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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for King & Queen and Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


701 N 21st St; Goraya Asghar A and Yasmin B Trs to Haney Lisa A and Giese Rodney N, $249,500.

1518 N 22nd St; Seven Hills Construction Llc to Richardson Mikaela D, $299,950.

306 N 26th St, U236; Allen Perry T and Jodi to Brusoski Dale, $299,000.

1113 N 27th St; Gordon George Raeburn to Hiller Daniel M, $268,000.

808 N 32nd St; Mny Enterprises Llc to Darby Adam Patrick, $255,000.

2918 3rd Ave; Apix Properties Llc to Fghomes Llc, $170,000.

6 N 6th St, U5e; Innella Michael R to Louie Jennifer M, $216,000.

1242 Boulder Creek Road; Sussman David V Trustee to Thomas Micah, $230,000.

526 Brook Road; Mph Enterprises Llc to Chan Kam Chiu, $178,000.

3523 Carolina Ave; Dunne Peter C to Home Slice Proerties Llc, $190,000.

314 Chimborazo Blvd; Starkes Leroy T to Swarr Mary Psalm, $375,000.

2909 Clearfield St, Ua; Seba Investments Llc to Brantley Amber and Lorrie, $156,701.

3810 Custis Road; Turnbull Edward Randolph to Redwine Derek A and Amy Starr, $516,000.

10450 Epsilon Road; Richardson Julie M to Richardson Beverly M, $200,000.

9733 Fernleigh Dr; Gi Megan S to Miller Daniel H, $224,000.

4612 Government Road; Eise Terry J to Queener Kelly I and Stephen W, $269,500.

4616 W Grace St; Shutt Joseph V to Moffatt David Thomas, $558,000.

5004 Grove Ave; Cook Paul and Lynn E to Hupp Charlotte, $731,000.

4524 Grove Ave, U10; Snipes Daniel J to Matthew Bobby P, $191,000.

8265 Halstead Road; Custer Samuel W and Phyllis B to Oneil Leigh, $303,000.

7 N Harvie St; Thomas Andrew to Cotton Jason and Jordan, $540,000.

2719 Hillcrest Road; Evans Graham L to Evans Graham L and Creebs J W, $404,000.

4348 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Taylor Calvin, $326,360.

1703 Lamb Ave; Tilden Properties Llc to Roberts Thomas W, $155,000.

1232 Lorraine Ave; Windle Robert and Ashley to Fitzgerald Brigitte Julianne, $325,000.

3020 Maplewood Ave; Cosby Dorothy M to 4c Property Solutions Llc, $234,900.

1417 Melton Ave; Sabina Washington Inc to Dewey Amber Nicole, $225,000.

2208 North Ave; Lee Kwang I and Kun H to 2208 North Ave Llc, $340,000.

702 Old Locke Lane; Moore Thurston R Trustee to Rice House Llc, $1,200,000.

4623 Patterson Ave; Nuckols William S to Sauer James P, $423,850.

5512 Riverside Heights Way; Corbett Toni W to Young Jacquelin, $289,900.

613 St James St; Luncheon Kim and Frank to Nunnally Brandon B, $235,000.

413 Stuart Cir, U4-D; Ricdl1 Llc to Dunlap Susan Alderman, $469,000.

1701 Summit Ave, U6; Ask Eagles Enterprises Llc to Alvaro Kikau Lono, $227,000.

4309 Waldor Dr; Rustemovic Ramo to Pacheco Jose A Ramirez, $169,000.

1015 Willow Lawn Dr; Renew Homes Llc to Riley Matthew Fitzgerald, $340,000.


917 Alden Parke Dr, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Liu Enhua, $627,675.

1207 Amesbury Ln, Henrico; Ridge Point Holdings Llc to Jeffrey Christian Lynn, $218,000.

2200 Arbor Dr, Henrico; White Jerome M and Andrea M to Toner Matthew T, $215,000.

5102 Argus Ln, Henrico; Nguyen Khuyen to Le Dung and Lam Nguyen, $205,000.

10842 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt River Mill Llc to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $769,578.

10852 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt River Mill Llc to Hhhunt Homes Lc, $769,578.

3402 Bartley Pond Pl, Henrico; Ly Savann and Sina Siek to Athale Sameer and Pallavi, $271,000.

5123 Bending Branch Dr, Henrico; Earsley Patricia to Quicken Loans Inc, $165,621.

1601 Bernice Ln, Henrico; Schaefer Ann P to Planes Olivia H, $282,000.

5403 Bindery Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Hejazian Behzad Trustee, $392,837.

10803 Blackthorn Ln, Henrico; Anderson Albert C and M Gretchen to Jackson Phyllis and Jennifer M Hunte, $274,900.

1205 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Hurt Michael S and Sally A to Nolan Casey Nicholas and Megan Rumble, $262,000.

4226 Bon Secours Pkwy, Henrico; Hughes Stephen B and Sara to Dodson Christopher W M, $297,500.

4302 Bon Secours Pkwy, Henrico; Rains Randall M and Betty G to Silva Joseph A and Kara C and Norma Iris, $311,000.

5712 Bradington Ct, Glen Allen; Heilesen Henry Elden Jr and Brooke Trstees to Coates Robert, $415,000.

7210 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Abrams Susan G to Banning Matthew B, $179,200.

4624 Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Spelgatti Lew Patrick and Hong Thi , $449,104.

426 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Graziosi Janice Christine, $458,015.

8200 W Broad St, Henrico; Mugford Property Assoc to 8200 West Broad Street Llc, $5,400,000.

8301 Buckeye Dr, Henrico; Murphy Clarence C and A S to Cole Ariel Megan and Charles Joseph, $306,000.

12437 Burnside Ln, Henrico; Campbell Larry A and Linda to Slater Jared and Jessica Ransone, $425,600.

9804 Capri Rd, Henrico; Kelly Bobby W and Mary Lou S Trustees to Bittner Christophr M and Yulia , $170,000.

113 Carriage Point Ln, Glen Allen; Nicholas Anne to Oliff Patricia G, $299,500.

5012 Cedar Fork Ter, Henrico; Wright Kim A to Juan Elvira, $215,000.

5511 Chamberlayne Ave, Henrico; Hoover Diana H and Rebecca D Lee to Chenault Kelly W, $370,000.

11325 Chappell Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; K and L Sales Llc to Thekudalai Meeran and Jawaharnisha S, $495,000.

