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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Louisa and Caroline Counties listings will not be included until further notice.


106 W 12th St; Manchester Green Llc to Wine Allsion Hummel, $507,000.

3321 2nd Ave; Cornerstone Capital Investments to Rva Rental Group Llc, $510,000.

727 N 22nd St; Hayden Trey Daniel to Pasco Dascher Lynn, $364,950.

1315 N 23rd St; Jhi Land Holdings Llc to Evans David B and Shelley R, $312,250.

123 W 30th St; Drew Stephen M to Titus Allison L, $280,000.

1110 N 35th St; Eks Llc to Griffin Erica N, $354,500.

914 N 38th St; Equity Trust Company Custodian to Lernihan Tyler J, $185,000.

506 Albany Ave; Stainback Linda S to Chase Robert S, $523,206.

209 N Allen Ave; American International to Hines Barry William, $735,000.

3316 Barton Ave; Bibbs Lawrence E Jr to Deregibus Melissa L, $178,000.

4 Berkshire Road; Gardner Victor M III and Renee S to 4 Berkshire Road Llc, $1,800,000.

4007 Britannia Road; Starkes Natasha to Lewis Chantel, $192,000.

2802 E Broad St; Garrett Benton Lee to Darden Joonathan E, $349,900.

4516 Bromley Lane; Wortham Coleman to Dudley Stephanie W, $532,000.

1531 Carlisle Ave; Mackenzie Erin I to Burch Vivian C, $191,000.

5205 Cary Street Road; Kelley Stephen G to Hochstein Justin P, $1,324,995.

1418 Claremont Ave; Casati Christoph J to Goldberg Jonathan and Jessica, $356,500.

7629 Comanche Dr; Crowley Naill Dolan to Owens James Hunter, $336,000.

4001 Custis Road; Habenicht Peter A to Cjk Homes Llc, $351,000.

1110 Decatur St; 1110 Decatur St Llc to Nelson Kevin M, $295,000.

3927 Dorset Road; Martinez Sigfredo to Marks Ashley, $176,000.

2915 Ellwood Ave; Richmond Hill Design Build Llc to Kuykendall Laura Anne, $699,950.

9701 Evansway Lane; Bisharat Ghattas Elias to Cogan Erin Ivy, $350,000.

9516 Fernleigh Dr; 4 Mck Llc to McLellan Kyle Douglas, $200,000.

2017 Floyd Ave; Pecota Jennifer Revocable to Lopez Bernadette and Ronaldo, $530,000.

1209 Garber St; Stratman Christina to Dunn Alexandra, $158,000.

1823 W Grace St; Jefferson Randolph W to 402 Properties Llc, $515,000.

7649 Granite Hall Ave; Slayton Patrick D And Emily L to Ream Daniel L, $381,600.

3411 Griffin Ave; McGibbon Lindsey M to Harr Justin and Briana, $299,000.

1825 Grove Ave; Ogden Kathryn W to Revercomb Catherine B, $802,500.

409 N Hamilton St, Ue; Carpenter Eugenia H Trust to Carpenter Katherine J, $192,000.

2016 Hanover Ave; Harper Frances Branch to Britton Lisa and Hebert Eric, $740,000.

1101 Haxall Pt, U504; Phipps Daniel P to David Viraj, $255,000.

1724 Hickory St; Lucas M Investments Llc to Ruiz Arturo A, $263,500.

3409 Idlewood Ave; McKinley Housing Llc to Weber Samuel G, $310,000.

1616 Kemper St; Novak Roger D to Nobakht Shayan, $370,000.

6734 Kensington Ave; Strickler Kathryn G to Willis Denton and Lauren Home, $349,950.

901 Lake Road; Woody Marcia Reid to 901 Lake Rd Llc, $460,000.

3213 Lamb Ave; Tdz Properties Llc to Spearight Realty Llc, $210,000.

301 Lock Lane; Clark Barbara W to Arrington Lindsey C Revocable, $2,000,000.

3001 M St; Rva Sugar Llc to Mason Joshua Luke, $410,000.

2420 Maplewood Ave, U4; Wein David B to Wells Ann Camille, $195,000.

3109 E Marshall St; Chow Jason C to Montgomery Emily, $290,000.

3013 Montrose Ave; Bailey Charleen H to Es Properties Llc, $155,000.

3117 Monument Ave; Maust Robert L Jr Estate to Coldwell Cynthia S, $570,000.

4703 New Kent Ave; Tobe Brenner and Kelly to Tippins Mary Jamison, $485,000.

2016 Newman Road; Dean Kimberly L to Best Mary K, $210,000.

1520 Oakwood Ave; Illian Matthew J and Catherine G to Begala John Paul, $284,950.

6822 Old Jahnke Road; Adler Darcy to Maughon Joseph Daniel, $235,950.

3024 P St; Mitchell William T to Taylor Nadine W, $499,900.

5106 Park Ave; Boyko Mark A to Hoehne Ruth E, $450,000.

2605 Parkwood Ave; Lhjs Properties II Llc to Huna Llc, $575,000.

2 N Plum St; Wydler Ryan to Fairways & Trees Llc, $270,000.

313 W Roberts St; Hunt Ronald H to Simon Alphonso Jr, $349,950.

1900 Rose Ave; Katz Benjamin A And Kayla M to Geoghegan Margaret Ruth, $304,000.

2104 Semmes Ave; NVR Inc to Ruckart Bradley L, $343,455.

3214 Southall Ave; Rivera Eddy to Lee Sharon, $270,000.

101 N Stafford Ave, U3; Heady Shannon E to Taylor Chad, $251,000.

4703 Stuart Ave; Williams Lorraine V to CCRLL Holdings Llc, $335,000.

3630 Tanby Road; Woosley Jeffrey G to Simmons Marc Anthony, $319,000.

510 Vaden Dr; Nelson Noah to Kelley Jessica And Weber Ian, $205,000.

5089 Warwick Road; Brown Willie R And Pansy R to Brown Bekima Miesha, $211,000.

5524 Westower Dr; Martino Adam and Leslie to Roquemore Daniel and Meredith, $300,000.

1905 Wilmington Ave; Peters Mark A and Kay A to Greenbaum Erik S, $162,500.

3323 Woodrow Ave; Christian Christopher J to Martin Michael G, $325,000.


200 A P Hill Ave, Henrico; Walker Raymond A and suzanne to Bovell Steven J and Brandi M, $164,500.

1917 Airy Cir, Henrico; Barber Theresa G to Nguyen Hong Oanh Thi, $183,500.

6038 Almond Creek North Ln, Henrico; Parker Akeena Sharik to Onyeagoro Divine and Charity Ifeoma, Udoye, $212,000.

5512 Ashton Park Way, Glen Allen; Whitlock Todd A Trustee to Brophy Donald F, $427,500.

10828 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Cheeley Rebecca A and Laura W, $325,860.

