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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, Cumberland, and King & Queen will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


704 N 21st St; Beachy Angela C to Moses Aaron D, $284,000.

1828 N 21st St; Cc Fairview Llc to Bradford Manor Llc, $2,240,000.

1216 N 30th St; Aramin Ihab to Hays Mark A and Nadine B, $280,000.

615 W 33rd St; Hundley Eric B and Kristen G to Blessing William Justin, $484,500.

1002 N 35th St; Stanley Omar V to Kelley Jacob, $406,000.

1801 4th Ave; Fauver Zachary to Hood Douglas and Fayth, $245,000.

1404 Antrim Ave; Pretlow Revardo C and Delores Z to Minor Eric M, $400,000.

515 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, U7; Meadows Karen T to Smith Thomas L, $205,000.

1203 Bainbridge St; Manchester Green Llc to Little Denny Llc, $489,000.

8228 Barningham Road; Tucker Geoffrey G to Sculthorpe Justin W and Sara S, $342,000.

214 Bland St; Bullen Graham Huse to Hiegel Colleen M, $260,000.

1051 Boroughbridge Road; Muse William W and Linda M to Clark Emma E, $197,500.

4101 Bromley Lane; Schumacher Matthew D to Newland Steven E, $650,000.

5011 Brook Road; Richmond Property Holdings Llc to 5011, $415,000.

2315 Carrington St; Biggio Brian J and Samantha F to Menzer Lauren, $320,000.

2607 Chamberlayne Ave; Ghulam Arshad Inc to Arshad Ghulam Inc, $900,000.

901 Chimborazo Blvd; Oldham William H and Vucic Mina to Hunke Brian A, $389,000.

3101 Condie St; Nachman Brian R to Hill Elton Dwight II and Dorota, $321,300.

5401 Ditchley Road; Dillard Hartwell H to Cave Elliott Pendleton, $698,000.

1820 Edwards Ave; T T & T Homes Llc to Chadouli Lina, $150,000.

3307 Ellwood Ave; Chesney Justin to Harriman Charles T III, $430,000.

4319 Fauquier Ave; Kreiser Maria Allison to Fitzgerald Patrick, $369,000.

3417 Florida Ave; Phoenix Funding Partners Llc to Sheehan Thomas, $190,000.

3802 Forest Hill Ave; Thacker Stephen T Jr to Barnhardt Christopher McLeod, $311,500.

4607 W Franklin St; Darling Robert L Jr to Geho Franklin Y Jr, $445,000.

1602 W Grace St; Shanklin David S and Gladys S to Smith Britney S, $695,000.

4606 W Grace St; Berling Eric to Sykes Edward F III, $490,000.

4311 Grantlake Road; Davis W Lauraine to Hoover Andrew C, $300,000.

1107 Grove Ave; Avamere Development Llc to Yousefian Elliott A and Laura A, $1,250,000.

2619 Hanover Ave; Impastato Thomas J and Evelyn A to Parris Kevin Lee, $800,000.

4616 Hanover Ave; Montgomery Christopher B to Strauser Matthew Ross, $428,000.

1230 Hodges Road; Harris Charity M to Vazquez David Rocha, $205,000.

3302 Kensington Ave; Beler Pitt and Julias Llc to Esposito David, $533,500.

7 King St; Pugh Cheryl Sadler to Wallace Harrison Jewell, $249,900.

2001 Lakeview Ave; Cc Fairview Llc to Fairview 2, $1,640,202.

3141 Lanewood Dr; Ortiz-Forero Julio A to Donahoe Matthew, $170,000.

4412 Leonard Pkwy; Fuschetti Kyle Stephen to Coombes Crystal Carna, $455,000.

6 N Lombardy St; Hays William Scott Jr to Aponte Kristin, $420,000.

9950 Maplested Lane; Richardson Vance G and Ralph Jr to Winsheimer William J, $305,000.

101 W Marshall St, U42; Saidenberg Rebecca M to Moeller Eric and Leslie Yowell, $665,000.

2008 Miller Ave; Diaz Jonathan to Thomas Isaiah and Abigail, $280,000.

4213 Monument Ave; Holleman Joseph H Jr and Anne H to Higginbotham Gary L, $482,000.

3106 Moss Side Ave; Walker Jamison R and Kelsey R to Kline Ian F and Jaycee L, $341,950.

3209 Noble Ave; Constant Christopher D to Tucker John T IV and John T III, $479,000.

1309 Nottoway Ave; 1309 Nottoway Avenue Series Of to Stoner John Nicholson Jr, $390,000.

2221 Park Ave; Droddy Kenneth to Goddard Cheryl G Trustee, $475,800.

3935 Patsy Ann Dr; R V A Houses Llc to Thornton Jeri Douglas, $227,500.

1117 Pierpont Road; Solodar Properties Llc to Torino Ryan M, $170,000.

10231 Pondera Road; Stein Michael D to Walsh Bryan D, $265,000.

2006 Rawlings St; Gentry Summer M to Clarke Heather and James Branch, $170,000.

6416 Roselawn Road; Dennis Cameron E to Warner Claiborne Mason, $1,412,500.

4212 Seminary Ave; Hamric Ann B to Naidu Sakkubai and Kamalakar Rao, $440,000.

5309 Snowden Lane; Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc to Lemmon John D, $300,000.

6706 Stuart Ave; Giebel Peter E to Jones Christian M, $305,000.

3313 Terminal Ave; Mghattas Llc and Milad Hanna Llc to Hortenberry Logan and Alexandria, $200,000.

2323 Venable St; Scheetz David B Trs to Phillips Austin Ross, $210,000.

2834 Wellington St; Urban Land Solutions Llc to Ware Neck Propertites Llc, $151,000.

3706 W Weyburn Road; Ponder Daniel W to Gary Brandon Clay, $329,900.

7468 Wyandotte Dr; Miller Regina L to Johnson Miles W, $351,200.


7217 Alycia Ave, Henrico; Sheridan Ann and Michael and K McIntosh to Tapia Alberto J G and Tammy M Guzman, $228,000.

11812 Amberwood Ln, Glen Allen; Schuler Michael R and Melissa M to Orth Jared D and Jennifer V, $480,000.

9005 Arthur Ct, Glen Allen; Puckett Laura S to Abadir Adel M and Marian N Botros, $265,000.

918 Baldwin Rd, Henrico; Gunter Carolyn H Estate to Crenshaw Edgar H IV and Elizabeth A, $560,000.

1911 Barribee Ln, Henrico; Petock Rachel Leigh to Muzia Heather A and Kenneth V Farino Jr, $312,000.

100 Beauregard Ave, Henrico; Nunnally James W and E G to Trice Destiny Alycia, $185,000.

4900 Belmont Park Rd, Glen Allen; Peck Bob R and Connie V to Myers Raymond L and Geralyn H, $443,000.

1103 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Lautenslager Stephen P and Tina M to Smith Anna Maria and Galen Hogan-Barden, $233,700.

