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Property Transfers Published September 24, 2022

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


607 W 19th St; Collins Timothy & Tuck Kimberly to Thorpe Gregory Oliver and, $426,500.

2001 N 20th St; Zuleta Edgar to Brookmire Kari Lynne, $235,500.

1502 N 23rd St; 1502 N 23rd Land Trust Trustee to Fields William Mcguire Jr and, $308,000.

2915 2nd Ave; Msquare Properties Llc to Duran Elyssa Breyelle, $350,000.

1414 N 30th St; Woods J W Llc to I G K Holdings Llc, $528,000.

106 E 33rd St; Houser Greg And to Jude Jessica Nicole and, $235,000.

1305 N 35th St; Thrower Danny L to Oates Ethan L, $260,000.

1308 N 38th St; Martin Peggy J to Nordheim Neil, $154,000.

1210 Amherst Ave; Bearden Vanessa M to Jones Anne Coxe, $353,500.

3137 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Paquette Karen, $295,320.

3700 S Belmont Road; Swails Gail R & Lynn to Ramos Hernandez Clemente U, $350,000.

5622 Boynton Pl; Terry Matthew B And Kathleen R to Thompson Kent And Michelle, $255,000.

5041 Brookbury Blvd; Hickman And Co Inc to Gregg Sharon Renata and, $395,777.

112 E Canal St; Smith Lestourgeon Llc to Benzinger Alice, $350,000.

1312 Chambers St; Dream Property Group Llc to Cosby Belinda M, $205,000.

809 China St; Crovella Linda S to Gordon Jessica Beth, $350,000.

931 W Clay St; Bfb Properties Llc to Medvene Samuel, $333,000.

5029 Devonshire Road; Bogese Lewis Blake to Smith Jamey C and, $572,700.

3902 Ellwood Ave; Featherston Service Station Inc to Dietz Alice Katelyn, $327,000.

4105 Exeter Road; Valadka Alex B And Patricia C to 4105 Exeter Road Llc, $2,350,000.

5069 Forest Hill Ave; S F P Co to 5069 Forest Hill Llc, $450,000.

3601 Frontier Dr; Elwood William P to Covy Joel, $345,000.

2911 Griffin Ave; Buxbaum Andrew Brian And to Davey Kathleen M, $370,000.

305 N Hamilton St Ul; Woody Arthur F And Virginia H to Myers Joseph And Laurie, $250,000.

4408 Hanover Ave; Savage Richard E to Mcconnel Catherine H and, $663,300.

2956 Hathaway Road U1011; Trimble Laura A Trust to Hill Larry William, $330,000.

4203 Hillcrest Road; Kvien Amy K to Beckman Andrew and, $450,000.

451 Hunt Ave; Smart Solutions Enterprises Llc to Thayer Zachary, $250,000.

6526 Kensington Ave; Printy Marshall R to Boylan Lindsay, $462,000.

6528 Kinns Road; NVR Inc to Wasson Regineald And Francine, $419,241.

1405 Lakeview Ave; Tipton Michael W Jr to Calley William L Iii, $251,500.

57 E Lock Lane U3; Northen Read M Jr And Ellen T to Carter Thomas Scott, $459,900.

3312 Maplewood Ave; Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc to Sharp Jeffrey Floyd and, $500,000.

3604 Maryland Ave; Reyes Homes Llc to Britton Chantelle, $370,500.

3039 Montrose Ave; Msquare Properties Llc to Tewolde Elilta, $450,000.

711 S Nansemond St; 2305 W Main St Llc to Mairead Mason And Claire, $360,000.

1815 Oakdale Ave; Trimmer William C Jr And to Dare Cameron C, $342,000.

2606 Park Ave U7; Balderson Stanley R Jr & to Harleston Sibyl, $209,000.

1214 Perry St; High Life Properties Llc to Faison Joyce Makini and, $300,000.

7365 Prairie Road; Ferguson Karin P Trustee to Edwards Andrew H and, $485,000.

2309 Rosewood Ave; Cabezas Javier A And Audrey R to Lux Julie F And Stephen J, $539,500.

5005 Schutte Ave; Minter Matthew M And to Gonzalez Elizabeth Melville, $236,000.

4301 Shirley Road; Murphy Lucy Theodorick Cawood to Maurice Kasey And Stephan, $580,000.

2111 Stratford Road; Paterson Brian J And Adrienne H to Kiss Adam J And Lauren G, $385,000.

1809 Texas Ave; Elderhomes Corporation T/A to Kalinsazlioglu Enes Furkan and, $230,000.

2116 Tobacco Mill St; NVR Inc to Hutson Larissa Jane, $405,000.

4400 Waldor Dr; Alexander Lisa S to Diaz Chrisofora Pinzon, $261,000.

3006 Weymouth Dr; Yost Jason J And Lisa C to Barber Ryan D, $338,000.


4317 5th St, Henrico; Perritt Kathy Marie to King Berkley B , $210,000.

381 Adderbury Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Tran Hoa Chanh and Xai Ngo, $365,973.

387 Adderbury Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Lamba Vijay and Shweta, $396,088.

4325 Allenbend Rd, Glen Allen; Mcdonnell Mike and Valerie Trustees to Thirumala Dhananjayulu, $710,000.

7702 Anoka Rd, Henrico; Benenson Claire B to Lile Aaron Patrick and Nettie Debergh , $295,000.

10820 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Chen Fei Yun to Audichya Puneet and Sweta Singh, $390,000.

1220 Balustrade Blvd, Henrico; Pevsner Kathleen Bishop Estate to Stanton William Hugh , $515,000.

107 W Beal St, Henrico; 107 W Beal Street Series to Dyer Daniel Joseph, $220,000.

4801 Belle Glade Dr, Henrico; Wright Rosie J to Sprout Rachel Mary, $216,000.

10919 Bluebell Dr, Glen Allen; Haqjo Sulaiman and Halima to Awuku Benjamin Lawson and Georgina Sarpong, $315,000.

2113 Brandonview Ave, Henrico; Kb Investments Of Va Llc to Adams Daniel , $179,000.

1519 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Nash Catherine L to Moynahan Connor and Julia Shreckhise, $251,000.

10177 Brook Rd, Glen Allen; Old Dominion Restaurants to Cot J Properties Llc, $1,357,381.

1219 Byrd Ave, Henrico; Van Sickle Robert J and Betty C to Wood Stephen B and Beth A , $749,000.

1920 Carneal St, Henrico; Tellier Susan A to Coleman Rashad and Sheila B, $170,000.

8164 Carriage Bend Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Ye Sairong , $404,900.

3504 Cedar Commons Rd, Henrico; Bailey Shayla T to Hill Brittney N , $315,000.

5008 Chappell Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Reichert Theodore E to Kumar Deepak and Neha Jalan, $652,000.

