh Berkley Pleasants III to Wyatt Coleman Daves, $180,000.


5.043 acres; Hilldrup Properties Inc. to Virginia Rail Guys LLC, $300,000.

3 parcels; Timber Resources LLC to Abernathy Construction Corp., $400,000.


211 Adams Lane, Aylett; Edward L. Blake Jr. to William Wever, $385,000.

1600 F St., West Point; Tyler Mason Bemis to Daniel Dennis Gray III, $195,000.

1169 Jacks Creek Road, King William; Tyler D. Wolfe to Lennie Hall, $150,000.

384 Landing Road, Manquin; Rodney L. McKenney to Timothy G. Pleasants, $307,000.

126 McRee Way, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Jean Stultz, $360,775.

5716 Nelsons Bridge Road, Hanover; Marjorie S. Becus to Bryan Sutton Pearson, $400,000.

222 Pointers Drive, West Point; PW Development Inc. to Jeffrey L. Norris, $269,573.

5225 Smokey Road, Aylett; Kellum Homes LLC to Brandon A. Loving, $230,000.


17196 Cabin Point Road, Carson; Jared Barmoy to Demeterias D. Williams, $227,000.

11227 Lebanon Church Road, Jarratt; Samuel L. Harrison to Carlos Javier Figueroa, $374,800.

26265 Sussex Drive, Waverly; Michael D. Shay to David Levi Wells, $177,000.


628 Counselors Way; James W. Brown, trustee to Richard Herrmann, $422,500.

2 Priorslee Lane; Solomon M. Sahle to Donavan C. Sneed, $180,000.

404 Shaindel Drive; David W. Dixon to Tori Lynn Marie Ritzman, $424,000.

225 Thomas Nelson Lane; Marilyn A. Willis to Andrew A. Miner, $230,000.

204 Woodmere Drive, Unit D; Paul S. Ward, trustee to Caroline R. Ward, $210,000.


3505 Albert Terrace, Toano; Levi Wallace III to Philip M. Carswell, $365,000.

9320 Ashwood Court, Toano; Michael Walsh to Laura Woodard Cohick, $384,500.

228 Beeston Fields, Williamsburg; Barry L. Noe to David R. Levenson, $575,000.

803 Braemar Creek, Williamsburg; Patton E. Burchett to Stephen Lester Woodall II, $275,000.

9805 Coral Bells Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Lies Dewaelheyns, $401,975.

2 Diggs Court, Williamsburg; Glenn S. Bingham to Shannon Puebla, $266,000.

30 Ensign Spence, Williamsburg; Jorge Martin Oquendo to Michael W. Jeffreys, $815,000.

3435 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Patrick Schalk, $318,990.

4308 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Carolyn Wright Keene, $437,390.

3335 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Jeffrey D. Mullins to Collyn Orion Hartley, $379,250.

121 Holly Road, Williamsburg; Paul S. Membrino to William Joseph Sipos, $349,900.

2693 Jolly Pond Road, Williamsburg; Frank A. Pascucci to William P. Harrison, $350,000.

118 Kempe Drive, Williamsburg; Michael A. Noble to Juan Pablo Merchan, $490,000.

2747 Linden Lane, Williamsburg; James R. Hollowell to Julie Rubi, $362,076.

2220 Mason Park Drive, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Katherine V. Dunn, $516,345.

5915 Montpelier Drive, Williamsburg; Gregory Robert Marsh to William C. Walton, $391,900.

4624 Noland Blvd., Williamsburg; Gates A. Kobuszewski to Lauredan Sawyer, $245,000.

116 Pinepoint Road, Williamsburg; Elizabeth L. White, successor trustee to Amy B. Brooks, $455,000.

131 Portland, Williamsburg; Brian F. Emerson to James Hunt, $599,000.

254 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Daniel E. Balthaser to Andrew K. Mulongo, $305,000.

504 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Sherry K. Davis to Venita C. Whitley, $199,900.

5302 Sloane Square, Williamsburg; Michael S. Loy to Nicholas A. Butcher, $225,000.

9931 Swallow Ridge , Toano; Brian W. Neil to Ian Barnes, $450,000.

7615 Tealight Way, Williamsburg; Timothy Neill to Rebecca Lynne Mace, $255,000.

124 The Colony, Williamsburg; Steven Fred Lesnick to Gwendolyn Allen James, $531,000.

3605 Trillium Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Nathaniel Steward, $441,230.

Unit 728, Conference Center Condominium; Louis Noppenberger to David Beddard, $214,000.

103 Viking Road, Williamsburg; William P. Harrison to Juan Ros, $258,000.

3502 Westham Lane, Toano; Brenda F. White to Jacqueline Lamberson, $250,000.

1916 Whittles Wood Road, Williamsburg; Leonard R. Niczky to Nicholas Brian Taylor, $677,000.

103 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Jeffrey R. Swartz to Matthew Allen Gerschefske, $315,000.

Published Nov 27, 2021


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