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Property Transfers Published Sept 25, 2021

Property Transfers Published Sept 25, 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City will be in future editions.

Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


209 N 19th St, U12; Sethi Ashish to McClung Charles W, $165,000.

1800 N 21st St; Mohamed Mohamed K to Berry Ashley Nichole, $167,450.

417 W 24th St; Renkenberger Gary R to Burckardt Stephen, $317,000.

614 N 27th St; Ricart Eduardo J and Katherine to Oneal Jeremy Tyler, $410,000.

1210 N 27th St; Fortune Auto North America Inc to White Casey, $170,000.

400 W 28th St; Fee Michael and Emily to Kauffman Michael Andrew, $360,000.

612 N 30th St; Robbins Ronald L III to Cornell Matthew T, $449,475.

1201 N 31st St; Ccrii Holdings Llc to Lawrence Anthony E, $281,340.

1220 N 35th St; Va Investment Group Llc to Mustain William Jackson, $208,000.

3014 4th Ave; Vinnywood Inc to McGinnis Ryan, $335,000.

602 Akron St; Hewitt Katie Lynn to Chapon Carolyn R, $245,000.

509 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, U6; Keam Mark L and Alex S to Ohri Nicholas, $195,000.

6331 Bergen Dr; Severs Sarah S and Casey M to Boyle Erin E, $325,000.

2016 Boston Ave; Jordan Alphonso R to Scott Bobby, $195,000.

5231 Bryce Lane; Dimitris Properties Llc to Garcia Teresa De Jesus Rivas, $200,000.

4328 Chamberlayne Ave; Mal 310 Properties Llc to Knupp Thomas Jonathan, $330,000.

8041 Cherokee Road; Modesitt Tucker L to Chaney Matthew Miles, $325,000.

1624 Chestnut Park Lane; Southside Community Development to Sheffield Jasmine, $177,000.

1714 Claiborne St; Watts Julius L to Baum Rylie Elaine, $230,000.

1219 Claremont Ave; Joyce Katelyn M to Carpenter Larissa J, $332,000.

157 S Colonial Ave; Papa Dennis and Lori to Rakes Mark Allen, $693,890.

1307 Decatur St; Cpg Investors Llc to Comer William, $160,000.

3223 Douglasdale Road; Secretary Of Housing and, Urban to Rasania Panna, $280,000.

8540 Elm Road; Brown Linda C to Tgt Properties Llc, $207,000.

2343 Fernbrook Dr; Lewis Jack A and Lewis Jonathan to Williams Sherre L, $210,000.

3905 Floyd Ave; Muddiman Harold J Jr and Jane R to Caputo Brian and Sumner Jill, $325,000.

2808 E Franklin St; Wrenn Charles E to Marcuse Ian S Revocable Trust, $600,000.

2904 Garland Ave; Louden George A III to Solarte James K and Karen A, $336,950.

2008 Gilbert St; Graves George David to Wiljanen Bruce A and Maarie G, $320,000.

1413 Greenville Ave; Moehling Andrew to Monyette Alain, $260,000.

3307 Grove Ave; Clark Jennifer E to Thompson Christopher, $645,000.

401 N Hamilton St, Ub; MacKimmie Anne K to Brown Elizabeth Alma Marie, $246,000.

4517 Hanover Ave; C&bb Associates Llc to Ccr3 Holdings Llc, $270,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U1202; Toler Joseph R and Suzanne J to Balister Evelyn D and Michael, $359,950.

1101 Haxall Pt, U708; Gregory Richard W to Donnenberg Michael S, $235,000.

2621 Heartwood Road; Diloreto Eugene M to Huther Christina, $232,000.

2703 Hillcrest Road; Warcewicz Casey to Barotti John William, $485,000.

1302 Idlewood Ave; Beatty Thomas X and Lesa A to Miessler Paul W III and Wendy M, $373,000.

3001 Johns Way; Coalson Enterprises Corp to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $532,000.

6318 Kensington Ave; Hatch Properties Llc to Alonzo Brittany Suzanne, $275,000.

943 Kingsway Road; Koch Nolan Edward to Murray Shannon, $160,000.

343 S Laurel St; Guerra Sheyla J to Parsons Ann G, $260,000.

47 E Lock Lane, U6; Alonso Angela J to McCabe Christopher Albert, $255,000.

2202 M St; Kiwi Development Llc to Horsfall Jacob M, $508,000.

2417 Maplewood Ave; Such William G to Hagood John S and Jarl B, $481,000.

3108 E Marshall St; Virginia, United Property to Flynn Joseph E, $399,000.

3010 W Martin’s Grant Cir; Fuhrmann Barbara S Tr to Martin Carol Payne Revocable, $500,000.

1715 S Meadow St; Pong Jason E to White Casey and Matejkova Eva, $450,000.

10116 Merrimac Road; Williams Paul and Kathryn Graham to Turner Kelsey Catherine, $302,000.

2001 Monument Ave; Sewell Nathan A to Chouteau Jordan Blake, $1,725,000.

3410 Monument Ave, U307; Trachtenberg Daniel D to Register Christopher L, $164,466.

13 N Nansemond St; Kong Edward K to Malik Sheherezade C, $404,000.

836 Newkirk Dr; 414 Roseneath Properties Llc to Corbett Mary Elizabeth, $250,000.

5816 Olas Ct; Coalson Enterprises Corp to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $532,000.

3913 Park Ave; Soyars James A Jr to Harrington Mark W, $552,000.

5900 Patterson Ave, U17; Walker Bernard to 5900 Patterson 17 Llc, $230,000.

3506 Pinebrook Dr; Shotwell James E and Lauren V to Primavera Michele Truffi, $376,000.

5529 Riverside Heights Way; Jessee Bennett and Cook Olivia to Glomb Alexander M, $315,000.

2205 Rosewood Ave; Vande Sand John Brian to Shea Emalee, $425,000.

5005 W Seminary Ave; Hodges Morgan A to Svanda Andrew J, $396,000.

210 N Stafford Ave, U4; Trk Property Group Llc to Dormer Michael R, $178,550.

108 Tempsford Lane; Woodward Noell H and Carol D Trs to Johnson Fred C and Kovina Anna L, $995,000.

407 Tuckahoe Blvd; Moore Thomas Justin IV to Danyluk John G and Katherine, $612,700.

810 Westover Road; Yuen Pui Fong to Witthoefft Mark E, $1,740,000.

3131 Yukon Road; Barrett Mark R and Elizabeth R to Regan Brian Seth, $345,000.


920 Alden Parke Dr, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Muthukumaran Vijay A and R Balasubramanian, $591,011.

