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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline, Colonial Heights and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


1319 N 22nd St; Mahala Llc to Khalil Elias, $325,000.

500 N 26th St; Rathlev Christopher Lee to Bell Eric and Carleen, $480,000.

1519 N 27th St; Crenshaw Brandon to Olsoe Benjamin Edwin, $186,000.

1100 N 35th St; Wray Daniel B to Carpenter Sarah Suzanne M, $385,000.

819 Akron St; Low Cost Construction Corp to Drumwright Justin Andrew, $255,000.

1518 Avondale Ave; Flieg Nicholas G to Wilson Ashley, $347,800.

1605 Bilder Ct; NVR Inc to Manning Damon Delano, $386,630.

1240 Boulder Creek Road; Scheib Matthew G to Williams Linda, $275,000.

2909 E Broad St; A Solodar Properties Llc to Amey Chris and Caroline O, $395,000.

3716 Brookside Road; Ostrovsky Vadym to Street Abbot and Elizabeth, $413,025.

1100 Carrolton St; Nash Thomas Charles to MacDonald Stephen A, $295,000.

1417 Claremont Ave; Trapkin Samuel W to Dorsey Nora Beth, $365,000.

2705 E Clay St; Thornton Eric to Clark Carol S, $330,000.

3450 Corley Home Dr; Werner Michael and Joan P to Oliver Reginald and Barbara J, $495,000.

3420 Custis Road; Hammel Daniel Peter to Faisal Saud, $538,000.

4109 Dorset Ct; Turcios Waldemar to Gillespie Brittany Nicole, $189,000.

3904 Ellwood Ave; Flinn Tammy L to Lo Mei Kiu, $319,000.

1123 Floyd Ave; Site Works Inc to Reece Steven G and Karen G, $975,000.

2803 Floyd Ave; Guidry Robert Wayne to First Richmond 306 Llc, $440,000.

1706 Glencove Lane; Anderson Matthew G to Burnett Ellen E, $275,951.

1621 W Grace St; Johnson Danielle E to 1621 West Grace Street Llc, $460,000.

3319 Grandview Dr; Carroll Constance F to Guyre Peter, $285,000.

1211 Greycourt Ave; Fuzy Edward and Gladys Margarita to Foecking Julie, $462,500.

3405 Griffin Ave; The Tyrrell Group Llc to Bruguiere Colin L, $349,000.

4706 Grove Ave; Minner Frances E to Ccrii Holdings Llc, $350,000.

8417 Halesworth Road; Roberson David M Jr to Funderburke Douglas B, $401,000.

3735 Hastings Dr; Adams Timothy L to Phillips Colin W, $492,500.

1208 Hodges Road; Johnson Donald Jr to Search Vm Llc, $150,000.

127 W Jackson St; “Mookerjee, Debraj” to Watkins Curtis and Hoge Emily, $230,000.

4309 Kensington Ave; Pulsifer Brian and Hall Casey to Konvicka Martha Walker, $442,000.

5218 King William Road; Lefmann Bryson to Hyer Kevin Thomas, $383,500.

504 S Laurel St; Proffitt Norman G Jr and Russell to Oregon Hill Historic Llc, $150,000.

1701 W Leigh St; Virginia Realty Ventures Llc to 1847 Housing Group Llc, $574,950.

4501 E Main St; Central Virginia Investments to Rocketts Block 8 Llc, $3,960,000.

2204 E Marshall St; Langston Ashley to Ferrell Georgianne, $299,500.

1820 Maury St; Richmond Redevelopment to Moore Kiara, $179,000.

2914 Montrose Ave; Porchlight Homes Llc to Motes James G, $380,000.

117 S Mulberry St; Cobb David H to McCarthy Charles L, $350,000.

517 Northside Ave; Wag Investment Llc to Johnson Kelsey Ann, $285,000.

316 Oak Lane; Booker Nancy B Trustee to Collins Chastain W and Tara R, $1,150,000.

20 Overbrook Road; Normand Elizabeth to Weaver Marykate, $385,000.

3406 Park Ave; Bass Walter H III and Barbara D to Momo Llc, $1,050,000.

4316 Patterson Ave; Dunn Zachary to Skelly Thomas Charles, $367,500.

1919 Powhatan St; Gutierrez Gloria to Byrd Westwood B, $205,000.

1112 Roseneath Road, U9; Tobias Christopher N to Nansemond Bridge Llc, $168,000.

3214 N St; Berhe Seyoum and Zeleke Lemlem to Rodriguez Anthony Junior, $255,000.

3113 Stony Point Road, Ud; Zacharias Madge E to Roy Robert R Jr and Deborah A, $315,000.

413 Stuart Cir, U6-D; Ricdl1 Llc to Zeugner Mary Z and John J IV, $775,000.

10 S Tow Path Lane; Svensson Susan R Trs to Cutter Michelle Jennifer, $1,050,000.

5311 Warwick Road; Harris Norman W and Grace W to New Warwick Townhomes 3, $240,000.

4402 S Willetta Dr; Moore Landon C to Boyce David G, $486,000.

6520 Worthington Road; McMillan Benjamin S to Johnson Lorenzo M, $211,000.


8214 Adrian Dr, Henrico; Meyer Mark C and Rachael Anne Trustees to Johnson Tyler and Hayley Goldman, $210,000.

916 Alden Parke Dr, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Vatti Venkata Satya Srikanth and Satya S, $594,008.

2409 Alycia Ave, Henrico; Trahan Carl W and Rilda J to Smith Connor S and Lauren R, $237,000.

9416 Arrowdel Rd, Henrico; Patel Jay and Roshni Saraiya to Margeson Allan E and Norma E Santamaria, $901,000.

10806 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Singh Balraj and Hemlata, $320,405.

10816 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Singh Balraj and Hemlata, $318,380.

