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Property Transfers Published Sept 11. 2021

Property Transfers Published Sept 11. 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


1201-1/2 N 31st St; Ccrii Holdings Llc to Poff Kelley, $277,360.

1315 N 20th St; Sindhu Investment Group Llc to Reidy Daniel Arthur, $269,900.

1605 N 22nd St; Seven Hills Construction Llc to Hartwig Eric and Caitlin Boyd, $330,000.

306 N 26th St, U209; Knox Robert Edwin III and Ann to Smith Allison D, $245,000.

909 N 27th St; Elderhomes Corp T/A to, Urban Hope Properties Llc, $200,000.

600 N 29th St; Nickel B Llc to Tomali Llc, $600,000.

801 W 30th St; Rupersburg Robert A and Hayley M to Dempsey Dennis Anthony Jr, $305,000.

1301 N 31st St; Johnson Joseph L to Fralin Jacob Clay, $290,000.

1228 N 38th St; El Channun Llc to Thomas Bryant J, $254,900.

432 W 6th St; Eagle West 7 Llc to Brady Patricia K, $809,701.

507 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, U10; 3tac Homebuyers Llc to Madison Trust Company Custodian, $174,500.

2402 Bells Road; Bailey Jackie H to Williams General Contractor Llc, $154,000.

1652 Bilder Ct; NVR Inc to Dargan Quashawna Briana, $349,995.

1408 Broad Rock Blvd; 1408 Broad Rock Boulevard Land to Burrell Jamiel and Monshaye, $195,000.

4511 Cary Street Road; Werry John and Dawn R to Gutowski Michelle C and Sloan C, $950,000.

7433 Cherokee Road; Richard Hope T to Saunders Emily, $321,000.

303 S Cherry St; Duke Jackie to Lapier Frederick L II, $361,000.

4011 Chevy Chase St; Evans Jennifer M to Murphy Duggan P, $413,000.

1607 Clarkson Road; Tomcliff Development Inc to Murillo Eduardo A II, $195,500.

4010 Crutchfield St; Indo, Us Ventures Llc to Morrow Michael William, $420,000.

5501 Devonshire Ct; Heaney Patrick D and Roberta A to Trigg Evan Michael, $615,000.

7717 Duncaster Road; Pemberton Andrew D to Allen Greggory, $290,000.

3520 Enslow Ave; 3520 Enslow Ave Land Trust to Jensen Emily Vianna, $315,000.

2803 Floyd Ave; First Richmond 306 Llc to McBride Caitlin Love, $522,000.

920 Forest View Dr; Zettl Caitlin J to Fitz Natalie, $238,000.

1422 Garber St; Elliott Paul E and Kristi A to Bodington Alexander Hazelwood, $179,000.

2 Giant Dr; Hj Lc to Ha 5701 Midlothian Llc, $1,600,000.

2735 W Grace St, U3; Palumbo Kristen B and Anthony V to Kiersarsky Bailey M, $228,500.

3507 Griffin Ave; Morris Frances G Trustee to Lorish Matthew S and Kellie E, $155,000.

2517 Haden Ave; Pineda Brothers Llc to Tew Aaron, $178,000.

3122 Hanes Ave; Maya Va Llc to Galyean Matthew T, $341,000.

3519 Hanover Ave, Ua; 3519a Hanover Avenue Llc to Callis Lisa L, $170,000.

1101 Haxall Pt, U601; Saraiya Roshni and Sharad to Johnson Rashad, $325,000.

805 Henri Road; St Christophers School Foudation to Doremus Nicholas, $185,000.

508 Hunt Ave; Integral Properties Llc to Obery Ryan, $177,500.

1206 Irby Dr; Zondlo Anna and Scher Jackson to Keller Christopher, $276,600.

3803 Kensington Ave; Traut Michael to Pilkington Vance B, $450,000.

901 Kingsway Road; McBride Deborah M Jessie to Thornton Linwood K, $160,000.

206 Larne Ave; Green William A Sr to Adamek Troy W and Moore Michael, $167,000.

50 E Lock Lane; Hatcher Lee P Trustee to Van Selow Tyler Lee, $475,000.

2200 M St; Kiwi Development Llc to Chilin Kevin E, $500,000.

3226 Manorcrest Road; Odom Jr Bill Lewis to Tyler Karen L, $175,000.

3106 E Marshall St; Virginia, United Property to Greenbrier Allister, $392,000.

303 Marston Lane; Handley Thomas P and Kathy A to Song Chang Hyn, $785,000.

3416 Maryland Ave; Helping Hands Properties Llc to Camellia Fin Co Llc, $160,000.

3816 Meridian Ave; Bailey Jackie H to Williams General Contractor Llc, $154,000.

3608 Montrose Ave; 3608 Montrose Avenue Land Trust to Allen Nicholas, $405,000.

3414 Monument Ave, U302; Payaqui Sheila M to Callaway Laura and Melissa, $270,000.

3024 Moss Side Ave; Daugherty James M Jr and Cathy L to Garrison Ross M, $425,000.

708 Northside Ave; Johnston Crystal E to Geary Lydia G, $322,000.

5817 Olas Ct; Coalson Enterprises Corp to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $532,000.

2923 Parkwood Ave; Brown Isaac to Fellers Hannah E, $486,000.

800 Pensacola Ave; Jc Design Homes Llc to Richardson Amber Nicole, $265,000.

102 Portland Pl; Nunnally Brandon B and Caley O to Lewis Neill A and Allison C, $649,000.

5525 Riverside Heights Way; Puccio Joseph Daniel to Hager Martha, $331,000.

613 Roseneath Road, U3; Chargois Jessica N to Mufti Nami, $243,434.

5205 Scott St; Goodrich Cottage Llc to Grove Margaret Davis, $231,000.

5805 Spruance Road; Integral Properties Llc to Hach Amanda Kathleen, $191,000.

7313 Tee Cir; Robertson Lewis F to Young Dennis S and Melissa L, $279,333.

111 Tuckahoe Blvd; Crudele Daniel E and Wendy E to Crudele Leslie Anne, $550,000.

1904 Westover Hills Blvd; Flippin Anne C to Parks Wilson G, $410,250.

5623 Woodburn Road; Doyle James Kennedy III to Gallagher Tara L, $300,000.


11504 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; He Xueyang and Yuan Fang to Palazzotto Michael, $309,950.

