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Property Transfers Published Sept 4, 2021

Property Transfers Published Sept 4, 2021

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


508 N 24th St; Peace Karen A to Robinson Frank L and Raylene J, $275,000.

1415 N 25th St; Realvestor Group Llc to Peak Rei Llc, $202,000.

420 N 27th St; Church Hill Property Llc to Deuprex Properties Llc, $382,500.

3414 2nd Ave; Witherow Tonya to 1303/1305 Llc, $225,000.

211 N 36th St; Geffken Karl and Elaine to Baker Myles Daniel, $665,000.

1303 W 42nd St; Upchurch Julian and Zafari Saba to Day Robert S and Katherine W, $483,000.

2920 Archdale Road; Nelson Living Trust Trustees to Giampaolo Vincent Frank, $375,000.

1101 N Arthur Ashe Blvd; Warwick Park Llc to 1101 N Arthur Ashe Blvd Llc, $1,225,000.

15 S Auburn Ave; 22 South Auburn Llc to Sauer Properties Inc, $625,000.

3324 Barton Ave; McCurdy Matthew A Trust Trs to Bitteker Emily, $350,000.

5203 Bondsor Lane; McDonald Kathryn Reed to Nevin John Michael, $292,000.

105 E Broad St; Bookwright Properties Llc to Rva Adt Properties Llc, $1,100,000.

16 W Broad St, U1; Rowane Paul F and Carol to Cook Nash Stephen, $192,000.

4516 Butte Road; Graham Patricia H Trustee to Leopold David Reeves, $270,000.

1911 Carter St; Harris Caleb C to Riddick Christopher S, $430,000.

7129 Cherokee Road; Reilly Michael W to Murillo Maria Leticia and Anna, $235,000.

505 S Cherry St; Shumaker Matthew K to Kelly Kristen L, $425,000.

3021 Clarendon Dr; Johnson Christina to Kudurogianis Phyllis A, $270,000.

2558 Clearfield St; Huguenot Brothers Construction to Smith Danielle, $220,000.

406 Cowardin Ave; Shon Jae D and Jung Ja to 324 Cowardin Ave Llc, $925,000.

3801 Decatur St; Property Key Solutions Llc to Hinton Kyle Brandon, $205,000.

15 Ellensview Cir; Claiborne Thomas H to McLean William H and Betty D, $1,700,000.

1307 Evergreen Ave; Sabatoni Marisa L to Staples Charles, $155,500.

1118 Floyd Ave; Velduis Nathan to Daidone Michelle Irene, $720,000.

3052 Forest Hill Ave; Powers Michael to Powers Tess M, $195,000.

212 W Franklin St, U205; Oshn Llc to Fischbach Steven M and Marci L, $250,000.

3509 Garland Ave; Clayton Victoria to Guthrie John J and Martha S, $315,000.

4408 Government Road; Bussa Frank and Marta to Hitchcock Ethan and Newby Lora, $502,500.

3909 W Grace St; Cava Capital Llc to Birch Brianne, $392,500.

6813 Grand Brook Ct; David Stephanie Diana to Sampson Jeffrey A and Renata C, $197,000.

1216 Greycourt Ave; Hedke Edward James to Bell Beverley F, $351,000.

4110 Grove Ave; Meredith Branch Llc to Bigelow Matthew James, $610,000.

4606 Hanover Ave; Parham Jill K to Williams David Andrew Jr, $570,500.

1819 Ingram Ave; Spence John to Vesely Mary Elizabeth, $192,000.

2629 Kensington Ave; Persson D Laurie to Thomasson Elizabeth, $355,000.

4310 Kensington Ave; Hodges Charles Thomas Jr to Thompson Matthew G III, $925,000.

3142 Lake Village Dr; Morgan George E and Ruth T to Hatcher Laura A, $215,000.

1400 Little John Road; McCreary Thomas M to Walus Linden, $279,000.

3018 M St; Rva Sugar Llc to Vagonis Lawrence, $395,000.

3918 Margate Dr; Gorman Kevin C and Kimberley to Remes Molly Mayberry, $475,500.

3420 Mike Road; Olivares Joel Alexander to McIlwain Johnny B, $185,000.

4020 Monument Ave; Pecota Jennifer Trustee to Remer Christopher Byron, $559,000.

2 N Mulberry St; Ashby Family Charitable to Vanichkachorn Jed and Ann, $486,000.

5207 New Kent Road; Whmg Llc to Mangray Sasha K, $636,000.

3021 North Ave; Harris Roslyn H to America's Dream Llc, $170,000.

5071 Old Warwick Road; Jordan Denise H and Ralph L to Lemus Wilber, $155,000.

1702 Park Ave; Eure Living Trust Trs to Garnett Trust Trustees, $920,000.

2416 Park Ave, Unit 6; Holzwarth Eric and Barash Anne to Kizner Scott Richard, $435,000.

3707 Patterson Ave; Robertson Edward D Jr to Parsons Townsend Sheppard III, $215,000.

4812 Patterson Ave; Woleben Christopher M to Frame Brian Martin, $413,000.

6208 Patterson Ave; Austin Andrew Yates Jr to Sketch Mary and Bryany Jordan, $365,000.

617 S Pine St; Bakhsh Rudwan to Cava Capital Llc, $430,000.

2 N Plum St; Fairways and Trees Llc to Maser David W, $395,000.

901 Porter St, U207; 901 Porter Llc to Koenig Kathleen M, $315,500.

5533 Riverside Heights Way; Wampler Steven to Mason Keebra, $296,000.

1906 Rosewood Ave; Chaulklin David S to Kottick Andrew, $230,000.

613 Rothesay Road; Hayes Lucille S Estate to Gordon Ross Alexander, $305,000.

5900 Shallow Way; Esse Fowzia H M to Diaz Abiel E Leveron, $162,000.

5835 Snead Road; Wingmen Properties Llc to Merlos Oscar Enrique Urias, $158,500.

605 Spring St, Us; Petrie Kristine F and Bruce E to Harris Gayle Elizabeth, $258,000.

1021 Taylor Ave; Johnson Ashley M to Tagsold Laura L Trust Trustee, $372,274.

910 Tilden St, U4; Wheeler Leonard W to Kurtz Elizabeth L, $305,000.

2210 Venable St; Tvc Funding IV Llc to Zuleta Edgar, $177,553.

5719 Wainwright Dr; Solodar Zachary to Riggs Grace Elizabeth, $183,000.

1134 1/2 West Ave; O'Brien Sean D and Elisabeth B to Kiewiet De Jonge Family Trust, $875,000.

5316 Wingfield St; Fghomes Llc to De Block Rudolf W and Dorseda S, $245,000.


11406 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Cobb Russell B and Elizabeth to Srivastava Abhishek and Sucheta S, $330,000.

