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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


717 N 22nd St; Oliver H Ralph Jr to Poole Wesley S, $219,000.

1307 N 23rd St; O'Kelly Development Llc to Reuter Nathaniel, $229,000.

606 N 32nd St; Cao Chau Tuong and Bich-Phuong T to Roka Llc, $418,000.

2517 3rd Ave; Meyers Drew E to Motta Home Renovations Llc, $167,901.

909 W 49th St; Wine Dakota M to Unger Emily R, $265,000.

2860 Braidwood Road; Dye James Clayton to Douglas George T Jr, $665,000.

301 W Brookland Park Blvd; Boatwright Vincent to Idlewood Shields Llc, $205,500.

1216 Catherine St; Elderhomes Corporation T/A to Rogers Michael Edward, $215,000.

427 Chimborazo Blvd; Kobal John R to Uriss Jesse Michael, $260,000.

3410 E Clay St; The Bearded House Flipper Llc to J Cuatro Investments Llc, $249,000.

3410 Custis Road; Noe Mary J to Kirby Tyler and Proulx Janelle, $318,000.

3112 Edgewood Ave; Istaffing Services Llc to Lavery Taylor, $365,000.

2923 Floyd Ave, U3c; Odend Hal Forrest P to Nielsen Matthew R, $160,000.

2210 E Grace St; Costa Stephen L and David J to Joyce Brian Robert, $480,000.

6737 N Grand Brook Cir; Custis Spencer to Langford Jesse L III, $193,000.

5007 Grove Ave, Ud; Tucker William T Jr to Valentine Virginia G, $455,800.

900 N Harrison St; Elderhomes Corporation T/A to McCoy Shane K, $189,950.

10033 Hobby Hill Road; Wilbur Harry S and Uta H to Happy Moments Llc, $300,000.

4352 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to McIntyre Kimberly Anne, $346,685.

308 W Leigh St; Goemaat Rebekah E to Hemmer Beaumont John, $325,000.

101 W Marshall St, U49; Harris Philip L and Susan M to Waldner Tibor R and Patricia M, $164,500.

1606 National St; Davis Ryan D to Eiker Paul Robert and Christina, $180,000.

1400 Oakwood Ave; Freeman Paul D and Deborah R to Leonardi Mason and Rebecca, $155,000.

1525 Porter St; Progress Development Llc to Perez Miguel and Fertig Wesley, $495,000.

615 Roseneath Road, U12; Boatwright John B to Vanderberg Allison M, $230,000.

3405 Stockton St; 3405 Stockton Street Series Of to Silva Reuben, $176,860.

301 Virginia St, U709; Ratliff James S and Cheryl A to Mead Tyler, $224,950.

1808 Westwood Ave; Dodge Marlene and Ross to Goolsby Alexander Collie IV, $205,000.


4813 Adair Ave, Henrico; Balasa John and Agnes to Hernandez Diana G and Chandler Dalton, $225,000.

3918 Alma Ave, Henrico; G & D Investments Llc to Austell Adrian, $186,000.

2206 Arbor Dr, Henrico; Masonic Home Of Virginia to Rossi Annamarie, $210,101.

2400 Arrington Rd, Henrico; Heyward James and Maria to Wansley Lauri Thompson and Jarrett N, $253,000.

10844 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt River Mill Llc to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $769,578.

10850 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt River Mill Llc to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $769,578.

3704 Barrington Bridge Pl, Henrico; Palazzotto Michael and D V to Melisi Debra, $1,020,000.

9509 Belle Air Ln, Henrico; Dobbins Elizabeth Leigh to Gelsomini Karen L and John V Sr, $520,000.

10737 Berman Ct, Henrico; Apsley Matthew C to Ewing Michael Scott, $202,000.

3400 Birchbrook Rd, Henrico; Kayhoe Kevin W to Stone, Samuel Carson, $200,000.

10906 Blackthorn Ln, Henrico; Greene Mary Jane to Allen Douglas A and Jomanda K C R A , $290,000.

1230 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Morgan Garland H and Bonnie to Bardwell Matthew R and Alicia M, $228,000.

7761 Bradbury Rd, Henrico; Minor Tawanda and Perry to Haas Michael M, $220,000.

5481 Brandon Bluff Way, Henrico; Jones Carlos A and Simone Alecia to Gordon Heather R and John P, $281,900.

Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Bhc Townes Llc to Saunders Station Townes Llc, $527,556.

432 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Friant Christopher, $485,291.

3808 Broadgate Dr, Henrico; Porter Jefferson III and Evelyn to Wright Abigail, $226,500.

2018 Cambridge Dr, Henrico; Devey Brian and Caitlin to Hill Ellis J II and Elisa P Soria, $335,000.

12112 Carmon Ct, Henrico; Edos Llc to Ledford Lisa, $355,000.

4929 Cavan Green Ct, Henrico; Godbey Kristina R to Shy Daniel R and Hannah M, $163,500.

2635 Chancer Dr, Henrico; Anderson Sarah Ruth Estate to Cruz Oscar A Mata, $195,000.

5016 Chappell Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Bene' William H and Tracey W to Palaniswamy Praveen Kumar Et Al, $463,500.

1621 Cherry View Ct, Henrico; Taliaferro Crystal L and Jason L to Lai Larry and Madeline L Miller, $310,000.

6110 Club Rd, Henrico; Grainger Peter J and Mary Ellen to Thomas Susan T, $310,000.

9805 Colony Bluff Dr, Henrico; Metz Dawn M to Walton Melissa Ann Trustee, $865,000.

8222 Cookes Farm Ct, Henrico; Hicks George D II and Karen to Charity Chartae E Sr, $333,500.

5111 Creekwalk Ct, Glen Allen; Rath Soumyajit and Jully Sabat to Shah Rujul and Chetan, $487,000.

9209 Crystal Pointe Pl, Glen Allen; Lawson Phillip C and Sandra C to Croushore Monica and Zacharia Rogers, $311,500.

4923 Daffodil Cir, Glen Allen; Bouton Joseph D and Kelly M to Eichinger Steven and Lisa, $265,000.

3801 Dominion Townes Cir, Henrico; Wiley Samuel E Sr and V E Harris Et Al to Thompson Leslie O, $160,000.

1103 W Durwood Cres, Henrico; Nicholas Sarah and Evan Morsellino to Weichel John A Jr and Debra P, $633,000.

12505 Evansdale Rd, Henrico; Edmonds Brian William Sr and Christopher S to Znacko Emrich David Matthew, $293,000.

4920 Farrell Ct, Henrico; Popa Mary Ann to Ilieva Mimi I, $154,500.

9208 Fisk Rd, Henrico; Gouhari Shahla & G K and V K to Calihua Juan and Noemi, $275,000.

3352 Fontaine Ln, Glen Allen; Wayland-Bouzek Tammy and Fred J Bouzek Jr to Handler Eric B and Rachael N Mott, $419,950.

6213 W Franklin St, Henrico; Ferguson Melisa P and George T Douglas Jr to Mallory Ryan, $371,000.

5912 Gate House Dr, Glen Allen; Robson Thomas E and Marie E to Acosta Sandy N, $299,900.

9412 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Roberts Katie P Estate to Woodall Steven and Mirae, $240,000.