7801 Boxwood Ct, Henrico; Pedigo Johnnie A to Pocai Cesar and Maria Velegris, $321,000.

3812 Brennen Robert Pl, Glen Allen; Still-Thomas Tanya and Bryan A Still to Albee Eric and Rachael, $375,000.

9306 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Stirling Robert M to Woodruff Timothy, $245,000.

2805 Burnlake Ct, Henrico; Dusing Timothy M and Stacey C Trust to Smith Scott Gordon and Darcy Fontaine, $430,000.

1314 Camden Dr, Henrico; Maden Angelic R to Lutz Bryan C and Alexandra R Lightfood, $273,000.

2710 Cemetery Rd, Glen Allen; Weis James T to Ward Colin E and Julie A, $296,000.

9307 Classic Rd, Glen Allen; Fedoryk Thomas Jr and Allison to Marshall Bryce W and Jessica H Robertson, $280,000.

10608 Cliffmore Dr, Glen Allen; Forget Michael to Rahman Md Ataur and Fnu Nurunnahar, $347,500.

1591 Constitution Dr, Henrico; Collins Christopher H to Fazzi Valerie Mae, $190,000.

7345 Creekridge Rd, Henrico; Hall Carlton A and Cathy H to Bowden Taylor A and Haley Amanda Link, $197,900.

5311 Cutshaw Ave, Henrico; Benedict John C to Benedict Christina M and David A Watson, $260,000.

4480 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Hawash Sally to Fox Gerry W, $195,000.

6464 Dawnfield Ln, Henrico; James-Beechaum Jenell to Parker Carolyn Miller, $188,000.

7609 Derryclare Dr, Henrico; Haenlein Peter T A and Jessica L R to Navarro Oscar Armando Portillo and Mercedes Portillo, $250,000.

3814 Duckling Walk, Glen Allen; Miller Donald E Jr and Dawn F Trustees to Murray Calvin Lee III and Jeanne Brantley, $535,000.

7716 Durvin Dr, Henrico; Woodie Investments Llc to Freedlander Mary W, $190,000.

8004 Edith Hill Ct, Henrico; McGirt Amy L and Terry L and Theresa H to Pannell Jonathan Trent, $219,000.

8808 Eli Pl, Glen Allen; Nguyen Tuan and Phi-Yen to Wildman Matthew James and Lindsey Marie, $404,750.

1215 Elmhurst Dr, Henrico; Whitenack Nathaniel J to Wright Elizabeth P and Sean T Buxton, $298,500.

4617 Emmett Rd, Glen Allen; Pope Thomas W Jr and Ann H to Oleson Robert Lee Jr, $242,950.

10211 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Etheredge Justin W and Sara to Leonard James and Robyn Nicole Spitzer, $345,000.

220 S Fern Ave, Henrico; Carmel Holding Company Llc to Embrey Erin K, $175,000.

10752 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Le Tam M, $545,135.

7919 Fortress Pl, Henrico; Atkinson Landis W and D K to Atkinson Harneatha, $550,000.

1904 Francis Rd, Glen Allen; Plum Matthew and Mitch Gilman to Williams Leslie, $290,000.

6303 Galaxie Rd, Henrico; 6303 Galaxie Road Series to Watkins Benjamin N and Mary K, $249,000.

10703 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Kee Ruth M to Doque Capital Llc, $180,000.

2700 Glen Point Cir, Henrico; Carlson Erick B and Rachel A to Brown Cody Emerson, $284,950.

10108 Grand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Calhoun Brian A and Jenna Lynn to Basil Scott N and Katie G, $335,000.

11520 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Carra Bradley and Stephanie, $949,728.

2853 Haley’s Hollow Rd, Glen Allen; Flegenheimer Brett to Billadeau Beau Monte and Kayla Brae, $229,500.

1992 Harvest Grove Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to McDonnough Natalee, $337,530.

12319 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Gandhi Dhara and Punit, $646,711.

1312 Hillside Ave, Henrico; Lewis Jay D to Mire Harrison Kelly, $235,000.

4801 Hunter’s Knoll Dr, Henrico; Martin Catrina A to Richey Stephanie and Danny, $275,000.

12016 Hunton Crossing Pl, Glen Allen; Wharton Joshua A and Amanda D to Armstead Ellan and Amanda Lewis, $325,000.

12578 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Braswell Robert L Jr and Nicole A to Cherian Mathew and Ansu S Jacob, $398,000.

2789 Kennedy Rd, Henrico; Graziosi Janice Christine to Aversa Kenneth and Phylis, $470,000.

10824 Kilpatrick Ln, Glen Allen; Tompkins Scott J and Alexis J to Sulliivan John L and Elizabeth M, $365,000.

8005 King Eider Dr, Henrico; Robinson David L Jr and Angel N to Wimberly Tiffany, $280,000.

5633 Knockadoon Ct, Henrico; Dorr David M and Samantha R to Abouelkhel Milad and Suzan Wasef, $250,000.

711 Lakewater Dr, Henrico; Hulcher Matthew C and Chandra J to Cox William Hatcher and Beth Ann, $430,000.

2630 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Wilson Laura, $274,532.

4724 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Gautam Biraj, $513,860.

5312 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Beaver Beverly D, $342,741.

12600 Lizfield Way, Glen Allen; Johnson Terry L and Jane R Trustees to Amos Anthony and Ajah, $650,000.

9215 Lyndonway Dr, Henrico; Barns Matthew Taylor to Bridges Jonathan and Sasha Rae Nick, $371,000.

9513 Maelee Mews, Henrico; Kendzia Thomas and Chelsea to Barrientos Gerardo, $244,950.

10503 Marions Way, Glen Allen; Bonovitch Theron D and Patricia T to Childress Faith M, $265,000.

1744 Mary St, Sandston; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Stevens Britnei Monique, $238,260.

7063 Messer Rd, Henrico; Beltrami Mark A and Bryan L Dixon to 647-649 Commack Road Realty Inc, $210,000.

4704 Mill Park Dr, Glen Allen; Mayo William E and Kathy F to Horton Andrew J Jr and Basma Hanna, $308,000.

1902 Moonwind Pl, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Arney William and Nicole, $257,000.

5519 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Gonzalez-Reyes Jose David, $271,175.