2122 Clarke St, Henrico; Weston Heather Ashley to Guthrie Whitney B, $206,000.

12500 Collinstone Ct, Glen Allen; Martin Sally C to Ganas Christopher , $555,000.

611 Conley Rd, Henrico; Garland Donald J to San Bawk and Issac Wood, $200,000.

2206 Cox Rd, Henrico; Kovanes Anthony and Tera to Barsoum Mina, $302,450.

4807 Croft Ct, Glen Allen; Kou Gefei to Gillespie Michael Curtis , $350,000.

613 Dale St, Henrico; Hailey Karen G to Ferrell Cheryl L, $225,000.

216 Defense Ave, Sandston; Wolpert Tony C to Artisview Properties Llc, $162,000.

6525 Dickens Pl, Henrico; Boose Holding Company Llc to Taylor and Taylor Group Llc, $575,000.

1020 Dotson Rd, Henrico; Brown Stuart R to Vinci Donald Jr and Julie B, $245,000.

4917 Edgefield St, Henrico; Collins Clifford E Estate to Mitchell Christan H, $190,000.

1100 Essex Ave, Henrico; O’ferrall Helen Grace to Oferrall Robert Rennolds Jr and Jennifer M, $495,000.

3806 Fenwick St, Henrico; Kumar Vinod and Ma Lay to Staten Natalie N , $190,000.

6616 Fitzhugh Ave, Henrico; Finnegan Maurice F Jr and C W Trs to Chapman Jordan, $240,800.

10788 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Bhagat Abhishek, $742,170.

4415 Foxden Dr, Henrico; Puryear Cassandra to Goode Brittany, $187,095.

1530 Front Royal Dr, Henrico; Young Natalia S to Frasc Enterprises Llc, $162,250.

1213 Giltspur Rd, Henrico; Frye James H&elizabeth W to Raineri Ellen and Mark, $421,079.

4915 Glenspring Rd, Henrico; Harris Lauren N to Hubbard Michael Jr, $237,000.

4926 Green Run Dr, Henrico; Ciakat Enterprises Llc to Crawford Christine Dewitt, $270,000.

6240 Greenwick Dr, Glen Allen; King James M and Katherine C Wilkinson to Ludwig Leroy Thomas Jr, $654,650.

3912 Grove Point Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Kime Nicolas, $293,385.

6005 Harvest Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Rodriguez Alejandro and Larissa Laso, $653,462.

506 Heather Cir, Henrico; Jones Lashaunda R and Jascinta A Emile to Davis Lashonda S, $250,000.

248 Hodder Ln, Henrico; Alley Eric Lee to Bradley Robert G Jr, $270,000.

11412 Homestead Ln, Henrico; Skates Bryan and Jamie to Jones Beverly B and Jessica M Dunnagan, $340,000.

213 Huntsman Rd, Sandston; Doak Joseph B to Burks Stephen M, $255,000.

2619 Indale Rd, Glen Allen; Howren Rosebud W and Harry H Iii Et Al to Howren Rosebud W , $150,000.

2005 Kamankeag Rd, Henrico; Smith Marlene and George J Et Al to Select Property Solutions Llc, $150,000.

4303 Kidsgrove Rd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Newbill Alexis, $255,040.

4323 Kidsgrove Rd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Green Dennard T, $273,140.

2207 Kingsbrook Dr, Henrico; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb to Nadezhkin Roman , $180,000.

1202 Lake Ave, Henrico; Sledd Justin Allen and Emily Middleton to Honbarrier William A and Katlin Et Al, $592,000.

2602 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Yu Shin and Blake Bray, $321,719.

2636 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Gangireddy Aravind K and R Noonepalli, $425,000.

5811 Lee Ave, Henrico; Molloy Gudrun to Bowden Edward Marshall Jr and C Cain, $440,000.

2204 Libbie Lake West St, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Bowles Sarah J , $347,966.

3931 Liesfeld Pl, Glen Allen; How David B and Alexis Aplasca to Basavaraj Uma and Pushkal, $456,000.

3321 Logan Hill Ct, Henrico; Ramseur Roswell A Jr and Latonia S to Plummer Sharonda and Roy Hazelwood, $310,000.

1320 Magnolia Pointe Blvd, Glen Allen; Parchuk Steven to Reed Terri D, $255,900.

10630 Marions Pl, Glen Allen; Walker Brandon A to Chappell Robert P Jr and Julie C, $362,500.

11317 Mayo Ct, Glen Allen; Bhuiyan Nazmul Hossain and Hasina Akhter to Shrivastava Pushpjeet and Amrita Gupta, $388,000.

8203 Michael Rd, Henrico; Complete Home Design Llc to Fischer Aaron N and Kari A Mcspadden, $353,000.

7503 Montrose Ave, Henrico; Davis Porter B &allielove to Sneed Stacy Yvette, $272,000.

5100 Monument Ave U703, Henrico; Crenshaw Mary B Estate to Crenshaw William B , $280,000.

9505 Nandina Dr, Henrico; Baughan Garry S and Diana K Shaw Et Al to Abouzaki Nayef, $205,000.

New Market Rd, Henrico; Little G B Jr and Wyatt L and A L Surgner to Malvern Hill Pig Farm Llc, $1,005,865.

2302 N Newton Cir, Henrico; Neumann Benjamin Del Barrio and Betty H to Arvesen Theresa Ann , $260,000.

1252 North James Estates Dr, Henrico; Heilman Realty Llc to Parks Amy and Stuart Jennings, $325,000.

4900 Old Main St, Henrico; Pekala Joseph S to Siebert Karsten K , $535,000.

5232 Old Main St, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Wiggins John Coles Iii and Taylor Monroe, $492,468.

5236 Old Main St, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Brackett Lydia S , $492,872.

993 Old Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Auris Property Investors Llc to Johnson Jamell Reykeem, $322,000.

3003 Oxnard Rd, Henrico; Brooks Gina S to Hampton Tiffany, $200,000.

7511 Patterson Ave, Henrico; Fortunato Jeffrey L to Almas Kyle Joseph and Meghan Rose Wagoner, $325,000.

2100 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Craig Dina Laray to Sathish Bhargav, $409,950.

2631 Pleasant Run Dr, Henrico; Cadjo Ljubisa to Glasgow Kara N, $423,500.

4231 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen; Old Dominion Restaurants Inc to Cot J Properties Llc, $1,643,708.