3910 W Chatham Dr, Henrico; Flip4good Llc to Gonzalez Ricardo A Hinojosa, $190,000.

11321 Church Rd, Henrico; Corcoran James F T and Debra D to Bui Hong Thi and Lan Thuy Ha, $317,500.

2114 Clarke St, Henrico; Virginia Endowment Group Trust to Canova Charles A, $200,000.

2637 Coachouse Ln, Henrico; Gies Marc W and Cynthia B to Tipton Anna P, $197,000.

9913 Colony Bluff Dr, Henrico; Levy Eric N and Katherine L to Krais Roger C and Jill H, $680,000.

4904 Cord Ct, Glen Allen; Gail K Russell Inc to Wride Jeffrey Lynn and Karen, $217,000.

9706 Cragmont Dr, Henrico; Liebman Spencer T and Lang Robertson to Parker Michael R and Virginia R, $1,050,000.

10504 Crowncrest Ct, Henrico; Riley Larry W and Elizabeth E to Anderegg Jonathan S and Sharon J, $340,000.

4912 Daffodil Cir, Glen Allen; Mithron Development Llc to Moses Steven, $282,000.

9106 Derbyshire Rd, Henrico; Hirsch Sally Irizarry to Weber Margaret Elizabeth, $240,000.

5405 Dickens Glen Ln, Henrico; Heritage Properties Re Llc to Zaimat Hassan and Khadija Gharbaoui, $275,000.

2801 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Spiller Evelyn J to Jones Charles S II and Charles S , $285,000.

6223 Ellis Ave, Henrico; Able and Done Right Inc to Memori Brett D and Erica Hess, $280,000.

10108 Everson Ter, Glen Allen; Horseshoe Properties Llc to Larose Thomas, $266,000.

2861 Fairway Homes Way, Glen Allen; Green Ray A and Kathleen S to Harris Gregg Ammon and Elizabeth A, $309,000.

3209 Featherwood Way, Henrico; Dance Nathaniel A III to Carter David and Barbara S, $255,000.

2503 Fleet Ave, Henrico; Thomas William E and Susan to Thomas Melissa Danielle, $190,000.

9513 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Walker Realty Ltd Ptship to Hansen Debra J, $275,000.

11207 Fox Meadow Dr, Henrico; Donham Julie Marie to Reynolds Paige A, $360,000.

8613 Freestone Ave, Henrico; Amatisto Joseph E to Bottom Earle Davis, $273,000.

12325 Gayton Bluffs Ln, Henrico; Poulter Glen H Jr and Tamera L to Walker John R II and Holly Lake, $359,950.

230 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Cheng Wei to Xiao Weijun, $350,000.

8576 Gibbs Ln, Henrico; The Duncan Group Llc to Messner Tyler David and Kristen Palm, $242,000.

8405 Glendale Dr, Henrico; Butler Lina Lee Trustee to Janse Van Rensburg Gerhardus J and Carrie L, $415,000.

4905 W Grace St, Henrico; Michaux Carol W Estate to Cmf Property and Leasing Llc, $321,750.

10926 Greenaire Pl, Henrico; Diamond William A to Mehler Christopher Davis, $178,000.

10175 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen; Thorne Michael and Delwana to Lahtaw Ja T P and Pedro A Gonzalez Del Cid, $225,000.

223 Hanging Fern Aly, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Coy Annalee and John Bondy, $303,000.

2813 Harding’s Trace Ln, Henrico; Shor Nathan A and Nannette L to Shekleton Clay and Audra, $745,000.

2003 Haviland Dr, Henrico; Merrill Charles and Taylor Kelso to Lewis Matthew D and Molly S, $311,000.

12348 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Prathipati Kondala Rao and Sowmya Chedurthipati, $549,110.

2211 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Bartle Judith A to White Jessica Justice, $205,000.

13609 Horselydown Ln, Henrico; Nunn Gerarde and Katherine Trustee to Black Robert W and Tuesday M, $500,000.

1637 Hungary Rd, Henrico; Coles Carla S to Eilertson Jonathan E and Rebecca E R Agee, $259,000.

5624 Indigo Rd, Henrico; Dbh17 Llc to Bainbridge Merisa Anne, $287,500.

4135 Innesbrook Rd, Glen Allen; Mills Linda Ford Trustee to Bektic Suljo, $230,000.

429 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Brooks Bria Michelle and Brandon Jamal to Ragan Takiyah D , $205,500.

229 N Juniper Ave, Henrico; Lauterbach Arthur M Jr to Jackson Deatrice R, $157,000.

4825 S Laburnum Ave, Henrico; Arks Llc to Clearr Vission Properties Llc, $1,000,000.

2216 Lashley Ln, Henrico; Norman Margaret Carol to Abouzaki Nael A, $190,000.

5301 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Swanson Daphne to Getty James H, $421,000.

1915 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Banks Samuel B and Michelle E to Funk Morris S and Mindy C, $425,000.

2602 Lincoln Ave, Henrico; Hargrove John Brian and Karen Dimarco to Bolka Luke, $225,000.

11001 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Fleming Gary Steven and Lisa Palmer, $642,424.

11333 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Byrne Sharon A to Rauchle Victor G and Victoria E, $472,000.

4433 Lumberjack Ln, Glen Allen; Sacre Elizabeth L to Abarca Lester, $275,000.

10825 Macs Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ralston Julia Ruth and Steven Charles, $460,420.

12324 Manor Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; Bacova Development Company Llc to NVR Inc, $157,000.

10210 Maremont Cir, Henrico; Plezia Diane V to Goldberg Arthur and Arlene, $338,000.

109 Marlin Dr, Henrico; 201712wy-09 Llc to Goldson Alto, $199,950.

2217 Mendota Dr, Henrico; Carwile Christina Kapinos to Vaughan Jacob D and Tiffany E, $267,000.

3701 Milbrier Pl, Henrico; Selvey Bobby L and Naomi D to Owen Carla Ellen, $384,900.

6219 Monument Ave, Henrico; Roth Daniel G and Julia B to Sheets Jane Ashley, $400,000.

5100 Monument Ave, U404, Henrico; 5100 Monument Llc to Pruett Sybil, $229,400.

6001 Morgan’s Glen Pl, Glen Allen; Farrell Edward Trustee to Beckman Angela C, $334,000.

370 N Mullens Ln, Henrico; Cernigliaro Michael C and Janet P to Long Ashley T, $204,000.

3009 New Hermitage Ct, Henrico; Cole Nicole Ashley to Shah Dishant and Meeta, $250,000.

2533 Northwind Pl, Henrico; White Eugene T and Ruth Ann to Bradley Lindsey M and Neill C, $515,000.

7417 Oak Ridge St, Henrico; White Elva K Trustee to Kabir Parvin R and Syed Shihan and S A Kabir, $195,000.

1161 Oakland Rd, Henrico; Longley Alicia K to Unser Edward F Jr, $191,000.

002 Oakwood Ln, Henrico; Brown Connie C to Martin Belinda D and Daniel C, $168,000.

4940 Old Main St, U105, Henrico; Flippo Cary Lewis III to Carr Patrick W and Garland S, $276,500.

216 Overlook Rd, Henrico; Moss Patricia A to Baird Robert J and Cathryn, $732,500.

2013 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Core James D and Suzanne F to Youssef Amir S, $248,000.

