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Property transfers

Property transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.


614 W 20th St; Wimmer Jennifer I to Kuhn Amazing Grace, $230,000.

1205 N 21st St; Dreamteam Builders Llc to Ramirez Avelardo, $340,000.

306 N 26th St, U137; Paulsrud Kimberly A to Cobb Stephen A, $248,800.

822 W 28th St; Montalto Gregory S and Nicole A to Overholt Astrid, $511,000.

612 W 29th St; Gleich Jonathan D and Janel K to George David A, $389,000.

3424 2nd Ave; 3424 2nd Avenue Llc to Patterson Virginia Toy, $190,000.

314 N 32nd St; Johnson Gail to Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc, $360,044.

1714 3rd Ave; Tjc Realty 1714 3rd Ave Llc to Caleb Land Corporation, $218,000.

1508 W 45th St; Driscoll Carolyn J to Zell Summer L and Gerber Alex J, $350,000.

2205 5th Ave; Radicle Investments Llc to Langen Andrew Rist Jensen, $233,425.

52 W 6th St; Cbd Development Llc to 52 West 6th Street Llc, $761,355.

84 W 6th St; Cbd Development Llc to 84 West 6th Street Llc, $773,504.

1105 Althea Pkwy; Millstone Construction Llc to Craig Michael Ade, $200,000.

301 S Arthur Ashe Blvd; Holmberg Homes Llc to 301 S Boulevard Llc, $1,000,000.

1411 Bainbridge St; Manchester Grand Llc to 1411 Bainbridge Fee Llc, $2,225,000.

118 S Belmont Ave; Glomb Jonathan Michael to Gerace Jamie, $352,500.

3122 Bicknell Road; Norris Michael Timothy to Pawa Taran Deep Singh, $325,000.

1903 Blair St; Pala-Art Sukanya to Figgins Gail Marie, $220,000.

4717 Bromley Lane; Soucie Nicholas J to Newton Joshua Peter, $464,000.

5002 Bromley Lane; Lineback Christopher and Windsor to Fink Taylor and Caitlin, $405,000.

3700 Brookside Road; McClure Rab H to Devar Benjamin V, $305,000.

3418 A Carolina Ave; Little Timothy and Samnang Son to Sunshine Housing Llc, $150,000.

1905 Carter St; Peterson Construction Co Inc to Graham Matthew C and Brooke M, $439,000.

9817 Channing Cir; Nolan Willard R Jr and Betty B to Murphy Brian J and Cynthia A, $288,000.

524 Chimborazo Blvd; Moore Henry A to Eco Marble and Granite Inc, $169,000.

212 E Clay St, U1A; Carlisle Group Llc to Salvation Tattoo Gallery Llc, $150,000.

404 Cleveland St; Struder John R Jr to 404 N Clevend Street Series Of, $710,000.

4605 Coventry Road; Johnson Charles E Jr Trustee to Martin Charles W and Hollace C, $1,310,000.

3161 Cullenwood Dr; Thompson Eartha G to White Raymond L, $175,000.

2024 Decatur St; Affordable Mobile Auto Llc to Lucky Group Properties Llc, $222,500.

3101 Falcon Road; Pigg Caryl C to Adana Investments Llc, $180,000.

14 W Fells St; Better Housing Coalition to Kamara Mohamed, $188,000.

1800 Floyd Ave; Krebs Gary and Kaye to Louka Amir Kamal, $305,000.

5636 Forest Hill Ave; Degratia Development Llc to Duncan Michael, $150,000.

4312 W Franklin St; Bollie Rodney L to Berling August David, $505,000.

4618 W Franklin St; Penn Hollar Quentin to Leitch Eliza Corbin, $370,000.

3101 French St; Greene Wallace B Jr to Miles Lauren, $336,000.

2008 Gilbert St; Matthews Stacy D to Graves George David, $255,000.

1700 Glencove Lane; Derks Kathleen D to Barker Melanie L, $260,000.

3915 W Grace St; Liverman Eric L to Tlg Re Llc, $407,000.

4003 W Grace St; Astle Brian S to Weisensale Emily Blair, $318,000.

2600 E Grace St, U13; McQuilkin Tiffany R to Traveline Michael D, $231,000.

5803 Guthrie Ave; Libbie Guthrie Company Llc to Cann Lawrence B III, $850,000.

3211 Hanes Ave; Holmes George D to Curry Steven, $199,950.

1804 Hanover Ave; Hartung Barbara L to Powell Frances S and Ridgway H, $813,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U404; Rimbault Christiane Trustee to Moore Barbara J, $279,385.

1101 Haxall Pt, U507; Reyes Joe P and Christy B to Equity Trust Company Custodian, $209,500.

211 W Home St; Maggie Walker Community to Pollard Antoine and Patricia A, $210,000.

1411 Idlewood Ave; Sinha Amit and Arun to Dobrescu Daniela Monica, $240,000.

3115 Jefferson Davis Hwy; Shiloh Enterprise Properties to Luvi Homes Llc, $265,000.

4345 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Braswell Jennifer C Gray, $296,960.

