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The coin, a silver shilling with a portrait of King Charles I, was created by the royal mint in the Tower of London back in England at around the time the fort was settled in 1634, according to Travis Parno, the director of research and collections at the Historic St. Mary's City museum.

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CLAIM: There is no coin shortage. Coins get recirculated, they don’t just disappear. The government is trying to usher in a cashless society.

Wet conditions made for an interesting match for the season finals of the Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference in Henrico County.

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Everyone is a little Irish come St. Patrick’s Day, and children are no exception. While kids can’t indulge in some of the spirits-induced reve…

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Quote of the day "We are trying to put in a system that emphasizes more skill and strategy as opposed to the randomness of the coin flip." -- …

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