2515 Parkside Ave, Henrico; McBrayer Philip Carlton to Naser Kenneth D and Cristeena G, $201,000.

1821 Pemberton Ridge Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Smith Camisha and Devin, $503,095.

9616 Pemberton Ridge Ln, Henrico; Pemberton Investments Llc to NVR Inc, $161,000.

10721 Peterfield Ln, Glen Allen; Letourneau Brian and Allison to Seemeen Shaheda and Mohammed Mohiuddin, $339,950.

10901 Pointer Holly Path, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Miller Carolyn L, $359,160.

10907 Pointer Holly Path, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Judge John M and Christine J, $367,230.

6501 Poplar Spring Rd, Sandston; Teabo George II to Summer Sarah M, $250,000.

10807 Porter Park Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Brackmann Robert Steven, $386,950.

12341 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc, $1,880,000.

12346 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc, $1,880,000.

2812 Purcell Ct, Henrico; Renovatio III Llc to Jarvis Joshua Gray and Lindsay Fox, $400,000.

593 Raleigh Manor Rd, Henrico; Ryeczek Stephan E and Toni R Ardabell to Waller Gregory D and Danielle L, $1,000,000.

604 Reese Dr, Sandston; Schreiner Camden A to Housing and Urban Development, $203,310.

1513 Regency Woods Rd, U101, Henrico; Browning Donna T Estate to McCullough Carol Jeanette Trustee, $155,000.

1205 Ridgecrest Dr, Henrico; Rustemovic Ramo to Rowland Kelsey Bridget Ryan, $275,000.

210 Rocketts Way, U402, Henrico; Cedar Works 2 Investments Llc to Harris Susanne M, $225,000.

106 Roslyn Hills Dr, Henrico; Pearce Paul N and Elizabeth to Jones Gareth Owen and Lindsay Paige, $645,000.

9723 Royerton Dr, Henrico; Shearin Marie and Ernest J to Sanchez Simon D C and Liliana B Santos, $240,000.

3816 Ruslander Ct, Henrico; Ross Traci to Crenshaw Saquan M, $180,000.

6501 Scandia Lake Pl, Sandston; Krushelnisky Kenneth and Frances Et Al to Purcell Carly A , $320,000.

12307 Shore View Dr, Henrico; Timlin Kenneth T to Boyle Frances John and Joshua B Ridley, $235,000.

12314 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Lewis Judith E to McHugh Kenneth J and Ellen J and K Johnson, $182,000.

2409 Skeet St, Henrico; Coles Ruth Ann to Coles Michael Anthony and C K McGillicuddy, $229,000.

1709 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; 1709 Skipwith Road Llc to Cisneros Gilberto, $193,000.

4701 Smith Grove Dr, Glen Allen; Smith Grove Llc to NVR Inc, $186,387.

1774 South Dover Pointe Rd, Henrico; Topaz On and Laurie to Jones Julie C and Warren K, $395,000.

533 St Albans Way, Henrico; Friedman Arthur H and Teresa P to Elizabeth Ann J Pritchard Trust, $590,000.

12040 Stonewick Pl, Glen Allen; Kelkar Uday R and Anita U to Palmer Lori A and Christian E Zafiroglu, $615,000.

5724 Stonehurst Estates Ter, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corp to Bradford Homes Inc, $267,000.

914 Stuart Hall Rd, Henrico; Wise Emma to Smith Kevin Charles, $360,000.

5207 Swanee Mill Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Vimala Shankar C and G Kalyanasundaram, $384,388.

11112 Swift Flight Ln, Glen Allen; Abouzaki Nayef A to Monaco Mary C, $285,000.

10916 Taker Ct, Glen Allen; Kendall Ruth P to Jones Daniel and Michelle Elizabeth, $315,000.

8708 Tarrytown Dr, Henrico; Whitby David A and Amery L to Simpson John and Carolyn, $592,000.

1701 Terrell Dr, Henrico; Williams Patrick D and Rebecca N to 1701 Terrell Drive Llc, $251,000.

4011 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Muppidi Avinash K and Monica Chekkilla, $333,000.

3900 Turner Woods Rd, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Slate Donald Lee, $193,750.

2113 Turtle Creek Dr, U12, Henrico; Fonseca Bertha A to Ohlhaver Christopher Michael, $165,000.

8001 University Dr, Henrico; Kirk Anne Stuart to Nicholas Evan M and Sarah, $700,000.

9304 Venetian Way, Henrico; Powell Barbara Ann to Millican F Roland Jr , $251,000.

3510 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Graf Thomas J and Sara E, $766,718.

3522 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Lc, $1,880,000.

2528 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Breeden E Glenn Jr and Dlb and Ewb Trust to Leahy David T and Charlene W, $290,000.

1317 Wembly Rd, Henrico; Ramsey Robert D III and Joanne H to Greene Carl Trustee, $243,000.

7513 Wentworth Ave, Henrico; Rowe Aaron to Henke Nicole L, $180,500.

7102 Wheeler Rd, Henrico; Murphey Harriet J Estate to Gill Luke and Forrest and Edward, $494,011.

8515 Willis Church Rd, Henrico; Liberty Homes Of Va Inc to Lee Yichieh, $220,000.

11320 Winfrey Rd, Glen Allen; Gardner Doreen E to County Of Henrico Virginia, $319,000.

5455 Wintercreek Dr, Glen Allen; Powell William Jefferson to Abdelmalak Nawar F and Samia Y Mekhaeel, $326,000.

11109 Woodbaron Ct, Henrico; Stumpf Charles H and K S to Carwile Christina K and Kendal T, $350,000.

9615 Woodman Rd, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Kerr Anna Elizabeth and Robert Edward, $199,950.

7805 Yolanda Rd, Henrico; Kleff Sheila M to Terry Owen M and Marilyn Jackson, $295,000.


1714 Abbots Mill Wy; Laney Matthew Dale to Marshall Amber and Gregory T, $250,000.

4836 Alberta Rd; Timinski Hazel C to Tanaka Daran K, $204,000.

9001 Anvil Forge Ln; Rowe Sherry H to Balsimo Brian J and Pablic M M, $311,153.

1331 Ascot Hill Tr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Wendler Eric Richard Et Al, $672,266.

213 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Robertson John M and Deborah F, $434,795.