5414 Gillespie Ave, Henrico; Ingersoll Jim Trustee to Thompson Taylor V and Caleb, $167,000.

1507 Glenside Dr, Henrico; Martin Brenda Millington to Jackson Beckham Janel and Shanna, $160,000.

12208 Graham Meadows Dr, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Pearson Edwin B and Judith R, $789,169.

3913 Hallwood Farms Rd, Henrico; Birdsong Delores H to McRae Stephanie, $236,000.

6917 Hapsburg Ln, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Burwell Chester Jr and Glenda, $354,025.

7518 Hawthorne Ave, Henrico; Tinsley Andrea C and Maurice D to Arieux Mary A, $200,000.

1592 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Grubbs Elmer Lewis to Rauk David and Jan, $174,950.

1104 Hillside Ave, Henrico; Levesque Jennifer R to Collina Dakota R and Jesse R Walker, $229,100.

4824 Hunter’s Knoll Dr, Henrico; Kerns Charles to Roche Diane A , $280,500.

6020 Indigo Rd, Henrico; Campbell Georgia J and William J to County Of Henrico , $185,400.

8659 Irving Ln, Henrico; Palais Douglas M and H M B to Saks Michael L and Kathryn L, $735,000.

8419 Klarey Ct, Henrico; Arroyo Beatrice to Jones Carter Olivia, $157,950.

3253 Lakewood Rd, Glen Allen; Edwards Bernard S and Lisa M to Wanveer Amie E and Bruce R Wilhelm, $210,000.

2809 Laurelton Ct, Henrico; Petrella Rebecca L to Hernandez Jose M Cabrera, $208,000.

2400 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Banner Martyn and Elaine Enriquez to Kirkland Curtis A and Karen H, $500,000.

10911 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Vangala Harshavardhan R and Martha Yalala, $503,550.

2207 Locbury Ln, Henrico; B and S Of Varina Ltd to Brown William Austin, $240,000.

5110 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Chatterjee Soumya and Sukanya, $532,395.

1660 Main Blvd, Glen Allen; Turner Douglas L to Naidoo Manohara and Kalayvanie, $155,000.

2711 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Dickens Gail M to Byren Sharon A , $200,000.

5408 Mason Manor Dr, Henrico; Burwell Chester and Glenda P Hargrove to Smith Dietrick A Sr and Franclynn, $250,000.

8912 Meredith’s Branch Dr, Glen Allen; Ciprus Daniel and Erika Ciprusova to Bazler Marek and Jana Bazlerova, $310,000.

10816 Millington Ln, Henrico; Trent Wistar H and Shannon to Trent Wistar H and Stephen J Beegan Jr, $509,950.

12168 Morestead Ct, Glen Allen; Prettyman Richard J and B L to Sharma Pankaj and Mona, $715,000.

1982 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Belvin Dylan R to Roberts Matthew and Randall Locklear, $510,000.

3383 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Soque Brenda, $305,030.

8907 Norwick Rd, Henrico; Norwick Road Llc to Rs 2014 Llc, $250,000.

12416 Oakhampton Ter, Henrico; Makhijani Renu K and Kishin to Shehadeh Hasan and Wafaa Rougui, $270,000.

2901 Oakley Pointe Way, Henrico; Thomas Ronald T and Sharon K to Conlon Patricia Ann, $242,000.

4503 Olney Dr, Henrico; Eco Marble and Granite Inc to Straten Georgia Sanford, $300,000.

567 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Temple Beth El Trustees to Ca Sr Richmond Parham Va Prop Owner Llc, $3,750,000.

853 Parkland Pl, Glen Allen; Seinfeld Syndi A and William M to Ehsan Syed Amir, $318,000.

1824 Pemberton Ridge Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Lima Gislane and Fernando, $467,890.

8904 Penguin Rd, Henrico; Hoar John K and Melissa G to Wanis L Wanis and Refka Shakhloul, $198,000.

212 Pilgrim Ln, Henrico; Rose Kirstin Anderson to Brydie Linda, $301,025.

1912 Poplar Bud Way, Henrico; Brandon Curtis Sr and Erika D to Barr Sarah Lindsey, $295,000.

10801 Porter Park Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Wille-Fitzke Amanda L, $363,990.

1506 Pump Rd, Henrico; Van Tolingen Barbara B and Peter to Yeargain Joseph Chalaron and Alanna Ayers, $379,500.

12348 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc, $1,880,000.

3015 Putney Rd, Henrico; Lambdin Daniel to Koff Catelyn and Christopher Wood, $282,500.

807 Ratcliffe Ave, Henrico; Rva Real Property Llc to Yarnell James Matthew, $206,680.

300 N Ridge Rd, U84, Henrico; Wallace Raymond B Jr & Douglas L to Copes Mark A and Elizabeth M, $415,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U104, Henrico; Johnson Paula Ann to White William Sutton, $205,000.

913 Sabot St, Henrico; Childress G David and Cheryl P to Barber Michael Tracy and Albert F Jr, $287,272.

909 Scotch Pine Ct, Sandston; Chandrashekar Mohan K and Swathy Sharaff to Davis Ryan D, $255,000.

713 Sibley Ave, Henrico; Ridge Homes Llc to Buoy Holdings Llc, $156,000.

1701 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Hill Camilla Lee and Samantha Ann to Morf Bridgette Marie and Nancy E S Et Al, $252,450.

405 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Henrico; Williamson C Bradford and Traci L to Medalion Benjamin and Michal, $915,000.