12413 Amershire Pl, Glen Allen; Mithal Artee V to Decker Sarah B and Anthony, $502,000.

7710 Antionette Dr, Henrico; Giles Ashlee E and Anastasios Fertis to Jacobson Tanner Keith and Sara W Peck, $250,000.

9412 Arrowdel Rd, Henrico; Cornell Todd C and Jennifer to Carpenter Thomas P and Christina M, $863,500.

13217 Autumn Chase Pl, Henrico; Barto Paul M and Leslie B to Thurston Mark T and Melissa D, $389,900.

10 Beauregard Ave, Henrico; Boyle Kenneth C Trustee to Dover Rashawn Anthony, $175,000.

309 Berwickshire Dr, Henrico; Belliveau Brian and Amanda S Tapscott to Nunnally Caley Oconnor and Brandon, $620,000.

4208 Booth Dr, Sandston; Williams Janet G to Lewis Jerome M, $259,950.

4810 Breeching Dee Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Chen Ye, $305,400.

20 Bridgehampton Pl, Henrico; Norris Robert M III and A T to Buchanan Amanda Rayner and James M M II, $615,500.

4819 Burtfield Dr, Henrico; Hubbard Maurice II to Jefferson Sidney S and Jovan D Caldwell Sr, $248,000.

4802 Candlelight Pl, Glen Allen; Johnson Major N Jr Estate to Le Kim-Yen and Nguyen Vinh Chau, $265,000.

5909 Carrington Green Ct, Glen Allen; Preblick Ryan P and Kimberly S to Rupert Daniel B and Elizabeth W, $656,000.

6117 Chadsworth Ter, Glen Allen; Winterling Kevin W and Louann H to David Jonathan S, $550,000.

600 Chiswick Park Rd, Henrico; Burkholder James B and Marina Borisovna to Gardner V McCormick Trust 1997, $785,000.

4148 Cole’s Point Way, Glen Allen; Boll Kevin G Jr to Gavagan John R and Margaret C, $449,950.

2720 Comet Rd, Henrico; Atkinson Ralph L and Susan Lee to Braun Alan S and Bethany H, $180,000.

5308 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lopez Ronaldo to McCullion Andrea and Ross, $474,950.

2608 Cottage Cove Dr, Henrico; Balthrop Mark and Katherine to Thornton David Christopher and Grace E, $550,000.

2302 Crowncrest Dr, Henrico; Counts Alexandra M and Stephen T Abbott to Camann Julie and Zach, $371,000.

3733 Darbytown Pl, Henrico; Brummitt Jonathan S to Miller Gilbert, $165,000.

2905 Dellrose Ave, Henrico; Kelly Bobby W and Mary Lou S Trustees to Bittner Christopher M and Yulia Bittner, $150,000.

7111 Dexter Rd, Henrico; Ross George E and Loretta to Bradshaw Robert L III and Rose, $230,000.

12413 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Ambi Meenakshi and Vikram R Nayak, $568,355.

104 Early Ave, Sandston; Hughes Edwin Julius Dee and Kaitlyn Omeara to Hooks Paul W Jr and Katrice N, $245,000.

2600 Ellerbee Rd, Henrico; Yeaman Benjamin S and Emily L Sours to Seidl Kylie Michelle, $200,400.

1320 Elon Rd, Henrico; Hanover Home Buyers Llc to Stahr Properties Llc, $219,900.

2305 Fon-Du-Lac Rd, Henrico;, Umphlette Quincy Ryland to Chege Elizabeth, $165,000.

4671 Four Seasons Ter, Uc, Glen Allen; Hodge Andrea S to Hedquist Beth E, $234,950.

3806 Francistown Rd, Henrico; Weinstock Harry W and Cindy to Kilgore Christine Marie, $225,000.

2718 Fruehauf Rd, Henrico; Serbic Irma to Kirkland Elyse J, $230,000.

12301 Gayton Bluffs Ln, Henrico; Shahabuddin Abu and A N to Stevens Emilee Ruth and Scott A, $415,000.

804 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Neal William P and Margaret D to Bennett Dale S and Christine T, $575,000.

6523 W Grace St, Henrico; Crawford Marie C to Morehead Robert P, $185,000.

9212 Greenford Dr, Henrico; Stubenhofer Kenneth B to Brinkley Kyle Patrick and Leigh Anne Boyer, $275,000.

4052 Grove Point Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Nurse Jenne V, $219,375.

2820 Harding’s Trace Ln, Henrico; Smith Jason and Lauren Lee Oltermann to Abbott Stephen T D and Alexandra C, $560,000.

12328 Haybrook Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Desai Jay S and Jagruti N, $389,950.

1261 Herman St, Henrico; Puinno Nicholas to Turley Austin Joseph and Sierra C Conner, $200,000.

2707 Hollybrook Ridge Ct, Henrico; Buckingham Sheila to Hill Broderick Sr, $173,500.

2116 Ingleside Ave, Henrico; Srw Investments Lc to Project G Llc, $178,500.

719 S Ivy Ave, Henrico; Henrico Homes Lc to Amaya and Lemus Investment Group Corp, $176,332.

932 Jamerson Ln, Glen Allen; Friedlander Marc D and Rebecca T to Brunn Herbert L and Mary, $372,000.

10407 Jordan Dr, Glen Allen; Arias Alfredo I to Brickey Mark A and Jessica C, $300,000.

4513 S Kalmia Pl, Henrico; Pegram Tonya to Alexander Yale Andrew, $210,650.

2608 Kingsland Pointe Dr, Henrico; Hicks Vincent to Chavis Brien J and Brianna N Harris, $245,000.

2813 Lammrich Rd, Henrico; Norwood Melanie R to Demarest Russell E, $255,000.

7561 Laurel Hill Ln, Henrico; Thompson Fern W Trustee to Boughey Karla Williams, $350,000.

4740 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Rajagopal Karthigeyan, $589,257.

4906 Leonard Ave, Henrico; Gravatt Kasi V to Hardy Lindsay, $190,000.

9410 Links Ln, Uh, Glen Allen; Miklos Mark and Elinor Trustees to R E English Propertoes Llc, $159,950.

10993 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Bear Harry Douglas and Christine, $689,353.