1803 Aeronca Ave, Henrico; Burleigh David and Katherine to Roe Melissa F W, $209,000.

7001 Aspen View Dr, Henrico; Young Mary H to Bradley Thomas M and Karen M, $280,000.

8412 Atterbury Dr, Glen Allen; Moran Steven R and Susan L to Kime Matthew Christian and Laura Jean, $440,000.

8702 Basswood Rd, Henrico; Badalov Zeynali S and Makhsuda Sayfatova to Guthrow Daniel S Jr and Heather T, $329,950.

408 Beulah Rd, Sandston; Johnson Robert L to Montero-Munoz Jose and Ruth L Montero, $172,000.

3708 Blue Lake Dr, Henrico; He Shu to Kolleda Joshua and Bettina, $512,500.

4820 Breeching Dee Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Cardosa De Freitas Kelen Cristina, $320,673.

1719 Broadmoor Dr, Henrico; Pierce John S to Harris Chandler, $315,000.

1403 Bull Run Ct, Henrico; Reverse Mortgage Funding Llc to Rivera Israel and Ana B, $161,000.

10908 Bush Lake Ln, Glen Allen; Icon Llc to Nagabandi Chandra, $200,000.

9312 Cason Rd, Glen Allen; Moore-Jones Letha to Mohamed Adam I, $260,000.

4417 Cedar Forest Rd, Glen Allen; Mulholland Jon D and Amanda R to Lee Colin C and Kathryn C, $411,000.

4832 Chislehurst Dr, Glen Allen; Ben Amitai Ori and Tali M Nemeth to Vajrala Siva Rama Koti Reddy and A B, $414,750.

6317 Colebrook Rd, Henrico; Phipps Lawrence C and J to Frederick Treseat D and Jeffrey, $268,000.

11824 Coolwind Ln, Henrico; Zeigler Frances to Shah Jignaa Apurva and Apurva Kiritkumar, $373,000.

2409 Crystal Ridge Rd, Henrico; Ladd David A to Ijaz Hassan, $317,000.

5705 Cutshaw Ave, Henrico; Pennock Kevin A and Kathleen to Simmons Kyle, $530,000.

4640 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Bernard Katie and Dylan Miller to Lancashire Stephen Trustee, $375,000.

7103 Dexter Rd, Henrico; Smith Melissa B to Petrovic Sejla, $261,000.

6004 Dominion Fairways Pl, Glen Allen; Jennings Edwin C Jr and Harriet H to Young Robert Baskervill Jr and S Hackman, $375,000.

11100 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Rajamenickham Gnansekaran, $739,720.

1320 Elon Rd, Henrico; Overstreet Lyndell Atkins and G O O III to Hanover Home Buyers Llc, $180,000.

1424 Farley Ct, Sandston; Peterson Joyce P to Tunstall Eric, $213,000.

4954 Farrell Ct, Henrico; Roberts Nancy H to Jackson Lamar A, $183,000.

3473 Fitchetts Ln, Glen Allen; Silver Street 2202 Llc to Eaton Thomas W and Shirley S, $425,000.

402 Forest Ave, Henrico; Forest Ave Llc to Tsow David A, $540,000.

3133 Fortune Rd, Henrico; Rodrigues Richard and J I to Obradovic Aleksandar and Linh K Hang, $310,159.

8300 Fredonia Rd, Henrico; Moore Randy and Rita F to Hulsey David M and Kate C Gibson, $265,000.

8404 Gaylord Rd, Henrico; Luck James C and Elisa S to Patterson Michael, $235,000.

8411 Glendale Dr, Henrico; Beach Benjamin C and William R to Erhardt Kathryn R and Hilary H Scott, $461,000.

3621 Gracie Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Cane Joshua P and Monica M, $439,180.

12200 Graham Meadows Dr, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Kaplan Jeffrey Seth Trustee, $810,000.

2919 Grove Point Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Hankins Theresa A, $233,280.

4054 Grove Point Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Bah Chernor, $211,485.

1501 Harborough Rd, Henrico; Salzman Lawrence A and Bonnie S to Wilson Christopher R and Staci E, $510,000.

12321 Hawksgate Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Karra Phani Kumar and Bhagalavathi, $922,561.

11700 Herrick Ln, Glen Allen; Singh Bijender and N Sangwan to Reddy Nikhil Reddy Kethi, $395,000.

7570 Hines Pl, Henrico; Downey Justin E to Levesque Kyle Joseph and Ericka Hope, $210,000.

427 Hollybrook Ridge Ln, Henrico; Dixon Aubrey Jr&natodisha to Hawkins Breanna, $182,500.

6420 Horsepen Rd, Henrico; Song Ki H and Yang Y to Nguyen The, $510,000.

3801 Indigo Run Dr, Henrico; O'Brien Mark B and Teresa R to Baca Christina Mary Bower, $845,000.

4015 Ironwoods Walk Dr, Glen Allen; Mabie Vicki R to Crest Llc, $325,000.

217 N Juniper Ave, Henrico; Patina Property Group Llc to Woodson Ashley N, $192,000.

9007 Kellywood Ct, Glen Allen; Giannini Tyler and Giles A and Elysa Baker to Kelly Loften Nicole, $250,000.

5611 Lakeside Ave, Henrico; B-Mar Company New Llc to Athuluri Vijay K, $165,000.

516 Langhorne Ave, Henrico; Edos Llc to Lorish Matthew S and Kellie E, $209,900.

2622 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Warren Chrishanna Iyesha, $334,084.

1711 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Mo Roy A and Christina Y to Bashioum Jonathan A, $280,000.

309 Lee Ave, Henrico; Davis Timothy L and Brenda to Featherston Carole W, $310,000.

2011 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Vinayak Ravinder and Lauren B to Xu Jiangtian, $465,000.

8604 Lilly Meadow Ct, Henrico; McGeorge David R to Rane Parag M and Madhukar N, $1,265,000.

10970 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Wright Sean Olatunje and Marlene Celeste, $510,323.