2113 Mountain Run Dr, Glen Allen; Select Home Solutions Llc to Samuels Jerona S and Brandon Tyrell, $230,000.

2906 Murano Way, Glen Allen; Cossu Keith D and Masayu R to Levine Sharon G and Michael G, $362,000.

1187 New Market Rd, Henrico; Jeffress Joel J and Nicole D to Inocencio Kevin, $208,000.

1805 Norris Ln, Henrico; McGee Mary D to Tetel Teo and Josephina Vossen, $640,000.

231 N Oak Ave, Henrico; Brad Harris Inc to May Tenisha A, $180,000.

10503 Old Courtney Rd, Glen Allen; Wettstone Linda C to Fletcher Andrew G and Kristen B Canipe, $322,000.

6603 Park Ave, Henrico; McGee Meagan D to Newton David S and Leslie A, $360,000.

5040 Parkland Dr, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Taxin John Eric and Jayme Beth, $612,375.

1808 Pemberton Ridge Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Jordan Alexander R and Sandra J, $495,235.

1018 Pepper Ave, Henrico; Galt Marcus C to Emick Christopher S and Delene L, $550,000.

10917 Pointer Holly Path, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Hesh Stephen J, $348,820.

513 Portwest Ct, Henrico; Pizzani Miriam K Trustee to Julius Demetrios and Janice, $327,000.

2602 Quarterpath Pl, Henrico; Blekicki Thomas and Constance to Vaughan William and Robin Spruill, $246,500.

5117 Randall Ave, Henrico; Ile Properties Llc to Martin Jakia, $156,555.

8203 Reinland Dr, Henrico; Franklin Lena Estate to Withers Gary and Barbara and Brittany, $225,000.

905 Ridge Top Rd, Henrico; Seal Cynthia J to Beechwood Development Llc, $412,000.

519 Ridgeley Ln, Henrico; Volkmann Charles W and William Keith to King Zachary, $255,000.

10704 Rocket Dr, Glen Allen; Nguyen Lan Hung and Julie Thuy Dung to Clark Stephen and Alicia, $386,200.

1603 Santa Rosa Rd, Henrico; 1603 Santa Rosa Road 10104169 Llc to Tyler Building Llc, $1,627,500.

8398 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Stewart Catherine M, $198,000.

3821 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Bonaparte Kim Monique, $291,730.

10713 Shadyford Ln, Glen Allen; Dunn Wendy R and Jason L Stone to Sanmartin-Torres Juan and E Sanmartin, $325,000.

12013 Simsbury Ct, Glen Allen; Firebaugh John G Jr and Mollie V to Naletelich Kelly Anna and Juan Alejandro Gelves, $525,000.

12315 Smith Grove Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Mali Shailesh Bhagawan and Amruta Shailesh, $464,045.

1214 Southbury Ave, Henrico; Reo Service Llc to Reyna Alex Michael, $213,000.

10827 Stanton Way, Henrico; Hillman Carolyn R and Steven W Street to Khan Mahjiba A and Imam B Anwar, $232,500.

7004 Staunton Ave, Henrico; Finn Michael D and Shari H to Bell Stephen W Jr and Tien Ning Hsiung, $357,500.

4017 Sweet Azalea Row, Glen Allen; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Hawthorne Robert Charles and Mary C, $543,978.

9721 Taylor’s Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; Driskell Katherine and Hagan to Amoah Kwabena A and Benedette, $265,000.

2336 Thomas Kenney Dr, Glen Allen; Commorato Joseph and Vanessa Rodriguez to Pryor Laron Darrell, $359,000.

12304 Tournament Ln, Henrico; Gladstone Margaret Campbell to Cunero Davia R, $269,950.

12100 Turning Branch Cir, Glen Allen; Agrawal Kshitij and Preetha to Schiefelbien William T and Katherine M, $470,000.

1544 United Ct, Henrico; Neel Nancy L to Carlson Ryan R and Aryn R, $190,000.

3522 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc to Faubion Maxwell, $756,638.

7807 Walkenhut Dr, Henrico; Childress Frances W Estate to Smith Christopher George and Celsey Stahlman, $201,000.

6018 Waller Mill Way, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Logan Samuel Ernest Jr and Cris Clapp Logan, $295,909.

9202 Waterloo Ct, Henrico; Fisher Dorothy G Trustee to Crawford Marcus and Jessica Hemby, $395,000.

4212 Wellston Pl, Glen Allen; Migliore Alyssa L to Gibson Lee, $240,000.

3502 Whelford Way, Glen Allen; Roberts Helen T to Kane Joseph L and Julie F, $349,000.

5912 Whitehurst Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Keen Reginald William and Leslie Anderson, $221,193.

4850 Wild Horse Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Tran Hoa C and Xai Ngo, $296,280.

450 E Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Smith Jared R and Martin L, $224,760.

9606 Woodstream Dr, Henrico; Mize Jonathan D to Fronseca Antonio Nunes Jr, $270,000.


9807 Adkins Village Ln; Emerald Homes to Wride-Graney Amy, $319,675.

9341 Amberleigh Cr; Edwards Cecil E and Patricia O to Semach Paul and Diane, $321,000.

3205 Argent Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Davis Dedrain I and Dennis T T, $245,775.

4818 Arundel Av; Chavez Juan Carlos and Jessica C to Delapena Ligia, $169,950.

1101 Ashbrook Landing Rd; Owens Patrick J and Sara K to Kunze Jeremiah August and Daley, $258,950.

12005 Ashleywilkes Ln; Becker Kenneth A and Diane O to Gibbs Kendrick and Smith Hannah, $189,000.

1436 Avondale Woods Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Parker Edna W, $323,954.

13607 Bastian Dr; NVR Inc to Llenado Pancho Dela Cruz, $392,800.

14021 Bayport Landing Tr; Gonzalez Mariah to Fanning Debora and Stephen E, $322,500.

1700 Bedwyn Ln; Alloway Craig and Caitlin to Lessmann George E and Jenifer C, $835,000.

9231 Belmont Rd; Seay Alvin E and Holmes Charles to Orellana Marvin Cordon Et Al, $338,000.

14300 Bermuda Ct; Shumake James K and Annie to Tucker Deonta, $220,000.

2304 Birnam Woods Tr; Remington Cynthia to Verdeck Kelly and Heather, $345,000.

10701 Blossomwood Rd; Morse Dallas W and Shirley F to Malvern Construction Corp, $150,000.

6116 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Smallwood Ulrica and Brian, $243,990.