4504 Kensington Ave; Mehr Koorosh and Sepehri Mitra to Hall Eric and Rana, $385,000.

6523 Kensington Ave; Daughtrey Margaretta Smith to Leischner Mark Thomas, $320,000.

1716 Lakeview Ave; Sinha Amit to Thompson Todd V, $267,500.

211 Larne Ave; Bartee Jonathan M to Beardslee Robert C and Jordan J, $150,000.

723 S Laurel St; Overlook Llc to Garrett W B Inc, $150,000.

1728 W Leigh St; Mimms Brandy F to Willis Denise, $175,000.

10 Lexington Road; Shumadine Kimberly J to Lawson Joseph F B and Meghan S, $585,000.

98 Libbie Ave; Smith Virginia Lee to Davis Paul Brantley, $515,000.

503 Maple Ave; Tri American Properties Llc to Carney Christopher M, $1,200,000.

2327 Maplewood Ave; Allen Larry Wynward to Randolph Homes Llc, $235,000.

1414 W Marshall St, U301; Panyam Subramanyam to Duong Dat Quang, $245,000.

1618 Maury St; 1618 Maury Street Llc to Thompson John R and Nicole B, $378,000.

10145 Merrimac Road; Holland William J Jr and Joanne S to Egleston Iain M and Bell Sara A, $250,000.

1812 Monument Ave; Kennedy Kevin J Sr to McManus Timothy Michael, $1,800,000.

4901 Monument Ave; Schroder Gregory L to Jessee Bryon A, $675,000.

3704 Moss Side Ave; Nalls Charels H to Braden Jane K and Nicholas R, $300,000.

1012 Nelson St; Copra House Properties Llc to Caf 2018-1 Reo I Llc, $341,300.

2706 Northumberland Ave; Lucas M Investments Llc to Arble Darren, $365,000.

2620 Park Ave; Decator Brown Llc to Wiebe Dawn Juliet, $605,950.

4911 Park Ave; Whitten Robert G to Hardison Marissa Carey, $305,000.

1254 Parkwood Ave; Cross Jordan David to Aslam Farah and Rashid Aslam, $307,000.

504 S Pine St; Gaffney Michael and Elizabeth to Singh Jasleen and Haw Nicholas D, $310,000.

815 Porter St, U410; Detrou Dean S and Joan M to Forstner Steven A, $215,000.

3125 Ragsdale Road; Kyner Robert and Diane to Hall Diane E, $275,000.

2332 N Riverside Dr; Arlington Havens Inc to Lea Grace Properties Llc, $168,000.

1927 Rosewood Ave; Kinney William and Elena to Kottick Andrew, $234,000.

3016 Seminary Ave; Ginter Park Womans Club to Aronson Scott and Jacquelin, $465,000.

4810 W Seminary Ave; Trammell Kent H and Alisha O to Levy Lauren A, $375,000.

4118 Springhill Ave; Green David K to Wysong Mark A and Lucy M, $252,000.

306 St Davids Lane; Toepp Alison R W to Dishner Steven G and Elizabeth M, $775,000.

3216 Stratford Road; Schowalter Chris J and Dawn M to Jakupovic Adi, $334,500.

3206 Sunset Ave; Corcoran Robert and Susan to Corrigan Maureen A, $440,000.

2405 The Terrace; Jessee Bryon A to Perkins Berkley N, $380,000.

205 Tuckahoe Blvd; Brill Martin L and Snead Sande to Marchetti Robert L and Judith F, $975,000.

3400 West Point Ct; Bobbitt Katherine C to Dunston Frances J, $415,000.

3701 E Weyburn Road; Pitts Donald A and Jennifer L to Ellis Edward Carl, $320,000.

5906 Willow Creek Way; Mickens Melody N to New Colten M, $285,000.

3909 Wythe Ave; Bromley Rentals Llc to Robinson James and Katherine, $610,000.


5125 Aldenbrook Way, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Fields Robert W and Carole M Trustees, $552,681.

1760 Altman Rd, Henrico; Wright Doris C Trustee to Housing Options Inc, $252,000.

618 Arbor Press Ct, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Golla Varun and Sowmya Ponna, $735,333.

4820 Autumn Wagon Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Tate Erika, $302,400.

5500 Axe Handle Ln, Glen Allen; Saldana Carlos F and Delgadina C to Mogetz Amy and Vladislav Akerman, $748,200.

1801 Bandera Dr, Henrico; Spence Patricia W to Barbour Antonio M and Stephanie Venegas-B, $159,000.

11807 Bedfordshire Sq, Henrico; Evens Marilyn S Trustee to Shaffner Claire R, $270,000.

10537 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Polluchalla Madhusudhan Reddy to Shah Dhavalkumar and Ankita, $400,000.

6577 Beulah Rd, Henrico; Englehart Ralph G and Joy L Wells Et Al to St John Jonathan L, $225,000.

8801 Brawner Dr, Henrico; Quick Stephen B and Betsy G to Kern Sarah Eleanor, $245,000.

10800 Brewster Ct, Henrico; Silvestri Julia A to Santeere Brittney, $248,000.

420 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Johnson Vicki, $463,731.

2802 Burrard St, Henrico; Holland Nathaniel Walter Jr and Mildred Y to Rogers Daniel E II and Martha D, $342,000.

10501 Caledon Dr, Glen Allen; True David P and Thomas D and Claudia K to Nomikos Constantine G, $430,000.

13 Carmen Ln, Henrico; Liberty Rentals Group Llc to Dunlap Barbara W, $183,660.

2212 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Majhi Sha and Sabitra, $342,347.

11300 Chappell Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Hawks Joel Ray to Schmidt Kristian and Carlson R Domingo, $425,000.

9202 Chumley Ln, Henrico; Salomonsky Alissa L and Henry L III to Rickards Maya, $249,000.

1309 Claytor Ln, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Bangert Christopher and Tiffany, $269,058.

7529 Comet Rd, Henrico; Sclater Dawn N to Addison William J and Virginia D, $265,000.

10556 Courtney Rd, Glen Allen; Blount Leon and Sharon Britt to Us Bank National Association, $389,700.

2208 Craven Ln, Henrico; Archibeque Claudia D to Hughes David N and Yvonne, $290,000.

1519 Cutshaw Pl, Henrico; Fultz M Catherine to Daylor John F Jr, $205,000.

64 Dehaven Dr, Henrico; Ryan Penny Louise to Finn Atticus Brandon and Hannah L Ficco, $175,000.

9111 Derbyshire Rd, Ug, Henrico; Wolfrey Gregory K and Betty P and Paxton K to Parker Susan C, $182,500.

2549 Dunham Rd, Henrico; Sharma Prabhat and Sanjana to Hernandez Johnalyn B and Rommel B, $395,000.

5016 Eddings Dr, Glen Allen; Rodriguiez Roger to Carr Virginia C, $275,000.

2701 Elkridge Cir, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Willis Corey Deleon, $194,005.

11067 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $214,000.

429 Evanrude Ln, Sandston; Myers Alan D and Rebecca L to Lucas Jennifer, $217,000.

3009 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Torres Elijah, $292,630.

5230 Fisher Crest Ln, Henrico; Smith Ronald A II and Ruby to Combs Landon L and Sarah L, $341,900.

1910 Flintwood Dr, Henrico; Rentz Stephanie A and Heather M Ayers to Zip Solutions Llc, $200,000.

10767 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Siddula Sridhar and Neelima, $558,300.

716 Foundry Park Ct, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Khadye Parag Chintaman and Shyamal Parag, $719,782.

6513 W Franklin St, Henrico; Agee Philip R and Lily Wren K Collins to Whitworth Turner C and Catherine C Freeman, $365,000.