10832 Macs Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Gol-Chambers Alexandra and Willaim H G, $431,444.

2100 Manlyn Rd, Henrico; Carmine Rose M to Accord Realty Llc, $260,000.

8303 Mark Lawn Dr, Henrico; Insley Robert W III to Alfaro Reyna, $225,000.

11913 Mason Park Way, Glen Allen; Karra Phani and Bhagalavathi Ayyagari to Yeri Anand M and Ashwini Koulgudda, $532,500.

12101 McIntyre Ct, Henrico; Thompson Glenn E and Patricia I to Tootell Joshua Kresge and Jennifer Claire, $460,000.

2316 Merle St, Henrico; Craddock Robert S and Najla S to Bray Kinza D, $224,000.

4921 Merlin Ln, Glen Allen; Ebrahimi Hasan and Omulbanin Nazari to Dai Enguang and Zangyang Yu, $310,000.

9304 Minna Dr, Henrico; Guthrow Daniel S Jr and Heather T to Touma Moubarak and Christeen Youssef, $266,000.

6826 Monument Ave, Henrico; Benedictine Sisters Of Va to Schofield John Charles and Heather Carlton, $490,000.

4907 Monumental St, Henrico; Sadler Paul to Zondlo Anna C and Jackson Dashiell Scher, $445,000.

3933 Morton Dr, Henrico; Beckles Mario Estate to Paramount Investments Llc, $356,000.

128 N New Ave, Henrico; Parsley Traci H and Ronald W Hale to Briggs Mario M, $165,000.

5513 Noble Ave, Henrico; Harris Allan Weldon and Alexandra Perry to Trotter Cody C and Amber L, $322,500.

7815 Noble Ave, Henrico; Grullon Elbis B to Brown Elizabeth and Eddie Louis III, $305,000.

4810 Oakleys Ln, Henrico; Salmons Randy W to Turner Joelle, $170,000.

4820 Old Main St, U502, Henrico; Lo Re John J and Maxine to Wilson James H Jr and Margaret T Trustees, $397,500.

9105 Old Staples Mill Rd, Henrico; Walder Wilfred M III and M S Trustees to Craddock Properties Llc, $325,000.

8806 Overhill Rd, Henrico; Mujic Esad and Damira to Mercurio Rebecca A and Robert III, $367,000.

5923 Park Creste Dr, Glen Allen; Vines Faye A to Chandana Leela Bhavani, $350,000.

2808 Pennington Rd, Henrico; Poudel Raj K and Binita Mishra to Khalil Maryam and Isaac, $270,000.

12805 Pennmardel Ln, Henrico; Olympia Darwin and Jody K to Lyles Galina and John, $770,000.

6621 Pinepoint Dr, Glen Allen; Song Yong K and Ji Youn Choi to Levesque Carl S and Mary F, $332,950.

4809 Portugee Rd, Sandston; Mulligan Jessica Leigh Aird Trustee to Bates Shea L and Christian X White, $254,000.

10805 Pruett Ln, Glen Allen; Basile Samantha L and Nicholas D Alongi to Maharjan Narendra and, Utsha Shrestha, $372,000.

12348 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc to Bayless Jeffrey A, $785,000.

9609 Rainbrook Dr, Henrico; Alvarado Melvy Morena to Locke Richard J Jr and Rebecca L, $340,000.

11100 Red Cedar Ter, Glen Allen; Price Michael N and Greta M to Garner John Howard and Merritt Droste, $420,000.

2500 Retrievers Ridge Rd, Henrico; Moore Samuel J Sr and Cherral M to Ahmed Rahil Trustee, $400,000.

5901 Richmond Henrico Tpke, Henrico; Richmond International Raceway Inc to Raceway Commerce Center Project Llc, $7,729,809.

251 Rocketts Way, U303, Henrico; Johnson Paula Ann and Kimberly A Case to Talton Harrison Lee, $222,000.

2101 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Taylor Linda M to Gariepy Daniel James, $257,500.

11505 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Ahmed Tarig to Williams Chareece Loretta, $735,000.

8631 Sanford Dr, Henrico; Dinwiddie Land Co Llc to Wilton Companies Inc, $690,000.

4213 Saunders Tavern Trl, Henrico; Baroody Daniel John to Fritzinger Matthew L and Jessica D, $370,000.

932 Scott Commons Ln, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Chowdhury Rezaul, $269,990.

2 Shiplock Row, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Morehead Alison Murphy and Michael G Day, $514,980.

9215 Silverbush Dr, Henrico; Lampkin Erin R to Fitzgerald Kayla Marie, $235,000.

6924 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Richardson Gueringe Simeon and T L Tyler, $384,895.

6941 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Gilliam Jennifer Tate and Marvin and B Tate, $426,625.

10 Skipwith Green Cir, Henrico; Timlin Kenneth T and Julie A Wenglinski to Renner Jason R, $206,000.

9732 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; Binder Adam G and Danielle R to Chawla Gaurav and Aekta Chawla, $150,000.

11492 Stanford Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Meeran Shanavas Rasone, $476,104.

7702 Stuart Hall Rd, Henrico; Jordan Timothy H and Courtney to Barnett Catherine A and Peter O Carey Jr, $600,000.

821 Tavern Green Rd, Glen Allen; Sykes Charles T to Sykes Stephen C, $200,000.

2323 Thousand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Porter Frank Jr and Lori A Fulmore to Tuura Paul Philip and Rachel, $300,000.

5105 Townsend Park Row, Glen Allen; Hays James Eric and Anne Logan to Mulholland Jon D and Amanda R, $545,000.

6910 Tulane Ave, Henrico; Coates Brian C to Vinson Tessa E, $366,221.

2113 Turtle Creek Dr, U4, Henrico; Blair Gary R Estate to Oubre Denise Eileen, $168,000.

7105 University Dr, Henrico; Wills Marshall R and Sarah M E to Johnson Christopher D and Dana S, $1,000,000.

7307 Vernon Rd, Henrico; Westmoreland Laura A to Gooding Jacqueline, $170,000.

9705 Wares Wharf Cir, Glen Allen; Harris Kenneth W and Lenore to Taylor Nelson C and Robyn H, $430,000.

4208 Wellston Pl, Glen Allen; Varone Cornelius L to Roache James M and Althea Roache McDonald, $245,000.

4505 West End Dr, Henrico; Alkafagi Qassim to Nguyen Cuong Trong and Mary Kim, $203,000.

7502 Westfield Rd, Henrico; Hanchey Michael P and Tessa L to Jackson Brooke Young and Benjamin Eric, $267,000.

2612 Whiteclift Dr, Henrico; Turnage Walter L and Mary S to Stone Charles and Caroline Carter H Moore, $376,100.

2414 Williams St, Henrico; Renew Homes Llc to Taylor Madeline Suzanne, $283,500.

3017 Willow Pine Ct, Henrico; Alnajjar Mustafa M H A to Lemus Joselyn Gabriela Rivas, $250,500.

321 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Hout Theary to Thompson Fine and Evvarey and Frandrea, $290,000.

7972 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico;, Ulrich Timothy and Anisa to Phares Leslie, $355,000.

