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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline, Colonial Heights and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


116 W 12th St; Manchester Green Llc to Sachs Noah, $499,000.

30 W 21st St; Eagle Properties to Green Anastasia Dominque, $196,000.

715 N 24th St; Rocket Log Llc to Rothgeb Christopher Holland, $260,000.

605-1/2 N 26th St; Shockoprops Llc to Horton Derek J, $359,950.

1202 N 27th St; Perkins Tyler G to Mains Jackie, $407,500.

1016 N 32nd St; Jarreau Matthew P Llc to Moniz Megan, $365,000.

811 N 33rd St; Ponce Rentals Llc to Liles Chris P, $447,000.

1018 W 46th St; Johnson William T to Pace Hannah Ware, $372,500.

2705 5th Ave; 2705 5th Avenue Llc to 2705 Townhomes Llc, $300,000.

3424 Archer Springs Ter; Scott Kem W And Naomi to Bradshaw John P And Deloris F, $460,000.

4312 N Ashlawn Dr; Silinsh Eric A And Mariah R to Smith Sarah T, $485,000.

4320 Bathgate Road; White Dantrail D to Milon Kortni A, $246,000.

1604 Bellevue Ave; Koplin Lelia C to Vinson Living Trust Trustees, $351,000.

1629 Bilder Ct; NVR Inc to Fogner Jacob And Stephanie, $380,855.

3430 Blithewood Dr; Palco John And Bucknan Jennifer to Calvert Tracy Lynn, $362,000.

1657 W Broad St, U13; Humphrey Stephen Corey to Camacho Phil Ombac, $195,000.

1411 Brookland Pkwy; Deutsch William to Banks Christopher John, $500,000.

1302 E Cary St; Aja Jr Trust, U/A to Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $1,250,000.

3531 Cedar Grove Road; Oxbridge Partners Llc to Little John A, $390,101.

7659 Cherokee Road; Bedard Adrian T to Moorhead Brett C, $340,000.

1755 Clarkson Road; Tomcliff Development Inc to Haskins Myra L, $205,000.

4013 Clinton Ave; Leiner Harris W and Lisa H to Stephens William Carson, $275,000.

1005 Crafton Lane; Hysell Antonia to Tate Meagan, $190,000.

3013 Cutshaw Ave; 3015 Cutshaw Llc to 3001 Cutshaw Llc, $2,125,000.

1023 Decatur St; Lacour Andrew Fowler to Kolev Mark, $300,000.

5504 Dillwyn Road; McCrickard Gregory A to McCrickard Jackson Alexander, $675,000.

108 Dundee Ave; Javna Alexandra L And Gideon to Garnett Anisa G, $319,950.

4720 Erin Crescent St; Rushing Brandy Lakesha to Tuprah Kekeli, $245,700.

3201 Fendall Ave; Infinity Marketing to Samuel Kenneth Corey, $400,000.

3013 Forest Hill Ave; 3013 Llc to Sanchez Sara, $216,600.

2802 E Franklin St; Burke Thomas Lowndes to Dilworth Amy Katharine, $525,000.

3016 Garland Ave; Andes Nathan to Leonenko Veronika, $207,500.

1848 Glencove Lane; Buran Kevin Dexter to Alford William A Jr, $300,000.

2525 W Grace St; Peters Henry Jackson to Moats Rudyard And Barbot Hilah, $760,000.

218 W Graham Road; Willis Peggy and Peete Ruby to Istaffing Services Llc, $150,000.

1908 Grove Ave; Boyle Living Trust Trustees to Dunn Steven Hoyle, $895,000.

4524 Grove Ave, U9; Farino Lindsay G to Elsayed Amir N, $203,000.

2819 Hanes Ave; Miller Mary Grace to Hodson Elliot Forbes, $350,000.

1515 Hanover Ave; Lloyd T Preston Jr to Shafferman Howard H And Molly M, $995,000.

4201 Hanover Ave; Flanagan Michael P And Melia R to Niemeier Bernard August Jr, $780,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U1103; Dunkum Alma L to Sammons Theresa L, $250,000.