100 Battery St, Henrico; Chase Adam to Duguay Victoria Mechelle, $190,000.

325 Beechwood Park Ln, Henrico; Thomas Ashaki to Carlton Sherron J, $206,100.

8506 Bentridge Ln, Henrico; Oakland Llc to Lafortune Lance Joseph Sr and Kimberly Ann, $280,000.

5305 Bindery Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Welsh Matthew M and April C, $381,678.

5519 Bloomingdale Ave, Henrico; Ragland Ian P and Brittney Beazley to Warne James K and Jennifer D, $220,000.

10803 Bluebell Dr, Glen Allen; Hall Joseph E and Amy A to Jones Donald Dean, $265,000.

9500 Brant Ln, Glen Allen; Kim Andrew and Soo Min Haider to Longino Maribel A, $263,500.

Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Bhc Townes Llc to Saunders Station Townes Llc, $790,496.

425 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Inukonda Jaishankar and Sushma Inukonda, $462,917.

10150 Brook Rd, Glen Allen; Cedar-Glen Allen, Uk Llc to 7978 Ccb 3 Llc and 7978 Ccb 4 Llc Et Al, $8,540,000.

3735 Byfield Pl, Henrico; Hines E Richard Jr and Nancy R to Martindale Edgar A IV and Siobhan H, $521,700.

3001 Calabria Ct, Glen Allen; Conner James R III to Galdzicka Marzena M, $340,000.

9519 Carterwood Rd, Henrico; Adams Gloria Weiner Trustee to Deregibus Daniel Isaac and Kristin L, $735,000.

200 N Cedar Ave, Henrico; Rodgers Michael and Janet M to Green Latrelle, $155,000.

6003 Chapel Lawn Ct, Glen Allen; Terrell Clint C and Shelley Y Et Al to Sarda Arun, $385,000.

6900 Chelton Rd, Henrico; West Jessica T to Deibel Diane, $230,000.

5121 Cobblestone Landing Pl, Glen Allen; Harcum Christopher S and Luna Liu to Kanakasabai Murali and Mathula Thangarajh, $556,000.

4601 Cobblestone Landing Ter, Glen Allen; Yenney Kurt M and Stacie A to Juhasz Andre Daniel Jr, $625,000.

1421 Connecticut Ave, Glen Allen; Mathis Richard L and Carol A to Patterson Suzette M, $196,900.

12245 Country Creek Way, Glen Allen; Parkerson Robert B and S S to Geng Jia and Ye Kong, $665,000.

9109 Crystalwood Ln, Henrico; Hurt Properties Llc to Fore Katherine, $285,000.

715 Dabbs House Rd, Henrico; Williams Leithia S to Juarez Mauricio, $271,500.

517 Delbert Dr, Henrico; Morgan William and Shirley to Morgan Jason and Michelle, $219,000.

1707 Devers Rd, Henrico; Barwood Andrew and Lauren to Oboyle Devon E, $276,000.

5309 Dickens Rd, Henrico; Oconnell Bridget E to Brunn Devin Chase and Hannah L Silberman, $240,000.

2809 Dover Hunt Pl, Henrico; Vonderlehr Susan C to Sansbury Jacob A and Kaile N, $470,000.

7601 Elko Rd, Sandston; Flynn Wendell B III and Deborah to Perez Robin M and Homero I, $412,000.

4000 Elmswell Dr, Henrico; Reid Allan Jerome Jr and Joseph Garfield to Allen Nicole Trenay-Ashley, $240,000.

1518 Ethridge Dr, Henrico; Abiskhiroon Michael G to Morkous Elia and Marsail, $195,000.

3011 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Taylor Kimberley Lisa to Manda Venkata Ramana, $335,000.

2639 Felspar Dr, Henrico; Gap Investments Llc to Riley Annika, $236,900.

4651 Four Seasons Ter, Glen Allen; Thruston Giles A and Denise M to Beacon Light Properties Llc, $236,000.

831 Francis Rd, Glen Allen; Wilson Robert M Jr and Patrick G to Altorelli Susan Lee and Dwight Joseph, $325,000.

2106 Ginter St, Henrico; Dbh17 Llc to Bingaman Mark Joseph and Kathleen Ryan H, $229,500.

1517 Glenside Dr, Henrico; Kusterbeck Joseph J to Toler Colin A, $195,000.

1904 Glenwilton Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Cox Johnathan D and Rebecca, $314,595.

110 E Gray St, Sandston; Morris Rico Decorius to Sollars Alexis N, $164,950.

1854 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Patel Vishal and Kruti, $844,364.

5168 Hart Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Harris Brian C and Danielle M to Waters Ronald M and Helen N Pham, $405,000.

12316 Haybrook Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Bhutta Harcharanjit and Gurpreet, $389,950.

2007 Hechler St, Henrico; Cornerstone Capital Investments Llc to Rva Rental Group Llc, $510,000.

600 Hickory Tree Dr, Henrico; Mahmoud Wael M to Onyemaechi Matthew U, $180,000.

1938 Hickoryridge Rd, Henrico; Deverna Charles J and Lindsey to Barefoot Joshua A and Margaret M, $443,000.

3001 Hunton Cottage Ln, Glen Allen; Duffy Matthew V and Bindiya B to Multhaluri Gnaneshwar and Roshni Bhupathi, $470,000.

1723 Hounds Way, Henrico; Hennessey Amanda to Alexander Robert O Sr and Margie C, $292,000.

520 Ironington Rd, Henrico; Stowers Claude S and Donna to Sahibzai Javed and Ayesha, $276,000.

1810 Ivystone Dr, Henrico; Taylor David A to Tevis Ashley, $202,000.

12725 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Mullins Clint W and Lisa S to Wei Yunlai and Kate, $465,000.

9511 Kimberly Lynn Cir, Glen Allen; Fults Anne M to Swift Sandra Le, $189,000.

10417 King's Grant Dr, Henrico; Swaroop Shankar and Vidya Nagamangala to Moses Tweh and Pat, $320,000.

2701 Lammrich Rd, Henrico; Mann Bernard A and D B to Muse Whitney M and Willena H, $295,000.

8311 Lansdowne Rd, Henrico; Le Hoang Viet and D Nguyen to Yaeger Steven and Bera, $389,000.

2620 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Safdari Mawladad and Lida, $339,694.