11701 Braystone Ln; Brisbone Elijah to Allen James E III and Cindy M, $375,000.

314 Brickland Rd; Poppy Properties Llc to Solares Jairo, $199,000.

8149 Brown Rd; Holcomb I H Jr and B L Et Als to Transform Va Llc Trustee, $170,000.

8824 Buffalo Springs Dr; McCuiston Daryl F and Tisha L to Keough Glenn P and Samantha L, $324,950.

15901 Cambria Cove Bl; Maxson Construction Inc to Eklund Zachary James, $485,000.

8201 Canberra Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Woodson Venessa Y, $320,962.

8724 Cardiff Rd; Moyer Ronald C and Lynne C to Prunkl Elizabeth E and Robison J, $327,950.

5631 Catterick Rd; Emerald Homes to Mao Narin, $261,150.

2239 Chartstone Dr; Geilman Daniel W and Anna R to Warner Nathaniel C and Alexa Rae, $589,500.

2912 Chislet Dr; Baldwin Cory W to Brown Jeremiah D, $322,000.

10311 Christina Rd; Gentner Barbara to Dunbar Thomas Jr, $258,000.

3210 Clintwood Rd; Specialty Homes Llc to Roberts Allan E, $244,000.

630 Coalbrook Dr; Preston Walter H Jr and R V to Khan Muneeb, $470,000.

2019 Colwyn Bay Dr; Sloan Christopher L and K E to Krzemien Jeffrey L and Kimberly, $601,000.

2111 Corner Rock Rd; Meredith William W III and Kay G to Bopp Austin J and Mary Katherine, $385,000.

4101 Courthouse Rd; Lionheart Of Virginia Llc to Burwell Marcus R, $176,000.

12804 Craystone Cr; O'Neal Phillip S and Vicki W to Arnold Jason R and Stephanie H, $525,000.

3205 Crossings Wy; Baust Jesse J and Lauren R to Gallihugh M P and O'Hagan S L, $475,000.

13807 Deer Run Cr; Ward Casey A and Amanda L to Levaughn J H and Durkovic J T, $222,000.

7105 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hurt Robert V, $298,660.

7132 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Lanier Michael Lee and Theresa S, $322,445.