2303 Lockwood Rd, Henrico; Timlin Kenneth T and Julie A Wenglinski to Delafosse Ryan Richard and Jennifer, $275,000.

3906 Ludlow Rd, Henrico; Armstead Shandra to Hpa, Us1 Llc, $260,000.

2508 Madison Station Ct, Henrico; Youngblood Properties Llc to Stovall Christopher and Suzanne and M Smith, $798,500.

10612 Marions Pl, Glen Allen; Stauffer Mary J to Bagrami Rahmatullah and Tahmina, $290,000.

708 McCoul St, Henrico; Liesfeld Chris Allen and Joy Elizabeth to Sheldon Paula G and Robert E Jr, $168,000.

3309 Merkner Dr, Glen Allen; Robertson Martha I Estate to Alsalman Mokhalad and Iman Algoubanie, $286,000.

9013 Michaux Ln, Henrico; Jones Jamal C and Maria to Sullivan Emily, $275,000.

3504 Middlewich Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Jackson Jawann Sharne, $244,495.

2214 Milbank Rd, Henrico; Scher Hilda E to Hite Lekeisha and Sara Tahiri, $264,000.

3024 Montfort Loop, Henrico; Demas Greg M and Krystle R to Albadran Firas, $210,000.

2605 Mountainberry Ct, Glen Allen; Ozolins Tamara to Strassner Cheri E, $212,000.

2130 New Market Rd, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Brown Will MacDonald, $275,000.

4810 Nine Mile Rd, Henrico; The Patrick Group Lc to Green Clean Nine Mile Llc, $925,000.

2602 Northwind Ct, Henrico; Duley Robert L and Kathy N to Rudder Ashley and Scott, $427,500.

8513 Oakview Ave, Henrico; Venture Investments Llc to Abrial Adult Services Llc, $495,000.

4940 Old Main St, U407, Henrico; Mottley Christine to Devoe Mary G and Robert J Calongne Jr, $455,000.

4517 Padgett Pl, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bach Vinh and My Hoang, $469,725.

200 E Parham Rd, Henrico; Legacy-Parham Investments Llc to Northfield Real Estate Company Llc, $375,000.

858 Parkland Pl, Glen Allen; Monsefy Mo to Shankar Ravi and Nisha Kumari, $362,500.

1202 Peachtree Blvd, Henrico; Redford L Scott and Jean K to Clark Taylor and Rachel, $519,000.

1016 Pepper Ave, Henrico; Chandler Holdings Llc to Muddiman Harold and Jane, $470,000.

923 Pleasant St, Henrico; Phillips Leah D and M N Hargrove Et Al to Blue Vernelle, $175,000.

2401 Powderhorn Dr, Henrico; Hambright Daniel P and Sue to Dunn May Lee Horton and Brian Paul, $395,000.

3003 Putney Rd, Henrico; Bishop Alease R to, Uecker Properties Llc, $231,000.

7 N Quince Ave, Henrico; Baskin Fred D and Patricia Shilda Powell to Seward Alexis Amber, $180,000.

7116 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Poff Michael T to Jackson Robert III and Cherrell, $290,000.

2003 Ridge Stone Ct, Henrico; Hallman Paul L and Nadine M to Ward Drew and Christiana, $302,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U302, Henrico; Morris Susan B to Call Rebecca M, $275,000.

8712 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Separato 2 Llc to Ontuit Llc, $210,000.

10 Sandston Ave, Sandston; Saltarelli Thomas George Jr to Leonard Juanita, $200,000.

1404 Severn Rd, Henrico; Clark Kyler and Shannon Barazda to Stoneman Allan R, $330,000.

8410 Shannon Green Ct, Henrico; Hein Stephen Allen Jr to Bailey Christopher N, $150,000.

6900 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Allen Juwan J and Lauren A Charity, $393,295.

8 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Hohenbrink Lawrence D Jr and T M C Trstees, $499,175.

48 Skipwith Green Cir, Henrico; Neto Romario V and Yasmine L Vidal to Hargrave Zachary A and Debra R, $217,000.

9701 Snowberry Ct, Glen Allen; Harris Thomas H and Corinne B to Adeso Bessem and Mukong, $357,000.

4113 Sprenkle Ln, Henrico; El Badi Khalil and Aicha Aribech to Thomas Morgan L and Katherine G, $255,000.

10818 Stanton Way, Henrico; New Direction Ira Inc Fbo Yuhong Cheng to Straus Brandy Baker, $275,000.

4813 Stockholm Dr, Sandston; Bush Virginia L and Amanda P Bush Hendryx to Holloway Danielle, $180,000.

2105 Summerhook Ct, Glen Allen; Williams Ian M Sr to Cantor Mariela S Pisani, $252,000.

9813 Thacker Ln, Henrico; Hansen Vincent E and T R Cosby and C C C to Benitez Osael, $180,000.

502 Tina Dr, Henrico; Washington Felecia L and John Edward to Archaga Orvin J Mendoza and A L Mendoza, $270,000.

6012 Treyburn Pl, Glen Allen; Thi Joey and Rose Kim to Saldanha Ryan S and Doris Franky Martis, $640,000.

4508 Vienna Woods Pl, Glen Allen; Wyatt Robin N to Anliker Alexander M and Samantha Stafford, $305,000.

5307 Walker Ave, Henrico; Buy Abode Llc to Boutwell Ashley, $235,000.

952 Wellston Ct, Glen Allen; Barona Brenda C to Ramafiri Jeevan K and Lakshmi, $281,500.

8205 Westdale Ln, Henrico; Greber James M II and Kathryn D to Malik Shaun McKinley and Gretchen Ames, $394,000.

9706 Wildbriar Ln, Henrico; Holloway Eric S and Van T Nguyen to Toler James E and Kathleen J, $355,000.

1904 Wildflower Ter, Henrico; Sugg Matthew to Wagenhorst Michael T and Erika N Stanley, $365,000.

7409 Willow Ridge Ter, Glen Allen; Catapano Steve and Kelsey Lynn to Yeung Rong and Bao Lin Chen, $280,000.

404 Windomere Ave, Henrico; Chillscyzn Kimberly D to Sawyer Jacob and Robin, $215,000.

7953 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; Qureshi Muhammad Norman and Iqra to Trelease Lawrence E and Linda D, $341,000.