4119 Sprenkle Ln, Henrico; Earman Brian S and Matthew A to Tenorio Juan A Hernandez, $155,000.

12319 Stanwood Ct, Glen Allen; Boswell Michelle R and Mary Anne Reames to Glasgow Spencer and Briana, $459,950.

1307 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Uhrin Courtney W and Lynwood Wood Et Al, $325,250.

5201 Swanee Mill Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Kollaikkal Santhosh and Sreepadma M Narayanan, $395,164.

5209 Swanee Mill Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Amidyala Sunil and Niranjani, $381,990.

4813 Sydclay Dr, Henrico; Jdj Properties Llc to Samuels Shondel M, $172,000.

1008 Telegraph Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Richards Russell E to Ndungu Monicah, $255,000.

7501 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Pendleton John B to Borean Richard M and Ashley, $318,000.

2712 Tricia Pl, Henrico; Toussaint Christopher N and Leah A to Wright Robert L III and Courtney A, $530,000.

9612 University Blvd, Henrico; Butler Lina Lee Trustee to Janse Van Rensburg Gerhardus J and Carrie L, $415,000.

8415 Valley Wood Rd, Henrico; Bombere Eric C and Gina L to Morck Wesley C III and Ashley B, $535,000.

4509 Vienna Woods Pl, Glen Allen; Kirby Brenda K to Blackmon Dee, $300,000.

3528 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc, $1,880,000.

3530 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc, $1,880,000.

6221 Walborough Ct, Glen Allen; Rosenbloom Mark H and Katherine G to Stavrianidis Christos and Sandra, $401,000.

1311 Ware Rd, Henrico; Matney Family Llc to Hoover Torrance D Jr, $270,000.

429 Westover Pines Dr, Henrico; Cava Capital Llc to Shabazz Yusuf, $185,570.

1305 Wilderness Dr, Henrico; Boyer Elizabeth J to Weems Jackson M and Taylor I Worrell, $183,000.

5082 Willows Green Rd, Glen Allen; Nguyen Hy Dinh and Huong Thanh to Nguyen Chris D and Caroline T, $480,000.

9019 Wood Sorrel Dr, Henrico; Williams Daniel L Jr and Georga S to Paulanne H Thacker Revocable Trust, $464,000.

8582 Woodlake Dr, Henrico; Hijaz Soha and Richard Wilson to Brown Stephanie H and Rachael Merlo, $286,950.

5511 Woodrow Ter, Henrico; Moore Jerald F Jr to Watkins Susan Alexis and Lucas Anthonty, $247,000.


7425 Affirmed Dr; Hale Ronnie W and Barbara N to Holcombe Jacob and Jacobs Rachel, $264,950.

936 Arch Hill Dr; Skinner James T Jr and Darle C to Gjc Llc, $150,000.

205 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Winkel G W and O'Connell A C Trs, $442,221.

7508 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Opel Norma R, $329,582.

14201 Ashleyville Ln; Joseph A and Kulagatte S R to Abadaya Kamal and Hammad Sonya, $335,000.

2112 Avada Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Kronfeld Keith and Andrea, $590,934.

9318 Bailey Valley Ct; NVR Inc to Young Stephen and Collani D M, $354,000.

9200 Barrows Ridge Ct; Maruca John A and Mona E to Diersing Stephen T and Melissa M, $543,000.

3900 Bayreuth Ln; 3900 Bayreuth Lane Llc to Futrell Jacob R and Jones H N, $195,000.

6937 Bears Breech Dr; First Guaranty Mortgage Corp to Pacelli Joseph A and Erin M, $340,000.

1930 Belleau Dr; Williams Linwood Todd and Jean M to Nardone A D and Keith M A, $305,000.

13729 Berkley Davis Dr; D J Residential Llc to Cowan Jacquelyn R, $255,000.

5549 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Ortiz Sepulveda K W and Ugarte J, $266,765.

6158 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Valdez Kristen S and Daniel A, $239,000.

10548 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Deitrick William R and Baek M A, $272,805.

10561 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Peterson Bruce and Kelly, $279,835.

13530 Brandy Oaks Dr; Prioleau Carlton A Et Al to Hamilton Wayne, $337,000.

16606 Brattice Mill Rd; Millette Roger G and Karen W to Dale Richard A and Crystal Lynn, $540,000.

4400 Briarwick Dr; French Tucker to Sherfey Stephen D and Laurie K, $312,000.

3212 Brookforest Rd; 414 Roseneath Properties Llc to English Blair M, $196,000.

8024 Buford Cm; McGinnis Paul B to Dirks Karen, $170,000.

2703 Burlwood Ct; Pearson Diane Caskey to Pitts Robert Dean and Tabitha W, $230,500.

6242 Calavetti Dr; Wiggins Albert H and Janice S to Wysocki Jesse and Eason Kelley A, $280,150.

8301 Capernwray Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Miloshevsky Gennady, $608,240.

9001 Carswell St; Deoliveira Robson L to Macaulay Lauren, $151,320.

11819 Cedar Landing Tr; Diaz Gustavo to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $226,935.

2024 Channel View Tr; Amin Mitesh and Neema to Bibal Laarni Trustee, $1,865,000.

2801 Chartstone Ct; Waller Gregory D and Danielle L to Saxby Morgan P and Heather L, $450,000.

15742 Chesdin Point Dr; Jcm III Llc to Mayhew Darrell W and Julie L, $449,850.

8025 Clancy Pl; Hill Homes Inc to Galvin Crista D and Hall H L Jr, $422,500.

8513 Cobblecreek Rd; NVR Inc to Robbins William A and Krista B, $352,990.

10701 Corryville Rd; Gay Sean M and Amy B to Johnson Joel A and Gorko Jenna L, $270,000.

529 Crofton Village Tc; Samberg Stuart to Alghaib Huda A, $305,500.

344 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to Southard Ryan, $297,575.