334 Purbrook Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Ray Arthur J and Emilie M, $879,948.

9623 Rainbrook Dr, Henrico; Russo Joseph J Jr and Margaret R to Estelle Kathleen V and Michael G, $370,000.

1513 Regency Woods Rd U101, Henrico; Mccullough Carol Jeanette Trustee to Harmon Carolyn P, $215,000.

8700 River Rd, Henrico; Glover Amy Leigh to Benusa Timothy Kyle and Savannah , $615,000.

5028 Rivermere Ln, Glen Allen; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Nguyen Diem and Hoa Luu, $632,280.

3912 Rosemallow Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Parker Sheila G and Jerome M , $425,580.

12105 Sable Ct, Henrico; Grubb Nelia K to Lapidus Jackeline C and Vitaliy Y, $485,000.

1107 Santa Rosa Rd, Henrico; Banks Steven D to Davis Elizabeth E, $370,000.

4512 Schaum Ct, Glen Allen; Pink Elephant Properties Llc to Castillo Teresa Leah and J M Martin, $396,500.

8205 Shannon Hill Rd, Henrico; Complete Home Design Llc to Doty Steven C and Martha T Ogden, $364,000.

3105 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Lowry Jane M and Alice M Soto to Yanovitch Timo Tapio and Cashea C Phillips, $291,000.

1410 Southbury Ave, Henrico; Harmon Gary L and Rosemary to Johnson Teoshia , $230,000.

4518 Spring Moss Cir, Glen Allen; Turner Joseph D to Washington Terri T, $365,500.

2693 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Vohra Pratibha and Lalit Shivnani, $328,244.

9818 St Pages Ln, Henrico; Hanbury John I Jr to Mcellen Russell and Caitlin Robertson, $315,000.

4819 Suecla Dr, Henrico; Slaughter Sydnee Marie to Patina Property Group Llc, $171,000.

1616 Swinton Ln, Henrico; Long Christopher R and Yce to Bittner Christopher Michael and Yulia , $385,000.

10571 Telegraph Rd, Glen Allen; Mmo Llc Et Al to National Fin Realty-Richmond Ii Llc, $6,100,000.

3917 Three Foxes Dr, Henrico; Horne Lonnie Jr and Maria T to Samuels Tiffany F, $288,000.

1632 Tree Ridge Rd, Henrico; Green Gardenella T to Umoh Abasiubong and Hannah, $370,000.

2101 Turtle Creek Dr U1, Henrico; Spence Richard L Jr to Schaaf Edna, $215,000.

121 E Union St, Sandston; Lewis Erica R and Kareem B to Pavona Cassie Nicole, $160,000.

10505 Walbrook Dr, Henrico; Salomonsky Anita to Mitchell Janet Lynn, $385,000.

2313 Wedgewood Ave, Henrico; Cimaglia Paul M to Garland Stewart, $278,400.

812 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Van Doren Meverell Iii Trst to Luckett Barbara Ann and Eric Scott Johnson, $465,000.

2200 Westwood Ave, Henrico; Westwood 2190 Llc to County Of Henrico, $3,350,000.

3815 Wild Goose Walk, Glen Allen; Mcrae Cameron to Archer Kevin and Leslie, $576,650.

9270 Willis Church Rd, Henrico; Capital Region Land Conservancy Inc to United States Of America, $1,772,000.

606 Wishart Cir, Henrico; Vlahos Brian A to Wagner Jacob Clark and Rebecca C Cooper, $415,000.

4643 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Murphy Wayne Bernard and Catrina M, $338,971.

4649 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Leonard Ricky L Jr and Rachel H Burstock, $365,229.

4659 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Kumar Aarthy A and B Thiyagarajan, $345,577.

8064 Wistar Glen Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Masam Praveen and Chaitanya Rekha Pathi, $349,990.

807 Woodberry Rd, Henrico; Sdmie Holdings Llc to Braswell Reid C and Sara F, $1,011,000.

5108 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Riley Michael to Maxwell Savannah and Tyus Esworthy, $395,000.


11220 Abingdon Ct, North Chesterfield; Forrer Rebekah Annelise and Forrer Meredith Gabrielle and Forrer Caroline B to Walls John Tyler and Jenny Sarah, $342,700.

1612 Almer Ct, Chester; NVR Inc to Bowling Hunter Aaron and Lauren Wright, $526,925.

3513 Alvecote Ter, Midlothian; Gregoire Development Corp to Bandoni Leah and Tristan, $701,309.

6219 Anise Cir, Moseley; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Tamis Aldo N and Catalan Gabriela T, $439,180.

7401 Appelman Rd, Chesterfield; Shurm Construction Inc to Carvana Alonzo Dominique, $311,693.

4831 Arundel Ave, North Chesterfield; St Clair K Duncan and Denning P to Flores Sara Pelaez, $247,000.

2605 Autumnfield Rd, Midlothian; Ginther W M and Ginter M C Trs to Oæconnor Sean P and Rebecca E, $950,000.

13611 Bailey Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Winckler Thomas S to Loaiza Rios Angello F, $270,000.

12230 Balta Rd, Chesterfield; Melara Lisa K to Jeter Terrence and Wright-Jeter Sherry, $391,000.

3200 Barkham Dr, Midlothian; Kastelberg Gregory G and Amy L to Story Andrea L, $520,000.

9120 Beaver Bridge Rd, Moseley; Drinard David P to Demeck Kimberly M Trustee, $716,500.

4125 Bellstone Dr, Midlothian; Legault Homes Llc to Rickers Brian Patrick and Christina Marie Rynex, $643,279.

3012 Black Gum Ter, Chester; Kim Myong Kyong and Jakyoung to Gonzalez Fiorimar E, $325,000.

2403 Bon Air Station Ln, North Chesterfield; Helmore Nicholas D and P J to Richards Robert Dirom Iii and Pilati Laura Ann, $440,000.

2218 Bower Ridge Dr, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Msolomba Mwationa, $360,581.

7704 Breaker Point Ct, Chesterfield; Williams Carol T to Granados Robert, $277,500.

4323 Bridgewood Rd, Midlothian; Buckmaster Thomas and Shockley T to Escobar Daniel D and Salinas Jennifer G Ruano, $235,000.