11424 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ez Investments Llc, $285,100.

408 Green Hollow Ln, Sandston; Harris Marian Regina to Britt Welton L, $210,000.

1922 Greenwood Glen Dr, Glen Allen; O'Neill Timothy to Chawla Gaurav, $240,000.

10055 Haley’s Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Kanary Lori Ann to Rodriguez John R, $275,000.

12328 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Malayathodi Prabash and Abhilasha Prabash, $573,289.

4726 Hepler Ridge Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Patel Saurabh and Bhumikaben, $487,677.

5916 Herrick Pl, Glen Allen; Raso Dianne M to Madurantakam Parthasarathy and Lathika M, $446,000.

6003 Indigo Rd, Henrico; Kukash Omar to Adler Christopher, $283,000.

6036 Jenkins Bluff Ln, Sandston; Mitchell Kip W and Rachel J to Mihalcoe Timothy A and Gail E Crotts, $301,950.

10012 Joppa Ct, Henrico; Taylor Raymond C and Chris to Masonic Home Of Virginia, $196,900.

9521 Kimberly Lynn Cir, Glen Allen; Schmidt Gregory E and Lateisha to Harris Latillya Roshae, $179,950.

415 Kramer Dr, Henrico; Harwood Shirley Estate to Rot Erika M, $160,000.

3205 Lakewood Rd, Glen Allen; Childress Barbara E to Thuo Francis and Susan Njoroge, $272,000.

8316 Lansdowne Rd, Henrico; Buchanan Katherine S Estate to Mitchell Layne T, $222,000.

10 Lee Ave, Henrico; Mendez Francisco L and Dorothy A to Graves Russell E Jr and Gwendolyn G, $176,900.

5426 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Clarke Kristin Dey and Andrew Derrick, $440,147.

10903 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Edmunds Ephraim Christopher and Naomi R, $484,755.

104 Longstreet Ave, Henrico; Tillery Raymond and Linda to Hewlett Destiny, $226,000.

5091 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Gaddam Vishnu, $529,710.

1417 Maryland Ave, Glen Allen; Smith Stuart Wayne and Donna W Et Al to Slobodnik Vladimir, $175,000.

1620 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Chiskowski Jeffrey and Lyndsye to Martinez Jesus David, $215,000.

5241 Monument Ave, U2d, Henrico; Nease Carl Ronald and Anna P to Minyard Susan R and Debora C Harrington, $514,500.

10533 Mountain Gate Way, Glen Allen; Davenport Shawn C and Michael C to Potter Kevin J and Patricia A, $197,000.

2127 New Berne Rd, Henrico; Halun Jeffrey W and Katherine A to Kennedy Charles Carpenter, $275,000.

3409 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Bird Guy D and Kristina A Richards, $289,992.

1208 North James Estates Dr, Henrico; Burton O'Dell and Anita D Candies to Hawthorne Alfred L and Joyce C, $257,200.

1802 Old Mayland Ct, Henrico; Thillberg Ryan E to Bryce Christine, $230,000.

2013 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Neuson Llc to Core James D and Suzanne F, $167,000.

11744 Parsons Walk Ct, Glen Allen; Malik Naveed and Afshan to Bhosale Vikramsinh M and Sunaina S Mohal, $445,000.

2144 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridge eld Green Llc to Duong Dave T and Hanh T, $360,625.

1601 Pine Edge Ln, Henrico; Kostopoulos Tassia C and E P Christofakis to Opeka James G and Linda Hays, $257,500.

12264 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Alfaquri Taleb, $687,325.

6901 Princess Rd, Henrico; Mina Manuel to Omar Beryan S and Cody C Schreiner, $186,000.

1707 Quail Covey Rd, Henrico; Rohde Jonathan M and Stephanie to Sellers Margaret Kathryn, $249,000.

3504 Ravenscraig Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Bates Alexander James and Lauren Stalnaker, $320,000.

2300 Reed Rd, Henrico; Turner Luke to Navarrete Javier Mora, $195,000.

210 Rocketts Way, U405, Henrico; Clary Jason B to Farnham Lars and Manuela Schuksz, $196,000.

2304 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Nadder Angela M to Rosenfeld Sungmi, $201,500.

8520 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Lyell Jacob Carlton and Annet B Amiret to Hofmeister Michael G and Kristina D, $269,000.

3310 Sandy Ln, Henrico; Remnant Real Estate Solutions Llc to Castro Nerida Beatriz, $170,000.

4324 Saunders Station Loop, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Banks Andrei III and Alexis Davis, $339,000.

6933 Seven Kings Cir, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Lewis Thasia Walker and Michael Anthony, $362,075.

115 Shreveport Rd, Henrico; Robert D Walton II Construction Co Inc to Mumford Edward J Jr, $209,950.

13012 Silent Wood Pl, Henrico; Welthy Karen to Kregar Vasily, $315,000.

12328 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Munns Heather to Baddour Dolisca M, $175,000.

1009 Southwark Ln, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Nelson Craig Alfred and Alison Armstrong, $675,241.

5512 Springer Dr, Sandston; Schneck Edward J to McClain Cheryl A, $157,400.

4600 Stockholm Dr, Sandston; Patton Jamie A and Kristine R to Carpenter Valerie E, $215,000.

10804 Sugar Ct, Glen Allen; Garber Margaret W Estate to Walters Robert A Jr, $352,500.

2400 Taraby Ct, Sandston; Witt Keith T and Meaghan E to Polen Jennifer Jane and Ian Richard Brown, $270,000.

7311 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Hubbell Michael G S Jr and Meredyth H to Seigneurin Alexis T and Aynsley Wilton, $459,000.

4002 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Yang Jianchai, $339,990.