7510 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Moore-Fucci Rebecca June, $364,805.

7603 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Nelson James C and Carol R, $399,000.

12036 Avaclaire Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Kartachak Paul David, $259,950.

2912 Aylesford Dr; McClung William D and Bridgette to Hancock Laura A Et Als, $775,000.

5818 Baileys Path Rd; Sanderson Alexander G to Watt Don E Jr and Sheryl, $335,000.

1301 Baltrey Ln; Neujaher Elias J and Christine A to Leap Karl A and Bradley Megan D, $747,000.

13617 Baycraft Tr; Simpson Vicky H to Fiorito Lisa M, $230,000.

5267 Beachmere Tr; Tyree James C to Allen Sherika, $323,000.

5206 Beaver Spring Rd; Crist William L and Linda T to Diener N J and Fetter C M Trs, $234,900.

11109 Beechdale Rd; Carrington Mortgage Serv Llc to Steele Madison Marie, $193,315.

13906 Belmont Stakes Pl; Dempster Timothy J and C M to Bennett Charles M and Renee, $213,000.

4700 Bexwood Dr; Henderson Victoria and Fauber M to Williams Lloyd III, $200,000.

11911 Bollingbrook Dr; Morgan John M and Judith J to Augenreich Dylan and Briana, $415,000.

2833 Bon Oaks Ln; Perkins Martha Susan C Et Als to Ragsdale Sidney and Maribeth, $177,500.

10530 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Allen Eugene L, $270,610.

10554 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Rivers Chandra Renea, $266,290.

14425 Brading Mw; Muskett John H and Susan B to Streightiff Jack E and Kathy F, $330,000.

7116 Branched Antler Ct; Yonce Page C and Lisa W to Veltre Eric Anthony and Lauren K, $250,000.

11448 Brant Hollow Ct; Clifton John A and Bonita B to Hanley Peter F and McKenzie V, $620,000.

8612 Brechin Ln; Oldham Nancy R to Beasley William G Jr Et Als, $346,000.

5925 Brillhart Station Dr; NVR Inc to Jackson Ebony Gail, $268,500.

12550 Brook Ln; Hanley Peter F and McKenzie to Gibson Mary and Ginger, $423,000.

11340 Buckhead Tr; Paris Brennan J and Courtney S to Hood Colin M and Ashley Myers, $709,000.

421 Buford Rd; Rutledge Christine Michelle to Graham Aaron D and Hall Leanna E, $230,000.

4707 Cabretta Dr; Windswept Development Llc to Lewis Travis Mitchell Et Al, $405,625.

16612 Cabrio Pl; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Sobrilsky Steven M and Mary B, $476,890.

3224 Canford Lp; McClenny Steven W Jr to Amos Matthew B and Nathalia S, $485,000.

1910 Carbon Hill Dr; Felts Charles K and Vickie C to West John and Melissa Crippen, $432,000.

2351 Castle Hill Rd; Puckett James to Sieber Michael D and Meredith L, $420,000.

3520 Castlebury Dr; Sheetz Lester A Jr and Pamela D to Jackson Berkley A, $235,000.

14122 Central Av; Melton Bronwynne M to Patrick Tabatha, $175,000.

11555 Charles Towne Rd; Wang Evanne P and Alvarez Franco to Smith Nicole M, $320,000.

2421 Chartstone Dr; Culley Scott A and Kathy G to Vlahos Brian A and Elizabeth J, $425,000.

15506 Chesdin Green Wy; Pallotta Eugene A and Mira D to McMillian Gwendolyn, $442,000.

4230 Chester Village Cr; Yorke James A to Wright Yvonne M, $259,900.

7913 Clovertree Ct; Chavez Masonry Co Llc to Lopez Genaro, $222,000.

2509 Colton Dr; Hendrickson Robert G and Anna S L to Hayes George C Et Als, $265,000.

13460 Corapeake Tr; Linduska Paul S and Sandra M to Stover Rodney L and Susan E, $570,000.

17900 W County Line Rd; Konesco Marc C and Jennifer S to Gardner Cole and Jamie, $419,000.

309 Crofton Village Tr; Cordle Jeffrey Ashton to Olson Shane R and Tracy K, $300,000.

348 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to Fox Stephen and Paula, $316,990.

15548 Crowden Rd; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Branch Mercedes S and Darin T, $526,004.

11500 Davelayne Rd; Cheatham Thomas L Jr and Linda D to Smith Andrea Linise and Kirk A, $230,500.

5155 Dermotte Ln; Burgwyn Bartlett R II and V H to Benitez Rivas M J and Cruz J J, $258,000.

6945 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hylton Ryan Lockhart, $342,565.