5910 Laurel Bed Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Godshall Jeffrey Alan and Marilyn, $247,932.

5912 Laurel Bed Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Barksdale Shaday Deanna, $252,416.

2008 Libbie Ave, Henrico; Llk and B Llc to Provident2008 Llc, $1,174,800.

2518 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Kim Jeong Han and Hyeyoung to Ouzts William G Sr and William G Jr, $398,000.

10951 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Ruffin Dondelprecio and Stephanie G and Ann Nicholas, $542,789.

3039 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Smith Lolita A Turner to Williams Larry D Jr and Sherika L Chambliss, $270,000.

3702 Maher Mnr, Glen Allen; Rankin Kathryn A to Myler Heather, $580,000.

130 N Mapleleaf Ave, Henrico; Rva Housing Investments Llc to Cordner Susanne, $180,000.

1805 Marroit Rd, Henrico; Gottsch Clara S Estate to Yaque Jose L R and Norma I G Ramirez, $235,000.

3212 Matilda Cv, U0206, Henrico; Maksoud Khaled to Lamison Tamika, $154,000.

6911 Miami Ave, Henrico; Golden Michael P and Grace T to Benedict Melissa R, $351,000.

3500 Middlewich Way, Henrico; Millers Lane Llc to Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia, $360,000.

10841 Millington Ln, Henrico; Derr Kevin B and Jennifer G to Hall Camden and Shannon, $635,000.

5216 Monument Ave, Henrico; Ramey Samuel Eugene Jr and Donald Thompson to Ballard Kenneth and Mallory, $539,500.

2133 Mountain Run Dr, Glen Allen; Pettis Kristi E to Hendrix Hugh Jacob and Marita D Cardenas, $260,000.

589 N Mullens Ln, Henrico; Wilson Kenneth H and Kathleen M to Bradby Jerron and Tamica Adkins, $205,000.

2210 E Nine Mile Rd, Sandston; Wallace Patrick Alan to Gary Keyanna, $161,000.

522 S Oak Ave, Henrico; Taylor Terri L to McBee Quanshai, $165,000.

Old Main St, Henrico; Central Va Invest/Rockett to Stanley Martin Companies Llc, $2,220,000.

4820 Old Main St, U310, Henrico; Kieff Kelly J and Nicola McCloskey to Atkinson Robert Bruce and Patricia Leilani, $520,000.

904 Orchard Rd, Henrico; Robertson Randall W and Tanya S to Galstab Beverlee J and Corey P, $400,000.

5005 Park Commons Loop, Glen Allen; Cox Martha H to Eaves Burrie E III and Jane C, $440,000.

3308 Patch Ct, Glen Allen; Pittman Jimmie L to Bailey Darrin Peter Jr and Haley Garland, $331,000.

2606 Pershing Ave, Henrico; Cutright David Neil and Nicole K Shelton to Cronin Elizabeth and John A Ippolito, $280,000.

6609 Pinepoint Dr, Glen Allen; Nam Joon Seuk to Beck Joyce K, $327,500.

11220 Prescott Pl, Glen Allen; Polychrones Michael J and Sheri Michelle to Alallouch Museif and Dimah Alrahal, $570,000.

23 N Quince Ave, Henrico; Thurston David S Jr and Daniel K Graves to Forester Malea Jaslin, $172,000.

607 Reese Dr, Sandston; Spain Mark C and Angela R to Ferguson-Snead Christy and Ronald Snead, $255,000.

10725 Rocket Dr, Glen Allen; Lotze Robert C and G M to Lewis Emmaline Horton and Taylor Charles, $421,000.

210 Rocketts Way, U206, Henrico; Beckett Fiona S and JB and Rosemary Beckett to Nelson Cydney S and William N, $205,000.

6011 Rois Rd, Henrico; Martin Sandra K to Broaddus David T Jr and Angela J Ference, $168,500.

300 Santa Clara Dr, Henrico; Baum Stacey F to Brownstein Melissa and Andrew, $795,000.

12404 Seahaven Dr, Henrico; Hodges Jeanne A and Marion A to Woolstenhulme Jared Lynn and Marilou, $420,000.

3812 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Graham Carolyn S, $316,370.

1750 Shady Tree Ct, Henrico; Jung John S to Kelkar Vinayak and Sushama, $215,000.

509 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Henrico; Wallace John G II and Elizabeth B to Boyko Marc Alan and Hampton B Lamb, $728,000.

2673 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Creasey-Smith Shawn L, $283,571.

1342 Stone Ridge Park Loop, Henrico; Brooks Norman J to Brooks-Brown Shelia D and Anthony Brown, $228,000.

2908 Susan Sheppard Ct, Glen Allen; Patel Amit U to Jones Matthew Lloyed and Amy Lynne Togna, $332,000.

2302 Thousand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Wyatt Alvah L and Bonita M to Morgereth Joseph and Kathleen McGann, $405,000.

2666 Trellis Green Cir, Henrico; Murphy Mark G and Mary Doran to Drozen Deborah B and Melvin S, $465,000.

8227 Turner Forest Rd, Henrico; Sarpong Harrison to Chilson James W III, $397,000.

2431 Valleymeade Pl, Glen Allen; Miller Christopher H to Saraba Salwa S, $198,834.

2510 Waco St, Henrico; Silver Nathalie B Estate and N B S Trustee to 2508 Waco Llc, $657,500.

2424 Wedgewood Ave, Henrico; Cronin Elizabeth Ann to Halverson Eric, $344,000.

3161 Welsh Cir, Henrico; Brown Crystal Ann to Alexander Sherricka, $250,000.

4855 Wild Horse Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Del Alcazar Oscar A and Ana Maria Monroy, $314,273.

11476 Willows Green Way, Glen Allen; Chakraborty Arkajyoti to Gizaw Grumnesh A and Ayele K Woldehanna, $489,950.

8121 Wistar Creek Mews, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Gibson Christopher Michael, $318,852.

304 Woodview Dr, Sandston; Jones Alvin S Sr and Artie E Trustees to Baber Devin H and Lauren Simmons, $227,000.


14801 Acorn Ridge Rd; Kertis John and Megan to Carlson Mark Robert and Sarah M, $320,000.

2230 Adelay Dr; Hulbert R S Builders Inc to Orchel Christopher R and Dancy E, $595,000.

9331 Amberleigh Cr; Duff Sandra K to Magee Edward and Charlene, $432,000.

11114 Arbor Green Dr; Webb Ann Mills and Shayne A to Hamilton Justin W and Oden A L, $305,000.

3200 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Thomas Pamela Witcher, $280,480.