1421 Almondberry Pl, Henrico; Evans Gloria to Bullock Alesia, $215,000.

10689 Anna Marie Dr, Glen Allen; Willis James C and Annabelle A to Darwish Homayon and Maliha Saddat, $435,000.

1316 Asbury Rd, Henrico; Doetsch Karl M Estate to Richmond Property Buyers Llc, $160,100.

10950 Ballentine Ln, Glen Allen; Walton Karen R and Jerry N Ancarrow to West Brian W and Alexis M Delligatti, $400,000.

501 Belle Grove Ln, Henrico; Notley Mark W and Mindy E Robertson to Kapur Sundeep and Kristen, $640,000.

5508 Bloomingdale Ave, Henrico; Holder-Irby Inc to Byrd Ellen, $215,000.

8812 Brawner Dr, Henrico; Scheck Patricia J to Myers Erin, $295,000.

4816 Breeching Dee Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Cuddy Daniel R and Lindsey F Grinnell, $321,090.

9315 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Bunn Cassandra B and Colin to Otten Alexander and Molly Zinzi, $310,000.

12317 California Dr, Henrico; Barr Donna M to Valad Shadi, $285,000.

8202 Cardova Rd, Henrico; Farley Perry Ray and Jennifer M Dettmore to Price Peter, $295,000.

324 Casey St, Sandston; White Andrea M to Taylor Kevin, $263,000.

5426 Chamberlayne Ave, Henrico; Randolph Bret and Abigail to Olbert Kristin R, $245,000.

Charles City Rd, Henrico; Turner Gwendolyn B and William C to B&b Properties Lc, $275,000.

8802 Claymont Dr, Henrico; Didra Sandra A to Didra David, $200,000.

103 N Confederate Ave, Sandston; Prada Santiago and Samantha Nicole to Strong William and Susan L and Jerry D, $229,750.

5507 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Shumaker Matthew K and Laura B Ortiz, $450,457.

4800 Croft Ct, Glen Allen; Dalton Michael W and Donna to Damato Nicholas II, $334,000.

1704 Daly Ct, Glen Allen; Goebel Lisa K to Karajic Irma and Hamza, $360,000.

10136 Deepwood Cir, Henrico; Cohn Joshua G and Samantha B to Padden Aaron S, $375,000.

9111 Derbyshire Rd, Ug, Henrico; Parker Susan C to Monaco Laurie Ann, $197,000.

1013 Dominion Townes Pl, Henrico; Brower Talmadge E to Mouaddine Hajar, $206,200.

2103 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Adams Sean C and Mary T to Odonnell Jordan Thomas, $269,950.

12200 Ellaberry Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Hood Quintin and Latoya, $250,000.

2412 Elmington Dr, Henrico; Heywood Seth IV and Carey L to Matusevich Tyler Anthony, $340,000.

3860 Flat Field Ter, Henrico; Henrico Homes Lc to Amaya and Lemus Investment Group Corp, $202,722.

4400 Fort McHenry Pkwy, Glen Allen; Baron Marshall K and Christine to Wilkin Thomas Ross and Anna Louise-Foote, $329,070.

4661 Four Seasons Ter, Uf, Glen Allen; Houff Bradley E to Angel Susan A, $241,000.

9703 Gardenia Dr, Henrico; Collins Carey H to Sears Christopher D, $235,000.

9002 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Hurt Properties Llc to Habib Samantha A and Elizabeth Jensen, $285,000.

7607 Glendale Acres Pl, Henrico; Browning Steven M to Cain Mitchell Lee and Nancy Lynn, $268,496.

3625 Gracie Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Popli Shankar and, Uma, $429,650.

2908 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Santos Valdecy A and Jose J Dos Santos to Abt Christopher C, $286,000.

6909 Hapsburg Ln, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Ntumy Evelyn, $355,969.

2908 Hartman St, Henrico; Kobelka William L and Amanda C Morrison to Jones James Lee Jr, $170,000.

12013 Heiber Ct, Henrico; Ippolito Dorothy E to Douglas Alan M and Hermine I, $258,000.

7814 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Davis Mark Chandler and Melissa Ann to Ruckart Brad, $154,000.

6609 Horsepen Rd, Henrico; Ridge Homes Llc to Gibson Adam Clifton and Caroline Sofie, $385,513.

225 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Richmond Metro Habitat For Humanity to Robinson Bianca T, $175,000.

905 Jamerson Ln, Glen Allen; Brune Jonathan and Halini to Racharla Sathishkumar Et Al, $362,000.

12600 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Scheer George S Estate to Shah Rakesh K and Nageswara R Akula, $710,000.

4513 King’s Hill Rd, Henrico; Hunter Cathy L to Johnson Linda D, $195,000.

326 Lakeside Blvd, Henrico; Vicario Anthony F to Jones Dustin M and Juliana D Keeler, $265,250.

12202 Lateefa Ct, Henrico; Corbin Stephen T and Rhonda to Corbin Stephen Trent, $415,000.

2328 Leah Rd, Henrico; Tate Stevie J and Tanya M to Chung Katya, $195,000.

4780 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; North Gayton Village Llc to NVR Inc, $184,000.

130 Liberty Ave, Henrico; McCann Kamilah R to Meekins Treyvon and Rashema, $280,000.

11042 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Loganathan Manimegalai, $424,005.

2708 Logan Estates Run, Henrico; Bayrlee Ahmad to Cramer Matthew and Laura Jo Rieske, $570,000.

8311 Lydell Dr, Henrico; Walters Christine S to Noto Michael J, $264,420.

8505 Mapleview Ave, Henrico; McCormick Samuel C to Milam Dylan Gwyn and Amber Nicole Awad, $240,000.

5300 Masons Ln, Henrico; Gummy Llc to Gibbs-Skervin Annette, $449,000.

10512 Meadowbrook Rd, Glen Allen; Wilton Joyce D to Jones Nikki Anderson and Hunter Wilton, $381,000.

13129 Middle Ridge Way, Henrico; Holland William J Jr and Joanne S to Jenkins Patricia M, $325,500.

3510 Middlewich Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Harding Clarence Jr, $258,895.

3838 Mitcheltree Blvd, Henrico; Hill Patrice Adkins and Luther Adkins Jr to Adkins Tevin, $165,000.

3118 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Clark Nathan G and Louise M to Helmer Chad M and Krista L, $285,000.