2542 Brookforest Ct, Midlothian; Caparrelli Daniel and Najera A to Khan Hasan and Choudry Sanah, $302,000.

13705 Bundle Rd, Chesterfield; Kinch John J E and Terry J to Kinch Hunter and Ariel, $450,000.

8321 Capernwray Dr, Chesterfield; Lifestyle Home Builders to Hart Andre D and Melinda M, $634,340.

15600 Cedarville Dr, Midlothian; Lgi Homes-Virginia Llc to Kemp Richard and Holthaus Anne Bennett Morrow, $439,900.

5620 Chatmoss Rd, Midlothian; Campbell Mattoinette M Trustee to Ranalli Cynthia Dell, $272,500.

10331 Christina Rd, Chesterfield; Bonner Kevin M and Donna B to Mangum Jeffery D and Tracy W, $315,000.

6718 Citory Way, Moseley; Mckinney David Lee and Leslie Lea to Key Michele T and Schiavone Frances M, $505,095.

8106 Clancy Ct, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Carman David A and Carman Diana E, $499,292.

11756 Cliff Lawn Dr, Chester; Dereski Carson W and Kathryn A to Smith Ann M and Gholson Jeremy and Gholson Jennifer, $358,000.

20323 College Park Ave, South Chesterfield; Bassard Sharon E and Bassard Mark T to Jones Gilda Lenora, $190,000.

13319 Corapeake Ter, Chesterfield; Barron William and Cathy to Carey Craig and Eloise, $876,000.

13204 Court Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Elswick Jasna and Stephen to Jansen David W and Michelle S, $305,000.

3107 Cove View Ln, Midlothian; Aeda Osamah G and Esraa M to Huynh Hieu and Lo Doris, $700,000.

10905 Crofton Ct, Chester; Swift Creek Power Washing Llc to Biagi Grace R and Pecora Christopher J, $280,000.

6300 Culbreth Ct, Moseley; Badman Fred B and Karen E to Hill John and Adrianna, $670,000.

4010 Deanwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Yancey Bobby T and Diantha D to Gibbs Robert L and Barbara Y, $250,000.

21107 Deodora Dr, South Chesterfield; Little Taylor W and Pastors R A to Jones Christa, $212,000.

13401 Drake Mallard Ct, Chesterfield; Clay Street Builders Llc to Radford Judy T, $725,000.

406 Dunlin Ct, Midlothian; Zelenak Richard M to Butler Milton E, $355,500.

8816 Dwayne Ln, North Chesterfield; Marano Sharon to Proietti Joseph and Jill, $410,000.

4253 Ebbies Xing, Midlothian; HHHunt Homes L C to Ellis-Dias Chenine S, $327,950.

11825 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Warthan Antonella, $391,290.

5418 Ellerbee Mill Ter, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Montague Joanne D, $361,327.

15143 Enmore Dr, Midlothian; Homesmith Construction Inc to Reyes Ian Thomas and Yvonne Ilumin Gotico, $565,196.

4610 Falling Creek Cir, North Chesterfield; Arevalo Luis Angel Amaya to Mejia Perez Fernando Alberto and Valencia Ventura Doris Jazmin, $220,000.

7608 Fawndale Dr, Chesterfield; Gravitte Richard E to Beebe Elisa, $349,850.

8443 Forest Hill Ave, North Chesterfield; Sheehan Kathy R to Sheehan Dylan, $200,000.

818 Forkland Dr, North Chesterfield; Russell Wanda S Trustee to Meek Kevin Golay and Margaret Marco, $150,000.

15719 Fox Marsh Dr, Moseley; Orth Cameron and West Deborah to Haer Steven Glenn, $445,000.

15312 Gammon Green Walk , Midlothian; Innovative Bldrs Of Midlothian to Pederson Richard Alan and Carole Ann, $476,165.

8001 Gates Bluff Pl, Chesterfield; Howe Jeffery A and Tamara D to Walke Mark Vaden and Pennington Michelle Leigh, $458,000.

20103 Glenlivet Ct, South Chesterfield; Norman Danielle L to Mccants Kandace and Epps Welford L Jr, $230,000.

17324 Great Falls Cir, Moseley; Zameroski Terrance and Rosemary to Corso Anthony and Camilla, $475,000.

12221 Ground Pine Ct, Midlothian; HHHunt Homes L C to Mescan Morgan Nicole, $330,965.

15506 Happy Hill Rd, South Chesterfield; Novinski Janice E to Koval Nicholas and Schaumleffel Nicole, $315,000.

602 Hazeltine Ct, North Chesterfield; Pumo Lucy R to Dixon Daniel Brian and Patricia Ann, $317,500.

13410 Hensley Rd, Midlothian; Marshall Tracy A to Dolan Thomas R and Gayle D, $276,000.

5101 Highberry Woods Rd, Midlothian; Mckinley Sean W to Strayer Rachelle L and Michael C, $350,000.

11327 Hull Street Rd, Midlothian; 11401 Hull Street Llc to Pks Partners Firestone Llc, $3,800,000.

8400 Huntwood Ct, North Chesterfield; Saunders Erica Lynn to Kafka Heather Louise and Scott Labront, $277,000.

11242 Isadora Dr, Chesterfield; Mckeel James S and Abby Gray to Maltby Tyler Kenneth and Erin R, $456,500.

2100 Jarman Ln, North Chesterfield; Srw Investments Llc to Grider William T and Dana B, $349,950.

18000 Jones Run Trl, Moseley; HHHunt Homes L C to Pearl Scott Bryan and Ridjolkina Tzvetilena Goryanova, $531,810.

18149 Jones Run Trl, Moseley; HHHunt Homes L C to HHHunt Homes L C, $531,810.

5537 Kay Rd, North Chesterfield; Bullock James L and Runia B to Quan Crystal and Le Quoc, $205,000.

1206 Kingham Dr, Midlothian; Biedrycki Lee Ravish and Anne M to Bhowmick Goutom K and Saha Kanta, $599,000.

4512 Lake Summer Mews, Moseley; Menjivar Carlos E and Sandra T to Reyes Ludwin and Afre Alejandra, $530,000.

3007 Laughter Ln, Chester; Best Vivian H to Freeman Arthur, $300,000.

11501 Leiden Ln, Midlothian; Kurz Eunice T to Johnson Takisha, $243,000.

1123 Letchworth Ln, Midlothian; Whittington Amy to Godett Rakira Lachelle, $306,500.

14918 Litton Dr, Midlothian; Chesterfield Realty Vent Llc to Yellowstone Holdings Llc, $600,000.

4706 Long Tom Ln, Chesterfield; Auris Proeprty Investors Llc to Whitlock Craig, $245,000.

1003 Lucks Garden Trl, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Wallace Brian and Sandra, $398,684.

11700 Lucks Ln, Midlothian; Herting Robert William and Gail Ann to Taylor Kathryn Ann Trustee, $385,861.

5727 Magnolia Shore Ln, Chester; Hamilton Clara S Trust to Por Mildred K, $335,000.

18200 Maple Summit Ct, Moseley; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Rizzuti Christopher Dennis and Alyson Tylus, $597,990.