13200 Drakewood Rd; Eirich Dwight E and Deborah A to Ardoin Al S and Aimee M, $395,000.

3607 Dupuy Rd; Locke Paul Anthony to Thomas Christopher S and Tiffany, $167,500.

2041 Early Settlers Rd; Cash Matthew and Haley to Long Andrew J, $255,000.

7009 Egan Pl; Tdz Properties Llc to Ward John J, $225,900.

7840 Elkhardt Rd; Borgstedt Barbara L Et Al to Iglesia De Cristo Miel Inc, $204,000.

17113 Ellerby Ct; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Johnson John C Jr and Amber, $483,046.

15100 Enmore Dr; Gregoire Development Corp to Schweizer Mark and Jennifer, $605,700.

15901 Exter Mill Rd; Sandlin Cory T to Greenawalt Kevin Bryson, $200,000.

109 Fairwood Dr; Tsimbos Basilios E to Shelton Victoria L and Travis B, $200,000.

6512 Fieldtan Tl; Fish David A and Wendy T to Paranto Steven and Kylene, $510,000.

2301 Fleetwood Ct; Williams Ray A Construction Co to Hudson Brandon and Kendra L, $1,448,261.

3900 Forest Vine Dr; Robinson Joe Ann to Harvey Teresa and Ricardo, $185,000.

8607 Forge Gate Ln; NVR Inc to Krause Andrew R and Elizabeth G, $500,025.

14425 Fountain View Dr; Scott Mark M and Therese M to Staton Russell D II and L S, $425,000.

4608 Foxwood Rd; Robertson John M and Deborah F to Thornton Michael P and Heather S, $275,900.

2616 General Bl; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Gomez Salvador, $150,000.

3725 Gleaming Dr; NVR Inc to King Elmondo, $327,330.

4531 Glen Tara Dr; Worsham Jessica L to Liberty Home Investments Llc, $153,000.

543 Glenmeadow Rd; Cornell James D and Janelle E to Hodges Caitlin L, $327,000.

12312 Goldengate Pl; Moore Daniel to A2zproperty Llc, $211,000.

2816 Goyne Lp; Maxwell Hui K to Pearson Horace James, $165,685.

3637 Graythorne Dr; Chesterfield Realty Vent Llc to Sugg Matthew M, $395,000.

16831 Green Gate Ct; NVR Inc to Briggs Justin and Alissa, $417,230.

13443 Greenham Ct; Upshaw-Barnes Danielle Latrice to Comeau Toni and Brown Cody, $258,000.

3912 Hamlin Creek Ct; Massengale Michael B Estate to Torres Barahona Jose R, $205,000.

7924 Hancock Farm Ln; Dean Brian O and Lisa M to Lodge Properties III Llc, $217,000.

3806 Harrmeadow Ln; Anderson Julie A to Cordero Miguel and Tanya Lynn L, $325,000.

8001 Hartridge Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Jones Calvin Jr Et Als, $435,390.

13200 S Heritage Woods Tr; Bridger Tara K and Cory A to Egerdahl John J Jr and Ashley R, $255,000.

15618 Hidden Falls Dr; Evans Ronald C and Jane to Leemann Ted Albert and Sandra E, $655,000.

12300 Hillcreek Tr; Delemos Emmanuel Gayoso to Stefanelli Claudia A, $295,500.

7006 Holridge Ct; Jeffrey Khama to Moore-Brown Melanie, $210,000.

6236 Hunterstand Ln; Messick Jody M and Leigh Ann to Sapp Corey A and Kidwell B S, $165,000.

4618 Jaydee Dr; Capocelli Johnny A and Jennifer to Taliaferro Jason L and Crystal L, $452,750.

8401 Kalliope Pl; Perry Edna M to Berry Adam M Et Als, $525,000.

13500 Kelham Rd; Wilson Creek Dev Company Llc to Logiodice Jediah and Amanda, $749,000.

11832 Kilrenny Rd; Ghorley Luther S Jr and Melody B to Hannick Eric and Cullin Amanda, $287,000.

2411 Kings Lynn Rd; Stevens Jerry L and Elisabeth K to Apperson Braxton L IV and B A, $355,000.

3637 Knighton Cr; NVR Inc to Tran Huan Thi and Christy Thuy, $532,990.

8019 Lake Margaret Pl; Coyner Construction Llc to Owens P Y and Cashwell N M, $499,000.

2409 Lancers Bl; Scruggs Larry T to Shank Michael, $195,000.

4112 Laurel Oak Rd; Scipio Erick D and Jolisa T to Jackson Michiko Sherri, $193,000.

10006 Lavenham Turn ; Cantara Christopher R and Olivia to Dunning Richard T and Nancy B, $349,000.

6300 Leisure Tr; Montgomery Kyle Ryan to Ramirez Chirinos C M Et Al, $174,500.

6724 Liege Hl; Hhhunt Greenwich Walk Llc to Cartwright Mark and Carol Ann, $399,290.

5320 Lingle Ln; Zimmerman L G Et Al Trustees to Dave Apurva H and Bhaktiben A, $239,950.

9836 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Comeau Toni L to Lucas Trevor, $199,800.

11800 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Avillanoza Zacarias D Jr Et Al, $346,000.

6625 Manassas Dr; Callejas Edwin J and Garcia S to Rodriguez Luis Miguel Soto, $275,000.

10633 March Hare Dr; Ardoin Al Shane and Aimee M to Walton Karen and Ancarrow J N, $220,000.

16737 Massey Hope St; Perkinson Homes Inc to Morris James W Jr and Lauren R, $782,984.

4306 Maughan House Tr; Short Robert E Jr to Blain Michael R and Heather, $359,000.

4332 Melody Rd; Turner Lanier to Doyle Richard Kevin, $168,000.

2607 Michaux Valley Wy; Biringer Builders Inc to Young Richard P and Amy H, $843,601.

14409 Michaux Village Dr; Main Street Homes to Crosby Roxanne M, $346,801.

14413 Michaux Village Dr; Main Street Homes to Ramler Suzanne H, $338,949.

7821 Mill River Ct; Croxford Robert E and Kristi R to Jenkins Kyle and Melinda, $218,000.

9600 Morley Rd; Marshall Stuart R Et Als to Chase Michael G Et Als, $225,000.

5319 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Fiebelkorn Jeff and Cyrenne C, $480,000.