2821 Woodmark Ct, Henrico; Cottrell Charles M and Joanne D to Zhang Lingduo, $459,950.


16430 Aklers Ct; Simonds Beth A and Aubrey F to Zombron Robert W II and Amy Lowe, $535,000.

3331 Appleford Dr; Sawyer Chauncey and Erica to Allen Victoria Elisabeth, $257,000.

3306 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Nordquist Trevor and Denise, $285,056.

12936 Ashtree Rd; Stevens Scott A and Emilee R to Sisson Adam R and Snajczuk J E, $320,000.

21130 Baileys Grove Dr; Cardan Construction Inc to Richardson V C Jr and McIver C N, $278,000.

1943 Bantry Dr; Purser Alan R Jr and Mi-Young to Watkins Cordell and Katherine, $355,000.

7206 Barkbridge Rd; Wagner MacKenzie J to Hesser Matthew Thomas, $271,000.

13628 Baycraft Tr; Martonik James A and Patricia A to Canoles Properties Llc, $263,000.

9236 Beech Hill Ct; NVR Inc to Coulby Aaron Tyler and Casie, $393,970.

1606 Bellows Dr; Saeed Osama to Garcia-Teruel Victor M, $238,000.

14306 Birds Eye Pl; Newsome Julian J to Carozza Antonio, $190,000.

5401 Bradenton Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bissett David A and D K Et Al, $369,728.

3708 Braebrook Ct; Hartsell Amy Michelle to Dillard Sharon L, $185,000.

5813 Brailen Dr; D R Horton Inc to Alazzam Ghada, $382,463.

9161 Brett Dr; NVR Inc to Lynch Eric and Cinthya, $463,440.

5006 Brickhaven Dr; Jacobson Aaron to Chase Phillip, $198,000.

3924 Bronholly Rd; Evans Derek W to Balcaceres Juvencio A, $195,000.

4534 Bruce Rd; Ferguson Eugene G and Frances S to Johnson Lauran M, $215,000.

16713 Cabrio Ct; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Frost James and Katy Elizabeth, $392,997.

16013 Cambria Cove Bl; NVR Inc to Polishetty Yeswanth Kumar, $418,735.

2101 Capelwood Ct; Hill Sylvia T Et Als Trustees to Boswell Luke H and Katherine D, $282,000.

9121 Cardiff Rd; Irvin William J Trustee to Carpenter Jon R and Malissa E, $610,000.

2201 Castlebridge Rd; Jenkins Terry R and Elizabeth P to Hanger Paige M and Allyson J, $640,000.

13900 Chepstow Rd; Slater Marion H to Moon Courtney J and Cary N IV, $640,000.

13413 Chesdin Landing Dr; McQuigan Ronald T and Marcella J to Mills Jason W, $900,000.

2409 Chester Hill Cr; Pugsley Andrew R and Mary R to Piett Lillian C Et Als, $245,000.

1600 Clear Springs Ln; Donnelly James F Sr and Jill E to Conti Andrew, $315,000.

11611 Coalboro Rd; Bishop Ronald D and Gina H to Fcc Llc, $360,000.

331 Coalfield Rd; Stump Oletta N Trustee to Randolph's Pond Llc, $1,377,778.

1201 N Cottonwood Rd; Fischer Jason W to Edelstein Jenafer L and Keith R, $321,000.

11495 Crawford Wood Tr; Deremer Courtney L to White Jacob H and Cohen S T, $314,100.

2106 Creek Top Wy; Fincher Rachel Nelms to Ferry Karlee R, $250,000.

15530 Crowden Rd; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Mayo Renee N and Lloyd Samuel J, $421,950.

12319 Declaration Av; Deaver Kenneth A and Terri L to Richmond Danielle, $401,000.

13001 Deerpark Dr; Jungersen Kenneth and Nancy to Bessette Blake, $282,950.

14201 Denby Tr; Kim Byung C and Tanzawa Hiromi to Bradshaw Anthony and Kimberly L, $460,000.

10913 Drayton Rd; Jps Properties Llc to Silagan Joey Blanch V, $272,400.

11219 Eagle Point Rd; Davis Scott A to Leake Roger Lewis III, $255,000.

6028 Eagles Crest Dr; Vassell Ana B and Beckles M A to Coleman Antonio and Marilyn R, $257,000.

2510 Elliham Av; Farmer Kimberly H to Napier Kerry, $225,000.

13606 Enon Oaks Pl; NVR Inc to Ragin Russell III and Oretha J, $302,520.

3601 Falstone Rd; Ferguson Rupert S to Burrell Robert K and Cheryl M, $250,800.

4232 Farmhill Ln; Bennett Gregory and Sandra J to Smith Dalen Abram and Elnora S, $265,581.

16112 Fawley Rd; Biringer Builders Inc to Darrah Stephen C Jr and Amy S, $1,170,844.

8637 Finstown Ln; Doherty Edward T and Melanie V to Hylton Lequan M and Neida, $580,000.

8742 Forge Gate Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Vivek Vishwas D and Kamath A, $474,780.

10301 Foyle Dr; Williams Lorie A to Davis Hannah, $276,000.

8136 Galatea Pl; NVR Inc to Richardson Sam V III and C, $627,000.

2303 Garrison Place Rd; Stone Thomas M to Edwards Scott A and Casey A, $315,000.

12809 Gloria Ct; Jeter F W Jr and Jeter A M Trs to Ross Patrina and Julius A, $352,000.

5249 Goldburn Dr; Massey Orville and Jamie to Kim Royce and Fisher Carrie L, $385,000.

11200 Great Branch Dr; Hendrick J P III and Brockett K to Lima Lopez Wilber S, $188,750.

837 Greyshire Dr; Edwards R L Sr and Edwards L M to Johnson E and Robertson-Pegram P, $393,000.

9825 Groundhog Dr; Minnick Larry to Watson William N Jr, $156,000.

13201 Groveton Tr; Andrews Marcella C to Monk's Cowl Llc, $220,000.