1101 Haxall Pt, U602; Mayfield Robert E to Hamlett Walter W Jr, $425,000.

100 E Hillcrest Ave; Rawles Marika A to Cronly John H III, $950,000.

1950 N Junaluska Dr; El-Amin Acree Idris to Paramount Investments Llc, $228,000.

5913 Kensington Ave; Cunningham Thomas to 5913 Kensington Avenue Llc, $360,000.

1405 W Laburnum Ave; Taylor Richard to Hancock Stewart, $326,000.

3124 Lamb Ave; Five Star Construction Llc to Doss Melissa C, $345,000.

210 E Leigh St; West End Self Storage Llc to 212 E Leigh Llc, $2,980,000.

3013 Libby Ter; Morris Monica Living Trust Trs to Driscoll Megan, $900,000.

2118 M St; Moster Mary D to Ramatowski Stanley And Lisa S, $377,500.

1801 E Main St; Richmond Parking Inc to 1801 E Main Llc, $1,875,000.

3316 Maryland Ave; Rva75 19 Llc to Bryant Adrienne, $176,500.

3060 Midlothian Tpke; Robertson Stephen T to Walczuk Josiah D, $203,500.

3406 Monument Ave; Holland Michael B to Dickinson V Earl Jr, $1,350,000.

2511 Mule Barn Al, Uc; Stiffler Timothy John Jr to Harmon Michael H, $286,500.

2801 North Ave; Mitchell Robert Lee Jr to Ward Nathan And Gooray Nadia, $445,000.

3408 Northview Pl; Brooks James W to Maury Deane Blair And Heather, $405,000.

2019 Park Ave; Kennedy John D And Cheryl L to Hance Deborah Christine, $753,000.

3900 Park Ave; Adams Morgan Living Trust Trs to Adams Valencia D, $645,000.

3020 Patterson Ave, U5; McLachlan James G to Love Leonard Norman, $165,000.

205 Poe St; Johnson James A to Balkcom Garrett A, $345,000.

2005 Rose Ave; K C Enterprises Of Va Llc to Myer Lorelle, $374,900.

1930 Seddon Road; Gascon Carl E to Crenshaw Ryan And Elizabeth M, $197,500.

2120 Semmes Ave; NVR Inc to Taylor Perry, $349,990.

4636 Southampton Road; Pearson Steven W to Ellis Andrew C And Mary P, $618,000.

7 S Stafford Ave, U1; Freeburger Barron D to Fisherlaw Pllc, $250,000.

3420 Stuart Ave; Silver Isaac I and Nathalie G to Sale D Latane Jr, $675,000.

6402 Stuart Ave; Dwyer Thomas P to Baugh John Allen And Sara T, $345,000.

1803 Texas Ave; Richmond Metropolitan Habitat to Okeefe Barry W, $235,000.

3024 Walmsley Blvd; Acosta Silverio to Ramirez Erika L, $185,000.

106 Westmoreland St; Neal Polk Miller Jr to Richmond Design Build Llc, $325,000.

3806 W Weyburn Road; Kessler Paul M to Heirloom Reclaim and Design Llc, $225,000.

206 Woodlawn Ave; Boaz And Ruth Inc to Londrey Ann Temple, $275,000.


10222 Acworth Dr, Glen Allen; Powell Merrily J Trust to Lehr Chad R and Graham J, $307,500.

3904 Alderleaf Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Brookes Kyle, $305,570.

10645 Argonne Dr, Glen Allen; Magruder James L and Barbara to Rzeminski Michael, $437,750.

5500 Ashton Park Way, Glen Allen; Ramsey Dorothy M to Iuorno Roseann Trustee, $425,000.

10836 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Little Justin, $322,930.

7815 Balineen Ct, Henrico; Lopez Miguel A to Henderson Casey P and Olivia Rae Hile, $193,000.

3817 Barn Owl Ln, Glen Allen; Josefiak John W and Carol B to O'Brien Mark B and Teresa R, $540,000.

3413 Bartley Pond Pl, Henrico; Smith Mark C to Goji Properties Inc, $290,000.

4025 Benjamin Hill Ct, Glen Allen; Ogedegbe Alexander O to Oliver Joel T, $518,000.

1212 Bernal Cir, Henrico; Martinez Jonathan to Robinson Donna M, $295,950.

5301 Bindery Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Phillips Piper E, $450,793.

1410 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Wells William I and Kate T to Dambacher Cynthia, $278,000.

2105 Brandonview Ave, Henrico; Jones Matthew R to Moffitt James M and Kasey, $167,950.

5000 W Broad St, Henrico; Boddie-Noell Enterprises to 5000 Richmond Llc, $2,050,000.

10069 Brook Rd, Glen Allen; Gurram Mallikharjun R and Priyamvada Et Al to Gurram Mallikharjun R and Priyamvada V, $243,172.

3906 Brownstone Blvd, Glen Allen; Lewis Robert W and Suanne M to Carsi-Gabrenas Jigany Trustee, $390,000.

1211 Byrd Ave, Henrico; Watlington John F III to Buono Clement Michael and Elizabeth W, $605,000.

7914 Capistrano Dr, Henrico; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Jordan Nicole M and Adam T Brackley, $265,000.

5801 Charles City Rd, Henrico; Wright William to Cox Edwyn P and Katherine M, $202,000.

6801 Clifford Tower Way, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Crouch Alexander S, $335,000.

1402 Cole Blvd, Glen Allen; Rci Builders Llc to Tuc Jose L Tura, $300,000.

12906 Copperas Ln, Henrico; Mason John C to Bauserman Lindsay Taylor and Nicklas Bakov, $315,000.

5412 Coxson Rd, Henrico; Welch Randall G to Rios Araceli Lopez, $160,000.

6915 Dan St, Henrico; Hollis Jacquie L to Hollis Whitney, $160,000.

2700 Dellrose Ave, Henrico; Butler Shannon C to Swann Wula Kathryn, $275,000.

10816 Dominion Fairways Dr, Glen Allen; White William I Jr and Carol S to Graham Hilton and Dawn Coleman, $441,000.

12503 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Schaffranek Raymond W Trustee, $606,736.

4400 Duncan Park Ln, Glen Allen; Fortune Sherry and Vernon Dozier to Gupta Arti and Gaurav, $326,000.

8304 Eden St, Henrico; Nguyen Minh Quoc to Loutfi Maged and Fady Hanna, $278,000.

8313 Erma Ln, Henrico; Boyd Donna R to Garcia Gabriela and Mercedes Tovar, $239,950.

2700 Farrand St, Henrico; Trent Tavonia to Trent Tavonie, $157,500.

1902 Fon-Du-Lac Rd, Henrico; Whitlock William B III and Frances P Trustees to Matzell Robert P, $235,000.

4681 Four Seasons Ter, Glen Allen; Seban Yolanda D to Davis Olivia A, $242,000.

3125 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; McCullough Vickie Lee to Ahmadi Faizullah and Fnu Shekeba, $260,000.

8217 Galway Ln, Henrico; Engott Raymond A and Leslie to Caudill Catherine and Samuel, $272,500.

4905 Gilmour Rd, Sandston; Ferri Cody J to Burton Joey Osborne, $195,000.

6522 W Grace St, Henrico; Kennison Ashley N to Dunstan Erin, $306,000.

1041 Greenview Dr, Henrico; Hines Jake and Crystal L to Stevenson Vivian D, $210,500.

10726 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen; Nguyen Binh K and Tinh T to Melendez Joel Estrada and Beronica Serrato, $225,000.

3913 Hallwood Farms Rd, Henrico; McRae Stephanie to Green Jamie Nicole, $246,400.

3303 Harvie Rd, Henrico; Allen Jackie L to Speller Chenell, $255,000.

5012 Hearthstone Ct, Glen Allen; Barnewolt Scott A and Catherine A to Kiseeva Janna and Sebastian Spinetto, $580,000.

1554 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Radford Andrea L to Bonomonte Christin R, $199,950.

2228 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Hatcher Robin to Fortune Ashland, $200,000.

7703 Hollins Rd, Henrico; Bishop Richard T Jr and Julie A to Fadely Barry D and Kristine W, $804,000.

5548 Holman Dr, Glen Allen; Belic John E to Santhapoor Rajashekar and Kavya Shabnavees, $520,000.

8508 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Pair Properties Llc to Ocean Pearl Properties Llc, $215,000.