2119 New Berne Rd, Henrico; Pulizzi James and Susan E to Jenkins Michael William and Laura A Ayers, $325,000.

9516 Newhall Rd, Henrico; Moss Shirley O and Bonnie J to Long Kevin R and Kaitlin E Demayo, $341,950.

5533 Noble Ave, Henrico; Finley Janet and Louie Callera to Pearl Hannah Lee, $339,000.

3009 Oakley Pointe Ter, Henrico; Adesina Adetunji O and A H Adesina to Zhou Shan Zhoung and Kam Fai Chan, $300,000.

4908 Old Main St, Henrico; Koontz Ryan to Michie Robert M and Robin M, $535,000.

9700 Olde Milbrooke Way, Glen Allen; Thomas Silas D and Tera A to Hanabury Mark and Sydney, $355,000.

3906 Pale Moon Pl, Glen Allen; Norado Sally and Thomas Caramucci Et Al to Crest Llc, $377,000.

4907 Park Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Nero Terrance J to Benremouga Ali, $540,000.

1406 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Allen; Eanes Susan E to Senia Russell J and Jonathan Belotti, $210,000.

12320 Pleasant Lake Ter, Henrico; Booth Craig A and Lisa S to Amaro Rachel and Robert, $725,000.

3100 Portugee Rd, Sandston; Renfrow William E and June Haynes-Garrett to Hockhousen Christopher R, $262,000.

7841 Prosperity Ter, Henrico; Quivers Kevin D Jr to Thankiel Danna P, $315,000.

2805 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Alexanian Garabed H and Judy C Trustees to Metts Julian Cabell IV, $225,000.

5401 Raleigh Rd, Henrico; Moore Properties Lp to Larrivee Jessica Ann and Joseph Ellis, $165,000.

12216 Renwick Pl, Glen Allen; Holmes James E and Andrea H to Hicks James and Nicole Elizabeth, $675,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U209, Henrico; Schwartz Thomas J Jr to Treat Kenneth Allen and Jill Doster, $200,000.

5812 W Rois Rd, Henrico; Frierson Chad Dunbar to Auernheimer Mark E and Catherine A, $270,000.

4134 San Marco Dr, Glen Allen; Cramer Matthew Charles to Hills Robin L, $264,000.

1401 Severn Rd, Henrico; Silveri Gloria to 1401 Severn Rd Llc, $248,000.

3905 Shae Pl, Glen Allen; Miles Susan to Mariano Dana Ellen, $525,000.

19 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Barnett Isaac, $514,085.

2603 Skeet St, Henrico; Maya Va Llc to Ruiz Jolsuan and Elizabeth Anne, $295,000.

4659 Snow Goose Ln, Glen Allen; Molly Homes Llc to Kumar Kunal and Priyanka, $448,500.

8024 Spottswood Rd, Henrico; Rooney Steven P to Casella Daniel Edward and Dina Zhurba, $605,000.

5017 Stable Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Bhatt Ashish P and Darshna C to Brito Sonal Francis and Suneeta, $777,777.

916 Steppeway Ln, Henrico; Henrico Homes Lc to Amaya and Lemus Investment Group Corp, $208,378.

2542 Straw Bridge Chase E, Henrico; Jones Rebecca J to Todd Sarah, $187,200.

321 Taylor Farm Ln, Sandston; Ingersoll Tiffany E to Brock Rodricus and Candyce, $290,100.

12201 Timbercross Pl, Henrico; Boulton Bruce H and Lisa W to Matthews Joesph N and Elizabeth W, $399,500.

309 Treva Rd, Sandston; Flippen Lisa L and L LCox and V L Hargrave to Flippen Robert and Lisa L, $210,000.

2938 Vanna Ln, Henrico; Leung Hoi and Yu Ting Shi to Shi Gong Z and Lihua Li, $280,000.

2311 Waldo Ln, Henrico; Honig James Franklin to Woodward Colin Edward and Sydney Klevgard, $242,500.

2404 Wedgewood Ave, Henrico; Garvey John T to Chowdhury Rezaul and Md Shahadat Et Al, $230,000.

11204 Westcott Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Dillard Parker A and Stephanie K Lacy to Render Bradley F and Whitney R, $790,000.

9916 Whitney Cir, Henrico; Thibo Bobbi L to Rupel John D III, $215,000.

5114 Williamsburg Rd, Henrico; Jessup H Price to Rrs Properties Llc, $425,000.

708 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Gerges Dimiana F to Henen Beshoy, $180,000.

7807 Wistar Village Dr, Henrico; Kitchen B Lee and Bertie A K Trustees to Marquis Megan, $320,000.

9814 Woodman Rd, Henrico; Edos Llc to Nicol Christina M and Zachary T, $250,000.


12906 Acorn Hill Ct; Taylor John A III to Brizendine Matthew E and Sheila, $235,000.

8107 Aldera Ln; Carter Kevin and Dezerai Q to Devoe Melanie Lynn and Zale, $574,500.

9418 Amberleigh Cr; Webb William W and Faye H to Nowinski Elaine M C, $354,000.

2708 Annakay Xg; Walke C Vaden and Dorcas B to Walke Kemper Christian III, $413,600.

9200 Archway Rd; Simpkins Amy to Beck Shameka, $223,000.

130 Avebury Dr; Copolla Cassandra Garnett to McBride Jennifer M, $450,000.

11624 Bailey Mountain Tl; Riggs Teresa Leigh to Taylor Dylan H, $191,000.

5619 Barnwood Turn; Parker Latreal to Beard Spencer Lamont and Natasha, $320,000.

14442 Beachmere Dr; Blackwell Darren D and Michelle to Crawley Alena M, $375,950.

8500 Bellmeadows Ct; Woodle Paul to Flore Orellana Fabian A, $210,000.

2221 Bloomsherry Dr; Hite Ryan S to Coleman Morgan, $365,000.

8442 Boones Trail Rd; Davis Evelyn M to Jennette Kathleen P, $199,000.

4329 Braden Woods Dr; NVR Inc to Patterson James and Allison, $263,980.

5812 Brailen Dr; D R Horton Inc to Hoak Ronald Leroy and Kendra Lee, $429,990.

7719 Breaker Point Ct; Heft Sherry Sutton to Magee Susan Trustee, $170,000.

5006 Brickhaven Dr; Eagle Rock 1st Llc to Chase Phillip, $225,000.

9001 Broadstone Rd; Styles Walter P and Betty S to Styles Mark C and Jennifer H, $653,200.

11251 Buckhead Tr; Massee Ned W and Nell S to Buchanan Alvin T Jr and Stacy M, $649,000.

8717 Buttermint Dr; Snodgrass M L and Stinson T T to Cortez Jaime Rodriguez, $212,000.

16055 Cambria Cove Bl; NVR Inc to McCall Shannon E, $389,100.

9301 Cardiff Loop Rd; Petraitis Babette W to Cox Marianne Brittany, $343,000.

17301 Casper Ln; Sagadraca Jason W and Carol A to Jordan Steven M and Wrenn A A, $350,000.

8507 Centerline Dr; NVR Inc to Rodriguez Ervin A and Vanessa M, $372,100.

5336 Chesswood Dr; Valencia Alba R to Young Acacia, $209,000.

3014 Chislet Dr; Warren M B and Smith-Walter L to Sandkam Margaret, $333,000.

10200 Cloverfield Cr; Lowry Joseph and Cordova Helen to Anderson Garrett William, $195,000.

4825 Cochise Tl; Ayers Ralph K Jr and Mary S to Davidson Judith, $260,000.

14312 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to Walser Crystal, $380,355.