5030 Alberta Rd; Gerner Yvette C to Retana Morales Jose A, $200,000.

3107 Alderwood Wy; Ayala Cruz T to Soto Maritza, $306,000.

14201 Amajess Ln; Zanders Carrol E Trustee to Yang Xiang and Liu Jinhui, $550,800.

8300 Amington Ln; Romain Vernon A Jr and Bamba M to Penwarden John C and Smith M J, $440,000.

2015 Apple Orchard Ct; A and J Investment Llc to Soni Solvi, $305,000.

12924 Ashtree Rd; Gentry Temple K and McDonald D L to Woodward William L II and Sard A, $353,000.

15012 Badestowe Dr; Harar Jonathan T and Kelly Anne to Gordon Brandon C and Flora P, $367,500.

12406 Balta Rd; Layman Jacob L and Melissa B to Brown Justin M and Dara N, $380,000.

5603 Baume Cr; Vaughan 1 Llc to Boothe Gregg, $160,000.

9266 Beech Hill Ct; NVR Inc to Jarvis Erik Monroe and Alisha K, $424,389.

4113 Berrybrook Dr; Meeks Geraldine L to Inge Capital Contr Inc Et Al, $170,000.

8019 Bole Hat Rd; Hhhunt Homes LC to Tanner James M and Terrebonne A, $399,950.

6137 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Roth Austin Michael, $256,000.

19105 Braebrook Dr; Primeau Ryan to Rosales Cecilia and Gresham T, $175,000.

13337 Brandy Wood Rd; Love Mark W and Carrie M to Staten Robert and September, $382,000.

3307 Brewton Wy; Rennie Christopher R and C L to Pope Michelle and Joyce Brendan, $635,000.

11824 S Briar Patch Dr; Hounsel Elizabeth to Rulli John Robert, $180,000.

2771 E Brigstock Rd; Fields Patricia M to Blue Ridge Custom Homes Llc, $362,500.

13531 Buck Rub Dr; Buck Rob Llc to Mullen Michael and Helms Ashley, $260,000.

11300 Bundle Rd; McCloud John E Jr and Jeanne I to McCloud John L, $198,000.

2050 Cadillac Tl; Troutman C J and Troutman J Trs to Gutierrez Gonzalo, $199,000.

8406 Capernwray Dr; Word Timothy W and Jennifer L to Fleming Roy Sr and Kimberly, $510,000.

7117 Carriage Pines Dr; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Lewis Katelyn C, $248,130.

2604 Cedarville Mw; Lgi Homes-Virginia Llc to Howard Shawn E and Rotondelli C, $396,900.

5425 Chatteris Pl; Boyce Susan L to Rosier Kerry, $157,000.

13329 S Chester Rd; Simard Gretchen to Bourassa Joseph and Calandria, $335,000.

10118 Clearwood Rd; Giera April L and Barber Megan M to Prince James Llc, $202,500.

301 Coalfield Rd; Parks Donald C and Parks T F to Randolph's Pond Llc, $1,111,111.

9613 Cole Mill Rd; Defrancesco John A and Christi L to Modesitt Tucker Lee, $330,000.

14300 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to First Degree Properties Llc, $410,340.

2007 Colwyn Bay Dr; Stamp Paul W and Amy D to Apperson Braxton Lee IV and B A, $575,000.

15630 Corte Castle Tr; Hld Properties Llc to Colmenero F L and Coronado M O, $355,000.

7006 Crackerberry Dr; Fernandes Maria S to Malaney Wiliam H IV and Susan E, $443,950.

4541 Crossgate Rd; Kluttz Bruce L and Patricia L to Peeples Jonnitra Nichole, $286,000.

2119 Deer Meadow Ln; Tennison Walter and Kimberly C to Devine Ryan and Nicolet, $263,000.

7233 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Smith Chelsie N and Hewlett M, $342,770.

15043 Dordon Ln; Gregoire Development Corp to Andre Daniel J and Elizabeth Y, $649,333.

7625 Drexelbrook Rd; Brown Jewell D to Coaker Rachel A, $230,000.

2216 Early Settlers Rd; Gutosky Vincent and Tonia to MacKay John and Howren Mary H, $269,900.

5907 Essling Rd; Broaddus Richard W to Chica Angela M, $200,000.

317 Fairwood Dr; Forster Laura M to Kocher Cory R and Kanard B N, $262,500.

15813 Fawley Rd; Biringer Builders Inc to South Chad and Mary, $870,780.

15107 Featherchase Dr; De La Pena Walter A to Dillard Katelane S, $320,000.

8813 Fishers Green Ct; Brown Deborah B to Hunt Timothy Paul and Rosalie, $358,000.

3200 Fortunes Ridge Rd; James Nay Llc to Myron Cynthia J and Hackett J A, $399,900.

8106 Galatea Pl; NVR Inc to Lowe Jason E and Reed Laura N, $388,480.

11301 Garden View Pt; Kuttikat Miriam to Cuff Dwayne E and Brehonda Lewis, $550,000.

21403 Gilritchie Dr; Booker Sean E to Dominguez Taylor W, $191,000.

8960 Glen Royal Dr; Baca Tanya D and Osei-Tutu Jerry to Newell Kelly, $520,000.

3706 Graythorne Dr; Legault Homes Llc to Cox Stephen and Kathleen, $659,990.

13554 Green Spire Ct; Parker Nikkia J to Phelps Danita, $305,000.

12806 Grendon Dr; Pringle Scott J and Buehler K A to Pryor Jason and Lindsay, $650,000.

21012 Hampton Av; Turek Carolyn M to Thompson Bethany and Ronnie, $174,000.

13806 Happy Hill Rd; Lumpkin Teresa Tuck Et Als to Quarles Aaron Cornelius III, $184,000.

12304 Haydon Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Johnson Sheniqua Laquet, $277,655.

5860 Heathers Crossing Dr; Roberts Anna and Aaron to Hpa, Us1 Llc, $310,000.

15607 Henningford Rd; Main Street Homes to Dobkin Kenneth B and Maryanne, $450,272.

13205 W Heritage Woods Pl; Hamad Amon to Shaber Jason L and Griffin R R, $269,999.

8424 Hillcreek Dr; Redding H T and Redding C A Trs to Harrelson Anthony R and Paula M, $320,000.

5150 Hopkins Rd; Navarrete Victor Alfonso Arias to Coreas Jose Dagoberto Pineda, $250,000.

8612 Hunterstand Ct; Juarez Ascencio E and Ascencio M to Olarte Andres Felipe, $185,000.

4011 Huntwood Rd; Pink Elephant Properties Llc to Stadelymer Bridget and Obeng E, $226,000.

2201 Ives Ln; Persuad C D and Morrow D W IV to Olivier Angela R and Jerome, $255,000.

6409 Jessup Rd; Anderson Bradley V and Taylor A to Dailey Casey L and Davis Z E, $250,000.

10651 Keithwood Py; Sutton Brian R and Erin K to Juachon Debbie and Gordula J H, $282,500.

5209 Kimmeridge Lp; Cunniff Paul J and Margaret G to Martin Brandon and Anna, $410,000.

2761 Knobbly Ct; Hartman Timothy M to Jarossy Alexander and Florida J, $256,000.

4636 Lake Summer Lp; Gregoire Development Corp to Barley Kimberly and Jerome E, $634,106.

14000 Laketree Dr; Henshaw Richard L Inc to Wilson Danielle R, $259,950.

2920 Lancers Bl; Payne Levi B Estate to Ruiz Roberto A and Castro J, $245,000.

11737 Leiden Ln; Baldwin Joshua to Bono William John, $253,000.

19431 Little Rd; Boyd John Thomas to Simmons Braden D and Shelly G, $152,000.

11900 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Tolentino Rudy, $391,990.