1607 Tobak Ct, Henrico; Asay Basil R II and Rebekah E to Onugha Samuel Okechi and Eva Guitering, $250,000.

8910 Tolman Rd, Henrico; Jones Albert M Jr and Melanie T to Waller Rachel R and Unsong Oh, $735,000.

230 Treva Rd, Sandston; Coraggio Anthony J and Patricia M to Yeboah Emelia, $234,500.

2403 Valleymeade Pl, Glen Allen; Martin Katelyn M to Mohebzada Masood and Kahalida, $191,000.

10012 Washington Rd, Glen Allen; Dufore Lisa M to Goodin Alexander J, $204,000.

1405 Westbriar Dr, Henrico; Morgan Steven W and Belinda O Endrich to Kerrick Jason and Gail O, $152,100.

4005 Wheat Ct, Henrico; Rieckmann David B and Nancy to Cowardin Stacey J and Ronald L, $649,900.

5928 Whitehurst Ln, Ua, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Tobias Quinn J and Kyrstin L, $205,777.

1406 Whitehurst Way, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Jonte Scott David and Susan Jane, $290,450.

9604 Wildbriar Ln, Henrico; McEvoy Peter C and Molly D to Windle Robert Jennings and Ashley E, $350,000.

5310 Windingbrook Rd, Henrico; Hinson Robert L Jr to Trebour David A Jr Trustee, $228,000.

2334 Wistar St, Henrico; Coburn Suzanne Clay to Tyner Morgan L and Andrew S Tucker, $293,000.

7942 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; Herman Rachel to Bowlin Misty and Lisa Ann Edwards, $320,000.

8710 Woodlake Dr, Henrico; Duty Eveline M Trustee to Bermudez Mercedes Alvarez, $227,000.


2206 Albion Rd; Callihan Daniel J and Colleen H to Bryan Stephanie M, $475,000.

6306 Amasis Ct; Hess Anthony M to Gaston Lashanda T, $164,950.

6206 Arbor Ridge Dr; Williams Thomas N and Patricia W to Batchelor Derek W and Bobbie L, $282,000.

409 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Thompson Mary W, $383,537.

1408 Austin Rd; Shelburne Justin B and Melissa C to Naugle Paul David Jr and Mary E, $183,000.

5966 Autumnleaf Dr; Patrick Dean T and Bonnie F to Kassim Mwanasiti and Kogi Samuel, $305,000.

5900 Baileys Grove Pl; NVR Inc to Taylor Katina R and Hanks A, $272,045.

13201 Balta Tr; Bachman Alexander and Olga Maria to Harvey Samuel L and Emily J, $285,000.

14014 Bayport Landing Tr; Stagni Paolo and Cynthia Trs to Walters James G and Sheila P, $400,000.

8111 Bendemeer Rd; Carroll Paxton B and Carrie A to Mire Mason, $237,000.

5804 Bent Creek Rd; Eaves-Haufler Elaine D to Gudino Selena A, $247,000.

6104 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Jackson Reginald Danelle, $288,805.