7819 Marthaven Dr, North Chesterfield; Ruger Shawn D to Gorley Luann G, $325,000.

4704 Mason Way Ct, North Chesterfield; Yeet Retreat Llc to Lythgoe Benjamin K, $250,000.

5819 S Melbeck Rd, North Chesterfield; Galli Anita and Knight C M to Coleman Lita Maria and Jordan Brady, $338,000.

1306 Middle Cir, North Chesterfield; Bergersen William M and Gail L to Hamlett Brandon Scott and Jenna, $285,000.

3730 Monza Dr, North Chesterfield; Adams Nancy A Et Als to Pitts James W and Nealie V, $240,000.

13707 Nairn Rd, Chester; Betancur Carlos to Faust John L and Leandra, $415,000.

11113 Norman Garden Cir, North Chesterfield; Quinones Awilda J to Leavesley Peter Joseph and Susan Deborah, $415,000.

3214 Nuttree Woods Dr, Midlothian; Lomonico Suzanne Marie to Larsen Samantha and Daniel, $345,000.

15818 Old Castle Rd, Midlothian; Hynes Jason P and Cindy Myphuong to Boss Jared E and Newman Laura P, $765,000.

5411 Old Warson Dr, North Chesterfield; Gillis Toron V and Graves L N to Heath William, $194,000.

17331 Otter Dr, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Storm Joshua Oliver and Hannah Jones, $651,621.

2950 Parkdale Rd, North Chesterfield; Brammer Thomas D to Molina Diaz Emerson F and Diaz De Molina Ana M, $275,000.

3529 Pease Rd, Midlothian; Carter D R and Carter A M Trs to Knight Verna and Cochran-Moody Marva, 345000.

12548 Petrel Xing, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Keel Latanya K, $324,814.

11301 Pinemist Rd, Midlothian; Faison Charles R and Erin to Jennings Kyle Sardinia and Anneli, $300,000.

1700 Providence Creek Cir, North Chesterfield; Artisan Design Properties Llc to Ayala Jose A, $337,400.

7805 Provincetown Dr, North Chesterfield; Wade Barbara M to Kellington Diane, $182,000.

10601 Pursuit Ct, Chesterfield; Daniel Steven to Herrera Medardo A Quintero and Romero Edmary K Abreu, $287,000.

3035 Quisenberry St, Midlothian; Knighton Rita M to Goble Nicholas T and Troxell Autumn M, $235,000.

10731 Red Lion Pl, North Chesterfield; Monroy David and Rae Bebhinn to Allen Larry J and Deborah A, $316,000.

6412 Richwood Trl, Moseley; Cordle Jeffrey A to Nwanorue Ijeoma Gladys and Olewe Bright Nnamdi, $395,000.

6816 River Rd, South Chesterfield; Breen Thomas P to Kreynus Amy G, $204,950.

2301 Robious Station Cir, Midlothian; Ccm Development Llc to Wmg Acquisitions Llc, $600,000.

4318 Rose Glen Pl, Midlothian; Szymkowiak Rachael A and W P to Drespling Melissa L and Kenneth M, $425,000.

2803 Sagecreek Ct, Midlothian; Lee Audra E to Real Estate Options Llc, $225,000.

11742 Sanbury Ln, Midlothian; Ritchie Lisa D to Garcia Percival J and Chiriboga Maria Esther, $394,000.

13909 Sandy Oak Rd, Chester; Canipe Brian J and Anne S to Steele Malitha H and Steele Robert C, $405,000.

706 Scottingham Ter, North Chesterfield; Easter Derrick D to Wilkison-Duran Julian and Brittany Mclean, $240,000.

6507 Seven Falls Way, Moseley; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Hill Lucas Tyndall and Skylar Lynn, $505,465.

20200 Sheffield Pl, South Chesterfield; Billips Houses -4- Rent Llc to Bhagat Manu N, $215,000.

7102 Silver Farm Pl, Moseley; Dawson Eric Jr and Luisa to Martin Ryan and Claire, $637,000.

22211 Skinquarter Rd, Moseley; Robins Lindsey B to Robins Christopher, $190,000.

3100 Space Rd, North Chesterfield; Hoover Homes Llc to Reyes William Salvador Guevara and Angela Benita, $170,000.

9342 Springmount Ter, Chesterfield; Holley Marcellus and Ana E to Johnson Tracey D and Sherita N, $415,000.

4318 Stately Oak Rd, North Chesterfield; Drake John H Jr and Sharon V to Fatuyi Joshua O and Opeyemi O, $345,000.

6503 S Stevens Hollow Dr, Chesterfield; Wengert Timothy James Sr to 8th Hill Homes Llc, $161,000.

4919 Stoney Creek Pkwy, Chester; Coleman Arhtur J Jr and D A to Harrison Michael Lamont and Brenda Leigh, $415,000.

8579 Sunningdale Ter, Chesterfield; Bryant Terry Lynn and Cutchins Sherry Leigh to Dottin Leslie Nicole, $375,000.

3209 Sylvania Pl, Chester; Edos Llc to Bartlett Cynthia and Mckinnon Sanjae V, $229,900.

3001 Tideswell Rd, Midlothian; Tarrington 14 Llc to Spence Wilbert Benjamin Jr and Elaise Orcilla, $250,000.

5112 Timbercreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Reinhardt Daquan and Joy to Lingenfelter James Iii and Sara Anne, $320,000.

6218 Trail Ride Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Mupandasewka Tulany, $482,295.

4924 Tulip Oak Rd, Chesterfield; Borgard Jennifer R to Paulson Michelle Scott, $245,000.

13812 Tyberton Dr, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Richard Alex C and Amber N, $482,515.

5324 Verlinda Dr, North Chesterfield; Manley Tina to Toos Julia H, $296,500.

12801 Vogt Ave, Chester; Harcum Brandon to Veliz Castro Luis A, $323,500.

11712 Walnut Wood Ct, Midlothian; Culp Darren Keith and Mary J to Hall Lawrence Iv and Parris, $378,000.

13001 Watch Point West , Midlothian; Morales Bernarda L to Timmel Ashley L, $357,000.

3524 Waverton Dr, Midlothian; River City Custom Homes Inc to Kise Dennis R and Sitterson Thomas W, $702,467.

6700 Way Point Dr, North Chesterfield; HHHunt Homes L C to Nunnally Charlita Nicole, $339,475.

10026 Wenatchee Ter, North Chesterfield; Archer Meghan V and Charles to Hicks Rebecka A, $255,000.

12344 Wescott Dr, Midlothian; HHHunt Homes L C to Locust Erma Palmer, $342,110.

1600 Westhall Gardens Dr, North Chesterfield; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Dickens Robert L Jr and Mary Lou, $358,661.