7411 Cumbermede Rd; Taylor Ronald L to Portillo A I and Portillo V E, $210,000.

2012 Deauville Rd; Turner Virginia S to Price Robert R and Chicas Maria, $239,000.

19613 Derrick Ln; Price Designs Inc to Harrison Brittanni K, $160,500.

13351 Drakewood Rd; Gardner James R and Cheryle C to Midock Brian Edward and Clare, $386,950.

11724 Duxbury Ct; Durrette Lindsay O to Tucker Christina, $272,000.

5100 Ecoff Av; Virginia Commonwealth Bank to Patton J Dale, $150,000.

17106 Ellerby Ct; Main Street Homes to Omohundro Deborah P and R S IV, $425,097.

4619 Ellerby Dr; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Brown Leroy A Sr and Lesley R, $477,961.

14744 Esther Ln; Daniel John L Jr and Karol M to Proctor Victor J Jr and Emily M, $229,950.

4124 Farmhill Ln; Buoy Kimheng and Sim Sokkha to Vega Antonio, $235,000.

8825 Fishers Green Ct; Main Street Homes to Kucheryavaya Anna, $325,693.

9776 Fordwych Dr; Teasdale Robert T and Looi S L to A and J Investment Llc, $175,000.

8707 Forton Ct; Main Street Homes to Woodlief Russell W and Amy Leigh, $399,435.

6129 Fox Haven Tr; Markham Earnest O and Mylicia C to Dixon Joan L and Maurice V, $468,000.

15908 Garston Ln; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Stuart James and Karen, $680,240.

8536 Glen Royal Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Mixon Monique C, $506,475.

6105 Glenlivet Dr; Flowers Tyrone E and Gloria D to McKnight Sandra Y, $150,000.

14718 Goddingham Ct; Carpenter Dean A and Patricia M to Gulamerian Paul J and Lacey A, $525,000.

12601 Grampian Ln; Lash John A III and Juanita L to Poulsen Kevin and Cathleen, $445,000.

17500 Great Falls Cr; Berkwits Kieve and Linda to Martin Anthony and Alicia, $415,000.

8712 Gunsight Ln; Ver Mex Construction Llc to Dickerson Meredith, $176,000.

16318 Hampton Summit Dr; Nelson Abe C III and Laura L to Parker Dustin D and Nadine M, $322,000.

8054 Hancock Farm Ln; Salmon Christopher Et Als to Horsley Jennifer, $259,950.

15107 Hazelbury Cr; D R Horton Inc to Coleman Ruth P, $349,990.

13600 Hickory Glen Rd; Nowak Thomas E and Sharon L to Church Darryl L and Leandra M, $280,000.

4019 Hiddenwell Ln; Faber Todd and Leah E to A2zproperty Llc, $262,000.

12041 Hunters Hawk Ct; Rawlings Clem W and Carolyn C to Miller Gary D and Carol A, $404,000.

7833 Jahnke Rd; 2831 E Weyburn Road Llc to Minter Charles Maxwell, $241,000.

5518 Jessup Meadows Ct; NVR Inc to Thomas Danny and Monique, $289,180.

12860 Killycrom Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Haynes Jon A and Marilee C, $1,065,048.

5519 Kings Grove Dr; Flagg Angela to Canty Lakeisha, $315,000.

3631 Knighton Cr; NVR Inc to Smith April and Demarka, $454,385.

5509 Lakemere Dr; Williams Debra D to Bell Charles E and Betsy B, $259,950.

3401 Laroux Av; NVR Inc to Arnold Rhakeba, $268,375.

5705 Laurel Trail Rd; Sien Bunthorn to Martz Katie W and William III, $233,000.

3918 Liberty Point Dr; West Rhonda to Dickerson Alyssa and Moore T S, $275,400.

6260 Lilting Moon Dr; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Stafford Mitchell Alan Et Al, $396,000.

15501 Little Hill Ct; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Jones April Arvelle, $462,575.

9225 Lost Forest Dr; Bishop David M to Norby Matthew T, $165,500.

1405 Manders Knoll Ct; Sharifi Haider and Tiffini to Jamal Safia, $208,000.

15007 Mariners Wy; Wallis Renata M to John Anil and Thomas Ria, $380,000.

10417 Melissa Mill Rd; Dyson Raymond to A and J Investment Llc, $155,000.

17541 Memorial Tournament Dr; Scott Kelly M to Tammisetty Kali Vara P Et Al, $270,000.

425 Michaux View Tr; Hariharan Ganesh Et Al to Rickey Tyrone O, $290,000.

3524 Midhurst Dr; Amin Faisal and Musharrat to Jackson Jerry and Angela, $249,900.

11211 Moravia Rd; Davis Monica Yvonne to Sneed George T II, $164,500.

9918 Mosswood Rd; Feigenbutz Christopher J and C I to Williams Jeffrey S, $235,000.

917 Nailor Wy; Aziz Remon and Fawzy Germien to Roadarmel Michael E and Candida, $310,000.

10105 Natural Bridge Rd; Wofford Christopher Martin to Matlock Tony A Jr, $219,000.

4608 Newbys Bridge Rd; Roth Penny to Austin S H and Porterfield C M, $185,000.

7334 Norwood Pond Pl; O'Grady E V and O'Grady P H Trs to Weatherbee James A III and D C, $287,000.

1800 Oakengate Ln; Cook Charles F and Catherine D to Thornton Harold E III and Bailey, $441,000.

12725 Old Country Ln; Garland Warren E Jr and Janet K to Bowen Christine M and Jason B, $247,000.

5406 Orchard Grove Ln; Thompson Randy L and Joann W to Grant Dylan B and Lindsay R, $325,000.

8107 Oxer Rd; NVR Inc to Taylor Ryan, $274,385.

8819 Pebble Beach Ct; Ronan Shaun P and Shannon A to Baker Bradford Franklin, $285,000.

10707 Poachers Rn; Amos Paul B and Deborah O to Pupo Batista Evert O, $202,150.

3160 Poplar View Pl; Dang Trinnie to Bowman Gage and Garcia Maria, $240,000.

9629 Prince James Tr; Pnc Bank National Association to Walker John H and Kristen L, $265,000.

12101 Quito Rd; Simon Glenn M and Susan H to Diversified Property Assoc Llc, $168,000.

9600 Raven Wing Dr; Fiegl Robert T and Jayne E to Ebersole Michael and Nancy, $289,923.

10230 Redbridge Rd; Pugh Betty H to Johnstone Lamar A and Laura, $199,950.

1913 Regiment Tr; Vazales Ryan and Jennifer to Ashman George M III and Tonya S, $439,200.

6412 Richwood Tl; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Cordle Jeffrey A, $375,000.

6110 River Rd; Toth Larry J and Sharon S to Machado Nicholas A and Amber L, $225,000.

5307 Rock Harbour Rd; Gardehl Cameron B and Nadine to Reynolds Andrew and Danielle, $347,000.

5644 Rohan Pl; D R Horton Inc to Jones Antonie L and Nikia D, $464,370.

3413 Rossington Bl; Wilson Krishawn R to Crawley Rannard Ricarde, $259,000.

1113 Royal Ridge Rd; Cosby Benjamin K to Joseph Austin T and Dougherty A, $348,000.

6319 Sagamore Wy; NVR Inc to Martin Susan F and Moore Garry S, $460,000.

10201 Sarah St; Showalter Douglas Tapley to Merritte Sharrie, $185,500.

15825 Scarlet Coat Dr; Main Street Homes to Cheatham Thomas L Jr and Linda D, $434,199.

3507 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Leonard Marlene R, $526,415.