3716 Barrington Bridge Pl, Henrico; Kord Michael A and Crystal to Aguilar Susanne D and Joshua N, $755,000.

1348 Berrymeade Ave, Glen Allen; Kinton William J and Judith G Kirby to Noffsinger Ouida, $265,000.

5310 Bindery Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Kakadiya Payal Pravin, $407,583.

4 Bisley Ct, Henrico; Cook Katherine K Trustee to Berkshire James B and Andrea R, $650,000.

6039 Bonneau Rd, Henrico; Grumbles Mark K to Nicksich Derek A and Hannah, $190,000.

4605 Breithorne Ct, Glen Allen; Gaubatz Derek L and Judith H to McClatchey George Frank, $390,000.

300 Broad Hill Oaks Ln, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Cagwin Daniel, $522,000.

10937 Brunson Way, Glen Allen; Reidelbach Charles J and Erin J to Kashyap Vikas and Supriya Hedge, $450,000.

314 Buffalo Rd, Henrico; Johnson Karen W to Keskin Osman G, $261,000.

16 Capital Trail Row, Henrico; Alley Nancy P to Gilbert Amy H, $545,000.

11013 Carrington Green Dr, Glen Allen; Vecchio Conse E and Barbara to Korah Manju and Jiji Thomas, $490,000.

4520 Cedar Forest Rd, Glen Allen; Angadiath Paul C and R Paul to Babu Prakashkumar and Priyanka Duggal, $385,000.

6009 Chapel Lawn Ct, Glen Allen; Ganne Rajsekhar and Bhagya Thanikonda to Sudakara Baradwaj Bandi and Swathy Thulasi, $328,000.

4201 Chickahominy Ave, Henrico; Truesdale Kristina to Gayles William M Sr, $194,950.

12920 Church Ct, Henrico; Riopelle Brian C and Elizabeth E to Hoffman Thomas J Trustee, $280,000.

13316 College Valley Ln, Henrico; Nelms John D and Patricia A to Agostino M Richard Jr and Christina K, $627,175.

303 N Confederate Ave, Sandston; Marshall Timothy N and Linda A and James T to Williams John F and Leslie, $196,000.

4321 Cottage Rose Ln, Henrico; Armstrong Michele A to Tribbey Duke C Jr, $215,000.

2708 Cushing Dr, Henrico; Hill Cora Mae and Antonio to Orisasona John Abiodun, $170,000.

1517 Cutshaw Pl, Henrico; Courtney Robin Waters to Marrs Properties Llc, $280,000.

209 De Sota Dr, Henrico; Long Beth H to Anderson J Martin and Margaret, $565,000.

1105 Diane Ln, Henrico; McMillian Robert Lee to Kruse Jason David II, $301,000.

6752 Donahue Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Patel Viashali, $520,587.

12513 Doverton Rd, Henrico; Crisp Joseph FranklinInc to Sabah Walied and Issra Diaaeldin Ali, $337,000.

11478 Dublin Rd, Glen Allen; Rahman Mohammed and Tasneem Afroze to Subuloye Saburi and Enoho, $579,000.

Elko Rd, Sandston; Economic Development Authority to Scout Development Llc, $2,551,938.

1105 Essex Ave, Henrico; Bumpus Daniel and Elizabeth Schiller to Bayer Emily and Jared Baker, $575,000.

10210 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Relyea Robert J Jr to Fetzer Nicholas B and Jennifer M, $406,000.

4954 Finnegan Ct, Henrico; McCreary Thomas Michael to Nguyen Tu G and Vien L Bui, $153,000.

9307 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Trotter George R and Martha to Ayoubi Hassibullah, $245,000.

1507 Fort Hill Dr, Henrico; McCormack Michael Coulter to Carey Ronald Edwin Jr and Sophie Bouchard, $225,000.

1724 Foxcreek Cir, Henrico; Cui Shuo to Apa Regis and Olivia Burjato, $207,000.

3124 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Proserpio Rebecca G and Wyatt B Hicks to Shah Dishant and Deven, $285,500.

214 Gawain Dr, Henrico; Mallory Jean H to Morris Chiconne, $195,000.

6569 Glenshaw Dr, Glen Allen; Elia Jennifer A and Jessica C Smith to Long Steven P, $311,100.

3609 Gracie Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Stemple Catherine R, $472,085.

10976 Greenaire Pl, Henrico; White Sylvia and Brian H Heit to White Sylvia and Musa Sagnia Et Al, $194,500.

7403 Griffin Ave, Henrico; McDaniel Kelli M to Christensen Marjorie Janice and Kelly A, $200,000.

5200 Hart Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Herndon Stephanie B to Gonzalez Amelia Patricia, $330,000.

12337 Haybrook Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Mason Damion and Tanikka, $399,950.

1612 Hennington Pl, Henrico; Dhakal Ram C and Dik M to Monger Chhatra Pati and Lila K Et Al, $337,000.

1707 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Wall Stanley F to Patel Nikunjkumar and Kirnangiben Nikunj, $200,000.

2274 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Kazanoglu Esra to Winston Lauren Northington, $222,000.

2404 Hobart Rd, Henrico; Moore Jerald F to Jackson Jeremy L, $246,000.

1120 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Pursley Nancy S to Von Elten Sandra A Trustee, $400,000.

24 N Juniper Ave, Henrico; Maggie Walker Community Land Trust to Jones Sheema, $155,000.

7303 Kenneth Dr, Henrico; Howell Judy H and Abel E Chavez to Warhop William III and Stephanie Carter, $235,000.

2916 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Williams Edward R and Peggy B to Williams Travis Brannon, $250,000.

2228 Kingsbrook Dr, Henrico; Hussein Christopher K to Ughetta Mark, $192,000.

404 S Laburnum Ave, Henrico; Varga Patrick W and J G V and P G A and L M A to Portee Lavelle F, $210,000.

109 N Lake Ave, Henrico; Burton William S and Michele to Owens Charles Elliot, $250,000.

306 Lakewood Dr, Henrico; Raquet Bruce R and Taylor Mundy to McLaren William M and Charlotte A, $890,000.

2614 Lassen Walk, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Coleman Sandra Marie, $314,709.

5922 Laurel Bed Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Clare Ian Joshua, $249,853.

5926 Laurel Bed Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Shafaqh Abdul Zahir, $271,247.

5928 Laurel Bed Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Taylor Jessica O and Anthony E, $294,791.

4720 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Alam Md Mahbub, $606,500.

631 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; Coleman Sandra M to Stockbridge Danielle Marie, $215,500.

631 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; Coleman Sandra M to Stockbridge Danielle Marie, $215,500.

5209 Linsey Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; Delagrange Taylor D and Macy C Magee to Griffith Tom and Brenda, $362,500.

2311 Littlefox Dr, Henrico; Bell Troy M and Melinda G to Temple Robert N and Claire, $425,000.

400 Lowell St, Henrico; Transform Va Llc Trustee to Nicholas Jaquell Monae, $243,000.

1305 Magnolia Pointe Blvd, Glen Allen; Jean Brenda S to Ladhani Mariam Abbas and Faisal Ihsan, $197,500.

3344 Manor Grove Cir, Glen Allen; Brady Gerald P Jr and Christine E Kern to Helquist Eric L and Ethel M, $399,900.

2510 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Williams Elizabeth O to Home Solutions Of Va Llc, $150,000.