15712 Draycot Dr; Armetta Frank to Dougherty Kevin, $664,000.

14600 Duck Cove Ct; Taylor Jerry W Sr and Judy T to Sinta Claudia, $241,000.

2263 Early Settlers Rd; Brown Carl L and Laura A to Nelson Wilner and Sarah E, $235,000.

2336 Elkview Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Do Anh and Dang Tuyet, $319,385.

17013 Ellerby Pl; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Parks Frederick Todd and Janel L, $559,138.

4513 Exton Ln; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Riddick Fomeka, $192,550.

1500 Featherstone Dr; Schmitt Todd L and Schmitt T W to Warriner Dorothy, $255,500.

14512 Felbridge Wy; Keller Jon F and Hilary R to Scarr Iain and Kaitlyn L, $565,000.

4609 Five Springs Rd; Hatch Rebecca C to Ramsey Ralph A and Megan R, $254,000.

3200 Fox Chase Rd; Holder Jason to Reidelbach Amanda Debra Lloyd, $265,000.

7143 Full Rack Dr; Federal Nat'l Mortgage Assoc to Hosford Thomas, $175,000.

1225 Gladstone Glen Pl; Cooke Benjamin L and Christina L to Semler John, $226,000.

117 Goodward Rd; Hinkle Guy W and Catherine to Phinney Dana M, $290,000.

17525 Great Falls Cr; McDonough Kevin and Christina to Ellington James D and Deborah P, $434,000.

9312 Greatbridge Rd; Motta Homes Renovations Llc to Hall Eryn D and Young Ryan N, $189,000.

3042 Gregwood Rd; Bonessi Donna M to Alvarado Jose, $232,500.

15706 Hampton Crest Turn; Thorp Gregory K and Michelle C to Custalow Anthony L and Brooks A, $315,000.

7819 Hampton Meadows Ln; Grabham Scott W and Jeanine L to Danklou Kokouvi and Amefia Akou, $362,500.

6500 Harbourside Dr; Matias Ghania to Boyce Audra Patrese Lancaster, $262,000.

8519 Hartridge Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Wolfrey Kelly and Charles, $435,967.

12345 Haydon Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Miao Qing and Li Zhongdong, $263,900.

15725 Henningford Rd; Main Street Homes to Manion Dennis Wayne, $424,924.

4001 Hilltop Farms Tr; Rhodes Katie Star to Harris Casey, $254,950.

6930 Holly Bark Dr; Galyean Brandon L to Steele Ian Archer, $255,000.

4501 Hunters Landing Dr; Gilbert Diana C to Minor Marshe, $230,000.

8319 Hunton Cr; Garza Angel and Enedelia V to Almonte J M and De Paralta R C, $212,500.

17219 Ivory Bill Ln; Lifestyle Home Builders to Ainsley Nora Gail, $345,605.

16846 Jaydee Tr; Sulanke Geoffrey A and J M to Garza Robert C and Jennifer Rae, $399,999.

9525 Kennesaw Rd; Hardy Matthew T and Angela Hijar to Henderson Kenya, $205,000.

913 Kingham Dr; Gillespie Brad and Jennifer to Sasser W A and Sasser J N Rev Tr, $495,000.

1018 Kingsport Ln; Moore Jennifer E to Lopez Sosa Juan C, $199,950.

11520 Kralan Dr; Radulescu Cristian J to Pacas Milton, $318,500.

4411 Lake Summer Tr; Parker Gregory A and Jennifer A to McCoy William and Telmyr, $450,000.

2406 Lancraft Rd; Tresas Llc to Byram Joseph A, $310,000.

12000 Lavender Ct; Baird Patrick H and Mary Helen to Pontanilla Cesar C and Felicidad, $385,000.

7506 Lawnbrook Dr; NVR Inc to Gonzalez Anderson, $274,460.

8606 Level Gauge Ln; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Owens Patrick and Sara, $396,860.

4700 Little Creek Ln; Marotta Sherry L to Konek John P and Jennifer A, $375,000.

16043 Longlands Rd; Nickle Robert A and Meagan R to Gunther Brian C and Rhonda Leann, $460,000.

16025 Lost Crop Dr; Eastwood Homes to Marino Robert Ralph Jr, $448,990.

11301 MacAndrew Dr; Jenkins Kimberly Lynne to Cogbill Meagan, $408,000.

11732 Malibu St; Hatton Edna W to Worcester Harold O and Katheryn, $230,000.

15200 Martin Glen Tr; Newman Timothy S to Arroyo Andrew and Tiffany, $349,500.

4312 Maughan House Tr; Delph James R and Faye A to Jones Jerald, $337,000.

5405 Meadow Chase Rd; Cirillo Joseph A and Elizabeth W to Bowser Uriah O and Lee Denise S, $363,000.

413 Michaux Branch Tr; Fenlon Christopher J and S D M to Fedoryk Thomas Jr and Allison, $335,000.

14347 Michaux Village Dr; Main Street Homes to Paige Marcus T and Kimberlee T H, $347,270.

5108 Mill Race Cr; Fulford Samantha to Hopkins Tramon, $164,950.

7841 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to McCoy Kelly A, $215,965.

4401 Morehouse Tr; Fletcher Dianne J to Young Norman W and Melissa K, $267,400.

2920 Mt Hermon Rd; Moody Adam and Jane to Cole Joseph G and Gwendolyn M, $289,000.

808 Nantucket Ct; Kirkland Jonathan Edward to Little Jason A and Parul, $155,000.

5240 Newbys Wood Tl; Warren William I Jr and Deborah to Orellana Yuri A M and Ballard T, $280,000.

4304 Northwich Ct; Skelton Morris E Jr Et Als to Seitz Sharon Marie, $163,000.

4607 Oak Hollow Rd; Scheivert Kristin S to Millner Sherrial D and Giles C V, $279,000.

4459 Old Fox Tl; Nichols Ryan K to Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev, $251,593.

4508 Old Well Tr; Harper Chad Lee to Sponring Payton M and Annika R, $228,000.

16407 Orchard Tavern Pl; Coover Donald R and Amy T to Krantz Shane L and Maggie S, $530,000.

10030 Paddock Wood Tr; Eacho Steven L to Morse Angela C, $400,000.

1101 Peck Rd; Williams Kathryn L to Everett Jeffrey L Sr and Lori A, $230,000.

11930 Penny Bridge Dr; Madison Mark A and Heather H to Easley Quantrilla L and Robert A, $375,000.

9519 Plum Cr; Polk Latoya Renee to Moore Tiffany R, $190,000.

8310 Poplar Hollow Tl; Girard A L and Girard E R Trs to Bredimus Katherine and Brehony M, $385,075.

10101 Post Horn Dr; Williams Mary A to Clark Devin, $211,900.

14013 Princess Mary Rd; Finer Homes Inc to Dickerson Jonathan E and Kelly K, $386,150.

11607 W Providence Rd; Faglioni Mario A to Powell Patricia M, $232,951.

8136 Provincetown Dr; East Coast Marketing Inc Tr to Braga Liliam J and Shreve J M, $165,000.

8925 Quinnford Bl; Lashomb Sara and Bryan to Sanchez Aldana Rigoberto A, $189,000.

12503 Reed Grass Ln; Hall Steven D and Lauren H to Many Jamie, $235,000.

13442 Ridgemoor Ln; Brown Floyd D and Patricia A to Swartz Jonathan McGuiness, $239,950.

8700 Rockcrest Ct; Berger Nicholas T and Nemoytin B to Keshri Varun Kumar, $290,000.

15809 Roland View Dr; Campbell Erik to Davis Erica Lucille Jasmine, $198,500.

11950 Rothbury Dr; Clark John C III to Muthusubramanian Arjun and C P, $415,000.

13907 Sagewood Tc; Shedd Kevin J to Chernosky Bethanne, $195,000.

16606 Saville Chase Rd; Biringer Builders Inc to Ross Dennis L and Amanda C, $961,705.

16913 Sconley Pl; NVR Inc to Jones Kevin and Dickinson Ryan, $464,665.

3506 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Hone Brian and Danielle, $528,220.