12720 Second Branch Rd; Hendrickson Jeremy S and Melinda to Schunder John R Jr Et Al, $475,000.

6540 Sexton Dr; Villanueva Ricardo A and Ana M to Moore Zepora, $201,000.

9100 Sir Britton Dr; Paine Matthew S and Olga R to Fisher Joshua S and Kara S, $440,000.

14309 Southwell Tr; Om and Om Management Corp to Ravussin Jeremy Et Al, $657,000.

9518 Springhouse Dr; Keyser Richard A and Lisa D to Thompson Benjamin and Taylor N, $309,000.

16813 Starlee Ct; Brady Thomas B and Patricia S to Humphreys James W and Tania Y, $384,900.

3316 Sterling Brook Dr; NVR Inc to Damtew Biruk Haileyesus, $203,600.

10600 Sterling Cove Dr; Taylor Douglas C Jr and Connie J to Williams Derek C and Natalie, $380,000.

4701 Steven Hill Dr; Matthews Gwendolyn P to Washington Juanita Lee, $215,000.

7200 Stone Creek Dr; Johnson E C Jr and Phillips J M to Jones Kayla M, $250,000.

11913 Swift Crossing Dr; Smith Felicia Michelle to Oliva Iliana Martinez, $279,000.

3306 Tadley Dr; Wagner Austin S and Lauren N to Rose Keith and Kirstin, $300,000.

8903 Talon Ln; Kirkpatrick Benjamin H to Garcia Jose Marti, $180,000.

3808 Terjo Ln; Medlin Lewis E and McCoy Erin E to Olnick Steven, $215,000.

11916 Timber Trail Dr; Phillips Paul Jr and Teresa to Pasquantino Z B and Schofner L R, $200,000.

5767 Trail Ride Dr; MacKay Shawn and Jennifer to Heil John Jr, $443,000.

4636 Treely Rd; Valentine Gloria to Gutierrez Panameno J E Et Al, $205,000.

4415 Tweedsmuir Tr; Burgess Daniel E and Sarah A to Webster Nicholas C and Sarah L, $334,950.

18255 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Weaver Paul J and Cooke J E, $519,285.

2221 Walhala Dr; Glover Jeremy T and England L E to Nicholson Ryan and Halley, $299,900.

1812 Walnut Dr; Hb3 Alternative Holdings Llc to Montalvo Angel, $150,000.

12000 Warfield Estates Dr; Soque Kathleen M to Pacoe Meredith K and Brent M, $273,500.

9420 Waterfowl Flyway ; Boyer Carlton L Jr and Louise H to Moehl William C and Lauren W, $340,000.

14506 Waters Shore Dr; Fang Long and Ren Yuanyuan to Erickson Aprille Dawn, $376,000.

1220 Westwood Village Ln; Fox Stephen and Paula to Nurisso G A and Romanowicz J V, $279,000.

7036 Whistlers Cove Dr; McKelvy Benjamin L and Cindy C to Luft Irina and Timothy, $238,000.

7919 Whitworth Rd; O'Reilly John to Helmboldt Emily Catherine, $276,500.

501 Winamack Ct; Estes Matthew and Erika to Prince Stephanee, $320,000.

11812 Winfore Dr; Diamond Matthew D and Guylyn to Figueora Carlos C and Cruz M L, $288,000.

2216 Winterfield Rd; Wright F G III and Wright M Trs to Nelson Stephen D J Et Al, $345,000.

2118 Wynnewood Dr; Freed Mark A to Harris Chad P and Victoria G, $220,000.


8350 Alpha St., Mechanicsville; John E. Hudson, executor to Andrew Harrison Wells, $260,000.

7144 Autumn Ridge Lane, Mechanicsville; Robert M. Vencill to Joan M. Greer, $260,000.

9069 Barbette Court, Mechanicsville; Mark W. Clrk to Jason M. Wasylyk, $400,000.

10040 Bee Apple Place, Mechanicsville; John W. Read Jr. to Camilla Lee Hill, $415,000.

8085 Bisbrooke Court, Mechanicsville; Mark G. Anderson to Kevin J. Kennedy Sr., $329,500.

9042 Brevet Lane, Mechanicsville; Christopher G. Oley to Juan D. Guiterrez, $375,000.

15405 Broad Creek Lane, Montpelier; Lawrence J. Huber to Douglas W. Huber, trustee, $517,000.

10121 Cameron Ridge Drive, Ashland; Matthew Conant to Mack A. Frost Jr., $420,000.

10400 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Betty L. Smith, $410,964.

10469 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Robert R. Matheson Jr., $593,832.

7714 Clarey Lane, Mechanicsville; W.V. McLure Inc. to Jimmy Bowden, $428,950.

9057 Craney Island Road, Mechanicsville; Earl W. Smith Jr. trustee to Charisma Jamison, $242,000.

8491 Dell Ray Drive, Mechanicsville; Cardinal Point LLC to Janet L. Adams, $222,500.

6010 Dugout Terrace, Mechanicsville; Heidi L. Jeppesen to Augustine Fuentes Jr., $222,000.

8291 Ellerson Green Terrace, Mechanicsville; Timothy C. SMith to Timothy Carl Bauer, $391,445.

7429 Flannigan Mill Road, Mechanicsville; David A. Connell to Nichole M. Knapp, $317,500.

10337 Georgetown Road, Mechanicsville; Baker Homes LLC to Megan B. Middleton, $443,813.

10264 Grand Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert N. Lamb III to Steven M. Dills, $327,000.

9353 Greywood Drive, Mechanicsville; Dorothy B. Elliott to Blakely A. Smith, $500,000.

15396 Henry Forest Way, Montpelier; Stephanie H. Eckhoff to Timothy Hilton, $624,500.

13622 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; Chiquanda Tillie to David Randall Motsek, $345,000.