2217 Martin St, Henrico; Riddle Wayne A Jr and Julie to Little Jillian G, $232,000.

8530 Mayland Dr, Henrico; Sweeney Kevin C to Patel Re Llc, $470,000.

218 Meroyn Dr, Sandston; Wesley Bonnie D and Charles to Hamlin Veroncia, $210,500.

8904 Minna Dr, Henrico; Jones Michael Leroy to Bakeer Ahmed Hassan, $175,000.

1517 Monmouth Dr, Henrico; Madore Michele A and Michael K Spayd to Jones Kristina L and Burton A Pegoraro, $490,000.

5627 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; Dillion Ronald L to Dawn 705 Llc, $168,775.

3770 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Mountain Road Wesleyan Ch to Hughes Pets Llc, $510,000.

2810 Murano Way, Glen Allen; Henke Kathe G to Alves Hugo Miguel Cavaco, $370,000.

3375 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Sam Fred P, $278,630.

4501 Nine Mile Rd, Henrico; Shree Ohmkar Property Inc to Ayka Properties Llc, $675,000.

2901 Oakland Ave, Henrico; Cao Chau Tuong to McDonald Clayton R and Taylor B Ramirez, $245,000.

5233 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ansari Omar Ahmed and Emma Hales, $459,740.

5239 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Zamborsky Kenneth John and Brittany West, $457,765.

4940 Old Main St, U506, Henrico; Al-Saadawi Amar S to Brenzel Sally A, $610,000.

9016 Old Staples Mill Rd, Henrico; Schwartz Sharon B to Salkic Dalija and Samira, $270,000.

5404 Olde Milbrooke Dr, Glen Allen; Butler Patrick J and Joanne to Subedi Harishchandra and Sandhaya Poudel, $361,000.

1922 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Adams David L and Phillip Crowder to Fernandez Ruben D and Nancy R Cerrato, $265,000.

9625 Pemberton Ridge Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Othugadi Suneetha Sagar and John P, $582,265.

313 Perth Ln, Sandston; Taggart Rudolph S Estate to Resen Noori Ahmed, $220,000.

3817 Pinewood Glen Ln, Henrico; Tyler Derrick Lamont to Parks Christopher, $175,000.

1901 Poplar Bud Way, Henrico; Effertz Peter and Jun Meng to Kopuru Naga Eswar and Roopa Kovelamudi, $316,000.

2957 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Roberts Margaret K to Short Robert E III and B Slaughenaupt, $207,000.

8820 Quioccasin Rd, Henrico; 8820 Quioccasin Rd Llc to Agree Stores Llc, $2,251,587.

4 Raven Rock Ln, Henrico; Dobbins Virginia Estate Et Al to Richmond Hill Design Build Llc, $185,000.

4753 Red Coach Ln, Sandston; Marciniak John D and Tammy to Cummings Chancy, $246,400.

1505 Regency Woods Rd, U303, Henrico; Schmick Elizabeth Anne to Ronan Susan, $156,000.

300 N Ridge Rd, U58, Henrico; Ketchem Terry Hyde to Colonial Homecrafters Ltd, $430,000.

1729 Rockwood Rd, Henrico; Cromwell Doris and Kimberly Orazi to Rustemovic Ramo, $165,000.

107 Running Cedar Ln, Henrico; Trow Thomas H and Charlotte to Nichols John Curtis and Brittany C, $998,000.

9542 Sara Beth Cir, Glen Allen; Kodvawala Yasir and Sadia Polani to Kirchner Kerry Eileen, $200,500.

4203 Saunders Tavern Trl, Henrico; Naini Rohit and Mahati Reddy to Burke Michael and Pamela, $356,000.

937 Scott Commons Ln, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Nayak Dinesh and Sujani D, $258,000.

10514 Seneca Falls Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Allam Sudhakar and Xavier Sandhya, $373,245.

8407 Shannon Green Ct, Henrico; Murugesan Maheswari to Cuevas Regina, $194,250.

6913 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Davies-Sekle Elizabeth, $360,863.

2209 Sommie Ln, Henrico; Chisholm Suzan A to Timberlake Scott M, $265,000.

2679 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Kemp Darryl R and Sandra R, $285,043.

10140 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Cr Wb Property Lc to Staples Mill Property Llc, $1,000,000.

2008 Stoneheather Rd, Henrico; Christie Charlene N Trust to Jasarevic Amela and Hakija Avdic, $366,000.

1029 Tall Grass Ct, Henrico; Hampton Tonia R to Baylor Yvonne J and Raymond A Lindsey Jr, $195,000.

2306 Thousand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Pemberton James C and Sara J Miller to Markhoff Jason, $291,000.

1705 Timberly Waye, Henrico; Morris Ceci and V Mirandah to Garcia Alba Zuleika, $233,000.

7353 Townes Rd, Henrico; Yates Harry R IV and Jessica L Glidewell to Leighty Amber, $265,000.

905 Turnbull Ave, Henrico; Kiser Robert H and Karen P to Henry Kent Michael, $250,500.

201 E Union St, Sandston; Owens Larry Jr to Stith Courtney M, $228,000.

6913 Vanderbilt Ave, Henrico; Abouzaki Mona and Farook Tarabay to Tran Hung Van and Thanh Thien, $365,000.

208 Walsing Dr, Henrico; Addison David D and M Trust to Smith Chelsea and Steven J, $765,000.

914 Wellston Ct, Glen Allen; Sams Mark W to Gordon Dylan S, $285,000.

10209 Westhampton Glen Ct, Henrico; Wood Nelson H and Stacy B to Bishop Richard T Jr and Julie A, $739,000.

4835 Wild Horse Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Byrd Juwan Allen, $309,745.

1204 Wilkinson Rd, Henrico; Yeuell H Davis Trustee to Shafer Hope and Teli Hsueth Share Trustees, $255,000.

10212 Windbluff Dr, Henrico; Brandenberger David L to Baur Anna, $415,000.

4605 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Wang Wanxiuyuan, $257,171.