5001 Hurop Rd, Sandston; Housing And, Urban Development to Cappiello Kelsey N and Timothy W Hatton, $180,000.

11417 Ivy Home Pl, Henrico; Baxter Stephen P and Susan to Smith Stephen W Trustee, $655,000.

6008 Jenkins Bluff Ln, Sandston; Russell Michael and Sally to Musselwhite Sean C, $330,000.

703 Keats Rd, Henrico; Vance Alexander W and Ellen to Kittrell Elizabeth, $550,000.

4906 Kinloch Ln, Henrico; Storey Kenneth W to Hood Fayth and Douglas Hood, $164,950.

4204 N Lakefront Dr, Henrico; Sapakota Krishna K and Kamala Tiwari to Pirela Juan J Sayago and Jhanaly K P H, $280,000.

1507 Largo Rd, U202, Henrico; Robinson Candice E to Rooney Benjamin and Brian P and Annette, $150,000.

2912 Leffingwell Pl, Henrico; Shaw Cynthia J to Hofferbert Craig and Elizabeth, $545,000.

3925 Liesfeld Pl, Glen Allen; Viscarra Alexander C to Shrader Eva Ellen, $400,000.

3302 Listerbrook Ct, Henrico; Powell Gregory W and Stefanie M to Major Diane L, $325,000.

1615 Logwood Cir, Henrico; Bovenizer Nancy K Trustee to McGrath Thomas G and Carolyn J, $280,000.

412 Lynchell Pl, Henrico; Lenz Paul V and Mary Susan to Farmer William P and Sarah A, $785,000.

12321 Manor Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Matta, Uday Kumar and Shilpa Gaddameedi, $425,244.

3110 Manor Dr, Henrico; Hensley Mark H and J B to Demello Tulio, $190,000.

10311 Maremont Dr, Henrico; Miller Gilbert C and Merrily J Powell Trst to Carter Autumn Melissa and Garrett Morris, $370,000.

1745 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Theisen Richard Ryan to Mabry John, $160,000.

2528 Merle St, Henrico; Cardenas Mariana to Skipper Ryan, $161,500.

705 Midway Rd, Henrico; Stockbridge Companies Llc to Westham Building and Renovation Llc, $160,000.

5017 Monument Ave, Henrico; Chapman Investments Llc to Barch Gregory and Michele Plouffe-Morena, $320,000.

931 Morattico Cir, Glen Allen; Midgette Paul G and Nancy F to Powers Jeffery Glenn and Patricia C, $451,000.

11004 Mountain Spring Dr, Glen Allen; Schaffranek Raymond W Trustee to 11004 Mountain Spring Dr Llc, $616,005.

8716 Nesslewood Dr, Henrico; Dillard Spencer M and Carla Headley to Jusic Vahdet, $262,500.

2024 E Nine Mile Rd, Sandston; Snow Eugene Lee Jr to Page Chaunice Lavonne, $172,000.

7504 Oakmont Dr, Henrico; Jones Evelyn K to Rogers Victor, $260,000.

4940 Old Main St, U403, Henrico; Brenzel Sally to Smith Mark C, $354,500.

4813 Olde Mill Pond Pl, Glen Allen; Essig Jeremy L to Alam Md Chaiful and Momotaz Akter, $409,000.

4231 Park Place Ct, Glen Allen; Hptmi III Properties Trust to Twc Glen Allen Llc, $3,386,459.

2303 Pathfinder Ct, Henrico; Miller Jeanette D and James W Dove to Hettrick Kelley L, $300,000.

6053 Pine St, Henrico; Thornton Yameca to Taylor Brittany Monet, $181,000.

924 Poplar Cove Way, Henrico; Augustus Gloria A to Farmer Katia and Dennis Ward, $250,000.

2801 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Messina Mark R and Dwayne G and Tracy to Federal National Mortgage Association, $230,873.

2308 Rawlings Ct, Henrico; Nakoneczny Alysha Z to Dogu Evrim and Reiko Teresa, $220,000.

1426 Rhode Island Ave, Glen Allen; Cain Richard S and Teresa M to Waller James H Jr and Peggy I, $281,000.

4200 Riding Place Rd, Henrico; Neal Ronnie D Jr and Arainau to Henry Erica, $213,000.

11805 Rochampton Sq, Henrico; Dayton Marilyn M to Parker Edwin W Jr and Susan R Powell, $231,400.

11508 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Prendergast Heather and John to Hazzard Lawrence Stephen and Kristine M, $725,000.

221 Roslyn Hills Dr, Henrico; Corbett Jeffrey David to Pingitore Erica C K and Joseph R Jr, $515,000.

9708 Royerton Dr, Henrico; Atta Mina A to Ahmed Ahmed, $230,000.

4824 Saddleridge Ct, Glen Allen; Sun Rui and Zhe Bao to Meredith Tavares M and Rhanelle E Collins, $464,000.

319 Sandston Ave, Sandston; Williams Kimberly B to Vance Peggy, $175,000.

3813 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to James Ronald, $354,185.

8418 Sedgemoor Dr, Henrico; Teak Properties Llc to Teak Properties Llc, $160,000.

8202 Shelley Rd, Henrico; Shuler Ralph N Jr and Laura Ann Hatcher to McGuire Richie, $400,000.

12323 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Mescan Lawrence R to Marco Edward Charles, $165,000.

4659 Snow Goose Ln, Glen Allen; Gammon Page S to Molly Homes Llc, $225,000.

2801 Sprouse Dr, Henrico; Bb and T Investors Llc to Carter Lumber Of Virginia Inc, $445,000.

7 Steam Brewery Ct, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Dream Works Llc Trustee, $1,317,297.

12037 Sunrise Rd, Henrico; Earle Gilbert C to Blue Ridge Custom Homes Llc, $300,000.

307 Tarrytown Dr, Henrico; Miller Frank B III and Loretta H to 1009 Atlantic 5 Llc, $550,000.

1601 Treboy Ave, Henrico; Mason David R and Smm and Llm to Barthelmess Diane R, $320,000.

9231 Tweed Pl, Glen Allen; Dupree Jeanette to Gonzalez Annalibe Ruiz, $262,000.

2305 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Pham Tam Thi to Felch John K Jr, $255,000.

2584 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Kyte Sandy to Parrish Victoria W and Brian, $328,900.