14202 Hollows Drive, Montpelier; Jonathan T. Shea to Susa E. Fox, trustee, $460,000.

6038 Homehills Road, Mechanicsville; Gap Investments LLC to Robert Michael Mucciolo, $302,500.

9940 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Kader Alfaouri, $458,000.

7194 Hunterbrook Circle, Mechanicsville; Frederick Scott Compston to Ali Ali Mohamed Aljahm, $235,000.

10270 Ibis Drive, Ashland; Margaret L. Gorman to Gary Wayne Samuels, $220,000.

7474 Jennifer Lane, Mechanicsville; Patricia S. Motley to Lyndell Tharpe Mason, $196,000.

6462 Lakeway Drive, Mechanicsville; Ginger R. Clore to Blake Gerald Thomas, $230,000.

9050 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Rosalia Gallina, $622,860.

9097 Lunette Lane, Mechanicsville; Scott F. Brunette to Brian Letourneau, $385,000.

18146 Mabelton Road, Montpelier; Roger A. Altizer Jr. to Patrick E. Donovan, $254,950.

9374 Marne Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Adam Smith, $333,920.

10133 Merrittcroft Court, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Ronald G. Burnett, $560,605.

9110 Pantego Lane, Mechanicsville; Overton D. Hughlett to Stephen C. Thompson, $379,000.

7480 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; Kimberly R. Atkinson to Kevin W. Gayleard, $225,000.

9401 Pleasant Level Road, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Mohammad Jawid Saboori, $402,315.

6335 Pleasant Run Lane, Mechanicsville; Charles J. Joly to Peter J. Grainger, $285,000.

6991 Poteet Lane, Mechanicsville; Karen D. Hill to Melinda C. Byrd, $235,000.

10472 Quail Haven Lane, Mechanicsville; Stephen G. Hessa to William Carl Hooper, $367,000.

8335 Reeds Grove Lane, Mechanicsville; Adam T. Lapins to James C. Ruhl, $354,000.

15443 Robert Terrell Road, Montpelier; Jinkens M. Reed to Jesse Wayne Hurst, $175,000.

9238 Rural Point Drive, Mechanicsville; Terry H. Meeks to James E. Coppage, $350,000.

4557 Sandy Valley Road, Mechanicsville; William Curtis Tolbert to John C. Minter, $240,000.

9414 Sherrington Drive, Mechanicsville; Nichles Ryan Milone to William T. Jones, $334,000.

18222 Shiloh Church Road, Beaverdam; Martine Jackson, trustee to Sherri L. Lanning, $275,000.

10454 Sir Walker Drive, Montpelier; Bryan Kodsi to Charles Gallagher, $590,000.

18510 Sledders Run Lane, Montpelier; Earl A. Taylor to Steven Clarke Bradt, $354,700.

14048 Stanley Park Drive, Ashland; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert V. Lavoie II, $255,000.

145 Sunny Drive, Ashland; Steven M. Dills to Keith Andrew Weir, $220,000.

6319 Tammy Lane, Mechanicsville; Lawrence O. Bowen Jr., executor to Robert S. Mooney, $219,900.

9525 Thistleton Court, Mechanicsville; David J. O'Neill to Green Door Properties, $227,000.

Unit E, Myrtle Street Commons; David G. Aderhold Jr. to 302-E LLC, $285,000.

7229 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Richard G. Eary to Lois W. Wyatt, $276,000.

17024 White Pine Road, Beaverdam; David W. Clary to Robert Anthony Adams, $490,000.

14198 Windmill Drive, Montpelier; Hayden C. Hughes to Aaron Hollister, $250,000.

8205 Woodbridge Road, Mechanicsville; Primed To Sell VA LLC to Maria W. Balducci, $255,000.

10317 Woodside Farms Drive, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Marshall E. Dowell, $434,255.


446 Bel Bridge Circle, Midlothian; Judith G. Napier Revocable Trust to Mary D. McGee, $574,000.

2097 Carter Gallier Blvd., Powhatan; CSJ Holdings LLC to TATBW LLC, $365,000.

3323 Copeland Way, Powhatan; Robbie J. Maggie to Muhammad Clay VanSchalkwijk, $440,000.

2549 Georges Road, Powhatan; Barbara E. Atkins to Christopher W. Cook Jr., $185,000.

1532 Holly Hills Road, Powhatan; Stephen C. Nunn to Joshua P. Nunn, $199,000.

2208 Kiowa Drive, Powhatan; Bresco LLC to John W. McDearmon, $245,450.

2635 Liberty Hill Road, Powhatan; Catherine Claire Pickett Tankesley to Brian Rhodes, $550,000.

3759 Mill Mount Place, Powhatan; Finer Homes Inc. to Thomas J. Carmichael Jr., $439,636.

3650 Newchapel Court, Powhatan; Christopher W. Coiner to Bryan Finney Smith, $510,000.

2980 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Adana Investments LLC to Cynthia Butler Hanover, $309,900.

6123 Preakness Stakes Lane, Powhatan; HPCPET LLC to Tabitha Barden, $355,000.

1513 Swiftwood Drive, Powhatan; Gilbert Sheldon to Michael A. Pfaffroth, $379,000.

4379 Worsham Road, Powhatan; Juanita C. Schwartz to Audrey Dean Smith, $285,950.


558 Broad St. Road, Manakin Sabot; Mary Kathryn Mountcastle to Adam David Nourse, $360,000.

16 Buck Branch Drive, Richmond; Michael G. Phelan to William S. Oden, $682,500.

6173 Community House Road, Columbia; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Susan L. Ritchie, $249,950.

2160 Fairground Road, Maidens; Meredith S. Martin to Kelly Highfill, $364,950.

104 Hickory Place, Manakin Sabot; Charles E. Morrison Jr. to Lisa C. Oliver, $349,000.

4869 Old Fredericksburg Road, Mineral; LA Homes LLC to Jeffrey Mark Shreve, $257,000.

3740 Robinson Road, Goochland; Jarrett S. Talley to Kristin Scott Brown, $209,000.

342 Wilway Drive, Manakin Sabot; Steven M. Dantonio to Christopher S. Darden, $560,000.


902 Hampton Road; Dameron Investments Inc. to Benjamin Wilson, $165,000.

780 King Ave.; A & K Investment Inc. to Dana Shelton, $202,000.

904 West High St.; Real of Realestate LLC to John M. Osiksa Jr., $160,000.


28928 Butler Branch Road, North Dinwiddie; William A. Craft Jr. to Derrick B. Davis Jr., $228,900.

3620 Ferndale Circle, North Dinwiddie; R. Gregory Enterprise LLC to Heather M. Burnette, $165,000.

24306 Gloria Drive, North Dinwiddie; H. Keith and Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Megan Heatherly, $205,400.