3819 Harrow Dr; Radford Tamara S to Moseley Michelle, $236,000.

14119 Haveridge Dr; Bishop Ross J and Sandra J to Ash Clayton T and Brittany E, $355,000.

4509 Haymarket Ln; Fanelli Joseph L to Haymarket Realty Llc Et Al, $231,000.

1708 Headwaters Rd; Notario Robert Lee and Karen A to Rademaker Analie and William, $241,000.

15007 Highberry Woods Ct; Kameda Kevin M and Cousins H A to Herfel Zachary, $312,750.

6002 Holly Trace Dr; Porter Shelley B to Kreider Hope Michelle, $183,396.

15005 Horseshoe Bend Dr; Johnston William A to Brocious Amy Lina and Austin, $265,000.

1321 Hybla Rd; Hungerford Erin to Callis-Guerri Felicia Et Al, $364,250.

140 Ironwood Rd; Kusterer Andrew S and Ashley W to Fino Kayla M and Jones O M III, $280,000.

3419 Ivyridge Dr; Short Robert E Jr to Marin Jorge, $282,000.

1101 Johanna Bay Dr; Wood J Raleigh and Lindsey B to Hood J Raleigh and Lindsey B, $405,000.

420 Keithwood Ct; Guillot Thomas Trustee to Sparks Michael, $246,000.

507 Kendrick Ct; Pelletier Brittany to Augustus Alexandria Rose, $250,000.

9817 Kingman Rd; King Catherine to Donnellan John Timothy Jr, $253,500.

5501 Labine Ct; Ransom Traya J to Rozo Palacio David E, $250,000.

2912 Laketree Ct; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Williams Antwun J, $239,900.

5106 Laurel Park Ct; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Hernandez Diaz Jesus A Et Al, $335,158.

5805 Laurel Trail Ct; Earle John R and Bonnie L to Coons Alison N, $228,000.

630 Lemoine Ln; West Jennifer A to Nunnally Donald McPeak, $220,000.

6706 Liege Hl; Hhhunt Greenwich Walk Llc to Roberts Michael A and Gabrielle, $371,340.

4618 Little Creek Ct; NVR Inc to Dorcene Pierre J and Farlande, $319,755.

12549 Lively St; Mortgage Equity Conv Asset Tr to Otero Noraida M and Arenas Y F, $393,000.

14202 Long Hill Rd; Robertson John K and September L to Nagle Courtney M and Jordan J, $305,000.

11548 Longtown Tl; D R Horton Inc to Thomas L A Jr and Gresham T S, $366,330.

11918 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Thomas Sonya, $346,245.

9112 Lost Forest Dr; Williams Derick O and Edwina A to Azam Haider A and Haider Tayyaba, $205,000.

5908 Magnolia Cove Cr; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Motrynczuk Peter Et Al Trs, $467,948.

6128 Magnolia Cove Ct; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Young James B and Carla R, $360,125.

18201 Maple Summit Ct; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Cooke Stephen P and Brittany N, $632,525.

603 Marsham Pl; NVR Inc to Ferguson Janice, $366,825.

513 Mason Orchard Dr; NVR Inc to Olagunju Deborah, $328,155.

2704 Meeting Gate Ct; Visser Montgomery G and Janet M to Baptist Hollie A, $388,000.

4919 Michaelwood Rd; Shurm Construction Inc to Hurt Christopher R, $281,938.

5007 Michaelwood Rd; Shurm Construction Inc to Edwards Sidney R G and Joshua C, $318,169.

16 Moorwood Ridge Dr; Botrous Emad N and Yani Nansa R to Hanim Mohamed, $207,000.

5313 Nairn Ln; Garner Patrick D and Muangrux A to Stegall Keyra, $363,000.

8801 Nesbit Ferry Ln; Main Street Homes to Ellis Kevin S and Bonovitch E M, $362,912.

14020 Netherfield Dr; Brinkman Gunther M and Mary Beth to Heslin Brian and Hudson Danee M, $622,150.

12701 Nightingale Dr; Wojtkun Karl M and Melissa L C to Sumner Laura C and Grant Shawn M, $425,000.

7724 Northern Dancer Ct; McBride Kenneth V and Larysa to Wilson Patrick and Sarah, $325,000.

19902 Oakland Av; Calfee Kevin Lee to Chan Philip Hon Wah, $160,000.

4106 Old Exchange Pl; Bissett Charles W and Debra K to Epps Travis, $339,900.

7881 Old Guild Rd; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hillis Kevin J and Christine S, $278,615.

3300 Overcreek Ln; Stm Design Properties Llc to Sexton James D and Sexton Adam D, $295,000.

9301 Owl Trace Ct; Hale Thomas L and Patricia S to Wood Joseph and Georgene, $535,000.

12901 Pecan Tr; Kosna Adam and Anna to Kosna Dominik and Camille, $276,000.

9301 Owl Trace Ct; Hale Thomas L and Patricia S to Wood Joseph and Georgene, $535,000.

8701 Pine Glade Ln; McCullough Leona V to Watson Vergena, $255,000.

301 N Pinetta Dr; Wise Charles L and Mary Alice W to US Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev, $244,000.

11042 Poachers Rn; America's Dream Llc to Roberson Matthew J and Dana D, $250,000.

9518 Proctors Rd; Shook Michelle to Focke Dustin J and Johns C A, $185,950.

8606 Proctors Run Dr; Pickett Gary E and Elizabeth G to Ramsey Quiarnte and Johnson S A, $375,000.

1837 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Ammons Ronda K, $345,498.