8412 Copperpenny Tr; Moser Andrew Forest and Allison to Skapars Matthew J and Tripoli J, $353,000.

15654 Corte Castle Tr; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Wood Gwendolyn L, $373,100.

9406 Craftsbury Dr; Collington East Llc to Ellis William G Jr and Beverly, $407,043.

15518 Crowden Rd; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Plato Joshua M G and Annette N K, $451,960.

6901 Deer Run Ln; Welch Scott D and Julie K to Mitchell Tiffanie Michelle, $286,000.

7237 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Connolly Michael G and Paula D G, $331,370.

15055 Dordon Ln; Homesmith Construction Inc to Winstead Byron J and Nikki R, $203,700.

16300 Drumone Rd; Kaplan Robert R Jr and Kristen P to Chery Josue and Jeudy Myrlene, $1,050,000.

3901 Echo Ridge Pl; Carter Clinton to Anders Timothy and Belinda, $252,000.

3631 Evershot Dr; Meadows Kelly and Brittany to Breeding S D and Stockdreher J L, $475,000.

6455 Faulkner Dr; D R Horton Inc to Patel Sanjay Babubhai Et Als, $366,485.

11621 Featherstone Ct; Diveglio Amanda L to Henry Sarah L, $290,000.

15801 Fishers Green Dr; Main Street Homes to Ortega Pamela A Trustee, $438,416.

14509 Fox Knoll Dr; Bindslev Helle and Petersen T B to Mitchell Shavala C, $300,000.

13831 Gallant Fox Dr; Miles Christopher M and M D to Burdick Michael P, $265,000.

9803 Gates Bluff Dr; Lee Sheneida C to Ragle Gerry C and Gwendolyn K, $449,950.

3630 Gleaming Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Lee Solomon K and Zakia R, $281,560.

13131 Glenmeadow Ct; Pendleton Bradley A to Cox Noah James and Sarah Hancock, $340,000.

11471 Great Branch Dr; Tdz Properties Llc to Clements Michael John, $227,000.

15307 Greenhart Dr; NVR Inc to Trent Bobbie and Lewis Andrea, $373,250.

10112 Grovecrest Ct; Edwards Regina C to Mason Garrett A and Vanessa V, $250,000.

13154 Hampton Meadows Pl; Archambault James C and S G to O'Berry Scott P and Krystal, $375,000.

831 Hartford Ln; Major Three Llc Trustee to Fuentes Romero Nancy M, $265,500.

6214 Heather Glen Rd; Olsen Clarence V and Rozella R to Kelly Denise L, $326,000.

15631 Henningford Rd; Main Street Homes to Maurer Courtney Eads, $402,811.

4036 Hiddenwell Ln; Waite Lisette to Wright Deja R, $360,000.

3406 Hollow Wood Ct; Rogers Lacretia M to Johnson Charese Ebony, $245,000.

2221 Huguenot Springs Rd; Guzak John W and Lisa H to Hubley Jeff and Kellyn, $1,040,000.

3203 Hunts Bridge Ct; Garbo Jennifer S to Reese Paige and Harrison Andrew, $270,000.

6013 Ironstone Dr; Perry Willie and Darlene to Jordan Ralph L and Sonia P, $339,000.

2100 Jarman Ln;, Urban Hubert F to Srw Investments Llc, $180,000.

4816 Junilla Ln; Dyer Matthew E and Tamara F to Whitlock Ashley Skillman, $178,000.

14124 Key Deer Dr; Patteson Frederick R Jr and R R to Dayton Melissa, $246,000.

9700 Kinnerton Dr; Collington East Llc to Allen Reginald Sr and Kimberly K, $496,288.

7701 Ladybells Pl; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Buckner Grant and Palamara K, $590,370.

2924 Laketree Ct; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Love Saicora, $260,680.

13218 Lauren Ln; Gundlach Mark R Trustee to Stout Alyssa and Logan, $405,000.

4907 Lippingham Dr; Bowles Mary Kaitlynn to Hardy Tarryn K and Betts J R, $345,000.

4913 Long Shadow Dr; Johnson Owen D to Giangregorio Alan P and Lisa R, $216,000.

11512 Longtown Tl; D R Horton Inc to Rodriguez David and Robin E, $354,420.

11406 Ludgate Pl; Nelan Beverly J to Diaz Ernesto O and Bosworth B J, $348,000.

1801 Mainsail Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Whitlow Jerry L Jr and Patricia, $383,655.

7331 Mangrum Dr; Byers Samuel W and Katherine E to Wallace Christopher and Karin, $354,950.

14843 Mariners Wy; Meredith Branch Llc to Mathew Jomon and James Jessymole, $456,000.

4201 Maughan House Tr; Martin Jeffrey D and Elizabeth M to Williams J T Sr and Sutherland S, $322,000.

13910 McTyres Cove Ln; Russek Steven B and Carol R to Everhart Brandy D and Fenney J F, $596,000.

17536 Memorial Tournament Dr; Thompson Tonya D to Rollins Sharlyn B, $276,000.

419 Michaux Creek Pl; Tenbrook Adam P and Lisa M to Mento Leslie Annin and Abigail R, $334,900.

14323 Michaux Village Dr; Pusey William A III and Makenzie to Oefelein Melissa A, $374,777.

2804 Mimi Av; Childers Eddie R and Zita to Queflander Erin Elaine, $230,000.

9842 Mosswood Rd; Patten Chad E and Pernell C J to Choroszucha Tomasz and Lindsey, $270,500.

10 Natural Bridge Ct; Williams Janet E to Wernecke Brian James, $239,250.

3115 Newington Ct; Spencer Summer J to Russell Kevin Ford, $168,000.

2419 Oakengate Ln; Schaperjahn Mark J to Frayser Jennifer E and Dylan M, $401,250.

4461 Old Fox Tl; Avgeros T, U and Paravati Angela to Ha Tinh, $304,000.

7300 Orchardhill Dr; 7300 Orchard Hill Drive Llc to Castellanos Arnold Javier, $218,000.

13916 Pagehurst Tr; Murray Dorothy M to Putnam Jeb Stuart and Louise M, $412,000.

11813 Parrish Creek Ln; Bunner Douglas and Caroline to Short Princess S and Melvin C Jr, $274,000.

3206 Perdue Springs Ln; Hewlett Cheri to Battaile William D, $228,000.

5419 Pleasant Grove Ln; Saupe' Kenneth J and Constance S to Ellington Michael J, $200,000.

6201 Pointer Tr; Wray Robert K and Cynthia LC to Williams Melissa, $183,000.

7006 Portico Pl; Dixon Alysia L to Hendricks Colin, $390,000.