14210 Brightstone Tr; Pope Marcus W and Brandi N to Delano Alan and Alyssa, $389,900.

9524 Brocket Dr; McNeill Lyndrea Letell to Buchanan Robert S and Casey G, $200,000.

10000 Brooks Point Tr; Jackson Duane O and Terry T to Bell Ronald E and Hazel Malone, $259,000.

4525 Burgess House Ln; Russell Andrew J and Sevda to Hp Virginia I Llc, $264,999.

6112 Cameron Bridge Dr; Goins Tyrone Sr to Tiki Properties III Llc, $202,000.

7304 Cannonade Ct; Towd Point Mortgage Tr 2017-1 to Melichar David V and Ashley C, $269,900.

2150 Castlebridge Rd; Flournoy Diane S to Sulzer Thomas E and Christina W, $411,250.

10714 Chalkley Rd; Lilley Gary W Jr and Katie Lynn to Speight P J and Smiarowski E J, $338,800.

15725 Chantry Dr; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Henry Marc Robert and Lindsay R, $297,500.

8843 Chester Forest Ln; Clarkson D J and Clarkson J K to Rivas Ana Cecilia Mejia, $200,000.

13912 Citation Dr; Sievert Robert L and Angela C to Laffoon Taylor N and Michael R, $271,900.

848 Club Crest Bl; Mason Robert S and Denise K to Smith Christopher L, $360,000.

13211 Court Ridge Rd; Ranicki Mary L to Willoughby Kenneth C, $209,950.

14441 Creek Stone Dr; Nuckols Rachel A to Privette Richard Adam and Dawn R, $295,500.

553 Creekwillow Dr; Zarefoss Jan A to Popp Deborah G, $282,500.

5800 Deep Forest Rd; Kortlever Ralph O and Cindy M to Gorneau Michael A and Nancy N, $310,000.

13904 Deer Thicket Ln; Hughes Raymond W Jr to Martin Caleb W and Pittman S N, $206,000.

2404 Den Bark Cr; Deller Stephanie R to Smith Troy Anthony, $157,500.

13333 Diamond Ridge Dr; Festa Kaitlyn M to Sharp Jacob and Cline Caitlin, $245,000.

2536 Dovershire Rd; Fisher James H and Sara M to Cole Carter L and Judith E, $380,000.

2510 Driftwood Rd; Crenshaw Walter and Karen J to Crouch Stephen C and Hatch J L, $230,000.

1700 Early Settlers Rd; Hayes Mark to Chiu Huei Hua, $153,000.

8612 Eastwood Ct; Garland Bertha L to Browning Kinsey Elizabeth, $156,800.

8803 Emory Oak Ln; Choi Hwi Sung and Leyna to Grant Young S, $150,000.

14740 Esther Ln; Harrell Ashley Elizabeth to Mills Julia M and Davis Colin R, $215,000.

11501 Fair Isle Dr; Smiley S M and Phillips M E and J to Phillingane Gabriela, $375,000.

607 Fennimore Rd; Rawls Tracey L to Tucker Elena V, $241,000.

15725 Fishers Green Dr; Main Street Homes to Johnson John W Jr and Cynthia F, $394,061.

8018 Flag Tail Dr; St John Craig K and Stephanie M to Miechle Joseph W and Jehma F, $252,000.

14349 Forest Row Tl; Utlak Sharon L to Radcliffe Patricia, $330,000.

10413 Ganymede Ct; NVR Inc to Berrio-Tobon Angel J and Hagen N, $369,180.

4230 Gayle Rd; Bonura Dean E and Denise P to Browne Eugene Jr and Juanterria, $259,900.

8800 Glen Royal Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Villafane Sergio A Jr and Norma, $463,580.

6328 Gossamer Al; NVR Inc to Pauls Michael G Sr and Nicole R, $291,500.

3713 Graythorne Dr; Gregoire Development Corp to Meda Pavan K and Chandramohan S, $632,500.

11600 Great Willow Dr; Broad Street Brothers Llc to Kelley Michael and Jaclyn, $395,000.

6611 Hagerty Ln; Woodmancy Catherine B to Holstrom Christopher P, $185,000.

16104 Hallowell Rg; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Mohs James and Doris D, $318,228.

8107 Hampton Meadows Ln; Nygaard Jeffrey C and Sheri L to Trejo Alexander, $385,000.

200 Harwick Dr; U S Bank Nat'l Association Tr to Davidson Caroline Et Als, $315,000.

10705 Haverford Ln; Allen Margaret M and Hankins P M to Serrano Rafael Rey David Diaz, $200,000.

608 Hazeltine Ct; Hunt David F Sr to Mills Barbara W, $243,000.

3950 Heritage Dr; Seay Richard M Jr and Seay T A to Newcomb Tina, $179,000.

11912 Hogans Al; Edwards Veronica Kesler to Mathews Bobby and Samuel Soma K, $325,000.

2857 Iverson Rd; Marchese Anthony Vito Sr to Ginger Properties Llc, $219,950.

5524 Kay Rd; Warren Jackson R to Le Quoc and Lyle Lieng Ngoc, $177,000.

503 Kennesaw Ct; Madigan Ryan A and Katelynn A to Coffey Sean Michael, $200,000.

3332 Kingsdale Rd; Rcs Group Llc to Valero Luis and Gonzalez Yuleima, $253,990.

2719 Knobbly Ct; Nuessle Martha Ann to Ellis Jonathan H and Anne S, $208,900.

13600 Laketree Dr; Castro Luis to Johnson Reuben D Jr, $260,000.

3001 Laughter Ln; Boetta Joseph L and Pamela J to Holt Latasha, $259,950.

1612 Litwack Cove Tr; Howell Russell G and Diane S to Tye Jonathan Allen, $370,000.

4907 Logswood Rd; Murray Jonathan Et Al to Hawthorne T D and Hawthorne T D, $219,850.

6431 Lookout Point Cr; Brousseau Cheryl D Trustee to Zdelar Robert L and Cynthia, $265,000.

7129 Madras Ct; Duong Brandon and Moody K L to Chevalier John Michael, $180,000.

15200 Martin Glen Tr; Haussmann Robert D Tr Et Al to Newman Timothy S, $235,000.

3112 McCabe Ct; Henschel Piers D to Warren Monica Michelle, $250,000.

14400 Michaux Village Dr; Main Street Homes to Miller K C III and Perkins T L, $346,950.

14918 Mill Flume Ct; Ayoub Ishaq S and Kathy L to Harvick Judith G and Morris J D, $350,000.

1360 Miners Trail Rd; Behnke Kyle A and Moore Asharani to Winoker Jonathan N and Kate M, $472,500.

2324 Mitchells Mill Dr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Blankenship Ryan M and Lindsey E, $917,996.

13425 Mitford Dr; Turner John C III and Melissa B to Stevenson Christopher and Laura, $460,000.

2700 Mt Hermon Rd; Kreynus Emil P Jr and Virginia W to Howard Joshua R and Amanda L, $420,000.

11520 Nicholas Trace Ct; Medas Brian to Fuller Brandon and Alison Holt, $565,000.

11112 Norman Garden Cr; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Murden John C and Anne H, $388,674.

7215 Norwood Pond Ct; Ford Robert L to Meister Arthur T, $259,900.

6302 Old Wrexham Pl; Platinum Premier Prop Corp to Fowler Christopher A and Shannon, $290,000.

16625 Otterdale Pointe Dr; Builder Funding Llc to Hilson Charles E, $314,950.

14554 Parracombe Ln; Siehl David H to Weisman Sondra A and Michael A, $315,000.

3920 Passage Way Dr; Chandler Jonathan R to Lilly Adam L, $180,000.

12720 Percival St; See Allen F and Theresa A to Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc, $199,120.

10701 Poachers Ct; Powell Cody B to Christian Courtney, $214,000.

9912 Post Horn Dr; Wood Brian C and Amanda C to Leahy Kyle, $207,000.

12200 Prince Philip Ln; Torres Victor M to McKay Taylor R and Lauren T, $355,000.

3807 Pretty Ln; Pilley Terry A Trustee to Diaz Eliezer Garcia, $170,000.

8804 Providence Ridge Ct; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Nikolov Boyan Gueorguiev, $223,753.

15523 Pypers Pointe Dr; Simpson Christina Lynn Moody to Williams Lewis, $275,000.

7800 Qualla Rd; Cheek Charles A and Lula W to Page N H and Deans C D, $220,000.

13337 Queensgate Rd; Smith W B and Smith H D Trustees to Horning Patricia T and Ronald K, $270,000.

12902 Red Chestnut Dr; Temple Sheree E to Thomas Jessica, $230,000.

10423 Redbridge Rd; Therrien Raymond R to Austin Jonathan and Kady Marissa, $207,500.

3206 Rimswell Ct; Builder Funding Llc to Davis Sean M and Ashley L, $313,000.

1330 Robindale Rd; Calkins Andrew and Melissa to Lennon Heather N and Nalli V-K M, $225,000.

15808 Roland View Dr; Spencer Tracie to Reeves Dakota, $162,000.

4300 Rose Glen Pl; Parker Robert T Sr and Lenore D to Richardson Donald and Burton S, $295,000.

3001 Sagebrook Pl; Smith Josiah and Alicia to Hrbacek Byran J and Goins Ashley, $227,000.

2529 Salisbury Rd; Shuart Kathy L to Gormley Jack A and Barbara B, $295,000.

16812 Sconley Ct; NVR Inc to Deabreu Daniel and Holly E, $433,332.

6408 Sexton Dr; Scott Nakeda K to Herron Bianca A, $155,000.

7837 Shady Banks Tr; Fuller Barbara R to Parnell Rachel, $230,000.

3334 Shallowford Tc; Weitkamp Jennifer A to Gelven Matthew J and Michaela B, $270,000.

14525 Shipborne Rd; Coen Kyle P and Kimberly P to Noel Phillip L and Vanessa, $404,500.

17213 Shoreland Dr; Lifestyle Home Builders to Felix Jorge L and Marina V, $485,250.

12930 Singer Rd; Wray Brian Lee to Four C's Services Inc, $167,200.

7106 Spring Trace Ct; Franklin Tierny C to Caliber Home Loans Inc, $161,120.

6554 St Cecelia Dr; Markland Lucas W and Rashawnda S to Levi Ron and Shiri, $266,000.

3005 Steeple Chase Ct; Yang Xing to Dodd Jesse Tyson and Boyd E M, $223,000.

6212 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Cobbs Derrick D, $252,450.