15606 Pypers Pointe Dr; Robinson William B and Rebekkah to Rust Jacob, $320,000.

9627 Ransom Hills Pl; Gayles Antoine I to Ossai Betty, $230,000.

9201 Rattlesnake Rd; Johnson Meta F to Bird House Ventures Llc, $195,000.

5619 Retriever Rd; Schulze Barry to Kenney Colicia, $189,000.

11213 Ridge Mill Tr; Rolling Ridge Llc to Boyd Datrise Dashon, $304,829.

13478 Ridgemoor Ln; Park Aija to Won Sang Jun, $255,000.

12905 Rivers Bend Rd; Johnson Robert D and Feezor E N to Mitchell Jared and Hannah Lee, $400,000.

14206 Riverdowns South Dr; Westervelt Karen E R to Croston Paul Jacob and Kelsey, $720,000.

13124 Rodington Ct; NVR Inc to Hawkins Isaac Nathan Jr, $483,180.

809 Rosegill Rd; Harding Richard J to Donado Cynthia, $200,000.

4101 Round Hill Dr; Wurtele Andrew F Sr and Virginia to Sanchez Rene Garcia, $245,000.

5601 Saddle Hill Dr; Clarke William R Jr to Choi Robert Y, $250,515.

13912 Sagewood Tc; Datta Paritosh and Chandana to Splisgardt Emma Maiden, $250,000.

3305 Sandbill Rn; Swift Creek Development Llc to Bailey Sarah W, $293,830.

630 Scotter Hills Pl; Pemberton Arthur R and Dixon B M to Strader Mary Elizabeth, $280,000.

3013 Shady Hollow Cr; Liberty Homes Va Inc to McMillian Delonte Andre, $267,868.

11718 Shallow Cove Dr; Hernandez Jose A and Amarilis M to Patel Vaishali, $580,000.

6803 Sika Ct; Sussman David V Trustee to Nunnally Jason and Nunnally E G, $220,000.

7325 Simeon Ct; D R Horton Inc to Blackstone Tammy and Terry A, $372,990.

14501 Sir Peyton Dr; Love That Home Llc to Wagner Katoya, $255,000.

13209 Sir Scott Dr; Harmon Charles D and Karen L to Weis Jonathan and Weis Sabina, $280,000.

11401 Smoketree Dr; Flanagan Michael and Cynthia to Gottschalk Zachary R and L S, $327,500.

1218 Southam Dr; Donahue Dennis M and Carolyn K to Phan Vu-An, $248,000.

5418 Standing Oak Rd; Anderson Crystal M to Barilla Alexander M and Bliss E, $325,000.

11944 Sternwalk Ct; Martin Wade S and Bishop N A to Hicks Marshall, $428,000.

11112 Stilton Dr; Locke Rebecca L to Walden Lisa, $220,000.

10200 Salem Oaks Pl; Wilson Wilmer III to Hilyard Curtis J and Songmyon, $300,000.

300 Sunset Bl; Caudill Mamie V Estate to Tran Thi Trinh, $175,500.

8024 Sykes Rd; Complete Home Design Llc to Martin Brandon W and Kendall, $350,000.

8424 Tallion Wy; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Yoo Sok B and Hee S, $433,345.

16633 Thornapple Rn; Stefanelli Michael to McCollough Nancy and Sellers E, $293,506.

2905 Tinstree Dr; Cebula Tyler James to Frausto Christina R and Richard, $205,000.

14213 Traywick Dr; Riley Teresa V to Hernandez Jose and Escobar A R, $190,000.

5106 Twelveoaks Rd; Wright Christine R to Green Kevin and Teya, $155,900.

7325 Velvet Antler Dr; Helmling Karen to Martyak M S and P A and Martyak K, $275,000.

4212 Village Woods Ln; Barnett Wanda C and Smith L W II to Morgan Harold W, $266,000.

4030 Walters Dr; Allred Michelle L to Brooks David W and Nancy M, $330,000.

118 Water Pointe Ct; Youngstrom Tyson J and Danielle to Johnson Carmela, $255,000.

2524 Water Race Tr; Stowell Christopher W and Kellie to Jarrell Michaelann C, $359,000.

13403 Welby Mw; Murphy Donna L Et Als to Hyde Timothy and Suzanne, $625,000.

1300 Westwood Village Ln; Barden John and Julia to Spichiger William and Margrit, $295,000.

10405 White Rabbit Rd; Morgan Matthew and Teryn to Matthews Charles A Jr and Jill M, $318,000.

14043 Wiley Cr; Skinner John R and Amber to Behrman Nicholas and Jennison C, $405,000.

15506 Willowmore Dr; Cherry Tree Development L C to Vanhoozier Seth D and Jordan M, $599,000.

7868 Winding Ash Pl; Joo Diane Nauri to Miranda Edgardo and Nancy, $302,000.

10113 Winston Park Pl; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Cruz Oscar Santiago and Lidia R, $452,375.

2001 Winterfield Rd; Bampton Peter M P and Julie E to Eaton Leslie R Jr and Ellen D, $410,000.

2811 Winterfield Rd; Bradley Thomas M and Karen M to Sullivan Joshua and Leigh Anna, $655,000.

4136 Woodfield Rd; Robertson K J and Massengale F L to Arevalo Sandro Ulises Padilla, $240,000.

1900 Wrens Nest Rd; Torres Victor M III to Howard Tristan L, $285,000.


0.779 acres; Raj and Sidhu LLC to Economic Development Authority, Town of Ashland, $765,000.

1.737 acres; Hammerco LLC to Ashland Hitch LLC, $720,000.

1.97 acres; Andrew R. Taylor to James Mason, $269,000.

10.12 acres; Keith B. Coffin to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $161,556.

2.1226 acres; Medicorp Properties Inc. to Nayar Estates LLC, $195,000.

8228 2.4 acres; Edward L. Talley to Brenainn O. Sprouse, $180,000.

27.333 acres; William S. Boswell to Terry Casey, $590,000.

5.549 acres; Timothy Dowling, administrator to Callum Investments LLC, $315,000.

6.764 acres; CHC Lands Inc. to Giles Construction LLC, $1,815,000.

6.873 acres; Holly Construction Inc. to James Patrick Leahey, $185,000.

Lot 1, Block B, Section A8, Battlefield Green; Laurie M. Howard to Arthur P. Henderson Jr., $215,600.

Lot 1, Little Pond; Hanover Land LLC to Giacomo Volo, $150,720.

Lot 1, Section A, Summitt Hill; Herbert Morgan to David George Barton, $705,000.

Lot 13, Block F, Section 1, Spring Meadows; Linda H. Slemp to College Fund LLC, $165,000.

Lot 13, Section B, Keckston; Miles Keck Baker II to Vickie S. Coleman, $569,000.

Lot 16, Block E, Section C, Avondale; Debra P. Usher to Bay Front Development LLC, $250,000.

Lot 18, Gardenbrook; Giovanni Failla to Belinda Jean Gilbert, trustee, $339,950.

Lot 2, Block A, Sunhillow, Mechanicsville; GFA LLC to Pine Ridge Park LLC, $250,000.

Lot 2, Block X, Bluffs at Bell Creek; Heilman Realty LLC to Joseph Porto, $242,500.

Lot 22, Section F, Glebe Hill; Glebe Hill Associates Inc. to Shurm Construction Inc., $160,000.

Lot 23, Block A, Strawhorn; Leslie S. Englander to John H. Craddock, $260,000.

Lot 24, Block M, Section O, High Point Farms; Brandy Brewster to Hayland Properties LLC, $240,585.

Lot 4, Section 2, Crown Hill Estates; Stephen J. Walton to Glenn Newcomb, $150,000.

Lot 44, Section 3, Rutland Center Townes; Justin Heizer to Sandeep Kancharlavenkatanarayana, trustee, $288,000.

Lot 48, Lauradell; ME Lauradell LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia, $552,500.

Lot 6, Block B, Claybank; M. Stephen Burnley to Gregory S. Wiese, $150,000.

Lot 63, Section 5, Mountain Run; J3G Partners LLC to Patrick M. Legault, $202,000.

Lot 7C, Section 2, Stony Mills Estates; Douglas Y. Webb to Joseph A. Melton, $463,000.

Parcel; Commonwealth of Virginia to Northlake Properties LLC, $1,100,000.

Parcel; Thomas Daniel Gregory to Bryan Wayne Sims, $160,000.

Parcel; Houston Realty LLC to Riverbound Investments LLC, $450,000.

Parcel; James G. Hughes III to B&H Holdings LLC, $225,000.

Parcel; Pair Properties LLC to Artistic Fusion Hair Co., $169,000.

Parcel; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $583,000.