11524 Longtown Tl; D R Horton Inc to Slutz Leroy A and Theresa S, $383,990.

6361 MacBeth Ct; Robinson Kevaughn L and Brittany to Snead Gary, $186,500.

1318 Majestic Creek Ct; Wimbish Lamont and Jacqueline P to Diggs Renard T Jr and Makini W, $337,000.

824 Marbleridge Rd; Loving Earnest W and Betty L to Rahemans Real Estate Llc, $157,637.

3557 Marquette Rd; Taylor Hilda R to Magnotta Mark and Fogg Maribel G, $285,000.

4810 McCarty Av; Warren Jeffrey C to Diggs Maryanne C and Robert B, $152,000.

1814 Meadow Farm Dr; Santiago Maritza Eugenia to Casasola Sara M, $212,000.

4900 Michaelwood Rd; Shurm Construction Inc to Pula Osires Jr and Julie, $269,568.

14428 Michaux Springs Vw; Main Street Homes to Mulligan Carolyn M, $400,307.

8501 Middle Rd; Vanstavern L Bryce and Dorothy T to Rosa Roberto Ayala, $200,000.

14912 Mill Flume Ct; Vanhoozier Seth and Jordan to Cantu Carlos Jr and Gina M, $390,000.

2709 Mohawk Dr; Hood Thomas and Teresa to Schneider Orion Scott, $330,000.

1606 Mountain Pine Tr; Alas Ana L to Escobar Kency, $202,500.

11812 Nevis Dr; Schwartz D E and Heinbuch S L to Evans Margaret D, $375,501.

7745 Northern Dancer Ct; Lotempio Angela C to Lopez Sandra L and Fuentes W, $294,000.

13301 Old Barn Ct; Watson Ben L III to Eck Charles B Jr, $259,000.

9910 Oldbern Ct; Ford Meredith N to Newton Jacob R and Shirey M H, $217,500.

9633 Paddock Grove Ct; Bishop Jeffrey L and Angela M to Stokes Bronwyn F, $186,500.

1801 Parkway Ln; Cox Barbara L to San Jose Estrada Santos A, $155,000.

12006 Penny Bridge Dr; Hess Michael A and Danielle to Alektiar Kaled M and Catherine P, $416,000.

2721 Pine Meadows Cr; Clark Dustin D and Beck Katie C to Pham Trang, $222,000.

1330 Poco Dr; Atalla Nabil B B and Habib F F N to Maqsher Mohamed and Sabah, $157,000.

4106 Poplar Grove Rd; Cashwell J E and Cashwell L Trs to Day Charles and Monica, $345,000.

8601 Proctors Run Dr; Perkins Kim to Woods Lindsey Gayle, $283,500.

516 S Providence Rd; Campos Manuel D and Ramirez F M to Smith Claire, $260,000.

13724 Queensgate Rd; Walkaus Tim A and Corrinne S to Van De Kraats Adam and Myriah C, $401,000.

8218 Ravenna Tr; Rivet Whitmel H and Cheryl G to Nugent Lyndsy E and Brandie L, $475,000.

5507 Reedy Springs Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Godsey Natasha and Jonah, $392,803.

6431 Richwood Tl; Dalton Andrew J II and Hope M to Harris Samuel and Julie C, $462,000.

5705 Ridge Point Ct; Kistner Lori to Green Amy, $290,000.

924 Rise Shaft Rd; Johnston Katherine E to Chambers James and Paige, $515,000.

11621 Riverpark Wy; Thomas and Dovis Holdings Llc to Alvarado Wilmer and Aguilar M P, $372,000.

5600 Rohan Pl; D R Horton Inc to Mroczkowski Marc A and Danielle, $436,190.

18101 Ruby Hill Ct; Gregoire Development Corp to Musolin Kristin M and Bhavsar A, $999,999.

6331 Sagamore Wy; NVR Inc to Deferrari Robert and Jessica, $455,750.

3003 Sagegrove Rd; Allen Carrie Lynn to Pitts Daniel H and Johnson M C, $261,010.

13808 Sandy Oak Rd; Duffus Iain and Erin to Saunders Mark R Jr and Cathleen, $292,000.

16300 Saville Chase Ln; Clay Street Builders Llc to Rennie Christopher and Christine, $770,000.

3303 Shady Creek Rd; Riddle William S to Zalewski Walter and Angela, $212,500.

3025 Shiloh Church Rd; Landron Antonio III and Desiree to Somogyi Evan M, $222,000.

7301 Simeon Ct; D R Horton Inc to Hamilton Kimberly Michelle, $361,400.

23601 Skinquarter Rd; Douberly Aaron M to Dickerson Brandon, $212,000.

2943 Speeks Dr; O'Berry Scott to Adams Amanda Morris, $235,000.

8431 Spruce Pine Dr; Spruce Pine Land Trust Trustee to Frost Robert L Jr and Rebeca N, $179,950.

14502 Standing Oak Ct; Dipiero Anthony and Rebecca to Wall Robert William, $330,000.

3607 Sterling Woods Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Finn Arrington Richard, $296,713.

320 Sunset Bl; Maul Jeremy Daniel to 320 Sunset Llc, $195,000.

15900 Swindon Ct; Lajoie Magan J to Bottino Hugh C and Marianne K, $700,000.

1307 Tannery Cr; Stevens Margaret Eggleston Tr to Singleton Ogle R, $280,000.

19712 Thelma Av; Morgan Demetria S to Avila Balmes, $200,000.

13327 Thornridge Ln; Satterwhite Amanda and Ryan H to Danihel Kevin M and Kathleen G, $249,000.

4318 Tracker Dr; Krigger Ashley to Sec Of Housing and, Urban Dev, $178,466.

8707 Turquoise Pl; Seay Louis D and Dawn T to Oakes Erma Plaster and Melvin N, $514,950.

19405 Varanda Ln; Poulson Carl H to Everett Chasity, $195,000.

730 Wadsworth Dr; Brown Wyndell and Teresa to Samuels Wendy and Brian, $305,000.

7815 Walmsley Bl; Legacy Construction Va Llc to Carballo Jose Luis Morales, $225,000.

6018 Watch Harbour Rd; Kehoe Marlene C to Thompson Dean E and Sue G, $357,500.

13301 Westwell Dr; Biringer Builders Inc to Vrbicek Robert J and Diane E, $1,238,591.

1723 White Cedar Ln; Pullen Michael Anthony to Snead Dearrion G, $265,000.

2701 Wicklow Ln; Lowe Stephen H and Kathryn D to, United Nations Ch Int Va Inc, $679,000.