10824 Weather Vane Rd, Henrico; Reilly William A to Craig Bryan and Myla Goldman, $562,000.

1919 Westmoreland St, Henrico; Westmoreland Investors to Scouting Llc, $2,100,000.

5897 White Oak Rd, Sandston; Baker Gerald E to Lindsey John H and Alyssa D, $205,000.

3817 Wild Goose Walk, Glen Allen; Aldredge James B III and Patricia to Armstrong Stephen A and Iva E, $551,000.

407 E Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Liberty Homes Va Inc to McPhatter Edward, $237,100.

9433 Willow Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Duke Jonathan W to Barry Laura W and Anne W, $325,000.

7028 Winthrop St, Henrico; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Davis Justin, $239,600.

7820 Wistar Woods Pl, Henrico; Burtch Matthew Berard and Paige Annette to Ward Kayla E, $339,900.

8700 Woodman Rd, Henrico; McNeice John J Jr and Laurie A to Gonzales Jordan Christian, $305,000.

5200 Wythe Ave, Henrico; H90 Investments Llc to Fockler Jack E Jr and Cheryl L, $960,000.


16400 Aklers Ct; Moore Douglas B Et Al to Stanton Christopher J and A L, $415,000.

14418 Aldengate Rd; Davis Bonnie K Estate to Bingham Sherri D and Patrick S, $208,600.

6640 Apamatica Ln; Crenshaw Sharon E to McNally Octavio, $255,000.

6412 Arwen Mw; Osorio S E and Parra D P Trs to Koutsothodoros N and Tsoni Eleni, $545,000.

20919 Avery Mill Ln; Harris Ann E to Goodnough Cassandra, $236,500.

13531 Bailey Bridge Rd; Emiliani Peter J and Margaret L to Alexander Brian S, $301,980.

5101 Baltustrol Av; Fischer Holly A and Fischer M E to Blackburn Sherry R and Larry M, $395,000.

1849 Bantry Dr; Elkins Steven Todd and Cheryl R to Jurey Judi and Curtis R Jr, $339,950.

6209 Barrister Rd; Kinsley Nicholas M to Arriaza Morales A O and Mejia C, $223,000.

5619 Beacon Hill Dr; Clayton Tonya M to Rommell Donald, $223,500.

6401 Bear Trace Wy; NVR Inc to Snyder Roger and Rachel, $610,155.

7619 Belmont Stakes Dr; Fennell William H and Ruth S to Clum Dakota Anthony, $259,000.

8265 Ben Nevis Dr; Penny Donald to Toombs Geraldine Ann Et Als, $309,500.

4025 Birdbrook Dr; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Davis Evan M, $279,000.

15643 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Hendrick Wendy and Ronald J, $399,897.

8305 Bon Air Station Ct; Smith Erin S and Loving J T to Kadak Matthew R and Lowe K F, $515,000.

6142 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Crump Andrea N and Harrison J M, $239,990.

10672 Braden Woods Ct; NVR Inc to Gautier Candice Loren, $252,460.

5825 Brailen Dr; D R Horton Inc to Spangler Michael J and Jennifer, $377,170.

13905 Bridgetown Cr; Sparks Stacy E Chippendale to Gulapa Joshua and Indira Y H, $295,000.

7606 Broadreach Dr; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Potter Amy K and Potter M S, $201,505.

8900 Brucewood Ct; Richardson Sean P to Simms-Jones Tiyacca Yukia, $248,000.

8802 Buffalo Nickel Ct; Breuninger Jennifer to Parker Bryant J and Parker J C, $328,500.

4824 Burnham Rd; Mumford Dorothy Mae to Leisure Mark, $255,000.

16101 Cambria Cove Bl; NVR Inc to Mailman Jacob L and Kaitlyn D, $374,915.

7316 Cannock Rd; Ridge Homes Llc to Davis Demetria A, $250,000.

2021 Carbon Hill Dr; McGarrity A Peter and Judith H to Smith Bennett K and Mojzak P M, $470,000.

13501 Carters Valley Rd; Lankey Kenneth E Jr to Herbert J and Conradt-Eberlin N, $400,000.

13631 Castleway Rd; Collins Orice O and Katie M to O'Reilly Alexander D and Arielle, $377,000.

9800 Chanelka Ln; Burgess Margaret Ann Estate to Boyd Kristina A and Roberts Z, $197,450.

5642 Charter Oak Dr; Vannatta Jason S and Belinda K to Poulston Sandra, $293,000.

15112 Chesdin Green Wy; Carpenter Jon and Malissa to Moore Henry Lavern, $454,900.

5316 Chestnut Bluff Tr; Nock Katie M and Plunkett Ross M to Fulghum Rachel G and Fischer M M, $295,500.

2906 Chislet Dr; Harcum Thomas S and Aleksandra M to Trent Dedria, $340,000.

621 Claypool Ct; Kay Janet to Paez Patrick A and Shelby A, $238,000.

5215 Clipper Cove Rd; Romero Amanda Patrick and Daniel to Lankenau W S and Lankenau P A, $750,000.

4501 Cochise Tl; Sharper Zachary H and Theresa N to, Ucieda E A and Arce Nunez V M, $270,000.

14332 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to Davis Corinthian A and Paula C, $382,555.