Section 1, Stag’s Leap; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $340,000.

Section 7, Honey Meadows; Honey Meadows LLC to Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC, $280,000.


10 acres; Opal Goff Pembelton to Daniel L. Smyser, $300,000.

4.998 acres; Mary M. Selph to New Ventures Real Estate LLC, $175,000.

5.37 acres; Linda A. Smith to Crystal Lynn Calhoun, $328,000.

Lot 32, Appomattox Trace; Powhatan Properties LLC to Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC, $176,700.

Lots 24 and 25, Section 3, Greywalls; Reed's Landing Corp. to Keith T. Carter, $290,000.


7430 Aldeby St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Beth A. Lucas, $549,004.

12331 Beech Hall Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Andrew M. Sebby, $529,531.

3231 Countryside West Drive, Gum Spring; James L. Spicer IV to William T. Jowers, $175,000.

1733 Fox Downs Lane, Oilville; Robert A. Warwick to Christian Schwantes, $572,000.

551 Hill Grove Road, Manakin Sabot; Daniel W. Dubansky to Joseph Melvin Jenkins, $700,000.

15770 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Joseph Cole Phillips, trustee, $589,519.

14008 Mosaic Nook, Richmond; HHHunt Homes LC to Harvey Allan Gutkin, $443,245.

7449 Park Village Blvd., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Dennis W. Kellison, $626,116.

1573 Rock Castle Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Andrew W. Dugal, $410,000.

5084 St. Pauls Church Road, Goochland; Lester Lloyd Bartell to Robert Matthew Andrews, $425,000.

3834 Three Chopt Road, Gum Spring; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Melinda G. Hendrickson, $319,950.

3559 Whitehall Road, Sandy Hook; Delta Deck Co. LLC to William W. Gentry, $369,000.


2138 S Crater Road; Lynn Harrison to Yong Sheng Lin, $180,000.

1521 West Lane; Phoenix 6 Properties to Kipp L. Benjamin, $165,000.


1.86 acres; Ricky D. Bailey to Juanita Moya, $200,000.

2.25 acres; Series 2016-2 to Dylan Matz, $159,000.

3 acres; Equity Trustees LLC to, US Bank, $155,347.

30.17 acres; Joyce G. Gibson, trustee to John C. Lingerfelt Jr., $250,000.

7.01 acres; R. Martin Long to Carl Wayne Bishop III, $350,000.

76 acres; Pat W. Sparks to Jeffrey S. Martin, $152,000.

Lot 30, Section 1, River Run; Paul H. Wilson to Charles W. Swanson, $180,000.

Lot 7, Section B, Sutherland Manor; Kimberly N. Friel to Solodar Properties LLC, $162,100.

Lot 1, Block C, Clay Estates; CWS Real Estate Investments LLC to James Lawrence Shell, $172,900.

Lot 20 amended, Westwind; Christopher D. Bynum to Benjamin G. Dobson, $198,500.

Lot 2D, Rainbow Street; Tomeka Chante Morgan to Chasity Marie Wilcox, $203,000.


2630 Bent Oaks Drive; Robert E. Jeffreys III to Christopher M. Pantaleo, $260,000.

3006 Driftwood Ave.; Estae of Carolyn W. Anckaitis to Trevaughn S. Compton, $265,000.

122 Lakeside Drive; Whitney Lynn Hendrickson to Vonnell Collins, $199,999.

102 E Perthshire Court; Kenneth Henshaw to Joan A. Thomas, $298,000.

104 Swift Creek Lane; Kelly Khodr to William H. Neace Jr., $367,500.

103 Yew Ave.; Nina F. Bagwell, trustee to Michele H. Ryan, $155,000.


200 Bull Run Drive; Amber Dougher to Tonya M. Hall, $167,000.

3951 Eagle Drive; Tevis J. Johnson to Somer D. Brown, $165,000.

2851 Joseph Hooker St.; Kathleen Mary Allen Leake to Kasey Falls, $195,000.

106 North Ave.; Otto Juarez Campos to Worod Hamill, $218,000.

2306 Trenton St.; Vincent E. Otey to Mark Weldon Hall, $157,000.

601 Sidney St.; Jerome Henderson to Tamika Nicole Miller, $215,000.


40.307 acres; Gwen Zimmerman, trustee to Miles C. Johnston III, $585,000.

50.15 acres; Robert C. Smithdeal to Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee, $1,000,000.

Lot 10, Kent Estates, 23.668 acres; Jonathan K. Williams, trustee to Leeann Marie Bange, $175,000.

Lot 122, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Katherine A. Johnston, $310,965.

Lot 16, Block B, Section A, Kenwood Farms; Brooke Erin Fuhrman to Fordson Properties LLC, $215,000.

Lots, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $476,655.

Parcel; FW Associates LLC to Dispatch Station Dev LLC, $1,000,000.

Parcel D1, 3.970 acres, Phase II, Patriots Landing; JFS Holdings LLC to Primas Properties LLC, $4,728,040.


1.012 acres; Donald P. Vtipil Jr. to Cannon Investments LLC, $180,000.

12.258 acres; Roy H. Humphries to Diane Humphries Shorter, $181,064.

2.239 acres; James R. Smith Sr. to Nicole L. Knick, $171,700.

2.584 acres; Joseph R. Lydon to Harold D. Rudolph, $200,000.

5 parcels; ADKT LLC to Buckingham Pines LLC, $300,000.

81.5 acres; Ginger Bauman to FDM Holdings LLC, $400,000.

Lot 19, Block 5, Section 6A, Stratford Woods; Dream Investment Opportunities Corp. to Frederick Amy Jr., $155,000.

Lot 34, Jefferson Circle; Charles G. Lawton Jr. to Cristen Lea Hubbard, $182,500.

Parcel; Equity Trustees LLC to Bryant Investment Co. LLC, $172,000.

Parcel; Harold E. Starke Jr., trustee to David L. Atkinson, $500,000.

Charles city

4.31 acres; Patrick Schrader to Alex R. Young, $269,000.

7.235 acres; Andrew C. Cooke Sr., trustee to BMR Investments V LLC, $810,000.


0.917 acres; C. Allen Construction Inc. to Heather Larnish, $252,000.

1 acre; Laverne Scott to Kourtney L. Plummer, $167,500.

2 parcels; Robert K. Chinery to Larry Williams, $150,000.

2 parcels; Joseph R. Lehman to Bradly M. Lewis, $305,000.

5.17 acres; Norman M. Arthur to Charles Leroy Wegner, $223,000.

2 parcels; Lynette Y. Sprouse, executor to Edward V. Yancey Sr., $245,000.

3 parcels; Harold F. Strange III to Nathan Smith, $310,000.