4401 Stoney Creek Py; Johnston Charles M and Cristal C to Sims Christopher S and Jennifer, $225,000.

7401 Summerleaf Ct; Strickland Shirley D Et Als to Hernandez Edgar E, $165,000.

3411 Sylvania Rd; Rva Houses Llc to Tipton Cynthia J Et Als, $244,000.

11319 Taylor Landing Wy; Weisman D S and Weisman B A Trs to Poole Richard J and Michelle M, $643,000.

5306 Terrace Arbor Cr; Beierle Steven J and Mj to Hopkins Julie M, $329,900.

11912 Tideline Cr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Jenkins John M III and Tanya R, $451,099.

8104 Tillers Ridge Ct; Joye Marvet to Taydus Zachary J and Clark T J, $211,000.

354 Tralee Dr; Vanlandingham J H and Barkle S L to Thomas Jamila, $270,000.

1407 Turnmill Dr; Shuman Ricky L and Michele A to Apperson Ronald and Cherry S, $274,900.

18000 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Evans Karrie A and James Milton, $395,710.

809 Vickilee Ct; Pancoast John Jr to Austin Michael G and Austin E A, $231,000.

12436 Walkes Quarter Rd; Sd Investment Properties Llc to Jewell Kimberly, $329,900.

14706 Walthall Dr; Tinsley Scott S and Susan L to Hardin Aaron G and Cathleen M, $354,000.

1417 Walton Bluff Tr; Levesque Kyle M to Rorvig Peter M, $290,300.

218 Water Pointe Ct; Ross R D and Ring C Trustees to Stallworth Elisabeth B Et Als, $161,000.

2513 Water Race Tr; Davis Stephen P and Allison to Ren Meiling and Lin Bingqi, $333,500.

3851 Weatherbury Pl; Smith Heidi McCann and Andrew T to White Carey C, $472,500.

603 Wexwood Ct; Wright Douglas M and Jessica R to Szafranski M G and Horne K A, $339,000.

14208 Whirlaway Tr; Rivers Kellyann C to Jesse Clayton, $282,000.

6807 Whisperwood Dr; Eastwood Homes to Roots Deborah K and Michael T, $396,635.

4961 Winding Branch Rd; Nevills Raymond K and Freida L to Shang Danny and Thomson Maria, $499,950.

15201 Windy Ridge Rd; Voncanon Stuart T and MacKenzie to Coones Eric Lee and Jacquelyn L, $296,950.

15501 Wolfboro Rd; Hhhunt Homes L C to Murray Donald Lee and Donna M, $436,520.

11601 Woodpecker Rd; Hines Ralph Thurston and Helen S to Johnston Edith Fay and Cox A F, $210,000.

3111 Woodsong Dr; Goita Arnaldo J and Lindsay to Hickman S F and Son L D and B S, $175,000.

11012 Wooferton Ct; Love That Home Llc to Mallory Terry R and Vernette B, $398,000.


11224 Ashland Park Drive, Mechanicsville; Jonathan Imbody to Jennifer Foss Morehead, $287,500.

8192 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Dalene Gerber Baldwin, $344,064.

7304 Barnette Ave., Mechanicsville; Douglas R. Chuck to Denise Judd, $219,950.

7350 Birch Lane, Mechanicsville; Delmas B. Pulley to Darrell E. Fields, $275,000.

7725 Cactus Drive, Mechanicsville; James E. Henley to Zawng Hkawng, $222,000.

5812 Cameron Creek Terrace, Glen Allen; Gloria Alisyed Lewis to Kali Vara Prasad Tammisetty, $304,999.

12359 Cedar Lane, Ashland; Herbert S. Delbridge Jr. to Elisabeth Mary Champagne, $225,000.

9353 Charter Crossing Drive, Mechanicsville; Dawn M. Plum to Aveeda Louise Walker, $305,000.

7380 Chestnut Church Road, Mechanicsville; Morse Code to Edward L. Watts, $228,000.

8277 Christian Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Charles A. Tomes to Rex D. Vandenberg, $410,000.

7709 Clarey Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Crystal G. Edwards, $432,888.

7061 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; RPM Enterprises LLC to Leonard Dobb, $165,000.

9223 Dentons Tavern Way, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Bryant Lipford, $458,805.

10400 Doswell Road, Doswell; Michael E. Lacey to Todd Taylor, $287,000.

7132 East Blvd., Mechanicsville; Richard Thomas Johnson to Garret A. Budhai, $223,000.

12386 Elm Ridge Lane, Ashland; Kenneth Bryn Swartz to Karla Stiebel Knight, $340,000.

8225 Fort Myers Road, Mechanicsville; William D. Reavis to Michael D. Johnson, $260,000.

11199 Garland Park Lane, Hanover; RCI Builders LLC to Jason Andrew Kochel, $606,353.

11190 Goose Pond Lane, Glen Allen; Elizabeth B. Richardson to Stewart M. Mawyer, $242,228.

11029 Greenline Court, Mechanicsville; Harvey A. Smith to Stephanie Foster Rohde, $344,000.

7234 Hanover Grove Lane, Mechanicsville; William M. Weimer to Christopher J. Liekweg, $290,000.

15391 Harlow Farm Way, Glen Allen; Donna W. Hulshoff to Lei Zheng, $575,000.

9271 E Hemlock Drive, Mechanicsville; Elizabeth D. Hamilton to Margaret B. Collins, $279,000.

12081 Holly Oaks Lane, Ashland; Giancarlo Pimpinella to William Terry Miller, $430,000.

9884 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Joyce F. Thomas, $302,740.

9900 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Rodney D. Allen Sr., $297,215.

9219 Hunters Chase Drive, Mechanicsville; James D. Lloyd to Lauren T. McGhee, $289,950.

9108 Hunters Crest Lane, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Rhonda Louise Reed, $500,565.

7942 Kenmore Drive, Mechanicsville; Belinda L. Harris to Michael E. Gooch Jr., $229,900.

16265 Laurel Brook Lane, Montpelier; 13446 Walton Tavern Road Series to Cameron Daniel Bryant, $237,500.

9075 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to John Frederick Spurrier, $529,575.