15612 Corte Castle Tr; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Bracamontes Daniel Jr and Megan, $358,550.

4113 Courthouse Rd; Gleason Thomas R to Wallace Stuart F, $218,000.

4925 Crispin Ct; Wilmington Sav Fund Society to Wainwright H Jr and Robillard R, $218,500.

6605 Dalebluff Ct; Martinez Jose G to Canales Rosalind D and Lopez J, $200,000.

6907 Deer Thicket Dr; Gordon Robert T and Brandy Leigh to Gordon Tristan A, $200,000.

7205 Drexelbrook Rd; Adams Maria to Meadows Morgan, $229,900.

11812 Dunnottar Tr; Rose Kyle B and Tawse Melissa J to Wade Daniel Et Als, $350,000.

2258 Early Settlers Rd; Baldwin Adam B and Jamie K to Walton B M and A G and Mobley L R, $245,000.

10818 Egret Ct; Burgess David G and Linda M to Daley Meredith and John Anthony, $450,000.

2325 Elkview Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Valencia Tavera Luis A Et Als, $306,270.

2114 Esquire Rd; Coffey Carol Sue to Stables Austin and Caitlin, $285,000.

15200 Fairen Ln; Blackwell Robert E to Oliver Dylan R and King Ashley E, $300,000.

6106 Faulkner Dr; Guest David and Kathleen to Coleman Damion Antrae, $298,000.

15606 Fishers Green Dr; Borges John Joseph Sr and Amy to Reeves Weston and Elizabeth, $416,000.

8513 Foster Ridge Tr; Fuller Justin T and Amanda M to Augustin Idelin and Yvette, $435,000.

6912 E Fox Green; Franklin Steven Lee Et Als to Wilson Trinity, $170,000.

12229 Framar Dr; Walls John E III and Sarah G to Ivey Douglas and Krysta, $395,000.

13807 Gallant Fox Dr; Stone Carl G Sr to Saunders Stuart, $316,450.

9012 Germont Av; Luna Edgar and Lucy J to Blow Christopher E, $226,000.

11618 Gordon School Rd; Three Points Proeprties Llc to Martinez Castillo R and Garcia J, $245,000.

16825 Gossamer Dr; Skelton Jeffrey M and Samantha K to Carson Gilbert M Jr, $354,000.

3612 Graythorne Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Sady Shannon O and Benjamin A, $720,000.

13820 Greyledge Tr; Harper Marvin L and Gail M to Rogers Christina, $275,000.

10100 Grovecrest Ct; Knowles Jason C and Lori W to Clary Frederick T, $253,000.

8312 Hampton Valley Dr; Mudryk Aaron J and Brenda L to Gooding Richard D and Brandi A, $453,000.

8213 Hartridge Dr; Rockefeller C and Jones Hollie to Herron Christopher J and Tarenne, $457,500.

12232 Haydon Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Harless Johnnie R and Segunda C, $272,215.

11713 Heathmere Cs; Vandewalle Deborah W to Fowler Jason L and Sablich M C J, $279,950.

7433 Hickory Rd; Lau Jay W and Claire D to Maynard Kenneth Paul and Susan Y, $249,900.

12805 Hogans Al; McDonough James P and Jean M to Clifton Richard R Jr and Cathy, $475,000.

7012 Holly Bark Dr; Bebelheimer William L and S S to Pistolarides Jason C, $237,750.

16430 Inchcape Rd; Owens Richard J III and Aileen M to Wyttenbach Kyle A and Phelps K M, $400,000.

2819 Iverson Rd; Schaab Matthew Charles to Ferguson Joshua, $226,000.

12701 Kelham Mw; Biringer Builders Inc to Daniels Kathleen Michele, $1,212,578.

14200 Key Deer Dr; Fordson Properties Llc to Flores-Mercado Joshua, $262,500.

1524 Kingscross Rd; Barker Martha M to Dixon Caleb C and Abigail M, $365,000.

11108 Lantern Wy; Marshall Geraldine and Beard M to Dumais David A and Zana D, $280,000.

6310 Leisure Tr; Rose Catherine to Stagnitta Vincent A Jr and Ruth, $210,000.

14000 Litwack Cove Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Giron Avila Elly Y, $393,500.

4902 Long Shadow Tr; Holliday Lois B to Lloyd Larry, $217,800.

9467 Lost Forest Dr; Girling Joyce E to Williams Paul and Kelly Tanisha, $233,000.

2012 Magnolia Grove Wy; Welles Jocelyn to Ward S C and Ward R C Jr Trs, $315,000.

6307 Manassas Dr; Cornelisse Kimberly and Austin J to Jasper Nickey Jr and Shantae, $280,000.

17601 Marymere Ct; Hhhunt Homes LC to Jones Brian H, $338,795.

13331 Master Stag Dr; Hopkins Brett M and Stephanie M to Nghiem Theophano and Morris D, $235,000.

6236 Meadwood Cr; Shagena K E A and Donahue E A A to Handal Carlos R, $165,000.

14206 Michaux Springs Dr; Gross Kari I Jensen to Metzger John M and Kadee L, $545,000.

8603 Middle Rd; Belcher Sharon Rebecca to Arias Roberto C C and Pineda D, $189,000.

7877 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Miles Thomas III, $207,340.

2331 Moseley Rd; Benbow Gregory A and Katrina to Lorraine Thomas H and Gray M M, $315,500.

837 Mountshire Tr; Ellis Bernard and Gwendolyn to Valencia Zenia Maribel, $360,000.

4306 Nevil Bend Ln; Teemant Ross and Joanna Marie to Lauffer Joseph C and Katherine M, $460,000.

7418 Newbys Ct; White Ethel to Killian Jacob R, $225,000.

13618 Northwich Dr; Scott Lois N to Knitter Zachary Arthur, $270,000.

10306 Oakdell Dr; Woodall Steven M and Mirae to Fleming Nicholas D and Megan K, $249,000.

16906 Old Westridge Dr; Davis Nicholas A and Lisa H to Talbert Joshua M, $536,000.

13701 Orchid Dr; Ferguson Christopher to Gilmer Cheryl M, $395,000.

21020 Penmar Dr; Braxton Loretta M Living Trust to Mitchell Willie H IV and Carmen, $235,000.

12416 Petersburg St; Wyatt Owen N and Cynthia M to Hannaford Joan Angela, $436,000.

6305 Phobus Ct; Romero Nancy Marisol Fuentes to Hernandez Perez Yoysi M, $228,000.

8914 Playground Cr; Wall John and Stipes Macie to George Amanda K, $235,000.

7612 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Giudice Martin F and Laurie S, $349,712.