8032 Wistar Glen Dr, Henrico; Jutela Mohan S to Lewis Theodore Lehmann, $268,990.

6901 Yahley Mill Rd, Henrico; Randazzo Giuseppina Alessandra Et Al to Karalus Sarah, $253,200.


14701 Acorn Ridge Pl; Jordan Brandon and Rachel to Steele Pamela, $290,000.

8413 Aldera Ln; Cheng Chen-Hsien and Jen Wei to King Marlow and Ryan Daniel, $444,950.

15307 Amethyst Dr; Chesler Jason and Michelle to Jordan Shaun, $639,999.

3606 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Branch Laura Lasha, $299,990.

15025 Badestowe Dr; Billups Jason A and Erin L to Hwilka John and Karen E, $499,500.

6029 Barrister Rd; Transform Va Llc Trustee to Calderon Hugo, $220,000.

10101 Bayham Dr; Pocahontas B Llc to Gravitt Elliott N, $187,000.

9820 Beaver Bridge Rd; Robbins Jennette B Trustee to Renew Properties Llc, $296,100.

13213 Beech Hill Dr; NVR Inc to Oakley Christy Leigh, $498,870.

4007 Bellstone Dr; Gregoire Development Corp to Rogers Matthew and Michele, $613,169.

6912 Beulah Oaks Ln; Henson Gerald W and Alexis D to Diaz Jose O, $256,000.

12301 Black Rd; Danrich Construction Co Inc to Carter Andrew B and Kristi T, $460,000.

14811 Blue Rock Dr; Adkins Gordon and Kimberly D to Evans Matthew G, $220,000.

9306 Brading Ln; Simmons Matthew G Et Als to Miskovich Richard C, $343,000.

11710 S Briar Patch Dr; Ennis John M to Miller Devita Gray, $175,000.

5100 Brightridge Ln; King K E and E A and King E S to Jones Mark S and Clingan Dane B, $195,000.

6612 Bryanbell Dr; Jennings Sylvia H to Arce Narcisso and Alicia M, $250,000.

6106 Buntline Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Ellis Isaiah A and Norfleet S L, $261,915.

6119 Buntline Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Kee Rachel Katharine, $241,665.

9500 Burnett Dr; Heithaus Lynda D and Royall D D to Trent Dustin R, $245,000.

2010 Camborne Rd; Upshaw E L and Upshaw S C Trs to Brumley Justin and Elizabeth A, $270,000.

16124 Cambria Cove Bl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to George Jiji and Papachan Unni L, $447,586.

3307 Cannington Dr; NVR Inc to Joe Sheryl R, $281,085.

3513 Castlebury Dr; Gowdy Christopher and Iris F to Mitchell Dorion Scott and Hayley, $242,000.

6836 Cherry Creek Ln; Gregoire Development Corp to Doda Steven and Courtney E, $717,409.

1923 Chevelle Dr; Rodriguez Jose L and Enersida A to Davis Paul N Jr, $254,950.

1600 Clear Springs Ct; Pinelli C David Jr to Murray Matthew T and Giuseppina, $305,000.

11627 Coalboro Rd; Perrello Ronald J to Avery Alec M, $250,000.

14328 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to Pollock Lavon C and Friend M Y, $365,200.