6613 Autumn Mist Wy; Lopresti Anthony Et Al to Nguyen Phat T, $286,000.

11430 Avocet Dr; Artisan Design Properties Llc to Herron Ashley Joy and Mitchell E, $478,000.

3205 Barnes Spring Tr; Dove Kimberly K to Wilson Timothy, $300,000.

11601 Barrows Ridge Ln; Zaremba Randi L and Melanie to Parker Tyler, $539,000.

9207 Beech Hill Ct; NVR Inc to Martinez Ronald Daniel, $339,490.

5513 Belle Pond Dr; Dugger Wilnide to Jefferies Terrance R and Tekia, $185,000.

8129 Bendemeer Rd; Faber Peter J to Chandler Duron G and Anjelica P, $325,000.

1610 Black Heath Rd; Magee E R and Magee C A Trustees to Powers M A S and Powers J M Trs, $464,000.

2700 Blithe Dr; Route 1 Ventures Llc to Lauretano V and Lauretano D, $219,750.

11900 Bondurant Dr; Cosby William S and Brenda R to Bunn Jill A and Joseph R, $439,900.

4701 Boones Trail Ct; Pohlman John K and Melisi Nina M to Wieland Nicholas R, $231,500.

10624 Braden Woods Ct; NVR Inc to Trevino Hector and Melinda, $266,440.

10685 Braden Woods Ct; NVR Inc to Briceno Olga, $262,180.

12001 Bromwich Dr; Hayes Rosalie K to Szafranski Leonard J and Loretta, $400,000.

8149 Brown Rd; Transform Va Llc Trustee to Micklos Ryan and Heather, $350,000.

8052 Buford Cm; Burgett Deborah K to Wallace Veria, $188,000.

11749 Burray Rd; Calloway Jesse L and Hilda A to Kleiber Neil I and Ellen C Brown, $610,000.

16136 Cambria Cove Bl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Mitchell Brian C and Iris A, $506,594.

8200 Canberra Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Bell Tiffany and Nicholas, $284,990.

7203 Carriage Pines Dr; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Chacin Rafael Nino, $280,000.

2211 Castlebridge Rd; Roberts Fabian O III and Susan N to Buell William Clark, $452,850.

10261 Centralia Station Rd; M & G Realty Development Llc to Snipes Tracy and Turner Latoya, $405,000.

7207 Chateaugay Ln; Wash William M and Maralina L to Kiger Luther W Sr, $264,950.

9566 Chipping Dr; Washburn Todd R and Wendy H to Price Kimberly and Loucks James, $227,000.

5411 Claridge Dr; Kam Investments Llc to Carter Glenn and Prather Heather, $239,013.

8406 Cobblecreek Rd; NVR Inc to Nelson Justin and Shari, $340,000.

1613 Colehollow Dr; Ellis Ransford O to Bland Zachary, $269,900.

14352 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to Sahni Kanwalcharan, $373,690.