7608 Port Leon Rd; Pegram Daniel W to Hicks Tyrisha M, $152,000.

3403 Post Mill Tr; Evans Scott D and Emily R to Palmer Christopher A and Aimee M, $760,000.

2713 Puckett Ct; Bahen Andrew M and Theresa C to Nierle Matthew J, $200,000.

11230 Rabbit Ridge Rd; Miller Glenn Eldon and Melinda O to Burton Temple L and Traci A, $562,250.

5919 Red Setter Ln; Broadwater Timothy and Natasha to Giorgiani Ryan R and Courtney R, $632,000.

600 Ridgemoor Ct; Lee Bertina M to Sando Trisha A, $245,000.

8818 River Rd; Bishop Kimberly I to Fallin Jacob A and Hooker S M, $158,000.

12500 Robious Rd; Roche James M and Trezza Linda J to Jeffrey Julian and Paulina, $379,900.

18508 Rollingside Dr; Leslie Toysha L to Rozier Tramaine S, $225,000.

2606 Royal Crest Dr; Pulley W Ryan to Barbour Jordan P and Clark L D, $649,900.

13920 Sandy Oak Rd; Henderson James E and Jennifer M to Cody Zachary L and Elizabeth C, $295,000.

5918 Scarlet Coat Pl; Main Street Homes to Seiler Robert E, $510,000.

507 Sentinel Ln; Collins Connie M to Slayden Heather R, $215,000.

20313 Sheffield Pl; Kruse Tara to Banks Jamone, $192,500.

3524 Silver Oak Ct; Huynh Dong Van and L N D to Jones Maxine and Morris Sandrine, $275,000.

5107 Sir Sagamore Dr; Broyhill Paul R to Foltz Investments Llc, $210,000.

1707 Southcreek Dr; Brigstock Amanda to Grinstead Larry E and Mary Lou T, $321,000.

8212 Spiral Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Herron Michael T, $409,000.

49 Stanmore Rd; Tetzlaff Todd R and Nancy S to Newton Zachary C and Alivia P, $226,000.

8319 Sterling Cove Pl; Crenshaw Paris E Jr and Betty G to Donnelly James F Sr and Jill E, $405,000.

20207 Stonewood Manor Dr; Shands Juaneika to Small Nikhandrea, $216,000.

7111 Stonington Ct; Matthews Lolita S to Cortez Jillian Christine, $170,000.

6900 Summers Trace Tr; Woodley Daniel A to Mercado Caroline Herrera, $230,000.

12107 Sunset Point Ct; Bramblett Michael B to McAulay Charles and Julie Ann, $349,000.

13712 Sycamore Village Dr; Acosta Maria L to Malave Juan C P and Duran Nancy, $240,000.

1424 Tannery Cr; Wittig Ronald J and Kathleen M to Scalone Rebecca H and Corry J, $236,000.

5212 Terrace Arbor Cr; Ford Robert R and Angela L to Morro Rocco A II and Nancy, $325,000.

3567 Thornsett Dr; Hamlet Breon and Nyah D to Gholson Thomas, $270,000.

531 Totten Dr; Hartsfield Jelani T and Brandi J to Stout Jeremy W and Kerrianne, $471,600.

4069 Trisha Tl; Marshall Shannon to Fritch Michael Dwan and Nancy, $186,250.

18125 Twin Falls Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Brady Patrick D and Keisha M, $422,000.

7561 Valencia Rd; Akk Enterprises Llc to Slaughter Chappel, $233,000.

11706 Village Garden Ct; Wilson David Alan Et Als to Janssen Denise L and Creath R E, $320,000.

231 Wallingham Dr; Ortiz Michael and Ajanet Hampton to Davis Cory L and Melissa M, $380,000.

406 Walton Park Rd; Gilbert Carroll H III and Janet to Biringer Christopher B, $236,500.

2104 Waters Mill Pt; Hanway Robin H to Garvey Erin Marie, $190,000.

12513 Wescott Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Roshanali Mohamed Abbas M, $293,345.

1624 Westbury Ridge Dr; Tinsley Ryan S and Sandra to Mallory Christopher and Erin, $330,000.

1020 Westwood Village Wy; Bagby Michael D and Susan L to Jack Paul P and Lynette W, $275,000.

14049 Wiley Cr; Horgan Maryann Cronin to Weber John D and Daria S, $449,500.

7409 Winding Creek Ln; Rohrmoser Patricia H Trustee to Boodram Aroona and Wiipongwii T, $326,000.

11901 Winterpock Rd; Pope Marcus to Caldwell Kevin and Olivia K, $300,000.

14112 Woodsacre Ln; Davis Jill S to McClure Ivory B, $235,000.

17428 Wynstone Park Ln; Jennings William S III and C M to Webb W H Jr and Webb J L Trs, $370,100.


0.5 acres; Douglas K. Parrish Jr. to Dylan Ray Stanley, $170,000.

0.5 acres; Timothy W. Wallace, trustee to Patrick Alan Wallace, $170,000.

10 acres; Jennifer Moon to RCI Builders LLC, $150,000.

10.1 acres; Susan K. Kaukas to Robert W. Howell, $406,000.

17.42 acres; Bernard W. Watson to James R. West, $585,000.

19.9 acres; Elisa M. Tedona to Alan Michael Rothrock, $360,000.

2.346 acres; Edward Ray Ferrell to Patrick T. Atkins, $271,000.

31.12 acres; Louis L. Brooking III to Vincent R. Russo II, $235,000.

34 acres; Reuben D. Ray III to Pascual Rocha, $150,000.

4.001 acres; Ashland Gardens Limited Partnership to Omni Park Place Senior LLC, $3,800,000.

5.15 acres; Jane Katherine Sasser to David Brian Calhoun, $229,000.

5.72 acres; Mark A. Dennis to Katherine Will, $575,000.

7.067 acres; Allyson Stanley to Nicholas Paul Kump, $230,000.

9.72 acres; J.E. Liesfeld Contractor Inc. to Salvatore Vitale, $180,000.

Lot 1, Block F, Swannanoa Estates; Herbert M. McCauley Jr. to Steven C. Payne, $160,000.

Lot 1, Gum Tree Woods; RCI Builders LLC to Bethany Lynne Revere, $337,781.

Lot 1, Section 2, Dundee; Bradley L. Beach to Jason Teichert, $225,000.

Lot 10, Block C, Section 3, Pole Green Station; Andrew J. Sweeney to Benjamin A. Bond II, $320,400.

Lot 10, Winding Brook Townhomes; NVR Inc. to Michael Hoszowski, $280,835.

Lot 11, Block T, Section B6, Battlefield Green; Brian M. Revels to Ghuncha Mubashir, $231,000.

Lot 14, Block, U, Section C, High Point Farms; Arlene Sharpe to Jolyn Hooper, $234,500.

Lot 14, Wintercrest; Antonina L.Vitale to Harneet Kaur Jaswal, $2,100,000.

Lot 15, Ashland Heights; Nathan Roady to William E. Becker, $210,000.

Lot 15, Section F, Glebe Hill; Glebe Hill Associates Inc. to Shurm Construction Inc., $155,000.

Lot 18, Hanover Hills Small Farms; Stafford Builders Inc. to Dorraine Shelton Dennis, $289,950.

Lot 2, Block A, Hanover Industrial Air Park East; Harper & Beasley LLC to Greenleafe Virginia Crane LLC, $670,276.

Lot 2, Block C, Section A, Atlee Ridge; Timothy W. Clary II to Jared Clary, $152,000.

Lot 2, Section G, Glebe Hill; Glebe Hill Associates Inc. to Shurm Construction Inc., $155,000.

Lot 21, Section 2, Red Hill; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Anthony Daniel, $393,301.

Lot 21, Block G, Section 1, Honey Meadows; Wendy F. Bayless to Deborah Jane Magnasco, trustee, $300,000.

Lot 26, Block A, Stonewall Estates; Michael Roy Dunkelbarger to Lucy Anne Chandler, $250,000.

Lot 30, Block A, Section 3, Cool Spring West; Christopher Metzger to Gail O’Connell, $285,000.

Lot 4, Section 1, Stag’s Leap; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $680,000.

Lot 40, Section B, Georgetown; Equity Trustees LLC to MEB REO Trust IV, $264,000.

Lot 5, Block C, Country Club Hills; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Christina Faye Herring Chandler, $429,365.

Lot 5, Farrington Place; R. Lee Downing III, trustee to Jordan Smith, $165,000.

Lot 5, Mechanicsville Farms; Lee Randall Scott to Meagan Shuford, $184,500.

Lot 51, Section 5, Mountain Run; J3G Partners LLC to Anthony Paul Farina, $175,000.

Lot 54, Section C, Patrick Henry Heights; Rebecca D. Fields to Jameson B. Cooke, $210,000.

Lot 8, Block K, Section A2, Battlefield Green; David B. Giles to Brook Road I & II LLC, $215,000.

Lot 8, Section 2, Rutland Center Townes; Nathan F. Allen to Deborah J. Magnasco Living Trust, $264,950.

Lot 9, Section 2, Haley Farm; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders LLC, $150,000.

Lot 9, Section 4, Oak Hill Estates; Rodney K. Lesh to Nest Vector LLC, $195,000.

Lot 9, Section 9, Hanover Industrial Air Park; CPR Richmond LLC to 10990 Richardson Property LLC, $1,750,000.

Lot 9, Winding Brook Townhomes; NVR Inc. to Michael Hoszowski, $291,490.