1700 Providence Creek Cr; Jenkins Kelly N to Artisan Design Properties Llc, $191,000.

1843 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Bondeson Mark A and Wendy L, $354,638.

12041 Quito Rd; Bryan Michael G to Ramirez Investments Llc, $178,500.

1261 Raynor Dr; Patterson Wendy Gayle to McDonald Isaac J, $245,950.

5807 Reedy Springs Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Crosby Kathryn M, $425,000.

6436 Richwood Tl; Rhew Jonathan D and Cameron H to Huang Ziyang and Yu Guo, $483,000.

5313 River Rd; Degiorgio John and Lisa to Quesenberry Quwin, $220,000.

11216 Riverway Rd; Miles David Earl and Jodi Lyn to Hijazi Serrieh A and Williams A, $300,000.

12012 Rolling Tide Ct; Hhhunt Homes LC to Smith Brian L and Stephanie D, $445,660.

6812 Ruby Hill Rd; Homesmith Construction Inc to Atkins Henry III and Rosa Stocks, $780,630.

6337 Sagamore Wy; NVR Inc to Reamer Matthew D and Erin E, $420,505.

10300 Salem Oaks Dr; Kuhns James R and Luan M to Morse Collin, $295,000.

5301 Sandy Ridge Ct; Barry Jennifer to Kmetzach Brigham and Jennifer, $315,000.

15900 Scarlet Coat Dr; Main Street Homes to Sutton Brian Richard and Erin K, $467,692.

3001 Shady Hollow Cr; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Ellis Erica M, $268,600.

11319 Shorecrest Ln; Wachman Randall M II to Powell Curtis J and Sandra M, $526,000.

7306 Simeon Ct; D R Horton Inc to Chambers Jalen and Jessica, $359,990.

4836 Skyline Ridge Dr; Herceg George III to Kinton Christian Thomas, $255,000.

11911 Springcreek Dr; Shiffman Mitchell L and Lori J to Pong Jason E and Jessica L, $652,000.

2502 St Regis Dr; Sweet Retreats Llc to Barnes Katherine L, $542,200.

14616 Standing Oak Ct; Swineford Kristin and Kathleen to Dunbar J K and E G and Gitman E, $315,000.

11938 Sternwalk Ct; Hence Larry C Jr and Shunta to Ahonen Sean B and Cynthia L, $489,000.

13718 Sutters Mill Cr; Birdsong Valerie Annette to Swansea Llc, $212,600.

1407 Sycamore Ridge Ct; Kong Kan W and Waisum A to Bbtk Holdings Llc, $262,500.

10806 Tealby Ct; Hassan Nadia to Hamad Amon and Ali Chanelle, $409,000.

16628 Thornapple Rn; Stevens Aaron to Carter Clinton E and Jennifer G, $286,000.

3004 Three Bridges Rd; Jones Anna Zelic to Debaun Robert W, $257,000.

1100 Traywick Ct; Calkins Lawrence H III and Sonia to Shefield Kyle, $242,000.

2207 Turtle Hill Cr; Emerson C D and Goulding Helen to Powell-Liu Katrina Elizabeth, $300,000.

1607 Upperbury Dr; Hutchens David C and Tammy N to Woods Nancy Lynn, $356,000.

11030 Vogel Ct; Finer Homes Incorporated to Mosley Michael S and Shante S, $472,162.

213 Wallingham Dr; Smith Darren and Karen to Burgess Andriana G and Cole B C, $425,500.

13406 Warwick Longbay Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Baskerville Herizyn, $400,000.

4224 Wells Ridge Ct; Hpa II Borrower 2019-1 Llc to Manuel Latrice, $308,275.

1617 White Cedar Ln;, U S Sec Of Housing and, Urban Dev to Chavez Edwin R, $175,000.

6519 White Rock Tr; Harris Keith and Ashley to Nalley Patrick W and Hayley A, $485,000.

7850 Winding Ash Pl; Loving Kevin and Marian to Dobbins Meredith L and Michael, $286,050.

6938 Windy Creek Tr; Williams Jameka and Anthony to Manaras Jason, $302,000.

1717 Winters Hill Cr; Ash Brittany Eleanor to McKay Jody D, $260,000.

2330 Woodmont Dr; Hoffman Philip C and Lauren to Freeman T R Jr and Mitchell K B, $395,000.

1831 Wrens Nest Rd; Mahoney Elliott A Jr to Nelson Matthew and Ribeiro G M, $270,000.


3430 Agape Lane, Mechanicsville; Donald Shiflett to Matthew B. Thompson, $335,000.

7311 Arbor Crest Court, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Steven W. Keyton, $729,000.

7387 Battalion Drive, Mechanicsville; Christopher Mayton to Steven Thomas Catapano, $398,000.

8031 Belton Circle, Mechanicsville; Heather E. Robbins to Young Shin Choi, $290,000.

9322 Blagdon Drive, Mechanicsville; Carolyn Lavonne Tinnel to Camaron Lane Ballard, $319,500.

8163 Bridle Creek Terrace, Mechanicsville; William H. Zehmer, trustee to Billy L. Butler, $436,000.

8153 Burnside Court, Mechanicsville; Ann M. Simone to Gregory D. Dorsey, $285,000.

11259 Cauthorne Road, Glen Allen; Joseph G. Harris to Bhavani Sikhavasi, $250,000.

7044 Claybird Lane, Mechanicsville; Kenneth D. Modlin to Gregory Jernigan, $266,000.

13155 Country Garden Lane, Montpelier; Wayne A. Hollister to Peter Aiken, $150,000.

8185 Creekside Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Jennifer L. McIntyre to Mary B. Shapiro, $242,500.

7495 Deborah Drive, Mechanicsville; R. E. Watson & Associates Inc. to Caleb Charles Harris, $175,000.

9114 Dove Creek Place, Mechanicsville; John P. Bassett to Timothy, Ulrich, $374,000.

17215 English Walnut Road, Beaverdam; Ann L. Towne, trustee to Frederick Gore Rockwell IV, $479,950.

9208 Fairfield Farm Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Tyrone Darelle Marsh, $466,525.

4317 Fox Hunter Lane, Mechanicsville; Joshua Louis Hawley to Rushton Mitchell Childress, $225,000.

9111 Giles Spring Terrace, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jessica Farmer, $497,240.

15454 Greenwood Church Road, Montpelier; Michael J. Roder to Randall B. Vaughan III, $452,000.

7112 Harbour Light Way, Mechanicsville; Walter E. Marlow to Ernesto Dominguez Villegas, $300,000.

9762 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Matthew J. Schwartz, $591,595.