3102 Cottage Oaks Ct; Patterson Jacob T and Laura B to Judge Brittany Diaz, $235,000.

2905 Cove Ridge Rd; Satalino Michael and Amy to Fitzgerald Marc M and Meghan K, $327,000.

14403 Crossings Way Ct; Morgan Craig C and Dana N to Paszynsky Michael, $464,950.

10411 Crumpets Ln; Vandoren Victoria Lynne to Taylor Rudolph H and Annette D, $238,000.

9518 Deering Ct; Main Street Homes to Rippy Kevin, U and Jonique J, $398,233.

11757 Dewberry Ln; Fowler Mark A and Michelle T to Proctor Jaukinta K and B M Jr, $285,000.

15713 Draycot Dr; Hickman William P and Kory K to Byle Steven T and Jennifer S, $626,000.

11907 Dunnottar Tr; Haynes Jon A and Marilee C to Studer Matthew, $595,000.

13909 Eastbluff Rd; Inge Jerry N and Patricia M to Roget Maura M and Edward, $290,000.

4607 Edenton Pl; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Taylor Lamaren, $278,000.

4637 Ellerby Dr; Main Street Homes to Powell Andrew W, $498,817.

1117 Enon Church Rd; Walters Edward K and Alexis S to Cribbs-Brown Terry, $185,000.

7831 Falling Hill Tr; Collins Joshua T and Shannon F to Davis Zachary B and Kees Sara R, $300,000.

6007 Faulkner Dr; Mao Vorng and Sar Sokpha to Jackson Tamara Lanette, $282,000.

8500 Finstown Ln; Herd B P and Herd S L Trustees to Mosley Edgar R and Renee G, $525,000.

8601 Forge Gate Ln; NVR Inc to Williams Derek L, $405,060.

6113 Forest Wood Rd; Caraballo Regulo to Shaw Steven C and Brooklyn J, $355,000.

439 Fulcher Ln; Winterson Karen T and Warren D to Lane Richard and Tatiana, $252,500.

8137 Galatea Pl; NVR Inc to Allen-Roach C and Roach S J, $402,745.

2820 Glendower Ct; Wagoner S Rohn and Cobey G to Kouzel Alexander B and Elizabeth, $515,000.

3625 Graythorne Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Maggi Robert J and Sheena M, $564,700.

4325 Greenbriar Dr; Wellforb Investment II Llc to Wellons Charles R, $205,000.

11137 Guilford Rd; Stevens Dolores L Trust to Stanzione John R and Elizabeth, $180,000.

6601 Hagerty Ln; Knisley James and Yong to Turcios Marlos R Castro, $290,000.

13120 Hampton Meadows Tr; Atkinson Lesley Walker to Harrelson Steven R, $360,000.

7124 Harbourside Ct; Roupe Barry L and Cheryl H to Weekes Robert Randall, $290,000.

12233 Haydon Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Anaza Jae Ryoung, $293,690.

4306 Heathbrook Ct; Carr Karen F and Jerome D E to Brown J W III and Wells-Brown S, $278,000.

13203 Heritage Woods Tl; Pierce Dianne O and Joseph T Jr to Stafford Rhonda M, $251,000.

15207 Heron Pointe Wy; Dick Roger A and Katherine S to Ferranti Vincent and Sharon, $775,000.

8612 Hunterstand Ct; Gunter Erin Wald to Juarez Ascencio E and Ascencio M, $162,500.

3205 Hunts Bridge Ct; Bartoli Eric D and Elaine M to Hirshorn Barbara A, $257,000.

2856 Iverson Rd; Bailey Bryan Hal to Munoz John, $229,000.

12600 Jolly Pl; Phillips Christopher W and C R to Owen Manny L and Jami N, $324,900.

3046 Kim Dr; Fritch Michael D and Nancy A to Pasley Feonie N, $160,000.

9506 Kinnerton Dr; Main Street Homes to Pair Billie B and Phyllis H, $413,317.

5400 Kralan Ct; Miller Kurt M and Kristy to Dufief James S Et Als, $325,000.

13955 Krim Point Rd; Frick Joseph Wayne and Teresa M to Horgan Maryann C, $365,000.

4513 Lake Summer Lp; Gregoire Development Corp to Moss Christopher and Donna, $769,745.

4026 Laurelwood Rd; Spoon Alexandra M to Hernandez Mejia Maicol A, $200,000.

7606 Lawnbrook Dr; NVR Inc to Thomas Overton D Jr and Tersheka, $252,145.

13606 Littlebury Ct; Snead Stephen Michael to Recopalchi Luis A Torres, $272,000.

4204 Lind Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Moore Tiara S and Wesley M, $262,460.

9048 Lost Forest Dr; Wright Crystal to Wolfzorn David J and Jennifer A, $202,500.

9513 Lost Forest Dr; Rainey Rebekah to Newbrough Jonathan and Irish S, $183,500.

13830 Mangrove Bay Dr; Stewart Catherine M to Farooque Aisha and Mohammad, $498,000.

7125 Maple Summit Ln; Lifestyle Home Builders to Roday Zack M and Marre Allison L, $544,950.

14301 Masada Ct; Haddock Marsha E to Carter Angela L and Duane S, $350,000.

307 Mason Orchard Dr; NVR Inc to Flores Luis D D and Lopez Lis P, $302,115.

3306 Meadow Oaks Bl; Tran Thuy MIInh and Huan Thi to Cosely Michelle C, $270,000.

17540 Memorial Tournament Dr; Sanders Drake L and Annamaria C to Quast Phyllis Erika, $256,000.

11300 Mendota Rd; Keevin Brian J to Caple-Ball Diane, $275,000.

14831 Michaux Valley Cr; Biringer Builders Inc to Cable William L and Teresa L, $1,116,252.

3806 Mill Manor Dr; Pasmore Grant A and Cheryl J to Minogue Sean P and Charlotte A, $286,000.

16236 Mistora Rd; Maitland James C Jr and C A to Clampitt Melissa Danielle, $150,000.

3925 Monza Dr; Carr Brian S and Julie A to Bishop Andrew and Angela, $350,000.

2949 Mountclair Rd; Yost Sara J to Wiggins Victoria Desiree, $205,000.

13716 Nairn Pl; Parker Tyler Demetrius to Lauranzon Rodolfo H Jr and Mary, $370,000.

6233 Newington Dr; Brinkley Jeffrey A to Long Patrick and Christian, $165,000.

12603 Nightingale Dr; Ellinger Daniel P and Kathleen F to Phillips Christopher W and C R, $430,000.

14430 Old Bond St; Martelli James and Julie to Billie Erica Chenille, $344,900.

11810 Old Centralia Rd; Vaughan Gwendolyn E to 11810 Old Centralia Llc, $215,000.

12800 Old Country Ln; Stone Darrell and Hempenstall L to Hamilton Lora Suzanne, $310,000.

3900 Overridge Dr; Dixon Cyrus B and Stephanie L H to Graham Pamela Marie, $280,000.

8900 Peach Grove Rd; Bock Greg A to Brown Destiny, $209,900.

11302 Perdido Ct; Cuenca Jhon F G and Garcia E E to Sanders Patricia Lynn, $224,900.

275 Philray Rd; Vanvalkenburgh Joseph C Et Als to Triple Crossing Realty Llc, $190,000.

10911 Pintail Pl; Boerner Michael W and Agnes A to Vance Alice and Geissinger D, $410,000.

4226 E Prestonwood Av; Dowdy Winnie K to Fuller Paul Jr, $245,000.

8600 Proctors Run Dr; Armstead Brian E to Racks Deltwon and Tiffanee, $315,000.

2813 Quisenberry St; Nunnally Jeffrey S to Dickinson R H and Tucker C M, $255,000.

8628 Rainwater Rd; Jordan Erica C and Davis Devon to Coltrain Hannah M, $199,000.

6200 Regal Crest Dr; Marriott Rachael and Slater M to Brinkley Jeffrey A and Ashley K, $345,000.

3221 Regatta Pointe Ct; Bean David R to Montague Mary B and Coppage S M, $472,000.

11830 River Rd; Rollins Regis C and Roberts R to A2zproperty Llc, $210,000.

7606 Robinwood Dr; Whyte Cassandra to Redd Erica Perkins, $225,000.

10501 Rollingway Tr; Clark Robert K to Walters Ian M and Dunlap Jade A, $195,000.