7860 Winding Ash Tr; Wine Nathan Andrew and Allison to Guo Jiakai, $274,000.

3908 Windy Creek Wy; Addo Ebony T to Hamm Christina and Ssempagama F, $295,000.

2814 Woodbridge Crossing Ct; Joyner Helen P to Haggerty Sara A, $175,000.

5318 Woodpecker Rd; Moneymaker M S and Hawkins W D to Henry Ryan, $215,000.

14111 Woodsacre Ln; Karthaus Patricia J to Lewis Stephen R Jr and Ashly M, $271,420.


9041 Airwell Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jose Duarte, $516,740.

11269 Ashland Park Drive, Ashland; Larry J. England to Robin Evans Donohoe, trustee, $500,000.

8411 Beatties Mill Road, Mechanicsville; Steven A. Vanderploeg to Tyler Evan Martin, $285,000.

12450 Bienvenue Road, Rockville; Nancy N. Comita to Falatehan M. Siregar, $380,000.

11205 Blunts Bluff Court, Ashland; Darlene P. Lindsey to Robert D. Smith, $290,000.

7054 Brooks Hollow Parkway, Mechanicsville; Ronald C. Bailey to Matthew A. Scheer, $369,950.

8122 Cadys Mill Road, Hanover; R. Bruce Mallett to John Lawrence, $300,000.

12289 Cedar Lane, Ashland; Robinson Street Properties LLC to James L. White, $208,000.

9406 Colvincrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Edward F. Lamb, $676,485.

8032 Creekside Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Ashley Moyer James to Rene R. Bonetti, $236,100.

6750 Crump Drive, Mechanicsville; Kimberly A. Elliott Wilson to Carolyn J. Woodson, $364,950.

7968 Dominion Park Drive, Mechanicsville; Natalie T. Miller to Jordan R. Flower, $292,500.

7245 East Blvd., Mechanicsville; Kevin D. Opland to Maree Opland, $249,000.

9242 Fair Hill Court, Mechanicsville; David R. Shelton to Shawn D. Maxwell Jr., $342,450.

6382 Fire Lane, Mechanicsville; Gregory S. Allen to Sean W. Criswell Sr., $550,000.

11386 Georgetown Road, Mechanicsville; Perry C. Hulbert Jr. to Christopher Garrett, $325,000.

11102 Great Meadows Court, Mechanicsville; Dustin E. Lackey to Michael S. Beamer, $340,000.

7108 Harbor Run Court, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Anchalpreet Trinidad, $329,223.

7349 Highlander Place, Mechanicsville; Bryant L. Lowery to Allen Breeding, $360,000.

9872 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathryn P. Verreault to Rebecca L. Shaulis, $390,500.

13980 Hungryjack Court, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Thomas J.C. Harder, $411,627.

13385 Karas Way, Ashland; Gregory S. Rennie to Mark J. Davis, $465,000.

210 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Donovan R. Spence, $385,000.

9059 LIndstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Steven Beau Flinchum, $520,875.

9066 Lunette Lane, Mechanicsville; Robert W. Palkovics to Raissa Lourdes G. Estacio, $400,000.

8086 S Mayfield Lane, Mechanicsville; James S. Nathanson to John Lufkin, $461,500.

7981 Meadow Drive, Mechanicsville; Maria C. Harding to Sandra W., Utley, $250,000.

7073 Mill Valley Road, Mechanicsville; Rebecca L. Shaulis to Jennifer Lindsey, $261,100.

15991 Newfound Hills Lane, Montpelier; Barry C. Knestout to J&G Productions Inc., $900,000.

10565 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Debra Hamilton, $343,679.

10576 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Deborah Smith, $415,890.

7441 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; Richard Callaway to Joon S. Hwang, $262,000.

5240 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville; Sean D. Mull to Brian K Searles II, $206,000.

17467 Pouncey Tract Road, Rockville; Kent P. Glass Jr. to Andrew Lombardozzi, $347,000.

8946 Ringview Drive, Mechanicsville; Angela Perkins to Thu Huyen Thi Rolan, $275,000.

8076 Rose Hill Drive, Mechanicsville; James M. Collins Jr. to Patricia S. Marron, $417,000.

16031 Saint Peters Church Road, Montpelier; Amanda Slemaker, executor to Michael George Andreessen, $370,000.

6419 Selby Lane, Mechanicsville; Brooke C. Sutherland to Carol Ann Marcavage, $236,000.

8101 Signal Hill Road, Mechanicsville; Robert C. Scott Jr. to Linda R. Hardin, $319,995.

9100 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; James Adam Brookshire to Spencer King, $335,000.

10520 Stoney Bluff Drive, Unit 410, Ashland; Stony Run Partners LLC to James Sutton, $311,000.

8100 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; Anlac Truong to William Fulop, $260,000.

10496 Summer Hill Road, Mechanicsville; Ottie Allgood Sr., trustee to Phillip Poppa, $250,000.

822 Sweet Tessa Drive, Ashland; Tyrone Marsh to William S. Boswell, $199,950.

14155 Trails End Drive, Montpelier; Roy W. Hauser Jr. to Scott A. Steinmark, $395,000.

7605 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Rodney A. Cole to Ronald Stephenson Fitch Jr., $230,000.

11205 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Joseph Vincent Mitchell, $296,985.

11217 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to James Early Wood II, $287,105.