9915 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Juvenal E. Abrego, $439,240.

15167 Indian Springs Lane, Montpelier; Jacob J. Tome Jr. to James W. Chelena, $380,500.

17410 Jericho Drive, Beaverdam; Paul D. Trent to Stanton Emerson Rolle Jr., $423,000.

9367 Laurel Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Michael P. Longo II to Phillip E. Moore, $280,000.

9055 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Mark D. Mahan, $529,200.

9174 Madison Leigh Court, Mechanicsville; Andrew T. Wright to Steven A. Vanderploeg, $434,000.

6307 Mattawan Trail, Mechanicsville; Phillip Poppa to Dennis Haward Lynn, $305,000.

8570 Meadowsweet Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Christopher T. Robbins, $494,800.

14240 Mill Creek Drive, Montpelier; Luis Alvaro Coronado to James G. Hughes III, $235,000.

8335 Old Cavalry Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph Allen to Tyler William Roy, $265,000.

10557 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to James P. Sheridan, trustee, $429,472.

8359 Oxfordshire Place, Mechanicsville; Phillip A. McCarter to Brandon Finch, $305,000.

7374 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; Stephanie L. Martin to Christopher T. Robbins Jr., $250,000.

2065 Philbunny Court, Mechanicsville; Joseph M. Poppa to Christopher Coster, $435,000.

6054 Pond Grass Road, Mechanicsville; Richard L. Olseon to Susan B. Janka, $343,000.

12200 Renwick Court, Glen Allen; Jesse W. Burnley to Marshall Stephen Burnley, $290,000.

15271 Rockford Road, Montpelier; Marc A. Huntoon to Madalyn Brinn Parr, $710,000.

9021 Rutland Road, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Karen Hockett, $389,950.

9260 Sedgehill Court, Mechanicsville; Rebecca L. Cassilly to Paramvir Singh, $395,000.

12326 Short St., Ashland; Cynthia Carson Downing to Greg White, $320,000.

9258 Southern Watch Place, Mechanicsville; Walker Property Investments LLC to Brianna Gabrielle Dillard Dula, $271,000.

10520 Stoney Bluff Drive, Unit 111, Ashland; Stony Run Partners LLC to Herbert W. Elmore, $296,000.

7512 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Robert L. Whitfield IV, executor to Martha H. Demaree, $285,000.

8421 Summer Walk Parkway, Mechanicsville; Richard L. Atkinson Jr. to Michael E. Melville, $350,000.

11096 Tally Ho Drive, Mechanicsville; Charles E. Luck Jr. to Jay Tyler Joines, $356,000.

7918 Trumpetvine Lane, Mechanicsville; Christopher T. Robbins Sr. to Stephanie L. Martin, $309,000.

509 Wesley St., Ashland; Trek Properties LLC to Kenneth Moehring, $229,000.

11209 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Connor Benjamin Britt, $260,690.

11221 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Simon A. Corpeno, $295,265.


0.871 acres; Adrian Gandara, executor to Secretary of Housing and, Urban Development, $217,930.

1.4 acres; Tucker J. Slater to Austin Jacobson, $235,000.

10 acres; Diversified Property Associates LLC to William J. Maslink, $247,500.

10.86 acres; Frances T. O'Donnell to John Christopher Harvie Revocable Trust, $470,000.

108 acres; Betty Jo Timberlake to Joseph W. Shank, $275,000.

165 acres; Mason LLC to Nathan Nuckols, $1,530,000.

2 acres; Donald S. Brown to Equity Trustees LLC, $188,742.

20 acres; Jonathan E. Dick to Nolan Michael Kelly, $485,000.

21.997 acres; Curtis Daniel Wilburn to Theresa W. Adcock, $250,000.

3.05 acres; Manage This LLC to Alec Demeri, $205,000.

5.26 acres; James R. Galyon to Thomas Nelson Buckmaster, $295,000.

50 acres; Pauline Mitchel Revocable Trust to Robert M. Pendergraph, $475,000.

Lot 10, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Austin Amaral to William Brand Inlow Revocable Trust, $340,000.

Lot 12, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Huguenot Woods LLC to Timothy W. Vidra, $289,000.

Lot 20, Maple Grove; Fine Creek Lands LLC to Vertical Builders LLC, $177,400.

Lot B, Block B, Section A, Wooddale Acres; Kathryn M. Rice to Eric Alan Matthews, $298,000.

Lots 1 and 2, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Huguenot Woods LLC to Sebastian Symeonides, $545,000.


1.8 acres; Andrew Darr to Trenton A. Dankos, $220,000.

15 lots, Section 1, Reed Marsh; Reed Marsh LLC to Boone Homes Inc., $1,800,000.

2 parcels; Holuba V Investments LLC to Dick Purcell Land Cattle and Timber Corp., $1,195,000.

2 parcels; James F. Stutts to Elizabeth B. Stutts, $300,000.

2 parcels, Section 8, Kinloch; Thomas Capps to Betty Sue Lepage, $1,650,000.

20.92 acres; Charles J. Ferrell to Steven B. Cajigas, $335,000.

4 acres; Millicent E. Jackson to Christopher C. Butler, $190,000.

5 lots, Section 4, Parkside Village; ME PV4 LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $625,000.

7 lots, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $875,000.

Lot 18, Tuckahoe Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to John Christopher Selbach, $309,950.

Lot 21, Section 1, Three Oaks; Kenneth J. Berkle to Patricia S. Brock, $501,000.

Parcels; EIP Virginia LLC to Turning Point Assets-Goochland LLC, $750,000.