19115 Namozine Road, Sutherland; Paul E. Branch III to James L. Wall, $400,000.

24107 River Road, North Dinwiddie; Clyde A. Loehr to Christy L. Socks, $179,500.

9225 Vaughan Road, Petersburg; Bogese Realty and Construction Inc. to Pamela Spencer, $209,900.


103 Deerwood Drive; Robert J. Norton to Roger Joel Diaz Matute, $219,900.

115 Fairfax Ave.; Bruce W. Hackett to Camicha Robertson, $159,900.

116 Hillcrest Ave.; Parrish Estates LLC to Michael D. McClure, $205,000.

202 Lee Ave.; Gregory S. Worrell to Donald G. Williams Jr., $175,000.

3643 Perthshire Lane; Jessica Dedad to Jamilya Catrice Cox, $229,900.


3808 Jamestown Drive; Celia Terre to John Henry Lewis II, $215,000.

2706 Princess Anne St.; At Your Service of Petersburg Inc. to Jeffrey A. Kencitzski, $175,000.


4789 Barham Road, Barhamsville; TNT Land Resources LLC to Robert Norman Clements, $240,755.

5900 Buckhunt Lane, New Kent; Chad Randall Melton to Valeria R. McGeorge, $268,000.

6051 Fawnlake Court, Quinton; Frank Young to Christa G. Blanton, $306,475.

6017 Golden Wheel Drive, Providence Forge; JCM III LLC to Hunter S. Castillo, $264,950.

4429 Hopewell Road, New Kent; Robert J. Moritz to Hunter S. Pomfrey, $292,900.

10826 Kings Pond Drive, Providence Forge; Jeffery W. Briggs to Valerie Carter-Williams, $452,000.

6378 Legacy Lane, New Kent; Federal National Mortgage Association to Lindsey E. Curran, $229,900.

11330 New Town Road, New Kent; Hunter C. Tucker to Dylan Stephen Hart, $267,000.

9280 Ordinary Lane, New Kent; Michael V. Epperly to Allison K. Rodgers, $297,000.

5519 Pergola Lane, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Daniel Fitzgerald, $450,120.

9078 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Brittany Ann Laprade, $259,900.

11170 Royal Lane, Providence Forge; Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards to Timothy John Greedan, $605,000.

7123 Shoreline Drive, Quinton; Joshua Thomas Valentine to Jessica Heather Bond, $359,900.

7689 Shortleaf Pine Court, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Richard G. Schmalzbach, $427,896.

10291 Talleysville Road, New Kent; Baker Homes LLC to Carey S. Brown, $234,900.

10415 Virginia Rail Court, Providence Forge; Michael W. Ingram to Robert E. Franklin Jr., $354,000.

1600 S Waterside Drive, Lanexa; John Allen Hazelwood to Kyle Slater, $200,000.

1460 Yakima Road, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Emmett C. Crockett, $378,969.


4616 Cross Point Court, Prince George; Robert J. Mercado to Felicia Lucas, $237,000.

7208 John Elizabeth Place, Prince George; Noelle Z. Preece to Anthony Wayne Gough, $200,000.

7650 Lynn Creek Drive, North Prince George; Mar-Mal Home Builders LLC to Edna Hicks, $265,000.

11509 Moring Drive, Petersburg; David W. Roalf to Jessica Robin Ramsaran, $192,000.

14513 Prince George Drive, Disputanta; Tebow LLC to Richard B. Johnson, $179,000.

6850 Tatum Road, Disputanta; Richard Lee McCready to Mark Renaud, $206,000.

11017 Whitepine Drive, North Prince George; Richard H. Cross Sr. to Timothy P. Ryan, $234,000.

Charles city

Lot 44, 3.8 acres, Roxbury Industrial Center; Timothy A. Carroll to True Vine Investments LLC, $675,000.

Lot 2, Rockhill Farms; Robert Keith Brittle to Mark E. Burnett, $699,000.


3 parcels; Ralph L. Covington to Dunn Right Meadow LLC, $1,250,000.

2.833 acres; Thomas D. Wiley to Ashton P. Bishop, $212,000.

83.76 acres; Ryan S. Rafferty to Pembelton Forest Products Inc., $275,000.


249 American Drive, Ruther Glen; Shawn Hutchinson to Nicholas James Furnia, $180,000.

13115 Arcadia Road, Woodford; CMH Homes Inc. to Michael A. Wolfrey, $266,556.

11476 Brown Lane, Ruther Glen; Leila Abel to Eric Joseph Quigley, $189,999.

7268 Calvin Lane, Port Royal; Cartus Financial Corp. to Brittani N. Bohn, $260,000.

873 Campers Lane, Ruther Glen; James William Frost III to Megan Marie Mullins, $229,950.

17491 Coolidge Lane, Bowling Green; Thomas Building Corp. to Aaron Lamar, $289,900.

14419 Crystal Court, Woodford; Luther F. Dillard to Roger Dale Triana, $265,000.

26260 Dogwood Drive, Ruther Glen; Devon Dye to Robert Richards, $166,550.

17052 Elm St., Bowling Green; Cedar Homes Investments to Mary Margaret Finebery, $195,000.

3301 Galyen Road, Ruther Glen; Adam Beck to Lawrence Copsey, $230,000.

23073 Johnstown Lane, Ruther Glen; Joseph D. Mounie to Yohan Paterson, $282,500.

201 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Rosalind A. Thomas to Mary E. Cross III, $235,000.

790 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Robert S. Carneal to Timothy Powell, $165,000.

1008 Lake Heritage Drive, Ruther Glen; Cobblestone Homes LLC to Richard S. Stransky Sr., $294,900.

214 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Jonathan C. Hardy to Kayla Mae Stadler, $169,500.