2500 Copper Hill Ct; Heuple Elizabeth Mae to Bukach Tania and Beardsley S P, $261,000.

1021 N Cottonwood Rd; Vaughan Richard C Jr Trustee to Dugaish Abdul A, $275,000.

9312 Croft Crossing Ct; Lumsden Paul D to Akadiri Titilayo Olunike, $245,000.

130 Crystal Downs Ct; Griffith Raymond E Jr and Carol to Jones D L and Jones L L Trustees, $310,000.

7616 Deerfield Dr; Ramsey Brandon R to Kohler-Harris S A and Curtice G, $268,000.

13325 Diamond Ridge Dr; Miller Brady T and Hannah G to Bowers Brandon L and Brittany N, $250,000.

449 Dunlin Ct; McDowell Lawrence to Tolson Jarvis H Jr and Ann E, $345,000.

8530 Easton Ridge Pl; Campbell Diane L to Brewster Debra, $310,000.

15037 Enmore Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Stiltoner Juston and Melissa, $590,557.

208 Fairwood Dr; Mann Jason D and Devan R to Glenney Adrienne M, $285,000.

13311 Farm Crest Ct; Hardwich Rosemary to Herold Emily A and Melanson L M, $256,000.

5939 Ferintosh Pl; Michalik Diane S to Moore Brighid, $183,000.

8630 Forge Gate Ln; Singh Narinder and Arora S to Joshi Vaibhav and Morab A S R, $458,000.

6921 E Fox Green; Watkins Stephen Todd to James Yanina, $160,000.

8130 Galatea Pl; NVR Inc to Woods James Jr and Melissa D, $484,125.

8000 Gates Bluff Pl; Kazensky Blake and Sandy to Young Roger and Cynthia, $310,000.

2848 Goyne Lp; Marshall Patricia A to Lupejkis Anna, $179,900.

9417 Groundhog Dr; Allen Leslie to Newman Rebecca E, $216,500.

15512 Hampton Crest Tr; Moreno Roberto and Lisa to Luo Jianchong, $350,000.

5813 Harbour Bluff Tr; Manning Joshua A and Stafford S to Jones Larry J and Stephens M J, $385,000.

8810 Hawkbill Rd; Johnson Julian T and Sarah E to Kness Ian, $230,000.

15637 Henningford Rd; Main Street Homes to Kashurba Richard A, $394,687.

404 Hogans Ct; Pathak Nita to Brickhouse Norris O and Claudia, $400,000.

9919 Indian Point Rd; Jones Kelly L and Woodrow V III to Lewis-Simmons L A and Simmons D, $218,000.

6625 Jackson St; Frias Investments Llc to Anew Living Llc, $317,500.

4820 Jaymont Dr; Rowlett Marion M to Grove Alisha L and Donald E Jr, $209,000.

531 Kendrick Ct; Sabatini Anthony to Newman Kyle, $225,000.

1618 Kingscross Rd; Marshall Gordon B Jr and Linda D to Maher Kathryn E and Pasierb S R, $395,000.

10710 Kriserin Cr; Dyson Richard E Jr and Karen K to Fowlkes James Alan and Erika A, $445,000.

4506 Lake Summer Mw; Depumpo Patrick M and Regina A to De Leon Luis and Rossi Rossella, $469,900.

3400 Laroux Av; NVR Inc to Brown Benjamin L Sr and Monique, $361,110.

1112 Letchworth Ln; Michele Bedwell Llc to Rich Edward E and Mariah Gilbert, $291,000.

13712 Litwack Cove Dr; Anderson Paul Lee and Sandra L to Gunn Anthony J and Dianett, $388,000.

8000 Longfellow Pl; Hood Donald G Jr and Rebecca G to Hardison Corey and Janette, $360,000.

11143 Lyndenwood Dr; Reeves Richard A to Washington Charles E and Wanda, $385,000.

11303 Mansfield Crossing Ct; Kaufman Ralph C Jr and Cara M to Hylton Austin T and Pike Anita G, $249,000.

524 Mason Orchard Dr; NVR Inc to Leach John W, $302,735.

4800 McAllister Dr; Grietzer Charles D to Eckerd Cynthia D and Eckerd N B, $221,500.

14509 Michaux Springs Pl; Main Street Homes to Turkaly Lydia M, $342,583.

14517 Michaux Springs Pl; Main Street Homes to Wiest Ronald B and Kimberly C, $340,716.

2325 Mitchells Mill Dr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Daniels Shandra and William B, $761,850.

5518 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Sears Patrick V and Heidi M, $420,270.