12 Bank St.; Richard L. Blankenship to Christine Lynce II LLC, $174,000.

1640 Delmar Ave.; Jeanette M. Tompkins to Ashli M. Smith, $175,000.

436 Maycox St.; George W. Friday to Earth Thomas, $150,000.

609 S Sycamore St.; Committed Real Estate Group LLC to Bryan J. Abramowitz, $175,000.


110.7 acres; James B. McGinn to Maxwell W. Watkins, $240,000.

2.39 acres; Addie W. Starke to Jesse S. Minter, $165,000.

3.41 acres; Dinwiddie Tractor and Equipment Co. Inc. to Dustin G. Bell, $183,500.

5.638 acres; Garland W. Harrison, trustee to Dominick Barlow, $200,000.

7.14 acres; Thomas E. Ridout to Sonya Henshaw, $170,000.

Lot 10, Block A, Chesdin Manor; Peter Honsinger to Darren Paul Smith, $317,000.

Lot 5, Section 1, Cottage Place Estates; Leonard F. Harrison Jr. to Ronald Lee Bowser, $273,000.

Lots 3, 4 and 6, Gentry subdivision; William Stanley Chappell Jr. to KAG Homes LLC, $215,000.


1024 Avon Court; Barry N. Eiffert to Christian Velez-Ortiz, $202,000.

315 Clover Hill Ave.; Frances J. Layne to Azucena Guzman Guerrero, $220,000.

511 James Ave.; Life State of Nellie L. Triplett to June M. Hodes, $195,000.

101 Old Oak Lane; Dunlop Farms LLC to Oaks of Dunlop Owner LLC, 19700000.

119 Swift Creek Lane; Nancy W. Walker to Joshua Nichols, $360,000.

254 White Sand Court; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Morla Y. Gordon-Hite, $309,950.


2 parcels; Joseph F. Sumner to Hector De Jesus Aviles, $255,000.

Lot 11, Section 3, Cobblestone; Richard A. Harrison to Mildred Hayward, $290,000.

Lots 8-9, Block A, West Hopewell; CMG Mortgage Inc. to Titanium Jubilee LLC, $151,600.

Miscellaneous acreage, Columbia Park; Shamin-HLD Inc. to JSN Hospitality LLC, $5,321,742.


0.65 acres; Wilton C. Jordan to Craig Peck, trustee, $160,000.

1.3 acres; Midatlantic Postal Properties Inc. to A and J Assets LLC, $300,000.

1.42 acres; Thomas B. Hoover to Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee, $340,000.

11.2 acres; Richard Dawes to Tidewater and Big Ben Foundation, $400,000.

16.98 acres; Sun West Mortgage Co. Inc. to ALG Trustee LLC, $369,922.

S 30 acres; Sue Anne Martin, trustee to Sue Anne Martin, $289,000.

86.201 acres; John T. Vosnik to Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee, $215,000.

Lot 1, Shores of York; Thomas W. Gillman to Charles B. Bowers, $620,000.

Lot 9, Block A, Section A, Minitree Mill; Lances D. Scifres to Nicole Ashley Massaro, $250,000.

Lot 92, Phase 1, Oakmont Villas; Carlin W. Nash Jr. to Antar Abouzaki, $275,000.

Lots 1125 and 1126, Woodhaven Shores; Anne F. Bedner to Devin R. Akers, $200,000.

Lots, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $1,114,749.

Lots, Section 2, Kingsfield; Bowery Farm LLC to Liberty Hoomes Virginia Inc., $825,000.

Parcels; Dennis W. Mountcastle, trustee to Emmaus Church Investments LLC, $350,000.


4117 Baxter Ridge Drive, Prince George; Breyana Joy Bell to Donte Bailey, $251,000.

1598 Boisseau Drive, Prince George; Shea Michael Pesz to Luis A. Siguenza Siguenza, $228,000.

10620 County Drive, Disputanta; Evelyn C. Lake to Michael Figueroa, $203,000.

10490 Eagle Court, North Prince George; Matthew A. Kunkel to Darryl Taliaferro, $318,000.

1820 Fine St., Prince George; Gordon E. Vaughan Jr. to William Swiney, $151,200.

7008 Hearthside Drive, Prince George; Carolyn Peterson-Compton to Benjamin Allen Jeffers, $195,000.

7724 Hunters Ridge Drive, Prince George; Charles W. Bonnell to Troy Lepore, $355,000.

7560 Lynn Creek Drive, Hopewell; Mar Mal Home Builders LLC to Marlon Pulliam, $274,500.

4501 Martinson Lane, Prince George; Bobbie Rodrigues to Jason Haley, $158,000.

5816 Silver Fox Lane, Prince George; Michael E. Russ to Debra J. Thompson, $300,000.

9420 Springfield Lane, Disputanta; The Global Property Group LLC to Matthew J. Garter, $319,000.

3625 Tavern Road, South Prince George; Tammy A. Day to Courtney M. Hevener, $235,000.

11375 Webb Road, Disputanta; Chappell Construction LLC to Charles D. Hester, $265,000.

Charles city

14760 Cypress Bank Road, Providence Forge; Joseph M. Edwards, trustee to Jon Dwight Yoder, $410,000.

5960 Greenyard Estates Lane, Providence Forge; Ryan H. Adkins to Alyssa Harrison, $180,000.


0.919 acres; Stephen B. Perez to Timothy D. Davey, $164,000.

1.301 acres; Wells Fargo Bank to Amelia County, $375,000.

2 parcels; Michelle M. Chimento to Joshua C. McMillian, $180,000.

2 parcels; Angela Hall Clements to Billy J. Donovan, $237,600.

3 acres; Dennis W. Tatum to Carson E. Sydnor, $280,000.

4.08 acres; Bobby Lynn Jones to Robert A. Rondash III, $172,500.


164.89 acres; Monticello Forest LLC to George Howard Masiello, $322,535.

2.699 acres; Dale Hodges Jr. to Michael Holder Jr., $213,500.

250.31 acres; Berger Farm LC to David Rodney Franklin, $650,000.

Parcel; Ellen M. Stroop to Sidney Spencer, $210,000.


323 Banks Town Drive, Walkerton; David S. Mitchell to Ronald Helmick, $260,000.

1226 Poplar Hill Road, Newtown; M. Porch Construction LLC to Kenneth W. Waters Jr., $219,750.

294 Walkerton Mill Drive, Walkerton; Carla Quamina to Carlon C. Clarke, $190,000.


522 17th St., West Point; Antonio L. Ross to Hannah R. Huici, $195,000.