13724 Mountcastle Rd; Snead Stephen M to McCullough Amanda W and Mathew D, $368,000.

109 Natural Bridge Ct; Stevens Dolores L Trustee to Bohn Cassidy, $180,000.

10331 Natural Bridge Rd; Kiger Vicki L to Bittmann Bradley Donald, $185,000.

2901 Newquay Ln; Leis S Frank Estate to 2901 Newquay Llc, $356,000.

13616 Northwich Dr; Beattie John and Marion to Care Cottage Inn Llc, $270,000.

14404 Oak Knoll Cr; Davis Michael P and Teresa L to Showcase Builders Inc, $230,500.

10500 Oakside Dr; Stevens C E and Carraway L A to Kearse Lisa Anderson, $253,000.

1920 Old Farm Rd; Isbell Mildred M Estate to Diversified Property Assoc Llc, $209,000.

7000 Omalley Dr; Lewis Adam T and Rachael N to White Brian J and Sharese J, $238,500.

4415 Overridge Dr; Canada William L to Van Wagoner David S and Corrine, $304,900.

7112 Patina Wy; NVR Inc to Corniffe-Roland B K Et Al, $293,435.

8517 Pine Glade Ln; Boisseau Julia W and Watts K A to Taylor Marcellus F Jr and C A, $242,000.

13531 Pine Reach Dr; Wharton Charles R Jr and Rachele to Mayo Melvyn and Ashley, $369,000.

11007 Poachers Rn; Washington Sterenzo C to Flores Posada Keiry J, $161,500.

3931 Pretty Ln; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Cunningham Jimmy R, $178,500.

5600 Promontory Pointe Rd; Dols Betty L Trustee to Keating David E and Sheila J, $585,000.

1607 S Providence Rd; Brittingham Michelle Et Al to Jette Timothy and Kylie A, $211,000.

4125 Ralph Rd; B Stafford Llc to Keeton Malcolm, $178,000.

12007 Ravenna Dr; McCormick Mark A and Fiona to Green Charles H and Cheryl D, $564,500.

9613 Redwick Dr; Folkenroth Ross and Erin to Eaton Kenneth J II and Tonya M, $315,000.

5903 Regal Crest Tr; Maguire Adam to Drumm Casey M and Mathews Chase, $230,034.

10113 Remora Dr; Allure Holdings Llc to Peele Marilyn E and Bolton R J, $178,700.

15713 Ripon Rd; Brandenburg Jason R and Erin K to Sturm Kevin A and Jodi L, $645,000.

10210 Robbie Rd; Cone Wendy S to Pareti Brittany and Jonathan, $273,000.

2420 Rochester Ct; Waters Michael S and Sandra J to McClenny Steven W Jr, $585,000.

5620 Rohan Pl; D R Horton Inc to Hughes Eric S G and Anne C B, $344,990.

13106 Rose Glen Dr; R & K Associates Llc to Dyer Brandon A and Lori C, $324,950.

12801 Rossmere Cr; Miller Edward R and Catherine M to Keatts Scott and Keatts Barbara, $299,000.

7330 Round Ridge Pl; Samberg Stuart and Brandy L to Mason Kevin Andrew, $268,000.

14213 Safewings Pl; Hoke Jeffrey D and Jennifer M to Chambless Michael E and T A, $475,000.

13420 W Salisbury Rd; Walters A A and Gayle A to Hall Steven D and Lauren, $715,000.

16104 Sandwave Rd; Lachut Dennis M and Darlene M to Liberto Cassandra, $170,000.

16607 Saville Chase Rd; Biringer Builders Inc to Harsh Jack P and Carolyn, $797,947.

10201 Seacliff Ln; Dirks Karen to Sandlas Ryan C, $206,000.

3518 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Farrell Alyson E and Adam G, $537,500.

3810 Seamist Rd; Garber Kevin M to Segura Austen Neil, $181,000.

6401 Sexton Dr; Guilford Syleena to Harris Aaron M, $165,000.

4620 Shoremeade Ct; Burkett Thomas W and Julie M to Sangronis M E G and Silcox A, $243,000.

16018 Soho Turn; Rowlands Owain Llyr and Cindy D to Archer Jason R and Anne M, $483,500.

6610 Southwalk Ht; Hhhunt Greenwich Walk Llc to Perry Edna M, $379,950.

9530 Spring Glen Dr; Inge Donald E and Michelle L to Chaffee Alana L and Bradley S, $289,000.

15037 St Ives Dr; Windswept Development Llc to Moran Matthew Scott, $450,573.

3312 Sterling Brook Dr; NVR Inc to Brown Vonteja M and Justin D, $226,975.

8306 Sterling Tide Ct; Rawes Jeffrey A and Heather L to Ramos Michael A T and Morgan, $369,500.

6500 S Stevens Hollow Dr; Whited M C and Whited B Trustees to Saravia Sandra C, $178,000.

12018 Sugar Hill Dr; Norris Vollie S and Kimberly P to Robinson Darlene D, $332,000.

5636 Swan Ct; Bankson Phyllis Kathleen to Nowak Richard S, $165,501.

15925 Swindon Ct; Ambert Romain J and Kimberly Jo to McKnight Kimberly W and Thomas G, $685,000.

15506 Talland Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Watts Alicia and Kevin, $462,000.

14347 Tanager Wood Tl; Melton Rebekah P Trustee to Caymans Holding Co Llc, $360,000.

12218 Tavern Hill Ct; Main Street Homes to Kelly Brian S and Megan B, $305,000.

2007 Thorncrag Ln; Wood Erin to Moore Ryan A and Matheny A R, $514,950.

5119 Timbercreek Ct; Morrison Daryl E and Brandi M to Tomnay Cody and Kailey, $218,000.

4200 Tosh Ln; Qhoc Of Greenbrier Woods Llc to Gutierrez Rosalinda Et Al, $335,000.

4200 Treely Rd; Jeter George W and Decara A to Tyler Daniel V N and Sutter M A, $205,000.

12403 Trumbull Ct; Benner Karen S to Schalow Jessica Elizabeth, $157,950.

17413 Twin Falls Ln; NVR Inc to Knight S W and Connor-Knight S T, $383,560.

18207 Twin Falls Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to McKelvy Benjamin L and Cindy C, $401,065.

7200 Veyan Wy; NVR Inc to Smith Larry G Jr and Lilly Ann, $305,000.

3503 Walkers Ferry Ct; Bowman S L Jr and Dunkin C M to Schneider Marnie S and Brian T, $372,000.

13006 Walton Bluff Cr; Thomas Margaret J to Delizzio Erin and Smith N R, $315,000.

507 Watch Hill Rd; Durham Tonya R to Kroeber Marni, $289,950.

2212 Waters Mill Cr; McMahon Diane M Estate to Custer Samuel W and Phyllis B, $279,900.

3161 Waterton Dr; Tadlock John W and Lacey H to Dobson William J and Kirsten, $335,000.

6731 Welara Rn; Greenwich Walk Villas Condo to Schabacker Debra J, $370,000.

7206 Whirlaway Dr; Thrower Jesse and Jacquelyn to Schwartzlow Chad and Abby J, $259,000.

8930 Whistling Swan Rd; Whitescarver Roger D II and J C to Powell James T and Christy A, $428,000.

5012 Wilconna Rd; Trueheart Robin Et Als to Forbes Joshua C and Sarah J, $205,000.

6617 Wimbledon Dr; U S Bank Nat'l Assoc Trustee to Mena Vanessa Siguenza, $152,000.

1625 Winding Wy; Pennington Robert to Huey Ethan, $196,000.

12124 Winfree St; Rothman Robert J and Dorothy A to Tingen Catherine Denise, $315,000.

11831 Winterpock Rd; Main Street Homes to Da Silva Rui C and Emily, $436,490.

12436 Wynnstay Ln; Melton T R and Melton V L Trs to Hagerman Alec T and Lindsey N, $440,000.


1 acre; Virginia Home Buyers LLC to Joseph Phelphs, $224,900.

1.4926 acres; MacLeod-Couch Realty LLC to CMK Fort Myers LLC, $2,160,000.