12507 Needle Rush Wy; Lyon Lyn B to Stuller Timothy P Jr and P M, $223,100.

12506 Nightingale Dr; Saraiya Sharad and Raksha S to Desai Jayesh and Neema, $495,000.

10900 Oak Arbor Tr; Ravenhorst Harvey R to Kouba Chahinaz, $400,000.

5053 Oakforest Dr; Winters Matthew L to Joynes Karen, $236,000.

6930 Old Creek Tr; Rodney Antonio J to Witt Jonathan, $200,000.

5610 Osterbind Ln; Grosz Willie M and Olivia O to Romero Berrios H and Cortez R E, $200,000.

11530 Park Branch Ln; Wyatt Cathy L and Hunt Brenda S to Metrick Aaron James and Kathy P, $615,270.

209 N Pinetta Dr; Anderson R C and Anderson B Trs to Van De Kamp Kyle, $250,000.

1524 Porters Mill Rd; Townsend Aleczander to Smith Tristan G, $260,000.

9635 Prince James Tr; Hahn Risa Oak to Henen Beshoy and Nakady M S H, $360,000.

8109 Provincetown Dr; Clary Frederick T to Woody April, $150,000.

13700 Quail Meadows Ln; Sears Michael F and Barbara Ann to Staggers Robert and Patricia, $227,500.

12101 Quito Rd; Diversified Property Assoc Llc to Armstead Chrystal J, $231,000.

104 Reams Ct; Eccles Simon G Trustee to Minor-Harvey Yoshida Joselyn, $262,500.

10113 Redbridge Rd; Burrell Derek M to Navarrete Hernandez Carlos A, $215,000.

12548 Richmond St; Rivers Michael W and Rivers K A to Rivers Austin M, $218,800.

3022 River Hills Ln; Layfield T G III and Pulley P Tr to Pulley Patricia G, $287,500.

6604 Rollingridge Ln; Salmeri Daniel and Constance M to McGaha Lori D, $215,000.

2906 Royal Crest Dr; Patel Neal M and Lisa M to Webb Andrew J III and Brittney R, $772,000.

2612 Sailboat Ct; Arjona Armando A and Sandra M to Ozcan Yasar A and Gulperi, $350,000.

11749 Sanbury Ln; Andrews Christopher and Shannon to Stuck Kathleen, $360,000.

17917 Sandy Ford Rd; Pappadakis Emanuel O to Bebbs Kristina, $197,500.

16748 Sayley Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Powell Leslie M Jr and Tyeasha L, $565,620.

10425 Seacliff Ln; Sun Runna to Ariza Tony Samuel, $245,500.

4431 Sharonridge Dr; Callis James S and Lucinda B to Varacalli Joseph A and Kaylynn F, $322,000.

20116 Shire Oak Dr; Ferry Karlee R to Winn Stacy L and Jason A, $213,000.

21911 Skinquarter Rd; Zepp Philip J to Zepp Steven and Abigail, $270,000.

3118 Speeks Dr; Cogar Cluster Daniel to Mancia Marco A and Mancia M A, $185,000.

5919 Springmount Rd; Farmer Susan R to Waters Raymond L Jr and Tessia, $375,000.

3200 Sterling Brook Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Robinson Tyra N, $261,725.

6151 Strathcona St; Myers Stephen Jr to Galvez Jose, $198,000.

8606 Sunset Knoll Rd; Integral Properties Llc to Loney Sheranda Monique, $235,000.

5942 Swift Fox Dr; Jefferson Corey to Wells Arthur and Katelin, $375,000.

20001 Talon Point Dr; Lashbrooks Donald R Sr and D M to Chandler Susan Renee and Carl M, $424,900.

9910 Third Branch Dr; Smith Ronald W and Kathryn G to Batchelor Jeffrey E, $295,000.

15816 Timberline Dr; Taylor Nikki to Martinez Dacia N, $195,000.

9000 Townsbury Ct; Rose Joseph L Jr and Breanna L to Yesbeck Robert G and Brienna M, $348,000.

400 Trickling Creek Rd; Cong-Huyen Bach T T and Le O K to Daniel-Allen Venesia and Allen A, $278,000.

2307 Turtle Hill Ct; Taylor Donnie and Nicole to Thompson Charles Thomas, $260,200.

6906 Velvet Antler Dr; Hux W H III and Hux K LCo-Trs to Blake David H II and Michelle H, $225,000.

4300 Village Woods Ln; Butler Rebecca D to Rucker James C, $323,500.

6125 Walking Path Ln; Hug Thomas J and Jodi M to Blizzard Reginald Allen III, $320,000.

318 Water Pointe Ln; Hendren Rebecca to O'Neill Amanda J, $181,700.

6608 Welara Rn; Hhhunt Greenwich Walk Llc to Reid James W, $425,000.

602 Wexwood Ct; Paris Michael A and Kimberly M to Phan Huy and Nguyen Quan, $558,000.

7861 Willow Walk Dr; Butler Michael J and Ashley M to Habib Faten F Et Als, $260,000.

10130 Woodvale Ct; Branch Richard B to Cone Eric, $226,000.


9404 Alsace Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Kathy L. Weimer, $440,000.

8314 Bama Road, Mechanicsville; Sulaiman Nasseri to Aqa M. Nasseri, $254,000.

17054 Beaverdam Road, Beaverdam; Victoria L. Belding to Robert F. Sherman, $170,000.

16283 Bent Barrel Road, Montpelier; Leah E. Moss to Charles G. McKenna, $305,000.

9014 Birdsong Court, Mechanicsville; Michael Della Volpe to Jacob Branchaud, $460,000.

9014 Brigadier Road, Mechanicsville; Scott J. Langenfield to Robert P. Keesee, $395,000.

7372 Bruce Blvd., Mechanicsville; Steven D. Drumheller to Sarah S. Summers, $219,950.

8093 Castle Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Balducci Builders Inc to Martin Ferguson Jr., $377,545.

7389 Cedarcrest Road, Hanover; Charles Russell Turner to Scott Q. Nininger, $795,000.

7742 Clarey Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishop's Park LLC to Christopher T. Caudill, $465,717.

16514 Coatesville Road, Beaverdam; Micharl Ernest Carneal to Suzette M. Charles, $264,000.

8253 Crown Colony Parkway, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $264,000.

10036 Doe Run Place, Mechanicsville; Timothy J. Gill to Hector Madrigal Jr., $335,000.

7357 Dress Blue Circle, Mechanicsville; Charles E. Dillon to C. Edward Rose, $312,000.

2161 Ettington Lane, Mechanicsville; Michelle M. Rupert, trustee to Richard A. Conforti, $470,000.

12142 Fox Hill Run Lane, Ashland; Darrell W. Muller to Anna M. Coy, $353,000.

6250 Greystone Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Paul J. Givens to Adam Spencer Denny, $375,000.

9190 Halifax Green Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Victor Neimeyer, $496,125.

12126 Henley Road, Rockville; Marjorie B. Henley to Maggie Elizabeth Lamb, $455,000.

12300 Hermon Field Road, Ashland; Christopher M. Morgan to Lewis Bartholomew Rice, $535,500.

9786 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Ranjith Kumar Dasari, $478,100.

9220 Ivy Banks Drive, Mechanicsville; Stuart L. Collier to Michael J. Andriliunas, $500,000.

9300 Janeway Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to William Kevin Tibbs, $439,830.

8002 Kenmore Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert K. Owens to Virginia Moorefield, $236,000.

9617 Leighfield Way, Mechanicsville; Steven B. Hamilton to Christopher J. Koon, $415,000.

13170 Luck Brothers Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Charles Edward Nelson, $605,343.

9393 Magnolia Blosssom Road, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to David Charles Zieg, $525,702.

7004 McCauley Lane, Mechanicsville; James M. Carnahan to Deborah M. Lashbrooks, $249,950.

329 New St., Ashland; Lora A. Reedy to Kim Babcock, $248,000.

9300 North Star Drive, Mechanicsville; Winston Investments LLC to Joshua M. Pucci, $282,000.

5104 Old Traveller Lane, Mechanicsville; W. Thomas Johnson to Michael T. Parker, $465,000.

10552 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Karin L McCarty, $338,099.

6148 Parsley Court, Mechanicsville; Jean A. Clark to Brett Lowe Brewster, $244,950.

Phase 1, Building A, Farmstead Condominiums at Chickahominy Falls; CFalls II LLC to Farmstead Villas LLC, $876,000.

6079 Pond Place Way, Mechanicsville; William B. Fulop to Trenton Daniel Worrell, $426,500.

13616 Providence Trail Circle, Ashland; Steven S. Lockhart to Michael Sean Denisar Jr., $380,000.

11253 Rocky Ridge Road, Glen Allen; Michael F. Johnson Jr. to John G. Mueller Jr., $612,250.

9202 Rural Point Drive, Mechanicsville; Barry W. Smith to Christopher E. Smith, $350,000.

7438 Shire Parkway, Mechanicsville; Michael E. Melville to Robin Toman, $245,000.

14053 Sir Walker Drive, Montpelier; Marvin A. Walton to Marshall Bays, $525,000.

9017 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Eric Smith, $312,385.

4209 Spring Run Road, Mechanicsville; Edwin A. Mills to Adam L. Ikenberry, $264,500.

9198 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Karen M. Smalara to Kristen Andrea, $359,000.

11033 Sugarloaf Drive, Mechanicsville; Oakleigh Properties LLC to Jennifer Lynn Dellar, $378,000.

903 Sweet Tessa Drive, Ashland; Stephen E. Sepe to Eric Michael Johnson, $185,000.

7168 Sydnor Lane, Mechanicsville; Richard Allen Buttner to Jose Roberto Hernandez Lemus, $385,000.

11410 Tudor Rose Court, Glen Allen; Joe Crockett Sayles III to Maria Edith Torres, $325,000.

10200 Wenden Way, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Tyler Golden, $264,990.

311 Wesley St., Ashland; Carolyn P. Phillips to Joshua A. Oropello, $388,000.

8362 Wetherden Drive, Mechanicsville; Christopher J. Haas to Michelle M. Puckett, $372,000.

11285 Winding Brook Terrace, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Casey Marie Rattelsdorfer, $284,310.

11277 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Rafael Segundo Suarez, $272,685.