12010 Wexwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Cox Soraya U to A Solodar Properties Llc, $323,000.

12201 Wiesinger Ln, Midlothian; Wilson John Derek and Ann Schick to Haroon Sara and Tawheed, $415,000.

15519 Winding Ash Dr, Chesterfield; Steyn Daniel to Bolden Randy and Wendy S, $322,500.

5606 Windingrun Pl, North Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Sabatini Nicholas A and Sabatini Stephanie V, $413,802.

21101 Winfree Ave, South Chesterfield; Martinez Carmelo Lima to Sargent Shawn, $285,000.

1415 Winters Hill Pl, North Chesterfield; Smith Sharon K to Fox Colleen Edward, $267,500.

2520 Wyndham Dr, North Chesterfield; Warren Joyce B to Ford James Marshall Iv and Anderson Ashley Carolyn, $343,000.


0.536 acres; Gail E. Glave to 11271 Gwathmey Church Road LLC, $152,500.

14 acres; Russell R. Williams, trustee to Garland Smith, $250,000.

3.6 acres; DFA LLC to SNL 11440 Air Park Road LLC, $4,350,000.

9405 Alsace Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Raymond J. Dunkelberger Jr., $419,643.

10179 Atlee Station Road, Mechanicsville; Dale Robert Sparks II to Brandy L. Murdock, $300,000.

8083 Beattie Mill Drive, Mechanicsville; Daniel Richardson to Robert Lee Jones, $420,000.

10032 Bo Trail, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to George Mueller, $1,010,600.

7092 Brooking Way, Mechanicsville; Sheldon L. Wills to Jack F. Todd, $298,500.

300 Carter Forest Drive, Ashland; Carolyn O. Tillman to Ofelia Alvarez, $530,000.

10149 Coffee Trail, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Thomas C. Bishop Jr., $1,233,765.

8800 Crestland Drive, Mechanicsville; Anthony J. Bohannon Jr. to Christian Oren Heckman, $530,000.

8331 Elwin Drive, Mechanicsville; Cynthia Cole Wyatt to Eva M. Hornsby, $360,000.

10366 Farm Glen Way, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Roger L. Patelski, $423,885.

6351 Foxcroft Lane, Mechanicsville; William B. Mitchell to Jeffrey Louis Harris, $297,000.

12389 Glen Carrie Road; Karen R. Obenshain to Jamie Camp, $590,000.

7315 Hardtack Road, Mechanicsville; Jayson Stevens to TL & LL Investment Inc., $278,000.

7239 Ivanhoe Drive, Mechanicsville; David M. Harding to Cassidy O. Droski, $469,500.

12036 Kenton Ridge Road, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Marc Allen Begor, $814,793.

112 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Stephen Daily, $603,809.

9055 Little Joselyn Drive, Mechanicsville; John J. Tekavec to William Ellsworth Blanton, $430,000.

Lot 1, Telcourt; Shanti Investments Inc. to Magnolia Hospitality LLC, 12,000,000.

Lot 3, 20.363 acres, Oilville Manor; Sprouses Corner LLC to Warren S. Rutledge Jr., $246,000.

Lot 47, Winding Brook Townhomes; NVR Inc. to Gagnan Deep Singh, $326,990.

Lot 70, Hanover Hills Small Farms; ALG Trustee LLC to TDZ Properties LLC, $200,000.

Lot 9, Section 2, 10.8 acres, Spring Grove; Vladimir Syrovatka Jr. to David Bunn, $450,000.

7266 Marimel Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael W. Alexander Jr. to David E. Puryear Jr., $244,950.

10109 Merrittcroft Court, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Paul S. Miller, $782,162.

8421 New Ashcake Road, Mechanicsville; Joyce W. Nuckols, trustee to Robert Nelson, $220,000.

Parcel; CFalls II LLC to Farmstead Villas LLC, $438,000.

Parcel; Ilia S. Saiankin to Jean C. Barney, $289,950.

10139 Peach Blossom Road, Mechanicsville; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Patrick Joseph Murphy, $453,775.

11397 Poplar Gate Drive, Mechanicsville; Shurm Construction Inc. to Christopher M. Randolph, $699,950.

7437 Ridge View Road, Mechanicsville; Thomas Ryan Whitesell to Juan Diego Aguillon Angarita, $282,500.

Section 10, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $386,250.

7412 Shire Parkway, Mechanicsville; Virginia Home Buyers LLC to Helen Danielle Morris, $305,000.

7166 Soft Wind Lane; Barbara W. Martin to Samuel Parry, $373,000.

10521 Stone Bluff Drive, Unit 111, Ashland; Stony Run Partners LLC to Veronica S. Houston, $316,000.

14613 Stone Trace Drive, Montpelier; Richmond Handschuh to John Peters, $495,000.

12955 Sweet Gum St., Beaverdam; John Jutzi to Joseph Hunsaker, $330,000.

19221 Turkey Road, Rockville; Kimberly Hicks to Michael Questell, $299,000.

9012 White Plains Court, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Michael N. Davis, $452,315.

11285 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; Cynthia Clary to Jovonnie Jenkins, $323,000.


1.033 acres; Pembelton Homes LC to Justin Daniel Caison, $280,000.

4.15 acres; Regina Burton to Christopher K. Johnson, $275,000.

Parcel 3, John’s Meadow, 13.5 acres; Nibbs Creek Properties Inc. to Jason Poulos, $410,000.

2970 Wells Road, Ford; Odelle A. Robertson Jr. to Michael A. Hertel, $299,000.


806.24 acres; Church Point Farm LLC to Chickahominy Indian Tribe, $3,500,000.


107 Brijadan La; Danielson, Donald R. to Pillai, Baiju A., $291,000.

1113 Covington Rd; Sheehan, Alexis A. to Forehand, Joshua, $276,000.

817 Forest View Dr; Meek - Estate Of , Jean Mallory to Wharton, Arthur, $327,500.

203 Lakeview Av; Becerra, Robert G. to Jones Jr, Reginald L., $245,000.

2012 Snead Av; Barfield, Adam to Haygood, Vashti R., $315,000.

149 White Bank Rd; Cosgrove, Dwight D. to Yu, Jin Feng, $400,000.


14.821 acres; Lester M. Goin to Patricia Ann Pellegrin, $229,400.