4499 Anderson Highway, Powhatan; Michael Shumaker to Jason S. Trentham, $370,500.

3612 Bonnies Way, Powhatan; Windswept Development LLC to Jason Burgos, $445,319.

2951 Clarkson Road, Powhatan; Marton Zach Smilek to Jennifer D. Bass, $237,000.

1578 Dogwood Road, Powhatan; Nancy W. Tomlinson to Paige Tomlinson Butler, $185,000.

3389 Holywell Circle, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Marvin Wayne Snyder, $543,391.

1853 Jeter Road, Powhatan; Wesley S. Bonafe to Shane Anthony Mizelle Jr., $223,400.

2855 Manahoc Trail, Powhatan; Phillip T. Coon to Thomas E. Hartle, $1,060,000.

3715 Mill Mount Terrace, Powhatan; Jones Homes Inc. to Richard W. Bryan, $595,545.

3187 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Jeffrey Carson to Herbert Campbell, $360,000.

2029 Ridge Road, Powhatan; Prince Construction Inc. to William W. Willersdorf, $279,000.

2120 Stavemill Estates Drive, Powhatan; David A. Anderson to Lucia Morey, $860,000.

5941 Wilburn Estates Court, Powhatan; Old Time Builder Inc. to Seth David Carpenter, $415,212.


7416 Aldeby St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Clyde S. Taylor, $551,496.

3267 Bayberry Lane, Goochland; Lisa P. Phoenix to Everett I. Madden II, $510,000.

1592 Cartersville Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Dallas Keith Mullens, $252,500.

1 Deer Run Drive, Manakin Sabot; Christopher E. Pollard to James Edward Schreiber, $750,000.

806 Hockett Road, Manakin Sabot; John G. Dailey to Thomas Nyambok, $317,000.

5255 Island Court, Goochland; Luther M. Bristow III to Marton Z. Smilek, $435,000.

1740 Old Orchard Lane, Manakin Sabot; Frank H. Reichel III to Stephen Jacobs, $760,000.

4541 Peters Creek Road, Columbia; Victoria Donhauser to Chase Marshall Colyer, $330,000.

3115 Rock Cress Lane, Sandy Hook; Kevin J. Savoy to John E. Baldwin, $575,000.

5054 Shannon Hill Road, Kents Store; Michael A. Baudinet to Dustin B. Hevener, $455,000.

1826 Summer Wind Lane, Maidens; James M. Barden to James Michael Bradbury, $585,000.

7168 Yare St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Lisa Ann Ferris, $566,840.


2252 Colston St.; AEBurnett LLC to Angela Marie Smith, $160,000.

2741 Homestead Drive; Dogtown Inc. to Bruce Matthew Danet Jr., $170,000.

1825 Ramblewood Road; Renew Properties LLC to Joyceline Nkwejea, $305,000.

2004 Van Dorn St.; Andrew Gordon Chamberlayne to Toddaryl Brown, $155,000.


2151 Boydton Plank Road, McKenney; Antonio Carollo to Cindi Riggins, $279,000.

5124 Chesdin Road, North Dinwiddie; Angela H. Poarch, executor to Nakita Howerton, $221,500.

20520 Harris Drive, Sutherland; Fidelity Bank to Lewis H. Hopkins, $211,000.

10470 Lew Jones, McKenney; Antonio Carollo to Jonathan Michael Stevens, $240,000.

24400 Old Bole Road, Carson; Eastern Woodlands Corp. to Thomas Brent Cooke, $226,500.

12128 Pearson Hardy Road, Church Road; Tammy P. Quinn to James A. Worsham, $188,500.

9215 Vaughan Road, North Dinwiddie; Carl W. Bishop III to Benjamin W. Lee, $225,000.


104 Boykins Ave.; KAG Homes LLC to Chandler R. Giacherio, $235,900.

907 Germar Court; Brenda H. Beazley to Dalemarie M. Vaughan, $320,900.

307 Lafayette Ave.; Julio Flores to Aiden Van Vox, $212,000.

622 Pinehurst Ave.; Raylencia Johnson to Fatoumata Diomande, $200,000.

601 Waterfront Drive; Cynthia W. Grant to Yousef Abu-Alia, $470,000.


219 N 15th Ave.; Barber Construction Inc. to Robert Henry Sutherlin III, $238,000.

702 N 8th Ave.; 708 N. 8th Trust to James O'Kane Conwell IV, $193,700.

2200 Granby St.; Jason C. Cobbs to Nagaraj Apparaju, $155,000.

3313 Norfolk St.; Lekeisha Hite to Quieana Buskey, $200,000.

1108 Salem Ave.; Hector Rafael De Hoyos Morales to, Ursula E. Mutz, $175,000.


8027 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; Mark Zirkle to Stephanie L. Wisneski, $330,000.

6279 Bushnell Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Matthew C. Tucker, $369,399.

5321 N Courthouse Road, New Kent; Michael K. Amos to Jesse Tristan Lee Farren, $268,500.

11520 Doronhurst Drive, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Barry K. Clark Sr., $370,717.

3369 Holly Woods Court, Quinton; Donald R. Flanagan to Theodore Lawrence Hodson IV, $330,000.

11109 Laurel Road, New Kent; William W. Martin to Thomas G. Saltarelli, $282,000.

7155 Marecage Court, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Troy Holland, $389,915.

11330 New Town Road, New Kent; Dylan Stephen Hart to Amanda D. Newman, $302,000.

1505 Oakfork Drive, New Kent; Mark Peters to Logan J. Heishman, $308,000.

5641 Olivet Church Road, Providence Forge; Margaret L. Harrell to James A. Baker Jr., $315,000.

6676 Pine Straw Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Dennis Arthur Kanaday, $450,127.

2418 Prince Andrew Court, Quinton; Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Steven Matthews, $238,030.

11171 Royal Lane, Providence Forge; Jerry L. Walter Jr. to David Bugych, $500,000.

5320 St. Leger Drive, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC, trustee to Michael Brian Richardson, $458,395.

5930 Trina Court, Quinton; Penelope G. Edwards to Dominick Charles Rizzo, $250,000.

10549 Villa Green Terrace, Providence Forge; Harry J. Brown to Frederic C. Keen, $335,000.

8987 Woods Edge Drive, Quinton; Whitney B. Thurston to James D. Kendrick, $299,950.


4249 Cedar Creek Lane, Prince George; Patricia A. Grant to The Kaiser Family Trust, $424,950.

1380 Eagle Place, Hopewell; Carl M. Cross to Raymond L. Patterson II, $390,000.

9535 Holdsworth Road, Disputanta; KAren V. Brock to James Brinson, $257,200.

7581 Lynn Creek Drive, North Prince George; National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Spencer Whitehead, $315,000.