501 Lewis Drive, Ruther Glen; Justin A. Freeman to Dustin M. Pierce, $243,000.

18234 Maple Swamp Lane, Ruther Glen; Dora L. McAlpin to Richard M. McAlpin, $213,146.

132 Martin St., Bowling Green; Thomas Jesse Wright to James H. Bannow, $155,000.

16236 Mattaponi Ave., Woodford; Angela Dawn Glasscock, trustee to Juan F. Hernandez Matamoros, $330,000.

14270 Nelson Hill Road, Milford; G.H. Watts Construction to Robert L. Martin Jr., $308,270.

22450 Perimeter Road, Bowling Green; Matthew Francis Eak to Matthew C. Preston, $298,400.

6691 Quarters Road, Woodford; HDS Real Estate Investments LLC to Ernest Ray Deihr Jr., $239,900.

32450 Richmond Turnpike, Hanover; Chase A. Sullivan to Fred C. Burns Sr., $259,950.

23055 Sir Barton Court, Ruther Glen; Tonya Lynch Murphy to Micah Murphy, $215,000.

26824 Slash Pine Circle, Ruther Glen; Michael Gray to Jessica Eden Morrison, $179,543.

1 Stafford Cove, Ruther Glen; Premier Development Inc. to Cynthia Lynn Morris, $335,000.

10225 Sunshine School, Woodford; Virginia Homebuyers LLC to James L. Headrick, $179,900.

996 Swan Drive, Ruther Glen; Regal Holdings LLC to Andrew D. Bliss, $279,311.

223 Tranquility Drive, Ruther Glen; Robert L. Martin Jr. to Austin Joseph Imler, $210,000.

52 Wales Cove, Ruther Glen; Brennen W. Bayer to James Michael Lutkewitte, $199,900.

10468 Whirlaway Lane, Ruther Glen; Jennifer L. Burlew to Eric M. Ballard, $289,900.


130.99 acres; Midkiff Timber LLC to Cumberland Timber LLC, $195,000.

Parcels; Betty Jo Lester to Billy R. Price, $175,000.


266 acres; The Jackson Trust to Byrd P & K LLC, $350,000.

Parcel; Donna Pierce Herring to Stotesberry Construction Inc., $275,000.


10.68 acres; Jamie Sarver to Todd Clayton Shoaf, $300,000.

120 acres; Waverly L. Cutright to W. Richard Hairfield, trustee, $360,000.

120 acres; Bruce P. McGeorge to Waverly L. Cutright, $420,000.

3.451 acres; King William Industrial Park LLC to J. Dixon Holdings LLC, $250,000.

Lot 2, Pinecrest; 3PC LLC to King William Manor LLC, $300,830.

Parcel 10, Baldwin’s Subdivision; Bryan D. Cvengros to Austin Mitchell Decheubel, $175,000.


120.5 acres; Bradford R. Herrington Jr. to Pendergrass Asset Trust, $225,000.

450.5 acres; Timbervest Partners III Virginia LLC to Besley & Rogers Inc., $876,000.

595 acres; Timbervest Partners III Virginia LLC to Richard H. Short III, $1,175,731.


0.327 acres; Joseph A. Bradley to Stephen K. Bommer, $1,150,000.

Lot 127, Villages at Quarterpath; Noel L. Woodward to Brian E. Tuck, $221,900.

Lot 47, Village Green North Townhomes at Quarterpath; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Brian Harper, $315,160.

S. Parcel 432, Scotland St.; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to Henry C. Wolf, $325,000.

1.22 acres; John M. Pitman Jr. to 320 Monticello Limited Liability Co., $625,000.


9472 Astilbe Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Tod Goede, $292,960.

4301 Ballata Road, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Frances H. Defigilo, $242,910.

5415 Beverly Lane, Williamsburg; David D. Jordan to Andrew L. Okes, $387,500.

504 Braemar Creek, Williamsburg; Carl Green, trustee to Charles R. Bagley, $266,000.

100 Canterbury Place, Williamsburg; Faulkner Patrick to Jonathan Christopher Ward, $239,900.

207 Crescent Drive, Williamsburg; Keystone Homes Corp. to Lee M. Jobes, $395,000.

8412 Down Patrick Way, Williamsburg; Roger F. Pogge, trustee to Adam Luke, $401,500.

118 Edward Wyatt Drive, Williamsburg; Wade E. Cason III to Bruce Easterson, $690,000.

3444 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Emily Roberson, $269,990.

9573 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Gail Lynn Brahmbhatt, $503,780.

116 Henry Tyler Drive, Williamsburg; Mark R. Patterson to George Grokhowsky, trustee, $353,800.

3236 Kenton Court, Toano; Gwendolyn F. Smith to Brian Erik Nelson, $172,000.

215 Kingswood Drive, Williamsburg; Joseph M. McClain to Andrew Tobolowsky, $275,000.

119 Links of Leith, Williamsburg; Sally M. Dolan, trustee to Timothy J. Kobetz, $600,000.

258 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; Sherman M. Snyder to Douglas Dewitt, trustee, $340,000.

7614 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Douglas J. Bailey, $196,595.

129 Mahogany Run, Williamsburg; Robert A. Burke to Ann Kelly, $695,000.

5017 Merchants Court, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Corey Rawlins Anderson, $400,462.

3016 North Court, Williamsburg; Paul A. Schoch to Bridgett Galfusz, $277,000.

4 Parke Court, Williamsburg; Andrew J. Deblass, trustee to Christopher M. Green, $429,000.

4092 Powhatan Secondary, Williamsburg; William H. Woodward Jr. to Colin R. Morris, $528,000.

305 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Tamekka K. Davis, $230,150.

135 Red Berkshire, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Shon Allen Clements, $580,000.

5224 Rockingham, Williamsburg; Daniel L. Carlile, trustee to Nathaniel Kidwell, $300,000.

4809 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Jessica Ann Lloyd, $348,000.

113 Spring Branch, Williamsburg; Larry R. Jordan to Jessica G. Forrester, $428,000.

120 Tanbark Lane, Williamsburg; Bertelle Copley to Sarah Lockwood, $255,000.

5306 Tower Hill, Williamsburg; Russell G. Wuestefeld, trustee to Keith M. Jefferson, $180,000.

211 Waterton, Williamsburg; John J. Livecchi to Eleftherios P. Baker, $576,000.

2540 William Tankard Drive, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Roberta Lane, $499,000.

10 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Thomas D. Anderson to Jon Zachary Elliott, $260,000.

6571 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Joseph Decavage, $465,000.

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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