16120 Winding Trail, Doswell; Joseph A. Melton to Matin T. Garthaffner, $285,500.

7258 Yellow Wood Tree Place, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Waverly Thomas Johnson, $364,634.

7274 Yellow Wood Tree Place, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Ronald Martin Long, $363,597.


2773 Birdsong Lane, Powhatan; Pauline A. Mitchell Revocable Trus to Donald Houtsma, $237,000.

1819 Countrytown Road, Powhatan; William J. Kinnan IV to Lori H. Landes, $485,000.

3936 Fighting Creek Drive, Powhatan; Traci M. Ritt to Stephen Bowles, $350,000.

1660 Giles Bridge Road, Powhatan; Ashwin Sharma to Amber Lockhart, $275,000.

1963 Hancock Road, Powhatan; Bresco LLC to Chet Martineau, $260,000.

3158 Huguenot Pointe Drive, Powhatan; Christopher J. Dowdy to Michael T. Berger, $455,000.

3323 John Tree Hill Road, Powhatan; Linda R. Verheul to Douglas B. Moore, $319,950.

3170 Lees Landing Road, Powhatan; Chadham Young Taylor to John B. Palco, $500,000.

3712 Mill Mount Terrace, Powhatan; Clay Street Builder LLC to Timothy Arthur Conrad, $508,076.

1435 Palmore Road, Powhatan; William Francis Oehl Jr., administrator to Natasha R. Wiley, $370,000.

2698 Pilkington Road, Powhatan; Jacob M. Florence to Kevin M. Norkunas, $198,000.

2553 Red Lane Road, Powhatan; Stonecraft Homes LLC to Paul Zachary Baisden, $273,500.

3200 Taurman Park Drive, Powhatan; John Hamilton Cary Revocable Trust to Eric W. Shoemaker, $780,000.

1039 Timber Trace Road, Powhatan; Stephen Bowles to William J. Bright, $319,950.

2092 William Dance Way, Powhatan; Ronald L. Durdines to Keith Eugene Newlin, $350,000.

3462 Woods Way, Powhatan; Anthony Patrick Polubinski, devisee to Austin Michael Seidel, $241,000.


7431 Aldeby St., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Lawrence D. Jackson, $475,484.

12324 Beech Hall Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to David Thompson, $517,371.

4097 Cedar Plains Road, Sandy Hook; Robert A. Badenoch to Tyler Fisher, $310,000.

1123 Getaway Lane, Manakin Sabot; Tuckahoe Creek LLC to James P. Wetherly, $275,000.

1667 Indys Run, Maidens; Lisa A. Strauss to Susan K. Brett, $388,900.

651 Manakin Road, Manakin Sabot; Jean Bryant, trustee to Adel R. Fabiato, $775,000.

14001 Mosaic Nook, Richmond; HHHuntHomes LC to Jefry J. Haas, $396,475.

12286 North Crossing Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Mark B. Brumm, $441,190.

12362 S Readers Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Christopher S. Harrell, $503,129.

555 Rockford Road, Manakin Sabot; Sandra D. Foley to Steven Novak, $355,000.

12348 South Crossing Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to William J. Shugrue, $641,893.

3020 Stone Castle Lane, Sandy Hook; Maximiliano Solano to Adam C. Sweatt, $420,000.

1209 The Forest, Crozier; H. Lee Barden III, heir to David J. McKittrick, $1,290,000.

4880 Whitehall Road, Goochland; Duke Homes Virginia Inc. to Deshonda Tyler, $279,950.


3650 Beechwood Drive; Crater Professional Associates to Virginia Mary Blackwell, $550,000.

515 S Dunlop St.; Darwin S. Flores Ortiz to Kevin Chung Sr., $162,000.

320 High St.; George R. Blake Jr. to Kristen A. Kindler, $275,000.

1020 South Blvd.; Enlightened Solutions LLC to Christen T. Moore, $170,000.

2146 Warren St.; Camcor Property Management LLC to Brian Coleman, $170,000.


24712 Brickwood Meadow Lane, Dinwiddie; David A. Bullock to Kenisha Rena Rhooms, $225,000.

11250 Coleman’s Lake Road, Ford; Joseph G. Carmadella to Christopher M. Santiago, $662,500.

24410 Driver Road, North Dinwiddie; Donald L. Chasteen to Toni Graves McCray, $192,000.

15325 Keelers Mill Road, Dewitt; Amayzing Homes LLC to Kristie Lee Skinner, $255,500.

27511 Lilly Pond Lane, North Dinwiddie; Edward A. Collins to Timothy Murphy, $199,000.

3702 Shoreview Drive, Sutherland; Kimberly O. Harris to Adrian Hicks, $190,000.

8800 Turkey Run Place, Dinwiddie; Rock River Inc. to Thomas F. Crotts, $340,411.

5702 Whisper Drive, Dinwiddie; Christine R. Willcox to Brian Fells, $245,000.


12.964 acres; Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Piper Square LLC, $4,880,000.

Lot C, Block 35, West City Point Annex; 3TAC Homebuyers LLC to Deja Lightfoot, $169,000.

Lots 17-18, Block 19, Day; Monica C. Bowling to Salena Perry, $205,000.

Lots 42-44, Block 34, Woodlawn; OM & OM Management Corp. to Peck Peck, $175,000.

Part of Lot 3, Block B, Mansion Terrace; Johnna Casey to Bruce L. Howard Jr., $185,000.


5617 Buckhunt Lane, New Kent; Zachary D. Farrow to John Canaday, $320,000.

7232 Cross Terrace, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Carleeta Nashe Sanders, $311,440.

7532 English Boxwood Lane, Quinton; Charles R. Harlow to Gerard Oakley, $400,000.

6801 N Hairpin Drive, Quinton; Robert Walker to Williams H. John Jr., $378,000.

7837 James Blair Lane, New Kent; Joseph S. Humphrey to Melinda L. Morrisey, $346,000.

8810 Klamath Road, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Kevin L. Clark, $348,768.

7153 Lakeshore Drive, Quinton; Scott Williams to Logan E. Wheatley, $200,000.

17420 New Kent Highway, Barhamsville; Windmill Building Corp. to Kevin Lee Cyr, $255,000.

7565 Pine Straw Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Kevin M. Anderson, $354,549.

2778 Ramblin Rose Court, Quinton; 33 Akers LLC to Robert E. Miller, $410,000.

7585 Sedge Drive, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Joanne Marie Miller, $337,590.

8535 Sparks Court, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Christopher J. Reynolds, $403,960.

10791 White Dogwood Drive, Providence Forge; David Bragg to Ndeye Holley, $342,000.


4441 Branchester Pkwy., Prince George; Marlon Pulliam to Kathy Zuloaga, $196,000.

10470 Eagle Court, North Prince George; Anna B. Hamel to Charlie Burks, $385,000.

6040 Hawks Perch Lane, Disputanta; Lin Mark Henshaw Enterprises Inc. to Latoya E. Gee, $313,800.

11061 Lawyers Road, Prince George; Ronald R. Hypes to Robert Allen Malick, $223,500.

402 Olde Keswick Lane, Petersburg; Timothy N. Edwards to Danielle B. Cummins, $331,500.

9612 Shadywood Road, Prince George; Delbert A. Snyder to Albert Neighbors, $329,900.

5504 Willow Oak Drive, Prince George; Harry M. Franklin to Renee R. Madere, $247,500.

Charles city

5.131 acres; Justin Lee Cousins,executor to Robert W. Miller, $160,000.

7 parcels; Sustainable Property Holdings LLC to HA Skipjack LLC, 13,100,000.