5204 Silver Maple Court, Prince George; Tracey T. Lee to Eric M. Skogen, $300,000.

7106 Straccioni Lane, Prince George; Ashton P. Welborn to Larry J. English, $249,000.

8869 Teakwood Drive, Disputanta; Michael C. Wicks to Mark B. Hayward, $370,000.

7009 Woodley Court, Prince George; Kate B. Garth to Reginald Jerome Brown, $220,000.


8900 Deekens St., Amelia Court House; James L. Davenport to Russell Deane, $375,000.

13515 Lodore Road, Amelia Court House; Christina Marie Jones to Ebony Shanice Evans, $215,650.

9200 Pridesville Road, Amelia Court House; David E. Poore III to Diana Sue Barnes, $248,000.

20750 Scarlet Oak Drive, Jetersville; Hancock Builders Inc. to William C. Goode II, $286,200.


1240 Cartersville Road, Cartersville; MMA Construction Inc. to Keith Brooks, $234,450.

235 Stoney Point Road, Cumberland; R&J Investment LC to Tyler Greene, $223,750.


22.68 acres; Taron Athena Schillumeit, executor to Valerie Dorice Ashker, $230,000.

Lots 17, 18 and 19, Old Mill Tract; David H. Lavery to Steven Matthew Gannon, $240,000.


2445 Calno Road, Hanover; Eric J. Harris to Dylan Ray Martin, $250,000.

7301 Dabney S. Mill Road, Manquin; Masters Construction and Home Improvement LLC to McKenzie Hope Hollins, $251,500.

67 Fairmont Place, Aylett; HHHunt Homes LC to Erica Michele Caudell, $240,300.

1961 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Kennington Place LLC to Timothy D. Smith, $229,500.

746 Mill Road, King William; William J. Kidd to Regan E. Stanley, $427,000.

1057 Scotland Landing Road, West Point; Jason Eugene Clore to Joseph L. Schaefer, $399,000.

483 Terra Alta Drive, Aylett; Pamela M. Walker to Thomas Dicken, $185,000.


2 acres; Professional Homes LLC to Andrea D. Parham, $240,000.

5.62 acres; Scott J. Bernardo to Atlantic Waste Disposal Inc., $380,000.


413 Alderwood Drive; Donald Recine Jr. to Benjamin Michael Smith, $430,000.

206 John Pinckney Lane; John Mark Smith, executor to Mary Ellen Wallace, $290,000.

3905 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Nathan D.F. Hansen, $298,480.

5128 Thomas Court; Jack W. Lee, trustee to Xiu Yun Zheng, $190,000.

4 Wildwood Lane and 2 Wildwood Lane; Edward M. Larkin to George Montgomery, $802,500.


1925 Algonquin Trail, Williamsburg; Kenneth R. Bedio to Jacqueline Clayton Thornton, $172,000.

728 Autumn Circle, Williamsburg; Amy Pelausa to Patrick Barrie Pierce, $207,000.

2155 Benomi Drive, Williamsburg; Kevin E. Bailey to Timothy O. Matthews, $425,000.

107 Brancaster, Williamsburg; Elliott W. Lamb to Richard C. Hoell, $535,000.

2404 Burnweather Lane, Williamsburg; Robert D. McKeown to Geoffrey Marlon Gay, trustee, $780,000.

3728 Captain Wynne Drive, Williamsburg; Sosamma Saji to Newman Jesse Shane Christian, $360,000.

2836 Chickahominy Road, Toano; Charles L. Martin to Jose A. Flores Vasquez, $205,000.

6505 Continental St, Williamsburg; James M. Sullivan to Terry L. Butt Jr., $251,000.

122 Crescent Drive, Williamsburg; Robert Ferrell McLain, trustee to Kristopher L. Horn, $422,000.

3505 Dahlia Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Brian Kelly Rigsby, $478,115.

4887 Ercil Way, Williamsburg; Julia A Karlsen to William F. Collier, $468,000.

108 Falling Creek Circle, Williamsburg; Christina D. Gormier, trustee to Sherrye L. McGregor, $515,000.

3437 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to David Dudley Zimmerman, $269,348.

4309 Garden View, Williamsburg; Michael J. Vallerie Sr. to Amy E. Secter, $385,500.

118 Greenbrier, Williamsburg; Deirdre Connelly, successor co-trustee to Jimmye M. Laycock, $300,000.

1071 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Calvin M. Patterson, $458,130.

118 Huntercombe, Williamsburg; Richard H. Herndon to Erin M. Hogge, $474,000.

4500 Kingston Court, Williamsburg;, US Home Corp. to Kenneth Emanuel Gaskill Jr., $455,000.

299 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; Robert C. Miller to Kenneth R. Lemley, $311,250.

3124 Maplewood Place, Williamsburg; BGRS Relocation Inc. to Jamie L. Field, $275,000.

118 Meadowcrest Trail, Williamsburg; Hardenio C. Abdon to Seth Benjamin Schonfeld, $239,793.

2406 Montgomerie Arch, Williamsburg; Matthew W. Mills to Christopher A. Smith Jr., $200,000.

224 Old Carriage Way, Williamsburg; Daniel A. Surowitz to William Preston Goodwin, $402,000.

209 Plains View Road, Williamsburg; Stuart C. McVay to Bailey Griffin, $310,000.

1108 Queens Crossing, Williamsburg; Shelton D. Whitehurst, trustee to Frances J. Digrazia, $168,000.

2905 S Richard Pace, Williamsburg; Garrett Harrison Peak to Rhiannon Allen, $218,000.

3110 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Todd A. Dellert to Kayle O. Dellert, $399,000.

6455 Rockwell Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Frank J. Audley, $541,000.

903 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Kelly Nicole Ivey to Katerina Plevelich, $180,000.

102 Shore Drive, Williamsburg; Kathleen Naomi Parker Catalano to Mark Hartney, $242,000.

3401 Sutton Court, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Roger Hill, $436,180.

6201 Tucker Landing, Williamsburg; Richard Woods to Donald L. Lee, $624,000.

833 Vail Ridge, Williamsburg; Ian J. Heisel to Jonathan Teich, $260,000.

6501 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg;, US Home Corp. to Todd Lowell Sedler, $470,000.

3484 Westham Lane, Toano; Erin Miller to Jennifer G. Cable, $244,100.

7431 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; Henry Brown to Zachary C. Shaver, $412,940.

37 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Garry Allen Plagenhoef to Shawn M. Casey Jr., $235,000.

4652 Yeardley Loop, Williamsburg; Jenny Homes LLC to Cheryl Richards Williams, $360,000.


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