16407 Rosebrier Tr; Tinch Nick and Roberta to Willis Kevin M and Jennifer D, $527,500.

6018 Round Rock Rd; Fisher Robert D and Sheryl P to Dunn Cody A and Young Shelby T, $347,000.

7325 Rouseaux Pl; Hhhunt Homes LC to Otey Gregory C and Laurel J, $408,950.

14313 Safewings Pl; Haas Gerald and Cynthia to Cannon John R and Phyllis A, $429,000.

4816 Sapphire Dr; Lancaster George B III and N A to Linker Katrina, $250,000.

2907 Sand Hills Dr; Carter Lori G to Elliott Timothy A and Joni L, $201,001.

8820 Scotford Rd; Staley Amanda M and Martin K M to Roman D S and B J and Bell F B, $299,900.

6300 Seti Ct; Morris Tiffany N to Phillips Kristina S, $165,000.

10460 Shumark Dr; Rowlands Jesse R and Ashley K to Dubois Abigail and Edward, $277,000.

5501 Silver Birch Ln; Martin Brian M and Jennifer L to Piccolo Brian, $315,000.

10715 Snare Ct; Orcutt Douglas and Laura A to Rodriguez L E and Rodriguez D, $250,000.

5802 Spinnaker Cove Rd; Hulbert Willard D and Susan D to Phillips Donovan, $500,000.

9916 Spring Run Rd; Gouse Carolyn Q to Jahna William D and Kristy B, $210,000.

9049 Spyglass Hill Turn; Aguirre Rafael and Olga to Ortiz Acevedo L A and Jimenez D, $317,000.

13800 Sterlings Bridge Rd; Price Tori to Harris Marco L, $265,000.

10731 Stillwood Ct; Silk Gerald W to Duffey Josh Dana, $230,000.

752 Sturgis Dr; Coleman Tiffany L to Mayer Xue Fang and Craig D, $153,000.

11110 Summer Arbor Ln; Avilla Trinity and Roehrman J to O'Quinn Travis, $285,500.

7113 Swiftrock Ridge Pl; Reid Cynthia E to Berry Quanisha R, $320,000.

3947 Tanbark Rd; Garcia-Velazquez D and Cortez M to Rebuck Dana B, $265,000.

9900 Third Branch Dr; Felker Thomas J and Cheryl A to Williams Ross A and Maria M C, $345,000.

8206 Thirsk Ln; Council Cooper and Ashley to Poli Peter L II and Angela D, $385,000.

5806 Trail Ride Dr; Davis G Grant and Linda G to Troendle Michelle M and Doner E, $570,000.

1506 Turnmill Dr; Cole Jonathan S to Taylor John Ryan, $290,000.

18201 Twin Falls Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Crenshaw Nicole, $361,040.

6917 Velvet Antler Dr; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Murphy Ashley E, $230,000.

11707 Village Garden Ct; Gargis Carolyn B to Whittington Carl B, $312,950.

3018 Waddington Dr; Williams John H to Greer Lareesha, $172,500.

2673 Water Race Tr; Burkett Jason and Dawn to Robinson Adam and Erica R, $335,000.

4513 Welby Turn ; Gaither Brian R and Ann O to Fisher Natalie K and Jared M, $790,000.

6619 Whisperwood Dr; D R Horton Inc to Beavers Calvin W and Miles J M, $331,990.

16930 White Daisy Lp; Borgstrom Josh T to Carrieri Kimberly M and Pecket D, $466,000.

15213 Windy Ridge Rd; Laury Alexander and Connie G to Goulart A L and De Lima L F G, $310,000.

2307 Wing Haven Pl; Hellerstein Jonathan P and M A to Wright Brian N and Julia, $490,000.

14206 Woodleigh Dr; Spurs Irvin J and Yvonne to Jones Lucy, $409,500.

3000 Woodsong Dr; Heiderman Barabara Jeanne to Bowyer Dawn, $194,500.

7709 Yorkdale Dr; Capek Lisa Ruth to Pina-Jemio Shantel and Jemio J J, $282,000.


9400 Alsace Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Philip A. Moore, $395,840.

153 Arlington Square, Ashland; James G. O'Quinn to Terence M. Crane, $172,000.

13018 Auburn Mill Lane, Glen Allen; Thomas M. Slaven to Wade Robertson, $348,850.

10301 Bealeton Court, Mechanicsville; Peter L. Noon to Eric C. Stakem, $390,000.

15452 Beaver Den Lane, Beaverdam; John C. Miller to Joshua S. Feather, $354,000.

200 Beverly Road, Ashland; Prentice K. Kinser IV to Brannon D. McDaniel, $480,000.

9021 Brevet Lane, Mechanicsville; Chieu Huynh to Edgar Juarez, $360,000.

6284 Bunker Hill Drive, Mechanicsville; Paul Diana to Sahadat Faqiri, $370,000.

9379 Charter Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; CHC Lands Inc. to William Rowe Henry Jr., $485,000.

10407 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Jeffrey W. Olson, $515,586.

8275 Christopher Paul Drive, Mechanicsville; Beckham A. Stanley to Haley E. Brazier, $287,500.

9351 Crestfield Drive, Mechanicsville; Patricia R. Lawlor to Steven P. Shriner, $440,000.

8332 Devils Den Lane, Mechanicsville; Mary A. Cassidy, trustee to Susan Berryhill, $260,000.

6347 Drapefield Road, Mechanicsville; Madora L. Clarke to John J. Loehner, $226,000.

10954 Emerald Rock Lane, Mechanicsville; Dennis J. McLaughlin to Christopher R. Martin, $421,500.

8217 Ferrill Court, Mechanicsville; Douglas Laabs to Calvin Gene Davis, $480,000.

7490 Gold Coast Lane, Mechanicsville; Paul T. Healy to Ellett Daniel Seay, $424,000.

8747 Hambleton Way, Mechanicsville; Rommel Magsipoc Penaranda to Michael Abiskhiroon, $391,000.

7240 Harbor Hill Drive, Mechanicsville; Glenn M. Torre to Carolyn J. Eppes, $222,000.

202 Henry Clay Road, Ashland; John L. Hobson to Paul Matthew Overton, $193,000.

9931 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Matthew H. Nuhse, $440,940.

9952 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Marquelle Robinson, $392,820.

9956 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Gabriel Omar Rodriguez, $475,825.

8204 J. David Lane, Mechanicsville; Victoria Brown to Kennedy M. St. John, $269,950.

14177 Jakes Circle, Montpelier; Ralph C. Joynes to Stephen G. Hopkins, $482,000.

6808 Joshua Aaron Court, Mechanicsville; Dan Daley to Ricardo Briseno, $349,000.

8002 Kenmore Drive, Mechanicsville; Richard F. Simon to Virginia Moorfield, $219,900.

13112 La Reine Court, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Sean Clarke, $582,500.

221 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Joshua A. Pakula, $385,355.

9051 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Fetima N. Hughey, $564,000.

6579 Magnolia Green Lane, Mechanicsville; Karen D. Westphal to Donald R. Fullmer, $250,000.

8192 Marley Drive, Mechanicsville; Vivian E. Avalos to Rachael N. Fulop, $330,300.

10533 Meadowbrook Road, Glen Allen; J3G Partners LLC to George M. Davidson, $215,000.

10426 Morning Dew Lane, Mechanicsville; Eric W. Moore to Kelsey Heady Attkisson, $434,950.

11143 Mount Hope Church Road, Doswell; Joseph B. Davenport to Taylor Randolph, $275,000.

17429 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Andrew J. Kaufmann to Thomas A. Schiefer, $500,000.

8670 Oakham Drive, Mechanicsville; Marcelo Silva Cerizza to Joseph Robert Grubbs Jr., $472,000.

10504 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Jayme White, $329,874.

10508 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to John L. Richi, trustee, $339,322.