14409 Shale Ct; Mitchell Bernard E to Silva Marilyn Tepal, $170,000.

7001 Silk Oak Dr; Jurnak Marshall and Julie Teresa to Bishop Coleman and Erin B, $375,000.

301 Smoketree Tr; Barnett Kristin M and Rider T L to Tahiri Sara, $230,000.

6512 Southshore Dr; Menjivar Juan F and Rosa D to Kali's Properties Llc, $277,209.

7500 Springbok Rd; Cole J C and Cunningham R R Jr to Taylor Charles R Jr, $196,600.

2901 St Regis Dr; Phillips Leonard E and Pamela P to Nicolas Pierre J, $580,000.

5801 Sterlingworth Dr; Eastwood Homes to Watson Amy M and Williams G W Jr, $410,415.

11103 Summer Arbor Ln; Bradley Emma R to Okangba Nnamdi and Eck Theresa L, $276,500.

8200 Surreywood Dr; Jacobsen Joshua M and Anne M to Equizabal Ismael Et Als, $310,000.

14343 Tanager Wood Tl; Andrako Wanda J Trustee to Smith Dawn Renee, $250,000.

5348 Thornington Dr; A & J Investments Llc to Clark Renard E, $187,000.

3024 Timbercrest Ct; McCulley Michael and Rebekka to Milian Yeison J Pelaez, $206,000.

14310 Traywick Dr; Fowlkes Jeffrey M and Stephani D to Ferguson Chamauri A, $174,500.

2525 Trefoil Wy; Hafner Michelle M to Lewellyn Lara C and Wacks K R, $355,000.

17701 Twin Falls Ln; NVR Inc to Dameron Susan H and Dameron W A, $373,825.

7206 Veyan Wy; NVR Inc to Mitchell Stevie L and Geegee, $347,045.

12301 Villas Dr; Shultz Steven T and Phyllis C to Hayes Randall L and Linda H, $350,000.

441 Walton Park Rd; Wells Michael to Maqsher M A and Makshar S S, $287,000.

4400 Watchrun Dr; Braswell Henry L III and Gina to Alvarenga Alvarenga Amilcar A, $210,000.

1125 S Wedgemont Dr; Arnold Jason R and Stephanie H to Cornfield Emily Kristin, $260,000.

14107 Whirlaway Mw; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Marwaha Investments Llc, $189,400.

10403 White Rabbit Rd; Smith Cameron R and Weir J L to Tracy Christopher M and Rachel L, $322,000.

10001 Williams Mill Rd; Rardon James D and Constance P to Jackson Angela and Benjamin A Jr, $295,000.

7806 Winding Ash Ct; Taylor Moncure R III to Core 3 Llc, $225,000.

15812 Windseeker Ct; Ullah Anm S and Zubaida to Beane Kristen, $242,000.

13519 Winning Colors Ln; Pair Billie B and Phyllis H to Yauchzy Rebecca L, $258,500.

14301 Wood Duck Ln; Faithful Juanita H to Perez Carlos R and Mirlandy N, $299,950.

11607 Woodpecker Rd; Biggs Robert B to Le Lam Thai, $235,500.

13619 Yoko Ct; Doyle Gregory to Morris Roland Dixon, $269,950.


12154 S Anna Drive, Rockville; Jesse Stewart Martin to Thomas Anthony Kendzia III, $307,500.

10267 Aynhoe Court, Mechanicsville; Patricia M. Hall to Nathaniel T. Winegar, $314,000.

13614 Blanton Road, Ashland; Mary T. Barlow to Travis M. Blankenship, $250,000.

7281 Bluebird Way, Mechanicsville; Blakley A. Smith to Judson M. Cramer, $335,000.

6353 Broad Sky Circle, Mechanicsville; Anthony Joseph Phillips to Miles Pierce, $390,000.

12101 Cadys Cove Drive, Hanover; Oakleigh Properties LLC to Joshua S. Meredith, $394,950.

8203 Carter Lane, Mechanicsville; Timothy R. Parker to Todd William Norman, $264,950.

10416 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Alan W. Lindsey, $445,555.

6277 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; Charles E. Burton to Benjamin T. Wood, $168,000.

8226 Creekside Bluffs Lane, Mechanicsville; Jessica S. Lipford to Melissa Tune, $210,000.

9208 Cremins Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Amma A. Boafo, $389,865.

8471 Dell Ray Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Peter K. Morris, $239,000.

15370 Dunn Road, Montpelier; Bryan Scott Sklar to Hanna Melissa Sacks, $361,000.

12450 Evergreen Mill Drive, Glen Allen; Mansour Real Estate LLC to Arturo J. Cardounel, $1,050,000.

12141 Fox Mill Run Lane, Ashland; Freida S. Bryant, trustee to Michael R. Forget, $395,000.

10156 Georgie Drive, Mechanicsville; Amanda Sue Palmore to Jonathan R. Phelps, $310,000.

6319 Greystone Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Healthy Housing Coalition LLC to Norman W. Ballmer, $253,000.

8280 Hanover Grove Blvd., Mechanicsville; John S. Parra to Stephen Wesley Peters, $310,000.

7233 Harbor Mill Drive, Mechanicsville; Shaun D. Bundy to Jackson D. Barefoot, $254,000.

9824 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Francis M. Shanahan, $402,250.

104 Howard St., Ashland; Sandra Jones Lynne Smith to Hill C. Mallory III, $360,000.

9327 John Wickham Way, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Igor Prskalo, $497,000.

14795 Kelleys Ford Lane, Glen Allen; Thomas M. Heaton to Joseph G. Coursolle, $610,000.

8250 Laurel Meadows Drive, Mechanicsville; Amy R. Hall to Ashley L. DePugh, $250,000.

10440 Marlboro Road, Mechanicsville; Katherine Decelle to Phillip D. Jordan, $230,000.

8323 Mendenhall Place, Mechanicsville; Matthew A. Nolan to Matthew Layne, $341,000.

11435 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland; Franklin W. Stanley Jr. to Tommy R. Matherly, $200,000.

8786 New Holland Lane, Mechanicsville; Justin D. Moyer to Donna N. Creasy, $425,000.

14477 Overlood Ridge Lane, Beaverdam; Ross J. Bruneau to Nicholas Scott Matthews, $445,000.

6101 Perryville Drive, Mechanicsville; Stephen Thomas Corp. to Frank McCourt III, $328,868.

14467 Pinehurst Lane, Ashland; Anne B. Andrews to Joshua C. Walker, $435,000.

9417 Pleasant Level Road, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Joseph St. Clair, $383,120.

6192 Pond Grass Road, Mechanicsville; Chad G. James to Angela Fleshman, $370,000.

15221 Quaker Church Road, Montpelier; Mapledale LLC to Cameron A. Barner, $380,000.

14271 Riverside Drive, Ashland; Joann Hockman to Mike H. Valentine, $275,000.

3497 Rose Drive, Mechanicsville; Earl Scott Clary, trustee to Lori A. Hollins, $386,000.

8851 Rushbrooke Lane, Mechanicsville; Ryan V. Mabie to David L. Robinson Jr., $379,950.

8178 Saint Emilion Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Gregory H. Frame, $376,975.

7329 Sedgemoor Circle, Mechanicsville; Beverly V. Starke to Gerald W. Cousins, $285,000.

8390 Shire Court, Mechanicsville; Kimberly McCormack Sayers to Samuel W. Ridenhour, $205,000.

5487 Smithy Court, Mechanicsville; Ralph E. Simpson Jr. to Dobson Family Revocable Living Trust, $230,000.

9040 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Shannon Q. Wright, $294,935.

3493 Spring Run Road, Mechanicsville; Edward M. Driscoll Jr. to Todd A. Anderson, $369,950.

6154 Stronghold Drive, Mechanicsville; Cory J. Pigone to Melanie Glorene Roberts, $187,000.

8263 Stumpy Road, Hanover; Jimmy Elmer Thorne Jr. to Walter Douglas Bennett, $329,950.

10167 Suzanne Drive, Mechanicsville; Jerry L. Acors Jr. to Deborah Crumpler, $271,250.

8000 Toms Drive, Mechanicsville; Ronald W. McGhee to Jason Dandridge, $1,120,000.

Unit 600, Bell Creek Square Condominium; Lonesome Dove Bell Creek LLC to 7501 Right Flank LLC, $210,000.

11530 Welshland Court, Glen Allen; Aric W. Gervelis to Patrick McCarty, $335,000.

Winding Brook Townhomes; Lewistown Commerce Center LLC to NVR Inc., $593,750.