10133 Linev Lane, Mechanicsville; Bradley Blevins to Eric C. Austin, $465,000.

5354 Mantilo Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Thomas J. Veillette to Andrew V. Williams, $338,000.

8230 N Mayfield Lane, Mechanicsville; Robin Walton Rozell, executor to Nicole Rice Scarborough, $235,000.

10112 Meadow Pond Drive, Mechanicsville; Douglas C. Anna to Joseph H. Saunders, $475,000.

7090 Mill Valley Court, Mechanicsville; John Z. Miller to Eric Dudek, $243,500.

12022 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland; Clay Aif Matthews to Todd R. Attkisson, $315,000.

323 New Street, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Douglas Blake Robinson, $312,408.

5096 Old Traveller Lane, Mechanicsville; Robert A. Beattie to Bobby Guy Gravett, $356,000.

14331 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Charles E. O'Connor Jr., $400,998.

14343 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Michael O. Willing, $402,018.

14360 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to William Robert Yarcich, trustee, $385,756.

7397 Park Drive, Mechanicsville; Randolph Craver to Brian E. Rawls, $258,000.

7427 Pebble Creek Drive, Mechanicsville; Charlene F. Dickerson to Scott Christopher Land, $188,000.

12600 Pin Oak Estates Drive, Glen Allen; 21st Mortgage Corp. to Anthony J. Massino, $525,000.

14468 Pinehurst Lane, Ashland; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Abel Jake Parker, $407,199.

9143 Polo Pony Court, Mechanicsville; Scott P. Diesenberg to Liane Frederick Digrazia, $310,000.

11014 Ridgebrook Drive, Mechanicsville; Tony Philip to Daniel S. Robertson, $410,000.

13065 Riverside Court, Ashland; Matthew M. Harris to Caitlyn E. Moritz, $335,400.

16085 Rocketts Mill Road, Doswell; Harper L. King to Luke D. Adams, $875,000.

13185 Scotchtown Road, Beaverdam; Suzanne Scalone to John A. V. Berry, $405,000.

8272 Shane Edmonds Lane, Mechanicsville; Kayla M. Holland to William B. Turner, $275,000.

9516 Simpson Bay Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to George Smith, $404,832.

9100 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to James Adam Brookshire, $303,830.

8394 Spring Set Lane, Mechanicsville; Alan Nicolette to Mark A. Chase, $315,000.

4600 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Dennis Shibley to Larry W. Robertson, $305,000.

9100 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to James Adam Brookshire, $303,830.

8394 Spring Set Lane, Mechanicsville; Alan Nicolette to Mark A. Chase, $315,000.

4600 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Dennis Shibley to Larry W. Robertson, $305,000.

8141 Tippling House Drive, Mechanicsville; Raymond H. Robins Jr. to Virginia W. Landes, $343,000.

8402 Truman Road, Mechanicsville; Old Church Homes Inc. to John A. Deal, $267,800.

7224 Williams St., Mechanicsville; Edward A. Williams Jr., executor to , $265,000.

8099 Woodbridge Road, Mechanicsville; James S. Newcomb to Dwight L. Zavitz Jr., $223,500.

20021 Woodland Fox Lane, Rockville; John R. Davy Jr. to John E. Turner, $385,000.

10424 Woodside Meadow Terrace, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to William M. Fleming, $487,691.


0.8 acres; Daniel Bryant to Jeremy Scott Withrow, $170,000.

1.531 acres; Robert D. Blake to J & E Dwellings LLC, $167,000.

2.022 acres; Jeremy T. Fisher to Nicholas Blowe, $233,500.

2.521 acres; Old Buckingham Road Properties LLC to Village Concepts Inc., $225,000.

3 acres; Donald P. Sanders to Jo M. Martin, $174,000.

491.4 acres; Sidney J. Brandon III to RSC Properties LLC, $1,318,003.

Lot 13, Block B, Section 1, Tilman’s Farm; Milhaus Corp. to W.V. McClure Inc., $200,000.

Lot 4, Section B, Block A, Chestnut Oaks; Manage This LLC to Daniel Chafin Bryant Jr., $252,000.


12124 Branch Overlook Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to David Tran, $530,522.

2500 Bryce Lane, Maidens; Laura E. Stiles to Calle Nielson, $335,000.

600 Cross Ridge Lane, Manakin Sabot; Daniel E. Rogers III to Sara Anne Conway Fitzsimmons, $560,000.

4161 Drew Ridge Drive, Louisa; Jack C. Miller III to Jason T. Baehr, $335,000.

12103 Ebb Pointe Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to James E. DeFord Sr., $567,652.

4112 Hidden Acres Drive, Louisa; Maureen Deyoung to Robert Tinsley Sr., $263,000.

2518 Log Cabin Road, Maidens; Roberts Properties LLC to Michael E. Russell, $250,000.

12150 Readers Pointe Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Georgina T. Pappas, $418,270.

423 Regina Lane, Richmond; M. Walter Young, trustee to Charles Wayland Bartlett Jr., $645,000.

588 Seay Road, Manakin Sabot; Roland Bambacus to Matthew Edwards Oberry, $238,000.

150 W Square Court, Richmond; Maria C. Romhilt to Carolyn F. McMillen, $675,000.

306 Victoria Way, Richmond; Michael K. Fields to Mary Beth Long, $735,000.


3802 E Autumn Drive, North Dinwiddie; Alan Scott Thornton to William Hickman, $160,000.

20199 Baskerville Mill Road, McKenney; Edward E. Baskerville to Carly Winfield Baskerville, $200,000.

7410 Coleman’s Lake Road, Church Road; Arthur D. Bostic III to Chase C. Carroll, $209,900.

25013 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; R. Allen Henshaw Jr. to Darma L. Vaughan, $235,000.