116 Central Parkway, Aylett; HHHunt Homes LC to Jason Michael Hoke, $249,355.

70 Courthouse Estates Drive, King William; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Kimberly Elizabeth Harris Brown, $219,950.

826 Edgar Road, Hanover; Eric Noel Hysong to Joseph William Everett Rohal, $225,000.

2079 Forest Circle, Aylett; John L. Wood to Elizabeth A. Kidd, $195,000.

1951 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Kennington Place LLC to Karen C. Rourke, $232,500.

2163 Kennington Parkway North, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Ralph E. Oldaker, $298,723.

178 North Moncuin Drive, Aylett; Carrie Kovacik to John C. Pippin, $245,000.

201 Pointers Drive, West Point; Paul A. White Jr. to Torbet Lendrim Beckham Lovelace, $271,617.

2225 Silver St., Aylett; Laurie L. Lavery to Peter Barnes, $360,000.

116 St. Charles Place, Aylett; John McDaniel IV to Robert W. Richardson, $212,000.


100 acres; John D. Robbins III to Cynthia D. Garrett, $270,000.

Lot 7, Section 1, Evergreen; R.C. Sullivan Construction Inc. to Graham Sheffield Ferguson, $180,750.


2.0156 acres; Vista Realty Trust to 237, Uptown Inc., $4,000,000.

Lot 4, Governor Berkeley Professional Center; LEM LLC to Slabinski Holdings LLC, $410,000.

Lot 4, Holly Hills; Todd A. Jenkins to James R. Raskin, $739,000.

Lot 5, Scotland Street Townhouses; Jeffery A. Englehardt to Richard Morrin, $282,500.

Part of Lot 102 and part of Lot 103, Skipwith Farms; Hare Hare and Myers PA PC to Kathleen Sciortino, $293,000.


700 Adams Road, Williamsburg; Karen Carson Wiggins to Nicholas C. Cooper, $215,000.

9433 Astilbe Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Bryan Fleming, $314,540.

4323 Audley Green Terrace, Williamsburg; Eugene A. Homer Jr. to Julie R. Zwerner, $300,000.

215 Beeston Fields, Williamsburg; Thomas Murray Phillips, trustee to Karen L. Kayser, $546,000.

701 Braemar Creek, Williamsburg; Daniel Avenell, administrator to Elaine Cecilia Majer, $225,000.

5536 Burlington Lane, Williamsburg; Derek W. Witt to Diane Jenkins, $450,000.

103 Canterbury Place, Williamsburg; Adam M. Matheson to Joshua R. Mann, $241,000.

3400 Chadsworth Circle, Williamsburg; Val J. Burt to Whitmel H. Rivet, $435,500.

3026 Clinton Court, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Robert Ferrell McLain, $407,800.

4041 Coronation, Williamsburg; Wayne D. Harbin to Laurie Pohl, $515,000.

215 Curry Drive, Williamsburg; Wayne Harbin Builder Inc. to Blakley K. Weddington, $310,000.

105 Edward Grindon, Williamsburg; Thomas K. Powers, trustee to Roger K. Norris, trustee, $1,035,000.

113 Evergreen Way, Williamsburg; Stanley K. Ware to Matthew W. Lindner, $462,600.

5203 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Goad Investments LLC to James R. Willis, $245,000.

2905 Francis Chapman West, Williamsburg; Thomas E. Green to Kari Pesuti, $290,000.

116 Francis Jessup, Williamsburg; Theodore F. Hammer to Drew W. Shoemaker, $469,990.

9502 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Harley E. Cannaday Jr., $388,890.

3960 Guilford Lane, Williamsburg; Christopher B. Schott to David P. Teaters, $430,000.

120 Harbour Town, Williamsburg; Monte Weinberger to Brian S. Cole, $450,000.

3520 Hollingsworth Drive, Williamsburg; John M. Weissmuller to Mary B. McElligott, $428,000.

3925 John Shropshire, Williamsburg; Mark H. Ackermann to Rivendell Realty LLC, $203,000.

4508 Kingston Court, Williamsburg;, US Home Corp. to Beverly T. Hudson, trustee, $479,000.

411 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; James M. Andrews to Matthew Tony Felber, $421,000.

702 Madison Road, Williamsburg; Thi Investments Inc. to Joshua A. Vega, $310,000.

2204 Mason Park Drive, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Carol Anne Hansen Vessa, $473,375.

3728 Mesa River, Williamsburg; Christopher R. Foley to Mary H. Wheeler, $535,000.

3517 Mott Lane, Williamsburg; Hawani Aga to Amanda Redfern, $475,000.

108 Northpoint Drive, Williamsburg; Melanie Brace Baak to Michael Lee Weber, $468,000.

4808 Pilgrims Circle, Williamsburg; B&G LLC to Elton S. Graham, $499,900.

103 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Mary Catherine Black to Emani Fitzgerald, $274,500.

121 Queen Mary Court, Williamsburg; Yusuf Atay to Ashley Marie Morris, $289,000.

1603 Queens Way, Williamsburg; Linda F. Riddle to Theodore F. Hammer, $166,000.

1665 River Ridge, Williamsburg; Carolyn J. Budd, trustee to Oswaldo X. Bonilla, $575,000.

9629 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Robert Luke Swift, $427,340.

104 Rondane Place, Williamsburg; Kathy E. McHenka to Bryce O. Johnson, $263,000.

95 Sand Hill Road, Williamsburg; John W. Dutro to Jeremy Alan Reese, $289,400.

141 Seton Hill Road, Williamsburg; Louise L. Kale to David J. Haas, $317,500.

5417 Skalak Drive, Williamsburg; Jonathan A. Teich to Joseph Wixted, $184,000.

2900 Thomas Smith Lane, Williamsburg; Donald S. Loftiss to Zeree D. Adams, trustee, $720,000.

Unit 211, Padgett’s Ordinary Condominium; Martin Ross Taplett to William S. Anderson, $189,000.

314 Walker Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Sandra Kay Jones, $271,170.

131 Waters Edge Drive, Williamsburg; Madison Trust Co. to Marilyn Streets Kime Revocable Living Trust, $375,000.

6552 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg;, US Home Corp. to Roy Anderson, $470,000.

7420 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; Craig R. Matherlee to Steve C. Hobbs, $333,000.

259 William Spencer, Williamsburg; Raj Nagji Sureja to Thomas E. Stiehle, $1,600,000.

3836 Woodruff Road, Williamsburg; Richard Collins Hoell to Alan Henry Spitzer, $482,500.


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