8552 Woodsage Court, Mechanicsville; Mitchell T. Platt to Donald W. Bray Sr., $317,500.


3680 Aston Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Chadwick Norman St. John, $397,313.

2081 Bienvenue Place, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Kim A. Murtaugh, $493,950.

3299 Colston Court, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Jonathan Earl Allen, $610,820.

1626 Dogwood Road, Powhatan; Trafton F. Hardison to Amanda L. Seeman, $215,000.

3936 S Fairway Drive, Powhatan; Bonnie L. Behm to James C. Gravitt, $290,000.

3079 French Hill Drive, Powhatan; Brendan A. Horan to Jonathan B. Tingle, $564,000.

2009 Highland Drive, Powhatan; James L. Cox to Nathaniel Battaglia, $174,000.

4375 Lynnecross Court, Powhatan; William E. Kuhlman to Ian Hubbard, $339,000.

2340 Mountain View Road, Powhatan; Ashley Harrell to Jean A. Wiatrak, $282,300.

2065 Stemcreek Trail, Powhatan; Martin H. Dunivan to Charles M. Chassereau Jr., $310,000.

2150 Tower Hill Road, Powhatan; Thomas Lee Patterson to Alexandra Wills, $245,000.

3527 Winterfield Road, Midlothian; Jason Winall to Kody Decker, $287,884.


3550 Appaloosa Lane, Sandy Hook; Matthew Tyler Gutkaiss to Donald F. Bushee III, $224,900.

12231 Bremner Ridge Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Farrin K. Smith, $545,803.

3594 Cedar Plains Road, Sandy Hook; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to John Pilkenton, $255,000.

2755 Davis Mill Road, Goochland; Samuel F. Parrish to Jacob Hughes Koon, $205,000.

2632 Fairground Road, Goochland; Truett Real Estate Investments LLC to Nicholas Ryan Hudson, $218,000.

2494 Hadensville Fife Road, Goochland; Hunter T. Ritter to Stephen M. Wilson II, $259,950.

2334 Lanes End Place, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Vashon Lorenzo Washington, $563,206.

12275 North Crossing Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Mark Kibler, $560,233.

2815 Preston Park Way, Sandy Hook; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Brandon J. Ambrose, $365,950.

3010 Swanns Inn Crescent, Goochland; Legacy Homes LLC to Thomas E. Townes, $514,952.

715 Three Chopt Road, Manakin Sabot; Harold Edwin Taylor Jr. to Kristi A. Taylor, $250,000.

4002 Vintner Lane, Goochland; Raymond E. Scott to Paige Castello, $229,000.


1664 Mount Vernon St.; Rene Servellon to Antwione S. Green, $151,950.

510 S Sycamore St.; 510 S. Sycamore Street Series to 6401 MWW LLC, $189,950.

1639 Westover Ave.; Kimberly R. Roberts to Phoebe E. Staton, $194,000.


7265 Courthouse Road, Church Road; Slade & Sons Construction LLC to Peter Nollen, $324,900.

25500 Front Road, North Dinwiddie; Dabney E. Short III to Dante L. Hennessey, $207,000.

9702 Kate Lane, Ford; Baylaur Construction LLC to Christopher A. Cordo, $296,800.

24509 Plantation Drive, North Dinwiddie; Jeffrey B. Lail to Lynita A. King, $268,000.

11221 Vaughan Road, North Dinwiddie; W.G. Smith Jr. to Jeremy W. Pultz, $221,450.

2950 Wilderness Drive, Sutherland; Todd B. Williams to Steven J. Sanders, $439,900.


704 Compton Road; M & Y Investments LLC to Celia Eaves, $290,000.

403 Fairfax Ave.; Donald C. Simmons to Candace Coleman, $172,000.

119 E Highland Court; Dennis Dean Doustou to George Jefferson Spence Jr., $200,000.


600 Sidney St.; Elton Norman to Kevin Peavy, $234,900.

2011 Sunnyside Ave.; Avon L. Miles Sr. to Thomas Tyree Adkins Sr., $189,000.


4954 College Green Lane, Providence Forge; Kent M. Bradshaw to Eric L. Reed, $425,000.

6941 Forest Drive, Quinton; Gregory T. Miller to Jessica I. Wilson, $242,500.

3675 Green Box Road, Lanexa; Daniel E. Summers to Lee Douglas Lutterloh, $280,000.

4321 Henpeck Road, Quinton; Ronald W. Gray to Kenneth James Lanham, $329,950.

8387 Lakeshore Drive, Quinton; Jo Ann Maxwell to Christopher Lee Boyd Snader, $177,000.

7637 Leyland Cypress Lane, Quinton; Justin T. McCain to Ronald W. Gray, $449,900.

7955 Neighborly Lane, Quinton; Raymond E. Oliver, trustee to John W. Lawton IV, $325,000.

6580 Pine Straw Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Jordan R. Overstreet, $357,839.

11901 Red Cross Way, Providence Forge; Richard W. Arnett to Beverly Tate, $380,600.

8824 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Patrick J. English, $244,900.

10437 Talleysville Road, New Kent; Christopher L. Beatley to Patrick Hirsch, $304,950.

10549 Villa Green Terrace, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Harry J. Brown, $281,641.

10813 White Dogwood Drive, Providence Forge; Quincy S. Abercrombie to Kathy Domond, $254,400.

7620 Williams Grove Trail, Quinton; Patrick J. English to JAmie A. McKelvey, $330,000.


5004 Bickings Lane, Prince George; Diana Fae Voda to Dominic Stefan Michniak, $210,000.

7409 Cross Point Lane, Prince George; Morgan Felty to Brennan Michael McCain, $222,500.

7881 Gold Acres Farm Road, Prince George; Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Brittany Danielle Lilly, $185,500.

8835 Hines Road, Disputanta; 8835 Hines Road Series to Matthew Brian Stoupa, $304,845.

5205 Jerral Drive, Prince George; Evelyn M. Lichvar to Christopher A. Norwood, $220,000.

15785 Providence Road, South Prince George; James Neal Johnson to Michael W. Doan, $212,000.

1624 Tinsley Blvd., Prince George; Stanley L. Hathorn to Cynthia L. Poulson, $180,000.

7552 Woods Ridge Trace, Prince George; Angela J. Owens to Raymond Rodriguez, $249,000.


21751 Farmers Lane, Jetersville; Judith F. Meadows to Robert B. Biggs, $285,000.

9029 Oak Forest Drive, Amelia Court House; Karen F. Smith to Kristy Ann Patterson, $241,000.


Parcel; Heather M. Williams to Alec McKinzie Murray, $194,900.

Parcel; Erick Travis Fletcher to Andrew B. Smith, $314,950.

Parcel; Gregory W. Richards to Lindsey Michelle Leonard, $170,000.

Parcel; Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Steven L. Burcham, $301,709.