Parcel; Reginald Joseph Long Jr. to Danielle G. Floyd, $178,000.

Parcel; Trustees of Presbytery of the James Inc. to Rogers Chenault Inc., $3,050,000.

Section 1, Independence Farms; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Sherbrook Ventures LLC, $235,000.

Section 3, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $320,000.


0.67 acres; Fariss Road-Huguenot Trail LLC to Five Forks Offices LLC, $225,000.

10 acres; Janet C. Lee to Stephen Samuel Roszel VIII, $524,000.

10.224 acres; MacKenzie J. Rolfe to Steven P. Arnold, $500,000.

17.988 acres; Ellen M. Tribble to New Ventures Real Estate LLC, $290,000.

2.072 acres; Victoria Anna Marie Little to Michael Smithgal, $236,000.

2.794 acres; F. Allen Whitley Jr. to Southside Industrial Properties LLC, $215,000.

4 acres; Kimberly E. Connors to Justin D. White, $274,950.

44.7 acres; Lucretia Ann Carrico to Antonio L. Leal, $550,000.

6.318 acres; Robert E. Stynes to Debra Futrell Russell, $649,000.

Lot 1, Section A, Maidens Woods, 18 acres; Larry R. Dickerson to Thomas Francis Hancock IV, $669,900.

Lot 21D, R.S. Hatcher Tract; David A. Watson to Richard L. Phillips, $214,000.

Lot 6, Block H, Section B, Holly Hills; Karen C. Breen to Robert M. Mayberry Jr., $328,500.

Lot S6, Red Lane; Richard C. Maybee to Melanie Marie Tylar, $168,000.

Lots 20 and 21, Section 5, Westlake at Mill Mount; Three Bridge Investments LLC to Baldwin Creek Custom Homes Inc., $191,000.

Parcel 2, Glenwood Farms; Grey Ridge Builders LLC to Constance Felecia Irby, $185,000.


1.15 acres; CMH Homes Inc. to Krystal Yvette Woodson, $282,500.

10.32 acres; James J. Schlake to Jason Christopher Emigh, $640,000.

109.61 acres; Ford and Robbins Construction Inc. to Matthew B. Montgomery, $436,353.

2 acres; Bryan Socarras to Leovaldo A. Roblero Gonzalez, $227,000.

2 parcels;, University of Virginia to Daniel M. Hudgins, $395,000.

3.57 acres; Linda S. Weinstein, trustee to Swift Creek Enterprise LLC, $168,480.

4 lots, Block E, Homewood Park; Susan L. Farley to Mark J. Buss, $450,000.

5 acres; Tyrel A. Tullis to Mason B. Norman, $250,000.

Lot 12, Block C, Section 2, Breeze Hill; Hunton Station LLC to Barbara Trainham, $173,373.

Lot 2, Block A, Section 3, Dover Branch; Dover Branch LLC to William Calvin Johns III, $169,950.

Lot 5, Section 2, Cedar Lane; Truett Real Estate Investments LLC to Daniel S. Keeton, $150,000.

Lot 7, Section 2, Readers Branch; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Steven William Schawaroch, $629,869.

Lots 7 and 10, Section 3, Breeze Hill; Breeze Hill Inc. to Krickovic and Ziegler LLC, $290,000.

Parcel; Vivan Reid to George C. Peper, $188,000.


15 Adams St.; Chong Yul Kim to Par 5 Development Group LLC, $500,000.

1624 Drury Road; Audrey T. Hawkins to Mache Lynette Duhart, $191,000.

2425 Gracie White Circle; Craftech Homes LLC to Kristi Kelso, $220,000.

2820 Normandy Drive North; Ampac Fine Chemicals Virginia LLC to Phlow Corp., $2,000,000.

2245 Walsh Ave.; Kristie White to Demondre Woodson, $177,000.


1.84 acres; Robin Woody to Lofton Leasing LLC, $164,600.

30 acres; Rodney A. Pendergrass to Robert Earl Jeffreys III, $285,000.

5 acres; Mark Andre Lampman to Sherri Chandler Togger, $220,000.

85.58 acres; Dixie Land Corp. to Willard Ray Graham II, $249,000.

98.9 acres; Margaret W. Birdsall to Richard D. Kenne, $153,130.

Lot 100, Section 3, Sysonby Ridge; Tyler Fisher to Daniel Crissman Sr., $163,000.

Lot 4, Halligan Tract; Cynthia L. Thompson to Richard L. Deruiter, $156,000.

Parcel; Dennis E. Packer to Colonial 21 Inc., $150,000.


Lot 6, Block F, Section II, Westmoreland; Barbara McClaskie to Brooke N. McClaskie, $160,000.

Lots 26-30, Block 17, Section B, Appomattox Heights; Ayshela S. Fitzgerald to Titanium Jubilee LLC, $154,950.

Lots 5, 6 and 7, Block 8, Section 2, Dupont Gardens; Kevin S. Vinson to Suzanne Salisbury, $150,000.

Parcel A, Block B, B Village; Alec J. Shull to Creel-Wood Properties LLC, $200,000.


17.23 acres; Clint Conner to Stevie Vaughan Jr., $385,000.

18.735 acres; Sherry Calkin-Mays to Adam Zayas, $386,000.

5.1 acres, Lake Sertoma; Samuel B. Twiggs to Jeffrey Scott Kreutzer, $380,000.

58.84 acres; Cynthia W. Norman, trustee to Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee, $200,000.

9.478 acres; Pamela R. Harris to Howard Kellman, $640,000.

Lot 1, Block R, Section 1, Five Lakes Woodland; Earnestine Kelley White to Lisa K. Englehart, trustee, $270,424.

Lot 161, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to John David Hollis, $326,670.

Lot 49, Block C, Section 1, Brickshire; W.V. McClure to John A. Coulter, $373,421.

Lot 5, Section 1, Kingsfield; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Cardinal Point LLC, $360,000.

Lots 725 and 726, Woodhaven Shores; Trevin Deed Tyson, executor to Kendeall E. Plummer, $222,000.

Lots, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $708,758.

Lots, Phase 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $473,034.

Lots, Section 2, Kingsfield; Bowery Farm LLC to Liberty Homes of Virginia Inc., $900,000.

Parcels; Nancy Mountcastle Harris to Jonathan M. Caldwell, $600,000.


17.39 acres; Marie Sharon Stech Edlin to Leverette E. Pope III, $250,000.

2.64 acres; Sandra L. Sullivan to Amber L. Stanley, $185,000.

276.4 acres; B&F LC to E. Wincel Brooks Sr., $335,000.

37.7 acres; Steve D.W. Wise to Charles M. Chappell, $150,000.