57.07 acres; Cynthia Thompson Clark to Joy Lorinda M. Basco, $164,415.


11.032 acres; Glenda A. Dawson to Clarence Cox. Jr., $260,000.

2 parcels, Town of McKenney; Susan King Coleman to Nicole M. Hearn, co-trustee, $170,000.

87.232 acres; Joshua E. Amos to Jennifer Lynn Hudgins, $220,000.

4003 Chesdin Blvd., Sutherland; Christopher R. Outlaw to Tyler Evans, $253,000.

7418 Duncan Road, North Dinwiddie; Susan W. Delalcaszar to Sandra L. See, $250,000.

10007 Halifax Road, North Dinwiddie; 10007 Halifax Road LLC to Darrell R. Johnson, $281,000.

12292 McKenny Highway, McKenny; CMH Homes Inc. to Willie N. Barnes Jr., $225,916.

4404 Olgers Road, Sutherland; Allyson Saunders to Jamie Cornett, $394,000.

25306 Smith Grove Road, North Dinwiddie; Hugh L. Smith to Jaycee B. Taylor, $286,000.


1.27 acres; Donald James Sedok to F. Roland Millican Jr., $150,000.

2.5 acres; John A. Luke Jr. to Duval Investment Properties LLC, $180,000.

5.479 acres; Spencer Proffitt Chase to Sarah Nell Means, $492,000.

12242 Bremner Ridge Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Tracy Deuell, $762,242.

1623 Fox Downs Lane, Oilville; Martin P. Brady to Justin Allen Sledd, $875,000.

1464 Hockett Road, Manakin Sabot; Gilbert Owen Sharpe III to Travis Davis, $226,000.

Lot 16, Section 1, Three Oaks; Caprisa T. Scruggs to Alexander Rogatnik, $265,000.

Lot 26, Tuckahole Creek; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to Ralph Whitt, $299,950.

Lots, Section 2A, Mosaic at West Creek; HHHunt Mosaic LLC to Schell Brothers Richmond LLC, $395,850.

350 Pembroke Lane, Richmond; 8516 Fordson LLC to JSC Development Inc., $365,250.

12358 S Readers Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Haresh Kumar, $689,458.

3055 River Road, Goochland; Elliott E. Herweyer to Tucker Jacob Slater, $366,600.

153 W Square Court, Richmond; Ralph W. Pettit Jr. to Bradford J. Bolfing, $890,000.

3317 Tillar Lane, Goochland; RCI Builders LLC to Sarah P. Waterland, $456,343.


2 parcels; Kevin B. Stidham to James Smith, $323,500.

200 Crescent Ave.; RentThenBuy LLC to Katherine Medina Caricofe, $219,000.

3913 Grovewood Road; James Scot McCormick to Steven Gurganus, $205,000.

Lot 37 and part of Lot 36, Elder Manor; Alan C. Birckhead to Mary F. Brown, $162,500.

Lots 20-23 and Part of Lot 24, Block 21, Woodlawn; Charles M. Chappell to AAVI LLC, $260,000.

205 N Radford Drive; Brandon L. Carroll to Donald D. Williams, $229,400.

1908 Stewart Ave.; Donald W. Henshaw to Michelle S. Glen, $184,000.


1 acre; Jeffery Charles Morrison to James Baker, $452,000.

1970 Algonquin Trail, Williamsburg; Carters Grove Development LLC to Justin Francis Lapiana, $209,500.

9331 Ashwood Court, Toano; Robert E. Vansciver to Donna L. Borden, $440,000.

121 Broadwater, Williamsburg; Ralph J. Spohn, trustee to Atul Gour, $640,000.

2863 Chickahominy Road, Toano; David G. Corrales to Jeffrey W. Kirk Jr., $367,100.

113 Crownpoint Road, Williamsburg; Sutherland Properties Virginia LLC to Michael D. Cleary, $525,000.

2204 Eaglescliffe, Williamsburg; Robert Justin Siracusa to Audrey C. Mitchell, $468,000.

1912 N Fowlers Close, Williamsburg; Gary F. Cosman, trustee to Byron N. Harrod, $560,000.

4401 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Ralph Edmund Digiacomo to Thomas G. Haudricourt, $400,000.

1114 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Jeremy Schreiber, $391,512.

3526 Iberis Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Jason A. Wright, $478,585.

401 Kinde Circle, Williamsburg; Michael L. Jordan to Robert A. Seifert, $315,000.

8465 Lantana Court, Toano; Craig McIntyre to Andrew Lewis, $382,000.

Lot 243, Ford’s Colony; Wayne P. Marr to James Gallagher, $150,000.

Lot 34, Skiffes Creek; Aaron M. Johnson to Nathan W. Black, $160,000.

Lot 7, Brownings Grant; James Sirkis, successor co-trustee to George Townsend Singley III, trustee, $820,000.

Lots 129, 131, 140-142, 150, 154, 166-171, 173-176, Pelegs Point; Pelegs Point Six LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $2,108,000.

3000 Maura Court, Toano; Colton Andrew Wilson to Courtney J. Winter, $272,000.

112 Nottinghamshire, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Kevin P. Stapleton, $603,112.

236 Par Drive, Williamsburg; Brian T. Giblin to Barbara Ann Biggs, $329,500.

5 Poindexter Court, Williamsburg; Forge Road LLC to Jeffrey Clark, $290,000.

1806 Prosperity Court, Unit 126, Williamsburg; Jessica K. Hollowell to Robert Lukasiak, $270,000.

511 River Bluffs, Williamsburg; Sandra L. Sauer Bernard, trustee to Kian M. Kaz, trustee, $1,538,000.

5211 Rollison Drive, Williamsburg; Thomas M. Carter to Nolan T. Yelich, $570,000.

6043 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Patricia Gale Bowen, $589,715.

109 N Stocker Court, Williamsburg; Constance Lee Bland, trustee to Karl Neiswender, $391,000.

4216 Teakwood Drive, Williamsburg; Jason S. Koprowski to Roxana E. Fernandez, $310,000.

Units 100 and 200, Midtown Office Condos; Lawrence E. Luck to RRA Investments LLC, $350,000.

207 Warehams Point, Williamsburg; Jeffrey Watson Alston, successor trustee to Brian McNelis, $608,395.

3400 William Lee, Williamsburg; Susan A. Schnibbe to Donna Joy Henderson, $485,000.

6417 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; US Home Corp. to Caesar Salas, $348,140.