1.722 acres; Pruitt Properties Inc. to VRE Ashland LLC, $534,737.

10.09 acres; Robert W. Nelson to JASA LLC, $466,000.

124.97 acres; Bank of America to SLA Construction LLC, $455,000.

2.001 acres; CD Restaurants Inc. to Halle Properties LLC, $1,450,000.

2.442 acres; Sarah J. Brooks, successor trustee to Sunny Day Properties LLC, $572,369.

2.95 acres; RCI Builders LLC to Joanna M. Vasconi, $415,850.

24.9 acres; Cecelia V. Peay, trustee to D. Anthony Peay, $205,800.

3.8 acres; David W. Clements to Joseph J. Daywalt, $217,000.

5 acres; Shreeji Swami Hospitality LLC to KBD Hospitality LLC, $2,700,000.

Block X, Section 3, Cherry Grove; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $373,000.

Lot 1, Block A, Rapidan Woods; Michael K. Thompson to Ethan J. Krash, trustee, $206,000.

Lot 1, Block A, Section 1, Hanover Green; David W. Coats to PSC Signal Hill LLC, $415,000.

Lot 1, Block C, Sectin 6, Laurel Meadows; Jeffrey Michael Schottler to HPA USL LLC, $325,000.

Lot 10, Block H, Section D, Avondale; Paul E. Steele to VRMTG Asset Trust, $322,393.

Lot 107, Liberty Trace; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Deborah S. Santrock, $242,000.

Lot 11, Block AA, Section B, Mayfield Farms; Lisa Ann Dagenhart, trustee to Degratia Development LLC, $185,000.

Lot 4, Block C, Forest Lake Hills; Barbara J. Shanes, executor to Dot E LLC, $242,500.

Lot 49, Block G, Section 4, Ashcreek; John T. Redd to Daniel Anthony, $318,460.

Lot 4B, Section 2, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Brooks & Co. General Contractors Inc. to 11173 Leadbetter Road LLC, $1,100,000.

Lot 5, Block 5, Ashcake Village; H & N Investments LLC to SSLP LLC, $600,000.

Lot 6, Section A, Georgetown; Thomas C. Carney III to Oakleigh Properties LLC, $250,000.

Lot 7, Section 2, Barr Brook Farms; Brett C. Barr to Robert Brian Dameron, $228,500.

Lot 9, Bethany Estates; Richard C. Atack to Grey Ridge Builders LLC, $155,000.

Lot 9, Block G, Battlefield Farms; Thomas W. Henshaw to Rent RVA Now LLC, $153,000.

Parcel; North Gayton Co. LLP to VRE Ashland LLC, $363,012.

Parcel; Signal Hill Apartments LP to PSC Signal Hill LLC, $7,185,000.

Parcel; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $384,000.

Parcel; Vlahakis Rental Property LLC to Scotchtown Properties LLC, $250,000.

Section 1, Villages at Taylor Farm; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $238,000.

Section 1, Villages at Taylor Farm; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $388,000.

Section 2A, Giles Farm; Giles Farm Development Co. LLC to NVR Inc., $245,000.


1.478 acres; Habitat For Humanity Powhatan Inc. to Jennifer Megan Hammond, $254,000.

28.358 acres; Thomas R. Garland to Templar Farm LLC, $975,000.

3 acres; Travis K. Chapin to John F. Barnett, $283,000.

35.066 acres; Earl M. Thompson to Michael McNutt, $250,000.

36.75 acres; Robert Brian Pennington to Robert Neal Gainey, $225,000.

44.6 acres; Empire Acquisition and Development Group Inc. to Charles Ray Reed Jr., $335,000.

5.5 acres; Academy Road LLC to Simply Safe Storage LLC, $600,000.

Lot 25, Section B, Tilman’s Farm; Milhaus Corp. to W.V. McClure Inc., $150,000.

Lot 35, Section B, Branchway Springs; Jeremiah Gerard Jimenez to Donald S. Bales, $150,000.

2072 Bienvenue Place, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Milan Ray Pavkov, $389,800.


2 acres; Mark Fahed to Juanita A. Langhorne, $214,000.

2.91 acres; Sandra Trice Barkley to Christian Anderson Trice, $198,900.

3.09 acres; Esther Gitati to River City Investors, $172,500.

40.55 acres; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Rodrigo E. Carvalho, $760,000.

5 parcels; Virginia Estate and Trust Law PLC, trustee to Foxwood Estates LLC, $2,500,000.

59.516 acres; James F. Brewer to Jared A. Mayers, $210,000.

61.9 acres; Wendell Bowman Flynn III to JEL Columbia Farm LLC, $297,500.

Lot 17A, Section 1, Lower Tuckahoe; Michael Laming to Jason Herzog, $410,000.

Lot 7, Block E, James River Estates; McGurn Co. Inc. to John F. Cummings, $535,169.

Lots 12, 47, 54, 58 and 57, Section 2, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $625,000.


1839 Bramdob Ave.; Caroyl T. Winn Jr. to Fatou Moundaw Sambou, $197,500.

914 Hampton Road; Stanley Bryant Palmore to Turon Batise Jackson, $178,000.

2717 Oakhill Road; Committed Real Estate Group LLC to Ashley Nicole Lecorn, $175,580.

2905 West Park Drive; Courtney Curtis to Dwayne Eley, $160,000.


10 acres; Donald J. Stenger Jr. to Michael Loy, $213,000.

116 acres; Samuel H. Shands to Bay Leasing and Management Co. Inc., $315,000.

3.06 acres; Matthew Gupton to Christopher Gupton, $220,000.

42 acres; Michael W. Stone to RLP Investments LC, $156,500.

53.6 acres; Samantha L. Voda to Pete Wilmoth, $370,000.

60.01 acres; Barbara W. Bristow to Michael E. Bristow, $150,025.


Half of Lot 8, Hotz Tract; Mary Katherine Moore, trustee to Edward Shelton, $320,000.

Lot 10, Block B, Section 3, Huntington Hills; Farrish Properties LLC to Jamone Banks, $195,500.

Lot 131, Section 2, Sherwood Hills; Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Thach Son Le, $166,000.


1853 New Lincoln Circle; WB Acquisitions LLC to Carlos Hernandez Asuncion, $154,000.

3503 Sussex Drive; Willie J. Williams to Monica Michelle Rainey, $185,500.


1.989 acres; Eckerd Corp. to Walgreen Corp., $3,010,000.

25 acres; Edmund C. Ruffin to Amy B. Grover, executor, $260,000.