3907 Fawn Court, North Dinwiddie; Raymond P. Gentry to Raul Pedraza Jr., $238,900.

8433 Jordan Heights Lane, North Dinwiddie; Tygab LLC to Marqus Williams, $266,000.

27333 Perkins Road, North Dinwiddie; David J. Seay to Jeremy W. Pinchefsky, $245,000.

20750 Troublefield Drive, Stony Creek; Rodney W. Younce to Dixie McElfresh, $290,000.


105 Cedar Creek Lane; James D. Jones to Charles W. Harrison, $225,000.

113 Deerwood Drive; Nathan Perry Gregg to Shawn R. McCowan, $278,000.

223 Hamilton Ave.; Taylor G. Kochuba to Joshua Billington Woodacre, $167,500.

323 Kent Ave.; Carl J. Barbee to Jacinta O. Mbonu, $162,000.

113 Watercress Court; Candice Clary Griffin to Edison L. Santiago Maldonado, $330,000.


610 Cedar Level Road; Jon G. Mikolajczak to Christopher S. Hobbs, $179,500.

1922 River Ridge Place; Camerons Landing LLC to Paul Reynolds, $185,000.


9071 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Calvin M. Bailey, $357,895.

5893 Flowering Peach Lane, Providence Forge; Barbara G. Tibbs to Arthur H. Baker Jr., $226,500.

5683 Hogan Bridge Drive, Providence Forge; Michael P. Augsdorfer to David T. Turrell, $250,000.

4213 New Kent Highway, Quinton; Donald N. Meser to Micah D. Wilson, $389,000.

7913 Quinton Place, Quinton; David P. Chandler to Ryan W. Tawney, $249,000.

8904 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Brandon M. Binczak, $248,900.

7609 Sugar Magnolia Lane, Quinton; Gregory A. Heyer to Richard Michael Caldwell, $379,900.

3524 N Woodland Circle, Quinton; Lorraine C. Jones to Wayne C. Hayden, $265,000.


18240 S Crater Road, South Prince George; Matthew Edward Sabol to Jenae A. Briggs, $226,000.

10920 Hitchcock Road, Disputanta; Patrick R. Amick to Paul M. Slaughter, $159,000.

15260 Lebanon Road, Spring Grove; Robert Holgate to Jonathan W. Boswell II, $265,000.

15100 Providence Road, South Prince George; Mary Carol Wayner to Jordan Blake Freudig, $307,000.

6453 Sawmill Road, Prince George; Martin J. Dumond to Todd McLaughlin, $174,500.

7315 Thweatt Drive, Disputanta; Rock River Inc. to Hector J. Castor, $283,400.


6780 Military Road, Amelia Court House; Julie L. Austin to Donald Craig Pace Jr., $325,000.

9650 Pridesville Road, Amelia Court House; Bryson Michael Henry to Ashlee Nicole Stanley, $245,000.


25 Athens Lane, Ruther Glen; Roneick J. Wright to Arthur Mixon Jr., $234,900.

275 Devon Drive, Ruther Glen; Melvin Boone to Pamela Derese Taylor, $199,000.

10573 Gallant Fox Way, Ruther Glen; Christopher E. Ruffin to Pierpont G. Williams, $270,000.

131 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Hamlet Homes Corp. to Willie Lawrence Campbell, $220,700.

102 Needwood Drive, Ruther Glen; Paul R. Searle to Paul Lennox Stanley II, $239,900.

107 Patrick Henry Drive, Ruther Glen; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Roger Martin, $215,000.

26527 Slash Pine Circle, Ruther Glen; Elizabeth G. Blanton to Claudia Y. Villa Martinez, $168,000.

521 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Nancy M. Lewis to Bradley James Williams, $234,900.


645 Cressfield Drive, West Point; Patrick Nathan Stockman to David Thomas Gourley, $225,570.

283 Forest Lane, King William; Kyle A. Schultz to Elden Gauthier, $240,000.

260 Manquin Drive, Aylett; William F. Moore to Hunter S. Watson, $197,500.

403 Seatons Lane, West Point; Berb Built Inc. to Parker R. Bohannon, $176,000.


400 Lewis Burwell Place; Joseph C. Woytash to David L. Fletcher, $277,500.

104 Shields Point; Ginger Merring to Timothy A. Davis, $210,000.


4109 Ashby Lane, Williamsburg; Mani Bhaskarla to George Hazen Lamont, $295,000.

227 Beeston Fields, Williamsburg; Thomas E. Albright to John R. Howe, $425,000.

9205 Candle Light Court, Toano; Wayne Harbin Builder Inc. to Sang Tran, $721,700.

4700 Captain John Smith Road, Williamsburg; David H. Murray to David Kelley, $480,000.

3130 Cider House Road, Toano; Paul C. Metzger to Carol R. Richmond, $379,000.

101 Dundee, Williamsburg; Stacy Lynn Seay, trustee to Elizabeth Green, $345,000.

1593 Founders Hill North, Williamsburg; Raymond E. Bedard Jr. to Ryan J. Coker, $759,000.

3454 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Vianney V. Simonnet, $288,230.

4340 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Anthony Pellecchia, $443,500.

13 James Square, Williamsburg; Darrell R. Burk to Alfia A. Nazarova, $179,100.

156 John Rolfe Lane, Williamsburg; Joyce A. Burke to Cyrus Joseph Kosztowny, $460,000.

212 Louise Lane, Toano; James Mahoney to Lou Ann G. English, $220,000.

7600 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Camaran Henson, $270,430.

7174 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg; Thelma A. Bass to Barbara V. Umberger, $235,000.

106 Northpoint Drive, Williamsburg; James D. Trimble to Jesse David Thomas, $359,900.

4025 Oakwood Drive, Williamsburg; Thomas M. Rountree to Lorraine A. Cooper Stovall, $279,000.

4723 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Alex Vershinin, $534,935.

303 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Stephen R. Townsend, trustee, $220,280.

1404 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Avtandil Chachibaia, $242,000.

3075 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Sandra M. Samuels to Ryan Alexander Evans, $262,500.

110 Riverview Plantation Drive, Williamsburg; Mary Ann Tross to Roberta K. Schilling, $350,000.

5115 Scarborough Mews, Williamsburg; TCSIS LLC to Larry Carl Henry, $221,500.

223 Sherwood Forest, Williamsburg; Patricia F. Keyser, trustee to Joshua W. Bowen, $200,000.

4680 Sir Gilbert Loop, Williamsburg; Michael A. Kurek to Kenneth Duane Goodwin, $336,000.

10145 Squires Way, Toano; David K. Souza to Alexander Morrison, $392,000.

7603 Tealight, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Samuel Josiah White, $199,305.

3001 Travis Close, Williamsburg; Marilyn Stewart to John M. Kelley, $658,300.

6728 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Ralph E. Rudnick, $513,740.

7504 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; Kevin Scott Stewart to Robin L. Davis, $355,000.

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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