10166 Peridot Court, Mechanicsville; Diane S. Young to Barbara Domer Hostetler, $301,000.

8466 Pine Hill Road, Mechanicsville; Christine A. Pope to Sara Valentine, $249,000.

14450 Pinehurst Lane, Ashland; Randall P. Underwood to John J. Datovech, $449,000.

209 Randolph Circle, Ashland; Kimberly Bostain to Chadwick Olsen, $415,000.

4259 Range Road, Mechanicsville; Mark V. Snider to Theodoros G. Ioannou, $447,000.

7364 River Pine Drive, Mechanicsville; Thomas R. Royer Jr. to Crystal P. Difruscio, $355,000.

11426 Rose Bowl Drive, Glen Allen; Robert C. Hedman to David Neil Cutright, $365,000.

8051 Rutland Village Dr.; Nicole H. Nikolis to Samuel A. Kelly, $293,400.

6005 Saber Court, Mechanicsville; Alexandra Vanzile Bediako to Daniel Pitts, $228,000.

8135 Saint Emilion Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to George H. Matthews, $345,520.

1800 Sidney Court, Glen Allen; Zachary Todd Attkisson to Mohammed Jassas, $250,000.

100 Slash Drive, Ashland; James Christopher Hayes to Artemio Osorio Nieves, $239,000.

8981 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Brenda G. Bechtel, $345,505.

9001 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Rhiannon Poole, $325,400.

9487 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; Kevin M. Patterson, trustee to William M. Myers, $575,000.

9105 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Brian W. Barber to Robert P. Mann, $520,000.

6511 Tammy Lane, Mechanicsville; John A. Adams to Kayleigh Francesca Hill, $271,000.

18395 Teman Road, Beaverdam; Equity Trust Co. to Matthew D. Trentadue, $399,900.

14491 Three Oaks Terrace, Montpelier; Craig R. MacQueen, trustee to Stephanie Kikis, $872,000.

7918 Trumpetvine Lane, Mechanicsville; Pamela Jean Breitung to Christopher T. Robbins Sr., $290,000.

Unit 1, Brookshire Commons; W.A. Martin Properties LLC to CSG Management LLC, $607,500.

15191 Whitetail Hollow Court, Doswell; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Wanda L. Evans, $497,500.

11297 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Richard D. Potter, $264,910.

9370 Windsor Shade Drive, Mechanicsville; Jason K. Simmons to Ruben E. Rodriguez, $354,000.

9050 Winter Spring Drive, Mechanicsville; Paul G. Long to Ron Swenson, $365,000.

8542 Woodsage Court, Mechanicsville; Barry M. Dalton to Thi Hong Doan, $400,000.


2364 Belcrest Circle, Midlothian; Mark Geris to Frederick P. Karp, $620,000.

859 Dogwood Dell Lane, Midlothian; Robert L. Mills to Kathleen Anne Fitzgerald, $600,000.

1785 Finneys Mill Terrace, Powhatan; Dean T. Patrick to Derek A. Speight, $475,000.

2560 Glen Ridge Court, Powhatan; Bobby V. Cathey to Jennifer L. Staley, $325,000.

2853 Huguenot Springs Road, Midlothian; Lummie W. Jones to Todd Denny, $280,000.

3524 Jefferson Landing Road, Powhatan; Mason T. Elliott to Nathan Scott Musik, $228,500.

2465 Manakintown Ferry Road, Midlothian; Nancy Meyer to Robert F. Casler Jr., $420,000.

5767 Moore Creek Road, Powhatan; Dustin J. Taylor to Joseph A. Shaw, $320,000.

2028 Oak Leaf Drive, Powhatan; Paul B. Johnson to Katherine Natella, $320,000.

1509 Page Road, Powhatan; Pamela Stuart to Richard Andrew Corbitt, $225,000.

3230 Sherwood Ridge Drive, Powhatan; Sandra Swanson, trustee to Sandra M. Ondishko, $305,000.

4303 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Frederick L. Cumbea to Cassandra S. O'Bryant, $192,000.

2200 Watkins Mill Road, Midlothian; Brandon Comer to Charles Rodriguez, $750,000.


10 acres; NYMT Loan Trust 1 to Adam D. Walker, $360,000.

2 parcels; Carolyn A. White, trustee to McClure Family Realty LLC, $1,620,000.

20 acres; Jennifer B. Sarosi to Kevin O. Shoemaker, $575,000.

26.898 acres; SRF-Goochland LLC to Gwendolyn R. Parrish, $151,000.

3 lots, Section 1, Mosaic at West Creek; HHHunt Mosaic LLC to Schell Brothers Richmond LLC, $390,000.

42.03 acres; Andrew J. Segal to James Todd Graham, $640,000.

6 lots, Section 4, Parkside Village; ME PV4 LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $750,000.

Lot 1, Block F, Section 1, Broad Run; Somasekhara R. Mukkamala to Kenneth Gray Hutcheson, $325,000.

Lot 3, Parke View; Bulldogg LLC to Able & Done Right Inc., $165,000.

Lots 3 and 9, Section 2, Preston Park; Earl Thompson Inc. to Chesterfield Construction Services Inc., $180,000.


344 Beauregard; Linda J. Person to Horace Williams, $188,000.

1570 Brandon Ave.; Phillip T. Distanislao Jr. to Shaun M. Goodwin, $275,000.

526 Heth Road; Homestead Land Holdings LLC to Kim Hardy, $175,000.

9 Old St.; Ronald D. Meisner to CCF Properties LLC, $430,000.

416 W Washington st.; Carl B. Klingenberg to Yewande Austin, $235,000.


21.2715 acres; Joshua Markins to Edward B. Brown, $330,000.

Lot 7, Celebrity Estates; Bobby G. Boyd to Lane M. Janosik, $195,000.


907 Azalea Lane; Duy Quoc Tran to Ashley Carter Hebner, $230,000.

251 Kennon Pointe Drive; Erika M. anderson to Thomas Joseph Helring, $270,000.


Lot 2, Block 10, Section 4, Farmingdale; Gerald L. McCain to Matthew J. Dimaria, $232,950.

Lots 6 and 7 and part of Lot 8, Parcel A, Block 14, Woodlawn; Frances Jean Stevenson to Brenton Ray Capps, $185,000.


15 acres; Brenton J. Bohannon to Matthew Murnion, $162,000.

27.73 acres; Sidney G. Jennings II, trustee to Tony Hanson Rivenbank, $605,000.

Lot 12, Section 2, Bel Green at Brickshire; John Bahouth to Joseph C. Burns, $299,000.

Lot 159, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Taylor Casey, $298,135.

Lot 44, The Paddock at Brickshire; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc. to Kent James Johnson, $456,030.

Lots 2 and 3, Block D, Section B, Brookwood Manor; Michael T. Leber to Jon M. Butler, $249,950.

Parcels; D. Bryan Pitts to Robert J. Butler, $465,000.


2.25 acres; Par 5 Development Group LLC to New Columbia Capital Partners LLC, $1,630,000.

7.1 acres; Kristina-Lynn Greene Page to Rebecca K. Vasquez, $252,670.

Parcel; John L. Rasnick Jr. to Ryan C. Hoover, $178,000.