5.2836 acres; Cindi Gayle James Hardy to Anthony M. Watson, $385,000.

6.09 acres; Fetko Properties LLC to John Gilbert Morris Jr., $295,750.

85.2 acres; Bear Island Forest LLC to Chappel Construction LLC, $162,500.

85.46 acres; Marie Sharon Stech Edlin to Leverette E. Pope III, $255,000.

Lot 8, Block A, Bland Ridge; Carlos S. Secrist to Pamela Euro, $450,000.

Charles city

1.032 acres; Katie L. Everingham to Stuart Kyle Summerfield, $240,000.

Parcel; Michele S. Tremblay to John Kobey Jurgens, $365,000.


10 acres; Christina E. Connors to Warren Crowder, $285,000.

2.27 acres; Jeremy Holmes to Scott Travis Burdick, $352,500.


10.065 acres; Marvin F. Jones to Abbigayle Gray Sill, $212,900.

2.972 acres; Ellis R. Cook to Shana L. Sayers, $230,000.


0.93 acres; Stone Pony Properties LLC to Timothy J. Fletcher, $163,000.

3.03 acres; Floria C. Glass to William C. Mullen, $212,000.


1,128 acres; Jennifer Allison Green Brand to William Wayne Dabney, $500,000.

19.28 acres; Michael R. Porch Jr. to Matthew R. Gallahan, $379,850.

253 acres; Pearson Boyden Richmond to Kings Place LLC, $750,000.

5 acres; Christopher M. Norman to Savannah Mae Bangs, $185,495.

Lot 1, Block A, Kennington Townhomes; Kennington Place LLC to Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia, $190,000.

Lot 1, Block AA, Kennington Townhomes; Kennington Place LLC to Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia, $190,000.

Lot 10, Section 2, McCauley Park; McCauley Park LLC to NK Homes LLC, $390,000.

Lot 3, Block L, Kennington Townhomes; Robert G. Burton to Arlene Heath Sharpe, $250,000.

Lots 1, 2 and 4 in Block 2 of original lot 62; Rumollu LLC to Charles William Sievers, $195,000.


1.06 acres; Paul Boothe Thomas Jr. to Hunter Howard Haywood, $200,000.

2.36 acres; Christopher M. Bradshaw to Timothy J. Odom, $345,000.


Lot 42, Longhill Woods; Adam C. Demharter to David Louis Kissman, $375,000.

Lots 8-15 and 16-23, Powhatan Park; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, devisee to Lots of Lots LLC, $290,000.

Parcel; Christopher Lee Franklin to James Town Road LLC, $510,500.

4 tracts; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to CDP WB PE LLC, $3,050,000.


109 Archers Hope Drive, Williamsburg; Pembroke Reed Hoffmier, trustee to C. Timothy Lindstrom, $550,000.

9450 Astilbe Lane, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Betty L. Stanger, trustee, $267,260.

182 Blackheath, Williamsburg; Luann Cuzzo to Michelle McDermott, $595,000.

20 Bromley Drive, Williamsburg; Joshua M. Stinson to Geraldine Simpson, $165,000.

116 Captaine Graves, Williamsburg;, U.S. Bank to Brandon C. Waltrip, $503,500.

4077 Coronation, Williamsburg; Raymond T. Cingale, trustee to Catherine Taylor, $360,000.

201 Curry Drive, Williamsburg; Abbitt Investments LLC to Lakeisha K. Lee, $275,000.

533 Fairfax Way, Williamsburg; Charlotte J. Moyler to Margaret M. Calderwood, $576,000.

5303 Foundation St., Williamsburg; David A. Farrell to Gwen Baker Loeffler, $265,000.

104 Francis Jessup, Williamsburg; Bryan L. Hinnen to Mark Flavin, $325,000.

139 Great Glen, Williamsburg; Scott Derr Evans, trustee to Susan Wood, $445,000.

4388 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Ronald Borden Rogers, $398,090.

101 Heron Court, Williamsburg; Carol S. Keys, successor trustee to Frank H. Seidnitzer Jr., $351,000.

1051 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Paula A. Soukup, $389,000.

1828 John Hancock, Williamsburg; Louis F. Nucci, trustee to Frank N. Gladding, $692,500.

147 King Henry Way, Williamsburg; Joseph A. Scordo, trustee to Chad Thomas West, $207,000.

2779 Linden Lane, Williamsburg; Lloyd W. Williams to Gordon Blair, $308,000.

3637 Marigold Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Nile Smith, $370,755.

5009 Merchants Court, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Jennifer Franks, $429,980.

413 Moody’s Run, Williamsburg; Thomas M. Shriver to Phillip L. Franklin, $635,000.

169 Old Carriage Way, Williamsburg; Buforvine Holdings LLC to Juan Antonio Perez, $382,500.

215 Padgett’s Ordinary, Williamsburg; H. Terrence Samway,t rustee to Anne Conner, $210,000.

942 Pheasant Run, Williamsburg; Elizabeth C. Bailey to Landon Stulen, $195,000.

405 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Ismail Lahgazi Alaoui to Marshall L. Miller, $275,000.

3202 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to David H. Symmes, $316,212.

1609 Queens Way, Williamsburg; Stephen Gregory Nash to Tonya Harris, $154,500.

3037 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Lawrence Ronald Crum to Craig T. Meadows, $183,297.

9628 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Ashley McLeod, $405,255.

5312 Rockingham Drive, Williamsburg; William Avile Jr. to Yvaughn Brown, $308,000.

4717 Sanford Arms, Williamsburg; Mark O. Bedont Jr. to Tom E. Hammett, $384,000.

6047 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Timothy R. Kraus, $643,055.

206 Southpoint Drive, Williamsburg; Rebecca L. Downey to Jared I. Chubb, $535,000.

6019 Tabiatha Lane, Lanexa; Christopher J. Eckenfels to Joshua A. Cohoon, $375,000.

3023 Torrington Trail, Williamsburg; Jack Colarossi to Nancy Diane Weinmaster, $460,000.

Unit 222, Padgetts Ordinary; Peter A. Andriole to Michael P. Day, $214,500.

156 Waters Edge Drive, Williamsburg; Barbara J. Wetters to Craig L. Hardson, $340,000.

3552 Westham Lane, Toano; Justin T. Kirby to Martha F. Warters, $249,000.

3021 Whittaker Island Road, Williamsburg; Jeffrey H. Curtis to Darrel R. Tenney, $625,000.

6551 Wiltshire Road, Williamsburg; Danforth M. Harrington to Howard Liberman, $317,000.

8112 Wrenfield Drive, Williamsburg; Donavan V. Kendrick to Susan V. Doherty, $560,000.


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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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