1.01 acres; Steven S. Bohannon to Devin W. Berry, $317,000.

1496 Elsom Manor Road, Mattaponi; Shyanna Helent Sexton to Christopher S. Higginbotham, $337,500.


1.01 acres; Benjamin F. Puffenbarger to Graham M. Bundy, $345,000.

28 Aylett Road, Aylett; Keith M. Peck to Kaylan Q. Jones, $275,000.

211 Cherry Hill Circle East, Aylett; Robin I. Wolfgang to Jan M. Vessels, $312,400.

786 Dover Lane, Aylett; Kellum Homes LLC to Ernest A. Thompson, $327,220.

2232 Kennington Park North, Aylett; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Hailey N. Campbell, $370,500.

14020 King William Road, King William; James D. Davis to Donna L. Flournoy, $259,950.

608 Manquin Drive, Aylett; Phyllis Ross to Cathy Anne Wilcox-Hodgkins, $260,000.

259 Parkwood Drive, Aylett; Jesse William Smith to Devin Berry-Tucker, $257,777.

40 Sherwood Court, Manquin; Joshua B. Pierce to Shane James Johansen Jr., $269,000.


142.2 acres; Harriet Wallace Clay to Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation, $1,042,799.

8.3 acres; Marc T. Rejas to Michael James Kpriva, $350,000.

12001 Cattail Road, New Kent; Jill Diodato Jackson to Brandon Harcum, $300,000.

3730 Elliott Field Trace, Quinton; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Juan Luis Quiles Ortiz, $342,190.

6358 Hickory Road, Quinton; Paul H. Parshley III to Chelsea Zahn, $210,000.

7743 Leeds Castle Lane, New Kent; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to William H. Gifford Jr., $296,760.

Lot 103, Landbay 5, Section 2, Lifestyle at Four Sea; NVR Inc. to Rajarajan Sampath, $360,990.

Lots 37-42, Landbay 5, Section 3, Townhomes 4 Sea; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to NVR Inc., $258,000.

Lots, Woodhaven Shores; Kenneth W. Lyon to Griselda Mendoza-Cadman Trust, $185,000.

9811 Old Quarter, New Kent; Catherine E. Bersik to Donna Eckes Bryant, $295,000.

5400 Pine Needles Court, Providence Forge; Anthony W. Spear to Judith Casazza, $433,000.

2403 Prince John St., Quinton; Daniel R. Riedel to Melissa J. Foley, $204,100.

11900 Rock Wren Court, Providence Forge; Ludwig A. Coco, trustee to Aaron E. Freshwater Sr., $885,000.

7905 Uplands Drive, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Kyle Connor, $407,990.

10838 White Dogwood Drive, Providence Forge; Shannon N. Roberts to Lenard Williams, $275,000.


1735 Berkeley Ave.; Dawn E. Williams to Lori Williams-Breason, $200,000.

111 Catalpa Court; NVR Inc. to Willie Lee Valentine Jr., $284,145.

422 Deerfield Drive; Derrick Raley to Steve R. Nesbitt, $182,000.

923 Fort Lee Road; Cynthia B. Angone to Chevonte Hill, $227,000.

421 Linden St.; Jose A. Ithier to Dannisha Williams, $186,350.

928 Prince Ave.; Rene M. Servellon to Shrya Washington, $225,000.

2030 S Sycamore St.; Kyong H. Baik to GT Tracs Inc., $600,000.


10 acres; Coonwill LLC to Glenn D. Hanson, $160,000.

4 acres; Robert A. Canfield to Angela P. King, $260,000.

3629 Bonnie’s Way, Powhatan; Windswept Development LLC to Nagarjuna Ganga, $476,213.

2347 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Dale W. Dewenter Revocable Trust to Christopher P. Damos, $705,000.

1503 Holly Hills Road, Powhatan; H. Wesley Linthicum Jr. to Dawn Hartmann, $240,000.

3555 Kool Lane, Powhatan; Sprouses Corner LLC to Robert P. St. Croix Sr., $429,950.

Lot 16, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Huguenot Woods LLC to Parita R. Patel, $269,000.

3087 Maidens Road, Powhatan; Phoenix Investors of Virginia LLC to Phillip Mills, $329,950.

1864 Oakland Estates Drive, Powhatan; Damon M. Bradbury to Sam J. Bradbury, $335,000.

Part of 311.2 acres; Jeffrey C. Timmons to Beach Road Investments LLC, $6,250,000.

6346 Springside Drive, Powhatan; Jameson Enterprises Inc. to Michael Ashton Snader, $239,950.

950 Winterbrook Drive, Powhatan; Tyree A. Newton to Megan Ann O’Sullivan, $351,000.


1 acre; Joshua A. Miller to Jose E. Castillo, $158,500.

42.3844 acres; Jay C. Paul, administrator to James I. Shutt, $340,000.

15101 Clipperton Drive, Disputanta; Perry Edward Moore to Irvin L. Waltman, $240,000.

920 Eagle Place, North Prince George; D.R. Horton Inc. to Dawn Celeste Williams, $440,990.

3617 Heathwood Court, South Prince George; Cody A. Mawyer to JasonCory Mawyer, $160,000.

11208 Lilly Lane, Prince George; Harry E. Lilly Jr. to Jacob R. Chappell, $375,000.

Lot 5, Block B, Section 3, Riversedge; Thomas F. Heimbuch III to Sweet Retreats LLC, $150,000.

2701 Manchester Drive, Prince George; J&Y Co. to Ralph Shriver, $216,000.

Parcel; Kenton H. Minor to Burden Sykes, $175,000.

5412 Silver Fox Court, Prince George; Dion A. Jones to Harold Stassen Mason, $330,000.

7487 Trailing Rock Road, Prince George; Jason N. Cashing to Keemya Strong, $265,000.


122.5 acres; William L. Ellis III to Quad C Properties LLC, $240,000.

320.7 acres; Twain Timber LLC to Allyn Ford, $700,000.

7511 Railroad Bed Road, Carson; R.C. Sullivan to Larry N. Hull, $223,500.


117 Adams St.; Thomas Hammond to Kenneth Blakely, $245,250.

640 Counselors Way; Lance William Petty to Michael Rocco Scinto, $625,000.

1184 Jamestown Road, Unit 46; Donald B. Babb to Sharon Hollenbeck, $172,000.

Parcels; LTJV LLC to SHS Propco LLC, $1,200,000.

233 Woodmere Drive; Thomas U. Kelley to Zachary A. Randall, $256,100


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