Charles city

2.2 acres; Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee to Sustainable Property Holdings LLC, 13054000.

53.62 acres; Margaret A. Duggan to Kent M. Pillow, trustee, $725,000.


1330 Dykeland Terrace, Amelia Court House; Jennie V. Gaglio to Victor Michael Gaglio, $335,000.

13929 Little Patrick Road, Amelia Court House; Jennifer Marie Fogelman to Billy Gowen, $251,000.


210 acres; Eagle on 3 LLC to Zimbelman Family LLC, $1,545,331.

37.55 acres; Richard C. Green Jr. to Lori Vaughn, $343,750.

Parcel; Barbara McClinton to JCM III LLC, $167,000.


2.31 acres; Robert Russell South III to William E. Elburn, $367,500.

2 parcels; David A. Taylor to Melinda Inge, $329,900.


5.24 acres; Joseph G. Smith to Jerrell T. Golden Sr., $299,950.

97.816 acres; Central Crossing 2 LLC to David S. Mitchell, $250,000.

Lot 2178 and western half of Lot 2179, West Point; Phillip H. Price to Karen Lynn Jeffrey, $155,000.

Lot 8, Block E, Section 2A, Central Crossing; Central Crossing LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $180,000.

Lots 10 and 11, J.T. Tokarz Subdivision; Gary D. Brewington to Valentina R. Colton, $187,500.


22528 Cabin Point Road, Disputanta; Michael Pegg to Freddye Danielson, $189,000.

224 N. Pinecrest Road, Wakefield; David J. Power to Shilton Ricks Butts, $150,000.


241 Lewis Burwell Place; Jonathan G. Lucey to Lawrence E. Powell Jr., $250,000.

Unit 1, Cary St. Condominium; Carolyn B. Hall, trustee to Nathan Shawn Kimbro, $240,000.

Unit 44, Wyndham Plantation; Carolyn A. Carter to Jennifer A. Donley, $257,000.

208 Woodmere Drive; William G. Hughes Jr., trustee to Marta H. Marcopoulos, $234,000.


0.1354 acres; Joel R. Fortune to Brock M. Dehlin, $151,000.

0.762 acres; Jorge A. Macias to Newport News Shipbuilding Employees Credit Union, $300,000.

0.851 acres; Rose Ann Crist, executor to Christopher W. Setterholm, $295,000.

1.73 acres; Resort Motels Ltd. to Hampton Roads Capital LLC, $654,000.

1.7338 acres; Christopher William Snead to Jeremy W. Morris, $250,000.

238 acres; Terry L. Queijo, trustee to Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC, $667,500.

8.636 acres; Phyllis Garrett Taylor to Trustees of Shiloh Baptist Church, $187,000.

E Lot 166, Tutter’s Neck; andrew L. Hamlin, co-trustee to KMP Investment Group LLC, $300,000.

Lot 10, Middle Plantation; Lenox Title Trustee Services LLC to Joel R. Fortune, $262,500.

Lot 12, Colonial Park; David Gregory Gernon to Kayla M. Franklin, $159,900.

Lot 143, Ford's Colony; ALG Trustee LLC to Salama Salib, $409,000.

Lot 15, Raintree Villas; Pamela A. McHose to Michael T. Lewis, $180,000.

Lot 19, Stonehouse Tract 3; NVR Inc. to Williams Business Trust, $267,660.

Lot 2, Burlew; RAS Trustee Services LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, $177,480.

Lot 20, Stonehouse Tract 3; NVR Inc. to Williams Business Trust, $266,665.

Lot 233, Archer’s Mead; Treva L. Kosco to David M. Siegal, $425,000.

Lot 24, Ford's Colony; David A. Black to Thomas M. Estok, $165,000.

Lot 25, Chancos Grant; Cynthia L. Taylor, administrator to Joel R. Fortune, $175,500.

Lot 28, Mirror Lake Estates; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Joel Fortune, $220,000.

Lot 35, Forest Glen; NVR Inc. to Avinash Daga, $269,990.

Lot 35, Jamestown Hundred; Equity Trustees LLC to Paramount Investments LLC, $298,000.

Lot 36, Forest Glen; NVR Inc. to William Francis Kahle III, $325,000.

Lot 408, Moody's Run; Harry G. Walthall, trustee to Craige L. Smith, $565,000.

Lot 42, Village Walk, New Town; Michael R. Hall to Alan R. Batcheller, $466,400.

Lot 1A, Brafford Tract; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to Williamsburg Area Transit Authority, $2,100,000.

Lot 37, The Mews; J. Kenneth Nowell to Beachwood Premier Properties LLC, $199,000.

Lot 40, Powhatan Shores; Anna Marie Mangano, trustee to Daniel B. Nice, $185,000.

Lot 4B, River’s Edge; Edward Besner to Colleen Drummond, $1,020,000.

Lot 50, Ford’s Colony; Timothy D. Nantz to Gary M. Porter, $195,000.

Lot 53, Wellington; Equity Trustees LLC to FFC Properties LLC, $322,500.

Lot 59B, Busch Corporate Center; RLB Cab LLC to Sharon F. Schlerf, trustee, $940,000.

Lot 67, Waterford at Powhatan Secondary; Joshua M. Ring to Madison Trust Co. for benefit of Steven Daniel Foster, $274,000.

Lot 70, Windmill Meadows; Joel R. Fortune to George Anthony Hayward, $434,900.

Lot 75, Chisel Run; Aaron W. Brizuela to Nelda Rendell Baker, trustee, $169,500.

Lot 79, Ford’s Colony; James Blaha to Raymond H. Hudson Jr., $425,000.

Lot 81, Ford's Colony; Terence D. Molloy to Elizabeth H. Lee, $489,000.

Lot 87, Skiffes Creek; Sarah Camden to Dahlia LLC, $155,000.

Lots 13-15, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $219,000.

Lots 14-16, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJV LLC, $171,000.

Lots 16, 19, 26 and 27, Forest Glen; FG Associates LLC to NVR Inc., $315,000.

Lots 2 and 9, Mason Park; Mason Park Development LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $220,000.

Lots 24, 25, 30 and 40, Forest Glen; FG Associates LLC to NVR Inc., $320,000.

Lots 47, 57, 80 and 153, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $368,552.

Lots 52 and 61, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $184,276.

Lots 58 and 60, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $183,000.

Lots 6-8, 10-13 and 15, Mason Park; Mason Park Development LLC to HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC, $880,000.

Lots 7-12, Stonehouse Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $438,000.

Lots 77-80, New Town; ME Settlers LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC, $269,550.

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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