Parcel; Scott R. Powell to Dustin Carson, $266,500.

Parcel; Matthew P. Harris to Joshua E. Servais, $314,900.

Parcel; William B. Fauntleroy to Brenda Haynes, $220,000.

Parcel; Welford C. Johnson to Lionel N. Harris, $200,000.

Parcel; Travis L. Nutter to Gerald Richard Simpson, $205,000.

Parcel; Nathan K. Simmerman to Nicholas S. Waskiewicz, $215,000.

Parcel; Branden M. Kirtley to Melodie Basso, $196,000.

Parcel; Mark L. Ketner to Jacob Elvin Brooks, $155,000.

Parcel; Dawn E. Hines to Charlene Samone Mardner, $185,000.

Parcel; Ernest Wildon Terrell to Joseph Christopher Morris, $160,000.

Parcel; Theresa C. Storke to Nicholas Clay Covington, $235,000.

Parcel; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Stephen Mickle, $210,000.

Parcel; Timothy Lee Young to Manuel A. Martinez, $261,000.

Parcel; John Richard Deslauriers to Jason Zaluski, $480,000.

Parcel; Richmond American Homes of Virginia to William H. Bullock, $405,116.


211 Black Creek Lane, Aylett; Walter A. Hart Jr. to Nathan C. Berbert, $217,000.

5534 Custis Millpond Road, West Point; REO Service LLC to Marc E. French, $335,000.

3211 Kennington Park Road, Aydlett; Cheryl F. Wilson to Barry Davison, $209,950.

222 Oak Ridge Court, Aylett; Balducci Builders Inc. to Connor D. Saul, $229,367.

215 Pointers Drive, West Point; PW Development Inc. to Kenneth W. Tate, $278,405.

2866 Smokey Road, Aylett; Hemachandran Suryaprakasam to Edward L. O'Neal Jr., $215,000.

307 Tyler Trail, Aylett; Jonathan Phelps to Austin James Campbell, $249,950.

311 Wendenberg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Mark L. Granger, $268,474.


1.1 acres; Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $182,900.

3 parcels; Big Trees In. to Union Level Land and Timber LLC, $350,000.

343 acres; Ann Bailey Vogt, trustee to DEW Timberlands LLC, $900,000.


199 Lewis Robert Lane; Timmy L. Spencer to Michael L. Szydlowski, $341,600.

104 Pearl St.; Marc Dubois to William R. Stamm, $240,000.

910 Settlement Drive; Richard Anthony Rummage, trustee to Kimberly C. Wallace, $166,000.


340 Archers Mead, Williamsburg; Kenneth B. Murov to Michael Comer, $364,000.

8415 Attleborough Way, Williamsburg; William J. Rowe III to Tristan S. Aiken, $450,000.

5547 Brixton Road, Williamsburg; Jason B. Palmquist to Joey F. Crider, $368,000.

4301 Casey Blvd., Williamsburg; Charles A. Grimes, trustee to Rudy Christian Hrovatic, $399,900.

5215 Center St., Williamsburg; James K. Brightwell to Jimmy B. Contristan, $255,885.

3107 Cider House Road, Toano; David M. Hogge to Daniel J. Terry, $337,000.

4088 Coronation, Williamsburg; Carolyn I. McIntosh to Sharon L. Snow, $345,000.

417 Dogleg Drive, Williamsburg; Jill A. Dittrick, successor trustee to Kenneth C. Hite, $221,775.

2933 East Island Road, Williamsburg; Robert R. Evans, trustee to Timothy G. Nunn, $661,250.

5403 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Christopher Vendome to Jesse R. Cover III, $265,000.

4501 Frances Chapman, Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Joshua Robert Munso, $255,000.

5120 W Grace Court, Williamsburg; Williams David James Jr., trustee to Marc A. Dubois, $323,000.

113 Heathery, Williamsburg; John P. Scalici to George T. Rabb, $450,000.

110 Huntercombe, Williamsburg; Frank W. Huckaby, trustee to Anthony Switzer, $476,000.

109 Knollwood Drive, Williamsburg; Lorraine J. Fusco to Eric B. Knick, $429,900.

3251 Leighton Blvd., Toano; Stephen Michael Garrison to Brian Bolibrzuch, $333,000.

5619 Lori Mahone Overlook, Williamsburg; Gary A. Griffith to James S. Hall, $325,000.

7549 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Kyle Joseph McKenna, $204,990.

3641 Nelms Lane, Williamsburg; Louis T. Giola to Christopher J. Ballard, $289,900.

4601 Norland Blvd., Williamsburg; Edward A. Blitt to Lori Ann Stretch, $235,000.

5547 Pennington Place, Williamsburg; Oh Kyung Kowun to Theodore R. Howard Jr., $412,000.

133 Pine Valley, Williamsburg; Robert M. Vadas to James Michael Nealer, $360,000.

1102 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Alexander F. Knutson, $242,900.

1310 Queens Crossing, Williamsburg; Rebecca A. Erlich to David J. Allen, $157,000.

6644 Rexford Lane, Williamsburg; Mary Lois Seiner to Michael L. Smith, $375,000.

4922 Riverview Road, Williamsburg; Jarrett D. Moran to Michael Stephen Chipman, $395,000.

4103 Shadwell, Williamsburg; Settlement at Powhatan Creek LLC to Gerald W. Harris, $412,000.

3016 South Chase, Williamsburg; Ryan M. Richardson to Aaron James Iverson, $346,000.

113 Spring Road, Williamsburg; James Swynford to Michael E. Tinker, $325,000.

867 Sugarloaf Run, Williamsburg; Eric R. White to Solomon Metcalf, $237,000.

7665 Thatcher Drive, Toano; Overflow LLC to Christopher St. John Aldridge, $260,000.

Unit 25-2506 Braemar Creek at Greensprings Plantation; Ronnie J. Showah to Sherwood D. Spivey, $189,900.

161 Warehams Point, Williamsburg; Ethel R. Krinick, trustee to Howard P. Smith, trustee, $412,500.

4964 Westmoreland Drive, Williamsburg; Terry A. Evans to Lizabeth E. Wrann, $429,900.

125 Wilderness Lane, Williamsburg; James C. Baker Jr. to Lorraine A. Lander, $375,000.

4109 Winthrop Circle, Williamsburg; Michael J. Trevelino to Robert Siclari, $425,000.

8140 Wrenfield Drive, Williamsburg; Gregory Kirk Koon to Jaime N. Austria, $670,000.

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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