46.33 acres; Darryl Lee Barnett to PSB Credit Services Inc., $174,656.

Lot 1, Section 2, The Woods at Five Lakes; William B. Duggan to Howard C. Fenker, $490,000.

Lot 2, The Woods at Slatersville; William B. Duggan to Howard C. Fenker, $250,000.

Lot 43, Phase 4, Oakmont Villas; Michael Bajsert to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $193,315.

Lots, Section 1, Kingsfield; Bowery Farm LLC to Liberty Homes Va. Inc., $900,000.


0.591 acres; Patricia B. Bolling to Sam Properties LLC, $400,000.

67.14 acres; Althea M. Taylor to CRH Investments LLC, $150,000.

Lot 2, Parker Place; Dallas N. Gardner to Margaret E. Giron, $189,900.

Lot 3, Block 17, Section 8, Beechwood Manor; William W. Wallace to John M. Garthaffner, $179,500.

Lot 4, Block 5, Section 3, Beechwood Manor; Bertis Craig Collins, widower to Jessica Ballard Woodford, $194,700.

Parcel; Ker-Tex Inc. to New Dixie Real Estate LLC, $300,000.

Charles city

Parcel; Donald B. Harris, trusteee to Tienda Inc., $231,200.

12 acres; New Lexington LLC to Sustainable Property Holdings LLC, $325,000.

Lot 6, Block C, Glendale Acres; Fidel Rodriguez to Donald J. Springer, $164,500.


5450 W Creek Road, Amelia Court House; Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Crowder, $201,000.

11300 Mattoax Lane, Amelia Court House; Barbara Edward Holzbach to David A. Heine, $185,000.


Parcel; Patricia Slater to Bryn V. Chronister, $185,000.

Parcel; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to FFC Properties LLC, $189,000.

Parcel; Glenn S. Pickerel to American Financing Corp., $314,000.

Parcel; G. Edmond Massie to Stanley J. Schermerhorn, $523,705.

Parcel; Joycelyn McGeachy-Kuls to Brandy J. Purvis, $238,000.

Parcel; Brookwood Development Corp. to LGI Homes Virginia LLC, $435,000.

Parcel; Randal L. Chenault to Seth Ryan Whittaker, $205,000.

Parcel; Patrice A. Craddock to Jessica Alvarez, $210,000.

Parcel; Steven Karpp to Colin P. McEwen, $315,000.

Parcel; Brittany Nicole Raymond to Samantha DiBella, $214,900.

Parcel; John M. Cramsey to Austin N. Michalik, $237,000.

Parcel; Top Shelf Property Investments LLC to Robert Kirkpatrick, $239,000.


180.5 acres; Monticello Forest LLC to William R. Ranson, trustee, $230,500.

Parcels and easements; Robert W. Anderson to James Nicholson, $155,000.


241 Custis Mill Pond Road, West Point; Ryan Paul Scott Bowden to Sherry Ann Allain, $193,000.

1798 Green Level Road, King William; Jason A. Nolan to Walter Myer, $199,950.

30 Lancaster Road, King William; Hubert A. Hernandez to Beverly W. Mayo, $310,000.

381 Mitchells Mill Road, Aylett; Stewart W. Capps to Austin M. Turner, $215,000.

49 Sherwood Court, Manquin; Liberty Homes Inc to Jeffrey D. Cline, $208,000.

860 Upshaw Court, Aylett; Carlton L. Lester to Bernard Scott Edwards, $225,000.

3406 West River Road, Aylett; Kellum Homes LLC to Jonathan B. Payne, $234,950.


Lot 12, Strawberry Plains; Solomon E. Metcalf to Daniel Benjamin Foltz, $266,000.

Lot 4, Crispus Attucks; Joel R. Fortune to Godfrey E. Rys III, $340,000.

Parcel; Charles H. Fannin Jr. to Mimosa 110 LLC, $160,000.

0.0427 acres; David J. Brobst to May B. O'Leary, $260,000.


New Parcels 4, 5, 1 and 3, Courthouse Commons; New Town Six LLC to Hamilton Park Limited Partnership, 12,243,000.

1.26 acres; Betty J. Quinn to Gerard P. Quinn, $235,000.

11 acres; RLH III LLC to Regency at Longhill Apartments LLC, 26,250,000.

2 lots; The Salvation Army to Wayne Harbin Builder Inc., $550,000.

21.4 acres; Joseph Randall Davis, executor to Bryan D. Bailey, $325,000.

6.026 acres; 3435 John Tyler LLC to 3435 John Tyler Property LLC, $2,150,000.

Lot 10, Eustis Terrace; Blue Water Real Estate LLC to Alyssa M. Hansbrough, $161,400.

Lot 11, Ewell Hall; Martha E. Gordon to Federal National Mortgage Association, $220,177.

Lot 110, Wellington; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $357,212.

Lot 207, Scotts Pond; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Adam Wetzel, $265,000.

Lot 23, Fords Colony; Kevin Poulter to Michael B. Keys, $159,900.

Lot 248, Settlement at Powhatan Creek; John Paul Hermann, trustee to William D. Nolan II, $399,000.

Lot 32, The Pointe at Jamestown; Evans & Bryant PLC, substitute trustee to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $259,973.

Lot 35, Fords Colony; John H. Gross to Joseph Robert Martin, $410,000.

Lot 38, Fords Colony at Williamsburg; Raymond Cheng to Edwin L. Robey, $152,500.

Lot 52, Village Walk at NewTown; Patricia E. Wing, trustee to Mary E. Pauley, $427,000.

Lot 70, Section 9, Windmill Meadows; Equity Trustees LLC to Joel R. Fortune, $319,951.

Lot 71, Fords Colony; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kevin M. Crowley, $380,000.

Lot 8, Powhatan Shores; Federal National Mortgage Association to Virginia Lee Palmore Bennett, $317,900.

Lot 89, Chisel Run; Benjamin I. Boone to Robert M. Chuckney, $167,000.

Lots 1-4, Niceland Farm; Niceland Farm LLC to James D. Godwin, $209,000.

Lots 126, 127, 164 and 187, Peleg’s Point; Peleg's Point Six LLC to B & G LLC, $505,000.

Lots 22-24, Stone House Tract 3; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $219,000.

Lots 25-29, Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $365,000.

Lots 68B and 69, Poplar Hall Plantation; Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $214,328.

Lots 90-93, Village at Candle Station; Candle Development LLC to NVR Inc., $266,400.

Lots 94 and 95, New Town; ME Settlers LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC, $209,650.

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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond a…

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