Parcel; Cynthia Oldham Strickland to James Allen Oldham IV, $185,225.


11.92 acres; Robert B. Darling III to D. Edwain Stafford Sr., $455,000.

2 acres; Gerry J. Sanchez to Casey Jo Bangley, $185,000.

21.86 acres; Vivian Renee Seay Giles to Michael J. Stone, $669,950.

74 acres; Roberta Smith Cool to Walter Scott Baugh, $300,000.


13.7 acres; Ronald J. Helmick, trustee to David S. Mitchell, $372,400.

Lot 2, Old Mill Tract; Clint Lewis to Christian L. Lane, $177,500.


3.761 acres; Frances B. Reid to John P. Boyle III, $230,000.

31.58 acres, Town of West Point; Bruce B. Arnold, trustee to John R. Nein, $912,500.

59 acres; William L. Spangler to Jonathan T. Spangler, $150,000.

Lot; Michael Ristaino to Brandon L. Hall, $171,000.

Parcel; CMS Properties LLC to Cody-Alan M. Miles, $275,000.

Parcel; Joseph Austin Goodman to Veronica Custalow Reel, $250,501.

Parcel; Henry W. McLaughlin, special commissioner to Clear View Properties LLC, $382,500.

Parcel; Henry W. McLaughlin, special commissioner to TNT Land Resources LLC, $382,500.

Parcel; Riverside Healthcare Association Inc. to 2960 Chelsea Road SNF Real Estate LLC, $4,206,562.


3 or 4 acres, Town of Waverly; Vonda May Delawie to Ben P. Brinkley, $279,000.

2 parcels; Ricky Lynn Shull to John W. Evans Jr., $477,900.

Lot 12, Pine Acres; Richard L. Henshaw Inc. to Krystal Petrohovich Myers, $195,500.

Parcels; Blackwater Land & Timber LLC to Strickler LLC, $5,950,000.


107 Green St.; Michael L. Osburn to Arthur M. Martin, $338,000.

1184 Jamestown Road, Unit 41; Anna Sofis to Kevin W. Early, $154,500.

3907 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Theresa L. Kapper, $314,990.

9 The Palisades; Kenneth A. Rice, trustee to Michael J. Tozzi, trustee, $655,000.

261 Zelkova Road; John Anthony Bray, trustee to Sherry A. Soroka, $256,000.


1.5 acres; MC & CV Pacific LLC to Affinity Williamsburg LLC, $1,225,000.

34.964 acres; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 1 LLC to James City County, $284,000.

5.67 acres; WND Holdings LLC to BHA Williamsburg VA 1 LLC, $1,340,000.

8.01 acres; Jeanne Renee Hawthorne, trustee to Anthony T. Short, $220,000.

Lot 1, Boundary Street Townhomes; Michael L.R.S. Rainsborough to Bridgett Alys Hurley, $261,000.

Lot 10, Winston Terrace; Joseph Benton Parker to Number Two Properties LLC, $170,000.

Lot 11, Spencers Grant; Busch Properties Inc. to John Douglas McDonald, $200,000.

Lot 12, Burnham Woods; Albert Wayne Brady to Yvonne M. McCoy, $268,000.

Lot 12, Ford’s Colony; Frank J. Abbott, trustee to Richard MacLary, $470,000.

Lot 125, Ford’s Colony; Daniel L. Olson to Cartus Corp., $578,750.

Lot 129, Berkeleys Green; Charles T. Freeman to Nicholas Crosby Gibb, $347,000.

Lot 129, Fairfax Woods; Argonne Trust Co. Inc. to James Ingersoll, trustee, $410,000.

Lot 15, Carter’s Village; Michael J. Slack to Yun Li, $155,200.

Lot 16, Sandys Fort; Brian J. Sullivan to Richard Kreisner, $1,170,000.

Lot 18, Chancos Grant; Jon Douglas Deagle, trustee to Joel Fortune, $150,000.

Lot 2, Michelle Point; Patricia A. Warden to Jacob McCormick, $194,000.

Lot 226, Archers Mead; Susan Fenn Bemus, trustee to Strawberry Farms II LLC, $235,000.

Lot 23C, Williamsburg West; Sean David Lyons to Current Homes LLC, $210,100.

Lot 26, Kingspoint; Mark P. Riley to Kevin J. Riley, $150,000.

Lot 26, Liberty Crossing; Kyle Chambers Backer to Courtney Jackson, $260,000.

Lot 273, Villages at Westminster; Nancy G. Leach to Deborah D. Roberts, $285,000.

Lot 29, Mirror Lake Estates; Federal National Mortgage Association to Fairtrade Real Property #1 LLC, $231,000.

Lot 29, Tract 3, Stonehouse; NVR Inc. to Biase Corp., $484,990.

Lot 30, Colonial Heritage; Richard A. Daniels, trustee to James A. McGovern, $450,000.

Lot 36, New Town; Elizabeth Hunt to Carol Pfizenmizer, $460,000.

Lot 39, The Meadows; Barbara Frishkorn to Kimbridge House LLC, $225,000.

Lot 4, Green Mount Industrial Park; Green Mount Associates LLC to Wal Mart Stores East LP, $4,125,260.

Lot 54, Scott’s Pond; Randall B. Brown to Eric Russel Miller, $310,000.

Lot 56, Liberty Ridge; JCC LLC to Amy R. Herndon, $189,900.

Lot 6, Ironbound Lane; Lawrence R. Hart to Jennifer Caroline Owen, $155,000.

Lot 81, Liberty Crossing; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Z and I Properties LLC, $200,400.

Lot 9, Spencers Grant; Robert J. Fiscella, trustee to River Bluffs Holdings LLC, $250,000.

Lots 1 and 2, Claude Jones Jr.; Mark R. Sullivan to Odlepahquote LLC, $785,000.

Lots 11-13, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJV LLC, $171,000.

Lots 11, 15 and 17 and 0.37 acres, Toano Terrace; NIce Sitework LLC to Coleman Eldger LLLC, $157,650.

Lots 21 and 34, Toano Terrace; Cynthia Stilwell to Marie E. Anderson, $240,000.

Lots 4, 6, 41 and 38, Forest Glen; FG Associates LLC to NVR Inc., $380,000.

Lots 42-47, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $441,288.

Lots 59 and 60, The Retreat; LHIW 3 LLC to Tom H. Van Rijn, $175,000.

Lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, Forest Glen; FG Associates LLC to NVR Inc., $380,000.

Lots 8-10 and 99, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJA LLC, $264,000.

Parcel, Governor’s Green; WTVA Ltd. to BCM Holdings LLC, $5,300,000.

Parcel, Indigo Park; Stephen R. Rose to Mark Glendenning, $329,000.


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