16040 Church St., Amelia Court House; Humberto Murillo to Jessica Tarter, $235,000.

14566 Meade Road, Amelia Court House; Elizabeth P. Pope to Jessica Brown Inman, $220,000.

9501 Morefield Meadows, Amelia Court House; James D. Sizemore to Curtis L. Key, $338,000.

14120 Whispering Oakes Lane, Amelia Court House; Haint Blue LLC to Shannon Marie Ogle Mann, $343,000.


2.52 acres; Robin Davis Whiting to Sabrina L. Hicks, $190,000.

6.132 acres; Dennis L. Ownby to Patrick Tubman, $163,500.


2.15 acres; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Maria G. Murillo-Valdez, $180,000.

89.36 acres; Ashley Logging Co. Inc. to I.E. Liesfeld Contractor Inc., $230,000.


935 Chelsea Run, West Point; Stone Pilot Properties LLC to Hung Nguyen, $225,000.

64 Fairmont Place, Aylett; HHHunt Homes LC to Kendrick I. Morton, $289,235.

77 Holly Road, Aylett; Flip4Good LLC to Michelle Richards Vowell, $222,000.

325 Oak Springs Circle, Aylett; Heather K. Shipes to Matthew Ryan Mayhew, $197,500.

211 Pointers Drive, West Point; Paul A. White Jr. to Montice Darval Fenton, $261,834.

5490 Winsmith Drive, Aylett; TRC Holding Co. LLC to Hanover Land LLC, $750,000.


3.17 acres, Town of Wakefield; Thomas David Cox Jr. to Rebecca Ann Birtcher, $275,000.

Lot, Evergreen acres; R. C. Sullivan Construction Inc. to Shakell K. Weekes, $220,000.

Parcel, Town of Waverly; Thai Chau to TKS Property Holdings LLC, $168,300.


519 Dunning St.; BW Holdings LLC to Mark K. Smith, $201,000.

4031 Northridge St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Fay Thomas Babcock Trust, $393,690.

149 Ridings Cove; Robert Donaldson to Robert S. Allen, trustee, $875,000.

412 Shaindel Drive; Gary K. Plaag to Marquis Cole Blom, $349,900.


9444 Astilbe Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Dorian Oliver, $273,585.

8328 Barons Court, Williamsburg; Anton J. Price, trustee to Dexter A. Smith, $295,000.

4571 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Jamin P. Riley to Milissa R. Mackem, $295,000.

6809 Blakemore Terrace, Williamsburg; Carneice G. Felton, trustee to Loren A. Wingler, $470,000.

216 Burtcher Court, Williamsburg; Paul H. Rienth to Michael E. Roos, $605,000.

3712 Cherry Walk, Williamsburg; Xavier Bernard Stribling to Alex J. Appel, $365,000.

4 Clarke Court, Williamsburg; Susan Y. Krancer to Thomas R. Merwin, $540,000.

4808 Courthouse St. Condominum, Unit 102; Chase Autumn Investments LLC to Courthouse 4808 LLC, $630,000.

3312 Durham Court, Williamsburg; Michael D. Davis Jr. to Stephanie Rose Motta, $360,900.

145 Enclave Court, Williamsburg; Kingsmill Resort Custom Homes LLC to Charles W. Joseph, trustee, $899,000.

466 Fairway Lookout, Williamsburg; John W. Taylor to Phillip Scollo, $189,000.

3219 Francis Court, Toano; Meghan Cox to John Alexander Combs, $178,000.

5509 Gentry Lane, Williamsburg; Gregory S. Faraglia Jr. to Jamie Marie Nagy, $388,000.

1584 Harbor Road, Williamsburg; Robert R. Trumble to Randall William Carroll, $1,275,000.

102 Harrups Glen, Williamsburg; Verna Aileen Rogers to Heather V. Campbell, $194,000.

2076 Hornes Lake Road, Williamsburg; Elliott W. Amick Jr., trustee to James Joseph Golini, $759,000.

3 James Square, Williamsburg; Elizabeth McClellan Van Dyck to Kevin M. Scott, $192,000.

4512 Kingston Court, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Kevin W. Miller, trustee, $425,000.

5605 Leslie Faye Overlook, Williamsburg; Arcadia Construction Inc. to Charles Dittner, $350,000.

2451 Little Creek Dam Road, Toano; Patrick McNally to Travis M. Kellum, $250,000.

7521 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Denise Michelle Dukes, $274,990.

113 Molesey Hurst, Williamsburg; Richard E. Carr III to Gary L. Beach, trustee, $630,000.

3704 Mulberry Lane, Williamsburg; Edward C. Maraist to Susan K. Maraist, $272,000.

4679 Noland Blvd., Williamsburg; Linda F. Martin to Charlotte E. McDonald, $249,500.

4704 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; B&G LLC to Paul T. Dickson, $499,900.

3804 Philip Ludwell, Williamsburg; William G Hoffman to Jones Home Rental LLC, $230,000.

6 Prestwick, Williamsburg; Michael George, successor trustee to Lisa K. Gasper, $350,000.

3302 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Gregory S. Faraglia, $300,297.

2408 Richard Bolling, Williamsburg; B. Lou Hanna, trustee to Thomas Irmiter, $900,000.

9369 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Charles Henry Brittman Sr., $405,525.

154 Rolfe Lane, Williamsburg; John F. Payne to 5 Points LLC, $265,000.

101 Royal Musselburgh, Williamsburg; Peggy C. Langston, co-trustee to Jason M. Cima, $405,000.

104 Saddle Brook, Williamsburg; Phyllis N. Sloan, trustee to Kathleen Moody, trustee, $760,000.

104 Sir Thomas Lunsford Drive, Williamsburg; Scott B. Hornsby, trustee to James T. McCarthy, $655,000.

519 Spring Trace, Williamsburg; Norma Billings Taylor to Dorothy D. Crow, $197,000.

119 Tanbark Lane, Williamsburg; Christopher Perry Woodfin, co-trustee to Steven B. Cavender, $320,000.

108 Thomas Cartwright, Williamsburg; Charles D. Shires, trustee to Tobias Janke, $539,900.

101 S Turnbury, Williamsburg; Patricia C. Greeson to Racquel T. Fung, $530,000.

942 Vail Ridge, Williamsburg; Phillip James Watkins to Nathan L. Keith, $244,000.

321 Walker Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Garrett Besikof, $326,755.

6261 Weathersfield Way, Williamsburg; Laura P. Barter to Charlene Albete, $303,000.

7444 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; Dawn Null to Kenneth P. Guest, $400,000.

60 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Garry A. Plagenhoef to Anthony L. Harris, $290,000.


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